Ingaret Giffard Papers
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Reference code: GB-0033-ING
Title: Ingaret Giffard Papers
Dates of creation:
Extent: 3.5 boxes
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Ingaret Giffard (1902-1997)
Language: English


Ingaret Stella Giffard was born in England in 1902. Following the death of her father in 1908, Ingaret spent many of her childhood years in India before returning to England. In the 1930s, she pursued a moderately successful career as an actress and playwright, with one of her plays, Because We Must, starring Vivien Leigh, Alan Napier, Howard Wyndham, and Bronson Albery, staged at Wyndham's Theatre in 1937. She married the businessman, Jimmy Young, and moved to the Sudan. Following the breakdown of their marriage and subsequent divorce, she married Laurens van der Post in 1949. Ingaret developed a strong interest in Jungian therapy after a course of treatment dramatically improved her mother's mental health and convinced Laurens to move with her to Switzerland, where the couple befriended Carl Jung and others (including Toni Wolff) among his inner circle. Returning to England, she worked as a Jungian analyst. She died on 5 May 1997, five months after the death of her husband.


Papers of Ingaret Giffard, including draft manuscripts of mostly unpublished plays, novels, autobiographies and interview transcripts; newspaper cuttings mostly on the reception of Because we must; personal papers including correspondence; and photographic material.

Accession details

Purchased by Durham University as part of the Laurens van der Post collection from Lucia van der Post in May 2016, with the support of grants from the Friends of the National Libraries and the Arts Council England/Victoria & Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund.

Previous custodial history

Previously part of the papers of Laurens van der Post

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Open for consultation.

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Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Sub-Librarian, Special Collections (e-mail and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


The papers are arranged thematically:
A. Draft Manuscripts
1. Playscripts
2. Novels
3. Autobiographies
4. Interview Transcripts
5. Other Works
B. Newspaper Cuttings
C. Personal Papers
D. Photographic Material


The contents of the collection have been fully appraised and duplicates have been removed.


No further accruals expected

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Giffard, Ingaret, The way things happen (London: William Morrow, 1989)


Draft Manuscripts
ING/A1/1   [?1936] - 5 February 1937
Draft of a playscript by Ingaret Giffard entitled “Because we must: a domestic comedy in three acts”
With printed playbill from Wyndham's Theatre, performed as Because we must: a comedy on 5 February 1937
36, 42, 38 pages
ING/A1/2   1973
Drafts of a playscript by Ingaret Giffard entitled “For no-one”
Includes letter from Ian and Elise Purvis Publishers to Ingaret
1 file
ING/A1/3   [mid 20th century]
Draft of a playscript by Ingaret Giffard entitled “The last fence”
Adapted version of the film script “The other side of the river”
48, 36, 12, 44 pages
ING/A1/4   [mid 20th century]
Draft of a playscript by Ingaret Giffard entitled “Fatal shadows”
With duplicate copy
40, 25, 17, 34 pages
ING/A1/5   [mid 20th century]
Draft of a playscript by Ingaret Giffard entitled “For always”
With duplicate copy
29, 22, 16, 32, 12, 9 pages
ING/A1/6   [mid 20th century]
Draft of a playscript by Ingaret Giffard entitled “Intimate stranger”
Variation of “For always”
28, 22, 16, 32, 9 pages
ING/A1/7   [mid 20th century]
Draft of a playscript by Ingaret Giffard entitled “The moving finger”
37, 31, 37 pages
ING/A2/1   March - September 1943
Draft by Ingaret Giffard of a novel entitled “The fire and the rose”
Also includes additional draft of part 1 entitled “The return journey”
321 pages
ING/A2/2   [mid 20th century]
Draft by Ingaret Giffard of a novel entitled “Marriage between the lines”
321 pages
ING/A3/1   [?1980 x 1989]
Draft by “An ordinary woman” (i.e. Ingaret Giffard) entitled “Under Forty”
Probably a precursor to The way things happen
1 file
ING/A3/2   [1989]
Uncorrected proofs of The way things happen by Ingaret Giffard, published by Chatto & Windus
Includes a few draft typescript pages
1 file
Interview Transcripts
ING/A4/1   10 April 1955
Transcript of an interview conducted by Ingaret van der Post with Carl Jung
Transcribed from a telodiphone recording
20 pages
ING/A4/2   8 March 1970
Transcript of a interview conducted by Gene F. Nameche with Ingaret van der Post on her impressions of Toni Wolff and Carl Jung
26 pages
ING/A4/3   15 December 1978
Transcript of a interview conducted by Suzanne Wagner with Ingaret van der Post

