Goodenough, Sir William Howley
Sir William Howley Goodenough

1. Personal Correspondence
(a) Letters from and concerning C.G. Gordon
(b) Letters from Officers on the Gordon relief expedition
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Goodenough, Sir William Howley
Dates of creation: 1872-1886
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections: Sudan Archive
Created by: Material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Sir William Howley Goodenough


1874 Military Attaché, Vienna
1882 Brigadier General commanding Royal Artillery, Expeditionary Force, Egypt
? Royal Artillery commanding the troops, South Africa


1. Personal Correspondence

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Letters home from Major General the Hon Sir Reginald Talbot on the Gordon Relief Expedition are held at Kiplin Hall (

1. Personal Correspondence
(a) Letters from and concerning C.G. Gordon
1872 - 1880
Letters from C.G. Gordon to Gen. Goodenough:
1872 Jan 8
From Soulina [Sulina] during his service on the Danube Commission, concerning the work of the various Commissioners, difficulties of travel, his personal conflict with Stokes, one of the other Commissioners and the dispute between the European Powers over the control of the Danube Provinces
1874 May 18
From Berber, en route from Gondokoro in Equatoria, concerning the lack of training of Army Generals, the continued existence of slavery in Equatoria, attempts at sudd cutting
1877 Jan 29
From London, in reply to an invitation
1877 Jun 22
From Oomchanga (Um Shanga), Darfur, concerning the hardships he endures
1880 Feb 9
From London, a short private note concerning the birth of Goodenough's fourth daughter Isobel (donor of these letters to G.R.F. Bredin)
1880 Feb 14
From Southampton, a short private note
1874 Feb 7
Letter from Wilson, War Office, London re Gordon's appointment to succeed Baker as Governor of Equatoria and the difficulties facing him, in particular the call for the suppression of slavery and the need to cut a navigable channel through the sudd
(b) Letters from Officers on the Gordon relief expedition
1884 Sep 3 - 1885 May 18
Letters to Goodenough from G. Martin:
1884 Sep 3
In London, concerning the shipment of supplies for the relief expedition
1884 Oct 3
70 miles south of Siout, concerning the despatch of boats and supplies to Aswan
1884 Oct 23
At Wadi Halfa, concerning the organisation of the Camel Battalions, the loss of valuable time through indecision, delays in laying the railway track, etc.
1884 Nov 9
At Wadi Halfa, concerning the reorganisation of the Camel Battery according to Goodenough's suggestions, the continued state of confusion in the camp and ill-feeling between officers of the British and Egyptian armies
1885 Jan 6
Near Debbeh, concerning difficulties in taking boats through the rapids
1885 Feb 18
At Camp Sulimat [sic], describing the action at Kirbekan on 10 Feb (with sketch) and news of the death of Gordon and fall of Khartoum
1885 Mar 9
At Korti, concerning disappointment at Wolseley's failure to reach Gordon, the journey up the Nile to Abu Hamed and the generally demoralised state of the expedition
1885 May 18
At Abu Gus [sic] with details of the action at Kirbekan and description of the camp at Abu Gus
1884 Sep 20 - 1885 Sep 13
Letters between Goodenough and Lord Wolseley:
1884 Sep 28
[Goodenough] at Dover, with suggestions for the organisation of a Camel battery
1884 Oct 20
Wolseley at Wadi Halfa re the use of artillery in wars against barbarous people
1885 Sep 13 and n.d.
Letters of thanks from Wolseley
1884 Nov 4 - 1885 Jun 5
Letters to Goodenough from Henry Sclater:
1884 Nov 4
At headquarters in Cairo, re the use of artillery in the Sudan
1885 Jun 5
In Cairo, re his work in the Base Office, the contribution of R.A. officers to the relief expedition, the consequences of the failure of the expedition and the need for more artillery
1885 Sep 4 - 1886 Mar 14
Letters to Goodenough from A.M. Murray in Cairo:
1885 Sep 4
Concerning increased prosperity in Egypt, arrangements for the defence of the frontier with details of the displacement of troops
1885 Dec 14
Concerning the Dervish reoccupation of Dongola and attacks on the frontier garrisons, the distribution of troops and weapons and the use of artillery in the Sudan
1886 Mar 14
Concerning a trip up the Nile with Col. Caine to visit the garrisons, the distribution of troops, the need to withdraw British regiments and the consequences of a lack of artillery at Ginnis
[1885] Feb 1
Letter from Abu Kru on the Nile, 2 miles south of Metemmah (author unknown) concerning the journey to Abu Kru, a visit to the battlefield at Abu Klea and news of the fall of Khartoum
1885 Apr 26
Letter from W.L. White at Camp Otas describing the layout of the camp and the troops stationed there, with sketch plan