P.D. Mulholland
Patrick Desmond Mulholland

1. Official Papers
2. Articles
3. Newspaper Cuttings
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: P.D. Mulholland
Dates of creation: 1924-1972
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Patrick Desmond Mulholland


1922-1925 Egyptian Army in Sudan
1925 Sudan Defence Force
1925-1926 Inspector, Finance Department, Khartoum
1926-1927 Aide-de-Camp, Governor-General's Staff, Khartoum
1927-1928 Comptroller, Governor-General's Staff, Khartoum
1928-1932 Controller of River Transport, Railways and Steamers, Traffic Department, Districts, Mogren
1932-1933 Divisional Superintendent, Railways, Traffic Department, Port Sudan Division, Port Sudan
1933-1936 Port Superintendent, Railways, Traffic Department, Port Sudan Division, Port Sudan
1936-1938 Port Manager, Railways, Traffic Department, Port Sudan Division, Port Sudan
1938 Seconded to Traffic Department, Wad Medani
1938-1940 Assistant Traffic Manager, Railways, Traffic Department, Headquarters, Atbara
1940 Traffic Department, London: Seconded to Sudan Resources Board
1941-1944 Deputy Controller General, War Supply Department, Khartoum (also Cairo Representative)
1944 Retired


1. Official Papers
2. Articles
3. Newspaper Cuttings

1. Official Papers
1924 Summer - Dec 28
Indexed file containing “Scheme E” for the evacuation of Egyptian elements of the Egyptian Army from the Sudan (479/7/5-52) and a report on the 1924 mutiny of Sudanese officers and men in Khartoum on Nov 27-28. The file also contains newspaper clippings relating to the assassination of the Sirdar, Sir Lee Stack (479/7/2-5) - see below, section 3.
1924 Summer - Nov 23
“Scheme E” memorandum (marked “SECRET”), laying out the general principles of evacuation (479/7/6), organisation of staff (479/7/7-8), instructions relating to communications and supplies (479/7/9) and administration (479/7/29-30) during evacuation, and instructions and orders to the different officers and members of staff involved, from Commanding Officers to Reception staff (479/7/12-28). The scheme was formulated before the mutiny
1924 Oct 2 - Dec 28
Appendices I-IX which cover train transport details (479/7/31-35), information relating to communications and censorship (479/7/36-40) including Appendix IV, “Memorandum on Censorship and Telegraphic Communications”, written by P.D.H. for General Staff and dated 23 Nov 1924 (479/7/36-39), operation orders (479/7/41-45), the military report on the evacuation by H.J. Huddleston, Acting Sirdar (479/7/46-49), a note on the arrangement for the evacuation of Egyptian troops (479/7/50-51) and a note on the mutiny at Talodi during the evacuation (479/7/52)
Report entitled “The Mutiny of 27th & 28th November 1924” (marked “SECRET”), describing events during the mutiny
2. Articles
1928 Feb, 1972 Sep 26
Article entitled “Sudan Bridges” by Major Peter Stephen dated Feb 1928, giving information about the construction of Atbara, Port Sudan, Blue Nile, Kosti, Omdurman and Abu Deleig bridges, with an accompanying letter from P.D.H. (635/9/5), written at the time of deposit of the collection, giving background information. The article was given to P.D.H. by P. Stephen, who was responsible for construction of the bridges mentioned
3. Newspaper Cuttings
1924 Nov 20 and n.d.
Obituary for the Sirdar, Sir Lee Stack (479/7/2) and an article on events leading to his death, from The Daily Mail (479/7/3-5) [Note: the article includes Stack's photograph]