Duncan, J.S.R.
John Spenser Ritchie Duncan

1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Historical Material
4. Photographic Material
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Title: Duncan, J.S.R.
Dates of creation: 1935-1957
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Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

John Spenser Ritchie Duncan

(1921 - )

1942-1943 Governor-General's Temporary Commission as Bimbashi in S.D.F.
1943-1945 A.D.C. En Nahud, Kordofan
1946-1947 A.D.C. Central Nuer (Waat), Upper Nile Province
1947-1950 D.C. Central Nuer (Fangak), Upper Nile Province
1950-1953 D.A.C.S. (Political), Civil Secretary's Office
1953-1954 D.C. Omdurman, Khartoum Province
1954-1955 Private Secretary to the Governor- General
1955-1956 Deputy Adviser on Constitutional and External Affairs to the Governor-General
1956 Retired from Sudan service


1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Historical Material
4. Photographic Material
5. Speeches
6. Miscellanea
7. Printed Material

1. Official Papers
Nuer grammar, compiled by J.S.R.D.
1952 Nov 25 - 1953 Jan 6
Copies of minutes exchanged between the Civil Secretary and Legal Secretary over the difficult question of whether to prosecute for sedition or like offences in an attempt to prevent the spread of anti-government propaganda
1953 Nov 7 - Dec 10
Telegrams exchanged between the Governor-General's Office Khartoum, the F.O. in London and the Sudan Agency Cairo concerning Egyptian interference in Sudanese elections, reports on a speech by General Naguib calling for the unity of the Nile valley and calls from Isma`il Azhari, President of the N.U.P. for union with Egypt
1953 Oct
“Note on some implications of the Sudan agreement”, issued by the Expatriate Civil Servants' Association, Khartoum
1954 Jul 14
Extract from Weekly Hansard no.297, 9-15 Jul 1954 concerning British Government support for self-determination in the Sudan
Note on sovereignty, by J.G. Mavrogordato
2. Personal Papers
1943 Jan 5 - 1957 Apr 23
Personal letters to J.S.R.D. from colleagues in the Sudan Political Service including D. Newbold, Civil Secretary with advice to the newly appointed S.D.F. officer (477/7/2); J.W. Robertson, Deputy Civil Secretary re D. Newbold's knighthood and the variety of work undertaken in the Civil Secretary's Office (477/7/4-5); Okon wor Kwon re reserves of ammunition and number of police in Waat District (477/7/6); J.W. Robertson, Civil Secretary re J.S.R.D.'s new posting to Waat, Central Nuer District, the progress of treaty talks and growth in anti- Egyptian feeling (477/7/8-9); Robertson re flood damage in Upper Nile Province and Northern Province and re the progress of Anglo- Egyptian discussions on the future of the Sudan (477/7/10-11) T.R.H. Owen, Governor Bahr al-Ghazal re southern policy and the failure of the Administrative Conference to safeguard southern interests, hopes for the Juba conference 1947 and his personal views on southern needs (477/7/13-16) and re affairs in the south, particularly growing resentment of northern interference and re progress in building new province headquarters (477/7/17-19); Robertson re his K.B.E., prospects for cattle exports from Upper Nile Province, economic difficulties and the likelihood of a prolonged railway strike (477/7/20-22); Buth Diu, Administrative Assistant Central Nuer (later a southern member of the Legislative Assembly) re his entertainment allowance and his application to join the School of Administration (477/7/24-27); Owen re the government refusal to include safeguards for the south in the Legislative Assembly Ordinance and the need to acknowledge the existing differences between the north and south (477/7/28-29), Dak Dei, Administrative Asistant Waat, Central Nuer District, with news of the district (477/7/32); Robertson re famine in Eastern Sudan, and his views on the introduction of a money economy and increased education for Upper Nile Province (477/7/33-34); Robertson, as Governor-General Nigeria re decisions taken in 1947 to integrate north and south and to end the Legislative Assembly in 1952 (477/7/36); Sir Robert Howe, former Governor-General re J.S.R.D.'s The Sudan's path to independence (477/7/38)
1942 Jul 14
Invoice for items of clothing for the Sudan
3. Historical Material
[c.1935 - 1945]
