Arkell, Anthony John
ARKELL, Anthony John

1. Official Papers - White Nile Province
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Arkell, Anthony John
Dates of creation: 1928-1929
Extent: 3 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

ARKELL, Anthony John


1921-1926 A.D.C. Kuttum, later Geneina, Darfur
1927-1929 A.D.C./D.C. Kosti, White Nile Province
1930-1932 D.C. Makwar/Sennar, Blue Nile Province
1932-1937 D.C. El Fasher, Darfur
1937-1938 Deputy Governor, Civil Secretary's Office
1938-1948 Commissioner for Archaeology and Anthropology
1941-1944 Chief Transport Officer and Controller of Petroleum Products, War Supply Department
1948 Retired from Sudan service
1948-1953 Archaeological Adviser to the Sudan Government


1. Official Papers

1. Official Papers - White Nile Province
SAD.783/1/1-53; SAD.783/2/1-103; SAD.783/3/1-28
Appendices A-Z (or 1-26) and 27-132, compiled by Arkell, to an unspecified report, presumably concerning the slave trade from Abyssinia to White Nile Province. Each appendix consists of a summary of the evidence presented at minor courts during 1928 and 1929, into cases involving smuggling and purchase of slaves
[c. 1929]
Statistical summary of information contained in appendices above, showing numbers and origins of slaves imported
1928 Jun 1
Addenda and corrigenda to appendices above, with covering letter from Arkell to the Governor, White Nile Province
1928 Jul 9
“A note on the history of the country of the Berta lying east of Kurmuk within the Abyssinian frontier, with special reference to the recent discovery of a considerable import of Berta slaves into the Sudan”, compiled by Arkell from information received from Watawit and others convicted of complicity in the importation of slaves into White Nile Province, with covering letter to the province Governor [wrongly dated 1929]
1928 Aug 13
Comments by J.D.P. Chataway, A.D.C. Roseires, on Arkell's report above