E. D. Pridie
Eric Denholm Pridie

1. Memoirs
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: E. D. Pridie
Dates of creation: ca. 1968
Extent: 1 file
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: E. D. Pridie (1896-1978)
Language: English

Eric Denholm Pridie


1924-1927 Medical Inspector, Port Sudan
1927-1929Medical Inspector, Kassala
1929-1931Senior Medical Inspector, Wad Medani
1931-1932Senior Medical Inspector, Khartoum
1932-1933Assistant Director, Sudan Medical Service
1933-1945Director, Sudan Medical Service
1940-1943Brigadier, Royal Army Medical Corps
1945-1949Health Counsellor, British Embassy, Cairo
1946-1949Health Adviser, British Middle East Office


1. Memoirs

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Presented by H. Cruden, 1981

1. Memoirs
[ca. 1968]
Memoirs of E.D. Pridie entitled “Travels in peace and war”, covering his career in the Sudan Medical Service and travels throughout the world:
First posting as Medical Inspector at Port Sudan (1924-1927) including descriptions of the area, tribes, medical cases and trek with the Hadanduwah
Posting to Kassala as Medical Inspector (1927-1929), including descriptions of the area and tribes, problems with cases of rabies, snake bites, smallpox, etc.; list of government officials and history of Kassala Province
Posting to Wad Medani, Blue Nile Province as Senior Medical Inspector (1929-1931), including descriptions of the area, with particular reference to agriculture (cotton), climate, local tribes, irrigation, etc.
Posting to Khartoum as Senior Medical Inspector (1931-1932), Assistant Director (1932-1933) and Director of the Sudan Medical Service (1933-1945), including descriptions of Khartoum and the remainder of the country not already mentioned, tribes, medical cases, etc.
Account of Pridie's trip through Egypt and the Middle East
General travel
Travel in Africa (except the Sudan and Egypt
Travel in Europe
Travel in Asia, Australia and America including China (SAD 720/7/96-107); Hong Kong (SAD 720/7/107-108); Japan (SAD 720/7/108-113); S.E. Asia (SAD 720/7/113-124); Pakistan (SAD 720/7/124-126); Afghanistan (SAD 720/7/126-127); Australia (SAD 720/7/127-134); New Zealand (SAD 720/7/134); South Sea Islands (SAD 720/7/134-138); N. America (SAD 720/7/138-143); Mexico (SAD 720/7/143-144); Central America (SAD 720/7/145-150) and Brazil (SAD 720/7/150-159)