HOGG, Peter
Peter HOGG

1. Official Papers
2. Memoirs
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: HOGG, Peter
Dates of creation: 1937-1939
Extent: 1 file
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Peter HOGG


1935-1936 A.D.C. Dilling, Kordofan
1937-1939 A.D.C. Soderi, Kordofan
1939-1944 A.D.C. Sinkat, Kassala
1944-1946 Finance Department
1946-1949 D.C. Shendi, Northern Province
1949-1953 D.C. En Nahud, Kordofan
1953-1954 Assistant Director, Local Government Branch, Ministry of the Interior
1954-1955 Director, Local Government Branch, Ministry of the Interior
1955 Retired from Sudan service


1. Official Papers
2. Memoirs

1. Official Papers
1937 Jan 1
Declaration of Trust
(1) The Governor-General, Sir Stewart Symes
(2) Bishop L.H. Gwynne
(3) T.P. Creed, W.L. Atkinson, and J.W.E. Miller
Establishment by (1) and (2) of the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund, with (3) as the Trustees
2. Memoirs
Detailed memoirs by P. Hogg of his period in Soderi, drawn from his diaries. Subjects covered reflect the variety of his duties, many of which were carried out whilst on trek: routine office administration, hearing legal cases, collecting taxes, mapping, attending tribal gatherings, meeting tribal leaders and colleagues, establishing boundaries, and reporting on the condition of wildlife, as well as pursuing private antiquarian and botanical interests. Includes an account of an extended trek north-west from Soderi to Jebel Rahib, Wadi Howar and Wadi Magrur in northern Darfur from Dec 1938 to Jan 1939 (815/11/26-31)