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Malcolm MacDonald
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Reference code: GB-0033-MAC
Title: Malcolm MacDonald Papers
Dates of creation: 1904-1984
Extent: 21 metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: personal papers of Malcolm MacDonald.
Language: English

Malcolm MacDonald

Malcolm John MacDonald was born in Lossiemouth on 17 August 1901, the younger son of James Ramsay and Margaret MacDonald, and educated at Bedales, a school for which he always cherished great affection, and Queen's College, Oxford. He travelled to America and the Pacific with the University debating team at the end of his Oxford career, and was a member of the British delegations at two conferences organised by the Institute of Pacific Relations in Honolulu in 1927 and Kyoto in 1929.
He entered Parliament as Labour member for Bassetlaw in 1929, when his father formed his second administration. Two years later the formation of the National Government split the Labour Party, and Malcolm supported his father as one of the small group of National Labour MPs. He was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the Dominions Office and, at this beginning of his long association with Empire and Commonwealth, moved the third reading of the Statute of Westminster. Between 1935 and 1940 he held one or both of the offices of Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs and Secretary of State for the Colonies. Among other issues he was responsible for during this period were the controversies over the future of Eire and Palestine and the promotion of colonial development policy.
In Winston Churchill's government of 1940 he was appointed Minister of Health, work involving matters of food rationing policy, hospitals, and air-raid shelters during the blitz, as well as some of the initial planning of the National Health Service. In 1941 he was sent to Canada as British High Commissioner and, though he initially expected his appointment to be a short one, this began an entirely new phase in his career. After the war he was offered the post of Governor-General of Malaya, Singapore and British Borneo. He had never been an enthusiastic party politician and welcomed this new opportunity to leave politics and follow a diplomatic and administrative career. At this time he married Mrs Audrey Rowley, widow of a Canadian army officer.
His post was changed to Commissioner-General for the U.K. in South East Asia in 1948 and he held it until 1955; this extension of his duties brought him in touch with Cambodia, Burma and Thailand, as well as his former area of responsibility. It was a period of many changes including the abandonment of the Malayan Union proposals and the progress of Malaya towards Independence despite the communist Emergency. MacDonald brought a very individual style to his post, refusing to accept any title or decoration and carrying out his duties with informality. He was actively involved in the establishment of the University of Malaya, of which he was the first Chancellor, and encouraged initiatives to increase co-operation and understanding among the country's varied races.
In 1955 MacDonald became High Commissioner for the U.K. in India and after five years in this post was appointed leader of the British delegation and co-chairman of the International Conference on Laos. He had already established close links with China, particularly through friendship with Chou-en-lai. In 1963 he undertook the difficult task of Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Kenya in the period leading to Independence; he remained as Governor-General from 1963-64 and then spent a year as British High Commissioner in the country he had once governed. He remained in Africa as a Special Representative of the British Government undertaking various diplomatic missions in a time of great changes and tensions in the continent, notably in the complex problems of Nigeria and Rhodesia, and earned the nick-name of "Our Man Anywhere".
His nominal retirement in 1969 was the prelude to a period of diverse activity and involvement in the affairs of numerous bodies. He was Chancellor of the University of Durham from 1970, President of the Great Britain China Centre, of the Federation of Commonwealth Chambers of Commerce, and of Voluntary Service Overseas, an activity which he particularly enjoyed for its contacts with young people. In 1971 he accepted the presidency of the Royal Commonwealth Society and turned what could have been a nominal involvement into a sustained and active interest in all aspects of the Society's work. He died suddenly on 11 January 1981. Malcolm MacDonald's particular gift was the achievement of cordial relationships with people of varied backgrounds and viewpoints; much of his work as a diplomat and an administrator was based on personal contact, rather than formal meetings and documents. He was a man of many interests including oriental art - his collection of ceramics is now at Durham - birdwatching, photography, writing and the theatre. His papers are therefore of a very diverse nature and of considerable interest.

Accession details

At the time of his death he had made only a beginning of the organisation of his papers and it was agreed by his family that they should be transferred to the Royal Commonwealth Society pending a decision on their long-term future. After various permanent homes had been considered, it was decided by Mrs Audrey MacDonald that "for the future custody, preservation and availability for teaching and research of these papers and documents" they should be placed in the University of Durham, but that the collection should be catalogued while in the Royal Commonwealth Society and made available there for a limited period before the final transfer to Durham. The collection was vested in three Trustees, Mrs Sheila Lochhead, Malcolm MacDonald's sister, Miss A.M. McAulay, Librarian of the University of Durham, and D.H. Simpson, Librarian of the Royal Commonwealth Society. The collection of photographs by and relating to Malcolm MacDonald was given to the Royal Commonwealth Society for permanent retention as part of its Photographic Section, and has been catalogued by the Library.
Before the collection could be made available for study, it was examined by the Record Section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and a substantial number of documents was removed, under Section 3(4) and 5(c) of the Public Records Acts of 1958 and 1967, many falling within the 30 Year Rule, but also including items of an earlier date which were regarded as sensitive. Such weeding of the collection presents particular problems in Malcolm MacDonald's case, since the nature of his work involved considerable overlap between the person and the official. The collection was transferred to Durham in September 1986 and is housed in the library.
A further group of papers was presented by A Lochhead in 1995.


The arrangement of the Malcolm MacDonald papers is broadly chronological reflecting the different phases of his life and career, starting with his early life and ending with his retirement. Within each section, papers relating to his official duties are placed first, i.e. memoranda, then official despatches and telegrams, then correspondence. However, there has been no artificial separation into these sub-sections. It is often impossible to separate the personal from the official in these papers, and some personal correspondence has been included in the main sequence. The section entitled Personal Papers includes correspondence with family and personal friends. There is a separate section covering his activities in retirement; papers relating to later studies of aspects of Malcolm MacDonald's career have been placed at the end of the section of papers on that phase of his career. Coverage of the different periods of his work varies greatly. Sections which contain little in the way of official papers or correspondence may be augmented by speeches from that time. These are arranged chronologically in the later part of the list (Boxes 94-99). In addition there are separate sections for Diaries, Malcolm MacDonald's writings and Newspaper Cuttings.
A few photographs originally listed with the papers have been transferred to the Royal Commonwealth Society and replaced by photocopies. Among the papers withdrawn by the Foreign and Commomwealth Office some will become available once they are over 30 years old; files which have been with-drawn or from which documents have been removed are marked * in the list. Those documents included in the latest return are listed here: March 2018 FCO return; the preceding return occured in 1996. In addition some purely private material has been withdrawn by Malcolm MacDonald's family and is marked + in the list.
Abbreviations have been avoided wherever possible, except for the use of MJM for Malcolm MacDonald. Undated items are described as nd: c has been used for circa. Square brackets are used when a date or other fact has been deduced. They are also used when a name is not clearly written. Entries within sections are arranged chronologically, with the covering dates at the head of each entry. The reference numbers are given at the start of each entry: box number, file number and covering folio numbers.

Related material (elsewhere)

Cambridge University Library Malcolm MacDonald Photographs: about 1,800 prints deposited with the Royal Commonwealth Society - "many of the photographs are routine official records". The collection has been listed (a copy of this is held at Durham).


Books and pamphlets by Malcolm MacDonald The following list includes all Malcolm MacDonald's published books together with some pamphlets, but is almost certainly incomplete in this respect. Any bibliography would have to include a large number of speeches, broadcasts, introductions to books by other people, etc. To give one example, the Royal Commonwealth Society Library Notes No.241, February 1981, lists reports of 14 Speeches made by him and published or reported in the Royal Empire Society journal United Empire between 1933 and 1946. (See also Boxes 100-117.)
A number of books, short stories and other items written by Malcolm MacDonald remain unpublished, including his autobiography “Constant Surprise” and drafts of these are included in his papers.
Books Down North, OUP Toronto, 1943 (English edition: Canadian North, OUP London, 1945).
Birds of Brewery Creek, OUP Toronto, 1947.
Borneo People, Clark Irwin Toronto, 1956.
Angkor, Jonathan Cape, 1958.
Birds in my Indian Garden, Jonathan Cape, 1960.
Birds in the Sun, Witherby, 1962.
Treasure of Kenya, Collins, 1965.
People and Places, Collins, 1969.
Titans and Others, Collins, 1972.
Inside China, with W.MacQuilty, Heinemann, 1980.
Pamphlets Bird Watching at Lossiemouth, Courant & Courier Elgin, 1934.
Helping the Colonies : a broadcast talk, 1940.
Political Developments in Malaya, Empire Parliamentary Ass. London, 1948.
Healing Thoughts. Information Office Singapore, 1953.
Farewell Words. Information Office Singapore, 1955.
The Evolving Commonwealth. Ditchley Foundation, 1970.
Thoughts on the Human Family (Noel Buxton Lecture) University of Essex, 1970.
The Growing Importance of the Commonwealth. Encyclopaedia Britannica Lecture, Edinburgh U.P., 1971.
World Housing: Patterns of Living. Abbey Building Society, 1972.
Works on Malcolm MacDonald Theses Malcolm MacDonald has been the subject of at least two theses.
Deidre McMahon, “Malcolm MacDonald and Anglo-Irish relations 1935-8”, National University of Ireland, University College Dublin, M.A. 1975.
Robert F.Schmidt, “Malcolm MacDonald: Adjuster to Reality”, University of Cincinnati, M.A. 1974.
Books Clyde Sanger, Malcolm MacDonald: bringing an end to empire, Liverpool/McGill-Queen's University Presses, 1995.
Other biographies are at present being prepared; an unpublished work by Narain Singh, “Uniquely and Triumphantly Himself”, is included with the papers (Box 112).
Perhaps as a result of his very personal method of work, Malcolm MacDonald is mentioned only briefly in many books dealing with his period of active involvement in Commonwealth matters, but the following books and articles have substantial references to him:
David Marquand, Ramsay MacDonald (1977).
Joe Garner, The Commonwealth Office 1925-68 (1978).
D.J. Morgan, The Official History of Colonial Development, Vol.1: The Origins of British Aid Policy 1924-1945 (1980).
Stephen Constantine, The Making of British Colonial Development Policy 1914-40 (1984).
Paul Canning, British Policy Towards Ireland 1921-1941 (1985).
Michael J. Cohen, Palestine: Retreat from the Mandate. The Making of British Policy 1936-1945 (1978).
Anthony J. Stockwell, British Policy and Malay Politics during the Malayan Union Experiment 1942-1948 (1979).
Anthony J. Stockwell, “British Imperial Policy and Decolonization in Malaya 1942-52”, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History xiii.1 (1984), 68-87.


Main deposit
Early years and education
Dates of creation: 1904-1940
Extent: 10 files
Pre-school years 1904-1909
1/1/1-14   9 November 1904
“The story of Puck's birthday” by MJM, written and illustrated by Aunt Ibuff [Miss E King]
1/1/15-17   5 January 1906 and n.d.
Childhood letters from MJM.
1/1/18-53   April 1908
Childhood sketchbook.
1/1/54   June 1909
Certificate of Division 1 Pass in Drawing Examination at the Settlement School, Tavistock Place.
Bedales School 1912-1918
1/2/1-2    n.d.
Letter home from school.
1/2/3-26    nd
Exercise book containing part of a play, presumably written by MJM; “The temptation of Samuel Burge” by MJM, dramatised from the story by W W Jacobs.
1/2/27-50   1912, 1917
Bedales Chronicle No 9 Vol V, May 26 1912; No 6 Vol X, June 17; No 2 Vol XI, Dec 1917.
Contributions by MJM (member of the committee 1917).
1/2/51   July 1916
School report.
1/3/1-60    nd
“Among the pterodactyls”, script of play, presumably by MJM, performed at Bedales; daily notes of sayings [by people at Bedales].
1/4/1   July 1918
School certificate, Oxford and Cambridge Board.
Later papers re Bedales School 1935-1981
1/5/1-17   27 March 1935- 10 April 1937
Minutes of meetings of governors and finance meetings; endowment fund appeal; budget.
1/6/1-28   3 September 1935 - 10 December 1980
Correspondence from J H Badley, school librarians and others re Bedales School; essay competition books for the Library; appeal; congratulations on treaty with Ireland; outdoor work (see also correspondence re essay prizes)
1/7/1-68   6-13 April 1938
Letters from Old Bedalians re Spain.
Queen's College, Oxford 1921-1924
1/8/1-217; 1/9/1-138    n.d.
Notes on British and European history, including economic history; notes on books read (some of these may be school notes).
1/10/1-2   24 April 1921
Letter from R Smillie re talking to Labour Club.
1/10/3-4   June 1922
Anonymous poem “The Youth and I”, "Written after visiting Malcolm MacDonald at Oxford in June 1922".
1/10/5-18   Trinity Term 1923
Examination papers for finals, School of Modern History.
1/10/19-21   7 August- 17 September 1923
Letters from R.H. Hodgkin, MJM's tutor, on obtaining his degree.
1/10/22-25   9 November 1923
College private dinner menu.
1/4/2   June 1924
Certificate for Diploma in Economics and Politics, Queen's College, Oxford.
Later correspondence re Queen's College 1940
1/10/26   3 January 1940
Letter from R H Hodgkin extending general invitation.
Oxford Union Tour 1925
1/10/27   2 May 1925
Letter from the Socialist Party of Victoria, after MJM's visit.
1/10/28-55   July 1925
TSS "Hobson's Bay" Souvenir Journal, printed at sea, including articles by MJM.
(2 copies).
Malcolm MacDonald as a writer 1924-1936
1/10/56   6 January 1924
Letter from H.H. Markwald on MJM's plan to become a journalist.
1/10/57-100   August 1926
“The history of the Antilopes Club”, presumably by MJM; also manuscript version and notes for.
1/10/101-116   3 March 1934- 20 January 1936
Letters from G R Elton, B[ ], H[ ], G W[hiskard], criticising stories by MJM which he had sent to them, including “Winter's night's tale”, “The flower of the aristocracy”, “A fragment”, “The statesman”, “Autumn at the lake”, “Jane”, “Ratu Akuri”.
Labour Party
Dates of creation: 1924-1928
Extent: 1 file
Correspondence 1924-1928
2/1/1-2   21 January 1924
Letter from C Trevelyan encouraging MJM to stand for East Newcastle.
2/1/3-9   26 September 1926 - 18 October 1928
Correspondence from V Massey (photocopy), D Kirkwood (photocopy), J Simon (photocopy), J H Thomas, L Curtis, J R Clynes (photocopy) re Canadian contacts; the Labour Party.
League of Nations 1927
2/1/10-27   16 December 1927 - 1931
Letter re Labour's international policy and the League of Nations;
note on Assembly of the League of Nations, especially re Great Britain;
"Memorandum" on the League's finances.
Parliamentary career
Dates of creation: 1929-1980
Extent: 10 boxes
Elections 1929-1936

See also under Bassetlaw, and Ross and Cromarty
2/2/1-52   May 1929 - January 1936
Election pamphlets for Labour, National Labour and MJM in particular.
Official/semi-official correspondence 1929-1940
2/3/1-57, 2/4/1-45,2/5/1-100   11 December 1929 - 15 December 1940
Personal correspondence from fellow MPs, members of the Government, etc, including J Buchan, Lady Megan Lloyd George (photocopy), L. Housman (photocopy), R Newman (later Lord Mamhead), A Henderson, Lord Passfield, Lord Thomson (photocopy), W Wedgwood Benn, M P A Hankey (one a photocopy), J Sankey (one a photocopy), L Curtis, G Lansbury (photocopy), Lord Cecil, N Chamberlain (one a photocopy), B Powell, W L Mackenzie King, S M Bruce, S [Baldwin], Lord Hailsham, Lord Snowden, R G Menzies, A Chamberlain, S Hoare, the Most Revd Cosmo Gordon Lang (Archbishop Lang), A Eden, O Pirow, Viscount Cranborne, W Runciman, Lord Zetland, W S Churchill, L Hore-Belisha, J B M Hertzog, J P L Thomas (photocopy), Lord Halifax, Lady Snowden, J A Lyons, A Duff Cooper (photocopy), Lady Oxford, C Weizmann, S King-Hall re purely personal matters and matters of national importance including MJM's maiden and other speeches; speaking for the Labour Party; personnel; China; Palestine; India Round Table Conference; League of Nations and disarmament; Indian finance; swearing in as Secretary of State for the Colonies and Privy Councillor; congratulations on appointments; A Eden's resignation; A Duff Cooper's resignation over Munich; Palestine and the conference (March 1939).
Election 1928
2/6/1-4   30 March 1928 - 5 June 1929
Correspondence from P Snowden, Lord Thomson, L Curtis (photocopies) congratulating MJM on winning Bassetlaw.
(For November 1931 election see also under National Labour Party).
Constituency correspondence 1928-1937
2/7/1-69, 2/8/1-112, 2/9/1-75   16 August 1928 - 12 December 1935
Correspondence re constituency business, mostly constituents asking for help to obtain pensions; also discharge for soldier; unemployment; requests for MJM as speaker; J Milne of Kirkcaldy; MJM's proposal for National Committee in Bassetlaw; land settlement; H Dickinson acting as representative; roads; charities; building societies; Firbeck colliery strike pay; request for exemption from the Law Society's preliminary examination; football; request for help with promotion; photographs of the Mayor and Mayoress of East Retford; P Snowden not able to speak.
2/6/5-18   10 March - 27 April 1937
Correspondence from W J Shuter (Worksop) re timber and fascism; from Mayor of Retford.
Election 1935

(See also under National Labour Party ).
3/1/1-73   5-14 November 1935
Telegrams and letters wishing MJM success in the election; Declaration of Secrecy.
3/2/1-95, 3/3/1-86   15-18 November 1935
Correspondence from friends, Bassetlaw people and colleagues including G Elton, H Dickinson, Lord Zetland, P and M Duff, S M Bruce, Princess Marthe Bibesco, L Curtis, M Hailsham, A H Wilson, [Stonehaven] (photocopy), J Rothschild (photocopy), S Hoare, B Tillett, A Wauchope expressing sympathy on losing Bassetlaw seat.
Ross and Cromarty
By-election 1936 Additional photographs from the same campaign are filed in the Additional Manuscripts collection at Add.MS.2164/1-6.

3/4/1-87, 3/5/1-85   23 December 1935 - 9 February 1936
Correspondence from future constituents, past constituents in Bassetlaw, Australians, colleagues including J H Thomas, Sir William Martineau, A Ridgway (with some copies of MJM's replies) re and including good wishes for MJM's candidature; offers of help in by-election compaign; conduct and progress of by-election; congratulations on J R MacDonald's success .
3/6/1-10   30 January - 5 February 1936
Questionnaires pre-election to find out MJM's stand on various issues.
3/6/11-22   3 February 1936, etc
Photographs of canvassing for 1936 election.
3/7/1-129   11-16 February 1936
Correspondence from Ross and Cromarty constituents, Bassetlaw people, A F Whyte, W Rothenstein, C E Dixon, J R MacDonald's constituents in County Durham, acquaintances, supporters, friends and colleagues re and including congratulations on victory in the by-election.
3/8/1-3   13-16 February 1936
Letters (personal) from J R MacDonald on the by-election giving advice and encouragement.
Constituency correspondence 1935-1940 Correspondence is often arranged in batches on a particular subject; where this is the case, it has been filed according to the starting date of the correspondence.

4/1/1-150   22 October 1935- 18 December 1936
Correspondence from constituents re communications including Inveralligin Road; road between Diabaig and Red Point; Applecross Road; Strathcarron to Kyle of Lochalsh road; Dornie bridge; Kessock Ferry; parish roads; (for further correspondence re roads, see in next section, especially under County Council matters).
4/2/1-103, 4/3/1-76, 4/4/1-80, 4/5/1-132, 4/6/1-45, 4/7/1-47, 4/8/1-116, 4/9/1-60   12 February - 30 December 1936
Correspondence from constituency well-wishers re constituency problems including employment or help with jobs; requests for help with pensions; press coverage and publicity; D McKerlich's building yard being repossessed by the Railway Co; Education (Scotland) Bill and the exemption of school children at 14; investigation into levy-subsidy for barley and oats; request for a loan; National Farmers' Union (NFU) farming problems in the area and low price of produce; offer of membership Black Isle Farmers' Society; unfair rates assessment for crofters and smallholders; potato import duties; County Council matters; assistance for crofters and smallholders entering tenancies; Easter Ross water supply; hire of inferior Department of Agriculture bulls and rams; meeting with members of the NFU; import duties on barley; Fearn water supply; problems of oat growers; herring industry; Forestry Commission's claim for damage at Kishorn; complaint against Milk Marketing Board; water supply for Poolewe; problems caused by Caledonian Power Scheme; “Caledonian Power Scheme and Highland Development” by Sir Alexander MacEwan; herrings and illegal trawling; salaries for Sheriff's Substitute; requests for honours; local school's problems.
5/1/1-79, 5/2/1-71, 5/3/1-78, 5/4/1-50   4 January - 31 December 1937 (June 1938)
Correspondence from constituents, etc, including people asking for work or help with their jobs; requests for help with pensions; illegal herring trawling; roads, Hugh Miller's cottage; Rhue Road, Ullapool; surgery at Gairloch; Highland agriculture; local schools; Kessock Ferry; Inveralligin road; road to Kyle of Lochalsh; Black Isle Farmers' Society and medals for farm workers; anti-Bolshevik letter; publicity and press coverage; shipping (Halley); District Council's maintenance of public ways, Muir of Ord; Applecross road; Isle Ewe lack of ferry; protest against stag-hunting; land settlement; salaries for Sherriff's Substitute and Procurator Fiscal; local societies and charities; D McKerlich's building yard; Highland Development League; electricity supply; leadership of National Labour Party; parish roads.
5/5/1-74, 5/6/1-116, 5/7/1-54   15 January 1938- 12 January 1940
Correspondence from constituents, etc, including people wanting work; Inveralligin road; burgh unclassified roads; Applecross road; Lochcarron road; Mr Pairman (Wales); Hugh Miller's house; J Stirling letter on various local problems affecting the County Council; protection of wild birds in Ross and Cromarty; copies The North Star 18 June 1938, 16 July 1938; right of way in Poolewe; road between Achnashellach and Lochcarron; agriculture and food in wartime.
5/7/55-61   12 January - 7 March 1941
Correspondence re constituency matters, Highlands development, etc.
Later papers re contacts with Ross and Cromarty constituents and research 1971-1981
6/1/1-2   24 February 1971
Copy of MJM's letter to Mrs Middleton.
6/1/3-62   19 December 1979 - 19 June 1981
Correspondence from I Mackenzie re Ullapool schools project on the 1936 by-election, including notes on the subject by MJM and W A Ross; from C Ferguson to Mrs S Lochhead re MJM, 1936 by-election and enclosing Oration by C D Ferguson and Lochcarron, a tourist guide, by C D Ferguson; from M Smart (née Gordon) re 1936 by-election; from D Watt enclosing 1936 by-election pamphlet and Ross and Cromarty. The record of a Scottish by-election by A H Henderson-Livesey.
National Labour Party
Formation of National Government and Labour Party 1931-1932
6/2/1-6   25 August 1931
“National emergency. Definite commitments on unemployment insurance cuts of Mr A Henderson and the other dissentient Ministers” by R[B/D]H[ ].
6/2/7-51, 6/3/1-51   28 August 1931- 14 March 1932
Copies of Press interviews and Press summaries; reprint from The Manchester Guardian of Clifford Allen on J R MacDonald's formation of a National Government; letters, including from J R MacDonald, P Snowden and J H Thomas, re election of November 1931 and the National Labour Party; letter expelling members of the National Government from the Labour Party; correspondence with Lord Passfield re article attacking J R MacDonald; memoranda on the formation of a National Government; MJM draft letter in support of J R MacDonald.
Correspondence etc re National Labour Party and National Government 1932-1946
6/4/1-67, 6/5/1-76   12 October 1932- 12 December 1939
Correspondence with Lord Allen re talks on politics; with Sir John Jarvis and Sir Robert Donald re help for National Government; with Lord Rothermere re articles on the Government in the News Letter ; 1935 election, including letter from S Baldwin; from F Greene re Canadian broadcasting and his resignation from the National Labour Committee; correspondence re National Labour Organisation News Letter, Scottish and youth branches, publicity, election of Executive Committee; letter reporting verbal attack on J R MacDonald; charity; congratulations on speech from C E Asquith and S Mayer; people offering services in National Labour Party; problems of H Goodwin, Secretary of Eastern Area of the National Labour Organisation; National Labour Organisation “Memorandum on old age pensions, widows' pensions, family allowances and National Health Insurance” : (see Bassetlaw for letter re National Committee in Bassetlaw).
6/6/1-69   24 February 1941 - 8 March 1946
Correspondence between MJM and C E Asquith, National Labour Organisation re MJM's position as Chairman; situation in Ross and Cromarty constituency; Glen Affric power scheme; National Labour Organisation's decline, MJM's views on policy; problems with meetings in London; policy decisions re future of National Labour Organisation; draft manifesto; possibilities of post-war National Government; MJM's decision not to contest Ross and Cromarty in 1945 election (moved from Canada section).
Later correspondence re National Labour Party 1981
6/6/70-73   15 January 1981
Letter from M Baker to Mrs I Peterkin remembering the National Labour Party.

(For Newspaper cuttings see Printed material, newspaper cuttings)
Later papers re parliamentary career
Later research on this period 1969-1980
6/7/1-23   27 May 1969; 14 July - 24 November 1980
Correspondence with people researching the 2nd Labour Government and the National Government; “The Conservative basis for the formation of the National Government of 1931” by J D Fair, repr from Journal of British Studies.
6/8/1-54   5 December 1979-24 January 1980
Correspondence with D Carlton on A Eden, including chapter of book “Chamberlain's Foreign Secretary 1937-1938” and note by MJM on Eden's resignation.
Ministerial posts
Dominions and Colonial Office
Appointment 1931
7/1/1-2   29 October - 10 November 1931
Letters from J R MacDonald re reconstruction of the Government (photocopies).
Appointment 1935
7/1/3-4   11 June 1935
Letter from Chang Hsiao Liang on Cabinet appointment (Colonial Secretaryship).
7/1/5-72   22 November - 11 December 1935
Letters of congratulation on becoming Dominions Secretary from people of Bassetlaw, Australia and New Zealand, friends and colleagues including Sir Patrick Hannon, J W Kirwan, A Weigall, E Goold-Adams, C Weizmann, A J Toynbee, J Wallace, H H Halley, W Evatt, B J O'Brien, J L Maffey (for A G M Fletcher see below under General correspondence), draft letter to J L Maffey, some letters mention Ireland.
Official Papers 1930-1935
7/2   December 1930 - June 1931
“The future of Southern and Northern Rhodesia”, Cabinet Papers.
7/2/1-89, 7/3/1-189   9 February 1931 - January 1932
Parliamentary Debates Vol 248, No 54, 9 February 1931 including the Agricultural Marketing Bill; “Sugar beet industry” Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries; note on the casual poor, concern of Minister of Health; notes on the circulation, etc of the New Statesman ; “The Lords and the Land Bill” ; newspaper cuttings from Davar on constitutional reform by B Kaznelson; Agricultural MarketingBill; “The safeguarding of steel” by Lord Arnold, address; Parliamentary Debates Vol 255, No 153, 15 July 1931 including the Sugar Industry (Assistance) Bill; “Coal Mines Act, the working of schemes under Part 1” Cmnd 3905; Parliamentary Debates Vol 255, No 161, 27 July 1931 including Supply, Mines Department; Financial and economic situation of Swaziland, Report of the commission appointed by the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs.
7/4*   11 July - 24 August 1935
Foreign Office Paper on the influence of Italy in Austria's internal affairs; “The economic outlook for the next few years”, Committee on Economic Information, 18th Report, Cabinet Paper; “Memorandum by the Secretary”, Committee of Imperial Defence; “Saudi-Arabian boundaries” Committee of Imperial Defence; Standing Official Sub-Committee for questions concerning the Middle East, Foreign Office Papers on.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
7/5/1-72   19-20 November 1936
Official correspondence re unemployment, wages, housing, roads; Parliamentary Debates Vol 317, No 13, 19 November 1936 including the Trunk Roads Bill.
7/4/1-42*   6-9 August 1937
Foreign Office Papers on Germany, from R H Hadow, Prague; Foreign Office Papers on Egypt and the Sudan from Sir Miles Lampson.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
General Correspondence 1935-1939
7/6/1-89,7/7/1-96   10 January 1935- 10 November 1939 and nd
Correspondence from varied people re and including the World Fellowship of Faiths; Chang Hsiao Liang (China) thanks for hospitality; Germans in the Colonies; Manning and the National Government; the League of Nations; the state of Europe; Cyprus; R E Stubbs on Ceylon; visiting Canadians; empire associations; views for the Associated Press; proposal for united empire with own assembly; health and hygiene in the Far East; J A Lyons and G Whiskard social letters and on trade; speech on retirement of E Marsh from the Dominions Office; personal re China and employment for man with Chinese experience; charities; W L Mackenzie King re N Chamberlain and the European situation; Lord Harlech on personnel in the colonies; Bandaranaike, R G Menzies, Lord Dufferin re work in colonies; R Ho Tung re war in China and good wishes; H Allan re problems with service in the Army; Sir Frederick Whyte.
Articles, etc, on the colonies, etc 1930's and 1939
7/8/1-54   1930's
“Memorandum on Empire publicity” by W Blackwood, T Clarke, J Spence.
(3 copies).
7/9/1-54   1939
“European order and world order: what we are fighting for” by [L K Elmhirst].

(For newspaper cuttings on the Ottawa Agreements Bill see under Newspaper cuttings
Australia and New Zealand
Correspondence re migration and settlement 1927-1937

(For other letters from Australia and New Zealand see above under General Correspondence)
8/1/1-84   7 June 1927 - 1 September 1934 and 20 February 1935
Letters to Mrs O Jones Neilson re old age pensions for emigrants to New Zealand and requests for land settlement under the Empire Land Settlement Scheme (1932); letter from Mrs O Jones Neilson to MJM.
8/2/1-121, 8/3/1-96, 8/4/1-53, 8/5/1-76   20 July - 19 December 1934
Correspondence and articles etc about New Zealand at the time of MJM's visit there, re the Child Emigration Society; J D McMillan of the New Zealand Development Company correspondence with P R Sargood including “A plan of action” by J D McMillan and other papers, “Reconstruction - being an outline of practical steps towards prosperity” by J D McMillan, “A practical scheme for settling Britishers on overseas dominions” by P R Sargood, prospective boys' training company; F O V Acheson's Parengarenga development scheme Far North of New Zealand; “The redistribution of the Population of the British Empire” repr. Report...Empire Development and Settlement Research Committee ; A Leigh Hunt, P R Sargood and N A R Barrer correspondence on migration and settlement; “New Zealand for the Britishers”, Proceedings of a Dominion Conference on Migration; “The undeveloped resources of New Zealand” ; “Australia, facts and figures” ; P Campbell Begg newspaper cuttings, etc on debt settlement and Empire migration; D V Bryant and the Waikato Land Settlement Society; L O H Tripp's speech on New Zealand and the Empire; A MacPherson on agriculture, especially lucerne; “Notes on some aspects of empire development” by N GGribble; “Empire migration and land settlement” by W J Holdsworth; brochure for small farm settlements.
8/6/1-65   28 July - 30 October 1934
Correspondence and memoranda re the Lady Northcote Bequest and establishment of a farm school in Australia; Australian film quota; Empire air mail scheme; Western Australia secession; Connolly Scheme for colonisation in the Kimberley Division, Western Australia; settlement of German families in Western Australia; Big Brother Movement, New South Wales; the Wyangala Dam Scheme, New South Wales; the Empire Service Club, Sydney; newspaper cuttings on the Migration Policy Report and MJM's visit to Australia; the MacDonald Committee report, memorandum and newspaper cuttings on.
8/7/1-48   nd and 6 February 1935 - 15 March 1937
Correspondence re emigrant to Australia hoping for old age pension; response to visit to Australia and the Melbourne Centenary; address by Sir Robert Knox at conference of Australian Associated Chambers of Commerce; requests for help with employment for New Zealanders; New Zealand meat exports; letters written after MJM's visit re schools etc; situation in New Zealand and Australia; farming in Australia; personal letter from S E Pinckney, Australia.
Papers re MacDonald's visit to Australia 1934-1935 (See also previous section).

8/8/1-48   3 October- 28 November 1934
Typed version of MJM's tour of Australia covering the South-west, Adelaide to Melbourne, talks with Forgan Smith in Brisbane, Gympie, sugar in Mackay district, Rockhampton, Echuca, Sydney to Newcastle, Canberra.
(2 copies).
8/8/49-89   January 1935
“Report: Ceylon, Australia, New Zealand” by MJM, mostly re Empire Parliamentary Associations; “Note on meat discussions” by MJM (2 copies); note by MJM covering The Victoria Centenary celebrations, the regulation of exports, the Australian tariff, migration.
Memoranda and correspondence on East Africa 1930
8/9/1-62   May - 22 July 1930
J A Cable and G V Maxwell correspondence on East African politics; “Notes on the problem of East Africa” by J A Cable; “Memorandum on native policy” Cmnd 3573; “Statement ... as regards closer union in East Africa” Cmnd 3574
Memoranda and correspondence on Bechuanaland 1931-1932
8/10/1-78   March 1931- 2 October 1932
Memorandum on Bechuanaland by C F Rey, Resident Commissioner, covering conditions there - natives, white settlers, administration, future proposals, incorporation in the Union, alternative to incorporation, with appendices; “Ngamiland and the Kalahari” by C F Rey (proof copy); letter from C F Rey and notes on proposals for improvements in the Bechuanaland Protectorate.
Memoranda and correspondence on Africa in general 1935-1938
8/9/63-106   26 March 1935 - 16 January 1938 and nd
Correspondence re and including further education for men in native administration; J H Oldham on self-government problems for Africa; “Our colonial complacency” by F Melland from The Nineteenth Century ; leases on gold mines; native education in Northern Rhodesia; W C[lark] re press article on Swaziland's transfer to the Union; D Bowes Lyon re contact in Swaziland; “The cotton industry of Uganda” by G B Craddock; draft letter from MJM to G M Huggins on native legislation in Southern Rhodesia.
Memoranda and correspondence on West Africa 1939-1940
8/11/1-25   10 May - 28 December 1939
Apportionment of revenue and duties as between the central government and native administrations by Sir Bernard Bourdillon, (Nigeria); Memorandum on the future political development of Nigeria by Sir Bernard Bourdillon; with accompanying letters.
8/9/107   25 May 1940
West African Students' Union letter with good wishes.
Palestine memoranda and correspondence 1930-1938 N.B. There are no papers on the 1939 Conference.

9/1/1-10   1 April - 19 May 1930
Correspondence and memoranda, etc, re and including Palestine Mandate Society complaints about administration of the Mandate; newspaper cutting on riots and the Mandate; Statement by the Palestine Arab Delegation.
9/1/11-79   21 May - 29 July 1930 and nd
Correspondence with C Weizmann, the Colonial Office, F D Lugard, L B Namier and memoranda re C Weizmann enclosing 1919 agreement between Faisal and him (photocopy); Daily News Bulletin on necessity for C Weizmann's resignation; C Weizmann on problems caused by the Colonial Office's action, immigration, J Hope Simpson's report, Shaw Report; F D Lugard on the Jews and Palestine problem; suspension or limitation of immigration certificates for Palestine; land legislation; “Note on Palestine” by MJM (2 memoranda with this title); “Memorandum on land settlement in Palestine” by G T Garratt.
9/2/1-35   5 June - 17 July 1930
Papers re Sir John Hope-Simpson's visit, notes on and conversations with; land settlement, Jewish National Fund etc.
9/3/1-94, 9/4/1-45   19 September - 31 December 1930 and nd
Correspondence to and from Lord Passfield, P Rutenburg, C Weizmann, J Buchan, Jerusalem High Commission, Sir John Chancellor, etc, and memoranda re possible legislative council in Palestine; land settlement; Arabs and a democratic parliament; the Jewish National Home; British policy drawbacks; Christians in Palestine (translations from Az-Zouhour); HMG's Statement of Policy/White Paper, various reactions to and comments on including Palestine Bulletin ; Correspondence between Dr Weizmann and Lord Passfield ; Weizmann's resignation from the Jewish Agency; conference; drafts of bills on land; “Note on Palestine” by [MJM] on land development and the White Paper; note on scheme for Jewish settlement in the Palmyra desert; The Middle East, Bartholemew's map, 1:4,000,000; ban on Sunday working at Athlit Quarries; “Policy in Palestine” by the Jewish Agency, submitted to the Cabinet Committee; discussions with Henderson.
9/5/1-50, 9/6/1-54, 9/7/1-87   12 January - 20 July 1931
Correspondence, memoranda, etc, from L B Namier, C P Duff, Colonial Office, Foreign Office, C Weizmann, re drafts of Ordinance on occupancy rights; negotiations and Conference; O'Donnell Mission; paraphrase telegrams sent between High Commissioner for Palestine and Secretary of State for the Colonies; definition of terms tenants and labourers; Development Commission; projected visit to Palestine by J H Thomas and MJM; White Paper; possible Legislative Council; “Policy in Palestine” submitted by the Jewish Agency (2nd copy, see also above); note on letter from Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to Dr Weizmann; Weizmann's talks with Lord Passfield, A Henderson, J R MacDonald, J H Thomas; poor relations between Jews and British High Commission; “Great Britain, Palestine and the Jewish people”, issued by the World Union of Zionist-Revisionists, on the Prime Minister's letter to Weizmann; FH Kisch's visit to Transjordan; N de M Bentwich's retirement and offer of Attorney-Generalship to Drayton; Palestine development scheme, Department or Commission, appointment of a director; discussions with Jewish leaders, Arab representatives to be present; Volcani on the dangers of the scheme; economic and financial problems; resettlement of Arabs; specific types of sales of land in Palestine; “Conditions of labour of Arabs and Jews in Palestine”, by T D Shiels; problems of employing Jewish labour; meeting of L B Namier and Ben Gurion with J R MacDonald and support of parity and Round Table Conference; listing landless Arabs; Zionist Conference at Basel, problems.
9/8/1-62   27 April 1931
“Historical summary of discussions leading up to the Prime Minister's letter ... to Dr Weizmann” by L B Namier, i.e. letter about the Passfield White Paper; draft of letter to the Jewish Agency in Cabinet Paper.
9/9/1-45   8 June 1935 - 30 May 1938
Correspondence between MJM and C Weizmann, A G Wauchope, W Ormsby Gore, L S Amery re Legislative Council proposals; disturbances; inadequacy of Palestine Administration; comments on reports to League of Nations and Mandates Commission on disturbances; ending of the Mandate and partition; personal; notes on the Balfour Declaration, the Hyamson Scheme, Arab draft scheme, problems of partition; “Note on the Palestine problem” by L S Amery.
Later papers on Palestine 1965-1978
9/10/1-3   23 September 1965
Note on M Sharett, former Israeli Foreign Minister.
9/10/3a-b   25 February 1969
Valedictory despatch of Sir Harold Beeley, UK Ambassador to the United Arab Republic [Egypt], 1961-1964 and 1967-1969.
9/10/4-5   17 June 1971
Letter from A S Kleiman re interview for research on Palestine partition.
9/10/6-75   9 September 1976 - 7 February 1977
Correspondence with N Maslin of Thames Television re series of film documentaries about the British Mandate in Palestine and transcription of interview with MJM; MJM's notes on Palestine; cutting from The Times, “Malcolm MacDonald and the Zionist go-between”, 30 April 1973 ; copies of Cabinet Papers 1939 including memorandum “Palestine” by MJM (photocopies).
9/11/1-92   15 December 1976 - February 1977
MJM's notes on Palestine and his actions in 1939; correspondence from R Schmidt re his paper on Palestine and thesis, with copy of draft chapter “Palestine” ; extracts from D Keir's diary, 1940; letter from M Almaz re interview and copies of summaries of 1930 and 1939 White Papers.
9/12/1-80   5 December 1978
Letter from N Bethell enclosing first two chapters of his book on Palestine; MJM's notes on.
India Round Table Conference 1931
8/12/1-2   6 January 1931
Note on Reading's change of mind.

