B. H. Dening
Beadon Harold Dening

1. Official Papers
2. Diaries and Trek Notes
3. Printed material
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: B. H. Dening
Dates of creation: 1936-1956
Extent: 1 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: B. H. Dening
Language: English

Beadon Harold Dening


1948 - 1955Sudan Political Service
1948Middle East Centre of Arabic Studies, Lebanon
1949 - 1950Assistant District Commissioner, Malakal, Upper Nile Province
1951 - 1955Assistant District Commissioner / District Commissioner, Nasir, Upper Nile Province
1955 - 1965Administrative Officer, H.M.O.C.S. Uganda
1966 - 1969Local Government Adviser, Swaziland


1. Official Papers
2. Diaries and Trek Notes
3. Printed Material

Accession details

Presented by Mrs C. Dening, 2000

1. Official Papers
1948 - 1955
Official papers relating to Dening's career with the Sudan Political Service, including government circulars and correspondence concerning the terms of his employment and arrangements for the carriage of his baggage, employment contract, and correspondence re examinations in Arabic and law, increases in salary, plans for re-employment on termination of his contract and payment of entitlements
[c. 1948 - 1950]
English-Arabic vocabulary compiled by Dening while studying for the higher Arabic examination, with English-Nuer vocabulary (at back of book)
1949 - 1956
Legal papers including examples of court forms (blank); notes on evidence; criminal and civil court circulars from W. O'B. Lindsay, the Chief Justice and W.C. McDowall, Judge of the High Court, Southern Circuit; law examination papers, 1947-1952; and correspondence between Dening and D. Lomax on specific legal points
Notes on Nuer law written in a 1936 diary of Capt. H.A. Romilly (Upper Nile Province, 1929-1946)
2. Diaries and Trek Notes
Journal containing a mixture of diary entries, trek notes and route reports, with checklists and lists of payments and goods. Most of the entries appear in the months Jan-Feb and Nov-Dec, but may not always relate to the date in the diary (an entry in Jan, for example, refers to an area being flooded in 1951). Brief diary entries record arrivals and departures and some social engagements. Lengthier entries include a route report for the Nasir-Akobo road, describing the state of the road, flooding, crops and other vegetation (SAD.889/2/4-6); description of the Ajungmir-Nasir road (SAD.889/2/9); note on the appeal court for the Garjak at Ajungmir (SAD.889/2/10); account of a trek to Jockau, visiting a Nuer cattle camp en route (SAD.889/2/18-20); route report on a trek to Akobo via Ajungmir, visiting a Nuer cattle camp en route (SAD.889/2/21-24); route report on a trek to Luaping, stopping at Kegh, Jogiel, Buth, back to Jogiel, Ditchin, Biel, Duma, Ying, Torbar and Nasir (SAD.889/2/63-71)
1953 Nov 30 - 1954 Jun 24
Work diary containing notes on legal cases examined and disputes settled; records of tribute collected, stores required and roadworks undertaken; note of cash payments to traders, district staff, etc. At the back of the diary is a record of the suspense account for 25 Nov 1953 to 27 Jan 1954.
3. Printed material
Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC