Spiritual jurisdiction of Durham dean and chapter and of other persons


Reference code: GB-0033-DCD/D
Title: Spiritual jurisdiction of Durham dean and chapter and of other persons
Dates of creation: 1530-1837
Extent: 1 metre
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Documents from officials and commissaries, and strays from the papers of archdeacons and bishops, relating to spiritual jurisdictions


Dean and chapter's own jurisdiction
Reference: DCD/D/A
Records of chapter jurisdiction within its officialty parishes (Durham and Northumberland), and in Allertonshire and Howdenshire (Yorkshire)
The dean and chapter's officialty covered the following parishes:
County Durham: Aycliffe, Billingham, Croxdale, Dalton-le-Dale, Dinsdale, Durham St Oswald, Durham St Margaret, Edmundbyers, Heighington, Heworth, Jarrow, Merrington (or Kirk Merrington), Monk Hesleden, Monkwearmouth, Muggleswick, Pittington, South Shields St Hilda, Whitworth, Witton Gilbert with Kimblesworth, Wolviston
Northumberland: Ancroft, Bedlington, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Bolton, Branxton, Bywell St Peter, Cornhill, Edlingham, Ellingham, Holy Island, Kyloe, Lowick, Meldon, Norham, Tweedmouth, Wallsend, Whittonstall

The dean and chapter's Allertonshire peculiar covered the following parishes: Brompton, Deighton, High Worsall, Kirby Sigston, Northallerton, Romanby and West Rounton.
The Howdenshire peculiar included these parishes: Asselby, Barlby, Barmby Marsh, Blacktoft, Brantingham, Eastrington, Ellerker, Hemingbrough, Holtby, Howden, Laxton, Skipwith, Walkington and Welton.
For further background information on peculiar jurisdictions associated with the bishop of Durham or with the dean and chapter, see the Durham Diocesan Records Administrative Histories guide.

Officialty act and visitation books
Reference: DCD/D/SJC
Dates of creation: 1583-1837
DCD/D/SJC/1   5 November 1583-27 September 1586, 15 December 1590
Final half page is dated 23 March-6 April 1584
55 f 
DCD/D/SJC/2   17 December 1595-9 October 1606
Includes lists of chapels and churches of Officialty and Allertonshire peculiar at front of volume
174 ff. 
DCD/D/SJC/3   April 1608-4 December 1617
155 ff. 
DCD/D/SJC/4   9 April 1831-22 April 1837
Contains Official's reports to Chapter and orders of Chapter, relating to Officialty and Allertonshire churches, in particular to new buildings and to augmentations of livings
45 ff. (rest of volume blank) 
Officialty and Allertonshire visitation papers
Reference: DCD/D/AA
Dates of creation: [1680s]-1786
Extent: 1 folder
Records relating to, or arising from, the dean and chapter's visitations of parishes within their jurisdiction, including a few items relating to Allertonshire visitations by the archbishop of York
Most of these items were previously listed as part of 'Loose Papers class 18'

DCD/D/AA/1   [ca.1680]
List of officialty parishes, written on back of testimonial for Thomas Hutchinson
DCD/D/AA/2   20 February 1692
Letter to [perpetual] curate of Norham requesting that he employ a resident curate at Cornhill, and expecting his “ready complyance, and that ... you doe not force them to take other methods that may be more disagreeable”
DCD/D/AA/3   9 March 1699
Inhibition against visitation by dean and chapter, from bishop of Durham (pending his own visitation)
DCD/D/AA/4-5   26 June 1707
Acts of visitation by official of officialty, held at Berwick upon Tweed, noting incumbents and previous/current churchwardens for each parish
DCD/D/AA/6-7   1716
Extracts from York Registry concerning visitations of Allerton and Allertonshire by archbishops of York, from 1582 to 1698
DCD/D/AA/8-9   October 1721
Acts of visitation by official of officialty, held at Belford, Alnwick and Morpeth, with names of churchwardens only
DCD/D/AA/10   13 July 1722
Sentence of excommunication by archbishop of York against John Kay of Wiskemoor in Brunton parish, for non-appearance to answer Elizabeth Key his wife, in a cause of separation on account of cruelty
DCD/D/AA/11-12   23 March 1762
Inhibition against visitation by dean and chapter, from bishop of Durham (pending his own visitation)
DCD/D/AA/13-16   June 1786
Acts of visitation by official of officialty, held in Durham St Mary le Bow and Auckland St Andrew churches, with names of clergy and churchwardens
Parish register transcripts
Reference: DCD/D/AB
Dates of creation: 1697-1732
Extent: 1 tray
Transcripts of parish registers (“Bishops' Transcripts'') were required to be drawn up for diocesan registries from 1562, although commonly collected on episcopal or archidiaconal visitations. This small collection of 'stray' parish register transcripts relates mainly to parishes in the dean and chapter's Allertonshire peculiar and so may have been collected by their official or commissary, although there are also transcripts for the nearby parishes of Crayke (a detached part of the diocese of Durham) and North Otterington (part of the bishop of Durham's Allertonshire peculiar), as well (more surprisingly) as one for Heddon on the Wall.
Arranged by parish and year
For Bishops' Transcripts from other Durham parishes and those within the bishop of Durham's Allertonshire peculiar, see the main series within the Durham Diocesan Records at DDR/EA/PBT/2.

DCD/D/AB/1   1731
Brompton, Yorkshire North Riding
DCD/D/AB/2-4   1721, 1728, 1731
Crayke, Yorkshire North Riding
DCD/D/AB/5   1731
Deighton, Yorkshire North Riding
DCD/D/AB/6   1727
Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland
DCD/D/AB/7   1729
High Worsall, Yorkshire North Riding
DCD/D/AB/8-10   1708, 1729, 1732
Kirby Sigston, Yorkshire North Riding
DCD/D/AB/11-16   1697, 1711/12, 1714, 1728/29, 1730 and 1731
Northallerton, Yorkshire North Riding (1731 transcript includes entries for Romanby)
DCD/D/AB/17   1725
North Otterington, Yorkshire North Riding
Miscellaneous records
Reference: DCD/D/AC
Dates of creation: 1708-1809
Extent: 1 folder
Appointments of officials and other records relating to the dean and chapter's spiritual jurisdiction
Most of these items were previously listed as part of 'Loose Papers class 11'

DCD/D/AC/1-14   January-February 1709
Correspondence and petition concerning disputed appointment of John Wilson or George Douglas as parish clerk at Tweedmouth
DCD/D/AC/15-16   3 October 1740
Dean's consent for appointment of dean and chapter's representative (syndick) in cause against Durham St Margaret chapelwardens, arising from episcopal visitation
DCD/D/AC/17-22   January-February 1747
Letters from dean and draft patent of appointment of Mark Brathwait as keeper or commissary for Howden, Howdenshire and Hemmingburgh
DCD/D/AC/23   28 November 1748
Draft patent of appointment of William Pye as register for Howden, Howdenshire and Hemmingbrough
DCD/D/AC/24-27   January 1753
Correspondence and draft patent and notes for appointment of Braems Wheler as register of spiritual jurisdiction within officialty (and ? other peculiar jurisdictions)
DCD/D/AC/28-34   March-April 1754
Correspondence and notes for appointment to vacant office of official of Allertonshire
DCD/D/AC/35-40   29 July 1809
Terrier of glebe and income of Northallerton vicarage, noted as having been made also to archbishop of York at his visitation
'Ordinary' (episcopal) jurisdiction, sede vacante
Reference: DCD/D/B
Records relating to the spiritual administration of the diocese of Durham during vacancies in the see. The right to act as “guardians of the spiritualities, sede vacante”, long claimed and exercised by the dean and chapter of Durham cathedral, was regularly disputed with the archbishop of York (or, when that see is vacant, with the dean and chapter of York cathedral).
There are a few records relating to the adminstration of the vacant see within the separate collection of Durham Diocesan Records, at DDR/EA/RGS

Sede Vacante act books
Reference: DCD/D/SJC/V
Dates of creation: 1576
Extent: 2 volumes
DCD/D/SJC/V1   20 March 1576-25 May 1576
Grants of probate administrations (f.2-4), record of synod (f.5), institutions (f.7r) and mandates for induction (f.8r), with note regarding settlement of disputed sede vacante jurisdiction (f.8v)
9 f. (2 blank and 1 largely blank) 
DCD/D/SJC/V2   14 March 1576-5 September 1576
Acts of court in causes relating to tithes, dilapidations, probate administrations and business, incontinence, adultery, defamation, matrimonial rights and other matters. Includes registered copies of commissions and related documents concerning the exercise of spiritualities sede vacante, as follows:
  • Commission from dean and chapter of Durham to four prebendaries for exercise of spiritual jurisdiction during the vacancy in the See of Durham, 13 March 1576 (f.2)
  • Protestation against attempted exercise of spiritualities by dean and chapter of York, 17 March 1576 (f.4)
  • Commission from the commissioners of the dean and chapter, to three clerics of parishes within Northumberland, for exercise of spiritual jurisdiction in Northumberland, 20 July 1576 (f.26)

i + 35 f. (f.1 and f.33-35 blank) 
Loose papers
Reference: DCD/D/LP20
Dates of creation: 1590-1771
Extent: ½ box
Most of these records relate to the dispute with the Archbishop of York regarding exercise of spiritual jurisdiction during vacancies in the see of Durham.

DCD/D/LP20/1-2   3 December 1590
Copy of the findings of the Court of Delegates in a dispute between Dean and Chapter and Archbishop of York
DCD/D/LP20/3   19 June 1628
Copy of letter from Dean and Chapter to Mr Chancellor Easdall re the exercise of their vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/4   4 March 1632
Memorandum of agreement re grant by Dean and Chapter to Thomas Burwell and Richard Newhouse of patents to exercise vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/5   24 July 1672
Copy of letter from Dean and Chapter to Archbishop of York proposing a settlement re the rights of both parties during the vacancy
DCD/D/LP20/6   29 July 1672
Letter from Archbishop of York to Dean and Chapter agreeing to a proposed meeting to attempt to resolve the differences re disputed vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/7   29 September 1672
Copy of letter from Dean and Chapter to Archbishop of York proposing a settlement re disputed vacancy jurisdiction avoiding recourse to King's Bench
DCD/D/LP20/8   3 October 1672
Letter from Archbishop of York to Dean and Chapter re proceedings over disputed vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/9   6 October 1672
Copy of letter from Dean and Chapter to Archbishop of York asserting their rights
DCD/D/LP20/10   27 June 1673
Copy of letter from the Dean to Lord Arlington, Principal Secretary of State to the King, re the office of Chancellor of the diocese and exercise of vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/11   12 September 1673
Royal mandate to Dean and Chapter to appoint Thomas Ireland as Commissary during vacancy
DCD/D/LP20/12   26 September 1721
Copy of Archbishop of York's declaration of his authority in the diocese of Durham during the vacancy
DCD/D/LP20/13-14   26 September 1721
Letter from Thomas Sharp [Archbishop's chaplain] to Canon Mangey re Dean and Chapter policy during the vacancy.
With: Copy of part
DCD/D/LP20/15   30 September 1721
Copy of letter from Dean and Chapter to Archbishop of York re their vacancy rights
DCD/D/LP20/16-17   3 October 1721
Letter from William Lee to Dean and Chapter registrar re the guardianship of the spiritualities during the vacancy. With: Notes of a case with the Archbishop of York during the previous vacancy
DCD/D/LP20/18   5 October 1721
Letter from William Lee to Dean and Chapter registrar re the guardianship of the spiritualities during the vacancy, a mandamus brought by the Corporation of Berwick, and a case in Chancery between Mr Harle and others and D.&C
DCD/D/LP20/19   14 October 1721
Letter from William Lee to Dean and Chapter registrar re the rights of Archbishop of York to vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/20-23   1721
Extracts from the registers of the Archbishops of York to support their claim to vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/24-24A   July-August 1750
The Dean's consent to the sealing of a commission for spiritual and ecclesiastical vacancy jurisdiction in the diocese, with sealed commission
DCD/D/LP20/25-26   23 June 1771
Letter from George Harris of Doctors Common re the position of the Bishop's registrar during the vacancy
DCD/D/LP20/27   2 July 1771
Appointment of surrogates by the commissioners appointed by Dean and Chapter to exercise spiritual jurisdiction during the vacancy
DCD/D/LP20/27A-C   29 January 1787
Commission and appointment of surrogates during vacancy
DCD/D/LP20/28-29   (undated)
Dispute over custody of the spiritualities of the vacant see of Durham. Case for Archbishop of York
DCD/D/LP20/30-31   (undated)
Notes on some Archbishops of York
DCD/D/LP20/32-33   (undated)
Citations from canon law re the position of a Dean and Chapter and rights of an Archbishop during the vacancy of a suffragan see
DCD/D/LP20/34-35   (undated)
Statements supporting the claim of Dean and Chapter to vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/36-38   (undated)
Dispute over custody of the spiritualities of the vacant see of Durham. Case for Dean and Chapter
DCD/D/LP20/39-40   (undated)
Notes on jurisdiction of Archbishops of York in the diocese of Durham
DCD/D/LP20/41-42   (undated)
Objections to Archbishop of York's spiritual jurisdiction during a vacancy
DCD/D/LP20/43-44   (undated)
Arguments supporting Archbishop of York's claim to right of visitation in the diocese of Durham
DCD/D/LP20/45   (undated)
Precedents for the exercise of vacancy jurisdiction by Dean and Chapter
DCD/D/LP20/46-49   (undated)
Copies of charters etc. supporting the claim of the Dean and Chapter to jurisdiction in Allertonshire and Howdenshire
DCD/D/LP20/50-51   (undated)
Case against the Archbishop of York's claim to jurisdiction in Allertonshire and Howdenshire
DCD/D/LP20/52   (undated)
Copy of an injunction by King Edward III to Archbishop of York against visitation of the Prior and Convent of Durham
DCD/D/LP20/53-54   (undated)
Case against Archbishop of York's claim to vacancy jurisdiction
Needs repair
DCD/D/LP20/55   (undated)
Arguments supporting claim by Dean and Chapter to vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/56-57   (undated)
Statement of precedents etc. supporting Dean and Chapter case for their exercising vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/58   (undated)
Statement of appointment by Dean and Chapter of commissioners to administer the spiritual and ecclesiastical jurisdiction during the vacancy.
With statements to support D.&C. action
DCD/D/LP20/59-60   (undated)
Extracts from historians re vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/61   (undated)
Canon-law citations about vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/62   (undated)
Historical evidence re vacancy jurisdiction (?)
DCD/D/LP20/63   (undated)
Historical evidence re vacancy jurisdiction (?)
DCD/D/LP20/64   (undated)
Historical evidence re vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/65   (undated)
Notes re payment of rents of bishopric property during vacancy of see (?)
DCD/D/LP20/66   (undated)
Notes re vacancy jurisdiction
DCD/D/LP20/67   (undated)
Copy of address by Dean and Chapter to Archbishop of York re vacancy jurisdiction
Dispute with York
Reference: DCD/D/BA
Dates of creation: 3 February 1890
Extent: 1 bundle
Legal opinion of F.H. Jeune (QC) of The Temple, London, with extensive transcripts from the Public Record Office (Queen's Bench and Chancery rolls), and from Durham diocesan and capitular records. See also the 17-18th century papers relating to the disputed jurisdiction during a vacancy in the See within the preceding series, DCD/D/LP20.