(For papers by Sir D Hamilton on India, see Printed material).
Ireland correspondence and memoranda 1931-1941
10/1/1-31   8 February 1936 - 23 February 1938
Correspondence between MJM (drafts of his letters) and R Howard, E de Valera, Sir John Simon, E M Ellis, G B Shaw, E Milne, W K Hancock re and including a national settlement with England; problem of Irish representatives meeting for discussions in London; draft paper for Irish Affairs Cabinet Committee on possibility of agreement with Irish Free State; Sir Warren Fisher's letter; the abdication crisis; the case of Sir Roger Casement; meetings with E de Valera; H Harewood; settling payment of annuities; question of partition; rough notes on relations with Irish Free State by MJM;
(no letters re negotiating agreement).
10/1/32-36   1938
“Britain and Eire”, press notice on formal negotiations with E de Valera.
10/1/37-55   20 April - 30 May 1938
Letters of congratulation on agreement with the Irish Free State from E V Bowater, L B Namier, A Hardinge on behalf of George VI, Lord Monteagle, I A Mackenzie, R Adams, W Newbold, A BHornblower, A M and W Rothenstein, S Unwin, E de Valera.
10/1/56-60   13 April 1939 and 3 October 1941
Letters from E de Valera re partition; personal.
Later papers on Ireland 1959
10/2/1-2   11 November 1959
Letter from E de Valera on Ireland and past negotiations.
Later papers on Ireland, research and interviews 1970-1980
10/2/3-74   c1970-c1977
Draft of chapter on de Valera from Titans and Others by MJM (1972); “Mr de Valera's dominion: Irish relations with Britain and the Commonwealth 1932-1938” by D Harkness, repr Journal of Commonwealth Political Studies, Vol VIII, No 3 (1970); cutting from The Times ; copies of letters, etc on Great Britain and Ireland 1932-1935; “Canadian-Irish relations during the Second World War” by F McEvoy, repr Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Vol 5, No 2, Jan 1977 with accompanying letter from P Martin.
10/2/75-83   31 July 1970 - 20 February 1978
Correspondence from Lord Longford on his and T P O'Neill's Life of de Valera; Revd C W Sowby on 1938 talks' relevance to the Irish problem in 1972; query from A R H Kellas on 1940 mission to secure the use of southern Irish ports; R Fisk on Irish neutrality in World War II.
10/3/1-66, 10/4/1-49, 10/5/1-76, 10/6/1-60, 10/7/1-42, 10/8/1-34   28 March - 13 October 1979
Correspondence with J Bowman re television interview for Radio Telefis Eireann documentary film on MJM's role in negotiations with Ireland, with many photocopies of relevant papers, especially from the Public Record Office including notes of MJM's talks with E de Valera 1936, 1937, 1940; Cabinet papers written by MJM, etc on relations with the Irish Free State 1936, 1937; notes on conversations with Dulanty 1937; minutes of Imperial Conference 1937; extract from The Irish Department of Finance by R Fanning; MJM's notes of conversation with Lord Craigavon 1937; chapter of J Bowman's thesis on Anglo-Irish relations; also MJM's rough notes written in 1979; extract from autobiography of Lord Chatfield; BBC request for interview 1938; probability of German invasion of Eire and negotiations with E de Valera 1940 (War Cabinet and other papers); U K Government plan for union of Ireland and Eire's entry into the war on the side of the United Kingdom 1940.
10/9/1-6   29 January - 14 May 1980
Correspondence with BBC re interview for documentary series on the history of Ireland.
Later papers on the Commonwealth
Later papers on Commonwealth affairs 1962-1980
11/1/1-59   14 December 1962 - 20 November 1980 and nd
Correspondence between MJM and E G Norris, R G Menzies (photocopy), J Hughes, M B Patel, Sir Michael Stewart, K Thompson, D Kerr, G Thomson, Sir Burke Trend, D Morgan, Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, J A L Morgan, F H Tate, Lord Caradon, AC Smith, Lord Casey, E R G Heath, Njoroge Mungai, Sir David Hunt, A W Kent, D A L Owen, Judith Hart, Lord Soames, Sir Michael Parsons re and including the Plowden Committee on Foreign, Commonwealth and Trade Commission Services; Menzies' record term of office as Prime Minister; personnel (Sir Francis Cumming-Bruce and J Hughes); MJM's involvement in television film, articles, lecture, etc on the Commonwealth; connections with the Commonwealth Institute and the Royal Commonwealth Society; Commonwealth Information Programme; meeting of Commonwealth Prime Ministers; official history of colonial development 1945-64; “Anglo-Canadian relations 1927-1929” by N Hillmer; death of Marshall Chen Yi; Kenyatta as candidate for Nobel Peace Prize; local government pensioners.
Later papers re research and interviews (1965), 1977-1979
11/2/1-13   10 February 1965 and 29 December 1977 - 15 June 1979
Correspondence from P M H Bell, D Dilks, C M Turnbull, D Lavin re Chamberlain and the outbreak of war; talk and interviews on the Commonwealth and Commonwealth affairs; life of Lionel Curtis.
Ministry of Health
Official/semi-official correspondence 1940-1941
11/3/1-36   22 April 1940 - 7 June 1941
Correspondence re German internment; from Sir John Simon re new appointment; from Lord Harlech re Civil Defence, casualty services in north eastern area (Leeds); J H Thomas re a hospital; R E Roper re film on catching cold; salary of Chief Medical Officer; Sir Farquhar Buzzard on medical staff for the Ministry; notes on air-raid shelters by C S Churchill forwarded by W S Churchill; J A Maybin re work for his sister; Citizens' Advice Notes; improvements in air-raid shelters; B Macdonald on mass feeding theory; tribute from E Brown, next Minister of Health (for other tributes, see Canada, Congratulations on appointment)
1941 Committee
11/4/1-8   24 September 1941
Circular letter enclosing reports of the 1941 Committee, forerunner of the Common Wealth Party, First Annual Conference on the Atlantic Charter and on home policy.

(See also Dominions and Colonial Office, Ireland for material on this period)
Diplomatic career
Dates of creation: 1941-1981
Extent: 64 boxes
Background information 1941
12/1/1-13   14-28 February 1941
Royal Institute of International Affairs, Canadian section, invitation to speak; post-war International Reconstruction; note on financial arrangements of evacuees to Canada by Treasury ( ); T H J Underdown report on the morale of Bristol and the response in America.
12/1/14-18   27 and 28 February 1941
Note for the Prime Minister on MJM's resignation or retention of his seat in Parliament.
Despatches, etc 1941-1946
12/2/1-26   early 1941, 4-28 August 1941
Despatches re W L Mackenzie King and plebiscite on conscription sent to Viscount Cranborne and C R Attlee.
(Photocopies from Public Record Office, see below under Later papers re Canada).
12/3/1-24*   27 January 1942- 27 March 1946
Telegram re solution of financial negotiations; copies of correspondence, etc on donation from the First Nationers of Old Crow for the benefit of orphaned children in London; draft telegram on possible arrest of Soviet agents; telegram from Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs on MJM's leaving Canada.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
12/4/1-116   3 February 1942 - 29 August 1944
Drafts and copies of despatches sent to Viscount Cranborne and C R Attlee on Canadian politics; the Prime Minister; French Canadians; conscription; the plebiscite; visit to northern Canada; (also incorporated in War Cabinet Paper WP(42)465 “Report on a visit to North-West Canada and Alaska”); news on Canadian involvement in attack on Sicily; tour of air-bases built by the Americans in north-eastern Canada.
12/5/1-60, 12/6/1-81, 12/7/1-53   13 October 1942 - 6 November 1945
Memoranda sent to England: “Report on a visit to North-West Canada and Alaska” by MJM War Cabinet Paper WP(42)465; “Memorandum” by MJM on the post-war position of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, also draft and enclosing letter to A Eden; “Note on developments in North-Western Canada” by MJM; “Memorandum” by MJM on Canada and Imperial co-operation, also draft; “United Kingdom representation in Canada after the war” by MJM, sent to Addison (2 copies).
12/8/1-28   23 October - 21 November 1944
Top secret file about the Canadian Cabinet crisis over conscription for reinforcements, notes by MJM and telegrams.
12/9/1-74   23 October 1944 - 13 January 1945
Notes sent by MJM to Britain on the conscription crisis, mostly re his meetings with W L Mackenzie King, also copies of telegrams; telegrams re and exchange of telegrams between W L Mackenzie King and W S Churchill on conscription.
Correspondence on appointment 1941
13/1/1   2 February 1941
Letter from W S Churchill on appointment (photocopy).
13/1/2-80, 13/2/1-75, 13/3/1-74, 13/4/1-99   7 February - 19 March 1941
Letters of congratulation on appointment as High Commissioner to Canada; regret at leaving and thanks for work at Ministry of Health; Commons Disqualification Bill; visit to Canadian Corps; personnel from Ross and Cromarty constituents, some Bassetlaw people, empire associations, friends and colleagues including V James, C de Bird, R [Glyn], A Stirling, A Webb-Johnson, V A Reed, J H Baxter, W Clark, Lord Wigram, C [ field], Danson, J Moir Mackenzie, Bella [ ], R [ ], M Laing, E Marsh, A and N Gossling, F Woolton, Lord Harder, F L C Floud, H Franklin, E M Wood, J [Mackinnon], F Joseph, Sir Edward Wilshaw, G Munro, A C RCarter, W Rothenstein, H Willink, Sir Hugh Lett, E Gowers, D C Lamb, B Collis, L H Montagu, H Mills John, R Adams, E Campbell, T W Hobart (Lord Caldecote), Lord Hailey (Hailey), W M Goodenough, Sir Samuel Salmon, I Ward, M Hely-Hutchinson, W Deedes, A G L McNaughton, Archbishop Lang, B [Mayne], H Morrison, Hyndley, A Cranstone, E MacAlister, A Anderson, H M Steibel, P A Cooper, E C H Salmon, J T C Moore-Brabazon, H Panting, J J O'Leary, SirAlfred Zimmern, Sir Stewart Duke-Elder, Lord Croft, Lord Snell, J W Robertson Scott, Sir Francis Fremantle, Sir Louis Greig, C Hamilton Verity, E [ ], A and M Peterkin, Stella Dowager Marchioness of Reading (Lady Reading), F W Ogilvie, V A Malcolmson, T Henderson, B [ ], Sir H B Bacon, D Clifton Brown, Lord Hankey, A Bossom, R Assheton, H [Crookshank], E D'Arcy Hart, H[Abrahamson], G [ ], P Donner, S [ ], E [ ], D M Matthews, G Newman, W Blackwood, G Bottomley, W A McAdam, J Paterson, Lady Louis Mountbatten (Lady Mountbatten), Lady Ball, T Snowden, W E Adams, M Watson, A G B West, A Bowerley, V A Cazalet, F S Joelson, J [Perrer], G R Hall Caine, W Paton, R H Eckersley, A [Marr], Lord Riverdale, M Bowerley, G W Martin, A CampbellYoung, M Sargent, R H Elkin, Lady Harding, H A Goodman, Sir Sidney Johnson, C Latham, L B Pearson, G C Anderson, Lord Mamhead, Sir Wilson Jameson, G Seed, J Spence, M Stables, A B Hornblower, E Lyttelton, S Cochrane Shanks, W H Smith, G H Ward, de Parlier de la Roque, T L Tanner, P A Clews, M Greville, B Wallace, J B Manson, C H Wilson, Lady Dunedin, Lady Tweedsmuir, C Bonham Carter, C Robertson, R Storrs, W Smithers, G Mathers, P J Dollan, L E Gissing, H A Machen, Sir Neill Malcolm, F R Fraser, G Spry, N P Levy, F W Pethick-Lawrence, G Spencer, C Collins, R E L Wellington, Z L Paxley, A Matthew , A F Whyte, G Le M Mander, Sir John McDonald, A G L McNaughton, M Gilbert, A Pitt Robbins, E Robinson, G R Girdlestone, S H Dodd, T L [Farmer], R Thompson, H Metcalfe Wood, H Newnham, W J Jordan, A Chapman, J P L Thomas, R M McKay, H A Strutt, M Mellanby, D Herbert, M Arlen, Sir M MacDonald, T [], Band D [ ], Sir Harry Lindsay.
General correspondence as High Commissioner 1941-1946 (Including private letters from Canadians).

13/5/1-25   6 April 1941 - 19 February 1946 and nd
Correspondence re Canada's contribution to the war effort; the USA; MJM's letters and broadcasts in Canada and the USA; situation in India, requests for meetings with MJM; thanks for Down North ; offer of knighthood; offer of post of Minister of Civil Aviation; rationing; American Loan, from Sikorski, [ ], G[], Lord Simon, J Masaryk, B Bracken, F Perkins, A Eden, L S Amery, A Godbout, E E Bridges, Sir John Anderson (see also Personal Correspondence), Lord Woolton, C Camsell, W S Churchill, L T Newton, O Lyttelton, Sir Stafford Cripps, Viscount Cranborne, H L Stimson, H R Alexander, J M Keynes, O Hewitt.
13/6/1-72   23 July 1942 - 16 March 1946 and nd
Correspondence between MJM and A Y Jackson re MJM's purchases of his sketches; his publications; visits to his studio; separate sequence of letters re the Queen's painting by Jackson.
Correspondence with Canadian and British leaders 1941-1946
14/1/1-90   3 April 1941 - 2 April 1946
Correspondence between MJM and Brooke Claxton re visits to his home; meetings; “Canadian-American relations: good neighbours in peace - partners in war” by Brooke Claxton, address to the Bond Club, Chicago; Notes on military law and discipline by Brooke Claxton, Montreal, 1942; Wilkie, talk with; Brooke Claxton's speeches; “Member reporting”, “Four years' record”, “The Government's programme”, “Rehabilitation”, “World community chest”, “Work for war and peace” by Brooke Claxton; address over radio station CFCF, Montreal.
14/2/1-23   7 April 1941 - 8 March 1946
Correspondence between MJM and E Machtig (mostly notes accompanying letters sent in the diplomatic bag) also re visits to London; the USA's involvement in the war; Air Training; Sir Shuldham Redfern.
14/3/1-17   14 April 1941 - 9 April 1946
Personal correspondence from W L Mackenzie King (one a photocopy) re future talks with American President; defences of Canada; death of Lapointe; thanks for being entertained at Earnscliffe and meeting Sir Cecil Groves, Sir Ramaswami Mudaliar; statement re the war; thanks for present; draft letter from MJM on his engagement; telegram of farewell.

(Correspondence with C E Asquith, see under Parliamentary career, National Labour Party)
14/4/1-32, 14/5/1-44, 14/6/1-79   24 April 1941 - 23 August 1945 (gap 1942-1944)
Correspondence between MJM and Viscount Cranborne re relations between Canada and the USA and Canada and Britain; Mackenzie King's talks with Roosevelt; suggested Imperial War Conference or representation in Cabinet; Menzies' visit to Canada; progress of the war; conscription; Mackenzie King; J D Kearney, Canadian High Commissioner to Eire; Mackenzie King and Eire; British personnel in Canada; visit of Keynes and Eady; Civil Aviation Conference at Chicago; Canadian politics and parliamentary tactics, election; San Francisco Conference; reinforcements and conscription.
14/7/1-6   6 November 1941 - 3 April 1945
Letters from the Earl of Athlone on personal matters, dinner invitations; his speech; Attlee's visit; personnel.
14/8/1-72   7 November 1941 - 21 March 1946
Correspondence between MJM and Lord Halifax re Roman Catholic opinion about the war; progress of the war; arrangements for meetings; Dominions Office representative in Washington; post-war relief negotiations; Churchill's visit to Canada (mostly short letters often enclosing longer despatches which are not extant here).
14/9/1-27   9 March 1942 - December 1946
Correspondence between MJM and C R Attlee thanking for despatches, re Canadian politics; choice of new Conservative leader; labour problems; “Memorandum” by MJM on the post-war position of Great Britain and the Commonwealth; visit to USA and Canada.
14/10/1-5   23 October 1944 - 6 December 1945
Correspondence between MJM and A G L McNaughton on his retirement from the army and resignation from the Ministry of Defence.
14/10/6-7   May 1945
Letter from E de Valera (photocopy) congratulating MJM on the end of the war.
Correspondence with Ross-shire newspapers 1942-1945
14/11/1-124   11 May 1942 - 26 October 1945
Correspondence between MJM and D M Watt and A MacRae re and enclosing letters on Canada for publication in the North Star and Ross-shire Journal.
Ephemera 1941-1942
14/12/1-5   20 May 1941 and 25 February 1942
Charters granting freedom of the cities of Toronto and London, Ontario; United States seating plan.
Later papers re Canada 1947
14/12/6-16   8 October 1947
Letter from W L Mackenzie King (photocopy) re personal news and plans for retirement.
Later papers re research on Canada 1970-1980
14/12/17-35   24 June 1970 - 18 August 1980
Correspondence requesting interviews; help with research on Canada, W L Mackenzie King, MJM's visits to the north of Canada; Norman Robertson; job reference, from R C (Mrs A J R) Smith, J L Granatstein, C A Patterson, C Nordman, A F Hart, B Pillay.
South East Asia
Background papers for Governor-General 1944-1946
15/1/1-161   January 1944 - 29 January 1946
Malaya and its civil administration prior to Japanese occupation, War Office 1944; “Malaya: new constitutional business” extr Hansard Report Vol 414, No 13; “Memorandum on future constitution for Malay Peninsula” ; memorandum handed to the Malay rulers by H A MacMichael; “Memorandum on the future constitution of Singapore” by P A B McKerron, W Bartley, K K O'Connor, T C Spenser-Wilkinson; “Memorandum on the future constitution for Singapore” ; savingram Colonial Office to BMA on Singapore and McKerron memorandum; “Report on a mission to Malaya” by Sir Harold MacMichael, Colonial No 194; House of Lords Official Report (Hansard) Vol 139, No 47. (2 copies)
Digitised material for Malaya Governor-General - MAC.15/1/1-161
Appointments 1946-1949
15/2/1-2   1946
Messages to Malaya and Singapore from the King and from the Secretary of State on MJM's taking up his appointment as the first Governor-General.
Digitised material for Malaya Governor-General - MAC.15/2/1-2
15/3/1-33, 15/4/1-10   15 May 1946 - 12 November 1949
Commission appointing MJM to be Governor-General; dormant commission appointing others to perform the functions of Governor-General; Oath of Allegiance of Governor-General; Royal Commission appointing as Commissioner-General; Royal Instructions re discharge of duties as Commissioner-General; despatch of Secretary of State for Colonies accompanying these instructions; “Status and duties . . . of the Commissioner-General . . .” (possibly draft instructions).
Malaya (Governor-General)
Correspondence on appointment to Malaya 1946
15/5/1-70   29 January - 16 May 1946
Letters and telegrams from Canadians, Australians, friends and colleagues present and former in Britain and elsewhere, Ross-shire people, other friends abroad, including A Stirling, L S Amery, H B Usher, Sir William McLean, Lord Birdwood, D Smith, The Most Rev Mgr A Vachon (Archbishop of Ottawa), Sir Frederick Leith-Ross, G Murray, M R Ahiya, C B Howard, S King-Hall, M W Wallace, Sir Henry Moore, L Hore-Belisha, P Martin, Princess Marthe Bibesco, congratulating MJM on his appointment, commending his service in Canada, regretting his leaving and wishing him well in Malaya.
Digitised material for Malaya Governor-General - MAC.15/5/1-70
Administrative, mainly personnel 1946-1947
15/6/1-13   11 July 1946 - November 1947
Letters from Lt Gen Sir Frederic Browning re new administration, Jacqueline Lampson (Lady Killearn) re reorganisation of the administration and Lord Killearn's retirement; note on conversation with Dato Onn showing antagonism towards the British and Sir Edward Gent; Dato Onn bin Ja`afar re Sir Edward Gent.
Digitised material for Malaya Governor-General - MAC.15/6/1-13
15/7/1-19   13 September 1946 - 7 May 1949
Correspondence re security intelligence matters; personnel; staffing of Joint Intelligence Bureau representative.
Digitised material for Malaya Governor-General - MAC.15/7/1-19
15/8/1-16   4-13 November 1947
Correspondence with A Creech Jones on Sir Edward Gent as Governor and High Commissioner in Malaya (see also below under Classified Files).
Digitised material for Malaya Governor-General - MAC.15/8/1-16
Correspondence general/official as Governor-General 1946-1948
15/9/1-30   9 May 1946 - 9 January 1948
Correspondence from Lord Harlech, Lord Louis Mountbatten (Mountbatten), E de Valera, Lord Wavell, Ismail Regent of Johore, Lady Mountbatten, Lord Addison (Addison), Sir Arthur Richards, C R Attlee, Lord Halifax, A Creech Jones, Sir Cosmo Parkinson, Sir Franklin Gimson (Gimson), Tan Cheng Lock, M Zafrulla Khan, T V Soong, Cardinal Spellman on Malaya generally; creation of a supreme commander South-East Asia; good wishes; India; Red Cross work in Indonesia; visit of Addison; Churchill; Parkinson's book on the Colonial Office; Palestine; Pakistan visit; thanks for hospitality; death of Gandhi.
Digitised material for Malaya Governor-General - MAC.15/9/1-30
Correspondence - miscellaneous classified files 1946-1949 Other files in this series were left in Singapore for destruction.
(These files have separate sections before and after May 1948, i e they continue into the period of MJM's Commissioner-Generalship. For lists of original order of these files, see at the beginning of 16/1).

16/4/1-74, 16/5/1-77   29 May 1946 - 14 June 1949
Correspondence re public relations; personnel; education; labour; thanks for congratulations on marriage; Malay United Front against Federation; Pan-Malayan Dravidian conference; international clubs; conditions for Federal Citizenship; inclusion of Malaya in Christmas broadcast; War Damage compensation; A P Chin's “Song of Malayan Liberation” ; draft speech by Sir Alec Newboult; members of Federal Legislative Council; Chinese community.
Digitised material for Correspondence of Malcolm MacDonald - MAC.16/4/1-74
Digitised material for Correspondence of Malcolm MacDonald - MAC.16/5/1-77
Governor Malayan Union 1946-1948
16/6/1-92, 16/7/1-101, 16/8/1-74, 16/9/1-79, 16/10/1-75, 16/11/1-16   3 June 1946 - 30 April 1948
Correspondence between MJM and the Governor of the Malayan Union, Sir Edward Gent re meetings; Defence Committee; discussions with Dato Onn; talks with the Rulers and with United Malay National Organisation (UMNO); negotiations re Malayan Union; Sultan of Deli; Chinese youth group; Malayan Navy; Malayan Security Service civil-military housing problem; press statement; economic adviser; statement on educational policy; rice marketing; personnel; Working Committee on the Constitution; cuttings from The Straits Times on Chinese and citizenship; Malays and citizenship; Chinese labour; Siam; cooperation between Malayan, Chinese and Indian communities; visit of Ivor Thomas; Singapore; “Report of the committee . . . the establishment of a municipality for Kuala Lumpur”, Malayan Union, No 7 of 1947; Tan Cheng Lock; “Proceedings of the fourth and fifth public meetings of the Consultative Committee on the Constitutional Proposals” ; labour problems; despatch and draft on the constitution; income tax; AMCJA-Putera proposals for the constitution; economic problems.
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and the Governor of the Malayan Union - MAC.16/6/1-92
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and the Governor of the Malayan Union - MAC.16/7/1-101
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and the Governor of the Malayan Union - MAC.16/8/1-74
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and the Governor of the Malayan Union - MAC.16/9/1-79
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and the Governor of the Malayan Union - MAC.16/10/1-75
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and the Governor of the Malayan Union - MAC.16/11/1-16
Governor of Singapore 1946-1948
16/3/1-70   27 May 1946 - 1 December 1948
Correspondence between MJM and the Governor of Singapore (P McKerron, Sir Franklin Gimson) re problem of the Union; entertaining; economic consequences of Malayan Union and separation or inclusion of Singapore; labour and unions; possibility Singapore joining the Federation of Malaya; Malayan University; General Percival; Chinese community.
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and Governor of Singapore - MAC.16/3/1-70
Colonel Dalley 1946-1948
16/1/1-46*, 16/2/1-58*   21 May 1946 - 31 December 1948
Correspondence between MJM and Colonel J D Dalley re and including proposals for a Political Intelligence Bureau in British Malaya; strikes; Tan Cheng Lock and Malaccan Chinese; personalities; note on Indonesian influences; interview given by Lord Listowel to MDU representatives; Joint Intelligence Committee; personnel; amalgamation of Malayan Security Service into police forces; Dalley's employment; SIFE appointments; work of SIFE.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office. MAC.16/2/53-53 are redacted photocopies of originals.
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and Dalley - MAC.16/1/1-46
Digitised material for Correspondence between MacDonald and Dalley - MAC.16/2/1-58
Sir Roland Braddell 1946-1950
17/1/1-98   8 December 1946 - 1 April 1950
Correspondence with Sir Roland Braddell re MJM's marriage; enclosing draft of Part 1 of constitution of the 8 States; Cheeseman Committee's Report; the Federation of Malaya and cooperation; arrangements for meetings with; membership of the Friends of Singapore; Communities Liaison Committee; nationality and federal citizenship.
Papers re creation of post of Commissioner General 1947-1948
17/2/1-100   16 February 1947 - 29 January 1948
Commissioner General for the UK in South East Asia, correspondence with Lord Killearn re amalgamation of his and MJM's posts of Special Commissioner and Governor-General and other matters including Defence Committee, Social Welfare Conference.
17/3/1-35   9 January 1948
Monteath Report on the combined offices of Governor-General and Special Commissioner, functions, staff, etc.
17/4/1-25   24 January - 6 June 1948
Correspondence, despatches, etc, re amalgamation of staff; economic organisation; duties of Commissioner General; salary and allowances.
Special File 1948
Dato Onn Ja`afar 1948-1951
17/5/1-69, 17/6/1-110   [May] 1948 and August 15 - 29 October 1951
Correspondence between MJM and Dato Onn, Colonial Office, Sir Alexander Newboult, Sir Henry Gurney, including notes of interviews with Dato Onn, re Data Onn, his threatened resignations from the Federal Executive Council and other Federal bodies; administration not according to the Federal Agreement; Federal Government interference in State Government matters; visit to London; participation of Malays in government, etc; discussions with the Colonial Office; Malay Regiment; status of Sultan of Johore; quarrel with the Rulers; Government servants' involvement in political activities; suggested reconstruction of Federal Council; formation of Independence of Malaya Party.
Death of the Governor of Sarawak 1949-1950
17/7/1-107   3 December 1949 - 4 January 1950
Miscellaneous papers re, including telegrams re the attack, medical care, publicity; telegrams of sympathy; memoranda on arrangements for the funeral.
South East Asia (Commissioner General)
UMNO 1949
18/1/1-36   15 December 1949
Notes on MJM's talks with Dato Onn (see also in Dato Onn correspondence).
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: talks with Dato Onn - 18/1/1-36
Communities Liaison Committee 1949-1950
18/2/1-9   [8 February 1949]
Draft memorandum on relations between the Malays and the Chinese in Malaya.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: relations between the Malays and the Chinese in Malaya - 18/2/1-9
18/2/10-37   16 September 1949 - 19 May 1950
Communique and statements of policy re cooperation towards nationality and self-government; economic and political affairs; newspaper extracts (photocopies).
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: Communities Liaison Committee 1949-1950 - 18/2/10-37
18/2/38-58   19 April 1950 - 9 March 1951 and nd
Note on statement by Communities Liaison Committee; summary of Cabinet Meeting on Malaya; notes for speech on influence of Communism in Malaya and Asia.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: Communities Liaison Committee 1949-1950 - 18/2/38-58
Official papers - Special files 1950-1955
Bukit Serene, Mallaig and other Conferences 1950-1955 Telegrams mostly to Foreign Office reporting on conferences of British representatives in Far East (for additional file on 1950 conferences see at end of this section).

18/3/1-30*   9 August - 15 December 1950
Telegrams re the cold war; return of Chinese to China for education; appointment of General de Lattre in Vietnam; Korea and China; the situation in the Far East, mainly re China; propaganda; Formosa; Indonesia; Burma; Siam; Japanese peace treaty.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: telegrams, 1950 - 18/3/1-30
18/4/1-20*   25 October - 17 December 1951
Telegrams re possible agenda; propaganda; South East Asia strategic and political importance; Communist methods and counter-measures; China; Indo-China; Burma; Siam; Indonesia; Japan; the Colombo Plan; Malaya; training of labour officials.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: telegrams, 1951 - 18/4/1-20
18/5/1-26*   16 September 1952 - 16 January 1953
Telegrams re attendance of Lord Reading; invitations; Indo-China; Burma; trade; the Kuomintang; defence in South East Asia; Communist tactics; Japan; Anglo-American cooperation; rice; propaganda; aid to South East Asia; Ceylon.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: telegrams, 1952-53 - 18/5/1-26
18/6/1-41   16 October - 2 December 1952
Telegrams re arrangements for conference December 4-8; invitations; acceptances; security arrangements; booking accommodation, etc.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: telegrams, 1952 - 18/6/1-41
18/7/1-15   13 November - 12 December 1953
Telegrams re agenda; participants; cold war in South East Asia; economic situation; Japanese economy; rice; propaganda.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: telegrams, 1953 - 18/7/1-15
18/8/1-33   24 August 1954 - 10 March 1955
Telegrams re arrangements; invitations; visit of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; China; Afro-Asian conference; countering subversion; Japan and the Communist countries; Colombo Powers; economic aid; elections in Vietnam.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: telegrams, 1954-55 - 18/8/1-33
18/9/1-71   19 January - 9 December 1950
Correspondence and reports on Colombo Conference in Ceylon; British Commonwealth Consultative Committee conference in Sydney; Bukit Serene Conference on the cold war in South East Asia, including arrangements for.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: conferences, 1950 - 18/9/1-71
Despatches to London 1951-1955
18/10/1-34   10 May 1951 - 2 January 1952
Reporting on conversations with General de Lattre de Tassigny, His Majesty Bao Dai and Tran Van Huu re Vietnam, army, Viet Minh, Americans, etc; talks in Indonesia with President Soekarno, etc; de Lattre's visit to New Delhi.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: despatches to London 1951-52 - 18/10/1-34
18/11/1-68*, 18/12/1-38   1 April 1953 - 17 May 1955
Re Communist conferences; visit by Adlai Stevenson; situation in Indo-China, military and political; situation in Siam after Viet minh invasion of Laos; talks with Dr J M A H Luns, Netherlands Minister for Foreign Affairs on South East Asia; China's influence; intelligence and propaganda; military balance in the Far East; security training; Cambodia; visit to Indo-China; Bao Dai; “Memorandum” by H S Stephenson on Vietnam and Diem; situation in South East Asia; India; Siam government; closer political association between Malaya and Singapore and British Borneo; Prince Sihanouk and Cambodia; emergency powers (defence); Malaya Borneo Defence Council.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: despatches to London 1953-55 - 18/11/1-68; 18/12/1-38
Memoranda and notes 1953-1955
18/13/1-55, 18/14/1-57   26 September 1953 - 14 January 1955
Memoranda by MJM:
“A note on Bao Dai” ;
note on talks with the American Ambassador in Siam and General Gillmore;
“Note on talk with Vice-President Nixon” ;
“Note on talks in Djakarta” ;
“Note on talks with M Dejean” ;
Statement by H E the Commissioner General to U Ba Thaung, the Burmese Consul;
“Constitutional Commission - Singapore”, report;
“The situation in Indo-China”, two versions;
“The position of Bao Dai” ;
“Note on the situation in Indo-China and Siam following the Geneva settlement” ;
“Note on relations with the United States, China and the Colombo Powers” (3 copies);
“Memorandum on the closer association of the Borneo territories” ;
“Note of meeting to discuss closer association between the Borneo territories” ;
“Notes on talks with Colombo Power Prime Ministers” ;
“Memorandum” re situation in Vietnam.

Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: memoranda - 18/13/1-55; 18/14/1-57
Secret and top secret letters 1954-1955
18/15/1-144*   1 March - 1 September 1954
Detailed list; letters to ministers in Saigon, Foreign Office (W D Allan, Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, etc), Colonial Office (Sir John Martin, etc), Commanders-in-Chief, High Commissioner Malaya, Governors Singapore, Borneo, Sarawak, ambassadors in Saigon, Bangkok, Djakarta, Rangoon re and including extract from report on subversive activities; ANZAM; British and United States policies in the Far East; defence; political reporting from Vientiane; visit by Chinese prisoners of war from Korea; American air bases in Siam; closer association of Borneo territories; defence and security and Australia; committee on cold war prosecution; J Alsop and leakage; situation on Thailand frontier; SOSFA's visit to Kuala Lumpur; Miss Chang; Lennox-Boyd's visit; local forces; security; Singapore Committee on Political and Economic Planning in in the cold war; Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference; royal visit to Singapore; Vietnam; British Council in Indonesia; Nanyang University; visit to Rangoon; Trevor Wilson; Standing Joint Council; long term position Commonwealth in Malaya; Hermes; shipping adviser; visit Soekarno; NUPW paper; constitutional crisis.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office. MAC.18/15/73 is redacted photocopy of original.
Digitised material for Malcolm MacDonald papers: letters - 18/15/1-144
Miscellaneous telegrams (S/5(i))1950-1953 (These are in original order within sections - generally alphabetical).

