Bredin, George Richard Frederick
George Richard Frederick Bredin

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Separated printed material now in Durham University Library
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Title: Bredin, George Richard Frederick
Dates of creation: 1983
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Created by: Bredin, George Richard Frederick
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George Richard Frederick Bredin

(1899 - 1983)

1917-1918 War Service: Royal Engineers (France and Flanders)
1921-1922 A.D.C. Kosti, White Nile Province
1922-1925 A.D.C. Nahud, Kordofan
1925-1926 A.D.C. Abu Zabad, Kordofan
1927-1929 Assistant Civil Secretary (Administration)
1930-1931 D.C. El Fasher, Darfur
1932-1933 Assistant Civil Secretary (Administration)
1934-1935 Deputy Governor, Kordofan
1935-1939 Deputy Governor, Blue Nile Province
1939-1941 Deputy Civil Secretary
1941-1948 Governor, Gezira/Blue Nile Province
1941-1948 Member of Governor-General's Council
1948 Retired


1. Memoirs
2. Miscellanea
3. Printed Material

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Presented by Bredin, 1982-1983 with additional gifts by A.H.M. Kirk-Greene, 1984, Mrs D. Bredin, 1986 and K.D.D. Henderson, 1987

1. Memoirs
1983 Jul 23
Memoirs by G.R.F. Bredin of his service in the Sudan from 1921 to 1948. Subjects covered include his application, jouney out, and first impressions of the Sudan Political Service (SAD.815/12/2-4); description of Kosti and his duties (SAD.815/12/4-5); description of Nahud and a tribal gathering of Hamar at which cinema films were shown (SAD.815/12/5-7); duties at Abu Zabad, including bringing the Tuleishi under control, during which Bredin was nearly killed (SAD.815/12/7-9); consequences for Bredin of the assassination of Sir Lee Stack (SAD.815/12/9-10); first posting as Assistant Civil Secretary, and routine office work (SAD.815/12/10-12); transfer to El Fasher: description of Darfur and an account of travelling in West Africa on leave (SAD.815/12/12-14); second posting as Assistant Civil Secretary during the Depression (SAD.815/12/14); posting as Deputy Governor of Kordofan (SAD.815/12/14-15); posting as Deputy Governor of Blue Nile Province and description of duties (SAD.815/12/15-17); period as Deputy Civil Secretary during the war in the Sudan (SAD.815/12/17-22); Governor of Gezira (later Blue Nile) Province: the Tenant's Reserve Fund crisis, prison reform, and the demand for independence (SAD.815/12/22-28); membership of the Governor-General's Council (SAD.815/12/28); Chairman of the Council of University College, Khartoum, and revisiting the Sudan in 1981 (SAD.815/12/28-30)
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2. Miscellanea
Note by Bredin on Chapter V of Private Works and Public Causes by Sir George Schuster, concerning the finances of the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium and the consequences of the assassination of Sir Lee Stack
1983 Nov 12
Address delivered by Godfrey Bond at Bredin's memorial service in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
3. Printed material
Separated printed material now in Durham University Library

Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into the library's printed collections and catalogued on the Open Public Access Catalogue
Bredin, G.R.F., “The life-story of Yuzbashi `Abdullah Adlan as told to G.R.F. Bredin”, an offprint from Sudan Notes and Records (dupl)