Evans, D.M.H.
David Molyneux Hardy Evans

1. Official Papers
(a) Kassala
(b) D.A.C.S.
(c) Equatoria
(d) Blue Nile Province
(e) D.A.C.S. (External)
(f) Kordofan
(g) P.R.O. Khartoum
(h) Post Sudan Service
2. Personal Correspondence
3. Diaries
4. Articles, Speeches, Broadcasts
(a) Articles by D.M.H.E.
(b) Articles by others
(c) Speeches
(d) Broadcasts
5. Miscellanea
6. Photographic Material
(a) People and places - Sudan
(b) Official occasions
(c) Staff groups
(d) Social gatherings
(e) Individuals
(f) Memorials
7. Maps and Drawings
8. Museum Objects
9. Newspaper Cuttings
10. Printed Material
(b) In Library
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Title: Evans, D.M.H.
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Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

David Molyneux Hardy Evans

(1907- )

1930-1932 A.D.C. Gedaref, Kassala
1933 A.D.C. Kassala
1933-1936 D.A.C.S., Civil Secretary's Office
1936-1937 A.D.C. Rumbek, Equatoria
1937 A.D.C. Aweil, Equatoria
1937-1942 A.D.C./D.C. Wau, Equatoria
1942-1944 D.C. Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province
1944-1947 D.A.C.S. (External), Civil Secretary's Office
1947-1951 D.C. El Obeid, Kordofan
1951-1954 P.R.O., Public Relations Branch, Civil Secretary's Office
1954-1955 Information Officer, National Guidance Office
1955 Retired


1. Official Papers
(a) Kassala
(b) D.A.C.S.
(c) Equatoria
(d) Blue Nile Province
(e) D.A.C.S. (External)
(f) Kordofan
(g) P.R.O. Khartoum
(h) Post Sudan Service
2. Personal Correspondence
3. Diaries
4. Articles, Speeches, Broadcasts
(a) Articles by D.M.H.E.
(b) Articles by others
(c) Speeches
(d) Broadcasts
5. Miscellanea
6. Photographic Material
(a) People and places - Sudan
(b) Official occasions
(c) Staff groups
(d) Social gatherings
(e) Individuals
(f) Memorials
7. Maps and Drawings
8. Museum Objects
9. Newspaper Objects
10. Printed Material

1. Official Papers
(a) Kassala
1927 Jan 1
Minute by the Governor General on devolution in native administration
1931 Apr 16
Circular letter from the Governor General re financial stringency
1930 Aug 3 - 1933 Jun 12
Semi-official letters to D.M.H.E. during his service as A.D.C. Gedaref and Kassala. Includes L.R. Phelps and F. Livingstone- Learmouth with congratulations on his appointment to the S.P.S. (710/16/1-3,6-9); letters of thanks for hospitality from Emil Ludwig and his wife and A.J. Mathew (710/16/14-15,17,29); farewell letters from R.E.H. Baily, Governor Kassala (710/16/19-21,30); D. Newbold and F.T.C. Young re leave arrangements and D.M.H.E.'s transfer to Kassala (710/16/22-28); and F.T.C. Young with province news (170/16/31-32)
1931 Jun 4
Note for Sudan Political Service probationers, with covering letters
Finance Dept graph showing nationalities of Government staff in the Provinces and Departments in 1920 and 1930
1932 Dec 20 - 1933 Jan 31
Letters from the Civil Secretary to all Governors re transfer of A.D.C.'s
(b) D.A.C.S.
1933 Nov 25 - 1936 Apr 10
Semi-official letters covering D.M.H.E.'s service as D.A.C.S., including L.R. Phelps with news of Oriel and re the rise of Mussolini (712/1/1,3,5-9); B. Kennedy-Cooke with news of Kassala (712/1/2); D. Newbold re D.M.H.E.'s transfer to Equatoria (712/1/10)
1936 Apr 1 - 22
Letters from the Civil Secretary re Political Service transfers and from the Legal Secretary re secondment of Political Service personnel to the Legal Department
(c) Equatoria
1933 Aug 24
Draft order for a native lodging area in Wau town
1937 Jun 20 - 1938 Dec 29
Semi-official correspondence covering D.M.H.E.'s service as A.D.C. Aweil and Wau. Includes A. Dodds-Parker with news from Kurmuk (712/3/1,14); J.M. Stubbs, D.C. Aweil on taking over from D.M.H.E., with reply (712/2/2-3,11-12); M. Parr and E. Campbell re D.M.H.E.'s transfer to Wau (712/2/7-9,13); B.A. Lewis re his transfer from Malakal (712/2/16); M. Parr with news of Equatoria, including educational facilities (712/2/23-24)
1937 Sep
Handing over notes from D.M.H.E. to Capt. J.M. Stubbs, D.C., Aweil on his return from leave, covering cultivation, poll tax, veterinary work, chiefs' courts, police, building work, implementation of Southern policy, defence schemes, education and missions, finance, medicine, personnel, etc., and includes minutes on the institution of organised appeal courts (710/6/17) and the Wau-Aweil telephone
1938 Jun 14 - 1942 Jan 31
Letters on miscellaneous official subjects including C.H.L. Skeet, A/Governor re the creation of Wau Township and the introduction of a province land scheme (710/14/9-10); D.M.H.E. re the restriction of movements of natives (710/14/11); and M.W. Parr re the proceedings of a murder trial (710/14/13-16)
[n.d. c. 1938]
Inventory of stores
1939 Jan 1 - 1940 Dec 13
Semi-official correspondence covering D.M.H.E.'s service as A.D.C. Wau. Includes thanks for hospitality from P. Sandison (712/3/4); M. Parr with general news of Equatoria and in particular re the Governor General's visit (712/3/5,41), instructions in the event of the outbreak of war (712/3/6,28-30,37), the registration of marriages, with reply (712/3/12-15), the Juba Conference (712/3/23-24), the Wau-Raga road (712/3/32,36,39-40,43) and changes in staff (712/3/42-43,45); D. Newbold re difficulties caused by the outbreak of war (712/3/18); J. Humphrey re the Wau-Raga road (712/3/26-27,34-35)
1940 Jan 18
Annual report for Western District 1939, by D.M.H.E.
1941 Jan 6 - Dec 31
Semi-official correspondence covering D.M.H.E.'s service as A.D.C. Wau. Includes B. Marwood with general province news (712/4/1-2,8-11,19-23); J. Bryant re medical work in the Province (712/4/4); and M. Parr with general Province news such as staff changes, leave arrangements etc., (712/4/12,15,24-26,28,30-31) and in particular re the Munro-Wheatley Agreement on the Darfur/Raga boundary (712/4/3,6), the Wau-Raga road (712/4/6,13,18), Italian fortunes at Keren (712/4/7), the Wau- Tonj-Raga scheme (712/4/13) and difficulties with merchants (712/4/14)
1941 Feb 10
Assessment of direct taxes for Western District, 1941-43
1941 Apr
Draft proposals for a formal lands scheme for Wau township, submitted to the Governor by D.M.H.E.
1941 Sep 6
Memorandum by D.M.H.E. on the administration of Wau township, with draft copy
1941 Dec 30
Note by D.M.H.E. on the payment of tribute in Western District, with draft
1942 Jan 24 - Jun 7
Semi-official correspondence covering D.M.H.E.'s service as A.D.C. Wau. Includes B. Marwood and M. Parr with general province news including such matters as personnel, war news etc., (712/5/1-3,22-29); E.A. Balfour with news from Raga District (712/5/4-6); D.M.H.E. to B. Marwood re personnel and work of the R.C. Missions (712/5/10-14); telegrams re D.M.H.E.'s transfer from the province (712/5/24-28)
1942 Feb 19
Note by D.M.H.E. on public health, township of Wau, 1938-42
1942 May 16
Annual report for Western District, 1940-41 by D.M.H.E.