19/1/1-64, 19/2/1-60, 19/3/1-56   21 February 1950 - 1 September 1953
Mostly to London (Foreign Office and Colonial Office) also to High Commissioner of Federation of Malaya re Sino-Soviet Treaty; visits of Secretary of State; meeting of heads of diplomatic missions; visits of important people, including Nehru, Phao; personal, MJM's movements; pan-Malayan defence scheme; defence and America; Labour Attache; British election; Grassland Conference; social science research; Chinese Nationalists' proposed trade agency in Singapore; British firms in China; rubber; Burmese consulate at Singapore; Japan; naturalisation; personnel; visit to Siam; meetings of legislators British South East Asia; civil aviation; royal visit; intelligence; Chinese University; Stalin's death; Peking economic conference; Siam; anti-Communist measures; tin; J Eber; visit to Indo-China; Temangan iron mine; Korea.
Digitised material for Telegrams: Mostly to London (Foreign Office and Colonial Office) also to High Commissioner of Federation of Malaya - MAC.19/1/1-64
Digitised material for Telegrams: Mostly to London (Foreign Office and Colonial Office) also to High Commissioner of Federation of Malaya - MAC.19/2/1-60
Digitised material for Telegrams: Mostly to London (Foreign Office and Colonial Office) also to High Commissioner of Federation of Malaya - MAC.19/3/1-56
19/4/1-4   2 February 1950 - 25 August 1952
With Borneo re closer administrative cooperation in Borneo territories.
19/4/5-16   6 February 1950 - 19 November 1952
With Burma and Foreign Office re Burma government and finances; visit of MJM; personnel, Communist influence.
19/4/17-27   4 July 1950 - 19 January 1951
With Foreign Office re China and Korea; British forces to Korea.
19/4/28-38*   4 March 1950 - 29 December 1952
With Hong Kong and Foreign Office re Chinese aircraft; United States organisation and Information Service; troops and defence.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
19/4/39-59   26 January - 25 November 1952
With Indonesia, Foreign Office and Colonial Office re labour troubles at Pulau Samboe; sterling purchases; Belgian commercial mission.
19/4/60-82   17 February 1951 - 16 November 1952
With Sarawak and Colonial Office re Bertram and Anthony Brooke and anti-cessionists; promised progress towards self-government; possible Communist violence.
Miscellaneous telegrams (S/5(ii))1950-1953
19/5/1-8   24 April - 19 September 1950
With Foreign Office re HE's visit to Australia; Cocos Islands.
19/5/10-13   1 November 1950 - 23 April 1951
With Colonial Office re British subjects and Communist indoctrination (education in China).
19/5/15-30*   20 March - 9 August 1950
With Colonial Office re Chinese ambassadors and consuls.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
19/5/31-34   31 August 1951 - 22 March 1952
With Colonial Office and North Borneo re Cocos Islands - citizenship.
19/5/35-61   3 May - 12 December 1952
With Colonial Office, North Borneo, Governor of Hong Kong, etc, re Duchess of Kent's visit, including Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo.
19/6/1-21   11 September 1952 - 20 April 1953
To Tokyo, Foreign Office, High Commissioner of Malaya, etc, re Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, conferences, etc.
19/6/22-30   10 October 1952 - 20 April 1953
To Rome, Colonial Office, etc, re Food and Agriculture Association, Far East meetings, forestry, etc.
19/6/31-38   1 September - 22 November 1950
To Colonial Office, Governor of Singapore etc re Federation of Services Unions.
19/6/39-58   6 February - 20 March 1952
To Foreign Office, High Commissioner in Colombo, re Colombo Plan; note on economic situation Malaya and Borneo; Japan.
19/7/1-8   10-27 March 1950
To Foreign Office etc re Griffin mission's visit and US aid.
19/7/9-23   14 November 1951 - 18 November 1952
To Colonial Office etc re Japanese peace treaty.
19/7/24-41   24 February 1950 - 22 September 1952
To Foreign Office etc re Malayan emergency, troops.
19/7/42-46   22 July - 24 August 1950
To Burma re Melby Mission.
19/7/47-56   9 July - 19 November 1951
To Colonial Office re naturalisation of Chinese in South East Asia (British nationality).
19/8/1-6   7-14 February 1951
To Foreign Office etc re Pacific Defence Council.
19/8/7-13   10 May 1950 - 3 March 1952
To Colonial Office etc re police appointments.
19/8/14-38   19 May 1950 - 20 April 1951
To Governor of Hong Kong re political detainees, especially Chinese.
19/9/1-48, 19/10/1-63   10 February 1950 - 19 December 1953
To Foreign Office etc re rice, negotiations, committee etc.
19/11/1-8   12 February - 19 September 1950
To Foreign Office re state of emergency, Tonking, Shanghai, Kentung, Formosa, Vietminh.
19/11/9-30   3 June - 21 August 1950
To Brunei etc, re Sultan of Brunei.
19/11/31-53   24 February - 22 August 1950
To Indonesia etc, re Westerling.
19/11/54-64   20 December 1952 - 23 February 1953
To Foreign Office etc re information, Information Conference.
Miscellaneous telegrams (S/5(iii))1953-1955
20/1/1-28   8 February - 14 July 1954
To Foreign Office and Colonial Office re British Defence Coordination Committee (Far East) re ANZAM; Manila Treaty; security.
20/1/29-32*   27 May - 30 June 1955
To Commonwealth Relations Office re Communist negotiations.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
20/1/33-69   28 September 1953 - 12 July 1955
To Colonial Office re Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; personnel; Indonesia; political and security intelligence; Colombo Plan; Joint Coordination Committee; Japan; South East Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO); North Borneo; Manila Treaty; food; American aid; ANZAM.
20/2/1-53*, 20/3/1-39, 20/4/1-48*   4 January - 2 August 1955
To Foreign Office re Afro-Asian Conference; visit of Secretary of State; bombing of ship near Swatow; co-ordination of Cold War in South East Asia, committee; propaganda; security services; Political and Economic Planning Committee; anti-subversion measures; SEATO conference etc; Manila Treaty; Cambodian elections; visit of S G Holland (NZ PM); Thailand border operations; ANZAM maritime exercise; South East Asia Collective Defence Treaty (SEACDT) meetings; Bandoeng Conference; air crash; labour; Vivian; ANZAM; declaration amnesty in Malaya.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office. MAC.20/4/16, 16a, 21 are redacted photocopies of originals.
Miscellaneous telegrams (S/5(iv)) 1954-1955
20/5/1-12   26 April - 4 July 1955
To Canberra and Wellington re defence of Malaya; troops; ANZAM fleet exercise.
20/5/13-22   26 January - 21 August 1955
To High Commissioner of the Federation of Malaya and Governor of Singapore re S G Holland's visit; Cambodian International Fair; amnesty.
20/5/23-29   16-30 June 1955
To New Delhi, Colombo and Karachi re visit Siamese Prime Minister.
20/5/30-32   21 January - 10 February 1955
To Tokyo re visits of Lord Hore-Belisha and Sir Esler Dening.
20/6/1-8   21 January - 25 June 1955
To Borneo re visits to Borneo; Simla Conference.
20/6/9-20   15 January - 9 August 1955
To Hong Kong re Mallaig Conference; requisitioning of shipping; Air India crash; trade with Saigon.
20/6/21-66   7 January - 26 August 1955
To Bangkok re General Phao; visit Lord Hore-Belisha; rice; Bangkok Conference; Malayan Communist Party; defence; frontier; Vietnam refugees; ANZAM Manila Treaty; amnesty.
20/7/1-14   9 February - 11 August 1955
To Sarawak and Brunei re visits eg R G Casey.
20/7/15-35   24 February - 5 August 1955
To Djakarta re Bandoeng, Afro-Asian Conference; observer for ANZAM exercise; visit Soekarno.
20/8/1-14   10 January - 1 June 1955
To Rangoon re visits Foreign Secretary, MJM etc; China.
20/8/14-33   1 January - 28 July 1955
To various re visit Foreign Secretary; Mallaig Conference; visit Lord Hore-Belisha; visit to Manila.
Indo-China letters and telegrams (S/6)1951-1955 (Mainly for Foreign Office)

20/9/1-64   28 November 1949 - 8 August 1952
Re MJM's visits; Bao Dai; military and political situation; additional powers to Bao Dai's government; the French in Indo-China; Pignon; Ho Chi Minh's government; American interest; spread of Communism; material aid; need for political progress in Vietnam; troops in defence of Tonking area; formation of Vietnamese Army; Asian opinion; Bao Dai's political difficulties.
20/10/1-54, 20/11/1-47   30 June 1953 - 6 August 1955
Re spread of Communist influence; military situation in Vietnam; need for political concessions; Bao Dai and his politics; MJM's visit; South East Asian defence (detailed note); political situation in South Vietnam; American and French policy; Diem; Tran van Huu; Agreement between Laos and Vietminh; Quat; declaration against Bao Dai; possible revolution in Vietnam.
(Mainly to Saigon, Phnom Penh and Vientiane)
20/12/1-36   10 January - 22 July 1955
Re Vietnam; MJM's visits; New Zealand interest; Sihanouk's abdication; Sihanouk's visit to Singapore.
20/13/1-33   31 January - 13 December 1950
Correspondence between MJM and F S Gibbs, A Guibaut, R du Gardier, Bonfils, L Pignon re and including MJM's despatch on situation in Indo- China; growth of anti-Communist feeling.
(This file has been moved from classified sequence).
20/14/1-8   19 May - 3 June 1953
Programme of Commissioner General's visit to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam North and South, Sarawak.
20/14/9-47   [25] May 1953
“Notes on talks with M Letourneau”, and rough notes.
20/15/1-52   22 February - 11 March 1954
Summaries of conversations with governors, doctors etc and King of Laos during tour of Indo-China; programme of visit; correspondence re arrangements for visit; notes on people interviewed and officials.
Closer association Federation and Singapore (S/7)1949-1955
21/1/1-30   13 July 1953 - 11 August 1955
Telegrams to Colonial Office reporting on meetings of Joint Co-ordination Committee including discussions on income tax; C C Tan; possible involvement of British Borneo territories (S/7(i)).
21/2/1-23   22 August 1950 - 10 June 1952
Telegrams to Colonial Office re representation of Malaya and Singapore by Asians; closer political association between Singapore and the Federation, talks re; Dato Onn (S/7(ii)).
21/3/1-33   12 January 1949 - 15 May 1950
Telegrams to Colonial Office re discussions between Malay and Chinese leaders; Communities Liaison Committee; economic adjustment; political questions, including possible association of the Federation and Singapore, nationality and citizenship; self-government (S/7(iii)).
Constitutional crisis in Singapore (S/8) 1955
21/4/1-23   20 July - 24 August 1955
Telegrams, letters etc from Deputy Commissioner General and Commissioner General re constitutional problems over appointing assistant ministers; D Marshall; R Black; possible amendment of constitution; possible cooperation with the Federation of Malaya towards self-government; tributes to MJM in Singapore Legislative Assembly.
Joint Co-ordination Committee (S/9) 1953-1955
21/5/1-51, 21/6/1-41, 21/7/1-41, 21/8/1-54   8 July 1953 - 31 August 1955
Papers re and including terms of reference; minutes of meetings covering procedure; co-ordination; income tax; labour problems; emergency regulations; broadcasting; medical bodies; defence including civil defence; personnel and establishment; rubber; banking; immigration; conference of Rulers; closer political association.
21/9/1-14   2 January - 21 December 1954
Working notes, including “Economic arguments for closer cooperation between the Federation of Malaya and Singapore” by F C Benham; letter from M[ ] on possible joint Council with legislative powers as a second Chamber; defence.
21/10/1-94   31 January 1955
“Interim report of the Joint Co-ordination Committee” (also printed version Interim report...).
Burma (S/10)1952-1954
21/11/1-18*   20 June and 17 November 1952 and 5-9 June 1954
Letters (personal and private) from MJM to R H Scott on relations with Burma and misinterpretation by the Embassy, (recommendations of type of person needed by Embassy in Rangoon).
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
General Correspondence 1948-1955
22/1/1-70   2 December 1948 - 25 August 1955
Correspondence from P Pibulsonggram, E F Twining, C R Attlee, P Fraser, Yoshida, F Topolski, Sir Stafford Cripps, Pyarelal, G Yeh, J Griffiths, Jawaharlal Nehru, [Cambodia], R G Menzies, P Gordon-Walker, Bao Dai, M Gilliat, A Eden, O Harvey, Lady Mountbatten, Mme de Lattre, R A Butler, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, D S Marshall re visit to Thailand; conferences; India and the Commonwealth; knighthood for MJM; visit to South East Asia of Secretary of State for the Colonies; Nehru thanks hospital; visits of VIPs and others to Singapore; Angkor; MJM's career; contacts with Vietnam; contacts with Japan; de Lattre; Indo-China; Red Cross work; Vietnam; visits; creation of Singapore Legislative Assembly; personnel.
Correspondence - Classified files 1948-1955 (These are arranged in a classified order, modified from that used by MJM).

Correspondence with Colonial Office and Foreign Office officials 1948-1955
22/2/1-75, 22/3/1-72, 22/4/1-63   1 May - 31 December 1948
Correspondence between MJM and P S Scrivener, Colonial Office (Sir Thomas Lloyd, A Creech Jones, etc ), F C Gimson, J Bowker, H P Bryson, K K O'Connor, R Hone, T V Soong, R S Stevenson, Sir Edward Gent, A Newboult, T Barlow, A Grantham, G H Thompson re Siam/Malaya frontier and Southern Siam; Dato Onn's visit to London, Cheeseman Cocoa Report; personnel and honours; timber; labour and trade unions in Borneo; Intelligence in Sarawak; Chinese residents; closer cooperation between the Federation and Singapore; security measures against the emergency; T V Soong and China; politics and government, Americans and Communists; anti-Australian feeling; Gent; incident in Kelantan; need for troop reinforcements; Dato Onn and resignation; meeting with Malay leaders re economic progress; H Gurney; Siam and Pibul; local defence; copies of MJM's speeches; Security Intelligence; conference of UK diplomatic and administrative representatives in South East Asia; Penang secession.
22/5/1-88, 22/6/1-85, 22/7/1-75, 22/8/1-72   4 January 1949 - 24 January 1950
Correspondence, despatches and telegrams Colonial Office, Foreign Office, Sir Henry Gurney, various ambassadors, Sir Franklin Gimson, re status of Sultan of Johore; possibility Malayan Deputy High Commissioner; emergency powers; visit to Burma; Indian labour in Malaya; Penang secession; the Dutch and Indonesia; Emergency Regulations; cooperation between Malay and Chinese leaders; views of planters on police operations; Chinese miners; European miners; Communities Liaison Committee; Siam; bishop of Singapore; A Brooke and his entry into Sarawak; France and Indo-China; personnel; squatter problem; War Damage; development of Malay part in economic life of Malaya; foreign political parties in Singapore; Dyak troop recruitment; British policy in South East Asia; Communist revolt in Malaya; India's membership of the Commonwealth; Burma; Nehru; Asian cooperation in discussions in India; prohibition of foreign political societies; Tan Cheng Lock; intelligence; creation University of Malaya; British policy in Malaya; Dato Onn, interview with etc; Hong Kong; book on Sarawak; Chinese; terrorists and campaign against; Japanese political scene; speech at last meeting of liaison officers; possible cutback of military forces in Malaya.
22/8/73-101   27 March - 22 April 1949
Correspondence and telegrams re governorships between MJM and Sir Ralph [Hone], A Creech-Jones, Sir William Strang, Sir Thomas Lloyd.
22/9/1-16   15 January - 1 March 1951
Colonial Office officials - correspondence with the Colonial Office re tin; Cabinet Raw Materials Committee paper on commodity group; communication to the USA.
22/10/1-33   20 January - 10 December 1952
Foreign Office officials - correspondence re Commissioner Generalship; Indo-China; China; visit to Japan, personnel; visits.
22/11/1-37   20 February - 2 December 1952
Colonial Office officials - correspondence including M V del Tufo re the Sultan of Johore and Bukit Serene; Mrs MacDonald; The Malay Mail in difficulties; G Templar and D MacGillivray; personnel.
22/12/1-46   21 January - 23 December 1953
Foreign Office officials - correspondence with e.g. Lord Reading, R H Scott, Sir William Strang. A Eden re visits; personnel; extension of MJM's term; Burma.
22/13/1-46   2 January - 8 December 1953
Colonial Office officials - correspondence with e.g. Sir Thomas Lloyd re personnel (W Addis to be Governor of the Seychelles); personal; extension of MJM's term of office.
23/1/1-75, 23/2/1-80*, 23/3/1-69   7 January - 30 December 1954
Foreign Office officials - correspondence mainly with officials in South East Asia re personnel; continuation of MJM's stay in South East Asia; visit to Angkor and Indo-china; photographs of Mallaig Conference; visits of others in South East Asia; e.g. B Gage and Sir Hubert Graves; Indo-China problems; visit to Burma; MJM's visit to Washington; Japan; visit to Laos.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
23/4/1-88, 23/5/1-66   4 January - 31 December 1954
Colonial Office officials - correspondence mainly with those in South East Asia re personnel; personal engagements etc; visits to Hong Kong, Sarawak, Brunei, Indo-China and North Borneo; extension of MJM's term of service; book on Borneo; Joint Co-ordination Committee's progress; talks to members of Legislative Council; aide-memoire on Labuan by Urquhart; Indian immigration.
23/6/1-91   4 January - 2 August 1955
Foreign Office officials - correspondence mainly with officers in the Far East re and including good wishes; Indonesia; South East Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO) Conference; Burma-Malaya links; Vietnam; social; Mallaig Conference; Vientiane; Brunei; “Between Bangkok and Bandoeng”, address by Sir Roger Makins; visits; MJM's move to Delhi; meeting of Manila Treaty Council representatives; Cambodia.
23/7/1-108   7 January - 30 August 1955
Colonial Office officials - correspondence mainly with those in the Far East re visits; personnel; MJM's move to India, including newspaper cuttings; social engagements; visit to Sarawak.
Appointment of High Commissioner and Deputy for Malaya 1948-1952
23/8/1-111   4 May - 7 October 1948
Sir Edward Gent - correspondence and telegrams between MJM and the Colonial Office re Sir Edward Gent's transfer from Malaya and his difficulty in establishing good relations with Asiatic and European people; possible replacements - C H Cane, Sir William Battershill, J G Laithwaite, H Gurney; new post for Gent; lack of action during the emergency; death of Gent.
23/9/1-93   3 August 1948 - 13 January 1949
Correspondence and telegrams between MJM and A T Newboult and the Colonial Office re appointment of new High Commissioner, Sir Henry Gurney; discussion with the Rulers and Mentris Besar; press release.
23/10/1-21   9 October - 18 November 1951
Telegrams (drafts) between MJM and the Colonial Office re appointment; unsuitability of M V del Tufo as acting High Commissioner.
23/11/1-   12 October 1951 - 5 February 1952
Telegrams (copies) re appointment High Commissioner, Sir Gerald Templer; creation of post Deputy High commissioner of Malaya, opposition in Legislative Council; D Mac Gillivray; M V del Tufo; British policy towards Malaya; Directive to High Commissioner.
23/11/ -68   9 January - 5 March 1952
Correspondence with Colonial Office, D T Waring; re appointment of Templer; problems in general administration; deputy High Commissioner.
Senior staff changes Colonial Service and Foreign Service 1949-1955
24/1/1-4   26 February- 22 November 1949
Colonial - telgrams re R Hone.
24/2/1-74   2 January - 9 December 1950
Colonial - correspondence between MJM and the colonial Office, P A B McKerron, G Aikman; Sir Franklin Gimson, Sir Henry Gurney re promotion of G Aikman; extension of Gimson's team; A F Abell's appointment as Governor of Sarawak; Malayan Civil Service officer as Supervisor of Colonial Service courses in London University; W L Blythe as Colonial Secretary of Singapore; K C Tour's move to the Gold Coast; P A B McKerron as Malayan Agent; W Addis to be Deputy Commissioner General; W Clyde to be Rice Adviser in the Foreign Office.
24/3/1-8   29 August - 14 September 1950
Foreign - correspondence between MJM and W Strang re J Sterndale-Bennett as Ambassador in Bangkok.
24/4/1-   10 April - 9 October 1951
Colonial - telgrams between MJM and the Colonial Office re S Foster-Sutton; F Gimson's retirement.
24/4/ -63   11 April - 17 November 1951
Colonial - correspondence between MJM and the Colonial Office, Sir Henry Gurney, Sir Franklin Gimson re S Foster-Sutton and other possible future governors of Singapore; General Dunlop; Sir Franklin Gimson's retirement; rejection of report of commission of inquiry on riots; R Hone in North Borneo.
24/5/1-8   8-28 September 1951
Foreign - despatches and telegrams between MJM and the Foreign Office re J Sterndale-Bennett as Ambassador in Stockholm and R Stevens as successor.
24/6/1-18   25 January - 12 June 1952
Colonial - correspondence and telegrams with the Colonial Office re proposal for Deputy High Commissionership; extension of Sir Ralph Hone's term as Governor of North Borneo; W Addis.
24/7/1-11   26 July - 18 December 1952
Foreign - correspondence with the Foreign Office and J Letourneau re offer of Legion of Honour (nothing in Foreign service file for 1953).
24/8/1-2   6-23 July 1953
Colonial - correspondence with W Addis re appointment to the Seychelles.
24/9/1-48   15 January 1954 - 14 January 1955
Colonial, Foreign and personal staff (for other files on MJM's staff see under Correspondence members or ex-members of Commission General's staff) - correspondence with service chiefs, Foreign Office, Colonial Office etc re personnel; Comptroller for Commissioner General; J Rayner; W Clyde and the Rice Consultative Committee.
24/9/49-59   10 January - 13 June 1955
Personal staff - correspondence re appointment of a comptroller (see also under Correspondence members or ex-members of Commission General's staff).
Malcolm MacDonald personal (i.e. his career) 1949-1955

(See also above under General correspondence)
24/10/1-34   31 August 1949 - 31 December 1951
Correspondence with the Colonial Office re extension of tour as Commissioner General; honours; possible move to India.
24/11/1-19   7 January - 9 April 1952
Correspondence and telegrams with the Colonial Office re MJM's career; extension of term as Commissioner General.
24/11/20-22   22 January 1953
Letter from A Eden re extension of term as Commissioner General.
24/12/1-   4-26 May 1955
Correspondence and telegrams with the Foreign Office and Commonwealth Office re appointment to India.
24/12/ -46   24 May - 1 September 1955
Correspondence with New Delhi (G H Middleton, Acting High Commissioner) as High Commissioner Designate re minor administrative matters; personnel.
Correspondence with High Commissioners of Malaya and Deputies 1949-1955 (H Gurney, J D Higham, Gen Sir John Harding, M del Tufo, G Templer, D MacGillivray)

25/1/1-29   3 April 1949 - 22 November 1950
Correspondence re the press; foreign affairs; ECAFE; press statement re anti-bandit campaign; Communities Liaison; Dato Onn; Sir Henry Gurney.
25/2/1-100   14 January - 26 December 1951
Correspondence with H Gurney, M del Tufo re trade unions; Indo-China; Nationality Bill; association between the Federation and Singapore; discrimination in Medical Services; Training Centre for National Servicemen; Bukit Gantang on the IMP formed by Dato Onn; Dato Onn to accompany on visit to Borneo; Sultan of Johore; Gezira Scheme (Sudan); anti-Communist campaign; Chinese help in the Federation; approval of the Rulers for new High Commissioner; visit of Secretary of State; need for Chinese support in anti-Communist efforts; proposals for functions Executive and Federal War Councils.
25/3/1-82   8 January - 18 November 1952
Correspondence with M del Tufo, G Templer, D MacGillivray etc re the Rulers being informed on appointments High Commissioner and Deputy; Morley's statements in the USA; Sultan of Johore sale of land for University; arrangements for Deputy High Commissioner and possible Speaker for Legislative Council; mostly social or personal notes; talks to members Legislative Council on South East Asia; cooperation between Singapore and the Federation; Duchess of Kent's visit.
25/4/1-53   19 January - 27 November 1953
Correspondence re meetings; personal; Templer's visit to Indo-China; Loke Wan Tho as a possible member of the Legislative Council; Young Malayans newspaper; Han Suyin.
25/5/1-68   4 January - 18 December 1954
Correspondence re proposed creation of left centre party; Indonesian leaders; meetings; engagements; personal; Purcell; elections and future constitution; note on teachers of English for Chinese schools in Malaya (see also in Colonial Office section).
25/5/69-70   12 April - 20 August 1955
Correspondence re engagements.
Correspondence with Governors of Singapore 1950-1955 (Sir Patrick McKerron, J L M Gorrie, Sir Franklin Gimson, J F Nicholl)

25/6/1-19   25 January - 22 November 1950
Correspondence re General Officer Commanding (GOC) Singapore District's membership of the Executive Council in Singapore; recognition of new China government; petrol rationing.
25/6/20-46   22 June - 14 December 1951
Correspondence re hospital appointment; general administration; meeting of Commonwealth Finance Ministers in Singapore; the Press; greater Chinese involvement in the Federation.
25/7/1-   8 January - 31 December 1952
Correspondence re cultural matters; social or personal notes; H C Lim's entry visa into Singapore.
25/7/ -42   8 January - 18 June 1953
Correspondence (also with OAG Colonial Secretary W Blythe) re H C Lim; arrangements for Joint Co-ordination Committee.
25/8/1-19   13 January - 12 November 1954
Correspondence re patronage of SATA; Nanyang University; the "Fajar" case.
25/8/20-34   6 January - 21 June 1955
Correspondence re Communist Party, Gladys Chang and Chinese schools; engagements.
Correspondence with Service Chiefs, Singapore 1948-1955
25/9/1-40   15 July - September 1948
Correspondence and telegrams between MJM and General Sir Neil Ritchie, Ministry of Defence, Colonial Office re need for reinforcements and support for police force; possibility reinforcements from Australia; memorandum on military “Situation in Malaya”.
25/10/1-23   3 January - 29 November 1952
Correspondence re visit to Sarawak; military exercises; personal letters.
25/10/24-44   21 February - 18 October 1953
Correspondence re social engagements; press Conference and Indo-China.
25/11/1-25   5 January - 30 December 1954
Correspondence re their and MJM's travels and visits; the Press; social; personnel; mention of air defence.
25/11/26-36*   3 February - 8 August 1955
Correspondence re meetings; engagements; personnel; press coverage of military matters.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Correspondence with representatives of foreign governments in Singapore 1952-1955 (including France, USA, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia, Philippines, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Thailand, Ceylon, Burma, Vietnam, Canada, New Zealand)

26/1/1-37   14 January - 30 December 1952
Correspondence re and including tribute to Marshal de Lattre; social engagements; personal; speech by L B Pearson on United Nations.
26/2/1-97   9 January - 31 December 1953
Correspondence re and including personal; social; personnel; Malaya; extension of MJM's term of office; press statement by A Guibaut; meetings; “The role of the Netherlands in international politics” by J W Beyen; Japanese Economic Mission.
26/3/1-82   1 January - 23 December 1954
Correspondence re and including good wishes; personal and social matters; personnel; visits, VIPs.
26/4/1-25   28 February - 31 August 1955
Correspondence re engagements; visits; personnel; MJM's Indian appointment.
Correspondence with foreign government officials and rulers outside Singapore 1952-1955
26/5/1-24   11 February - 22 September 1952
Correspondence with USA, Ceylon, Japan, Canada re their visits to Singapore; Ceylon.
26/5/25-28   17 April - 5 October 1953
Correspondence with A Stevenson, D Eisenhower re visitors to Singapore.
26/6/1-58   1 January - 30 December 1954
Correspondence with e.g. Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Indo-China various, Burma re good wishes; MJM's visits to and discussions in Indo-China.
26/7/1-66   5 January - 23 August 1955
Correspondence with e.g. Prince Sihanouk, Cambodia, Pakistan, Ceylon, Japan, Burma, USA, Indonesia, Australia, India, Thailand, New Zealand, France, South Vietnam re visits; good wishes; culture; personnel; MJM's move to India; Afro-Asian Conference.
Correspondence with ambassadors and ministers outside South East Asia (British, Australia, American, Canadian) 1952
26/8/1-13   19 May - 25 November 1952
Correspondence re Australians; personnel.
Correspondence with members or ex-members Commissioner General's staff 1952-1955
26/9/1-25   20 January - 31 December 1952
Correspondence re personnel; personal.
26/9/26-47   2 January - 30 December 1953
Correspondence with W M Clyde, A A Dudley, K R Welbore Ker etc re rice; personnel; personal.
26/10/1-36   25 January - 28 December 1954
Correspondence with e.g. W Addis, W Clyde re personal and social matters; Malaya and terrorists; personnel; Australia's involvement in South East Asia.
26/10/37-59   8 January - 2 September 1955
Correspondence re personnel; MJM's Indian appointment; his departure.
Correspondence with royal family 1954
26/11/1-2   15 January 1954
Letter to Duchess of Kent, personal.
Correspondence with sultans 1954-1955
26/12/1-11   30 April - 13 November 1954
Correspondence with Sultans of Brunei, Kelantan, Perak, Johore re visits of MJM; good wishes.
26/12/12-21   nd and 3 April - 6 September 1955
Correspondence with Sultans of Trengganu, Negri Sembilan, Brunei, Johore, sending good wishes.
Appointment to India 1955
26/13/1-3   September 1955
Presentation copy of resolution by Legislative Council of Malaya expressing their appreciation of his services etc.
Correspondence - chronological files 1948-1955 (Copies of letters from MJM).

27/1/1-127, 27/2/1-144   30 August - 24 December 1948
Letters to officials, rulers, leaders, friends and family in South East Asia, the Colonial Office, the Foreign Office, Britain and Canada with thanks for hospitality and gifts; notes of farewell; invitations; letters of introduction; family; charities; personnel; Communist terrorists; J R MacDonalds's letters to Princess Marthe Bibesco; draft “Broadcast” by MJM on the emergency; Dato Onn; visits to Borneo; Penang secession; engagements; Bedales.
27/3-8; 28/1-10   January 7 -25 December 1949
Letters to family, officials, leaders, rulers and friends in South East Asia, the Foreign Office, the Colonial Office, Britain and Canada, re and including family news; thanks for gifts and hospitality; charities; personnel and honours; Communist terrorists; broadcasts including “Britain in Asia” ; engagements and entertainments; invitations; transport for patrols; Penang secession; Siam; Sultan of Perak; security; Communities Liaison Committee; plantations; A Eden's visit; foreign political parties in Singapore; MJM's travels; speeches; British responsibilities in Malaya; Burma; Trade Unions; Tan Cheng Lock; the Press; University of Malaya; Sarawak; Brunei; Commonwealth Conference; defence; textiles; Dato Onn's quarrel with the Rulers; collecting; Aw Boon Haw; rubber; North Borneo; meetings of Chinese and Malay leaders; rice; Hong Kong; Communist China; Dato Onn, talks with etc; Brunei; Bedales prize; compulsory teaching of Malay and English; finances; notes on conversations in Indo-China; Hashim Ghani; D Stewart's death; resolutions against United Nations Colonies idea; future Commonwealth Foreign Ministers conference; possibility of self-government for Hong Kong. (27/3/1-123, 27/4/1-140, 27/5/1-115, 27/6/1-80, 27/7/1-96*, 27/8/1-79, 28/1/1-100, 28/2/1-115, 28/3/1-125, 28/4/1-104, 28/5/1-78, 28/6/1-116, 28/7/1-92, 28/8/1-83, 28/9/1-90, 28/10/1-131)
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
29/1-10; 30/1-4   2 January - 31 December 1950
Letters to family, officials, leaders, rulers and friends in South East Asia, the Foreign Office, the Colonial Office, Britain and Canada re and including engagements and entertainments; Communist Government of China; Communities Liaison Committee, including memoranda; thanks for hospitality and gifts; invitations; personnel; MJM's visits and visitors (Commonwealth Conference); Hong Kong; honours; speeches; photographs; inauguration of Indian Republic; family matters; Penghulus; charities; collecting; good wishes; University of Malaya; rice; trade; letters of introduction; visit to Indonesia and notes on conversations; Dato Onn; Brunei; Indo-China; Malayans' study of elections; Colombo Plan; troops; Malays' training in consulates; Legislative Council; R. Braddell; Trade Unions; closer links between the Federation and Singapore; nationality and citizenship; police; security; Sultans' visit to England; Burma; Australia; Pandit Nehru's visit to Singapore; Kenya Dayaks; visit to Indo-China; MacBryan; article on Malaya; the Malayan Chinese Association; possible visit of Liaquat Ali Khan; broadcasts; visits to Borneo; birdwatching; Korea; defence; Bedales essay prize; Conference on Economic Development for South East Asia, Malayan representatives; registration; economic development; the Arts; Singapore Order in Council; War Damage claim; rubber tax; detainees; French in Indo-China. 929/1/1-79, 29/2/1-92, 29/3/1-113, 29/4/1-95, 29/5/1-87, 29/6/1-74*, 29/7/1-88, 29/8/1-96, 29/9/1-83, 29/10/1-86, 30/1/1-97, 30/2/1-106, 30/3/1-157, 30/4/1-65)
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
30/5-9 ; 31/1-9   3 January - 30 December 1951
Letters to officials, leaders, rulers, foreign and commonwealth representatives, family and friends in South East Asia, the Foreign Office, the Colonial Office, Britain and Canada re and including personnel and honours; thanks for gifts and hospitality; family matters; invitations; engagements and entertaining; end to anti-cession movement in Sarawak, A Brooke backing down; MJM's visits and visitors; letters of introduction; personal; the Press; University of Malaya; French in Indo-China; Bedales; broadcasts, speeches and articles; books on Borneo; photographs; visits to Hong Kong, Burma, North Borneo, Brunei, Indo-China, Sarawak, Indonesia; charities; defence of Singapore; the Ongs; the Arts; forewords for magazines etc; general situation in South East Asia; Ivor Novello's death; detainees; Tonking successes; rice for Ceylon; ECAFE; proposed amendments to Federal Constitution; talks with Ne Win; de Lattre; Hashim Ghani; Brunei coronation; ground nuts; Independence of Malaya Party, foundation of and Dato Onn; medical service's alleged racial discrimination; Burma; collecting; Vietnamese politics; training centre for National Servicemen; Bukit Gantang and political organisations; MJM's possible move; job references; development; governorship of Singapore; economic betterment of Malays; Gezira Scheme; Cressonite Industries; the emergency; Bukit Serene; visit of D S Senanayake, Prime Minister of Ceylon; new High Commissioner; Sir Henry Gurney's death; visit of King of Thailand; Island Club; Chinese help against terrorists; industry; naturalisation of Chinese. (30/5/1-129, 30/6/1-75, 30/7/1-101, 30/8/1-110, 30/9/1-101, 31/1/1-102*, 31/2/1-112, 31/3/1-119, 31/4/1-109, 31/5/1-118, 31/6/1-178, 31/7/1-146, 31/8/1-71, 31/9/1-99)
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
32/1-10; 33/1-9   1 January - 31 December 1952
Letters to officials, rulers, foreign and commonwealth representatives, family and friends in South East Asia, the Foreign Office, the Colonial Office, Britain and Canada re and including personnel and honours. MJM's visits to Indonesia, Sarawak, Thailand, Indo-China, Borneo, Hong Kong, Japan, Bali and various parts of Malaya; presents; engagements and entertainments; thanks for hospitality and gifts; anti-terrorist measures; University of Malaya; collecting; Communist terrorists; invitations; the Arts; appointment of Deputy High Commissioner; death of de Lattre; Island Club; MJM's career; the Ongs; photographs; proposed meeting of members of Legislative Councils from all British-administered territories in South East Asia; closer political association between Malaya and Singapore; governor of North Borneo; MJM's income tax; charities; Bukit Serene; personal; death of George VI; J Eber; letters of introduction; del Tufo; collectivisation in China; rubber industry; family matters; Tan Cheng Lock; War Damage Commission; talks with Letourneau; charities; rice supplies; propaganda; Duchess of Kent's visit; the Press; training Malayans in foreign service duties; naturalisation; new Sultan of Brunei; defence; forewords for magazines etc; Burma; Indo-China; citizenship law; Japan; “Note on a talk with Monsieur Letourneau” ; China; Cambodia; Siam and rice supplies; propaganda and publicity re Malaya; wage rates; situation in South East Asia; Chinese textbooks; “Conversations with Burmese leaders” ; Bukit Serene Conference; talks with Malay leaders re unity and inter-communal relations; International Labour Organisation; F Topolski's painting; Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference; Malayan politics. (32/1/1-104, 32/2/1-103, 32/3/1-109, 32/4/1-82, 32/5/1-230, 32/6/1-97, 32/7,1-147, 32/8/1-145*, 32/9/1-167, 32/10/1-169, 33/1/1-128, 33/2/1-130, 33/3/1-73, 33/4/1-124*, 33/5/1-138, 33/6/1-125, 33/7/1-227, 33/8/1-172, 33/9/1-226)
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
34/1/1-107*, 34/2/1-165*, 34/3/1-79*   7 January - 30 December 1953
Letters to officials, foreign and commonwealth representatives, rulers, friends and family in South East Asia, the Foreign Office, the Colonial Office, Britain and Canada re and including mines; trade unions; MJM's visits in Malaya, and to Burma, Brunei, Thailand; Chinese University; the Press; personnel; visitors; invitations; defence of Malaya; Brunei; visits of Phillipine Army representatives and Burmese police; formation of inter-communal political organisation; development of cooperation between the Federation and Singapore; G Wallinger and E Stanton and Thailand; Phyto-Sanitary convention; elections to State and Settlement Councils; British administration in South East Asia, especially Malaya, and Foreign Office cuts; constitutional developments; Dato Onn; note on talk with General Phao; note on talks with Malayan leaders; exchanges of intelligence with Thailand; co-ordination between Borneo territories; information work; evacuation in event of war; Indo-China situation; Wan Tho possible member Legislative Council; diplomacy; new defence agreement with Burma; defence British Borneo; Malayan liaison unit in South Siam; communities cooperation; Brunei development; rice; Commissioner General's duties, in event of war with China; talks with General Donovan and General Gillmore; Pibul; Thailand defence; correspondence courses from Australia.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
34/4-9; 35/1-9   2 January - 31 December 1954
Letters to officials, foreign and commonwealth representatives, members of the armed forces, rulers, family and friends in South East Asia, the Colonial Office, the Foreign Office, Britain and Canada re and including personnel and honours; thanks for gifts and hospitality; MJM's visits to Indo-China, Hong Kong, Borneo, Burma, Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, Washington, Australia, New Zealand; rubber embargo; talks British representatives in South East Asia; the Press; the Arts; charities; family matters; engagements and entertainments; invitations; the Ongs; ECAFE conference; loan from Brunei; invitations; extension of MJM's term of office; photographs; letters of introduction and references; visitors; Chinese born in North Borneo; Thailand defence; collecting; book on Borneo; Joint Co-ordination Committee; banking; Communists; visit of Yoshida, Japanese Prime Minister; Tin Agreement; closer political association of Federation of Malaya and Singapore and Borneo Territories; Chinese Art Exhibition; Indo-China; Joint Co-ordination Committee; talks to members of Legislative Council; University of Malaya; politics and constitutional matters and Lee Kong Chian; Commissioner General's Conference; Indonesia; Bedales; Asian Socialist Bureau Study Mission's visit; Gopala Menon; Asian representatives on international conferences; Indian immigration to North Borneo; land titles; South East Asia Treaty Organisation; Malayan graduate teachers; education of Chinese in Singapore and Malaya; W Clyde and rice. (34/4/1-86, 34/5/1-92, 34/6/1-91, 34/7/1-120, 34/8/1-129, 34/9/1-99, 35/1/1-106, 35/2/1-124, 35/3/1-119, 35/4/1-210, 35/5/1-152, 35/6/1-120, 35/7/1-92, 35/8/1-120, 35/9/1-170)
36/1/1-163, 36/2/1-139, 36/3/1-195, 36/4/1-140, 36/5/1-225, 36/6/1-139, 36/7/1-188   4 January - 20 September 1955
Letters to friends, officials, foreign and commonwealth representatives, members of the armed forces, rulers and family in South East Asia, Canada, the Colonial Office, the Foreign Office and Britain re and including thanks for gifts and hospitality; personnel and honours; visitors; invitations; engagements and entertainments; book on Borneo; University of Malaya; collecting; charities; family matters; references and letters of introduction; arrangements for conferences; Indo-China; the Press; Burma; China and dual nationality for Malayan Chinese; closer association British Borneo territories; labour problems; Cambodia; visits to Thailand, Indo-China, Borneo, Hong Kong; the Arts; UNESCO; the emergency; development and welfare; Malayan politics; restrictions on food imports into Thailand; MJM's move to India; Rice Committee; unemployment in Singapore.
Singapore programme etc [1950-1959] (with forewords by M MacDonald).

