Dupuis, C.G.
Charles George Dupuis

1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Historical Material
4. Printed Material
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Dupuis, C.G.
Dates of creation: 1920-1936
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Charles George Dupuis

(1886 - 1940)

1909-1935 Sudan Political Service
1909 Khartoum
1910-1913 Sennar
1914-1917 Second Inspector, Khartoum
1917-1922 Second Inspector, El Obeid, Kordofan, later First Inspector, Nahud, Kordofan
1922-1926 Deputy Governor, Darfur
1927-1928 Governor, Fung
1928-1935 Governor, Darfur
1935 Retired from Sudan service


1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Historical Material
4. Printed Material

1. Official Papers
1936 Mar 10
Annual report for Darfur Province, by P. Ingleson, Governor, covering trade, agriculture, livestock, taxation, native administration, death of Idris abu Bakr, Sultan of Dar Gimr, public security, roads, local industries, water supply, public health, veterinary, education and relations with the French, and including reference to the retirement of C.G.D.
2. Personal Papers
1920 Jan 1 - 1935 May 14
Personal letters from C.G.D. to Mrs. Edith Jane Gordon Clark (‘Lady Jane'). Unless otherwise stated, the letters were written from El Fasher, Darfur and include references to the following events:
1920 Jan 1
From Bara re arrangements for a visit by Allenby and the Governor-General to El Obeid, an attack on T.A. Leach, the Senior Inspector, the death of Stigand and Christmas celebrations
1924 Dec 21
Detailed letter written en route to El Fasher re the background to the Sudan mutiny, with details of events from Jul to Dec 1924, including the march of the mutineering cadets, the assassination of Stack, steps taken to evacuate Egyptian troops from Khartoum, events involving the Xth Sudanese at Talodi, the breakout of political prisoners from Khartoum North prison, mutiny of the XIth Sudanese at Khartoum, the occupation of the Military Hospital and the aftermath of the mutiny
1925 Jan 10
Re the successful evacuation of Egyptians from Darfur, Christmas celebrations, staff at El Obeid and the interior of his house at El Fasher
1925 Mar 13
Re attendance with Audas at horseshows at Sibdu (Rizayqat), Buram (Habbaniyah), Idd el Ghanem and Nyala, trial of `umdahs at Buram on charges of spreading disaffection
1925 Apr 10
Re reservations of friends in Khartoum about Archer, the Governor-General
Enclosure: small water-colour of woman sitting under a tree
1925 May 1
Re a fire in the defence area and preparations for the arrival of a squadron of the Flying Corps
1925 Sep 24
Re the failure of the rains in Darfur and changes in province staff
1927 Jan 16
From Singa, Fung Province re his engagement, description of the interior of his house and fellow officials at Singa and a visit from MacMichael the Civil Secretary and Maffey the Governor-General
Re the death of his mother and a three week tour of the province with J.A. Gillan
3. Historical Material
Translation of a statement of the ghafir at Kebkabiya concerning his life history, from his capture as a slave at Shat Dammam by `Abd al-Samad Abu Safiya, and outlining his various adventures with an Egyptian Army battalion at Massawa and the defence of Khartoum, the ill-fated Hicks expedition, his capture by and escape from the Mahdist forces and service as scout with the British/Egyptian force to the relief of Gordon at Khartoum and the campaigns of the 1890s
4. Printed Material
1935 Aug 8
Copy of al-Nil including a notice of the retirement of C.G.D. as Governor of Darfur