Mather, Sir William
Sir William Mather

1. Personal Papers
2. Diaries
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Title: Mather, Sir William
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Sir William Mather


?1904-1920 Trustee of the Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum
?1916-1920 Vice President of the British Cotton Growing Association


1. Personal Papers
2. Diaries

1. Personal Papers
1902 Feb 14
Letter from W.M. to his son, L.E. Mather, written during his visit to the Sudan to gather political, industrial and educational information (see 404/8), describing the visit and including a note about his decision to donate an industrial workshop to the Gordon Memorial College in Khartoum
2. Diaries
1902 Feb 6 - Mar 6
Diary kept by W.M. during his 1902 survey visit to Sudan
Details of W.M.'s journey, travelling by steamer and rail between Aswan and Omdurman and back to Wadi Halfa, including visits to Korosko (404/8/5), Aswan (404/8/10), Berber (404/8/13), Halfaya (404/8/16), Khartoum (404/8/16), Omdurman (404/8/19), and the battlefield of Kereri (404/8/21). Descriptions are given of the Sirdar's palace and other government buildings, scenery, villages and town, people encountered and Egyptian temples in Cairo, and some historical information is also recorded
Notes of interviews with E.A. Stanton, governor of Khartoum Province (404/8/28-29), F.J. Nason, chief of staff to the Sirdar (404/8/30-34) and E.E. Bernard, Financial Secretary (404/8/34-36) regarding political, military and economic conditions in the Sudan, J. Currie, Director of Education, and Dunlop regarding education (404/8/36), Sir Reginald Wingate, the Sirdar, regarding the future of the Sudan (404/8/37-45), Lord Cromer, on observations made by W.M. during his survey (404/8/46-51) and J. Artin Pasha, Minister of Education, regarding the British occupation of Sudan (404/8/52-53)
Notes made at Aswan, where W.M. visited the Court, an election of councillors and a primary school
Notes made at Khartoum, relating to copies of the Sudan Gazette received by W.M.
Lists of photographs taken
1910 Nov 17 - 1911 Jan 29
Diary of W.M.'s trip with his son, L.E. Mather, to India and Egypt via Marseilles, Port Said, the Red Sea, Aden and the Indian Ocean. W.M. visited Bombay, Poonah, Uran, the “Tower of Silence” and Elephantia Island in India and Cairo in Egypt. The diary contains a section relating to talks with the Sudan Plantations Syndicate about cotton growing in the Gezira (404/9/64-70). Dunlop, Wingate, Currie and Artin Pasha are referred to in this section and Dunlop and Artin Pasha are also mentioned earlier in the diary (404/9/57ff.)
[Note: 404/9/2-9 is an addresses section and 404/9/10-11 contains an itinerary and details of hotels / contacts]
Printed material
Durham University Library Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC. MATHER, L.E. (ed): The Right Honourable Sir William Mather (London, ?1925)
MATHER, Sir W.: Egypt and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan: resources and development... cotton-growing: an address (Southampton, 1910)