36/8/1-101, 36/9/1-51   March 195[0] - [1959]
“A festival of Chinese fashions” and “Rendezvous with Eve” (2 copies), Chinese Ladies Association; Maudrene's School of Dancing programmes; Badminton Magazine of Malaya, Vol 1, No 2, Nov-Dec 1951; “The World of Suzie Wong”, theatre programme.
South East Asia - Brunei
Report 1941
37/1/1-6   1941
“Annual report for the year 1941”, including geography, history and climate.
Coronation 1951
37/2/1   31 May 1951
Despatch from Commission General in South East Asia on the coronation of Omar Ali.
37/2/2-29   29 May - 1 June 1951
Programme for coronation of Omar Ali Saifuddin (2 copies); printed copies of speeches at coronation in English, Malay and Jawi script; note by I B M Jahfar on the procedure concerning the nomination and accession of a Brunei Sultan.
Ceremonial occasions 1954
37/2/30-49   23-30 April 1954
Programme of ear-piercing and circumcision ceremonies of the daughters of the Sultan.
Correspondence (undated)
37/2/50    nd [May 31]
Letter from F W Douglas on the Sultan.
Articles etc 1951-1952
37/3/1-54, 37/4/1-71   October 1951 - 1952
Straits Times Annual for 1952 including “Brunei crowns a Sultan” by E L S Jennings; “Stories of Brunei - Daru`l Salam” by Mohamed Raus bin Haji Mohamed Amin; Far Eastern Economic Review, Vol XII, No 14, April 3 1952 including articles on Borneo.
37/5/1-67*, 37/6/1-70    nd
Articles by MJM on Brunei and events concerning the Sultan; drafts.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Photographs [1950]
37/7/1-4   nd [1950]
Photographs of the new Sultan of Brunei, Omar Ali Saifuddin, his wife and children.

(For newspaper articles on Brunei on 25th anniversary of Sultan Ahmed's succession and on his death, see below under Newspaper cuttings).
South East Asia - Sarawak
Reports 1945
38/1/1-67   11 October 1945
“Semut III Party report” by Major W L P Sochon, including “Report on W/T communication Rejang Area” ; “Report on the Belaga, Bintulu and Long Nawang area” by Capt R A Astill; “A brief report on fighting in Labang, Pandan and Sebauh” ; “Report made by Awang Sutoh on the massacre of Europeans at Long Nawang” ; Appendices including ultimata to the Japanese.
38/1/68-79   1945
Extracts from “Report: Operations Semut II”.
38/2/1-106   13 October 1945
“Administration report for the Third Divisional Residency of Sarawak for the period 25th July to 10th October, 1945” by J C B Fisher, covering liberation, administrative policy, staff, finance, commendations various people, war criminals.
Cession of Sarawak, reports and papers 1945-1948
38/3/1-32   post 10 May 1945
“Resume of relations between His Majesty's Government and the government of Sarawak since June, 1944” ; “Opinion” by H Wynn Parry and A D McNair on the Colonial and Foreign Office statement on the international status of Sarawak; “G T M MacBryan and his connection with Sarawak affairs” ; “Report on Mr G T MacBryan” by Col Lane; newspapers cuttings and extracts on cession; “Political feelings in Sarawak about cession” by MJM (draft); political will of Sir Charles Brooke and extracts from C V Brooke's accession oath.
38/4/1-91   30 June 1946 - 25 May 1948
“Speech of H E the Governor-General Mr Malcolm McDonald (sic) PC at cession ceremony of Sarawak” ; “Speech to school children in Kuching” ; Lawas list; “The cession of Sarawak” ; Press statement by Governor-General after A Brooke's statement; A Brooke's statement on the cession; note on Sarawak, including historical facts; “Memorandum on development in Sarawak” ; menus; queries and answers on schools and hospitals; speeches by the Governor of Sarawak, including at the opening of the Council Negri; “Note on development of local government in Sarawak” ; note on native treasuries; “Note on constitutional development”.
(List inside file of original order of these papers).
38/5/1-62   post July 1946
“The cession of Sarawak” ; “Note on the activities of Captain Bertram Brooke and Mr Anthony Brooke May-Dec 1946” with appendices.
38/6/1-53   24-27 March, 11 August, 16 August, 15 September, 27 October 1946
MJM copies of diaries of travels in Sarawak (typed).

(For other papers on Sarawak, see in next section Cession of Sarawak, correspondence)
Cession of Sarawak, correspondence 1940-1947
38/7/1-22   18 January 1940 - 26 April 1946
Copies of corespondence from Sir Shenton Thomas to the Rajah re Anthony Brooke's actions on debts of officers etc; Sir Bertram Brooke to Capt Gammans with correspondence including letters from and to Datu Patinggi re the actions of G T M MacBryan and possible bribes.
38/7/23-73   4 April 1946- 7 January 1947
Correspondence between MJM and A Bryant, Sir Bertram Brooke re the cession of Sarawak, popular opinions in Sarawak and Sir Bertram Brooke's rights, enclosing statement on “Sarawak succession” by W C Crocker; “Memorandum” by A Bryant on the views of Sir Bertram Brooke and his son; “Sarawak” by A Bryant, repr. Sunday Times ; article on the cession of Sarawak by A Bryant from Illustrated London News ; extracts from the letters and writings of Sir James Brooke, 1st Rajah of Sarawak; “Message from the Rajah of Sarawak to his people” on cession; cutting from Scotsman.
Articles and printed material 1949-1958
38/8/1-29, 38/9/1-30   August 1949 - 1958
“Inland peoples of Sarawak” by T Harrisson in Corona, Vol 1, No 7, August 1949; “The Iban of Sarawak” by J D Freeman in United Empire, Vol XLIV, No 3, May-June 1953.
38/10/1-10   6 August - 9 September 1953
Speech of Temenggong Koh, with comments by I A N Urquhart.

(For newspaper articles on Sarawak, see below under Newspaper cuttings).
South East Asia - North Borneo
Administrative papers 1947
37/8/1-51   30 June - 25 August 1947 and nd
Letter or memorandum on the development of the constitution of North Borneo from E F Twining, Governor, to A Creech Jones, Secretary of State for the Colonies; information about the war against Japan; “A report on the Muruts living in the Labuan and Interior Residency” by D Headley, Acting Resident [mid 1947], on the decline in their population.
Article re British Borneo in general 1947
37/8/52-67   October 1947
“Borneo facts and fancies” by D R Rees-Williams from Eastern World, October 1947.
Later papers on South East Asia
Visits to South East Asia (mainly Malaya) 1969-1977
39/1/1-78   17 July - 7 December 1969
“Towards a motivated society”, speech by Tan Sri M Ghazali bin Shafie; “Leadership and a motivated society”, address by Tan Sri M Ghazili bin Shafie; “Education policy and implementation” on the use of Malay as a national language; records of MJM's conversations with Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Dr Ismail, Dr Chen Man Hin, Tan Toh Hong; “Some thoughts on the Consultative Council” ; notes by M Walker on conversations with Dr Lim Chong Eu, Tun Tan Siew Sin; “Impressions of inter-communal and inter-state relations in Malaysia”.
39/2/1-41   May - September 1971
“Notes on the situation in Malaysia” ; “Speech by Dr Tan Chee Khoon on the debate on development estimates for 1971” ; “Visit to Vietnam” ; speeches by Dr Tan Chee Khoon in the forum etc, “Should mass communication be a free system in Malaysia?” ; on the Medical Bill, on the debate of the second Five Year Malaysian Plan, “The fallacy of Chinese domination in Malaysian economy and how this has led to racial misunderstanding”, “Higher education in Malaysia - retrospects and prospects”, on the Constitution Amendment Bill; “The situation in Malaysia”.
39/3/1-9   20 February - 9 October 1976
Note on talk with Datuk Hussein bin Onn; report from D Cole to the Foreign Office on his and MJM's talk with the King of Thailand in Bangkok.
39/3/10-20   31 October and 1 November 1977
“Talk with Datuk Hussein bin Onn” ; notes by D Cole and MJM on MJM's audience with the King of Thailand.
Correspondence re visits to South East Asia 1969-1971
39/4/1-68   19 September - 12 December 1969
Letters and telegrams between MJM, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and F Kennedy, various British representatives, H Smedley, M Walker, Sir Morrice James re and including itinerary; visits to Sarawak, Malaya, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Burma; travel arrangements; arrangements for meetings; notes on talks with King Sri Savang Vatthana, Prince Souvanna Phouma, Phagna Khamphan Panya and Phoui Sananikone in Vientiane.
39/5/1-4   10 March 1970 - 6 May and nd
Letters from D Watherston re non-Malays in Malaysia; from T Kwa; notes of people's addresses in Hong Kong.
39/5/5-78   23 January - December 1971
Letters and telegrams between MJM and Runme Shaw, L S Price, [ ] Reid, C Stone, Sir John Johnston, S Falle, F Kennedy, E Owen, British representatives, H Tuan, M A Jaspan, Ahmad Subardjo Djoyoadisuryo, Thio Chan Bee, re and including itinerary; visits to Sarawak, Singapore, Malaya, Istanbul, Indonesia, Brunei; closing down of post in Kuching; arranging meetings; programmes of visits; social gatherings.
39/6/1-37   22 February 1976
Correspondence with Datuk Hussein bin Onn and Sir Eric Norris re meetings; MJM's research for his account of Dato Onn and communities liaison; proposal for regular visits and talks.
Correspondence and interviews
Malaysia 1960-1979
39/7/1-107, 39/8/1-97   28 October 1960 - 27 December 1980
Correspondence between MJM and Malayans, including Butra Jamal [_ail] and Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, A G Gilchrist, Sir M Walker, researchers, Thio Chan Bee, L Karen Chong, D Hawley re personnel; University of Malaya; Communist threat; answers to researchers' questions on Malaya; interview for Malaysian National Archives; book by Thio Chan Bee with Introduction by MJM including forewords etc for; requests for permission to publish; interview by J Drysdale.
39/9/1-22   29 October 1971 and 16 August 1974
Correspondence re MJM's research on the Communities Liaison Committee and Dato Onn; copy of “Statement by the Communities Liaison Committee” ; notes; letter re television film on Malaya.
39/10/1-60   [1978]
Thesis by R Sim on insurgency in Malaysia with notes by MJM.
39/11/1-20   1979
Memorial volume to Thio Chan Bee.
39/11/21-36   nd [1955-60]
Note on book on South East Asia by R Baxter; “South East Asia” by MJM; “The importance of Asia” by MJM.
Sarawak and Borneo correspondence 1956-1980
39/12/1-32   [Dec 1955] and 29 November 1956 - 18 March 1958
Correspondence and Christmas cards from A Abell, T Jugah, M Wallace, R Needham, [ ], V Brooke, Seggei, Datu Bandar, V Elwin, E Pollard, Kanyan T Koh, re Temenggong Koh; MJM's Borneo People ; death of Apai; death of Temenggong Koh.
39/13/1-84   10 January 1959 - 29 September 1980
Correspondence between MJM and Kanyan T Koh, T [Jugah], P Sibat Semada, C J M Ross, F Kennedy, P Tinggom, E G Lewis, L S Price, J B Johnston, E G Norris, T Harrison, R Hanbury-Tenison, E Ong, J Jimbun, Daisy Segie, Alice Pungga, N C H Teo, J Grimes, re Kanyan Koh's schooling; news of the Balleh, Upper Rejang and Sarawak; Kapit; payment for young Ibans' schools; elections; Kenneth Kanyan's visit to England; Royal Geographical Society Mulu (Sarawak) Expedition; news of Sarawak friends.

(For other correspondence re Sarawak friends and schooling, see under Africa)
Verses on Sarawak etc 1946-1957
40/1/1-7   September 1946 - 1957 and nd
“Ode to the Adat Lama” by L K M [ ]; “Rhyme of a d'Hulu” by L K M [ ]and B J C S [ ]; “You are my sort of person....” ; “The mist has kissed....” by Sylvia; “Segura” by G Lyons.
Articles re Ibans, etc 1957-1980
40/2/1-56, 40/3/1-49, 40/1/18-62   1957, 1958, September 1980
“The family system of the Iban of Borneo” by J D Freeman; “The Iban” by J D Freeman; “Some reflections on the nature of Iban society occasioned by the writings of Professor J Rousseau” by J D Freeman (pre-publication drafts).
40/1/8-17   nd [c.1970's]
“Constraints on research in colonial and post-colonial Sarawak” by H S Morris, repr. University of Western Australia Anthropological Forum Vol IV, No 2.
Brunei correspondence 1955-1977
40/4/1   December 1955
Christmas card from Omar Ali Saifuddin.
40/4/2   25 July 1962
Letter from Sir Dennis White re Brunei.
40/4/3-15   2 October 1969 - 11 October 1977
Correspondence from M [ ] and R [ ], T Harrisson, P McLaughlin, P M Shariffuddin, B Bentley re personal; expedition to the Punan tribe; museum; aid.
Negotiations with Brunei 1974-1979
40/4/16-44, 40/5/1-47   26 July 1974 - 15 July 1978
Correspondence between MJM and J K Hickman, Sir Omar Ali Saifuddin, J A Davidson, Lord Goronwy-Roberts, Hassan al Bolkiah on the Limbang issue; Brunei's relations with Sarawak and Malaysia; British involvement and new agreement with Brunei; negotiations for Brunei's independence.
Visit to Brunei, correspondence and reports 1979
40/6/1-47   31 March - 19 November 1979
Correspondence (and copies) between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and J D Hennings, A C Watson, MJM and notes re Lee Kuan Yew's talks with Sir Omar; possible membership of ASEAN for Brunei; need for more democratic government in Brunei; need for development in Brunei; personnel; MJM's visit; death of Sir Omar's wife.
Printed material re negotiations with Brunei 1971-1979
40/7/1-137, 40/8/1-   1971 - 1974
Constitutions of the Countries of the World, ed A P Blaustein and G H Flanz:
Kuwait by E B Blaustein New York, 1971 (photocopy)
Nepal by K M Sharma New York, 1972 (photocopy)
Bahrain by J N Gatch New York, 1974 (photocopy)

40/8/ -    1974
“Bahrain's first parliament” H M Ambassador at Bahrain. Foreign and Commonwealth Office Diplomatic Report No 312/74 (photocopy).
40/8/ -69   1976
“Kuwait at the crossroads: the end of a democratic experiment” H M Ambassador at Kuwait. Foreign and Commonwealth Office Diplomatic Report No 340/76 (photocopy).
40/9/1   1979
“Treaty ... between ... the United Kingdom ... and His Highness Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan ... of Brunei with exchanges of notes” Cmnd 7496, HMSO 1979.
40/9/2-6   nd [post 1975]
“The Brunei negotiations”, extract from book or article (photocopy).
Ne Win, report on talk with 1969-1970
40/10/1-35   15 December 1969 - January 1970
'Note on a talk with General Ne Win' by MJM (draft and official copy); letter to Ne Win.
Correspondence re Burma 1961-1980
40/10/36-52   14 December 1961 - 10 February 1970
Correspondence from Ne Win, R Allen, G C Whitteridge re military take-over; MJM's visits; Ne Win's visits to Europe; political situation.
40/10/53-55   7 March [1970] - 20 December 1980
Correspondence from G [ ], A W Woodruff re present state of Burma; Britain-Burmah Society.
Article on Burma's independence 1970
40/10/56-63   December 1970
“Ba Maw and the independence of Burma” by L Allen (Studies in the Japanese Occupation of South East Asia, 1942-45 (1)) repr from The Durham University Journal, Vol LXIII I (New Series Vol XXXII, No 1) December 1970.
Correspondence re Vietnam 1964-1971
40/11/1-4   24 March 1964 and 8 September 1971
Correspondence from R [ ] and between I Sproat and MJM re British Advisory Mission to Saigon; the Americans; Diem; group to promote understanding of Vietnam.
Correspondence re Thailand 1970-1978
40/11/5-9   January 1970 - 3 March 1978
Correspondence between MJM and Prince Bhanubhandu Yugala, Konthi Suphamongkhon re MJM's visits to Thailand and Prince Yugala's to England; Thailand's constitution.
Correspondence re Cambodia 1957-1960
41/1/1-33   18 May 1957 - 20 September 1960
Correspondence between MJM and Norodom Sihanouk, H N Brain, A Douglas Home re Sihanouk's success in elections; MJM's book on Angkor; including Biographie de Son Altesse Royale Norodom Sihanouk ; arrangements to meet Sihanouk; MJM's help with international relations with Cambodia.
Correspondence mainly with Sihanouk 1960-1981

(See also under India).
41/2/1-85*   29 March - 29 October 1960
Letters and telegrams between MJM, the Foreign Office and Prince Norodom Sihanouk (Sihanouk), D J Swan, the Commonwealth Relations Office, Sir Harold Caccia, H A F Hohler re MJM's visit to Cambodia; political and constitutional developments in Cambodia; rebels; possible end to Cambodian neutrality; Sihanouk head of state; Cambodian relations with America and China, also Thailand and Vietnam; MJM's talks with Sihanouk; “Talks with Prince Sihanouk” by MJM.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office: MAC.41/2/21 and 21a are redacted photocopies of originals.
41/3/1-53, 41/4/1-43   19 May 1961 - 14 December 1962
Communications with Sihanouk during the International Conference on Laos (mostly letters from Sihanouk), also letters to the Foreign Office and from P Murray re Sihanouk's views on South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos; meetings with Sihanouk when in Geneva; Sihanouk's help with Nice and Zurich discussions between the Laotian Princes; discussions on Laos, especially between the Laotian Princes; Laos' neutrality or socialism; unification of Laos; lack of successful settlement in Laos; MJM's visit to Cambodia; agreement; invitation to Sihanouk to close the conference; Cambodian declaration of neutrality; relations with Thailand and South Vietnam and with America.
41/5/1-20   20 July 1961 - 20 January 1962
Copies of telegrams from MJM to Sihanouk re progress of International conference on Laos; discussions on neutrality, declarations commission of supervision and control, proposed Agreement; hopes for and movement towards a Government of National Unity in Laos.
41/6/1-16   17 September 1963 - 18 May 1964
Correspondence between MJM and Sihanouk, P Murray re and including good wishes; general news of Africa and Cambodia; breaking of relations with South Vietnam; Anglo-Cambodian relations; possible meetings.
41/7/1-67, 41/8/1-68   16 September 1968 - 5 January 1981
Telegram to Phnom Penh, letters to Pote Sarasin, Sihanouk, Sir Robert Jackson [Chhuom Chluet] and telegrams from Sihanouk re and including British and Japanese recognition of Cambodia's territorial integrity; MJM's visit to Cambodia including programmes etc; note on talk with Sihanouk; note on talks about Cambodia's frontiers and Thailand's acceptance of them; declaration against the detention of Queen Kossamak; good wishes; war in Cambodia; struggle for national independence; liberation and Sihanouk's return; Sihanouk's departure from Phnom Penh; MJM's visit to Sihanouk in Peking; note on talks with Sihanouk; the current state of Cambodia; Sihanouk's visit to England.
Articles etc c 1970
41/9/1-99   c 1970
Original ms of chapter on Sihanouk in Titans and others by MJM; also part of typed version.
Programmes and invitations 1949-1958
41/10/1-55   17 November 1949 - 9 November 1958
Programmes for dances by the Royal Corps de Ballet at Phnom Penh Palace in honour of MJM; menus for dinners given by Sihanouk, Penn-nouth, Chan-nak; programme for dramatic entertainment; invitations; programme de la Fete Nationale de L'Independence.
Photographs 1949 and nd
41/11/1-18   17 November 1949 and nd
Norodom Sihanouk and MJM, also M Pignon, dancers of the Royal Ballet.
Printed Material 1965
41/12/1-135   December 1965
Documents relating to the British involvement in the Indo-China conflict1945-1965 Miscellaneous No 25 (1965) Cmnd 2834, London, 1965.
India, High Commissioner
Letters on appointment 1955
42/1/1-26   16 May - 1 September 1955
Letters from MJM's friends and colleagues in Canada, South East Asia and Britain congratulating him on appointment to New Delhi.
Despatches and official correspondence 1955-1960 Copies of despatches and letters from MJM mostly to the Commonwealth Relations Office.

42/2/1-7   8 October 1955
Re Portuguese possessions in India.
42/3/1-36   29 February - 12 November 1956
Re India Office Library; Kashmir; talks with Nehru and Mohammed Ali; Goa; Bagdad Pact; alignment or non-alignment in South East Asia; Hungary.
42/4/1-102   19 February - 4 September 1957 and nd
Re risk of India's withdrawal from the Commonwealth over Pakistan and Kashmir; relations between Britain and India; Nehru at the Commonwealth conference; consultation with India on foreign affairs; the state of the Indian union and Nehru; India and the Arab world; the importance of Asia in world affairs.
42/5/1-74, 42/6/1-98   29 March - 24 December 1958
Re Hinduism in independent India; Communism in India; Nehru and the Congress Party; Americans and Indo-Pakistan relations; Iraq; High Commissioner's accommodation; India and Nehru's attitude towards the Middle Eastern situation; oil refineries; aircraft supplies; Krishna Menon; talks with M J Desai on Indo-China; development of Indo-British cultural relations; future developments in India; visit to Prince Sihanouk in Cambodia; notes on talks with Sultan of Brunei, Prime Minister of Malaya.
42/7/1-77, 42/8/1-69   29 April - 31 October 1959
Note on talk with Nehru on Tibet; High Commissioner's accommodation; Kerala; meeting with the Dalai Lama; visit to Rangoon; General Thimayya on the Indian-Chinese frontier; talk with Nehru on China; letters including to Mrs Gandhi and H Macmillan, conversation between Nehru and W R Crocker; third Five Year Plan; Sino-Indian dispute; Communist rule in Kerala; talks with B P Koirala, Nepalese Prime Minister; India and Pakistan.
42/9/1-45, 42/10/1-57, 42/11/1-125   25 February - 28 September 1960
Visit of President Voroshilov; foreign private investment in India; talks with Morarji Desai, Sir Raghavan Pillai, S K Patil, Dr Radakrishnan the Vice-President; Chou En-lai's visit to Cambodia; talks with Brohi the Pakistan High Commissioner, U Kyiaw Nyen Consul-General of North Vietnam, Krishna Menon; speech to Police Training College, Mount Abu; talks with Dutt the Foreign Secretary, Sardar Swaran Sing; Sino-Indian relations; talks with Sir Raghavan Pillai, Field Marshal Montgomery; Krishna Menon's visit to London; Phizo and the Indian authorities; talk with M J Desai; support Russian disarmament proposals; Queen's visit to India; talks with Nehru on threatened strike of Central Government employees, with Sir Raghavan Pillai on Indians in Tibet, disarmament, with General Thimayya re frontier with China, Krishna Menon, with S K Patil re America, with M J Desai re MJM's visit to Prince Sihanouk, with Sir Raghavan Pillai; Phizo and the Nagas; changes in Indian foreign policy; talks with Sir Raghavan Pillai on Nepal police, Nehru's visit to Pakistan, with Bunker the American Ambassador, with Daw Khin Kyi the Burmese Ambassador, with Brohi the Pakistan High Commissioner on relations between Pakistan and India and Nehru's visit, with Mrs Pandit on Indo-Pakistan relations, with Apa Pant on Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim.
Semi-official correspondence 1955-[1960]
42/12/1-57   12 October 1955 - 15 December 1960
Correspondence from T [ ], Ba U, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lord Attlee, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, D [ ], H Morrison, Sihanouk (photocopy), Bandaranaike, R A Butler, Maung Nu, U Ba Swe (photocopy), K Clark, Indira Gandhi, Lady Mountbatten, H Macmillan, P Pibulsonggram, Nizam VII, R Whittington, W Nash, Morarji Desai, S Radhakrishnan, D Amory, Lord Montgomery, Mountbatten, S K Patil re and including good wishes and thanks, India; Singapore; visit of Sihanouk; Commonwealth development; Burma; Thai coup d'etat; visits of W Nash and Montgomery; visit of Morarji Desai to England; congratulations on work in India; Lady Mountbatten's death; the Queen's visit.
42/13/1-13   24 April - 16 July 1959
Correspondence between Lord Home and MJM re possible visit of President Rajendra Prasad to England.
42/12/58   19 July [1960 or 1956]
Letter from Makkan Singh Zaildar re personnel matter.
Letters on leaving India 1960
42/12/59-72   28 July - 31 October 1960
Letters from Lord Home, D Sandys, H Macmillan (photocopy), Commonwealth Relations Office, E Bunker, Morarji Desai, W H A Bishop commending MJM's work in India.

(For newspaper articles on India, see below under Newspaper cuttings.
Later papers re India
Indira Gandhi 1975
42/14/1-3   31 October 1975 - 1977
“Conversation with Mrs Indira Gandhi” note by MJM, on current situation in India; draft letter to Morarji Desai.
Correspondence 1962-1980
42/15/1-2   January 1962
New Year card from J Nehru.
42/15/2-37   13 October 1969 - 30 December 1980
Correspondence between MJM and Lord Mountbatten, Mrs Nayantra Sahgal, Mrs Indira Gandhi, Lord Brockway, J A Thomson re tribute to Gandhi; Mrs Pandit's seventieth birthday; Mrs Gandhi's election success; Bangla Desh; Indian Cultural Centre appeal.
42/15/38-54   October 1975 - 3 December 1977
Correspondence and addresses for visit to India from Capt and Mrs L K Mehta, Mahema Devadoss, K V Verghese, V Shankar, Salim Ali.
Articles on India 1961-1976
42/16/1-7   October 1961
“India and the West” by B Ward, extr from International Affairs, October 1961.
42/16/8-52   10 March - 22 April 1976
“The rich and the poor (being the relationship between the developed and the developing countries)” by B K Nehru, Andrew Lang Memorial Lecture, University of St Andrews, in India News ; “The state of liberal democracy in India” by B K Nehru, at University of Texas, in India News.
Correspondence 1960
43/1/1-14   3-20 September 1960
Correspondence between MJM and J M Addis, Prince Souvanna Phouma re congratulations on new government.
Correspondence re International Conference on Laos 1961-1962
43/1/15-17   30 June - 18 August 1961
Correspondence between MJM and the Foreign Office, Marshal Chen Yi, Nguyen Co Thach, Quinim Pholsena, G M Pushkin re the conference in general; need for Laotion delegation; personal matters (birthdays).
43/1/20-58   7 January - 11 September 1962
Correspondence from Prince Souvanna Phouma, to the Foreign Office, from D Allen, Lee Kong Chian, M Hogan, A Douglas Home re and including good wishes; MJM's visit to South East Asia during the conference in Geneva; photographs of the conference; “Georgi Pushkin” by MJM; congratulations on the success of the conference including House of Lords' debate.
Article on Laos Conference 196[ ]
43/1/60-65   196[ ]
“Swans on Lake Leman” by Han Suyin.
Later correspondence 1968-1970
43/1/66-81   12 June 1964 and 20 November 1968 - 25 April 1970
Correspondence between MJM and J M Addis, Chao Sopsaisana, H Smedley, Phoui Sananikone, Prince Souvanna Phouma re current situation; China; Sopsaisana's visit to England and career; MJM's visits to Laos; Geneva Agreement.
Visit to China in 1962 1960-1962
76/13/1-49   14 November 1960 - 28 December 1962
Correspondence between MJM and M N F Stewart, Chen Yi, [Kayuko], T W Garvey, B Crozier, T L Blau, W A Harriman, A J de la Mare, J M Douglas Pringle re proposed visit to China, travels in China and meetings with people; visit to Tokyo; visit to China of correspondent from Economist ; MJM's articles on China, delay in publication; China's relations with the USA; decision not to use MJM's articles on China.
76/14/1-25   9 October - 12 November 1962
Programme of visits in China; MJM's very rough notes on the internal situation in China; Chinese press agency reports; rough notes on talks with Chou En Lai and Chen Yi; telegrams reporting talks with Chou En Lai and Chen Yi on the Indo-Chinese, relations between China and Britain and America; telegram reporting on the internal situation in China.
76/15/1-91   October 1962
Drafts (MS and TS) of articles for The Observer entitled “Impressions of China: I The people, II Factories, III A commune”.
76/16/1-51, 76/17/1-51   4 October - 2 November 1962
“Journey in China” (2 copies of typescript) diary (copy of manuscript diary and notes on So and Hangchow, listed under Diaries).

“Chou En-Lai” by MJM, see under Death of Chou En-Lai
China despatches 1965-1968
74/6/1-29   16 June 1965 - 24 July 1967
“Some general information on the People's Republic of China” ; “China's dilemma over Indonesia” by D C Hopson Indonesia ; “Sino-Soviet relations” by Northern Department; “Pakistan: visit of Liu Shao-Chi” by C Pickard Commonwealth Relations Office Print ; “Chinese nuclear policy” by D C Hopson General Affairs ; “Pakistan: visit of the Prime Minister of China, Mr Chou En-Lai” by C S Pickard Commonwealth Office Print ; “Visit to China of Foreign Minister of Mauritania” by D C Hopson Mauritania ; “The Chinese Road” by A R H Kellas Nepal ; “Sino-Mongolian relations” by R H Mason Mongolia ; “Sino-Nepalese relations” by A R H Kellas Nepal ; “Chinese policy towards Burma” by D C Hopson Burma
(Original file 9).
74/7/1-90*   24 January 1966 - 14 May 1968
China despatches: “China: Annual Review for 1965” by D C Hopson; “Chinese foreign policy” by D C Hopson; “"Applying" Mao-Tse-Tung's thought in contemporary China” by D C Hopson; “The role of the Militia in China” by D C Hopson; “Some impressions of Shantung: China's militancy” by D C Hopson; “Some valedictory observations on Shanghai” by D C Hopson; “The great proletarian Cultural Revolution” by D C Hopson; “The Cultural Revolution: the second stage” by T Peters; “The Cultural Revolution: reflections on the second stage” by T Peters; “The Cultural Revolution: Stage III: the Red Guards” by T Peters; “Chinese National Day celebrations” by D C Hopson; “The Red Guards after four months” by D C Hopson; “Political issues in the Cultural Revolution” by D C Hopson; “China: Annual Review for 1966” by D C Hopson; “The Cultural Revolution: involvement of workers, peasants and the Army” by D C Hopson; “The Cultural Revolution: the movement to seize power” by D C Hopson; “Chinese representatives at the United Nations” by Lord Caradon; “Reactions in Peking and Shanghai to the recent Hong Kong disturbances” by D C Hopson; “Reaction in Peking and Shanghai to the recent Hong Kong disturbances, Part II” by D C Hopson; “China: Chinese policies towards Hong Kong” by D C Hopson; “China: the Cultural Revolution - the present stalemate” by D C Hopson; “China: Chinese actions against the Indian Embassy in Peking” by D C Hopson; “China: anti-British demonstrations in Peking, Part III” by D C Hopson; “Shanghai: mob attacks and the closure of the Office” by D M Hewitt; “The Cultural Revolution and education” by D C Hopson; “China: the Cultural Revolution - Mao's difficulties increase” by D C Hopson; “The impact of the Cultural Revolution on China's foreign policy” by D C Hopson; “The burning of the British Office in Peking” by D C Hopson; “China: Annual review for 1968” by Sir Donald Hopson; “The Cultural Revolution: the end of the movement” by Sir Donald Hopson; “Revolution versus production: the Chinese economy, 1967” by Sir Donald Hopson; “The Cultural Revolution: January - April 1968” by Sir Donald Hopson.
(Original file 9).
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Kenya, Governor, Governor General and High Commisioner
Background information 1960-1962
43/2/1-99   January 1960 - 3 August 1962
Kenya, Central Office of Information 1960; Report of the Kenya Constitutional Conference, 1962, Cmnd 1700, HMSO 1962; Parliamentary Debates, House of Lords Official Report Vols 240, No 78 and 245, No 16 including “Kenya Conferences” and “Kenya”, HMSO 1962; “Kenya” Foreign Office telegram Intel No 49; “Kenya: developments since the close of the Constitutional Conference” Foreign Office telegram No 130 Intel; “Statement by the Secretary of State for the Colonies” on Kenya self-government and independence.
Correspondence on appointment as Governor 1963
43/3/1-9   28 November - 31 December 1962
Official correspondence, telegrams etc on appointment re arrangements in Government House, uniform etc.
43/3/10-128   15 November 1962 - 1 April 1963
Letters of congratulation from friends and colleagues, especially from South East Asia including Sir Stephen King-Hall, D Buxton, Seton Gordon, S Clarke, W Crocker, J Davies, G Burgess, I S Michie, J Addis, F M de Mello Kamath, P Wade, R C Llewelyn, W Kitching, F Stuart, [S] J Fulton, [J B] Dunbar, Sir Beresford Clark, Sir Vere Redman, W MacQuitty, F Stark, Diwan Chaman Lall, R Baxter, J M Kirkman, L H Lamb, E Bunker, C Massey, Lord Boyd, the Bishop of Wellington, N Berlin, W Hurst Brown, N Fisher, P Dayal, Lord Ponsonby, Sir Julian Huxley, Sir William McLean; one letter re staff.
Correspondence re appointment as High Commissioner 1964
43/4/1-   14-20 September 1964
Correspondence with D Sandys re possible appointment.
43/4/ -43   21 October 1964 - January 1965
Correspondence between MJM, Sir Saville Garner, H S H Stanley re final arrangements; announcement of appointment; his staff.
43/5/1-102, 43/6/1-95   2 November - 4 December 1964
Correspondence from friends and officials in Kenya, Africa, India and Britain, including C Njonjo and B Mackenzie, with copies of replies from MJM, congratulating him on appointment.
General Correspondence 1962-1964
43/7/1-60, 43/8/1-59   20 December 1962 - 14 July 1964
Correspondence from Princess Marina (card), S Radhakrishnan, Narain Singh, J Huxley, Jomo and Margaret Kenyatta, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, F Topolski, H [ ], Lord Alport, R Welensky, E Heath, Abdul Ghayur, Viscount Cranborne, J Maude, G Simon, The Most Rev D Hurley (Archbishop Hurley), M [ ], F von Stackelberg, S Yoshida, K [ ], H Slade, L G Sagini, Salim Ali, R G Menzies, J Adamson, P Jones, J [Thompson], A Douglas Home, [ Walston], M Denis, N Sihanouk, G C Riley, Chen Yi, B Jackson, F [ ], Lord Delamere, H Macmillan, D Sandys, to the Queen from J K Nyerere, Lee Kuan Yew, Princess Alexandra, C R Attlee, Haile Selassie re personal matters; books; Common Services Organisation; social engagements; illness; visitors to Kenya; charities; thanks for good wishes; situation in Malaya; wildlife; United Nations; Malaya; Somalis; mineral development in Uganda; congratulations on Kenyan independence; relations with Ethiopia; successor to de Freitas.
43/8/60-65   14 March 1963
Letter from D Sandys re his talks in Kenya and the move towards independence.
Formerly numbered MAC.43/6/60a, 60b, 61-64.
Correspondence with Kenyatta 1963-1967 There follows a series of correspondence given original file numbers by one of MJM's secretaries. These files have been re-ordered. A copy of the original list is at 44/1.

44/1/1-46   9 April 1963 - 17 November 1964
Correspondence between MJM and Jomo Kenyatta re social matters; gifts; invitations and engagements; meetings with W Brandt, B Ward, J Goodall; new image of the Queen for coinage; Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference; meetings; foreword for book of Kenyatta's speeches; congratulations on dissolution of the KADU Opposition.
(Original file 2)
44/1/47-78, 44/2/1-111   2 February 1965 - 10 December 1967
Correspondence between MJM and Jomo Kenyatta re arranging meetings; social matters; gifts; visit of Kenyan MPs to Britain; messages from J H Wilson; Gambia becoming a republic; D Sandys and world unity; invitations to meet Sultan of Brunei; Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Meeting; Malawi becoming a republic; Kenyan National Parks; British honours for people living in Kenya; meeting of British Military Attaches; copies of correspondence with Kwame Nkrumah; India-Pakistan conflict; the film Born Free ; Rhodesia, I D Smith and J H Wilson; MJM Special Representative in Africa; use of RAF loan personnel.
(Original file 2)
44/3/1-21   12 June 1963 - 17 August 1965
Correspondence between MJM and Miss M Kenyatta re social engagements; election as City Councillor; visit to India; visit to Britain (mostly copies of letters from MJM).
(Original file 2).
Correspondence with Kenya Government 1963-1966 Copies of MJM's correspondence with various members of the government, arranged alphabetically (additional mixed files at end of section).
Not many letters from people, presumably official ones kept on official files. Often the same MJM letter sent to many people.
N.B. Invitations to meet Asian businessmen are classed as semi-official, invitations to meet visiting politicians as official.