(d) Blue Nile Province
1942 Jun 7 - 1944 Nov 24
Semi-official correspondence covering the period of D.M.H.E.'s service as D.C. Wad Medani. Includes E.A. Balfour and E.J. Bickersteth with news from D.M.H.E.'s former District (712/6/1-7,9-18,21-24); and D. Newbold re D.M.H.E.'s posting to Blue Nile Province
(e) D.A.C.S. (External)
1944 Nov 25 - 1948 Jan 11
Semi-official correspondence covering D.M.H.E.'s service as D.A.C.S. (External). Includes best wishes on his appointment (712/7/1-5); G. Bredin re the appointment of J.W. Robertson as Civil Secretary (712/7/9); E.A. Balfour with an assessment of his work in Western District, Equatoria (712/7/12-17); T.R.H. Owen re developments in the south and the creation of Bahr al-Ghazal Province (712/7/24-26,35-36); congratulations on D.M.H.E.'s marriage (712/7/27-30); K.D.D. Henderson re D.M.H.E.'s transfer to Kordofan (712/7/37-38); J.W. Robertson re Sir Robert Howe (712/7/39)
1945 Feb 18 - 1947 Apr 26
Letters from `Abd al-Magid Ahmad re labour wages in the southern provinces and Civil Secretary re D.M.H.E.'s leave arrangements
1946 Mar 26
Copy statement by the S/S for Foreign Affairs re the establishment of self-government in the Sudan
(f) Kordofan
1948 Feb 3 - 1951 Mar 23
Semi-official correspondence covering D.M.H.E.'s service as D.C. El Obeid, Kordofan. Includes Ahmad Hasan, Town Clerk, El Obeid, re the progress of his study leave in Britain (712/8/3-20,23-30,33-35); T.R.H. Owen re cultivation around Wau, with reply (712/8/21,31-32); S.R. Simpson re the Central Lands Scheme (712/8/36); J.W. Robertson and Bishop Gelsthorpe re D.M.H.E.'s appointment as Deputy Governor (712/8/38-39); R.C.S. MacGill re developments in Raga and Wau
1950 Jan 31 - 1951 Sep 12
Papers re the Senior Civil Servants' Association, including 2 membership cards, circular letters re formation and progress of the Association, agendas and reports. For rules and constitution see under Printed Material
1951 Mar 14
Report by D.M.H.E. on progress made with soil conservation project K.O.9., El Obeid, with covering letter from Ahmad Hasan, Town Clerk, 3 Apr 1951
(g) P.R.O. Khartoum
1951 Apr 10 - 1954 Dec 4
Semi-official correspondence covering D.M.H.E.'s service as Public Relations/Information Officer, Khartoum, including J.W. Robertson re D.M.H.E.'s new appointment (712/9/6); letters of congratulations on his promotion to Governor status; Ahmad Hasan re the El Obeid Festival (712/9/11-13); M. Parr re political developments in the Sudan (712/9/14); H.B. Arber re elections in Northern Province (712/9/39); E.H. Nightingale re southern M.P.'s (712/9/40); J.V. Rowley re tensions in Darfur (712/9/44-45); J.W. Robertson re Sudan elections (712/9/47-48); and letters of farewell
1951 Aug 7 - 1954 Dec 20
Letters on miscellaneous official subjects including demobilisation plans for British political officials (710/15/3-5,17,22-25,27-29); relations between Minister and civil servants (710/15/6,8-16); Sudanisation of the administration, including the Ministry of the Interior (710/15/18-20); testimonial for L.N.M. Newell (710/15/30-32)
[n.d. c. 1952]
Draft memorandum from the Civil Secretary on the status of slavery in Islamic law
1953 Feb 25
Note of the Secretary of State's statements in Parliament and extracts from his letter to the Governor General re the repercussions of the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement, with covering letter from J.W. Robertson
1953 Apr 11
Summary of D.M.H.E.'s views on the role of PROJECT, written as a result of criticism (see under Printed Material)
1953 Nov 11
Account of a meeting with H.M. Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs on 10 Nov, 1953 to discuss the position of British officials in the Sudan
1953 Nov 17
Prepared statement made by D.M.H.E. to the Secretary of State on Tuesday 10 Nov 1953 re the position of British officials in the Sudan
[n.d. c. 1953]
Note on some implications of the Sudan Agreement
1954 Feb 6
Note on relations between civil servants and Ministers by Ismail al-Azhari, the P.M.
P.R.O. Khartoum list of press visitors and papers presented, Apr 1951 - Jun 1954
(h) Post Sudan Service
Papers re the Egypt and Sudan Church Association, including information circulars, agendas and minutes of annual meeting and summary of amended constitution
Papers re the Sudan Service Re-employment Bureau, including notes for guidance of ex-Sudan officials and copies of newspaper articles
1955 Jan 11 - 1956 Dec 24
Semi-official letters to D.M.H.E., consisting mainly of news from former colleagues of their fortunes since leaving the Sudan and including also requests for contributions to the Sudanese Scholarship Appeal (712/10/5-6,9); G.W. Bell re the revised edition of the ‘Blue Book' (712/10/11-12); Bishop Allison re Canon Harper's retirement (712/10/16); F. Thorne re display of publicity material at Sudan House (712/10/17); R.C. Mayall re Sir A. Knox Helm's departure from the Sudan (712/10/27-28); and circular letters re the Khartoum Co-operative Society (712/10/39-40)
1957 Mar 4 - 1960 Dec 31
Semi-official letters to D.M.H.E., including news from former colleagues: R.C. Mayall re the contributions of Sir Robert Howe and Sir A. Knox Helm to Sudanese affairs (712/11/4-6); M.M. Eid [`Id] re the work of the Sudan Broadcasting Service (712/11/8); A. Baldo with news of Equatoria (712/11/11); Allam Hasan with news of Bahr al-Ghazal (712/11/25); A. Baldo to A/Gov and D.C.'s Equatoria and to D.M.H.E. re the Times articles on problems in the south (712/11/26-34); Hellenic Community, Juba and E. Chapman Andrews re assistance to Greek refugees from the Congo (712/11/43-44,46)
1961 Jan 3 - 1972 Nov 1
Semi-official letters to D.M.H.E., including news from former colleagues: A. Baldo with news of Equatoria (712/12/1); D.M.H.E.'s entry for a competition for names and general slogan for Sudan Airways (712/12/4-12); Michael Hillary re an official dinner for the President of the Sudan (712/12/18,21-22); circular letter from Bishop Allison re the church in the Sudan (712/12/23); Fr. P.A. Nebel re the situation in southern Sudan (712/12/27-28); A. Chater re Royal Marine Officers who served in the Sudan (712/12/53-58)
1969 Aug 11
Southern Sudan relief report by D. Robison, with covering letter from J.W. Robertson
1973 Jan 8 - 1985 Nov 29
Semi-official letters to D.M.H.E. including news from former colleagues and enquiries from students of Sudanese history. Also M. Hillary re a visit by the President of the Sudan to London (712/13/1); Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem re the future of Khartoum Cathedral (712/13/3); Lt. Col. I.T.C. Wilson re the work of the Royal Engineers Field Squadrons in Southern Sudan (712/13/10-12,14); J. Stubbs re W.J. Wheatley (712/13/21-23); G. Bredin re J. Stubbs (712/13/55-56); and letters from D.M.H.E. to various newspapers
SAD.712/14-712/15; 713/7-713/9; 714/1-714/3
Correspondence concerning the erection of a memorial tablet in the west cloister walk of Westminster Abbey to commemorate the work of the British in the Sudan. Letters cover the whole project from its inception until the service of commemoration on 8 Mar 1960 and beyond and include requests for donations, reactions to the proposal, invitations to the service with replies and letters of thanks. Many of the letters from ex-Sudan officials have been annotated by D.M.H.E. with biographical details. (See also under Maps and Drawings and Newspaper Cuttings)
1958 May 12 - Dec 9
1959 Jan 2 - Jul 31
1959 Aug 2 - Dec 17
1960 Jan 12 - 30
1960 Feb 1 - 29
1960 Mar 1 - 31
1960 Apr 1 - 1971 May 6
1959 - 1960
Accounts and list of subscribers
1975 Nov 24 - 1977 Mar 28
Papers re a proposed exhibition at the Imperial War Museum to mark a century of friendship and co-operation between Britain and Sudan, 1877 - 1977. Consists mainly of correspondence with Dr. C. Roads, agendas and minutes of meetings and list of correspondents who replied to the original letter to the Daily Telegraph offering items for the exhibition
2. Personal Correspondence
1919 Jan
Reference submitted by D.M.H.E. to support his application to join the Sudan Political Service
1940 Jul 20 - 1955 May 18
Personal letters to D.M.H.E. from Italian missionaries at Wau and Raga, containing seasons greetings, thanks and messages of farewell on his transfer as well as news of Equatoria
1954 Jul 13 - 1955 Apr 4
Personal correspondence, mainly concerned with D.M.H.E.'s search for employment on retiring from the Sudan Political Service with related newspaper advertisements
Correspondence re Travels of Alexine by Penelope Gladstone, with a review by D.M.H.E.
