Donald, J.C.N.
John Carlisle Nanson Donald

1. Official Papers
(a) Fung Province
(b) Khartoum Province
(c) Upper Nile Province
(d) Kassala Province
(e) Upper Nile Province
(f) Equatoria
(g) Post Sudan service
2. Personal Papers
3. Memoirs
4. Articles, talks
5. Newspaper Cuttings
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Donald, J.C.N.
Dates of creation: 1933-1983
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

John Carlisle Nanson Donald

(1908 - 1993)

1930 A.D.C. Khartoum North
1930-1933 A.D.C. Singa, Fung Province
1933-1937 A.D.C. Khartoum
1937-1941 A.D.C. Tonj/Wau, Equatoria
1941-1944 D.C. Talodi, Kordofan
1944-1948 D.C. Malakal, Upper Nile Province
1948-1951 D.C. Tokar, Kassala
1951-1953 Deputy Governor, Upper Nile Province
1953-1954 Deputy Governor, Equatoria
1954-1955 Governor Equatoria
1955 Retired


1. Official Papers
(a) Fung Province
(b) Khartoum Province
(c) Upper Nile Province
(d) Kassala Province
(e) Upper Nile Province
(f) Equatoria
(g) Post Sudan service
2. Personal Papers
3. Memoirs
4. Articles, talks
5. Newspaper Cuttings

