C. W. Williams
Charles Wodehouse Williams

1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Articles and Speeches
(a) Articles
(b) Speeches
4. Photographic Material
(a) Group photographs
(b) Gordon College
(c) British life in Khartoum
(d) Sudanese People
(e) Ethiopia
6. Maps
7. Newspaper Cuttings
8. Miscellanea
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Title: C. W. Williams
Dates of creation: 1906-1963
Extent: 0.5 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: C. W. Williams
Language: English

Charles Wodehouse Williams


1920-1924Assistant Master and Tutor, Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum
1924-1928Senior Tutor, Gordon Memorial College
1928-1930Inspector of Education, Sudan Government
1930-1937Warden (Headmaster), Gordon Memorial College
1937-1944Assistant Director of Education, Sudan Government
1944-1950Director of Education, Sudan Government
1950Retired from Sudan service


1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Articles and Speeches
4. Photographic Material
5. Maps
6. Newspaper Cuttings
7. Miscellanea

Accession details

Presented by Mr Gary Williams, 2006 and 2009

1. Official Papers
1944 Feb 11
Report (labelled Secret) by Sir C.W.M. Cox, former Director of Education, to Sir Douglas Newbold, Civil Secretary giving his impressions of the Sudan education service, including criticisms and recommendations relating to all areas of education in the Sudan, with covering letter from R.V.H. Roseveare, Cox's successor as Director of Education
1944 Aug 12
Letter from Sir Hubert Huddleston, Governor-General of the Sudan to Williams concerning his appointment to the Governor-General's Council
1946 Apr 29
Paper by G.C. Scott, Gordon College, to the Governor-General on “The educated Sudanese and Sudan Government policy”; copy sent with covering note from Scott to Williams
Series of reports on Sudan education including “Village women learn better housekeeping: progress of Um Gerr experiment” by E. Richards; “In the air” (plans for adult education and boys' clubs), by Babikr Muhammed Ahmad; “Bakht er Ruda staffing: overflow or shortage” by Ahmad Ibrahim Fazaa and V.L. Griffiths; and “The Rural Secondary School: an interim progress report” by K. Kelly
1949 Jan 12
Letter from Sir Robert Howe, Governor-General regarding the end of Williams's role on the Governor-General's Council following its replacement by the new Executive Council
2. Personal Papers
1920 Sep 19
First letter home from Williams at Gordon College, Khartoum to his father giving his first impressions of the Sudan, describing the journey out, Gordon Memorial College and his work colleagues and friends. Handwritten letter with typescript transcript.
1932 Feb 1
Licence for insignia of the 4th class Order of the Nile
1948 Dec 4 - 1949 Jan 2
Copy letter from Ernest Bevin to Williams informing him of his appointment as a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George, with letters of congratulations from R.C. Wakefield, R.F. Shields, Bishop A.M. Gelsthorpe and G.E.R. Sandars
1950 Feb 14-27
Testimonials for Williams by Sir Hubert Huddleston, former Governor-General and Sir Robert Howe, Governor-General
[ca. 1950]
Curriculum vitae for Williams
1950 Mar 8-15
Farewell telegrams sent to Williams on his retirement
1953 Aug
Letter from Bishop Llewellyn Gwynne to Williams and his wife thanking them for their contribution to his 90th birthday presents and looking back over his ministry in the Sudan
3. Articles and Speeches
(a) Articles
“The British and the educated Sudanese”, a draft paper written in collaboration by British and Sudanese and circulated for criticism). The notes are an attempt to increase understanding between the two cultures and ways of thinking.
“The Sudan” by Sir William Luce, a contribution to the report of the summer school at Baliol College, Oxford on “Colonialism and the transfer of power”