44/4/1-18   25 March 1965 - 9 January 1967
D Arap Moi, copies of MJM's letters to and notes re official engagements; Kenyan citizenship difficulties; congratulations on his becoming Vice-President.
(Original file 60)
44/4/19-20   25 March - 2 September 1964
A P Achieng, letters to re social engagement; Jane Goodall and chimpanzees.
(Original file 60)
44/4/21-33   25 March 1964 - 4 November 1965
J H Angaine, letters to and from re social/official engagements, personnel; aid.
(Original file 60)
44/4/34-50   22 February 1964 - 16 May 1966
S O Ayodo and C M G Argwings-Kodhek, letters to and from, re social engagements; social/official engagements.
(Original file 60)
44/4/51   31 January 1964
J H Butler, letters to re social matters.
(Original file 60)
44/5/1-67   6 November 1963 - 6 July 1966
J S Gichuru, letters to and from re official and social engagements; personal; letter to Averell Harriman; East African Airways; “Monthly message from the Chancellor of the Exchequer” 1965 April, June, July, October, December; aid and Mrs B Castle; loans from Britain for land settlement; direct payments of aid.
(Original file 60)
44/5/68-74   24 March 1964 - 4 July 1966
J G Kiano, letters to, re social and semi-official engagements; supplies for visiting British warships; personal.
(Original file 60)
44/5/75   13 May 1966
Mwai Kibaki, letter to, congratulations on entering Cabinet.
(Original file 60)
44/5/76-86   6 November 1963 - 31 August 1966
M Koinange, letters to, re social and official engagements; possible conference on education; personal.
(Original file 60)
44/6/1-70   6 November 1963 - 13 July 1966
T J Mboya, letters to and from, re social and official engagements; unemployment (no detail); speeches; visit to Australia; debate on the constitution; Cambridge University conference on development; Kenyan Muslim leaders to Malaysia; expatriates for technical jobs; economic research links with Glasgow University; Edelvale Trust; self-help schemes; personal.
(Original file 60)
44/6/71-132   16 December 1963 - 6 July 1966
B McKenzie, letters to and from, re Kenya government; social and semi-official engagements; idea for meeting of Commonwealth Ministers of Agriculture; discussions on Stamp Mission interim report; Oxfam film; grants for purchase of farms on compassionate grounds; aid; Land Bank embargo on compassionate purchase; mission on land consolidation and registration; Stamp Mission, Stamp's press interview.
(Original file 60)
44/7/1-21   22 April - 11 September 1964
Jan Mohamed, letters to and from, re his son's application to go to university; semi-official and social engagements.
(Original file 60)
44/7/22-42   22 February 1964 - 13 August 1965
Njoroge Mungai letters to, re social and semi-official engagements; personnel; British Forces in Kenya exercises.
(Original file 60)
44/7/43-102   6 November 1963 - 16 May 1966
J Murumbi, letters to and from, re official and social engagements; illness; British working in Kenya; “Rhodesia”, statement by J H Wilson in the House of Commons; Kenyan representatives for conference of Commonwealth Law Ministers; personal.
(Original file 60)
44/8/1-8   25 March 1964 - 21 June 1965
D Mwanyumba, letters to and from re social and semi-official engagements; meeting of International Road Federation.
(Original file 60)
44/8/9-24   12 February 1964 - 10 August 1965
E N Mwendwa (also to Kyale and M Kitili Mwendwa), letters to, re personal; visits to farming areas; social and semi-official engagements; Oxfam film; self-help schemes.
(Original file 60)
44/8/25-40   20 January 1964 - 1 October 1966
D N Ndegwa, letters to and from, re social and official engagements; brief letters re conferences etc; Stamp Mission Report.
(Original file 60)
44/8/41   13 May 1966
R Ngala, letter to re Cabinet appointment.
(Original file 60)
44/8/42-43   25 March 1964 - 8 March 1965
K K Njiiri, letters to re social and official engagements.
(Original file 60)
44/8/44-125   22 February 1964 - 15 August 1966
C Njonjo, letters to and from, re social and official engagements; note on statement by Mak'Anyengo criticising MJM's appointment; appointments at Kenya School of Law; Magna Carta celebrations; German arms for Kenya; charities; information publications; Kenya citizenship for L Wateridge; personnel; whereabouts of Kapenguria Trial papers; Cavendish-Bentinck and the National Museum; supplies for RAF in Zambia; speed traps; Flagstaff House; J H Wilson and sanctions for Rhodesia; Zambia.
(Original file 60)
44/9/1   13 May 1966
J Nyagah, letter to re appointment as minister.
(Original file 60)
44/9/2-31   6 November 1963 - 8 December 1965
J Oginga Odinga, letters to and from, re official and social engagements; prisons; personal.
(Original file 60)
44/9/32-50   17 December 1963 - 13 May 1966
R A Oneko and J C N Osogo, letters to and from, re social and official engagements; photographs of Uhuru; misreporting of speech; gift of equipment from British Government; personnel; appointment of Osogo as minister.
(Original file 60)
44/9/51-62   22 February 1964 - 31 July 1965
J D Otiende, letters to and from, re social and semi-official engagements; overseas bursaries; School of Nursing; Oxfam film.
(Original file 60)
44/9/63-78   4 April 1963 - 11 September 1964
L G Sagini, letters to and from, re personal; conservation; social and semi-official engagements; tribute to MJM.
(Original file 60)
44/9/79-   27 April - 20 September 1965
Letters to E K K arap Bommet, G K Kariithi, M Kibaki, L O Kibinge, J L N Konchellah, J C Likimani, R S Matano, K Matiba, T Mbathi, J Michuki, J J Nyagah, J Omanga, D A Omari, re official and social engagements; personnel; leprosy; appointments (mostly invitations to meet N Fisher).
(Original file 60)
44/9/ -126   27 April - 18 August 1965
Letters to and from T J C Ramtu re Russian arms and technicians; official and social engagements; advisor to Ministry of External Affairs.
(Original file 60)
Correspondence on personnel matters 1963-1965
45/1/1-   May 1963
Correspondence re requests for references for J D Bierman.
45/1/ -56*, 45/2/1-56, 45/3/1-45, 45/4/1-55   3 August 1963 - 1964
Correspondence between MJM and D Sandys re Sir Richard Catling; Sir Geoffrey de Freitas (de Freitas); Sir Saville Garner (Garner) and D Sandys re de Freitas' speeches and travelling, unsuitability, Pridgeon incident, leaving Kenya, successor; de Freitas, Garner re Emperor of Ethiopia, “Note of a talk with the Emperor Haile Selassie” by MJM; Garner, D Sandys re MJM's stay in Kenya after Independence as Governor-General; Sir Roger Hollis re Jacobsen; Jane Rowley, Mrs M MacDonald re Jane's personal life; to L C Vass re death of President Kennedy; D Sandys, F D Webber, B M Hinga re security “Note on Kenya on the eve of the Independence Conference, September 1963”, Kenyan political situation, new constitution; L T Pridgeon; J M Shikuku, F M Bennett, R Ngala re payment of Shikuku's airfare during the Lancaster House Conference; F M Bennett's ban from Kenya; reports to the Queen on the situation and problems in Kenya, Kenyatta, Odinga, Africanisation, establishment of a one-party system, etc; K Bolton re meeting Kenyatta and Verwoerd; Lee Kong Chian re money for Comptroller's children; Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations re the Congo and possible American and Belgian intervention; Sir Francis Cumming-Bruce on Nigeria; Comte de Beaumont, Foreign Office (E Peck) re Sihanouk's relations with Americans and British; expulsion of newspaper correspondents.
(Original file 63)
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office. MAC.45/3/1-28: reports by MJM to the Queen on Kenya, embargoed until 2044.
45/5/1-28   25 June - 2 August 1965
Correspondence with Paul Ngei re his son's education in Britain; scholarship.
(Original file 8)
South East Asia 1964
45/6/1-19   4 June - 19 November 1964
Correspondence between MJM and E H Peck, R A Butler, Sir Saville Garner, T W Garvey re Prince Sihanouk; proposed journey to Asia; China; Soekarno in Indonesia; neutralisation.
(Original file 2)
British Government 1964
45/7/1-88   22 October - 8 December 1964
Lists of members of the new British Government; copies of MJM's letters to new members of the government and their replies; problem of L S B Leakey's Kenyan citizenship.
(Original file 31)
High Commissioner's correspondence 1965-1966
45/8/1-88, 45/9/1-118*, 45/10/1-98   15 February 1965 - 2 February 1966
Letters (copies) from MJM to various people in the Commonwealth Relations Office, Ministry of Overseas Development, Kenyan ministers, DSAO, British High Commissioners in Africa, United States and Australian ambassadors re and including monthly messages from the Chancellor of the Exchequer; meetings of Commonwealth Heads of Government; British troops in Kenya; visits from British ministers; personnel; “Note on a talk with Mr Oscar Kambona” ; Kenyan ministers' visit to London; “East African Currency” brief for High Commissioner; China; press coverage of Kenya; Tanzania including visit of South Korean delegation; East African Airways; possible Australian High Commission in Nairobi; Asians in Kenya; talks on the Stamp Mission's report; MJM's possible visit to South East Asia; Kenyan politics; Rhodesia; compassionate purchase of farms; Gambia to become a republic; Kenyan citizenship; Nakuru; talk with Sultan of Brunei; visit of Imperial Defence College students; whereabouts of the Kapenguria trial documents; exchanges between Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and J H Wilson re India Pakistan conflict; MJM's travels in Africa; honours; overseas aid payments; “Note on a talk with Mr Arap Moi”, (for continuation of this correspondence, see Africa (Special Representative) 1966 Special Representative's correspondence).
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Personal/semi-official correspondence 1962-1964 (This correspondence is similar to that in Personal correspondence from State House but has not been added in because of the indexes).

45/11/1-81, 45/12/1-69   26 September 1962 - 9 December 1964
Correspondence from people in Britain, France, South East Asia, India, New Zealand, and Africa including W H Sullivan, Lady Reading, Sir Alexander Symon, W Gottlieb, Chong Jin, H Berkeley, W Crocker, F D Webber, L S B Leakey, J S Gichuru, J G S Drysdale, re requests for lectures and articles from MJM; Cambridge expedition to South East Asia; Brunei; books for school in Malaya; Civil Defence; Pyrethrum; news of Bassetlaw friends; thanks for hospitality; news of friends; visit of H Berkeley; Singapore and Malaysia; personnel; radio programme; L S B Leakey's Kenyan citizenship; University College, Nairobi; aid; congratulations on MJM's work; the Somali-Kenya problem.
45/12/70-77   5 April - 4 May 1963
Correspondence from friends including Sir Anthony Abell, Lee Kong Chian re MJM's illness.
Personal correspondence files from State House 1962-1964 These files have been kept in their original order and not added to because they have indexes of correspondents in the front of each file. They are filed roughly chronologically according to replies.
These files continued by Alphabetical Sequence and parallel Chronological Sequence.

46/1/1-99, 46/2/1-96, 46/3/1-112   28 November 1962 - 1 March 1963
Correspondence between MJM and P M Renison, the Colonial Office, M Gilliat, Lady Fergusson, J W Russell, Indira Gandhi, J D Rockefeller, people in India, J Huxley, friends in South East Asia, Lord Salisbury re the post of Governor, house and staff; congratulations and welcomes to Kenya; Birds in the sun ; personal; thanks for hospitality; invitations; articles on China; conservation; birds; collecting; Kenyan politics, centre and regions.
(Original file 12)
46/4/1-133, 46/5/1-123, 46/6/1-101, 46/7/1-87, 46/8/1-74   21 February - 18 July 1963
Correspondence between MJM and people in Kenya, people from South East Asia; Eboo Pirbhai, F Stark; S Thorndike; J Russell, D Sandys, R Gardiner, J D Rockefeller, T Harrisson, J Huxley re personnel; good wishes; South East Asia; farmers; visitors; constitution; bird-watching and Christina Loke's photography; MJM's books; collecting; MJM's illness; G Ivan Smith's speech; arrangements for guests and staff; wild life; invitations.
(Original file 13)
47/1/1-110, 47/2/1-94, 47/3/1-99, 47/4/1-   19 June - 29 October 1963
Correspondence between MJM and people in South East Asia, people in Africa, J D Rockefeller, friends in Britain, J Huxley, T W Garvey, Lord Elton, etc re personnel; invitations; visitors; Christina Loke's photographs; MJM's illness; bird-watching; personal; Kenyatta; China; education.
(Original file 14)
47/4/ -96   8 July - 1 August 1963
Invitations to cocktail party for European business community and cabinet ministers, memos and correspondence re.
(Original file 14)
47/5/1-71, 47/6/1-112, 47/7/1-87, 47/8/1-106   24 October 1963 - 21 January 1964
Correspondence between MJM and friends in Britain, people and friends in India and South East Asia, people in Kenya, friends in Canada, A Denis (to not from), R G Menzies, Lord Delamere, J Huxley, T W Garvey, Lord Elton, H Van Lawick, etc re personal; thanks for gifts; invitations and engagements; thanks for hospitality; personnel; visits and visitors; Lancaster House Conference; Cambodian Art Exhibition; independence arrangements; bird-watching; Kenyan citizenship; thanks for Christmas cards.
(Most letters from famous people removed and only copies of MJM's side of the correspondence).
(Original file 17)
48/1/1-101, 48/2/1-125, 48/3/1-96, 48/4/1-80   1 January - 29 February 1964
Correspondence between MJM and people and friends in Africa, South East Asia, India, Britain, Canada, D W S Hunt, Mrs B K Nehru, C Ponsonby, Indira Gandhi, C de Bird, G C Whitteridge, Zena Dare, the royal family re personal; good wishes for Governor Generalship; personnel; Kenyatta; thanks for Christmas cards; visitors; Africa; invitations; references; University of Singapore; Burma; MJM's books and articles.
(Original file 16)
MAC.48/4/41-42: reports by MJM to the Queen are embargoed until 2044.
48/5/1-118, 48/6/1-102, 48/7/1-112   1 March - 27 April 1964
Correspondence between MJM and people and friends in South East Asia, Kenya, Britain, USA and India, Lord Delamere, the royal family, C Ponsonby, W Averell Harriman, Sir Saville Garner, M Charteris, Lord Portsmouth, W Sochon, L S B Leakey, W C Trimble re personal; visitors; charities; MJM's books and writings; wildlife; invitations and engagements; appointment for Canadian centenary exhibition; personnel; new effigy of the Queen for decimal coinage; China and Africa; thanks for Christmas cards; British Institute of History and Archaeology in East Africa; Cambodia; British business interests in East Africa; Europeans wishing to leave East Africa; congratulations on appointment; news of Malaysia; collecting; Israel and Jordan; J R MacDonald; O A Odinga and J Murumbi.
(Original file 15)
48/8/1-71, 48/9/1-66, 48/10/1-58*, 49/1/1-67, 49/2/1-83   8 April - 30 June 1964
Correspondence between MJM and people and friends in Kenya, Britain, India, South East Asia, Lord Elton, H Berkeley, T W Garvey; K S Thimayya, Sir A Clark re personnel; wildlife and bird-watching; scholarship for Ibans; invitations and engagements; visitors and visits; Malaya and Indonesia; Zanzibar; proposed university of Inverness; proposed World Security Trust; China; personal.
(Many MJM letters only, one side of correspondence).
(Original file 19)
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
49/3/1-113, 49/4/1-88, 49/5/1-67, 49/6/1-54, 49/7/1-61   5 June - 8 September 1964
Correspondence between MJM and people and friends in Africa, South East Asia, India, USA, Britain and Canada, Lord Delamere, Sir Alexander Grantham, Indira Gandhi (to only), various Indian ministers, V McKenna, T W Garvey, B Harrisson, L B Pearson, Lady Elton, re and including “First interim report of the Bushman survey”, “Second interim report of the Bushman survey”, Bechuanaland Protectorate; personal; thanks for gifts; invitations and engagements; thanks for hospitality; farms; personnel; Iban scholarship fund; “The unwanted child - African pattern” by M A O Ndisi at Fourth Family Planning Conference; America and Vietnam; death of Nehru; “Oral treatment of Diabetes Mellitus” by Dr Syed A Aslam; collection for J H Badley's 100th birthday; Sarawak museum; J R MacDonald's letters to Lord Allen (copies); MJM's books and writings; Born Free film; bird-watching.
(Original file 18)
49/8/1-82, 49/9/1-65, 49/10/1-83, 49/11/1-114, 49/12/1-71   16 August - 22 November 1964
Correspondence between MJM and people and friends in Africa, Britain, Canada, Japan, South East Asia, China and India, R Gardiner, V McKenna (to Obote), D Sandys, G St L d'Adhemar, Sir Alexander Grantham re personnel; invitations and engagements; African countries; thanks for hospitality; birthday wishes; parties for Prime Minister, ministers and European business community and farming community; the van Lawicks and chimpanzees; MJM's letters to Lord Allen (copies); birds and wildlife generally; Commonwealth; tributes to MJM; Kamal Saad el Din; political problems; Malayan history; neutralisation of South East Asia; news of Malaya; Malawi; “Memorandum on the approaches to Nairobi from the Nairobi Airport” by H P Greensmith.
(Original file 27)
50/1/1-107, 50/2/1-52, 50/3/1-66   9 November - 22 December 1964
Correspondence between MJM and people and friends in Africa, Britain, New Zealand, South East Asia, India and Canada, V McKenna, L S B Leakey, D Sandys, J V de Allen (to Z Kvienko); invitations and engagements; personnel; Kenyan art; Ibans' scholarship; film of Kenya; “Conflict and nationhood” by Tom Mboya, the Africa Bureau Anniversary Address; thanks for Christmas cards; Ibans' school fees; news of Sarawak; recent Malayan history; writing articles; “Malcolm MacDonald profile” by Clyde Sanger; Nehru museum.
(Many only one side of correspondence).
(Original file 33)
Routine replies to Christmas cards 1963-1968
50/4/1-105, 50/5/1-92   17 December 1963 - 11 January 1964
Copies of letters from MJM thanking people in Kenya, Bermuda, Africa, South East Asia, Britain, USA, Canada, India for their Christmas cards.
(All one paragraph letters).
(Original file 3)
50/6/1-32   9-10 December 1964
Copies of letters from MJM thanking people in Africa (Kenya), Britain, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, India, South East Asia, Canada, etc for their Christmas cards and mentioning his move from Kenya.
(Short letters)
(Original file 3)
50/7/1-125, 50/8/1-123, 50/9/1-93   10 January - 8 March 1966
Copies of letters from MJM to people in South East Asia, Japan, Africa (Kenya), Britain, USA, India etc thanking them for their Christmas cards (including a few longer letters).
(Arranged alphabetically by initial letter of surname, chronologically within sections).
(Original file 3)
50/10/1-121, 50/11/1-173   6 December 1966 - 17 April 1967
Copies of letters from MJM to people in Africa (Kenya), Britain, USA, Japan, South East Asia, India, Canada etc thanking them for their Christmas cards (including a few longer letters and a few cards).
(Arranged alphabetically by initial letter of surname, chronologically in sections).
(Original file 3)
50/11/174   31 March and 5 April 1967
Postscript explaining delay to replies to Christmas cards.
(Only one copy kept).
(Original file 3)
50/12/1-110, 50/13/1-95   December 1967 - 20 March 1968
Copies of letters from MJM to people in Britain, Africa (Kenya), USA, India, Canada, South East Asia etc. thanking them for their Christmas cards.
(All one paragraph letters).
(Alphabetical order).
(Original file 3)
Africa, Special Representative
Appointment 1965

(For correspondence re appointment, see below after despatches and briefs)
Despatches etc on Rhodesia and Uganda 1966
51/1/1-75   11-28 February 1966
Notes and despatches on Zambia and Rhodesian sanctions including “Vehicles for Zambia”, paper by Commonwealth Relations Office; “Statement of Mr W A Nield . . .” on the strategy behind sanctions against Rhodesia; “The IBRD and Kariba” by F C Mason; “Wheat/flour for Zambia”, note by the Commonwealth Relations Office; “Condition of the Rhodesian economy”, note by [Ministry of Defence]; “Dates when economic sanctions become effective” ; “Arguments for escalation instead of cut-off” ; Cledwyn Hughes' despatch to the Prime Minister on postponement of Zambian sanctions; telegrams to Commonwealth Relations Office on lack of effect of sanctions; R C C Hunt despatches on the internal situation in Uganda after the Ocheng motion; telegrams on Uganda crisis; telegrams on possibility of Zambia breaking diplomatic relations with Britain, sanctions, Kariba; report on Zambia.
(Original file 41)
Despatches on Africa and the Commonwealth (and Germany) 1966-1968
Mostly printed, Commonwealth Office prints or Foreign Office and Whitehall distribution

51/2/1-   1 August 1966 - 26 June 1968
“Possible role of South Africa in Africa” H S Stephenson; “Jamaica: visit of President Kaunda of Zambia” R G Britten; “Guyana: visit of President Kaunda of Zambia” T L Crosthwait; “An impression of the Commonwealth Conference” MJM; “Mr Vorster” J Nicholls; “Franco-African relations” D P Reilly; “Anglo-United States talks on Africa” G Brown; “Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference, 1967” D A Scott; “Malawi: visit of Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs” T S Tull; “Zambia: visits of the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs . . .” G A Crossley; “Somali Republic: annual review for 1967” ; “Rhodesian hangings” J D Hennings; “Lesotho and South Africa” I Watt; “Malawi: impressions after the first six months” T S Tull; “Tribes in Ghana” H K Matthews; “The Afrikaners” ; “The Nigerian civil war” E N Larmour; “Rhodesia: valedictory despatch” J D Hennings.
(For despatches on Kenya and China, see under relevant sections).
(Original file 9)
51/2/1-   10 July 1967 - 16 May 1968
“Student unrest in West Berlin” R G A Etherington-Smith; “Student unrest (in Berlin and in the Federal Republic of Germany)” F K Roberts (2 copies with different titles); “Recent developments concerning the "extra-Parliamentary opposition" in Berlin” F J C Bowes-Lyon.
(Original file 9)
51/2/ -91   16 July 1968
“Neo-isolationism” P Dean, H M Ambassador at Washington.
(Original file 9)
51/3/1-   16 January - March 1967
“An impression of the Commonwealth Conference” MJM Commonwealth Office Print ; “Rough draft of the substance of a possible political statement” on Rhodesia.
(Original file 7)
MacDonald's valedictory despatches 1968
51/3/ -29, 51/4/1-81   12 September - 14 November 1968
Drafts of despatches: “Commonwealth Africa” ; “The Commonwealth” ; “The southern Africa problem” (2 copies); D A Scott letter re the despatches and MJM letter.
Briefs for Secretary of State's visit to Africa 1967
Issued by the Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Overseas Development etc.
(Arranged by country in order of the Secretary of State's visits)

51/5/1-41   17-19 October 1967
Administrative arrangements for the Secretary of State's visit to Africa, 24 October - 10 November 1967 ; background brief on Nigeria; Britain and the EEC - Commonwealth implications.
(Original file 10)
51/6/1-9   18-24 October 1967
East Africa: immigration of Asian UK citizens; East African Currency Board; Treaty for East African Cooperation.
(Original file 10)
51/7/1-28   17-18 October 1967
Uganda: country notes; present state of Anglo-Ugandan relations; Sir Edward Mutesa; state of Anglo-Ugandan relations in 1966 and early 1967; Exercise "Unison"; capital aid and technical assistance.
(Original file 10)
51/8/1-12   October 1967
Uganda: provisional programme for visit of Secretary of State, G Thomson, 25-29 October.
(Original file 10)
51/9/1-42   17-18 October 1967
Kenya: country notes; expulsion of UK citizens; Kenya/Somali negotiations; land transfer; the undertaking to President Kenyatta; British Indian Ocean Territory and Aldabra; use of naval facilities at Mombasa by the South Arabian Task Force; capital aid and technical assistance.
(Original file 10)
51/10/1-35   16-20 October 1967
Malawi: country notes; military aid to Malawi; Malawi's relations with other countries in Africa; British aid to Malawi; British officials in Malawi; Malawi University - internal affairs.
(Original file 10)
51/11/1-64   2-7 November 1967
Malawi additional (by the British High Commission, Zomba): the attitude of Dr Banda and his government to the 1967 Aid Talks; projected move of the capital to Lilongwe; relations between the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi; summary of letters describing interviews about the Governor of the Reserve Bank and the move of the capital; military aid; notes on briefs prepared for Secretary of State in London; Malawi Cabinet reshuffle; programme for visit of the Secretary of State to Malawi.
(Original file 10)
51/12/1-2   24 October 1967
Malawi: Nacala Railway and the Reserve Bank of Malawi.
(Original file 10)
52/1/1-   16-20 October 1967
Zambia: country notes; Anglo-Zambian relations; incursions into Rhodesia, infringements of Zambian air space, South African police in Rhodesia; common services - Zambia; military assistance to Zambia; contingency assistance to Zambia; British contribution to the Zambia public service; British aid to Zambia; Tanzania-Zambia rail link; Mr Simbule.
(Original file 10)
52/1/ -   November 1967
Zambia: extra personality notes.
(Original file 10)
52/2/1-29   14-17 October 1967
Botswana: country notes; personality notes; progress over recruiting for Police Mobile Unit; police guard at Francistown Relay Station; economic assistance; dissolution of the Railway Authority.
(Original file 10)
52/3/1-20   13-17 October 1967
Lesotho: country notes; personality notes; students in the United Kingdom; administrative economies and the work of Sir Glyn Jones; arrival of Chief Jonathan at Gaberones.
(Original file 10)
52/4/1-95   17-18 October 1967
Rhodesia: the use of force and terrorism; "nuisance" sanctions; effectiveness of sanctions; scope for tightening up . . . and extension of sanctions . . .; prosecutions in the United Kingdom courts of sanctions breakers; country and personality notes; loyal Rhodesian public servants (with additional note); infiltrators; the Congolese DC 3; constitutional and death sentences cases (with additional notes); assistance for the University College, Salisbury; effectiveness of sanctions; briefs on future policy (this last sent later).
(Original file 10)
Briefs for Special Representative 1967-1968
Briefs for Secretary of State's tour of Africa (arranged by country in order of the Secretary of State's visits)

52/5/1-   18-24 October 1967
East Africa: East African Currency Board; Treaty for East African Cooperation; UK citizens of Asian origin resident in Kenya.
(Original file 34)
52/5/ -   17 October 1967
Uganda: country notes; present state of Anglo-Ugandan relations; Sir Edward Mutesa; state of Anglo-Ugandan relations in 1966 and early 1967; Exercise "Unison"; capital aid and technical assistance.
(Original file 34)
52/5/ -   17-18 October 1967
Kenya: country notes; expulsion of UK citizens; Kenya/Somali negotiations; land transfer; the undertaking to President Kenyatta; British Indian Ocean Territory and Aldabra; use of naval facilities at Mombasa; capital aid and technical assistance.
(Original file 34)
52/5/ -   17-18 October 1967
Rhodesia: prosecutions in the United Kingdom courts of sanctions breakers; effectiveness of sanctions; scope for tightening up . . . and extension of sanctions . . .; "nuisance" sanctions; the use of force and terrorism.
(Original file 34)
52/5/ -107   24 October 1967
Nigeria: defensive brief.
Briefs on Kenyan Asians
52/6/1-7, 52/7/1-22   15-20 February 1968
“Some statistics of Commonwealth immigration” with tables; note by E G Norris on legislation against immigrants from East African countries; “Recent legislation: the Immigration Act and the Trade Licensing Act” ; statement on work permits by D T Moi; “Consequences to Kenya economy of departure of Asians” ; “Draft statement” ; “Draft statement, assuming a public admission of consultation between the two governments” ; newspaper cuttings on the future of the Kenyan Asians; “Some points . . . legislation to regulate the flow of British citizens of Asian origin to the United Kingdom” ; note to Information Officers.
(Original file 34)
Briefs on sterling negotiations
52/8/1-89   5-12 July 1968
Copies of telegrams and briefs re sterling negotiations; new standby facility to cover demands on reserves with guarantees; general negotiating brief; draft Memorandum of Understanding and covering brief; brief on BIS deposits; brief on Basle facility; brief on publicity; brief on UK economy; brief on exchange control; negotiating briefs Zambia, Tanzania, East African community; East African and West African Currency Boards; each country's reserves.
(Original file 34)
Briefs for Secretary of State's visit to Pretoria
52/9/1-43   26-29 August 1968
Rhodesia (and Southern Africa); Rhodesia; sanctions and South African trade policy; South African relations with Black Africa; South African internal political situation.
(Original file 34)
Memoranda sent by E Peck 1968-1969
52/10/1-   3 October 1968 - 3 January 1969
“African concepts of socialism in theory and practice”, draft Research Department memorandum; “Race as a factor in international relations”.
(Original file 34)
52/10/ -71   12 November 1968
“Prime Minister's speech on the Commonwealth”, British Information Services.
(Original file 34)
Correspondence prior to appointment of Special Representative 1965-1966
53/1/1-93   20 July 1965 - 4 February 1966
Correspondence and telegrams between MJM and Sir Saville Garner, High Commissioners of Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda re the purpose of having a Special Representative in East Africa initially; draft terms of reference; headquarters; A M Obote's objection; I Smith and Rhodesia.
(Original file 65)
Special Representative appointment 1965
53/2/1-47   28 October - 4 November 1965
Correspondence from friends and officials in South East Asia, Kenya, Britain, Africa with copies of replies from MJM, congratulating him on his appointment.
(Original file 62)
Special Representative's telegrams 1965-1967
53/3/1-39, 53/4/1-29, 53/5/1-55   22 July 1965 - 31 January 1966
Telegrams between MJM, Sir Saville Garner (Commonwealth Relations Office), High Commissioners of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda re appointment of Special Representative; location; A M Obote's objection; press announcement; staff; draft terms of reference.
(drafts and original telegrams)
(That of 30 December 1965, No 2316 to C R O unique to this batch).
(Original file 66)
53/6/1-61, 53/7/1-64, 53/8/1-52   22 July 1965 - 3 March 1966
Telegrams between MJM, Sir Saville Garner and High Commissioners (as above) (copies)
(That of 26 October No 1892 C R O to Salisbury re briefing and several December 1965 and January - March 1966 re accommodation unique to this batch).
(Original file 67)
54/1/1-55, 54/2/1-58, 54/3/1-51, 54/4/1-62   6 May 1966 - 22 June 1967
Telegrams, mainly from MJM to the Commonwealth (Relations) Office re Rhodesia, Dr H Banda, talks with I Smith, majority rule; Zambia's attitude to Britain, help for Zambia and the Commonwealth; discussions with J K Nyerere, Canadian High Commission, East African Cooperation, Rhodesia; discussions with J Kenyatta and other Kenyan ministers re Rhodesia; deportations from Kenya; Africans at Commonwealth Conference and Rhodesia; possible visit to Gaberones; visit to Kampala; discussions between African leaders over Rhodesia; discussions with A M Obote; oil sanctions agreement; talks in Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana re Rhodesia; African reaction to resumption of talks with I Smith; talks with and between C O Ojukwu and Y Gowon re Nigeria (Accra meeting); Zambia (see above); Lesotho aid; possible conference of British Ministers and Heads of African Governments; talks with African heads of government re Rhodesia and re relations with South Africa.
(Original file 7)
Special Representative's telegrams and notes 1966-1967
Telegrams between MJM and the Commonwealth Office, the Foreign Office and various African capitals regarding:

54/5/1-71   24 May 1966 - 12 June 1967
Postponement of Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference; possible meeting with Nyerere in Kampala; Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, Botswana, Malawi and Sierra Leone's reactions to Rhodesian sanctions, including oil; MJM's talks with J Kenyatta, C Njonju, B McKenzie, A M Obote, [ ] Ogbu, Y Gowon, J A Ankrah, Chief Jonathan, Dr H Banda, Seretse Khama, Juxon Smith, Leigh; negotiations for agreement with Zambia; Nigeria and the Accra Conference, possible settlement helped by MJM; aid for Lesotho; Kinshasa meeting; relations between independent African governments and South Africa, especially Malawi, Botswana and Lesotho; Adviser for Chief Jonathan; United Nations force for Rhodesia; talks in Ethiopia; Simbule and relations between Zambia and Britain (some telegrams repeated).
(Original file 11)
54/6/1-68   14 June - 28 September 1967
Talks with Jawara and N'Jie (Gambia), J A Ankrah (Ghana), Y Gowon (Nigeria), J Kenyatta and C Njonjo (Kenya), Chief Jonathan (Lesotho) on Rhodesian policy and prospects; talks with J A Ankrah and Boaten on Nigeria; Nigerian situation; possible conference between African leaders and the Secretary of State on Rhodesia; “Note on talk with President Kenyatta” MJM; “Note on talk with President Obote” MJM; Secretary of State's separate visits to various African states.
(Original file 11)
54/7/1-85   29 September - 11 October 1967
Secretary of State's meetings with individual heads of government, leading CPA delegation and visit to Salisbury; talks with Banda; MJM's visit to Khartoum; Rhodesia talks in Pretoria; Kaunda to see G Thomson; Rhodesia.
(Original file 11)
54/8/1-88   12-29 October 1967
Secretary of State's meetings with individual heads of government; Zambian reactions; independent African countries' relations with South Africa, especially Malawi's; Nyerere's relations with Britain; Secretary of State's visit to Salisbury; decision against visit to West Africa; programmes for visits; Rhodesia; meeting with Nyerere; Vorster's message on Rhodesia.
(Original file 11)
54/9/1-62   30 October - 13 November 1967
MJM's visits to West African capitals; visit to the Sudan and improving Sudanese-British relations; attack on Information Office in Zambia.
(Original file 11)
54/10/1-75   14 November - 18 December 1967
Secretary of State's talks with I Smith; the Sudan talks; Rhodesia, Jawara (Gambia)'s views; talks in Sierra Leone, Nigeria etc; MJM's visits to southern Africa; MJM's visit to Brunei; Somali relations; Chinese propaganda.
(For supplementary memoranda on Rhodesia, originally in this file, see under Rhodesia)
(Original file 11)
Official correspondence on specific topics on Africa and South East Asia (mainly re Rhodesia) 1964-1968
(Each entry deals with a separate topic)

55/1/1-7   3 May - 7 June 1965
South East Asia visit: correspondence between MJM and the Commonwealth Relations Office, Foreign Office re visit to South East Asia, particularly China.
(Original file 64)
55/1/8-11   25-30 June 1965
Kampala: copy of letter from R C C Hunt to the Commonwealth Relations Office and letter from MJM re Uganda-Congo relations; information from the Congo.
(Original file 64)
55/1/12-15   22 August - 23 September 1965
Sir A Clark: correspondence between MJM and Sir A Clark re posts in Kenya.
(Original file 64)
55/1/16   30 April 1968
Gaberones: letter from J S Gandee re J Bottomley's visit and Botswana.
(Original file 64)
55/1/17-33   4 December 1964 - 22 September 1965
Kenya: correspondence between MJM and [ ] the Commonwealth Relations Office, Sir Michael Adeane, D H C re talks re land settlement fund in Kenya; Commander of the Kenya Army; five principles concerning Rhodesia given to J Kenyatta; extension of W Bell's term of office; army in Kenya.
(Original file 64)
55/1/34-36   12 October 1965
Ngei: “Note on a talk with Mr Paul Ngei” re his political attitude.
(Original file 64)
55/1/37-45   4-11 October 1965
Nyerere: “Note on talk with President Nyerere” re Tanzania's relations with Britain; correspondence from R W D Fowler to MJM re new appointment and possible visit.
(Original file 64)
55/1/46-54   4 October 1965 - 25 May 1967
Kaunda: correspondence between MJM and the Commonwealth Office, British High Commissioner Lusaka re K Kaunda's views on economic relations between East and Central African countries and Rhodesia; failure to meet K Kaunda on visit to Zambia.
(Original file 64)
55/2/1-6   25-28 June 1968
Honours: correspondence between MJM and Sir Charles Newbold, A L Mayall re knighthoods on their retirement for particular people serving in Kenya.
(Original file 64)
55/2/7-10   2-10 June 1965
Sir Frederic Bennett: correspondence between Sir Frederic Bennett and MJM re the Prohibited Immigrant Order against him.
(Original file 64)
55/2/11-32   18 October - 3 November 1965
Royal Commission proposal: correspondence between MJM and Sir Saville Garner, J Johnston re proposed Commonwealth Mission to Rhodesia; Royal Commission for Rhodesia and discussions on constitutional proposals.
(Original file 64)
55/2/33-92   7 May 1965 - 22 March 1968
Prince Sihanouk: correspondence between MJM and E H Peck, Sir Saville Garner, Prince Sihanouk, British Embassy in Phnom Penh (H A N Brown etc) re Cambodian Conference; meeting with Sihanouk in France to express British support for Cambodian neutrality; talk to be private; “Note on a talk with Prince Sihanouk” re non-alignment, America, Vietnam; good wishes; Cambodian publications; the United States in Asia; recognition of Cambodia's frontiers; MJM's visit to Cambodia; Cambodian neutrality; Viet Cong or American incursions; International Control Commission's surveillance.
(Original file 64)
Correspondence re personnel 1965-1968
55/3/1-30, 55/4/1-37   13 May 1965 - 29 August 1968
Correspondence and telegrams from MJM re individuals' characters; MJM's staff - work allocation of registry clerk; re-employment of staff under new High Commissioner; Nigerian situation and men in the High Commission, criticisms and commendations; appointment of new High Commissioner in Nairobi.
(Original file 41)
Special Representative's correspondence and memoranda, etc on relations African States 1966
(Original order, not date order)