Extraneous jurisdiction
Reference: DCD/D/C
These are strays from the Durham Diocesan Records

Episcopal ('ordinary') jurisdiction
Reference: DCD/D/SJB
Dates of creation: 1560-1672
Extent: 7 volumes (one unbound, boxed) See in particular the following series within the Durham Diocesan Records:

DCD/D/SJB/1   23 January 1619-14 February 1621
Consistory court ex officio act book, including some probate causes
32 ff. plus covers 
DCD/D/SJB/2   11 October 1662-5 January 1672
Consistory court ex officio act book, apparently correction causes only (including many for clandestine marriages), without probate causes.
Contains very few acts after 1668. Bound in at back are three appointments of court officers, 9 July 1662 - 11 Sept 1672
DCD/D/SJB/3   17 July 1581-25 April 1582
Acts coram episcopo, including some correction causes and administrative acts (as institutions and resignations)
20 ff. 
See also
The institutions and resignations within this volume are mostly recorded also in the Bishop Barnes' register.
DCD/D/SJB/4   c.1634-1637
Chancellor's visitation (or correction) book, covering Durham archdeaconry only (but including parishes in both archidiaconal and officialty jurisdiction), listing correction causes for each parish, often including several persons within each entry
fragments, 22 ff. (boxed) 
DCD/D/SJB/5   1635-1636
Chancellor's visitation (or correction) book, as D/SJB/4.
22 ff. 
DCD/D/SJB/6   1637-1638
Chancellor's visitation (or correction) book, as D/SJB/4.
47 ff. (original binding numbered as f.1) 
DCD/D/SJB/7   1614-1617
Causes heard by the High Commission (Commissioners for ecclesiastical causes in the province of York), mainly relating to cases in Northumberland, with some for Durham archdeaconry. Much of the volume consists of lists of attachments (for arrest).
136 ff. 
The High Commission court within the diocese of Durham was a branch of the High Commission, established under an act of 1 Eliz I. The Commissioners were appointed by royal letters patent, and had power to hear spiritual and ecclesiastical causes. Their powers were more extensive than those of the ordinary ecclesiastical courts (the Consistory courts), and were bitterly disputed by advocates of the Common Law, especially the powers of arrest and imprisonment. The right of the Crown to establish Commissions to hear ecclesiastical causes was finally abolished in 1641, and the High Commission court was not reestablished after the Restoration.
W. Hylton Dyer Longstaffe (ed.), The acts of the High Commission court within the diocese of Durham, (Surtees Society 34, 1858): appendix B includes general notes on the Commission courts and notes on the 1630 Commission for the York province in particular
Usher, Roland G., The rise and fall of the High Commission (Oxford, 1913)
See also Durham Chapter Library, Hunter MSS 16, 17: Acts and depositions of the High Commission court (published Surtees Society 34)
Ecclesiastical Precedent Books
Reference: DCD/D/EPB
Dates of creation: 1530-1590
Extent: 3 volumes Similar precedent books, from various collections, are listed and described among the collection of Durham Diocesan Records, reference DDR/EJ/CCG/2.
DCD/T/YB: York Book (listed among the miscellaneous records, but appears to be some form of precedent book)

DCD/D/EPB/1   ca.1530-1576 (temp. Tunstall and Pilkington)
Precedent book, consisting of original consistory court documents bound together; possibly originally compiled by Robert Swift, spiritual chancellor 1561-1578
Previously listed within the series of episcopal (consistory court) act books as (DCD/D/)SJB/1, but subsequently identified as belonging more closely with the precedent books than the act books)
DCD/D/EPB/2   ca.1560-1580
Precedent book, possibly originally belonging to Robert Swift, spiritual chancellor 1561-1578, but including a few entries from the time of Thomas Burton.
The first part of the book (to f.119v) includes forms and precedents arranged alphabetically by initial letters (based on the type of document transcribed), as outlined below. Documents may be quoted in full or in extract, and names are often replaced by initials 'A.B.' etc.
f.1r-11v: precedents under the letter A, most very fragmentary: admissions, advowsons, acts
f.12r-33r: precedents under the letter C: commissions, citations, conditions (for bonds)
f.34r-37r: precedents under the letter D: dispensations (for clergy), demises (dimissio, licences for receipt of orders), denunciation (on vacancy in living)
f.38r-39r: precedents under the letter E: exemplifications, extortions
f.40r: precedents under the letter F: form of admission of proctors
f.41r-v: precedents under the letter G: general process
f.42r-54r: precedents under the letter I: interdicts, institutions, inhibitions, instruments, inductions
f.55r-66v: precedents under the letter L: letters of attestation (testimoniales, in consistory court causes), licences, letters of administration (probate), letters of orders, letters of request (requisitoria), letters citatory
f.67r-82r: precedents under the letter M: monitions, mandates
f.83r-98v: precedents under the letter P: (appointments of) proxies, presentations to vicarages and university, proclamation re ordinands, probate of wills
99r-103r: precedents under the letter R: resignations (of vicarages and rectories), relaxation (of sequestrations and monition), restitution of spiritual jurisdiction (after visitation)
f.104r-117v: precedents under the letter S: sequestrations, suspensions, schedules (of penance, on visitation, absolution etc), sentences (in consistory court causes)
f.118r-119v: precedents under the letter T: permissions (toleraciones), titles (for orders)
f.120r: instructions/exemplar for listing wills and inventories
f.121r-v: a verse relating to the weather (“quando prima luna cadit in die dominica tempus erit siccum...”), and several recipes for ink (including coloured inks)
f.122r-203v (pencil foliation): unsorted precedents, including copies of full documents without abbreviating names, chiefly dated 1561-1576 (ink foliation repeats f.140-149, omits f.191-199, omits f.202-205)
f.204r-205v (pencil foliation): blank pages and penmanship practice

205 ff. 
DCD/D/EPB/3   ca.1560-1590
Forms and precedents for Consistory Court causes and also for administrative procedures, together with some legal notes and tables etc. The following notes on the contents of the volume are not exhaustive.
Documents relating to dispute between Dean and Chapter of Durham and Archbishop of York over 'sede vacante' jurisdiction within the diocese of Durham. Includes tables and copies of earlier documents, lists of exhibits and instructions to lawyers for court cases, with many legal notes. Also table relating to the Cathedral's rights and liberties dated 1588-1589, and copies of collations and appointments dated 1370s. (ff.1r-30v & 32r-34r, pencil; ff.1r-31r & unnumbered folios at start, ink)
Account of forced removal of Dr Burton from Durham Cathedral during divine service, as an excommunicate, 1587 (ff.31r-v, pencil; f.28r-v, ink)
one blank page (f.34v pencil; f.31v ink)
Processes in appeal causes from the ecclesiastical courts, before royal commissioners, relating to various causes, late 16th century (ff.35r-45r & 1r-9v, pencil; ff.171r-187v, ink)
One blank folio (f.10 pencil; f.188 ink)
Various precedents, including documents from the ecclesiastical courts, mid-late 16th century (ff.11r-53v & 1r-58v, pencil; ff.189r-297v, ink)
Index to rest of volume (using the ink foliation numbers), including references to ff.1-170, now missing (ff.59r-61r, pencil; ff.298r-300r, ink)
Caveat against admission and institution, undated; also some verses (ff.61v, pencil; 300v, ink)
Another index to the whole volume, including references to ff.1-170, now missing; noted by Pat Mussett as in Swift's hand (ff.62r-64v, pencil; no ink folio numbers)

ca.163 ff. 
Previously referenced Misc.Charter 424
Archidiaconal jurisdiction
Reference: DCD/D/SJA
Dates of creation: 1572-1705
Extent: 3 volumes See also act books and other records of the archdeacons of Durham within the Durham Diocesan Records, at DDR/A/ACD.