Other works
ING/A5/1   [?1942]
Language:  German and English
Typescript draft by Ingaret Giffard-Young entitled “After the war”
An appeal to the German people to end the war
In German with English translation
2 pages
ING/A5/2   [mid 20th century]
Draft of a film script by Ingaret Giffard entitled “The other side of the river”
Based on Ingaret's play “The last fence”
58 pages
ING/A5/3   [mid 20th century]
Draft typescript poems [?by Ingaret Giffard] entitled “Siesta”, “Evening”, and “Absence”
3 poems
Newspaper Cuttings
ING/B1   1913-1952
Cuttings from various newspapers, including the Natal Daily News of articles written by Ingaret, mostly book reviews
1 file
ING/B2   1931-[?1970]
Cuttings from various newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph on articles about Ingaret
1 file
ING/B3   January - April 1937
Cuttings from various newspapers, including the Manchester Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, Horse and Hound and the Catholic Herald, mostly reviews of Ingaret''s play Because we must, performed at Wyndham's Theatre, London.
1 file
Personal Papers
ING/C1   10 January 1936 - 29 March 1997
Letters to Ingaret, mostly of a personal nature, from various correspondents including Carl Jung (10 January 1936); Robert Vansittart (Denham Place) mentioning Noel Coward and Clemence Dan (22 November 1941); Jim Douglas-Henry (who later married Elizabeth Jane Howard) (20 November 1958); Sir Ian Horobin (20 December 1971)
Also includes a letter from [?] to Lucia van der Post on Ingaret's declining health
1 file
ING/C2   [?early 20th century] - [?1980]
Personal items, including her mother's blotter, an address book, 1941 Labour Party membership card, a psychoanalytical report on Ingaret by Alan McGlashan, notes on historical research, and her will
1 file
ING/C3   10 May 1997 - 6 October 1998
Papers relating to Ingaret's death, including correspondence on her funeral, dispute over the legality of her will, as well as personal accounts of her life
1 file
Photographic Material
ING/D1/1-79   1914 - 1930
Album of photographs, with some newspaper cuttings:
1 album
ING/D1/1   [1914 x 1929]
East Farleigh vicarage
1 BW print
ING/D1/2   [1914 x 1929]
Bernard and [?Madeline] Littlewood with Roger Giffard
1 BW print
ING/D1/3   [1914 x 1929]
John Tyrwhitt, J. Tilly and R. G. Giffard
1 BW print
ING/D1/4   1920
M. Littlewood and Thomas Giffard
1 BW print
ING/D1/5   [1914 x 1929]
HMS Thunder
1 BW print
ING/D1/6   [1914 x 1929]
Cuttings from a variety of newspapers, mostly on the Giffard family
9 newspaper cuttings
ING/D1/7   28 August 1919
John and Ingaret's mother on their wedding day
1 BW print
ING/D1/7a   1919
Ingaret in Glenlyon
1 BW print
ING/D1/8-10   1923
E. D'Oyly in Srinigar, Kashmir
3 BW print
ING/D1/11   1923
E. D'Oyly in Rawalpindi
1 BW print
ING/D1/12-13   1924
Leaving Hobart on the station
2 BW print
ING/D1/14   1924
Military report on Evelyn D'Oyly
1 report
ING/D1/15-17   [1914 x 1929]
Hocknorton Lodge, Camberley
3 BW print
ING/D1/18   [1914 x 1929]
E. D'Oyly with Ingaret and Roger Giffard
1 BW print
ING/D1/19   1926
E. D'Oyly, Hurst Green
1 BW print
ING/D1/20-21   [1914 x 1929]
Motor car, Camberley
2 BW print
ING/D1/22   1925
Dunhead, Camberley
1 BW print
ING/D1/23   1927
Ingaret in the Range Rover, Camberley
1 BW print
ING/D1/24   1926
Noster House
1 BW print
ING/D1/25   1926
Hurst Green
1 BW print
ING/D1/26   1925
E D'Oyly in Camberley
1 BW print