55/5/1-68   30 December 1965 - 30 August (September 1) 1966
Correspondence and telegrams from MJM to Sir Saville Garner, J T U Aguiyi-Ironsi, M Brown, re and including assumption of office as Special Representative; relations with Tanzania; communications with J K Nyerere; situation in Nigeria; “Note on Rwanda and Burundi” by MJM; help for Zambia; J K Nyerere and Rhodesian independence; “The African representatives' attitude to the Rhodesian question at the Commonwealth Conference” by MJM; “Rhodesia” by MJM.
(Original file 35)
55/5/69-121   8 March - 17 June (July 4) 1966
“Note on the Rhodesian problem” ; “Another note on the Rhodesian problem” ; “Rhodesia and the battle for Africa” despatch (all by MJM).
(Original file 35)
55/6/1-83   16 June 1966 - 23 February 1967
Mixture of telegrams, notes and correspondence from MJM re giving African leaders information in confidence; Tanzania; Rhodesia; Kenya personnel; Zambia; Rhodesia and Kenya; change in MJM's title; negotiations with I Smith; “Note of conversation between Sir Albert Margai and Mr Malcolm MacDonald” re Rhodesia and possible extension of MJM's duties to Sierra Leone; “Possible airlift via Botswana” re airlift for Zambia; telegram re possible airlift via Botswana (2 copies).
(Original file 35)
55/7/1-44   15 November - 9 December 1966
Telegrams from MJM to Commonwealth Office re Kenya's reaction to Rhodesian developments; oil sanctions; MJM's visits to Gaberones, Zambia, Nigeria; relations between Tanzania and Britain; talks with I Smith; necessity for meeting African leaders if any agreement with I Smith.
(Original file 35)
55/8/1-7   14 March 1967
“Nigeria: the easing of tension by the meeting between Lieutenant-Colonel Gowon and Lieutenant-Colonel Ojukwu” by F Cumming-Bruce Commonwealth Office Print.
(Original file 35)
55/8/8-14   23 December 1966 - 22 March 1967
Correspondence and note from S J G Fingland, “Some personal thoughts (or prejudices) on the Rhodesia problem”.
(Original file 35)
55/8/15-19   1 December 1966 - 3 March 1967
“First impressions of Cambodia” by H A N Brown, Foreign Office Cambodia despatch; letter from MJM re the above and N Sihanouk.
(Original file 35)
Special Representative's correspondence and memoranda, etc re African leaders, Sudan, South East Asia, Kenya 1967-1968
56/1/1-53, 56/2/1-52*, 56/3/1-50   25 October 1967 - 28 March 1968
Correspondence between MJM and people in South East Asia, High Commissioners, Ambassadors and Presidents in Africa, the Foreign Office, the Commonwealth Office (mostly from MJM), re and including reports on G Thomson's, Secretary of State's meetings with A M Obote, J K Nyerere and J Kenyatta; the "Tiger" constitution and Zambian attitude; despatch “Anglo-Sudanese relations, MJM's visit to Khartoum” by G F N Reddaway; MJM's visits to Malaya, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Sarawak; “Talks with the Prime Minister of Somalia and others about the resumption of diplomatic relations” by MJM; Sultan of Brunei's right to be consulted over new High Commissioner; “Record of MJM's talk with His Royal Highness Prince Sihanouk” by MJM; despatch “The Sudan - diplomatic relations resumed” by G F N Reddaway; brief on Commonwealth immigration; Kenyan Asians; Cambodian neutrality; Kenyan politics; Brunei; Somalian Ambassador in Kenya; [E N] Mwendwa and Lesotho; merger of Foreign Office and Commonwealth Relations Office.
(Original file 8)
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
Special Representative's correspondence 1967-1968 (For 1966, see under Africa; Kenya, High Commissioner's (and Special Representative's) correspondence)

56/4/1-106, 56/5/1-85, 56/6/1-67   2 March - 11 December 1967
Letters (copies) from MJM to various people in the Commonwealth Office, British High Commissioners and Ambassadors in Africa and New York, South East Asian officials and royalty re necessity of visit to Tanzania; talks with African heads of government on Rhodesia; title and functions as Special Representative; talk with King of Swaziland; visits to West Africa; Kenyan and Kenyatta's views on the rest of Africa; Kenyan politics; relations between black African countries and South Africa; O Kambona; British policy towards Rhodesia; suggested visit to the Sudan; deportations of white farmers from Kenya; Rhodesian sanctions; “Note on talk with President Obote in Kampala” ; visit of the Secretary of State; Rhodesian negotiations; “Some rough notes on the Secretary of State's visit to Africa” ; “Kaunda and Rhodesia” ; visit to South East Asia.
(Original file 7)
Special Representative's correspondence 1968-1970
56/7/1-83, 56/8/1-56   26 April 1968 - 3 February 1970
Correspondence between MJM and G Thomas, G Thomson, G A Brown, D Sandys, J L Pumphrey, D J Speares, M J Dlamini (photocopy), D Allen, T Goff, R H Hobden, Sir John Nicholls, S J Whitwell, Sir Leslie Monson, H K Matthews, Sir Robert Fowler, H Phillips, F D Webber, P Clark, R B Penfold, R Bowles, F [Steele], R E M Mayne, Sir Edward Peck, J A Jones, H E P Gautrey, D Greenhill, T S Tull, C J Woodsworth re withdrawal of military forces East of Suez/South East Asia; South Africa; meetings; “Commonwealth Africa”, (valedictory despatch, see also above MacDonald's valedictory despatches) ; MJM's visits to Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, Sudan, Malawi, Lesotho, Gambia for talks with African leaders re "Fearless" talks; Swaziland independence; Communist threat to the Sudan; thanks for hospitality; Malawi boundary claims; Rhodesia discussions, lack of information on; congratulations on work done; Somalia; MJM leaving Africa; the Gambia; Tanzania and Gibraltar; need for information for foreign posts; Dr H Banda; talks during Commonwealth Conference (for other correspondence and papers 1969 onwards, see under Later papers re Africa)
Personal correspondence files arranged alphabetically 1964-1968 (These files are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the correspondent's name and then chronologically by MJM's replies. There is another series of files in chronological order with copies of MJM's side of the correspondence only. These two series continue the Personal correspondence files from State House under Africa; Kenya)

57/1/1-119, 57/2/1-101, 57/3/1-76, 57/4/1-81   11 December 1964 - 20 September 1968
Correspondence (A files), including Aga Khan, Sir Michael Adeane, American Ambassadors, friends in Britain re Kenya and South East Asia re and including congratulations on honours; patronage of clubs and societies; British farmers and settlers staying on or selling farms; personal matters (weddings etc ); social engagements; thanks for gifts; art; thanks for hospitality; refugees; help with research; notice of visit of Secretary of State for the Colonies; Kenya National Parks patron; letters of condolence; references for employment, etc; visitors to Kenya; Indian Ocean defence; breaking of links with British royalty; world government; congratulations on appointment as Special Representative; letters from friends; Treasures of Kenya ; the Far East; invitations to lecture; banning of The Reds and the Blacks by W Attwood, newspaper cuttings etc; exhibitions of R Anderson's works; J R MacDonald on a BBC recording; collecting.
57/5/1-93, 57/6/1-98, 57/7/1-116, 57/8/1-113, 57/9/1-90, 57/10/1-80, 57/11/1-85   5 January 1965 - 20 September 1968
Correspondence (B files), including Sir Frederic Bennett, N F H Berlis, A Bottomley, G Bertoli, H Berkeley, J S Bennett, Princess Marthe Bibesco, W Bell, H A N Brown re and including St John Ambulance nursing; briefing the BBC on Africa; thanks for hospitality; visitors to Kenya (VIPs, industrialists, friends etc); references for employment, etc; invitations; social engagements; personnel; land sales by British in Kenya; patronage of clubs and societies; Tanzanian air wing; Nakuru Show; letters from friends; letters of condolence; opinion of Kenyan ministers of British policy re Rhodesia; representative from Kenya at Commonwealth Conference; collecting; personnel; H Mulli; Sir Frederic Bennett's ban from Kenya; H Berkeley's visit; compassionate purchase of farms; British and Kenyan citizenship; welcoming and saying goodbye to High Commissioners etc; Kenya National Trading Company; repatriation of sterling; MJM's books; education; invitations to lecture; Kenyan Armed Forces; Northern Frontier boundary and coal; hospital treatment for British community; Burundi; “Note on Rwanda and Burundi” by MJM; congratulations on honours; R St Barbe Baker; H Berkeley and K Kaunda and Zambia; Caroline Okello-[Odago]; staff movements; thanks for gifts; television programmes; N Sihanouk; message from G Brown to B J Vorster; visit to Beirut; British Ambassador in Washington; help with research.
58/1/1-67, 58/2/1-91, 58/3/1-90, 58/4/1-97, 58/5/106, 58/6/1-91, 56/7/1-61, 58/8/1-88, 58/9/1-48   3 November 1964 - 1 October 1968
Correspondence (C files), including Sir Arthur Clark, M Cowie, Sir Andrew Cohen, G W St J Chadwick; K B Campbell, Chang Han-Fu; C Cox, B Castle, W R Crocker, F Cavendish Bentinck, F and Y Cumming-Bruce, G E Crombie, [A] Coates, I Clark re congratulations on his appointments; visitors to Kenya (VIPs, industrialists, friends etc); letters of condolence; Zoological and Botanical Gardens; British stall at Kenya Show; education in Kenya; British training for Kenyan police officers; use of swimming pool by schools; compassionate purchase of farms; invitations; personnel; Kenyatta's country ; social engagements; British and Kenyan nationality; European farmers; possible Australian High Commission in Kenya; thanks for hospitality; contacts with South East Asia and China; references for employment and requests for help; adviser for East African Railways; letters from friends; economic relations between East and Central Africa; Rhodesia; thanks for gifts and cards; cutbacks in Information Department; visit of Singapore delegation; links between economists and education; MJM's books; frais; letters to J K Nyerere; visits to Nigeria; collecting; congratulations on honours and recommendations for; visits to other African countries; Raspit Hill; speech by Lord Citrine at unveiling of J R MacDonald memorial; television and radio interviews.
59/1/1-78, 59/2/1-110, 59/3/1-118, 59/4/1-77   15 December 1964 - 18 September 1968
Correspondence (D files), including A Davies, M L Dalgleish, R Denning, C de Bird (see also passim); Lord Delamere, A and M Denis re membership clubs and societies; visitors to Kenya (VIPs, industrialists, friends etc); thefts from farms; MRA and [Mau Mau]; social engagements; compassionate purchase of farms; MJM's books; domestic arrangements (wine); articles by MJM, promoting British exports to Kenya; personnel; recommendations for honours; thanks for hospitality; swimming pool; contacts with South East Asia including Brunei; congratulations on appointments; visits to London; letters from friends; British and Kenyan citizenship; K Kaunda; furniture removal to Raspit; researchers using J R MacDonald's papers; charities; references for employment.
59/5/1-59, 59/6/1-66, 59/7/1-58, 59/8/1-53   5 June 1964 - 19 September 1968
Correspondence (E files), including Lord Elton, Lord Enniskillen; W Etherton (Collins); Haile Selassie, H P Elliott, Sir Donald Evans re India; patronage of clubs and socities; visitors to Kenya (VIPs, friends etc); financial support for East African Common Services Organisation; personnel; East African Safari Rally; invitations to lecture; various East Africa societies; references for employment; corporation tax; invitations; MJM's books; invitation to write article; “Can democracy survive in Africa? What is Britain's part?” by H P Elliott; information on D Ochieng's movements from East African Newsapapers Ltd; East African Railways and Harbours financial difficulties; letters from friends; researchers using J R MacDonald's papers; contacts with South East Asia; personnel; Nigeria; “How to break the deadlock and win the peace in Nigeria” by H P Elliott; visits to London.
59/9/1-64, 59/10/1-94, 59/11/1-91   21 December 1964 - 19 September 1968
Correspondence (F files), including King Faisal, R W D Fowler, R and J I Forsey, N Fisher, J Freeman, J Foot, P M Foster, S J G Fingland, Mrs J Fisher re thanks for gifts and cards; O Kambona; letters from friends; visitors to Kenya (friends, VIPs, industrialists, etc ); invitations; personnel; East African Airways; charities; MJM's books; military equipment for Kenya; Kenya's "press" in Britain; thanks for hospitality; recommendations for honours; compassionate purchase of farms; Mrs Margach; art and collecting; British and Kenyan citizenship; contacts with newspapers; congratulations on honours; help with employment, references; Born Free ; memorial in Westminster Abbey to those who served in the Colonies; Mrs Gandhi; talks in Kampala; invitations to lecture; friends in India; J R MacDonald, article on and papers; visits to London; visits to South East Asia and Khartoum; “One man's faith in a continent” by W Fredericks, Los Angeles Times (Kennedy in Africa); letters of condolence; Nigeria; African-American conference.
60/1/1-77, 60/2/1-97, 60/3/1-108, 60/4/1-101, 60/5/1-93, 60/6/1-118   13 December 1964 - 21 October 1968
Correspondence (G files), including Sir Alexander Grantham, A F R Griffin, Yung Mei (Glazier), Sir Martin Gilliat, Sir Patrick Gore-Booth, A Geddes, Sir Saville Garner, A Greenwood, M Gilbert, R K A Gardiner, I Gandhi, J S Gandee, Lord Gardiner, N and G Gilchrist, Prince William of Gloucester re and including money for Iban school children; congratulations on appointments; invitations; social engagements; visitors to Kenya (VIPs, friends, bankers, etc); letters from friends; missing papers re J Kenyatta's trial; references for employment; personnel; work of Correspondents and Consular Department and problems of staff changes; visits to various parts of Africa; Vietnam; honours; British and Kenyan citizenship; MJM's books; thanks for hospitality; compassionate purchase of farms; Compassionate Fund Trust; other people's books; film of Born Free ; appointment as Special Representative and problems of Tanzania; possible meetings with J K Nyerere; Rhodesian situation; despatch on Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Meeting from Garner, PUSH No 25; expatriates for Ministry of Agriculture; contacts with India and South East Asia; Tanzania; letters of condolence; treating African leaders in confidence; Commonwealth Conference; talks with various African leaders; southern Africa and South Africa; B McKenzie; help with research; the Queen Mother; A Y Jackson.
60/7/1-127, 60/8/1-157, 60/9/1-104, 60/10/1-102, 60/11/1-66, 61/1/1-69, 61/2/1-73   8 December 1964 - 20 September 1968
Correspondence (H files), including C Hughes, Sir Julian Huxley, E L Howard-Williams, Lady Halifax, Sir David Hunt, the Misses R and V Harrigan, D Hodge, the Very Rev R J Harries, T Hopkinson, Sir Charles Harington, T Harrisson, R C C Hunt, Mrs J Hart, Lady Claud Hamilton, Miss M Henman, Sir Philip Hay, T Hayashi, J D Hennings, W A Harriman, D K and G Hardie re British and Kenyan citizenship; Asians in Kenya; personnel problems; Africanisation; help with and references for employment and grants; visitors to Kenya (friends, financiers, industrialists and VIPs etc); Red Cross help for victims of the Congo conflict; invitations to speak and lecture; help with research; wildlife; invitations; social engagements; farm purchases; letters from friends; contacts with South East Asia, South Asia and Africa; Malindi; art and collecting; honours; thanks for hospitality; clubs and societies; International Press Institute discussions; Aden; letters of condolence; Commonwealth Arts Festival; arms for Kenya; contacts with ambassadors, etc; thanks for cards and gifts; MJM's books; invitation to write article; Princess Marina's visit; R Denning's death; Zambia and East African airline; good wishes.
61/3/1-63, 61/4/1-117, 61/5/1-85   January 1965 - 5 September 1968
Correspondence (I and J files), including J E Johnson, J Innes, J B Johnston, C Imray, Indian High Commission, U John (see also in Personal papers), Sir Glyn Jones, Sir Morrice James re thanks for hospitality; thanks for cards and gifts; art and collecting; clubs and societies; British and Kenyan citizenship; visitors to Kenya (friends, VIPs etc); honours; personnel; social engagements; charities; invitations to speak and lecture; RAF flying in Kenya; Rhodesia; Indian Ornithological Garden; compassionate purchase of farms; invitations; help with university entrance, employment and references; contacts with India and South East Asia; letters of condolence; MJM's books; new capital for Malawi; help with research; failure to meet K Kaunda; retirement presents; visit to South East Asia; J R MacDonald's papers and T V programme re; invitations to write articles.
61/6/1-104, 61/7/1-113, 61/8/1-99   1 February 1965 - 12 August 1968
Correspondence (K files), including S King-Hall, Sir Stephen King-Hall, C Kerr, W W Kay, R B M King, S Kemp, T Kroll, S M Kapwepwe, Sir Hamilton Kerr, Seretse Khama, J N Karanja, Mrs A Keith, K Kaunda, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Princess Marina, H Kaufmann re Kenya National Assurance Company; personnel; employment and scholarships; seasonal greetings and thanks for; visitors to Kenya (educationalists, VIPs, industrialists, etc); invitations (especially to ministers); social engagements; education; bankers; letters from friends; thanks for hospitality; visits to districts; Kenya Red Cross; the Stamp Mission reports; Kenya Society for the Blind; art and collecting; compassionate purchase of farms; clubs and societies; letters of condolence; good wishes; joint Afro-British partnership in coffee farms; various embassies; murder of Dr P W U Kroll; thanks for gifts; Kariba; honours; Botswana and Rhodesia; Zambia; contacts with India; references.
61/9/1-107, 61/10/1-115, 61/11/1-115   30 January 1965 - 20 August 1968
Correspondence (L files), including J L [ ], L S B and M D Leakey, Sir Francis Loyd, C Law, C and P Lewis, D Lancaster, Sir Michael Le Fanu, H H Logan, Lady Lambe, C M le Quesne, Sir Gilbert Laithwaite, Lord Longford, Serene Lee Mau Seng, A Lall re finance; speeches; British and Kenyan citizenship; invitations; visits to districts; clubs and societies; thanks for hospitality; social engagements; honours; visits to Kenya (VIPs, industrialists, friends etc); Swaziland princes; thanks for cards and gifts; contacts with South East Asia; compassionate purchase of farms; wildlife protection; Cambodia; J R MacDonald biography; references for university, scholarships, employment; letters from friends; “Admiral Sir Charles Lamb [sic]” by MJM; visits to various parts of Africa, especially Swaziland; South Africa; letters of condolence; “Political/social/economic review. Malaysia” by Lee Mau Seng; visit to South East Asia.
62/1/1-86, 62/2/1-87, 62/3/1-106, 62/4/1-121, 62/5/1-84, 62/6/1-105, 62/7/1-79, 62/8/1-88, 62/9/1-71, 62/10/1-64, 62/11/1-50   2 December 1964 - 18 September 1968
Correspondence (M files), including Sir George Middleton; L R Maconochie Welwood, Mrs M McKenzie, V A Maddison, Lord Mountbatten, L G Mitchell, E W Mathu, V McKenna, D O Matthews, J C Morgan, M W Mwithaga, H Macmillan, Sir Leslie Monson, I S MacPhail, Sir Alec Martin, C MacLaren, Lady MacGillivray, N Myers, Abd el el Fattah Moghrabi, Mrs L Middleton, N Mitchison (many to Kenyan ministers etc) re employment references; invitations; social engagements; visits to London; art and collecting; land settlement; “Memo to the British Commission on Kenya Land” by L R Maconochie Welwood; personal matters (furniture etc); visitors to Kenya (VIPs, industrialists, friends etc); honorary doctorate from Glasgow University; hydro-electric power; film about Gandhi; compassionate purchase of farms; personnel; East African Railways and Harbours; thanks for hospitality; British and Kenyan nationality; re-employment for people leaving Kenya; honours; contacts with India (and Pakistan) and South East Asia; clubs and societies; charities; wildlife; Corporation Tax; Kenya commerce; letters of condolence; money for Ibans' education; invitations to lecture; Zambia and British armed forces; Rhodesia; thanks for cards and gifts; jobs in Kenya; help with education and search for employment; help with research, including on J R MacDonald; the Sudan; television series on Mountbatten; J R MacDonald centenary commemoration in Westminster Abbey, order of service etc; MJM's books.
63/1/1-116, 63/2/1-98   11 December 1964 - 20 September 1968
Correspondence (N files), including P J Ngei, Mrs J Ndisi, M North, Sir Godfrey Nicholson, S Nyachae, R Ngala, J K Nyerere, S K Njonjo, H Nicholson, C Newbold, E G Norris, Paramount Chief of the Ngoni, Sir John Nicholls, C Njonjo, R W Newsam, E North re good wishes; thanks for gifts and cards; invitations; societies and clubs; personnel; help for people in financial difficulties; compassionate purchase of farms; visits to parts of Kenya; MJM's books; visitors to Kenya (V I P s etc); nephew; letters of condolence; invitations to speak or lecture; H Nicholson's Diaries; training for nurses; new appointments; possible lease of National Trust house; thanks for hospitality; honours; collecting and art; Malawi; help with research; charities; Mayor of Nakuru's visit to Britain; visits to various parts of Africa; Mrs H Joseph.
63/3/1-120   10 December 1964 - 19 October 1968
Correspondence (O file), including D A Omari, Lord Oxford, D Ogilvie, C Oparaoche, J S Owen, Mrs L O'Brien re research into J R MacDonald; invitations (mainly to Kenyan ministers); visitors to Kenya (VIPs, bankers etc); payments to overseas aid officers; conference in Cambridge on development; economic development; letters from and to friends; thanks for hospitality; invitation to speak; social engagements; personnel; schooling in Britain; Tanzania National Parks' staff salaries and need for financial assistance; contacts with South East Asia.
63/4/1-84, 63/5/1-97, 63/6/1-115, 63/7/1-83   31 December 1964 - 18 September 1968
Correspondence (P files), including E H Peck, J Petersen, Sir Charles Ponsonby, Lord Portsmouth, Mrs Presland, A Porter, Mrs P Paine, L Pearson, J L Pumphrey, K D Potter, J B Pollard, J Porter, E E F Pretty, R B Penfold, Mrs Peatling re the Americans and Indo-China; Prince Souvanna Phouma and Cambodia; Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding; thanks for hospitality; visit to Athens; thanks for gifts and cards; art and collecting; Zambia; Rhodesia; invitations; research on J R MacDonald; visitors to Kenya (pressmen, VIPs, friends etc); references for employment; letters to friends; compassionate purchase of farms; assistance for education in Britain; Stamp Mission and British farmers; exchange control; contacts with South East Asia; personnel; British and Kenyan citizenship; British stand at Nairobi Show; young people; social engagements; contacts with India; invitations to lecture; honours; Cabinet reshuffle; Anglo-Kenyan relations; letters of condolence; Brunei; J R MacDonald; visits to various parts of Africa; Tan-Zam railway; visit to South East Asia including Laos.
64/1/1-105, 64/2/1-84, 64/3/1-90, 64/4/1-99, 64/5/1-62, 64/6/1-95, 64/7/1-105   7 January 1965 - 4 October 1968
Correspondence (Q and R files), including P Rogers, S A Raheem, Sir Samuel Quashie-Idun, Sir John and Lady Russell, N Bertoli Roch, the Queen Mother, L W Robert, D Roberts, Sir Algernon Rumbold, Sir Godfrey Rhodes, T Riput, A Russell Dunne, C W Rubia, A B Richter-Rothschild, P S Rawson, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, K Ritchie, C Ronning, M Rothwell, Lady Reading, E M Rose, G F N Reddaway re Red Cross in Kenya; visitors to Kenya (VIPs, friends etc); Lord Bruce's visit; clubs and societies; honours; invitations to give talks; invitations; social engagements; “The United Nations and the next generation” by A Myrdal, broadcast; Nairobi students; art and collecting; visits to Ethiopia; letters from and to friends; wild-life; fishing cooperative; British farmers' problems with cattle theft etc; Stamp Mission and British farmers' prospects in Kenya; capital aid; relations between Kenya and Ethiopia; thanks for cards and gifts; contacts with South East Asia, especially Sarawak; marketing in Kenya and Africanisation; charities; British and Kenyan citizenship; thanks for hospitality; personnel; compassionate purchase of farms and transfer of money; staff for Nairobi city council; help with employment; seminar on aid with Mrs Castle; research into J R MacDonald; collection in Gulbenkian Museum, Durham; events in Ethiopia; Oxford expedition to Kidepo; Vietnam; peace between Malaysia and Indonesia; contacts with India; problem of jobs for Asians; general situation in Kenya; visits to various parts of Africa; elderly indigent Kenya repatriates, WRVS ; job references; letters of condolence.
64/8/1-75, 64/9/1-92, 64/10/1-91, 65/1/1-75, 65/2/1-81, 65/3/1-106, 65/4/1-60, 65/5/1-70, 65/6/1-42   28 November 1964 - 18 September and 12 November 1968
Correspondence (S files), including D and C Sandys, Students' Union, P Scott, K Sandhu, F Seed, Sir James Simpson, Soo Pieng, H Slade, F D K Simmance, D A Scott, H S H Stanley, J Seago, Sir Malin Sorsbie, Sir Alexander Symon, M Stewart, Omar Ali Saifuddin, N Singh, Lord Shackleton, N Sihanouk, Miss M Smith, W L P Sochon, H Smedley, Miss M Strickland re visitors to Kenya (industrialists, VIPs, friends, bankers etc); thanks for hospitality; thanks for cards and gifts; art and collecting; tributes to Kenyatta; help with employment; young people; invitations; social engagements; contacts with South East Asia, especially Sarawak; charities; clubs and societies; good wishes; letters from and to friends; research on J R MacDonald; wild life; Francis G Scott's papers; personnel; compassionate purchase of farms; regular meetings of Correspondents; coronation of the Chogyal of Sikkim; world security scheme; Museum Trustees; honours; tobacco; Commonwealth Prime Ministers' meeting; British exports to Africa; Kenyan politics; Kenyan citizenship; letters of condolence; Sultan of Brunei; Development Finance Corporation scheme for vegetable production and export; job references; new American Ambassador; British citizenship; MJM's books; contacts with India; scholarship for Ibans; Africa, general situation; Kenyan Asians; visit to South East Asia; apartheid; invitations to lecture.
65/7/1-84, 65/8/1-81, 65/9/1-103, 65/10/1-88, 65/11/1-72   25 November 1964 - 19 September and 7 December 1968
Correspondence (T files), including Lord and Lady Twining, Lady Thomson Glover, W E Terry, R K Tandon, Sir Robert Thompson, H Tan Chin Tuan, D W Tooth, W C Trimble, G Thomas, G M Thomson, A Toynbee, Lady Templer, T S Tull re invitations to lecture; clubs and societies; invitations; social engagements; visitors to Kenya (bankers, friends, VIPs etc); art and collecting; letters of condolence; British and Kenyan citizenship; MJM's books; personnel; help with employment; Kenyan politics; thanks for hospitality; exchange control; compassionate purchase of farms; character references; contacts with South East Asia; book buying; newspaper interviews; Hong Kong trade representative; congratulations on appointment; Vietnam; Nigeria; thanks for cards and gifts; honours; charities.
66/1/1-63, 66/2/1-56, 66/3/1-87   5 February 1965 - 8 November 1968
Correspondence (U and V files), including USA and USSR ambassadors, J Vijayatunga, Voice of Kenya, K I Verghese, W Van Tets, P Vaughan, other embassies re visits to factories and schools; job references; young people; invitations; social engagements; invitations to lecture; thanks for gifts and cards; compassionate purchase of farms; contacts with India; congratulations on appointments; help with employment; letters from friends; MJM's writing; letters of condolence; Institute of Development Studies notices of meetings, seminars, minutes, Newsletter etc; wildlife.
66/4/1-98, 66/5/1-86, 66/6/1-99, 66/7/1-95, 66/8/1-87   11 February 1965 - 18 September 1968
Correspondence (W files), including L B Walsh Atkins, L Wateridge, H F Ward, Lord and C Wigram, Wee Kim Wee, H Ward, F D Webber, J Waddington, D and C Wilson, J G Williams, Rev J Williamson, Rt Rev G West, M Walker, Dato S Q Wong, M Webb, I B Watt, Sir Mortimer Wheeler re B McKenzie and J Gichuru's visit to London; Stamp Mission and Report; action against forest fighters; China's influence; honours; J R MacDonald; invitations; MJM's books; letters from and to friends; visitors to Kenya (friends, VIPs etc); thanks for hospitality; Kenyan and British citizenship; personnel; compassionate purchase of farms; visits to various parts of Kenya; Sultan of Brunei; Iban scholarships; wildlife; thanks for gifts and cards; social engagements; contacts with South East Asia; invitations to lecture; congratulations on appointment; letters of condolence; requests for money; invitations to write articles; charities; art and collecting; help with research; letter from and meetings with Chief Jonathan; Lesotho rock paintings; visits to various parts of Africa; Laos; references for and help with employment; bird-watching.
66/9/1-90, 66/10/1-68   22 November 1964 - 20 September 1968
Correspondence (X Y and Z files), including Mrs M Yamamoto, Miss M Yung, L Zilz, Mrs S Yeo, S Yoshida re and including letters to and from friends; invitations; social engagements; contacts with South East Asia; book-buying; thanks for cards and gifts; diplomatic services letters; China; visit to South East Asia.
Personal correspondence files arranged chronologically 1965-1968
(Copies of MJM's side of the correspondence only)

67/1/1-167   1-17 May 1965
67/2/1-116, 67/3/1-142, 67/4/1-107   4-30 June 1965
67/5/1-161, 67/6/1-129, 67/7/1-142   1-31 July 1965
67/8/1-155, 67/9/1-143   3-19 August 1965
67/10/1-194   20-29 September 1965
68/1/1-108, 68/2/1-134, 68/3/1-179   2-30 October 1965
68/4/1-149   1-18 November 1965
68/5/1-109   7-31 December 1965
68/6/1-133, 68/7/1-120   3-31 January 1966
68/8/1-174   1-28 February 1966
68/9/1-90   1 March - 25 April 1966
68/10/1-219   3 May - 27 June 1966
69/1/1-106   1-29 July 1966
69/2/1-85   6-31 August 1966
69/3/1-107, 69/4/1-122   22-30 September 1966
69/5/1-146   1 October - 27 November 1966
69/6/1-131   1-14 December 1966
69/7/1-93   9 January - 6 March 1966
69/8/1-129, 69/9/1-117   4-26 April 1967
69/10/1-150   15-31 May 1967
69/11/1-111   1-30 June 1967
70/1/1-57   1-31 July 1967
70/2/1-128   8-31 August 1967
70/3/1-128   1-30 September 1967
70/4/1-114, 70/5/1-47   2-31 October 1967
70/6/1-108   8 November - 29 December 1967
70/7/1-18   3 January - 27 February 1968
70/8/1-100, 70/9/1-69   8-22 March 1968
70/10/1-111, 70/11/1-123   2-26 April 1968
70/12/1-81, 70/13/1-77   24 May - 29 June 1968
71/1/1-113   1-19 July 1968
71/2/1-87, 71/3/1-76   1-30 August 1968
71/4/1-77   12 September - 15 November 1968
71/5/1-54   19 August 1967 - 13 July 1968
Invitations accepted.
71/6/1-47, 71/7/1-61   13 January - 4 October 1968
Invitations refused.
Kenya despatches 1965-1968
(Commonwealth Relations Office prints from MJM unless otherwise stated)

71/8/1-92   22 February 1965 - 21 May 1968
“The political situation in Kenya - I and II” ; “Kenya: plans for a coup d'etat in Kenya?” ; “Kenya: Odinga” ; “Kenya: the Budget, 1965-66” ; “Kenya: economic disintegration in East Africa” ; “Kenya: the visit of President Kaunda of Zambia” ; “Kenya: the Stamp Report on the transfer of European farms” ; “Kenya: visit by the Emperor of Ethiopia” ; “Kenya: Kenyatta” ; despatch on the visit of President Luebke from J L Pumphrey; “Kenya: can it happen here? The possibilities of a coup d'etat in Kenya” ; “Kenya: the political situation” ; despatch on the KANU Party Conference by E Peck; “Kenya: the political prospect” ; “Kenya: the European British community” J L Pumphrey; “Corruption in Kenya” J L Pumphrey; “Kenya: first impressions” E Peck; “Kenya: British aid programme” E Peck; “Kenya: the treaty for East African cooperation” E Peck; “Kenya: Commonwealth Planning, Aid and Trade Conference” G M Wilson; “Kenya: expulsions . . .” E Peck; “Tribalism in Kenya” E Peck; “Kenya: the "Asian exodus" and the Commonwealth Immigrants Act, 1968” B Greatbatch.
(Original file 9)
71/9   2 May 1969
Sir Eric Norris's first despatch on Kenya.
Rhodesia Cabinet documents and briefs 1966-1967
72/1/1-   4 May - 24 June 1966
“Rhodesia talks” paper by Sir Saville Garner for Rhodesia Committee, and correspondence re, talks about talks; “The developing impact of sanctions on the Rhodesian economy” note by the .....Rhodesia Economic Intelligence Working Group, Cabinet. Rhodesia: Committee on Economic Sanctions ; telegrams briefing on O Wright's talks.
(Original file 8)
72/1/ -   6 May and 29 August 1966
Copy of Kaunda's letter to J H Wilson and aide memoire on sanctions against Rhodesia and comments; “The African representatives' attitude to the Rhodesian question at the Commonwealth Conference” by MJM.
(Original file)
72/1/ -   October 1966
Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Meetings in London 1966. Final Communique. Cmnd 3115.
(Original file)
72/1/ -   17-19 November 1966
Note and correspondence from MJM to Sir Saville Garner (Commonwealth Office) re Kenyan request for British troops to stand by; talk with J Kenyatta, C Njonjo and B McKenzie about Rhodesia; communication with J K Nyerere.
(Original file 8)
72/1/ -101   [25-30] November 1966
Briefs: “Brief for Special Representative” ; “Reasons for proposed British Mandatory Sanctions on selected Rhodesian exports” ; “Talking points on oil sanctions for Special Representative's conversations with African Leaders” ; minute on oil sanctions; “Sponsorship at the Security Council” ; “The Security Council” ; “Rhodesia”.
(Original file 8)
72/2/1-   13-19 July 1967
Telegrams between Salisbury and the Commonwealth Office re possible resumption of negotiations; the Opposition in Rhodesia; idea for withdrawal of No Independence Before Majority Rule (NIBMAR); Lord Alport's mission and I Smith.
(Original file 8)
72/2/ -36   17-21 July 1967
Notes: “Lord Alport” by Sir Saville Garner, responsibility for the Africans in Rhodesia; “Rhodesia: next steps after Lord Alport's visit”, questions connected with a possible Royal Commission; “Rhodesia” by Sir Saville Garner, I Smith's lack of responsibility for the Africans; letter re Prime Minister's discussions re Royal Commission to establish whether the Tiger Constitution acceptable basis for independence; “Rhodesia: Lord Alport's visit” Brief for Secretary of State at R(X) meeting; “Rhodesia” by H Bowden for Prime Minister re possible terms of reference for Royal Commission; “Rhodesia” by Sir Savillle Garner, note on proposal for a Royal Commission.
(Original file 8)
Rhodesia: Alport Mission 1967
72/3/1-34   19 July 1967
Report on Lord Alport's mission to the House of Commons; “Rhodesia: next steps after Lord Alport's visit” brief for Prime Minister's use at R(X) Committee; “Statement” on Lord Alport's mission to the House of Commons; “Rhodesia” difficulties in the Royal Commission proposal; “Lord Alport's personal notes for his report to the Prime Minister”.
(Original file 41)
Supplementary memoranda etc on Rhodesia 1966-1967
72/4/1-   17 June 1966
“Rhodesia and the battle for Africa” MJM despatch to Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations (A G Bottomley).
(Original file 11)
72/4/ -66   2 February and 13 June 1967
Report of E Heath's questions to the Prime Minister on possible "change of circumstances" in Rhodesia; Prime Minister's statement on the same, extr Hansard.
(Original file 11)
72/4/ -   29 June - 8 November 1967
MJM to Commonwealth Office savingram on NIBMAR; “Supplementary note on NIBMAR” by MJM; “Reflections on Rhodesia” by MJM; “Memorandum: further reflections on Rhodesia” by MJM; MJM's rough notes on “Talks about talks” and notes for discussion with African leader(s).
(Original file 11)
Official despatches, etc on Rhodesia 1968
72/5/1-34   October - 20 December 1968
Report on the discussions held on board HMS Fearless ; letter to G Thomson re despatch on talks re "Fearless" proposals; Rhodesia and the Commonwealth Foreign and Commonwealth Office print, also typescript copies of; copy of letter from Nyerere to J H Wilson on Rhodesian settlement.
Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Meeting 1969
72/6/1-82, 72/7/1-   9-15 January 1969
“Meeting of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers, London” ; “Meeting of Commonwealth Prime Ministers, January 1969” ; Southern Rhodesia: “Rhodesia Debate - President Nyerere's speech at the Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference ...”, Press Release Ministry of Information and Tourism, Dar es Salaam; Meeting of the Commonwealth Prime Ministers ... Final Communique.
72/7 -99   22 January 1969
Telegrams re Dr H B Banda's impressions of the Commonwealth Conference, especially re Rhodesian discussions.
Rhodesia telegrams 1965
Telegrams between the Commonwealth Relations Office and MJM, African capitals re

72/8/1-35   26 May - 31 December 1965
Information for Kenya about British relations with Rhodesia; letter from J K Nyerere to J H Wilson and reply re Rhodesia and fears of independence with minority rule; reporting on negotiations with I Smith; “The likely effects in Africa of a Rhodesian declaration of independence (UDI)” by B Burrows; J H Wilson to African heads of government on attempts to avoid UDI.
(Original file 63)
72/9/1-48   24 October - 6 December 1965
Views of British Government on unilateral declaration of independence; Prime Minister's meeting with K Kaunda; joint report on Rhodesia; message to K Kaunda; talks with J Kenyatta, C Njonjo, K Kaunda, [R C ] Kamanga, S M Kapwepwe, [S or A] Wina on Rhodesia; effects of Rhodesian rebellion; possibility of military intervention, e.g. by OAU; negotiations with Zambia; support for Zambia; Kariba Dam; sanctions; possible visit to Africa by Prime Minister; possible Commonwealth force for Kariba.
(Original file 63)
72/10/1-28   5-23 December 1965
Telegrams between the Commonwealth Relations Office and MJM, Minister of State for Commonwealth Relations re neutralising Kariba; meeting of Commonwealth heads of government; correspondence between Prime Minister and K Kaunda re Zambia's situation and sanctions, etc; Zambian situation; use of force; oil embargo and air lift; Russia (no duplicates).
(Original file 63)
72/11/1-59   7-31 December 1965
Talks with J K Nyerere, K Kaunda, J Kenyatta re Rhodesia; support for Zambia; securing the Kariba Dam; negotiations with I Smith; Tanzanian relations; R Menzies' views on the Rhodesian situation; sanctions; Commonwealth force; possible African walkout from United Nations; oil embargo; Zambia's situation; possibility of stationing British troops in Kenya; summing up by MJM on need to defeat I Smith and the future of Rhodesia, K Kaunda.
(Original file 63)
Telegrams - Rhodesia, Tiger etc 1966-1967
Telegrams between Commonwealth Relations Office and African capitals, MJM re

73/1/1-54   3 January - 24 February 1966
Relations with K Kaunda; Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference; support of African leaders over Rhodesia; talks with T Mboya, Abubakar, S M Kapwepwe, J Kenyatta, K Kaunda, Wina re Rhodesia and Zambia; J Kenyatta and K Kaunda's refusals to attend the Conference; situation in Zambia; sanctions; Zambia's cutting off of trade with Rhodesia; financing air-lift to Zambia; Kariba.
(Original file 8)
73/2/1-103   14 February - 18 November 1966
Telegrams labelled "outward" from MJM (British High Commission, Nairobi) re S Lloyd's talks with I Smith; talks with J Kenyatta; Rhodesia; sanctions; Zambia and sanctions; talks with K Kaunda, Dr H B Banda and other ministers in Malawi; J Kenyatta's views on various African countries; talk with Haile Selassie over split at OAU meeting, etc; talk with Prime Minister of Ethiopia; K Kaunda's attitude towards talks with Rhodesia; postponement of Commonwealth Conference; informing K Kaunda, J K Nyerere, J Kenyatta, C Njonjo, Dr H B Banda about talks; African pressure for military intervention; talks with Seretse Khama re Rhodesia; Zambian attitude to Britain and the Commonwealth; British diplomatic relations with Tanzania; Kenya and the Commonwealth Conference; MJM's possible visits in Africa; discussions on Rhodesia between M A Obote, J K Nyerere, K Kaunda and T Mboya; oil sanctions.
(Original file 64)
73/3/1-33   14 May - 28 September 1966
Telegrams labelled "inward" to Commonwealth Relations Office from various African capitals, other Commonwealth countries re Zambian sanctions; Rhodesia - reactions to independence before majority rule suggestion -; MJM's meetings with J K Nyerere, J Kenyatta; talks with I Smith.
(Original file 64)
73/4/1-41   2 October 1966
Discussions on Rhodesia in Kampala; talks with C Njonjo; negotiations with I Smith; more support by African leaders over Rhodesia; African leaders' attitudes to I Smith; “Future policy regarding Rhodesia, with special reference to our relations with the African countries in the Commonwealth” by MJM; oil sanctions; majority rule; need to take African leaders into confidence; possible conference.
(Original file 8)
73/5/1-40   30 November 1966 - 9 January 1967
Further meeting between Prime Minister and I Smith; cooperation of African Commonwealth Governments on selective sanctions; Nigeria and visit to Lagos; necessity for meeting if negotiations with I Smith successful; Zambia's views on Rhodesia; sanctions and the Security Council; situation in Lesotho; the Congo and Union Miniere.
(Original file 8)
73/6/1-48   9 January - 12 June 1967
Memorandum of Understanding with Zambia; improving relations with Zambia; the Congo and Union Miniere; communication between J H Wilson and K Kaunda; loan personnel for Zambia; Botswana and Rhodesian sanctions; internal situation in Zambia; proposed conference between British Ministers and Heads of African Governments on Rhodesia; the importance of Africa.
(Original file 8)
Telegrams 1968
73/7/1-56, 73/8/1-84   29 October - 21 December 1968
Telegrams between MJM and G Thomson and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office re "Fearless" talks with I Smith; J H Wilson and J K Nyerere's letters to each other; British proposals for a Rhodesian settlement; talks with West African heads of government re Rhodesia talks; talks with I Smith; G Thomson and MJM's talks with African heads of Commonwealth governments including J K Nyerere, J Kenyatta, M A Obote, Dr H B Banda, K Kaunda, J A Ankrah, D Jawara, Y Gowon, [R C] Kamanga, Seretse Khama, Chief L Jonathan about the "Fearless" meeting and proposals.
Notes on talks between MacDonald and Gowon and Ojukwu (IOZIZA) 1966-1967
74/1/1-69   15 December 1966 - 9 January 1967
MJM's records of his talks with C O Ojukwu and Y Gowon re future constitution of Nigeria; mixing between East and West; military organisation; meeting of Military Governors at Accra.
(Original file 41)
(See also 74/2, original file 7, for identical copies)
74/2/1-66   15 December 1966 - 9 January 1967
MJM's records of his talks with C O Ojukwu and Y Gowon re future constitution of Nigeria; mixing between East and West; meeting of Military Governors at Accra.
(Original file 7)
(see also 74/1 for identical copies)
74/3/1-   19 December 1966 - 9 January 1967
Correspondence and notes including “Talks in Nigeria” by E N Larmour; letter from F Cumming-Bruce re MJM's talks.
(Original file 7)
74/3/ -15   15 February - 6 March 1967
Correspondence between MJM and Y Gowon, Sir Saville Garner, thanking him for work in Nigeria; telegram re M A Obote; telegram re message Prime Minister to Y Gowon.
(Original file 7)
74/4/1-28   6 July 1967
Letter from MJM to Sir Saville Garner re his involvement in negotiations with Y Gowon and C O Ojukwu and deteriorating situation in Nigeria.
(Original file 7)
Nigeria telegrams 1966-1967
74/5/1-31   18 November 1966 - 6 January 1967
Telegrams between MJM and African capitals re visit to Ghana; advance information on Prime Minister's statement to Dr H B Banda and Seretse Khama; talks with Y Gowon and C O Ojukwu; MJM acting as intermediary between C O Ojukwu and Y Gowon; the Aburi meeting.
(Original file 7)
Later papers on Africa
Background papers and articles 1968-1971
74/8/1-42   11 November 1968 - 2 August 1971
Some educational problems of Africa by R Birley, Africa Bureau Anniversary Address; “The future of Southern Africa” from The Times re the Lusaka Manifesto; The United Nations and Southern Africa by C Legum (ISIO monographs, 1st Series, No 3); documents of correspondence between K D Kaunda and J Vorster, issued by S Wina Minister of Information in Lusaka; “The Arusha Declaration and Tanu's policy on socialism and self-reliance” ; “Coloured integration call by Afrikaners” and “Mr Vorster rejects homeland for Coloureds” from The Times, (For other newspaper cuttings, see under Newspaper cuttings)
74/9/1-19   [May]1969 - 31 March 1970
“The future of Southern Africa” repr Guardian re the Lusaka Manifesto; “Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations” by Sir Seretse Khama; “Secretary of State Rogers' policy statement on Africa”, United States Information Service, American Embassy London.
MacDonald's travels in Africa 1969-1977
74/10/1-64   4 February - 31 May 1969
Correspondence and telegrams between MJM and T S Tull, G Thomson Foreign and Commonwealth Office, E G le Tocq, H Phillips, Sir Denis Greenhill, J A Jones, Sir John Nicholls, J R A Bottomley, J H Wilson, K D Kaunda, Sir David Hunt, D A Scott, K Matthews, Baron Rothschild, W Wilson re the Commonwealth Conference; talks with J K Nyerere, M H I Egal, B MacKenzie; relations between Kenya and Somalia; Somali elections; “Report upon an assignment under the Special Commonwealth Aid to Africa Plan as adviser to the Prime Minister of Gambia” by J A Jones; J K Nyerere's suggestions on Rhodesia; visit to Nigeria and Ethiopia with the Prime Minister; South Africa; thanks for hospitality; possible future visit to Luanda; possible talks in South Africa resulting from talks with J K Nyerere.
74/11/1-32   1-15 April and 12 May 1969
Telegrams on MJM's and J H Wilson's visits to Nigeria and Ethiopia; C O Ojukwu's refusal to meet the Prime Minister, J H Wilson; welcome address from Y Gowon; talks with Haile Selassie on Nigeria; relief operations in Nigeria; “Text of a statement by the British Prime Minister in the House of Commons . . . 2nd April, 1969” ; H Phillips' and MJM's visit to Dar es Salaam; talk with J K Nyerere, H K Banda, E H K Mudenda, Chipimo, A Afrifa and Tubman on the Prime Minister's visit and Nigeria; Nigeria; visits to Uganda, Ghana and Liberia; talk with M W Sharp on Nigeria.
75/1/1-78, 75/2/1-61   4 June - 5 August 1969
“Brief for Mr Malcolm MacDonald's talks with Biafran representatives” sent by J H Wilson; background papers on Nigeria - visit to Biafra by Group Captain Cheshire, G L Cheshire's talks with C O Ojukwu, H Manning's notes on Biafra, Sir Louis Mbanefo and G L Cheshire's talks with, G L Cheshire's advice on Biafra and Nigeria, talks with Kogbara, OAU meeting, summaries of despatches on Nigeria -; proposed visit of MJM and Lord Hunt to Biafra; the Pope's discussion on Nigeria in Kampala.
75/3/ -53   6 February and June - 23 September 1969
Papers and correspondence (copies) between MJM and H Phillips, Seretse Khama and J K Nyerere to J H Wilson, telegram replies, telegrams to Commonwealth and African countries, D J Grennan, W Wilson, C B Longbottom re September - October 1969 talks re and including “Note on a talk with President Nyerere” by MJM; possible talks in South Africa resulting from talks with J K Nyerere; Seretse Khama on Rhodesia; J K Nyerere on Rhodesia; “The guerrilla threat to the states of Southern Africa” ; J H Wilson on Rhodesia after the minority referendum; note by D J Grennan on [Rhodesia]; visit to Lusaka; talks with J K Nyerere and H Muller; MJM's travel in Africa.
75/4/1-75   4-27 September 1969
“Talk with President Nyerere” (2 copies); “Note on talk with Dr Muller” (2 copies); “Comment on talk with Dr Muller” (2 copies); “Note on talk with President Sir Seretse Khama” (2 copies); “Note on talk with President Nyerere” (2 copies); “Note on talk with President Kaunda” (2 copies); “Note on talk with President Banda” (2 copies) (All these by MJM).
75/5/1-100   29 September 1969 - 26 January 1970
Correspondence and telegrams between MJM and J Bourn, Sir John Johnston, J R A Bottomley, J Kenyatta, J S Gandee, Sir John Nicholls, J K Nyerere, K Kaunda, Seretse Khama, British representatives with whom MJM stayed in Africa, Chief Jonathan, M Obote re talk with H K Banda on Nigeria; MJM's movements in Africa and talks with African leaders; the question of whom to inform about talks; expulsion of journalists from Kenya; discussions about Nigeria at OAU meeting, etc; proposed end to freedom fighting; Zambia's involvement with terrorists; “Note on talk with Sayed Abdullahi el Hassan” ; “Record of a conversation between the Rt Hon Malcolm MacDonald and Lieut Col Babiker el Nour of the Revolutionary Council” ; thanks for hospitality; “Note on talk with Dr Muller” re Rhodesia; “Comment on talk with Dr Muller” ; settlement of the Rhodesian problem; South Africa.
75/6/1-57   18 August - 9 November 1970
Correspondence prior to November-December visit to Africa between MJM and Lord Caradon, J K Nyerere, C Legum, C[ ], Sir Alec Douglas-Home re and including solution of the Rhodesian problem; the sale of arms to South Africa; Tanzania's membership of the Commonwealth; “Note on arms for South Africa” by MJM; debate on the Southern Rhodesia Act 1965 (Continuation) Order 1970, extr Parliamentary Debates, 9 November 1970.
75/7/1-30   10-30 November 1970
Telegrams re arrangements to visit Dar es Salaam, Kenya, Gaborone, Maseru, Mbabane, Lusaka, Uganda, Pretoria, Zomba.
75/8/1-65   13 November 1970 - 13 February 1971
Correspondence and telegrams from MJM to S N Odaka, M A Obote, H Phillips, Sir Alec Douglas-Home (and his replies (one a photocopy)); K Kaunda, King Sobhuza II, letter from D Anderson re and including relations with South Africa and sale of arms to South Africa; proposed meeting with M A Obote; thanks for hospitality; talk with J K Nyerere on the sale of arms to South Africa and Tanzania's membership of the Commonwealth; talk with Dr N Mungai on arms for South Africa; possible break-up of the Commonwealth; arrangements for Gaberones visit; “Note on talk with Chief Jonathan” ; return of the King of Lesotho to his country; talks in Zomba, Gaberones, Maseru, Mbabane on sale of arms to South Africa; talk with H Muller; attempt to increase contact with South Africa; second talk with J K Nyerere; talk with M A Obote on arms for South Africa; “Arms for South Africa” by MJM; correspondence with Sir Alec Douglas-Home re Tanzania and the Chinese and Tanzania's membership of the Commonwealth; solution of the Rhodesian problem.
75/9/1-50   18 May - 23 August 1971
Correspondence prior to August visit to Africa between MJM and R Rhodes James, H Phillips, J K Nyerere, Sir Eric Norris, J Kenyatta, Chief Jonathan, Sir Arthur Snelling, M J Dlamini, P Gautrey, H G M Bass, W R Haydon, R Walker, W F Grieve, W L Allinson, Seretse Khama, J S R Duncan re study tour on racial problems caused by white minority regimes in Southern Africa; arrangements for visits to Dar es Salaam, Kenya, Lesotho, Pretoria, Mbabane, Maseru, Zomba, Gaborone, Lusaka; fixing up times of arrival, meetings, places to stay etc; thanks for hospitality.
75/10/1-25   15 August - 9 September 1971
Correspondence and papers marked "Papers to be seen when I am next going to Southern Africa" during August visit between MJM and Sir Michael Blundell, Miss D Pybus, D Arap Moi re and including “The Bantu homelands: 1971” ; problems in Kenya, especially economic ones; problems of changes for Europeans in African countries; need for gradual change in South Africa; Old Bedalians; visit of members of the Progressive Party in South Africa to Kenya.
75/11/1-14   3-22 December 1971
Correspondence and programmes, itineraries, etc re MJM's December travels in West Africa - Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia; “Senegal - basic information”.
75/12/1-12   4-8 December 1971
Papers collected by MJM during his visits in West Africa - Apartheid and its elimination ; Parliamentary Debates (Ghana) including “Dialogue with South Africa” ; “Statement by Ghana Government on the proposed Rhodesian settlement” ; copies of cuttings from the Daily Graphic, the Spokesman on the Rhodesia settlement proposals; The Legon Observer including “The Anglo-Rhodesian settlement” ; The Pioneer with article on the Rhodesian settlement.
76/1/1-26   (20 October)1971 and 19 December - 17 January 1972
“Mogadishu Declaration” from 7th Summit Conference of East and Central African states; MJM's various rough notes on South Africa and Rhodesia; “Interview with President Leopold Sedar Senghor” ; draft of letter from MJM to President Senghor; note on talk in Dakar; “Talk with M le Gouveurneur (sic) Guy Na [ ]ray, Directeur du Cabinet: Abidjan” ; correspondence with Sir Robert Luyt re possibility of South Africans visiting Senegal.
76/2/1-10   14 January - 20 June 1972
Correspondence between MJM and Sir Arthur Snelling, Miss J E Wicken, M J Dlamini, A R K Mackenzie and papers re and including South Africa; visit to East Africa in January-February; Tanzania; rough note by MJM on his talk with Njoroge Mungai in Nairobi; rough note on Rhodesia and South Africa; rough note on talk with Dramane Ouattara; visit to Swaziland; apartheid; visit to Tunis in June; note on talk with the Foreign Minister in Morocco.
76/2/11-34   27 July - 21 September 1972
Correspondence between MJM and Sir Arthur Snelling, G D Anderson re proposed visit to South Africa in September; visits to Bantustans and South West Africa, Pretoria, Gaborone, Maseru, Mbabane, Umtata, Cape Town, Durban, Lorenco Marques; Maru a pula an educational venture in Botswana by Deane Yates (photocopy) and “Memorandum on visit to the United Kingdom” by Deane Yates; programme of visit to Zululand.
76/2/35-40   25 September - 21 October 1972
Copies (2) of telegram re MJM's visit to Cairo, Khartoum and Tripoli in November; correspondence from P Tripp, P L V Mallett re visits to Tripoli and Khartoum and arrangements to meet people.
76/2/41-49   20 October 1972 - 22 January 1973
Correspondence from H C Byatt, D Muirhead, J B Ure re visit to Mozambique; visit to Southern Africa; proposed visit to Portugal and Angola in January; Organic Law for the Portugese Overseas Provinces (no copy enclosed); itinerary and programmes for visit to Angola and Portugal.
76/3/1-22   26 March - 30 May 1973
Drafts of note and letter to M Le Quesne re visit to Tanzania in March; “Talk with President Nyerere” re British ex-property-owners and farmers in Tanzania; letter from Sir Alec Douglas-Home; note and draft letter to M Le Quesne on talk with J K Nyerere in May re statement on compensation for British property owners; letter from Njoroge Mungai on visit to Nairobi.
76/3/23-27   28 March - 11 December 1974
Correspondence between MJM and B Johnson, P M Foster re MJM's book on Africa and the Southern Africa problem.
76/4/1-53   11 April - 21 November 1975
“Talk with President Nyerere in Dar es Salaam” ; draft of letter to Nyerere; “Talk with Seretse Khama in Gaberone (sic)” ; “Further reflections on Rhodesia” ; “Current political situation in Southern Africa” project by Research Branch, Library of Parliament of Canada; draft of letter and letter to J K Nyerere re VSO and lecture to the Royal Commonwealth Society.
76/4/54-62   March and 2 May 1977
Draft letters to Seretse Khama and J K Nyerere re talk to the Royal Commonwealth Society; “Visits to Tanzania and Kenya” rough notes; draft letter to J K Nyerere re meeting.
Papers on Rhodesia 1971-1973

(For talks etc on Rhodesia, see above under MacDonald's travels in Africa, talks on South Africa and Rhodesia)
76/5/1-62   nd and 1971
“Transcript of Karim Gaye's radio speech” re agreement between Sir Alec Douglas-Home and the authorities in Rhodesia (French); “Rhodesia: Sir Colin Crowe at the UN” and “Rhodesia: Lord Goodman”, Verbatim Service, London Press Service; Rhodesia: Report on exchanges with the Regime since the talks held in Salisbury in November, 1968, Cmnd 4065; Rhodesia prepared by the Central Office of Information, 1970; Rhodesia. Proposals for a settlement, Cmnd 4835.
76/5/63-67   8 December 1971 - 21 January 1972
Correspondence between MJM and Sir Alec Douglas-Home re composition of the Pearce Commission.
76/6/1-42   January - 2 June 1972
The African's predicament in Rhodesia by G C Grant, Minority Rights Group Report No 8; “Report on the situation in Rhodesia” by N Fisher; “Statement by the Commissioner for External Affairs on Rhodesia” ; Nigerian Government statement sent by H Ahmadu (For newspaper cuttings on Rhodesia in this period, see below under Newspaper cuttings)
76/6/43-51   11 July - 27 September 1973
Letters from J Todd re talk with M Le Quesne and Rhodesia.
76/6/52   8 January 1980
Lord Carrington letter thanking for congratulations about Rhodesia (photocopy).
Correspondence re Kenya 1969-1981
76/7/1-126   23 May 1969 - 11 December 1980
Correspondence between MJM and J Murray-Brown, Mrs P Mboya, L B Leakey, H Johnson, J Kenyatta, Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, E M Rose, R da Gama Pinto, A Raphael, U M Gecaga, C Njonjo, R Graham, W J Watts, J Listowel, M Njonjo, J [Tummins], Sir Peter Preston re and including BBC film of MJM's farewell to Mzee; condolences on T Mboya's death; J Murray-Brown's book on Kenyatta; views against terrorists in Africa; Pio Pinto; Michael Rose's note on Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda after his visit; 10th anniversary of Kenya's independence; “Pio Pinto” ; “Kenya: personalities and power” two drafts of interview given by MJM to A Raphael and C Curtis; visitors to Raspit; death of B MacKenzie; The state funeral for .... Kenyatta, official programme; research on Kenya; problems of entry into Britain for Kenyan citizens; MJM's biographical remarks about J Kenyatta; situation in Kenya in 1980; book on Njonjo; superannuation for Kenya local government employees.
Correspondence re Africa in general 1968-1981
76/8/1-33   7 August 1968 - 19 August 1971
Correspondence between MJM and J Drysdale, B Greatbatch, K H Matthews, M M Green, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, A Davies, P Mason, C B Longbottom, J Karanja, D [ ] , T S Tull, Narain Singh, G R Slaughter re Somalia and negotiations with Kenya; visit of Seychelles leaders to London; Nunn May; the situation in Ghana; negotiations for Nigeria; congratulations on M I Egal's victory in the general election in the Somali Republic; University of Nairobi; Malawi; progress in Kenya; personal matters; the role of Europeans in Kenya; notes on conference of British and American parliamentarians to discuss African problems.
76/9/1-44   10 February 1974 - 10 January 1981
Correspondence from K G Ritchie, Leabua Jonathan, R King, H K Banda, M J Dlamini, G Todd, M Brown, B Sheridan, R Luce, R da Gama Pinto, J K Chanda, J K Nyerere, F Ogunlade, Sir Colin Campbell, W Turner, R Khama, [Sir] David [Scott] re Malawi and development of Lilongwe as capital; list of participants of 11th Anglo-North American Parliamentary Conference on Africa; Lesotho's own university; situation in Malawi; situation in Swaziland; Britain-Tanzania Society; M A Obote; R da Gama Pinto and immigration; articles on Pio Pinto; congratulations to Nyerere on the Zimbabwe settlement; research on education in colonial Nigeria; death of Seretse Khama.
Dates of creation: 1961-1980
Extent: 6 boxes
Order of Merit and general correspondence 1969
76/12/1-48   10 June - 11 September 1969
Correspondence between MJM and various friends including W Bell, Sir Alexander Grantham, Rahmtalla Abdulla, G Thomson, Sir Paul Hasluck, E G Norris, J Tilney, Lord Butler, J and G F N Reddaway, Sir Compton MacKenzie, Sir Gilbert Laithwaite, Sir Derek Erskine, Lady Fowler, D [A Scott], Lady Jackson, A Greenwood, A M Palliser, Sir Robert Fowler, M Stewart, Sir Philip Rogers, Lord Mountbatten re audience with the Queen; congratulations on his Order of Merit; Khartoum; Tom Mboya's death; Africa.
General correspondence 1969-1980
76/10/1-54   30 June 1969 - 8 December 1980
Correspondence from people in Britain, India, Africa, Canada, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong including E Attlee, various High Commissioners in Africa re Africa; charities; invitations to speak; requests for help with employment (references, etc); thanks for hospitality; Kenya; invitations; work in Africa; visiting professorship in International Relations at Edinburgh University; National Gallery of Canada; Sarawak's malnutrition; death of Dato Wong Siew Qui; South East Asia.
76/11/1-54   1 September 1969 - 1 November 1980 and nd
Correspondence between MJM and Mrs S R D Bandaranaike, Sir Alec Douglas-Home (and as Lord), W A Harriman, P G Molloy, G Moir, R E H Challis, E Heath, M Perham, J Callaghan, R Jenkins, G Thomson, Sir Burke Trend, Sir George Schuster, Lord Shinwell, A Crosland, [Martin], Lord Greenwood (photocopy), Lord Thomson, Lord Carrington, S S Ramphal, P S de Q Cabot re memorial volume to Bandaranaike; television programmes on the British Museum treasures; television programmes; Laos; nominations for the Jawaharlal Nehru Award; recommendations for honours; China; conversations with Commonwealth leaders in Ottawa; United World Colleges for Africa; extension of term of office as a Governor; continuation of service on board of the Commonwealth Institute; Royal Commonwealth Society chairman; Zimbabwe settlement; old friends.

For correspondence written during MJM's retirement, especially his help with other people's research, see also under Later papers sections of Dominions and ... Commonwealth...

For letters on publications, see under Personal papers.

(For other material on China see at end of Africa section)
Visit to China in 1971
77/1/1-73, 77/2/1-69   22 October 1970 - 29 November 1971
Background papers taken to China by MJM: “The threat from China” by N Maxwell, from International Affairs, from a paper delivered to the Oxford Strategic Studies group; “China after Mao” by D Ray from International Affairs ; extract from unidentified work on China; “Conversation with Mao”, “Interview with Chou En-lai”, “Chou En-lai speaks to us about Chinese power”, translations of articles by E Snow in Epoca ; “China: preliminary examination of economic claims made by Chou En-lai in an interview by Edgar Snow” ; copies of newspaper articles on China in 1971 by R Hughes, R Harris, A Casella, J Gittings, A Mondador, E Snow, A Watson, W Attwood, J Reston, J Lacoutre, S Attwood, D Floyd from Sunday Times, The Times, Guardian, Newsday, etc; “Groundless doctrine” by G Apalin from Za Rubezhom ; “Slogans and deeds of Chinese leadership” from Pravda.
77/3/1-51   17 July - 18 September 1971
Background papers taken to China by MJM: copies of articles on China by Jack Chen from Far Eastern Economic Review ; “China: National People's Congress imminent?” ; “China's party reconstruction completed”, China Topics, September 1 1971; “Chinese Army Day”, “General and western affairs”, “China's historical claim to Taiwan: Peking comment”, “Peking comment on Japanese economic expansion in Taiwan”, “Far Eastern relations”, Nationalist China News Agency reports.
77/4/1-27   1 February - 4 October 1971
Correspondence and telegrams between MJM and J B Denson, Chou En-lai, J A L Morgan, R B Crowson re proposed visit; proposed visit of television team (this did not take place); arrangements for travels and visits (to places of agricultural, industrial and historical interest) within China, including the National Day celebrations in Peking.
77/5/1-16   February 1972
Programme and itinerary; list of guests at dinner; “Talk with Chou En-lai in Peking” by MJM; note on talk with Chou En-lai; Sir Alec Douglas-Home on this report; letters to J A L Morgan and Chou En-lai from MJM re articles for Sunday Times and thanks for visit; “Why Peking said Yes to the uninvited guest” by N Maxwell, cutting from Sunday Times.
Notes, draft etc. for “Impressions of China”.
77/6/25-56   1971
“Impressions of China in 1971” by MJM.

For meeting with Sihanouk, see South East Asia later papers, Cambodia.
Visit to China 1975
77/7/1-32   15 June - [autumn] 1975
“Diary of my travels in China” or “Impressions of China” ; “Talk with the Chinese Foreign Minister: Peking, 1975” draft and typed copy; draft letter to Chou En-lai re visit; “Museums and archaeological sites”, report on tour by MJM or the Museums Delegation; “Museums and archaeological sites in China 1975” by J Rawson in Britain-China, No 3, Autumn 1975.
77/8/1-57   16 June - 17 December 1975
Draft of letter from MJM to [Chai Tse-min or Wu Chung-Chao] thanking for dinner and gift of bowl; Chinese press agency reports on visit of the British Museums Delegation; notes on and drafts of report on visit; “Visit by British Museums Delegation to China: June 15-29th, 1975” by MJM and appendices; “Minutes of debriefing meeting of the Museums Delegation to China” ; correspondence from S Peares, J F Ford, Wang Ping-nan re visit and friendship with China.
Death of Chou En-lai 1976
77/9/1-87   8-19 January 1976
Articles, obituary and leader from The Times re Chou En-lai; “Comrade Chou En-Lai passes away”, official state obituary notice; letter from Chu Chi-yuan thanking MJM for condolences; draft letter from MJM on the deaths of Mao Tse-tung and Chou En-lai; “Chou En-lai” by MJM, draft and typed copy, written in 1962.
Visit to China in 1979
77/10/1-9   26 January - [7] February 1979
Correspondence between MJM and P Cradock re his future visit; VSO.
77/10/10-72   13-26 March 1979
“Notes on my travels and talks in China in March, 1979” ; very rough notes, possibly for book on China (includes some notes from 1962 visits etc); “Talk with John Addis” and “Second talk with John Addis” ; “China in 1979” by J Addis; “Record of a meeting with Vice Premier Den Xiaoping ...”, official report; copy of letter from P Cradock to R C Samuel re MJM's visit; “Visit to China by members of the Executive Committee of the Great Britain-China Centre” by [ ]; “Visit to China by a delegation from the Executive Committee of the Great Britain-China centre” in Britain-China, Spring 1979.
Correspondence, general, re China 1963-1980
77/11/1-37   5 August 1963 - 13 November 1980
Correspondence from A Harriman, Chen Yi, Chou En-lai, T W Garvey, A Gordon, W Crocker, G C Greene, H S Hsu, C [Ambrose], Ke Hua, Zhou Er-liu, M Loewe, Tien Ju-Kang, Sir Charles Troughton, Sir Percy Cradock, G Thomas re China and the nuclear test ban treaty; Chen Yi's visit to Kenya; invitation to MJM to visit China; current situation in China; British detainees in China; Australian relations with China; draft letter to Chou En-lai re catalogue of Chinese ceramics at the Gulbenkian Museum; copyright conventions; the Olympic Games; the Great Wall; visit of Ke Hua and Zhou Er-liu to Raspit Hill; testimonial; visit to China of Sir Charles Troughton; Chinese delegation.
Notes for book on China 1979-1980
Durham University
Correspondence with M MacDonald as Chancellor 1970-1980
77/12/1-81   8 May 1970 - 24 November 1980
Correspondence between MJM and Sir Derman Christopherson, R Blake, Dame Sybil Thorndike-Casson, Lord Shinwell, F Stark, H Moore, R Ayre, L Legeza, L Allen, K L Pratt, E Taylor, N Morgan, P Tripp, R Burge, J Denson, J A James, P S Fraser, I E Graham re invitation to become Chancellor and election; honorary degrees for Dame Sybil Thorndike, Lord Shinwell, Freya Stark, Henry Moore; programme for installation as Chancellor; review of catalogue of Chinese ceramics collection at Gulbenkian Museum; Oriental Music Festival; Union Society debates; possible cooperation between Durham University and Chiang Mai University over excavation at Kalong and Asian Art Centre; expeditions to Nepal and northern India.
Notes for speeches at Durham 1970-1980
77/13/1-71   12 December 1970 - 4 December 1980
Notes (fairly complete) for and typed copy of speech at installation as Chancellor; “Congregation address” 1970; notes for honorary degree ceremony; series of detailed notes for speeches at Congregations; series of detailed notes for speeches at Honorary Graduates' luncheons; minutes of meetings of 150th Anniversary Celebrations Committee; part of Palatinate, Durham students' newspaper.
Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)
Reports, papers, minutes etc 1961-1980
78/1/1-24   18 September 1961
Memorandum and Articles of Association of the VSO.
78/1/25-93, 78/2/1-57, 78/3/1-85, 78/4/1-77   1976 and January 1977 - 25 November 1980
Draft report by MJM as President of the VSO; statistical summaries of volunteers overseas; “Field Officers and assistant Field Officers. A review” by D Collett; “VSO Annual Medical Report 1976-1977” by M Browne; “5-year plan for the requests for volunteer assistance (1977-1981)” ; notes by MJM for use at Council Meeting, March 28, 1977; “Proposed amendment to notes for guidance of the overseas arm” ; “The evaluation of the British volunteer programme. Some implications for VSO in the 1980's” by S Cross; “Some aspects of VSO policy” by D Collett, Executive Committee June 1977; Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting. . . 12 July, 1977; “VSO book: synopsis” ; notes by MJM for meeting November 22, 1977; “Executive Committee” by D Collett; “Country priorities and project selection criteria” by D Collett; “VSO policy and finances” by D Collett; “Foreword” [to book on V S O]; Executive Committee 8 August 1978, Chairman's briefing; “Report from the Executive Committee March - September 1978” ; Minutes of Officers' Meeting 21 September 1978; “Working Party on recruitment strategy. Report ...” ; VSO Monthly Review ; “Discussion paper on VSO medical policy” by J Mackay; Agenda for meeting of Executive Committee. . . 9 January 1979 and attached papers on using the experience of returned volunteers; Agenda for meeting of Executive Committee... 13 February 1979; Minutes of meeting of Executive Committee . . . 30 January 1979 and attached papers on helping returned volunteers; “Executive Committee. Report of Staff Review Body” ; Monthly Review - No 6, March 1979; “VSO brief for Mr MacDonald's visit” comments by K R Hunter; Returned Volunteer Action (RVA) The Glencree Charter ; “Notes on . . . maintenance and development of VSO's relationship with its RV's” by J Fairman and B Rockliffe with papers on relationship with and involvement of RV's; “Discussion with RVA on development education” ; Minutes of Executive Committee Overseas Group 10 April 1979; “Memo to BVP Working Party” by D Collett; statistics of volunteers overseas; “BVP Council Working Party report on the future of the British Volunteer Programme”, with “Constitution” attached; Minutes of Executive Committee Overseas Group 1 August 1979 and attached tour report by S Field; “VSO's relationship with its returned volunteers” report of Executive Sub-Committee; “VSO in the 1980s, a policy for development” ; “VSO's attitude to the Glencree Charter, draft questionnaire” ; “Report to the Executive Committee on the new recruitment cycles” ; Minutes of meeting of VSO Council 25 November 1980.
Reports of VSO tours 1976-1978
78/5/1-70, 78/6/1-101   May 1976 - 20 December 1978 and January 1980
“Tour report of Northern Nigeria” by R Poole; “Report on a tour of Indonesia” by M J Hollis; “Gilbert Islands”, tour report by C Cross; “Fiji” tour report by C Cross; “Tonga”, tour report by C Cross; “Director's tour review, New Hebrides” by D Collett; “Director's tour review, Papua New Guinea” by D Collett; “Report on extended tour of Sri Lanka” by M Morison; “Tour report on Ghana” by J D Hough; “Report on a tour of the Sudan” by R Bird; “Report on a tour of Zambia” by C Robertson; “Indonesia”, VSO tour report by P Wood; “Tour of West Africa” by V Allport; “Tour report of Malawi and Tanzania” by S Field; “Ghana”, VSO staff tour report by R Shaw; “Tour report - Malaysia” by J Skelton; “Report on a visit to Nepal and Bagladesh” by D Collett; “Director's tour review, Gambia” by D Collett; “Director's tour review” by D Collett.
M MacDonald's travels for the VSO 1976-1977
78/7/1-16   7 May - 7 December 1976
Correspondence from D S Cape, G R Bird, M Booth, re proposed visit to Laos; situation in Laos and opportunities for Laotians to return; note by D W A Collett on skills offered by VSO workers; “Personality notes” on various people in Laos; re report on visit; further volunteer posts in Laos.
78/7/17-28   October 1976
“Report on visit to Laos” by MJM.
78/7/29-49   18 July 1977 - [1979]
Correspondence between MJM and Phoumi Vongvichit, A M Simons, C T W Humphrey, R P Phillips re problems over the expulsion of British volunteers from Laos; hopes for further VSO help for Laos.
78/8/1-43   September - 11 October 1977
Briefing material for MJM's visits in Asia, covering Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand including past correspondence and reports; lists of current volunteers; lists of volunteers; “Notes on the VSO programme in Sarawak”.
78/8/44-66   November 1977
“A report on visits to certain Asian countries” by MJM, draft, including visits to Indonesia, West and East Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and India.
Correspondence re VSO 1975-1980
78/9/1-92   7 October 1975 - 24 December 1980
Correspondence between MJM and A Hall, J E Wicken, F Judd, D Collett, Sir Samuel Falle, [ ] Liston, Sir Gerald Templer, J Lyne, T McNally, A A Bridgewater, Lord Garmoyle, V E Beckett, S Cooke, M Wooldridge, B K Rockliffe, S Field, R Oliver, P D Wood, N David, F Gwilliam, N Marten re VSO in Bangladesh; VSO in southern India; VSOs for Tanzania; Overseas Development, relations with; meetings; personal information; VSO in Nigeria; visits to Sarawak and Sabah; VSO in Tanzania; Foreign and Commonwealth Office official on the VSO Council; Prime Minister's contact with VSOs; VSOs for China; VSO in Zambia; radio programme; administrative workings of VSO; interpretation of development; appointment of new Director; funds from the Ministry of Overseas Development.
Printed pamphlets 1979-1980
78/10/1-50   September 1979 - 1980 and nd
VSO in the 1980's: a policy for development 1979; VSO Annual Report 1978-79; VSO Annual Report 1979-80; Orbit April - May 1980; VSO and you ; VSO now.
Correspondence and papers re other volunteer and youth organisations 1970-1980
78/11/1-30   28 March - 12 November 1969 and 1975
Correspondence from N Guppy and R Allen re Primitive Peoples trust fund; News from Survival International, No 12, October 1975.
78/12/1-58   26 September 1970 - 4 November 1980
Correspondence from Sir George Schuster re project for a United World College in Singapore; C Kayira (later Carnall) re Harmony; A Grainger re International Tree Crops Institute and R St Barbe Baker; Lord Hunt re Royal Geographical Society appeal; A Porritt enclosing papers on Concordia (Youth Service Volunteers) Ltd and asking to be a trustee; Minutes of meeting of Concordia (Youth Service Volunteers) Ltd, 4 November 1980.
78/13/1-60   21 June 1977 - 27 April 1979
Papers re Caribbean Youth Development Trust including Interim report April - June 1977 with Minutes of the 2nd meeting of Trustees ... 21 April 1977; Minutes of 4th meeting of Trustees. . . 24 August 1977; “Silver thanksgiving” poem by T S Tull; “A model Jubilee project” by T S Tull, Youth Development Trust Caribbean Project; Statement of income and expenditure; Minutes of 5th and 6th meetings of Trustees . . .12th October 1977 and 17 November 1977; Report Jun-Jul 1978; Minutes of 9th meeting of Trustees . . . 27 July 1978; CYDT 1976; correspondence betweeen T S Tull and J M Litchfield re model Jubilee project, the establishment of a model Youth Polytechnic; “English harbour project”, report on visit of Mr and Mrs George Morrill; “Vale of the White Horse project” ; The power and the glory by L A Chase; correspondence between MJM and Sir Wilfrid Jacobs re the English Harbour project; letters from T S Tull re the Youth Development Trust and the English Harbour project; Minutes of 11th meeting of trustees . . . 1 November 1978.
Personal papers
Dates of creation: 1929-1981
Extent: 10 boxes