DCD/D/SJA/1   1572-1576
Act book for the archdeacon of Durham's (John Pilkington) ecclesiastical court, including both office (correction) and private cases (such as defamation, tithe disputes and matrimonial causes). Also includes copies of some other documents relating to the court's business.
1 volume, 298 ff. 
Rebound 1990-1994 by Tom Cotton. Original binding was full sheepskin in good condition [apparently not retained or now lost], but text block was damaged by tissue used in previous repair so re-repaired and rebound in library style with French joints.
DCD/D/SJA/2   November 1660-May 1669, January 1673
Act book of inductions to rectories and vicarages (issuing of letters of induction), by archdeacons of Durham (and their officials or deputy/surrogate). Includes also (f.2v) election of proctors for York convocation. Entries become less frequent after April 1662 and archidiaconate of Gabriel Clarke (Sept 1620 to May 1662).
1 volume, 1 gathering only, 8 ff. (parchment covers) 
f.7r   24 June 1668
William Alder to Grindon
f.2r   22 February 1661
Ralph Blakiston to Ryton
f.2r   19 January 1661
Daniel Bollen to Elwick
f.4v   1 February 1662
John Brabant to Bishop Middleham
f.7r   15 May 1668
George Brereton (Brierton) to Elwick
f.4r   15 January 1662
John Buckley to Bishopton
f.1r   7 November 1660
Guy Carlton to Wolsingham
f.6r   11 January 1665
George Davenporth to Houghton-le-Spring
f.6r   5 March 1664
Thomas Daveson to Norton
f.3v   16 October 1661
Henry Dobbins to Seaham
f.7r   23 September 1667
Thomas Dockaray to Whitburn
f.7v   1 September 1668
Henry Doughty to Elton
f.5v   1 September 1663
Patrick Drumond to Greatham
f.2r   13 February 1661
Edmund Fotherby to Gainford
f.1r   7 November 1660
Simon Gilpin to Staindrop
f.6v   6 September 1666
John Hebron to Sockburn
f.5r   22 January 1663
John [Hume] to Crayke
f.6v   15 (?13) March 1666
John Jackson to Redmarshall
f.5r   28 April 1662
Henry Johnson to Washington
f.2v   1-2 April [1661]
John [Ladler?] to Gateshead, Chapel of St Edmund King and Martyr, Hospital of King James
f.3v   1 October 1661
John March to Haughton-le-Skerne
f.1r   7 November 1660
Cuthbert Marley to Winston
f.6v   9 November (or 7 December) 1665
Luke Mawbourne to Crayke
f.7v   12 December 1668
Edward Moorcroft to Redmarshall
f.2v   2 May 1661
Joseph Naylor, elected proctor to York Convocation
f.7v   15 May 1669
Arthur Noel to Seaham
f.3v   24 October 1661
Thomas Pearson to Kelloe
f.5v   28 February 1663
Thomas Pearson to Stainton
f.1r   8 November 1660
William Pell to Stainton
f.3r   2 September 1661
John Robson to Redmarshall
f.4v   29 January 1662
Alan Smalwood to Norton
f.3r   2 September 1661
Edward Smaythwhayte to Hart
f.8r   28 January 1673
Samuel Speed to Whitburn
f.1r   7 November 1660
James Thompson to Merrington
f.1r   7 November 1660
Timothy Tully to Middleont-in-Teesdale
f.4r   9 November 1661
Marmaduke Wetherell to Dinsdale
f.2r   26 February 1661
George Wishart to Brancepeth
f.2v   2 May 1661
Thomas Wood, elected proctor to York Convocation
f.6r   17 October 1665
Richard Wrench to Bowdon
DCD/D/SJA/3   September 1685-December 1687, December 1691-June 1697, May 1701-October 1705
Act book of archdeacons of Durham, including lists of comperta arising from visitations. Main contents of volume are as follows:
ff.5r-15r: detecta and comperta arising from visitations, Sept 1685 to Jan 1685/6; includes lists of Papists, Quakers and other dissenters for certain parishes, as well as lists of those not paying church rates or presented for other crimes
ff.15v-39r: acts of archdeacon's court, Nov 1686 to June 1694
ff.40r-44r: lists of persons cited or excommunicated etc (by parish), 25 Aug 1694
ff.46r-50v: acts of archdeacon's court, Mar 1695 to June 1697
ff.53r-85v: lists of clergy and churchwardens cited, and of comperta presented, at archdeacon's visitations, May 1701 to Oct 1705

Many pages in the volume were marked with (blank) slips of paper pinned to the page. These pins and slips have been removed, but the pages marked in this way were as follows: ff.10v, 13v, 16v, 21v, 42r, 43r (twice), 46v, 47v, 73v, 74r. Some of the individual court days were also marked with slips bearing a date or brief heading: these slips have been annotated to show the page that they were originally pinned to, before being removed and retained separately.
1 volume, 89ff. with parchment covers 
Formalised headings and acts in Latin; descriptions of alleged crimes sometimes in Latin, otherwise in English
Archdeacon's inquiry into non-conformist conventicles
Reference: DCD/D/LP29
Dates of creation: 1669
Extent: ½ box
Returns of non-conformist meetings under the 1664 Conventicle Act (stray archdeacon's records)

DCD/D/LP29/1   26 June 1669
Letter from Archdeacon Granville to the vicar of Grindon requesting details of meetings of papists and non-conformists in his parish.
Added on dorse: Certificate, 24 July 1669
DCD/D/LP29/2-7   1669
Certificates from:
Long Newton (July)

DCD/D/LP29/8   4 July 1669
Note about a Quaker meeting at Stockton
DCD/D/LP29/9   4 July 1669
Note about a meeting at Darlington
Needs repair
DCD/D/LP29/10   11 July 1669
Note about a meeting at Gilesgate Durham
DCD/D/LP29/11 - 51   1669
Returns from parishes, re non-conformists and papists:
DCD/D/LP29/11.   8 July 1669
Middleton St George
DCD/D/LP29/12-14   11 July 1669

DCD/D/LP29/15   14 July 1669
DCD/D/LP29/16-18   18 July 1669

DCD/D/LP29/19-23   19 July 1669

DCD/D/LP29/24-28   20 July 1669

DCD/D/LP29/29   21 July 1669
DCD/D/LP29/30-31   22 July 1669

DCD/D/LP29/32-41   23 July 1669
Castle Eden
St Helen Auckland
St John's Chapel

DCD/D/LP29/42-46   24 July 1669
Bishop Middleham

DCD/D/LP29/47   25 July 1669
DCD/D/LP29/48-49   26 July 1669

DCD/D/LP29/50-51   28 July 1669
St Nicholas Durham

DCD/D/LP29/52-53   26 August 1669
Archdeacon's certificate to the Bishop of Durham
Miscellaneous extraneous spiritual jurisdiction
Reference: DCD/D/CA
Dates of creation: 1721-1741
Extent: 2 items
/1. archbishop of York's mandate to the commissary of the bishop of Durham's Allertonshire peculiar, to induct William Milner into Birkby rectory, 1721
/2. Assignment of pew within gallery of Durham St Mary le Bow to Mary Bowlby, 1741 (see also faculty papers DDR/EJ/FAC/1/9)