1. Official Papers
(a) Fung Province
1933 Feb 26
Notes on Fung Province by J.C.N.D. including genealogical tree of Mek Hasan, note on the Ja`liyyin khut, note on the Aja`liyyin, additions and amendments to L.F. Nalder's note on the Rufa`a al-Hoi and tales of Malik Abu Rof
(b) Khartoum Province
1937 Apr 12
Copy of the Workman's compensation (Government contracts) ordinance of 1908 with notes by J.C.N.D. on its application to workers on the Jabal Aulia dam
1937 Jul
Memorandum on the building of the Jabal Aulia dam, including a history of the project and its economic impact on the region. Also a glossary of Arabic terms and several rough sketches of the dam
(c) Upper Nile Province
1947 Jan 1
Notes by W.G.P. Thomson on future southern policy, particularly relating to the Shilluk and by J.C.N.D. concerning the exploitation of natural resources in the middle belt of the Sudan, with covering letter from J.C.N.D. to the Governor Upper Nile Province
1946 Dec 31, 1947 Jan 7
Accounts of the installation of the new reth [leader] of the Shilluk at Fashoda, with details of the elaborate ceremonies by J.C.N.D. and H.A. Nicholson
1948 Dec 1
Notes on the Northern District of the Upper Nile Province by J.C.N.D. including a brief history, description of the local tribes and notes on agriculture and trade and missions and education
(d) Kassala Province
1952 Feb
Notes by J.C.N.D. on the annual floodings of the Tokar Delta and the economic consequences resulting from the inequitable distribution of water
(e) Upper Nile Province
1952 Jul 1 - 1953 Jun 30
Annual report on Upper Nile Province including information on local government and politics, public security, education, public health, communication, wildlife and finance, and expressing dismay at the adoption of the Anglo-Egyptian agreement of Feb 1952
[c. 1953]
Report of the Jonglei Investigation Team on the Equatorial Nile Project and its effects in the Sudan, with sketch maps
Papers concerning elections in Upper Nile Province:
Report by J.C.N.D. on difficulties encountered during the elections because of tribal and party rivalry
1953 Aug 24
Note by P.S. Garland, D.C. Western Nuer on 'some electoral problems, Western Nuer District'
1953 Sep 24
Note of procedure for primary elections except in towns, order no 5
1953 Sep 25
Memorandum by J.E.C. Mackrell, Governor Bahr al-Ghazal re difficulties caused by the decision of the Electoral Commission to carry out the primary stage of indirect elections by means of tokens, symbols and ballot boxes
1953 Oct 1-20
Memoranda by J.C.N.D. to the Secretary, Electoral Commission on elections in Upper Nile Province and on transport for elections
Report by J.C.N.D. on difficulties encountered during the elections
1953 Oct 31
Telegram from Abd Allah al-Hag, President N.U.P. Malakal to the Electoral Commission Khartoum protesting against the alleged interference of the D.C. Renk in the elections on behalf of the Umma Party
1953 Nov 13
Letter from Umar Musa, Chief Electoral Officer to the Secretary Electoral Commission re complaints against the D.C. Renk
(f) Equatoria
1954 Dec 2
Letter of complaint from the citizens of Yei to Sayyid Benjamin Lwoki, their parliament representative and others against the actions of senior (northern) Sudanese officials
1954 Sep 23
Juba District Handbook covering history, geography, administration, police and prisons, public health, education, communications, agriculture and forests, game, district buildings and trade
(g) Post Sudan service
1956 Feb 25
Report on the Nile Waters by J.O. Udal for the Conservative Commonwealth Council, giving detailed information on the water interests of counties of the Nile Valley and the probable effects of water development schemes
1965 Jul 26
Statement by the government of the Republic of the Sudan on the situation in the south
2. Personal Papers
1983 April - Jun
Correspondence with research student John Rozier on activities in the Sudan during World War II, with J.C.N.D.'s response to several questions
3. Memoirs
Memoirs of J.C.N.D.'s years in the Sudan Political Service 1930-1953 and of a later visit to Khartoum in 1969
First impressions of Suez Canal, Port Sudan and Khartoum. Assigned to work with Eric Penn at Khartoum North, then transferred to Singa. Camel treks; hunting. Plague of locusts followed by famine in 1932; worked on famine relief. Trek to southern Sudan
Khartoum Province
Assigned to Jabal Aulia for the duration of the construction of a dam across the Nile. Village had to be moved; landowners compensated. Employment for nearly 10,000. Notable visitors had to be entertained. During leave season served as D.C. for Khartoum District
Bahr al-Ghazal
Appointed ADC at Tonj with Desmond Hawkesworth. First experience working with the Dinka. Half of each month on trek; half in office. Worked with local magistrates. Excellent game hunting. Married Jean Morrison in summer of 1939. Commission in Sudan Defence Force for duration
Description of the Nuba and their way of life. Involved in purchase of 20,000 camels for army. Special leave to England in summer 1943. Returned to Talodi. Visited by Governor General and Lady Huddleston. Developed keen interest in conservation
Appointed DC of Northern District. Shilluk, Dinka and Mabaan people. Helped found a girls' school and the town council. Missionaries active in district. In 1948 first Province Council meeting, a step toward 'Sudanisation'
Very different terrain and people: mostly cotton growing. Terrible habubs in April and May. Visited Eritrea and its capital city, Asmara. Good hunting. Land dispute near Suakin resulted in violence. Visited by Governor-General and Lady Howe
Malakal and Juba
Deputy governor of Upper Nile Province. Difficulties between tribes as independence approached. Little understanding of the political process. Problems with bandits in Nuer territory. Chiefs dismayed at signing of Anglo-Egyptian Agreement in 1952. Very difficult to hold English-style elections with predominantly illiterate population
1953 Nov - 1954 December
Promoted to governor, following departure of T. Nightingale. Had expected to serve three years, but Sudanisation speeded up and British officials departed. Most new Sudanese officials were from the north and knew little of Equatoria. Southern population apprehensive about changes. Departed Sudan early Dec 1954
The Sudanese
General description of the Sudanese people, among whom he made many friends
1969 Feb
Visit to Khartoum
Spent five days seeing Khartoum and environs. Warmly received by old friends and acquaintances. Apprehensive about future of the Sudan
4. Articles, talks
1972 Jun
Report of a visit to the Sudan by Bishop E.J. Ngalam and Bishop Y.K. Dotiro describing the situation in the Sudanese church and the political climate after the Addis Ababa agreement
1956 Nov 23
Script for BBC radio talk by Richard Gray entitled, “Conflicts in the Sudan”, an account of the civil war and brutalities endured by southerners at the hands of the army and government in Khartoum
5. Newspaper Cuttings
[1976 Jan]
Report on a programme in the “Disappearing world” series which featured the coronation of the reth of the Shilluk