File of historical papers on Khartoum and Omdurman and on the Battle of Omdurman, compiled initially by E.G. Sarsfield-Hall, Governor Khartoum 1929-1936 and later possibly by W. Luce, Private Secretary and Comptroller to the Governor-General,1941-1947:
Notes on the history of Khartoum [author unknown]
1935 Oct 25 - Nov 2
Correspondence between E.G. Sarsfield-Hall and Sharif Yusuf al- Hindi on the origins of the word Omdurman and on the defences erected around Khartoum and Omdurman by Gordon
Arabic and English
Notes on the Mirghania family and their connection with Khartoum
Note on the Mahdi's oath
Notes for a lecture on the 1898 expedition and the battle of Omdurman, by [E.G. Sarsfield-Hall]
Papers relating to the Gordon relief expedition 1884-85 and the battle of Omdurman 1898 including General Fanshawe's account of the desert column (477/8/60-61); copy of Admiral Sir Walter Cowan's letter to Maj. Gen. Sir H.J. Huddleston on the gunboats present at Omdurman, 1898 (477/8/63-64); memorandum by Maj. Gen. Granville Egerton on the battles of the Atbara and Omdurman and the early days of the reoccupation, 1898-1900 (477/8/65-83); copies of letters written by Gen. Egerton at the time of the battle of Omdurman (477/8/88-89); list of well-known persons present at Omdurman (477/8/90); order of battle (477/8/91); and outline of battle (477/8/92-93)
4. Photographic Material
1947 Nov
Photograph of Buth Diu, Station Officer, Fangak, Central Nuer District, subsequently one of the first southern members of the Legislative Assembly; Cuol Weituor, Chief of the Bar Gaweir; Dak Dei, Station Officer, Waat, Central Nuer District; possibly one of the Lak Nuer chiefs. Standing by Sudan Airways De Havilland Dove prior to a low-level flight over the district
5. Speeches
1953 Nov 30
Text of speech by the Governor-General at the Caledonian dinner concerning the role of British officials in the days leading up to independence
6. Miscellanea
Copy of the epilogue from Odette Keun's A foreigner looks at the British Sudan (London, 1930)
7. Printed Material
Sudan [Condominium, 1899-1955], Civil Secretary's Office: List of kit recommended for Sudan Government officials [annotated] (Khartoum, 1938)
(b) In Library
Durham University Library Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC. Crazzolara, Fr. J.P., Outlines of a Nuer grammar by Father J.P. Crazzolara of the Verona Fathers' Catholic Mission, Yoinyang (Wien, 1933)
Great Britain, Foreign Office: Documents concerning constitutional development in the Sudan and the agreement between the governmenmt of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Egyptian Government concerning self-government and self-determination for the Sudan. 17 Feb 1953 (H.M.S.O. Egypt No 2 (1953) cmd. 8767)
Great Britain, Foreign Office: Report of the Sudan Electoral Commission, Khartoum December 13, 1953 (together with covering documents of December 13 and December 20, 1953 and statistical supplement (H.M.S.O. Sudan No.1 (1954) cmd.9058)
Great Britain, War Office: Military report on the Sudan (1927) Maps in pocket at back of volume:
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan showing communications, including railways, telegraph routes and offices, posts with telephone only and wireless telegraph stations
War Office, 1931
Scale: 1cm to 50 miles (40 x 30 cms)
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan showing the position of garrisons War Office, 1931
Scale: 1 in to 63.13 miles (56 x 45 cms)
Map of Sudan railways, showing stations
War Office, 1927
Scale: 1 to 4,000,000 (35.5 x 23 cms)
Index map to 1:250,000 maps of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
Survey Dept., Khartoum 1920; revised General Staff, War Office, 1926
Index map to 1:1,000,000 maps of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
Survey Dept, Khartoum 1920, revised General staff War Office 1926
Tribal map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
Geographical Section, General Staff no.2692, 1928
Scale: 1 to 3,000,000 (101 x 77.5 cms)
The Morning News, 21 Dec 1955
Sudan [Condominium, 1899-1955]: Regulations and conditions under which missionary work is permitted in the Sudan (Khartoum, n.d.)
Sudan [Condominium, 1899-1955]: Note on administrative purposes in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, by G.S. S[ymes] ([Khartoum], 1938)