ING/D1/27   1925
Ingaret, Ingaret's mother and Miss Hayward
1 BW print
ING/D1/28   1925
Ingaret, Ingaret's mother and Mr Leberno, Beachy Head
1 BW print
ING/D1/29   1926
Miss Hayward, Ingaret and [?], Beachy Head
1 BW print
ING/D1/30   [1914 x 1929]
Bernard and Madeline Littlewood
1 BW print
ING/D1/31   1926
George and Oliver Holmwood , Hermione, Donald & Ingaret
1 BW print
ING/D1/32   1926
Leonard and Stella Bradley with Monica
1 BW print
ING/D1/33-34   [1914 x 1929]
Crete Hill, Surrey
2 BW print
ING/D1/35   [1914 x 1929]
Ingaret at Hooknorton School
1 BW print
ING/D1/36-38   [1914 x 1929]
3 BW print
ING/D1/39   1915
Ingaret and Roger
1 BW print
ING/D1/40   1914
Ingaret at Sea View
1 BW print
ING/D1/41   1915
Ingaret and Roger at Hocknorton School
1 BW print
ING/D1/42   [1914 x 1929]
Ingaret and Roger at E. Farleigh
1 BW print
INGD1/43   [1914 x 1929]
Roger, Ingaret and their mother at E. Farleigh vicarage
1 BW print
ING/D1/44   1919
Roger and Ingaret
1 BW print
ING/D1/45   1915
Ingaret's mother, Bowden House, Harrow
1 BW print
ING/D1/46-47   [1914 x 1929]
2 BW prints
ING/D1/48   1927
John and Ingaret's mother at [?Villen Jusa]
1 BW print
ING/D1/49   [1927]
Roger, Ingaret's mother and John
1 BW print
INGD1/50   1927
John, Ingaret's mother and Cynthia [?]
1 BW print
INGD1/51   1927
1 BW print
ING/D1/52   1927
John and Ingaret's mother
1 BW print
ING/D1/53-54   1927
John, Eastbourne
2 BW prints
ING/D1/55   1927
1 BW print
ING/D1/56   1927
Ingaret and her mother
1 BW print
ING/D1/57-58   1927
Ingaret's mother
2 BW prints
ING/D1/59   1927
Range Rover
1 BW print
ING/D1/60-61   1927
2 BW prints
INGD1/62   13 November 1929 - 29 January 1930
Cuttings from Morning Post and Daily Express, the second on the morality of divorce
2 newspaper cuttings
INGD1/63   1930
Roger Giffard at his wedding
1 BW print
ING/D1/64-65   1930
Roger, Phyl, Dr Crawford and Robert Cobb at a wedding
2 BW prints
ING/D1/66   1930
Phyl and Roger
1 BW print
ING/D1/67-68   1929 & 1930
Roger Giffard
2 BW prints
ING/D1/69   September 1929
Giffard family at the Schneider Cup
1 BW print
ING/D1/70   [?1929]
John and [?Ingaret]
1 BW print
ING/D1/71   [?1929]
Ingaret and Jimmy Young
1 BW print
ING/D1/72   12 November 1929
Cuttings from The Times and Evening Standard on Ingaret and Jimmy Young's forthcoming marriage
2 newspapers cutting
ING/D1/73   1930
Cuttings from a variety of [?South African] newspapers on Ingaret
5 newspaper cuttings
ING/D1/74-79   [?1930]
Uncaptioned family photographs
6 BW prints
ING/D2   [1930 x 1997]
Ingaret in profile
1 file
ING/D3   [?1930]
Ingaret and Jimmy Young
1 file
ING/D4/1-11   March 1910 - [?1997]
Ingaret with others:
2 files
ING/D4/1   March 1910
Rev A. B. Littlewood, Ingaret Giffard, and Roger Giffard
1 BW print
ING/D4/2   20 May 1910
Ingaret Giffard, Roger Giffard and Charles Willesmore
1 BW print
ING/D4/3-6   1910
Ingaret and Roger Giffard
4 BW print
ING/D4/7   [?1990]
Tom Bedford and Ingaret Giffard
1 colour print
ING/D4/8-10   [?1990]
Ingaret Giffard and Lesley Glaister
3 colour prints
ING/D4/11   [?1930 x 1997]
Unidentified photographs, probably friends and acquaintances of Ingaret
1 file
ING/D5   [?early 20th century]
Ingaret's mother
1 file
ING/D6   [?early 20th century]
Roger Giffard
1 file
ING/D7   [?1930]
Jimmy Young
1 file
ING/D8   [?1930 x 1939]
Photographs of Eritrea and Sudan (mostly unidentified)
1 file
ING/D9   [?1930 x 1997]
Negatives, mostly duplicates of photographs
1 file