[ca. 1928]
Photocopy of handwritten notes on the history of Egypt and the Sudan, probably by W.P.D. Clarke, with copy article from The Times of 13 Mar 1928 on “The Sudan and Egypt: The ‘Condominium’” and covering letter to Gary Williams (son of C.W.Williams) from Peter Clarke, 2000
(b) Speeches
1948 Nov 30
Speech by Williams at a Caledonian dinner, probably in Khartoum
1950 Mar 6
Speech by Williams at his farewell party on retirement as Director of Education
Speech by [L.C Wilcher, Principal of Gordon Memorial College] praising Williams's contribution to the College and describing the college's progress in 1949
4. Photographic Material
(a) Group photographs
Governor-General's Council. Back row left to right: R.J. Hillard (Director, Department of Economics and Trade), C.W. Williams (Director, Ministry of Education), G.R.F. Bredin (Governor, Gezira Province), R.H. Robertson (General Manager, Sudan Railways), Dr J. Smith (Director, Ministry of Agriculture), W.G. Piper (Acting secretary). Front row, left to right: C.C.G. Cumings (Legal Secretary), Sir Edington Miller (Financial Secretary), Sir Robert Howe (Governor-General), Sir James Robertson (Civil Secretary), General Whistler (Kaid al-Amm of the Sudan Defence Force)
[ca. 1950]
Governor-General's Council. Seated, left to right: Dr J. Smith (Director, Ministry of Agriculture), C.W. Williams (Director, Ministry of Education), Sir James Robertson (Civil Secretary), General Whistler (Kaid al-Amm of the Sudan Defence Force), Sir Robert Howe (Governor-General), Sir Cecil Cumings (Legal Secretary), Sir Louis Chick (Financial Secretary), R.H. Robertson (General Manager, Sudan Railways), R.J. Hillard (Director, Department of Economics and Trade)
1952 Oct
Sayyid `Abd al-Rahman, al-Mahdi meeting the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, at 10 Downing Street
(b) Gordon College
[ca. 1930-1937]
Gordon College and Education Department staff, with Williams seated in centre of second row and Mrs Sheila Williams two to his left (in hat)
1931 Sep 17
Aerial photograph of Khartoum, taken by the RAF, showing Gordon College (centre) and the Blue Nile. Crown copyright.
[ca. 1930s]
Aerial photograph of Khartoum showing Gordon College and the Blue Nile
(c) British life in Khartoum
[ca. 1930s]
Statue of General Gordon
[ca. 1930s]
Fancy dress ball in Khartoum, with Williams front right
[ca. 1930s]
Fancy dress ball In Khartoum, Williams standing 5th left, and Mrs Williams seated 2nd left
(d) Sudanese People
[ca. 1920s-1930s]
Hadanduwah family with a woman and young girl sitting in an 'utfah
[ca. 1940s]
Young Nuer man with his favourite song bull, Bahr al-Zaraf valley. Photographer J.F.E. Bloss
[ca. 1940s]
Baqqarah man and bull, western Sudan
[ca. 1940s]
Camel watering at fulah, western Sudan
[ca. 1940s]
Bija men and camel
[ca. 1940s]
Camel Corps patrol
(e) Ethiopia
[ca. 1930s-1940s]
Gathering of local people and Europeans, probably Ethiopia
6. Maps
SAD /PF 26/3/2
Africa series map of Khartoum, sheet 55. Ordnance Survey.
scale:   1:1,000,000
Size: 63 x 84 cm
7. Newspaper Cuttings
1946 May 29
Cuttings from the Sudan Star, on the Governor-General's tour of Upper Nile Province
[post 1955]
Letter to a newspaper editor from Martin Parr concerning British administration of the southern Sudanese provinces
8. Miscellanea
Programmes for St Andrew's Day dinners, Khartoum Caledonian Society, held at the Grand Hotel, Khartoum
1939 - 1950
Passports and driving licences for Williams and Mrs Sheila Williams
[ca. 1940-1963]
Greetings and Christmas cards, with illustrations
1941 Jan 14
Invitation from Emperor Hailie Selassie to a celebration to mark the British victory in the Western Desert
[ca. 1940s]
Invitation to Miss G.E. Williams (sister of Williams) to a dance at the Palace, with dance card
[ca. 1940s]
Cheque book for account with the National Bank of Egypt