Manton, E.L.
Eldred Lennox Manton

1. Photographic Material
(i) Cinefilms
(ii) Videos
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Manton, E.L.
Dates of creation: 1941
Extent: 0.5 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Eldred Lennox Manton


1939- 1940 Royal Army Dental Corps. Service at the 63rd General Hospital in Haifa and Nazareth
1941 Service in Khartoum
1942- 1943 64th General Hospital in Alexandria


1. Photographic Material
(i) Cinefilms
(ii) Videos


Presented by Manton, 1993

1. Photographic Material
(i) Cinefilms
Suakin, Port Sudan, Wadi Halfa, Kufra
Map of Sudan showing the position of Suakin; causeway; boat in harbour, buildings in background; view of buildings from the water; boys fishing; boats; camel laden with firewood; views of houses including close-ups of windows and doors; donkeys in street; wooden ferris wheel in street; buildings
Port Sudan, map showing position; Red Sea Hills; train moving through Red Sea Hills; mosque; Port Sudan town square; men in street café; funfare in street, including wooden ferris wheel and swings; close-up of Bija man; residential area; young girls; drummers and other musicians; men dancing in street
Wadi Halfa and Kufra, map showing position; convoy from Wadi Halfa to Kufra; Nile steamer; boys washing clothes in Nile; shaduf at water's edge; feluccas on Nile; convoy in desert; sunset in desert; desert terrain; digging car out of sand; Selima oasis, 150 miles from Wadi Halfa; drawing water from well; setting off from oasis; desert views; stopping for brunch at 12 noon, British officers eating at table; rocky outcrops; Kufra, the Sanusiyyah centre; palm trees; modern villas and metallic roads; street market; women; drawing water from well and watering fields
Super 8mm, colour, 16 minutes
[c. 1941]
Cairo to Sudan, 120 miles by rail and river
Map of Egypt and the Sudan; ostrich and ostrich eggs; flamingoes feeding in water; pelican; ducks; banks of Nile from steamer; Philae(?); feluccas ; British men diving into swimming pool, Sudan Club (?); felucca on river; street scenes; men at street café; horse-drawn cart; donkey laden with firewood; young boys; feluccas moored by edge of Nile; men lowering mast on boat; saqiyah pulled by oxen (long scene); felucca under sail and moored at edge of Nile; cattle; mud housing and tukls ; people travelling by donkey; Omdurman street scenes; donkeys, camels and people; cobbler at work; man on camel; suq (long scene); camels laden with wood; basket weaver at work; palm trees
Super 8mm, b&w, 16 minutes 30 seconds
Khartoum to Abyssinia, 750 miles by river, road and rail
Map showing position of journey; view from train; station platform; hills in distance; tukls in village; women and children by railside; Khor el Atshan; trees; young girl; view of bush from train; village; suq; Gedaref; men on camels; suq ; shops; mosque; tailor's shop; camels hobbled; suq; construction of roof; thatching; tukls near large tree; bird's nest; train in station; rail trolley; Jabal Kassala from train; men on camels; village; crossing river on anqarib carried by porters; lorry convoy; rapids on river; gathering of men addressed by British official; lush hills; 2 men hishing; laden camels
Eritrea: mosque; street scenes; hills in Eritrea; Asmara; mosque; church bell tower; street scenes with traffic; palm trees; horse drawn carts; mosque; views of countryside; winding mountain road; street in small town; Adua, views of houses and gardens and surrounding countryside; women collecting water; men and women in streets; from Adua to Axum, religious capital of the Emperors of Ethiopia; Axum; imperial crowns
Super 8mm, colour, 19 minutes 30 seconds
[c. 1941]
Khartoum, Omdurman, Wad Medani, Sennar, Wadi Halfa Map showing postion of Khartoum; Gordon's statue, cathedral in background; R.C. cathedral; river bank; sailing boats on Nile; minarets; tram; street scenes; mosque; public gardens; Kitchener Memorial School of Medicine; cars; Palace verandah; the Palace; Palace gardens; Khartoum zoo - various birds and animals; nests in treetops; bank of Nile; gathering reeds; native quarters; saqiyah on banks of Nile, drawn by oxen; feluccas ; banks of Nile; Shambat on the White Nile; Nile views; steamer approaching bank; loading donkey on to steamer; passengers boarding; tram; cattle; donkey laden with fodder; women and children in street; Nile views including feluccas ; chopping and sawing wood; boat building; steamer approaching bank
Omdurman; suq ; street scenes; pottery for sale; shops including tailor's; camel laden with firewood; vegetable market; cars and bicycles; mosque; food for sale from street vendors; birds nesting in trees; palm trees blowing in the wind; habub approaching; sailing boats on river at sunset; palm trees at sunset
Wad Medani; town centre; public gardens; gardener at work; carriage; advertisement for cinema; vegetable market; street scenes; suq ; tukl ; irrigation channel; camel train including utfas (Baqqarah) Sennar; Blue Nile dam; rowing boat; woman and children gathering reeds; women washing clothes; suq ; camels with utfas ; Baqqarah family(?); monkey; Nile scenes; village; tukls ; view of bush from train or car; mud houses; suq ; desert station and train
Wadi Halfa; river view; street scenes; mosque; river view with feluccas ; street scenes; camel feeding; steamer on Nile; feluccas ; young girls; ancient remains; view from steamer; Nile at sunset
Super 8mm, colour, 36 minutes
(ii) Videos
SAD.Video 10
Time-coded VHS video copy of films 794/8 and 794/10. Also available in hi-band u-matic video
SAD.Video 11
Time-coded VHS video copy of film 794/9. Also available in hi-band u-matic video
SAD.Video 12
Time-coded VHS video copy of film 794/11. Also available in hi-band u-matic video