3. Diaries
Appointments diary containing entries for 7 - 13 Nov 1954
4. Articles, Speeches, Broadcasts
(a) Articles by D.M.H.E.
1950 Feb 21
Article by D.M.H.E. on “Water and the future of El Obeid” (2 copies), submitted for possible broadcast
Note by D.M.H.E. on the Brig. Gen. G.E. Matthews' collection in the British Museum
(b) Articles by others
Extracts from De l'Afrique Française and The Nile basin v.1 by Hurst and Phillips on suggestions for soil conservation and dams and navigational possibilities of the western tributaries of the Bahr al- Ghazal
1944 Feb
“The future of the Kibbutzim. The communal villages of Palestine” by Edwin Samuel (pub. in Contemporary Review) with covering letter from the author to D.M.H.E.
[n.d. c. 1954]
Article by John Hyslop on the handover of power in the Sudan
“The rise of a Provisional Government in Southern Sudan”, a paper by Storrs McCall presented at the University Social Sciences Council Conference, Nairobi
(c) Speeches
Farewell speech by D.M.H.E. to `Ali Efendi Baldo, Superintendent of Police, El Obeid and `Abd al-Rahman Efendi Ahmad
1953 Nov 30
Speech at the Caledonian Dinner by Sir Robert Howe, Governor General
(d) Broadcasts
Extract from Radio Omdurman broadcast “The Spirit of intolerance ...”
1956 Jan
Script for a B.B.C. schools current affairs programme on the Sudan by D.M.H.E. and Dr. Ina Beasley, with related correspondence
1958 Nov
Script for a B.B.C. current affairs programme on the Sudan by C. Wills and D.M.H.E.
5. Miscellanea
[n.d. c. 1944]
D.M.H.E.'s medical history sheet
1945 Mar 24
Form of service for the funeral of Sir Douglas Newbold
1945 Dec 6
Invitation to the enthronement of Archbishop Guregh Israelian, Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem
1948 Jun 14
Quotation from Lord Cromer on the primary duty of colonial powers
1950 Jun 14
Invitation to a farewell reception for `Ali Baldo
1952, 1958
Envelopes stamped with P.R.O. official slogans - ‘work for self govt in 1952', etc
1956 Nov
Invitation to a talk by Sayyid Awad Satti, Sudanese Ambassador to the U.K.
1958 Jan 27
Invitation to a service of thanksgiving in memory of Bishop Llewellyn Gwynne in Westminster Abbey
1958 Jan 27
Order of service for memorial service for Bishop Llewellyn Gwynne
1960 Mar 8
Order of service for the unveiling of the Sudan Memorial in Westminster Abbey
SAD.714/10/18-24; 711/20/1
1960 May
Papers re the unveiling of the Gordon statue at the Gordon Boys' School including programme for the unveiling ceremony, 2 personal letters to D.M.H.E., photograph of the occasion (711/20/1) and description of 2 Gordon statues from The Royal Engineers in Egypt and the Sudan by Lt. Col. E.W.C. Sandes
1964 Jun 3
Menu and seating plan for a dinner in honour of H.E. Ferik Ibrahim `Abbud, President of the Sudan
1966 and n.d.
Christmas cards, containing the following photographs:
Two colour photographs of family on camel back at village near El Obeid
‘Sunset on the Blue Nile, Khartoum'
Drawing of Hadendowa
Camel Corps Pipe Band
Sudan Diocesan silver jubilee appeal letter from Bishop Oliver Allison
Biographical notes for use by [ Sudan Diocesan Review ]
1980 Jun 18 - Oct 25
Programmes for Sudan Church Association annual general meeting and autumn reunion
Appeal for funds for the Bishop Gwynne Memorial Cathedral at Juba
Handbill announcing fireworks display
6. Photographic Material
(a) People and places - Sudan
[c. 1950's]
Gordon Statue
Aerial view of Khartoum showing a Sudan Airways Dove over the Nile
Khartoum station
Students in the quadrangle, University College
Meeting of the Legislative Assembly
[c. 1950's]
Blue Nile Province:
Gezira village school, attended by sons of tenant farmers
Gezira tenant farmer arriving with cotton at railway loading point
Men picking cotton
Helicopter spraying cotton against the jassid pest
Camel on the canal bank transporting cotton
Gezira irrigation canal (aerial view)
Irrigation canal, Sennar Dam (aerial view)
1950 - 63
The ‘Baldo mansion' El Obeid
Kordofan hotel, El Obeid
Trooper of the S.D.F. Camel Corps, on parade at Dilling
Nubas inspecting a Sudan Airways Dove, Dilling Airfield
[c. 1950's]
A court in progress, El Fasher
Mounted sergeant of the S.D.F. (Western Arab Corps), at Nyala
Western Arab Corps horsemen in front of the ‘Beau Geste' fort at Nyala
Cattle on their way to Nyala
1932 - 1950's
Bahr al-Ghazal:
Mission houses and schools, Raga and Deim Zubeir, taken by Fr. Simoni of the Verona Fathers Mission
Various views of the Wau-Raga road, including bridges and resthouses (originally enclosed in 712/3/31)
New house built for D.C. at Raga (originally enclosed in 714/5/11)
River Raga in flood (originally enclosed in 714/5/15)
Banda chiefs visiting Fr. Zugnoni on his silver jubilee (originally enclosed in 714/5/29)
Wau sentry tower over prison entrance and chief's court house (with negatives)
Various views, in and around Raga taken by R.C.S. McGill, D.C. Raga, including court house, council buildings, markaz and resthouse, Raga and resthouses at Deim Zubeir, Boro, Kpongo(?) and Bisselia(?)
Dinka on trek to the cattle grazing grounds
Dinka girl going to fish in the Lol River
Dinka cattle camp
Dinka cattle being herded across the Jur River
c. 1950's]
Equatoria Province:
Zande youth playing a tribal drum, Nzara
Dr. Roy Lauder conducting an operation helped by Zande assistant, Li- Rangu
Zande Cotton Mill, Nzara
[c. 1950's]
Upper Nile Province: Passenger motor vessel ‘Nasir' on the Upper Nile between Juba and Malakal
Nomad Rashaida Arabs on camels at Kassala market
Fruit garden near Kassala
Kassala mosque
Hadendowa at Sinkat
Leather workers, Sinkat
Equipment being unloaded, Port Sudan docks
Abu Gulud Wells, Gedaref District, 1931
Water wheel worked by oxen
(b) Official occasions
Visit of A.W.M. Disney, Director of Economics and Trade to El Obeid
1952 Oct
Meeting of Sayid `Abd al-Rahman and Winston Churchill at 10 Downing Street
[c. 1953]
Meeting of Khartoum District Commissioners, including F.D. Corfield, Governor, J.W. Kenrick and D.M.H.E.
1953 Mar 25
Press conference held by the British Minister of State in Khartoum, Rt. Hon. Selwyn Lloyd
Farewell parade, Khalifa Square, Omdurman for the evacuation of the British and Egyptian troops from the Sudan
1956 Jan 1
Mr. A.D. Dodds - Parker delivering despatch from the British Government to the P.M., Sayyid Isma`il al- Azhari
1956 Jan 1
Raising up of the Sudanese flag at the Palace
1956 Mar
Arrival of the British Ambassador in the Sudan
1960 Mar 8
Unveiling of a Sudan commemorative tablet in Westminster Abbey
1960 Mar 8
Two photographic plates of the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the work of the British in the Sudan 1898-1955
1960 May 14
Unveiling ceremony of the Gordon statue at the Gordon Boys' School
(c) Staff groups
P.R.O. staff
(d) Social gatherings
El Obeid party, with list of guests
Party for pressmen for the first general elections
1954 May 2
P.R.O. farewell party in honour of Khalil Efendi Muhammad Sabir
Party for the Minister of Information at D.M.H.E.'s house in Khartoum
Dinner party including D.M.H.E., occasion unknown
(e) Individuals
R.E.H. Baily, Governor Kassala, on trek
E.A. Balfour, D.C., Raga with Rev. Fr. Simoni, Verona Fathers' Mission, Raga
[c. 1940]
Sir Douglas Newbold
[c. 1945 - 50]
[c. 1954]
D.M.H.E. with Ibrahim Abu Akar, editor of al-Sudan fi`Isbir
[c. 1954]
`Abd al-Rahman Adam Rijal, Chief of the local tribe, Nyala, Darfur
[c. 1954]
Fatiman Salih Mahmud, midwife, El Fasher
[c. 1954]
Khalid Hamid, mamur, Nyala, Darfur
(f) Memorials
[c. 1945]
Memorial plaque for Sir Douglas Newbold, 1920 - 45, Anglican Cathedral, Khartoum
1954 Feb 26
Memorial tablet to Sir Hubert Huddleston, 1880 - 1950, Anglican Cathedral, Khartoum
1960 Mar
Memorial tablet to the work of the British in the Sudan 1898 - 1955, Westminster Abbey
7. Maps and Drawings
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
War Office 1914, 3rd edition, 1934
scale:   1 to 3,000,000
Size: (89 x 70 cms)
1959 Jun
Architect's drawings of the proposed Sudan memorial tablet in Westminster Abbey, by S.E. Dykes Bower
scale:   1 in to 1 ft.
Size: (54 x 62 cms)
8. Museum Objects
Wax impression of a mould for forming uniform buttons, bearing the symbol of Mongalla Province. Design ascribed to Vincent Reynolds Woodland, Governor Mongalla, 1920-24
9. Newspaper Cuttings
1889 Jul
Re progress of the Nile campaign
1932 Sep 13
“Tel-el-Kebir. The adventures of a lieutenant”, including a photograph of former army officers at the Tel el Kebir 50th anniversary service, from The Times
1933 Sep 5
“Long life in Africa. An Arab sergeant of the guard”, letter by Baden-Powell from The Times
1947 Mar 17
Appointment of Sir Robert Howe as Governor General of the Sudan from The Friend
1947 Jun
“Two Silver Jubilees” - announcement of Rev. Fr. I. Simoni's Silver Jubilee in the priesthood, from The Messenger
1948 Feb
Journey by Schergold Smith and Rev. Wilson Smith through the Sudan c. 1876 - 79, from The Messenger
[n.d. c. 1950]
“Problem of the Sudan” by Sir Shuldham Redfern, from The Sunday Times
1951 Jan - Apr
Copy extract from Kordofan Magazine re D.M.H.E.
1951 Dec 28 - 1952 Jan 6
Translation of articles by Agne Hamrin on sudanisation and self- government for the Sudan from the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter
1952 Apr 10
Re official Sudan Government postal stamp, ‘work for self govt in 1952' from the Daily Telegraph
1953 Feb - Apr
Extracts from Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) re the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement on the Sudan
1953 Mar 15 - Dec 10
Various newspaper reports on the future of British civil servants in the Sudan in the light of the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement, from The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, East Africa and The Times Weekly Review
1953 Jul 22 - 23
“Future of the Sudan” - letters to The Times
1953 Sep 3
“Egypt manoeuvres against Sudanese freedom of choice” from East Africa and Rhodesia
1953 Oct 2
“Egyptian propaganda and bribery in Sudan”
1953 Oct 22 - Nov 19
Newspaper reports on Egyptian interference in Sudanese elections from The Times and East Africa and a cartoon from Punch
1953 Nov 10
Extract from Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) on “The Sudan Civil Service”
1953 Nov 28
“Sudanese to be Deputy Governors” from the Daily Telegraph
1954 Feb 27
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