For early life, see first section of list.
Personal and private correspondence
Personal and private correspondence 1930-1940
83/1/1-39   30 March 1930 - 17 February 1941
Letters from bird-watching friends and others soliciting help for bird protection, including Seton Gordon, Lord Grey of Falloden, M Nicholson, P Duff, J M Crosthwaite, L Koch, E MacAlister; includes agenda of 6th meeting with minutes of 5th meeting of British Trust for Ornithology.
83/2/1-75, 83/3/1-95   15 May 1930 - 12 March 1941 and nd
Personal letters from friends, especially artist and actor friends including John Masefield, Gilbert Spencer, Pam Fisher, J M Barrie, George Arliss, A J Eidenow, B Bach, Stephen Bone, Sophie J Colenso, A A Baily, Peirs E Thompson, Jessie M Keith, E MacAlister, Charles W Gordon, Sybil Thorndike, Gladys Powell, John Gray, Elizabeth Rothenstein, H Harris, Bruce Marshall, Leo Whelan, Mary Murray, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, John Nash, John Rockefeller, S White, F Lewis Donaldson, Basil Holmes, Harriet Cohen, Meg Gilbert, Princess Marthe Bibesco (photocopy), J J Astor, Stanley Spencer, Emlyn Williams, Lord Maugham, Rose Rosenberg, Vivien Leigh, Dorothy [Dickson], C B Cochran, A Elton, Constance de Bird, Clarice Billcliffe, Agnes Robertson, Ernest W Griffin, Ann Fenton, Edmund [Harvey].
83/4/1-7   6 June 1930 - 27 June 1938
Letter from D Cameron to J R MacDonald re James Guthrie (Scottish artist); L Housman personal; Augustus John to "Sir Alec" re portrait J R MacDonald.
83/5/1-61   10 November 1937 - 17 May 1938
Letters and telegrams of condolence from friends including Lord Zetland, J Simon, W Ormsby-Gore, S Hoare, Lord Halifax, G Shakespeare, L [Burgin], Sir Philip Sassoon, Gordon family, Sir Edward Harding, Lady Londonderry, L Hore-Belisha, Lord Stanhope, Princess Marthe Bibesco (one a photocopy), Luo Sai-chi, N Chamberlain on behalf of the Cabinet, S B[aldwin], W S Churchill, Cosmo Gordon Lang, P Fisher, W Elliot, E Brown, A Duff Cooper, Lady Oxford, J Lyons with thanks for congratulations on becoming Prime Minister of Australia, Duchess of Beaufort, Miss E D Spicer also re situation in China, A Murray also wishing well over Ireland, Sir Francis Joseph asking for memento of JRM and congratulating MJM on work in National Government as Dominions and Colonial Secretary.
Personal and private correspondence while in Canada 1941-1945
83/6/1-76   10 February 1941 - 3 February 1945 and nd
Letters from Lady Oxford, G Nicholson, C B Cochran, S Lapworth, S Gordon, G Clark, W Blackwood, Sybil Thorndike, H W Sanderson, J Holroyd-Reece, R Wellington, Lady Tweedsmuir, Sir John Anderson, Sir Reginald Blomfield, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, S Baldwin, Lilla Moffat, E Machtig, L Keynes (Lopokova), B Lillie, Lord Trenchard, C S Churchill, Stanley Spencer, D Charlton, M Southam, T MacDonald, congratulating on appointment; giving news of friends; hoping to meet MJM in Britain or USA; greetings cards; thanks for copies of Down North.
Personal and private correspondence while in South East Asia 1946-1955
83/7/1-35   26 October 1946 - 23 July 1955 and nd
Personal letters from friends including Evelyn Cochran, Queen Juliana of Netherlands, Ishbel MacDonald, Gilbert Murray, C B Cochran, Gilbert Spencer, Elizabeth Comber, Noel Coward (photocopy), Joan Hammond, William Holden, Austin F Flegel, R Bassett.
Personal and private correspondence while in India 1956-1960
83/8/1-28   22 June 1956 - 25 December 1960
Personal letters mainly from friends including Sybil Thorndike, Lilian H Montagu, Sue White, A G Trevor-Wilson, Sally Yeo, G Wren Howard, Dieter Pevsner, Gladys Hardy, Maurice Temple Smith.
Personal and private correspondence while in Africa 1963-1968

(For 1961 and 1962 correspondence (except 1 letter), see under Africa)
Family letters
84/1/1-68   18 November 1962 - 24 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Dr J Mackinnon re family; John Mackinnon's work in Tanzania.
(Original file 43).
84/2/1-52   12 January 1963 - 19 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Mrs S Lochhead re family matters; visits, his work in Kenya (general); J R MacDonald and his centenary and his papers.
(Original file 43).
84/3/1-125   14 January 1963 - 14 June 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Miss F MacDonald re personal news; birthdays etc; J R MacDonald; trips to various parts of Kenya and Africa in general; writing; visitors; the weather; pressure of work; education; family news.
(Original file 44).
84/4/1-64, 84/5/1-93, 84/6/1-77, 84/7/1-46   5 February 1963 - 16 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and A MacDonald, Sir Stanley Unwin, L Middleton and others re and including J R MacDonald's plaque and centenary celebrations; list of guests attending the centenary luncheon; typed transcript of the speeches made there by H Wilson, Lord Butler, E Shinwell and H King and letters from these and others who attended the luncheon; family matters; D Marquand's book; JRM's papers; visits to Brunei; D Astor and others re MJM's newspaper article on JRM for the centenary; other people's research or publications using JRM's papers; memorial plaque in Westminster Abbey.
(Original file 6).
84/8/1-75   1 March 1963 - 16 February 1973
Correspondence between MJM and Mrs I Peterkin re his work in Kenya (general); good wishes; friends; Lossiemouth; family; J R MacDonald's centenary; meetings; Hillocks.
(Original file 43).
84/9/1-52   17 [March]1963 - 3 September 1966
Correspondence between MJM and the Mackinnon children, Miss V, Miss L and J Mackinnon, re family matters; John working for the Van Lawicks.
(Original file 43).
84/10/1-74, 84/11/1-97   1 April 1963 - 29 May 1968
Correspondence from MJM to Mrs A MacDonald re his illness; guests; C Loke and photographic expeditions; Kenyan politics; death of Nehru; visit of Emperor of Ethiopia; family finances; visits to various parts of Kenya and Tanganyika; problems over deportation of certain British people; Kenya to become a republic; domestic matters; meeting with Sihanouk (no details); visits to Malawi, Zambia, Northern Rhodesia, London, Botswana, etc; Rhodesia; visit to South East Asia; purchase of Raspit Hill.
(Original file 44).
84/12/1-24   14 August 1963 - 19 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and M, J and E Peterkin re good wishes; news of themselves.
(Original file 43).
84/13/1-74   5 September 1963 - 23 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and D Marquand re the biography of J R MacDonald; other people using the papers; decision to deposit the papers in the Public Record Office.
(Original file 6).
84/14/1-9   19 December 1963 - 5 December 1966
Correspondence between MJM and J W Rowley re personal news; presents.
(Original file 43).
84/15/1-39   16 July 1964 - 20 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Miss J Rowley re photographs; personal and family news; his work in Kenya (general); her marriage; presents.
(Original file 43).
85/1/1-127   4 March 1965 - 17 May 1967
Correspondence with schools etc re F MacDonald's education; school fees; travel.
(Original file 44).
Correspondence with friends 1963-1968 (These files have been arranged in alphabetical order according to correspondents. The files were created by MJM in Africa. Material covering all the 1960's, the 1970's and 1980 has been added to some files).

85/2/1-49   22 July 1963 - 24 August 1971
Correspondence between MJM and J Adamson re her book Peoples of Kenya ; the film of Born Free ; conservation; problems of rehabilitation of lions; Elsa Wild Animal Appeal.
(Original file 37).
85/3/1-51   15 January 1963 - 28 June 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Miss D Anciano and Mrs Anciano re personal matters; work in Kenya (brief summary); her personal affairs; family.
(Original file 37).
85/4/1-87   28 December 1963 - 11 April 1967
Correspondence between MJM and Aung San Su Kyi and Mrs Aung Sang re their family; personal matters; writing; her time as an undergraduate at Oxford; meetings in London.
(Original file 37).
85/5/1-42   4 September 1962 - 30 June 1967
Correspondence between MJM and the Baig family re family news; Dr Radhakrishnan; his work (general); China; writing; India.
(Original file 45).
85/6/1-83   2 March 1963 - 22 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Sir Michael and Lady Blundell re purchase of a farm on security grounds; Egerton College (only mentioned); meetings and visits; porcelain, M Blundell's book.
(Original file 38).
85/7/1-123, 85/8/1-101   14 January 1963 - 26 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and T, D and S Cazalet-Keir re Kenya and his work there; visits to London; visitors to Kenya; African politics; collecting; offer of a post as Chairman of the BBC; China; family news; personal; friends; J R MacDonald's centenary; Raspit Hill.
(Original file 38).
85/9/1-68, 85/10/1-85   November 1960 - 30 June 1979
Correspondence between MJM and E Comber (Han Suyin) re visits to Kenya; Malaya and South East Asia; his work in Africa; friends; China; personal matters; her books; films; Malaya; Sihanouk.
(Original file 38).
(For earlier letters, see 1950's Personal correspondence).
85/11/1-143   25 August 1962 - 11 July 1968
Correspondence between MJM and M Devadoss (née Michael), mostly those of MJM re personal matters; his work in Kenya (general description); Nehru's death; travels in India; his travels in Africa; family news.
(Original file 39).
86/1/1-5   8 December 1967 - January 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (one a photocopy) thanking for hospitality; MJM's book.
(Original file 5).
86/2/1-77   20 November 1962 - 8 July 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Sir Francis Fressanges re social engagements and visits; society of Kenya Europeans; problems of British/Kenyan citizenship; purchase of farms on compassionate grounds.
(Original file 38).
86/3/1-43   10 April 1963 - 21 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and U John re personal matters; Kenya work (general); writing.
(Original file 39).
86/4/1-37   8 August 1963 - 1 July 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Temonggong Jugah, Temenggong Koh, Linggi Jugah re Sarawak friends; Federation of Malaysia; Sarawak administration; scholarships; Indonesia.
(Original file 44).
86/5/1-45   4 February 1963 - 20 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and the Koh family (one a photocopy) and A F R Griffin re money for education of grandchildren of Temenggong Koh and Temenggong Jugah; floods; news of Sarawak and the Balleh; farming; news of Koh families.
(Original file 44).
86/6/1-59   30 November 1962 - 8 April 1968
Correspondence between MJM and K Kanyan Koh and A F Girloin re his education; news of Sarawak; floods; his career; Indonesian confrontation.
(Original file 44).
86/7/1-106   21 September 1963 - 20 May 1973
Correspondence between MJM and Baron and Baroness van Lawick (née J Goodall) re work with chimpanzees; hospitality; J Goodall's articles and books and chimpanzee film; MJM's visit to "Chimpland", funds etc for Gombe Stream Research Centre.
(Original file 44).
86/8/1-115, 86/9/1-38   5 February 1963 - 16 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and B Lee (later Mrs I Alberry) re his work in Kenya (general); personal matters; M Ward's debt to her; news of friends; meetings in London; also letters to M Ward re his debt.
(Original file 37).
86/10/1-93, 86/11/1/1-85, 86/12/1-85, 86/13/1-110, 86/14/1-25   6 January 1963 - 16 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Mrs C Loke (later Stone) re wildlife; photographic equipment and photographs; Chinese ceramics; her visits to Kenya; Treasures of Kenya and illustrations for National Geographic article; writings; friends; personal matters.
(Original file 40).
86/15/1-35   17 July 1963 - 15 June 1966
Correspondence between MJM and T Olivier re T Olivier's career in development work; personal matters.
(Original file 36).
87/1/1-83   8 February 1963 - 18 May 1971
Correspondence between MJM and Mrs L Pedragosa da Nadal re personal matters; possible meetings; films; travels.
(Original file 43).
87/2/1-16   12 December 1944 - 26 May 1980
Letters from Freya Stark to MJM re writing; her books; Durham University; her travels.
(These letters separated and sent to F Stark for inclusion in the publication of her letters).
87/3/1-18   5 February 1963 - 5 April 1968
Correspondence between MJM and F Stark re China; his work in Africa (general); writings; personal matters.
(Original file 38).
87/4/1-35   26 January 1963 - 27 June 1967
Correspondence between MJM and Dr R Tweedie re personal matters; gifts of books and pills; visit to Kenya.
(Original file 36).
87/5/1-66   16 August 1961 - 16 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Col and Mrs Van Boanoi re his work in Africa (general); amily news; Thailand political corruption.
(Original file 45).
Miscellaneous private correspondence 1963-1968 (Arranged chronologically, includes some material from 1961 and 1962)

87/6/1-84, 87/7/1-97   17 February 1961 - 31 December 1974
Correspondence between MJM, friends and others including Lt Gen Sir Ian Freeland, Mrs D Ogden Stewart, Sir Duncan Wilson, Sir Gilbert Laithwaite, Lee Kong Chian, Sir Miles Clifford, P Fisher, re his books; life in Kenya; personal matters; giant pandas in China; events in Malaysia; British Army in Kenya; gardening in Ghana; education and careers of various Asians and Europeans; thanks for hospitality; congratulations on his appointment; reclamation of the Sahara Desert; broadcast appeal for African Medical and Research Foundation; includes Christmas cards and memos by MJM about letters to be written, travel arrangements, guests to be entertained etc.
87/8/1-88   1 January - 25 June 1965
Correspondence between MJM, friends and others including W B Coote, G Ellerton, R A Lake, Dr I Mann, M Ponsonby, P Fisher, G West, Mrs I Slater, Sir Julian Huxley, M Franklin, re careers of various people; congratulations on appointment; reclamation of Sahara Desert; help to obtain jobs; supplies of mangoes; events in Vietnam; thanks for help; invitations to stay; replacement of Europeans by Kenyans in various jobs; Bedales appeal; includes memos by MJM re letters to be written, guests to be entertained etc.
87/9/1-125   29 June - 25 December 1965
Correspondence between MJM, friends and others including J St George Saunders, M Denis, E de Valera, Mother Theresa, R Dawson, B Inglis, R Elton, U Williams, re invitations for meals and to stay; personal matters; conflicts in Asia; thanks for contribution to help Mother Theresa's work; education and careers of various people; help to obtain jobs; events in Rhodesia; includes Christmas cards, memos by MJM re letters to be written, guests to be entertained, etc.
87/10/1-114   4 January - 10 March 1966
Correspondence between MJM, friends and others including P Bhatia, J Astor, Sir Alec Martin, B Matthews, N L Goldberg, Lim Koon Took, A B Richter Rothschild, P Vaughan, A Harriman, re personal matters; help for education and jobs; woodcut caricature of MJM with woodcut; scholarships for children from Sarawak; biography of Nancy Astor; exhibition of paintings by the Norwich School and loan of one of MJM's pictures for it; includes memos by MJM re letters to be written, guests to be invited, etc.
88/1/1-93   11 March - 28 December 1966
Correspondence between MJM, friends and others including J S Duncan, R G Menzies, P Fisher, M North, Sir Alexander Grantham, H Dundas, J Freeman, Sir Glyn Jones, H Marsden-Smedley, C Hughes, Sir John Addis, R Gardiner, H Young, re China; personal matters; events in Singapore; livestock insurance; African birds; British representatives in Jamaica; conflict between India and Pakistan and other events in India; events in Malawi; his book Treasures of Kenya ; Chinese porcelain; viability of a farm and fishery business in Kenya; events in Rhodesia; book about the Zinoviev Letter; includes memos re letters to be written, guests to be invited etc.
88/2/1-105   12 January 1967 - 25 April 1968 and nd
Correspondence between MJM, friends and others including P Montgomery, Begum Sakina Ali Khan, Sir Alexander Grantham, L W Robert, Lady Twining, Lord Hill, re exploitation of children in Singapore; birds in India; pre-war British foreign policy; help to obtain jobs; personal matters; American foreign policy; appeal for school in Kenya; death of Lord Twining; situation in Africa; search for a new Vice-Chancellor for Singapore University; Reith lectures; includes memos by MJM re letters to be written, plans for moving to Raspit Hill etc.
Correspondence about personal interests 1963-1968 (Material arranged in files created by MJM but listed chronologically. Material from all the 1960's, 1970's and 1980 has been added to some files)

88/3/1-63   14 September 1961 - 24 June 1968
Correspondence between MJM and R Bluett re Chinese and Persian ceramics; collection at Gulbenkian Museum, Durham; purchases; bills.
(Original file 45).
88/4/1-78, 88/5/1-42   26 September 1962 - 25 April 1968
Correspondence between MJM and headmasters and librarian at Bedales School re the MacDonald Essay Prize and books for it; letters to the prize-winners; letter to J H Badley on his 100th birthday, and reply (photocopy); Bedales Society; J H Badley memorial service and tributes; Bedales development plan; letter of condolence to R Powell on death of his father and reply.
(Original file 45)
(See also earlier references to Bedales School).
88/6/1-93   24 December 1963 - 13 April 1967
Correspondence between MJM and Lord Delamere and L Wilkinson re race horse called Minnehaha; Lord Delamere's Kenyan citizenship.
(Original file 36).
88/7/1-125   24 February 1964 - 8 October 1966
Bills and receipts from Delamere Estates Ltd for racehorses's training; Jockey Club fees, etc.
(Original file 36).
88/8/1-69   24 February 1964 - 15-18 September 1966
Sir Geoffrey de Freitas' correspondence re Rotary Club meetings; Rotary Club newsletters and minutes of meetings; minutes of committees of Institute of Development Studies.
(Original file 28).
88/9/1-47   25 February - 27 April 1964
Sir Geoffrey de Freitas' correspondence re the Royal Society of St George; dinners etc; with Sir Francis Fressanges re the Society and retention of British troops in Kenya; Annual Report of the Chapel of the Order of St Michael and St George.
(Original file 28).
88/10/1-12   18 March - 6 October 1964
Sir Geoffrey de Freitas' correspondence re Nairobi Round Table; dinners; press releases etc.
(Original file 28).
88/11/1-7   4 December 1964
Letters re and list of proposed members of Dining Club.
(Original file 36).
89/1/1-99, 89/2/1-49, 89/3/1-15   3 August 1965 - 16 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and the Gulbenkian Museum (P S Rawson, I L Legeza and T W Thacker) and others re arrangements to meet P S Rawson and T W Thacker; cataloguing of collection of Chinese ceramics by I L Legeza; raising of money for purchase of collection by Gulbenkian Museum; Indian civilisation post.
(Original file 39).
(See also Retirement, Correspondence as Chancellor of Durham University).
89/4/1-27   21 July 1966 - 13 March 1968
Correspondence between MJM and W Gilmour, Town Clerk of Lossiemouth re granting of Freedom of Lossiemouth to MJM.
(Original file 6).
89/5/1-26   22 July 1966 - 1 May 1967
Correspondence between MJM and W A R Collins, V and B Travers re film sequel to Born Free.
(Original file 31).
89/6/1/-27   8 April 1968 - 23 June 1980
Correspondence between MJM and J Murray-Brown re television programme about MJM shown in 1969; notes for radio broadcast on “My three heroes in history, fiction and my own lifetime” and letter from producer A Jones; letter from J Walker about proposed television programme.
(lst part was Original file 6).
Correspondence about publications 1963-1968 (Material arranged in files created by MJM. These arranged chronologically. Some material from 1969-1980 has been included)

89/7/1-73   2 January 1963 - 20 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and A Witherby re sales of Birds in the Sun ; further books; personal matters; royalties.
(Original file 43).
89/8/1-12   6 January - 8 November 1963
Correspondence between MJM and Hamish Hamilton re personal matters; gifts of books; MJM's book Treasures of Kenya.
(Original file 43).
89/9/1-99, 89/10/1-112, 89/11/1-68   6 January 1963 - 12 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Jonathan Cape Ltd re copies of his books and sales; personal letters G Wren Howard; visit of G Wren Howard to Kenya; U John's book; D Marquand's biography of J R MacDonald; loan of paintings; Han Suyin; America and Vietnam; books bound for gift to Emperor of Ethiopia; reprints; G Wren Howard's illness and death.
(Original file 39).
89/12/1-85   5 March 1963 - 16 May 1967
Correspondence between MJM and D Astor re articles on China; Nehru obituary or article; memorandum by E L Howard-Williams on Africa; Lady Astor's death; world government; articles on Nehru, Kenyatta and J R MacDonald; articles on J R MacDonald for centenary; article on J Goodall.
(Original file 31).
90/1/1-90, 90/2/1-98, 90/3/1-118   13 August 1963 - 29 March 1965
Correspondence between MJM and W A R Collins, Sir Saville Garner re MJM's book Treasures of Kenya and photographs to illustrate it.
(Original file 31).
90/4/1-131, 90/5/1-124, 90/6/1-126, 90/7/1-28   30 March 1965 - 5 July 1967
Correspondence between MJM and Collins (M Walter and W Collins) re Treasures of Kenya production and illustrations; article in Animals ; sales of Treasures of Kenya ; thanks for copies; batch of notes re gifts of several of MJM's publications.
(Original file 40).
90/8/1-91   28 June 1965 - 4 June 1968
Correspondence between MJM and W Collins re MJM's short stories; Treasures of Kenya, Peoples of Kenya by J Adamson; G Adamson; People and Places.
90/9/1-65   1 April 1968 - 31 October 1969
Correspondence between MJM and Collins (P Ziegler), Sir Burke Trend, Sir Morrice James, Sir Henry Lintott, N Robertson, Sir Saville Garner re MJM's book People and Places.
90/10/1-12   1 December 1970 - 17 October 1974
Correspondence between MJM and Collins ( P Ziegler) re Titans and Others ; The Pleasures and Pains of Collecting ; short stories; autobiography.
90/11/1-62   5 January 1965 - 23 October 1980
Miscellaneous correspondence re publications between MJM and others including A Buxton re a book on East Africa; M J T McCann re new edition of Angkor ; Miss H Oliver re MJM's preface to book on Chinese secret societies; M W Woodcock re birds in South East Asia; J R Ede re papers in the PRO; F T R Giles re articles on China; Sidgwick & Jackson (W Armstrong) re MJM's chapter on J Kenyatta for Makers of the 20th Century ed by Sir John Wheeler-Bennett; Mitchinson with copy of her review for TES of Titans and Others ; opinions on MJM's short stories; Mackenzie King Centennial Colloquium re MJM's contribution to Mackenzie King: twelve essays ; request for contribution by MJM to a memoir to Tun Mohd Fuad Stephens; William Heinemann Ltd (C Pick) re book on China; Longman (R B Bunnett) re introduction to book by J Davidson; D Lance of Imperial War Museum re recordings made by J R MacDonald and MJM for BBC; Hodder & Stoughton (E Major) re introduction to book on Borneo by J Barclay; W Deedes re article on Vietnamese refugees; Southeast Asian Ceramic Society re article about history of the Khmers.
Miscellaneous Correspondence
119/8/1-100   November 1969 - 8 June 1979 and n.d.
Miscellaneous correspondence including letters to/from Lord Caradon, Mrs S R D Bandaranaike, Richard Church, Robert Fowler, Major-General R.B. Penfold, Neil Pritchard, Leonard Cheshire, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, G L Fischer, Sir George Schuster, Michael Stewart, Sir Edward Ford, Douglas Fairbanks, Dr Banda, David Dilks, Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, Earl Mountbatten, Lord Goronwy-Roberts, Salim Ali, Joy Adamson.
Personal and private correspondence 1969-1980

(For general correspondence and correspondence re MJM's other retirement interests, see under Retirement. For correspondence re publications 1969-1980, see above).
91/1/1-51   29 June 1969 - 2 December 1980 and nd
Correspondence between MJM, friends and others including Dame Sybil Thorndike, Lord Butler, Lady Reading, C Clemens, Ludwig Koch, Field Marshall Lord Harding, John D Rockefeller, Sir Alec Martin, Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, Lady MacKenzie, Princess Alice, Lord Mountbatten (photocopy), T McNally, D Cameron, A Harriman, Sir Arthur Bryant, Sir Richard Luyt, Dr M Archer, Iris Murdoch, Mrs M Foot re animal conservation; arranging meetings with friends; Shanker International Children's Competition; being created a Knight of Mark Twain; personal matters; Ghurka Welfare Appeal; deaths of various friends; post-war appointment of Commissioner General in Africa; news of friends; state of the Labour Party; includes Christmas cards from various African leaders and states.
Letters of condolence on M J MacDonald's death and service sheets 1981
91/2/1-31   12 January - 8 April 1981
Telegram from the Queen to Mrs A MacDonald; letter from Sir John Rothenstein to Mrs S Lochhead; letters to Mrs A MacDonald from Aung San Su Kyi, Lord Brockway, M Knox, Sir Derman and Lady Christopherson, G Wilson, Sir Christopher Cox; letters to Mrs S Lochhead from M [ ], Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra (photocopy), H Macmillan (photocopy); notes on the disposal of papers from [Lord Garner]; photocopy of “Tribute to Malcolm MacDonald” from Congressional record - House, February 19, 1981; printed order of service for Service of Thanksgiving for the life and work of Malcolm MacDonald ... 3 March 1981 held at Westminster Abbey; printed copy of the Address given by ... Mr Shridath Ramphal at the Thanksgiving Service; another edition entitled The Supreme Interlocutor.
Papers concerning properties
Papers concerning properties in England 1935-1968
91/3/1-74   4 October 1935 - 28 October 1959
Correspondence with estate agents, architects, etc re purchase, repairs and sale of Hyde Hall, Great Waltham, Essex; survey report; architect's plan; bill for work done; inventory of furniture, fittings and effects when Hall requisitioned; letters re use of tithe barn; letters re repairs to 65 and 67 Frognal, Hampstead.
91/4/1-57, 91/5/1-72, 91/6/1-90   14 December 1962 - 4 April 1968
Correspondence between MJM and estate agents, solicitors, etc re Hyde Hall; maintenance; tenancies and sale; removal of contents; 103 Frognal, contents.
(Original file 4).
91/7/1-125   22 March 1967 - 17 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and estate agents, solicitors, etc re Raspit Hill, Sevenoaks; purchase and repairs; removal of furniture.
(Original file 5).
Papers concerning residences in Africa 1964
91/8/1-40, 91/9/1-52   1 September - 6 December 1964
Inventories of MJM's possessions and notes re removal of these to 2 Tchui Road; notes on furnishing, gardens, etc.
(Original file 62).
Papers concerning private finance
Accounts - bills and receipts 1929-1968
93/2/1-111   26 July 1929 - 31 December 1932
Miscellaneous bills, receipts and correspondence re purchase of antique furniture and china; travel tickets, etc.
93/3/1-70   January 1933 - 17 December 1935
Miscellaneous bills, receipts and correspondence re purchase of antique furniture and china; engravings; tapestries; watercolour by John Nash; insurance; subscriptions, etc.
93/4/1-78   27 January - 31 December 1936
Miscellaneous bills, receipts and correspondence re purchase of antique furniture, china and glass; a car; household items; petrol, etc.
93/5/1-42, 93/6/1-67   January - 29 December 1937
Miscellaneous bills, receipts and correspondence re purchase of antique furniture, china and glass; household items; household charges; books; works of art, etc.
93/7/1-36, 93/8/1-52   1 January 1938 - 21 May 1942 and nd
Miscellaneous bills, receipts and correspondence re purchase of household items, clothes, antiques, paintings, books; repair of antiques; household charges; subscriptions; insurance; car expenses; list of furniture and books inherited by MJM from J R MacDonald, etc; J R MacDonald's will.
93/9/1-109   1 November 1946 - 12 March 1966 and nd
Miscellaneous bills, receipts and correspondence re insurance; share dividends and certificates; household expenses; clothes; books; list of pictures and drawings sold at Christies.
93/10/1-50   14 March 1966 - 11 May 1968
Miscellaneous bills, receipts and correspondence re purchase of books; subscriptions; school fees; car hire; clothes, etc.
Banks 1935-1968 (Correspondence has been placed before statements)

92/4/1-116, 92/5/1-90   17 January 1963 - 23 April 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Westminster Bank (Hampstead) re overdrafts; payments of cheques; account in Canada; school fees.
(Original file 6).
92/6/1-30   16 February 1965 - 30 August 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Barclays Bank (Nairobi) re his account; payments; overdraft.
(Original file 45).
92/7/1-13   26 April - 2 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and Westminster Bank (Sevenoaks) re his accounts; transfers of money; payments.
92/8/1-64   1 July 1935 - 13 May 1942 and 31 August - 30 November 1959
Bank statements and used cheques for account with Westminster Bank (Hampstead); the Chartered Bank (Singapore).
92/9/1-43   27 June 1962 - 2 August 1968
Bank statements and standing order for accounts at Westminster Bank (Hampstead and Sevenoaks).
92/10/1-73, 92/11/1-52   18 January 1963 - 25 May 1968
Bank statements and used cheques for account at Barclays Bank (Nairobi).
Salary 1961-1968
91/10/1-146   13 June 1961 - 31 August 1968
Payment vouchers, pay slips, correspondence etc relating to payment of salary and allowances while in Africa.
(Original file 6).
Income tax 1958-1968
92/2/1-102, 92/3/1-140   13 May 1958 - 16 September 1968
Correspondence between MJM and P F Allday, accountant, re income-tax returns; surtax computations; details of income.
(Original file 6).
Pension 1962-1965
92/1/1-13   March 1962 - 8 January 1968
Notice of contributions made to national insurance; correspondence between MJM and the Colonial Office re pension.
(Original file 43).
Royalties 1962-1968
93/1/1-47   1 May 1962 - 1 May 1968
Royalty reports and certificates of deductions of income tax from royalties from Jonathan Cape, Oxford University Press (Canadian branch) and H F and G Witherby Ltd.
Medical expenses 1963-1967
93/11/1-54   3 January 1963 - 6 March 1967
Receipts, notes and correspondence re MJM's medical expenses including memorandum re Overseas Medical Scheme; bills and receipts for dental treatment.
Dates of creation: 1922-1980
Extent: 24 boxes
Speeches 1922-1940 (These files have been left in the order in which they were found, and so the arrangement is not strictly chronological).

94/1/1-11   22 October 1922
Typed copy of speech made at Bedales School.
94/1/12-102   [1924 - 1929]
Rough notes for speeches at various meetings during parliamentary election campaigns of 1923, 1924 and 1929 and London County Council campaign of 1927 on various subjects including Trade Disputes Bill; welfare services; health care; Conservative economic policy; distribution of wealth; coal industry; Co-operative Movement; Labour policy; trade; British Empire; League of Nations; Labour policy on agriculture; votes for women; unemployment; housing; welfare of the blind; nationalisation of coal industry; rough notes for report on 2nd conference of Institute of Pacific Relations, July 1927.
94/2/1-86   [1927 - 1930]
Rough notes for speeches made before and after MJM's election to London County Council and during parliamentary election campaign 1929 re nursery schools; coal industry; London rates and services; London markets; education in London; housing; health; income tax; transport in London; socialism; unemployment; welfare of the blind; China.
94/3/1-118, 94/4/1-141   [1932] - 20 July 1938 and nd
Rough notes and two typed copies for speeches and broadcasts to various institutions, meetings, etc, including House of Commons; re National Government and its performance; results of Ottawa Conference; use of leisure; trade within Empire; Dominions; Ceylon; significance of British Empire; the British economy; Eire unemployment; Japan; Manchuria; education; disarmament; Parliamentary democracy; impressions of Australia; soya beans; Colonial Office estimates; loss of markets; some imperial problems “Rough notes on first thoughts after reading the Palestine Legislative Council papers”.
94/5/1-93, 94/6/1-122   31 January 1934 - 22 June 1938 and nd
Rough notes and one typed copy of speeches to various meetings, institutions etc, including House of Commons, and meetings during 1935 parliamentary election campaign and Ross and Cromarty by-election, re economic aid for Highlands; role of British Empire; National Government and its record; agreements with Eire; vote of censure in House of Commons; foreign policy; National Labour party; native locations in Southern Rhodesia; Eire's role in Empire; trade with colonies; migration; Palestine; rough notes of a discussion with E de Valera re relations between Eire and the UK, July 1936.
94/7/1-156   28 July 1934 - 20 August 1938 and nd
Rough notes and one typed copy of speeches to various institutions, meetings, etc including speeches to House of Commons and during Ross and Cromarty by-election, re depopulation of Highlands; fishing industry and agriculture in Scotland; unemployment; housing; economic cooperation within Empire; migration; Imperial Conference May 1937; Dominions; National Government; National Labour party.
94/8/1-124, 95/1/1-191   21 December 1937 - 6 March 1941 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches to various meetings, institutions, etc, including House of Commons, re National Government; work of Ministry of Health before and during war; work of National Art Collections Fund; Palestine; British Empire and its future; work of Dominions Office; Nazi rule in Germany and outbreak of war; international understanding; colonial manpower in armed forces during war; Eire's relations with UK; work of labour officers in colonies; Jewish migration to Palestine; trade within Empire; national unity; migration; bird-watching in Lossiemouth.
95/2/1-173   10 January 1940 - 18 January 1941 and nd
Typed copies and some rough notes for speeches, broadcasts and a lecture, re British imperialism; the Empire at war; welfare services; life in Britain in wartime; appeal for TB and fever nurses; thanks for American medical help.
Speeches made while High Commissioner in Canada 1941-1946 (96/3 - 96-7 have been left in the order in which they were found, so the arrangement is not strictly chronological).

95/3/1-117, 95/4/1-117, 95/5/1-95, 95/6/1-75, 95/7/1-132, 95/8/1-69, 95/9/1-83, 96/1/1-111, 96/2/1-162   4 April 1941 - 27 March 1946 and nd
Typed copies of speeches and broadcasts to various institutions, meetings, etc in Canada, re the conduct of the war; contribution of Canada and rest of Empire to war effort; life in Britain in wartime with details of air-raids and rescue operations; mobile canteens; lack of manufactured goods in Britain; health services in Britain; Nazism; relations between Britain, Canada and USA; entry of Russia into war; war artists; war against Japan; trip to Canadian North-West; post-war Britain; aid for Russia; life in post-war world; German military prowess; Canada's role in world affairs; new League of Nations after war; D-Day; prominent wartime politicians; Britain and Greece during war; university life; reconstruction in Europe and finance for it; MJM's five years as High Commissioner in Canada.
96/3/1-29   7 March 1941 - 27 March 1946
Rough notes for some of the speeches listed as typed copies above, with notes for an additional speech at the Canada Club, 7 March 1941 on MJM's appointment as High Commissioner in Canada.
96/4/1-101   7 May 1941 - 29 March 1945
Rough notes for some of the speeches listed as typed copies above with notes for additional speeches on the same subjects, including a speech made at Dingwall, June 10 1944.
96/5/1-119, 96/6/1-156   12 May 1941 - 3 October 1945 and nd
Rough notes for some of the speeches listed as typed copies above with notes for additional speeches on the same subjects, including undated speeches at Cromarty and Ullapool.
96/7/1-110   8 June 1943 - 27 March 1946 and nd
Rough notes for some of the speeches listed as typed copies above with notes for additional speeches, including private occasions, on the same subjects.
Speeches made while in South East Asia 1946-1955
96/8/1-76, 97/1/1-110, 97/2/1-116, 97/3/1-96, 97/4/1-110   22 May 1946 - 15 October 1955 and nd
Typed copies of speeches and broadcasts to various institutions, meetings, etc on various subjects including politics in Malaya and Singapore; history and present state of Asia; British, American and Russian politics; Communist interference in Asian politics; terrorism in Malaya; Chinese community in Malaya, etc; founding of University of Malaya; death of Duncan Stewart; British recognition of Chinese government; economic situation in South East Asia; death of Ernest Bevin; coronation of Sultan of Brunei; Korean War; traditional crafts in South East Asia; death of Don Stephen Senanayake; television; Sir Edmund Hillary's ascent of Mount Everest.
97/5/1-130, 97/6/1-140, 97/7/1-89, 97/8/1-55, 97/9/1-51   11 October 1946 - 27 August 1955
Rough notes, manuscript and typed copies of speeches and broadcasts to various institutions, meetings, etc on subjects including Sarawak; Malayan politics; the Dayaks; South East Asian politics; Malayan scenery; University of Malaya; Communism in South East Asia; visit to Vietnam; coronation of Sultan of Brunei 1951; education in South East Asia; terrorism in Malaya; politics and war in Indo-China; North Borneo; grant of freedom of the city of Singapore.
Speeches made while in India 1955-1960
98/1/1-73   17 August 1955 - 30 July 1956 and nd
Rough notes and one typed copy of speeches made to various institutions, meetings, etc re self-government in Commonwealth countries; Russian interference in Anglo-Indian relations; political situation in South East Asia; Malaya and Singapore; India and relations with Britain; printed copy of speeches made by MJM and another on conferment of freedom of Singapore on MJM.
98/2/1-115, 98/3/1-155, 98/4/1-108, 98/5/1-131   2 November 1955 - 7 September 1960 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made to various institutions, meetings, etc re development of Commonwealth; independence in Asian countries, especially India; security and politics of South East Asia; relations between China and India; Malaya in South East Asia; Angkor Wat; natural history; bird-watching in Delhi; General Sir Arthur Cotton; Britain and the British; Communist influence in Asia; Indian foreign policy; heroes and hero-worship; Suez, Hungary and Kashmir; relations between Britain and India; British in India; tea; local government in India; role of political parties in a parliamentary democracy; foreign investment in India; Colombo Plan; Indian and independence.
98/6/1-32   18 December 1957 - 25 October 1958 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made to various meetings, institutions, etc re university life; relations between India and Britain; problem of Kashmir; “Britain and the Commonwealth”.
Speeches 1960-1961
98/7/1-18   8 December 1960 - [1961] and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made on private occasions, at the University of Singapore, etc re Communism in Asia; politics of South East Asia; Dr Lee Kong Chian.
Speeches made while in Africa 1963-1969
98/8/1-54   8 January - 31 October 1963 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made to various meetings, institutions, etc re health services in Kenya; role of the Press in criticising government; medicine in East Africa; printed copy of Address from the Chair by MJM as Governor of Kenya in Kenya House of Representatives; Kenyan politics; Somalis.
98/9/1-69   23 March - 2 December 1964 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches to various meetings, institutions, etc and a broadcast, re independence in Kenya; Nehru; “The rise of Asian nationalism” ; Kenyan politics.
98/10/1-60   1 April - 12 December 1965 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made to various meetings, institutions, etc re Kenya politics, especially the suitability of one-party system in African states; presentation of credentials as British High Commissioner in Kenya; South East Asia; independence in Kenya; medicine and medical training in East Africa; Winston Churchill, Gandhi, etc; life in the Far East.
98/11/1-31   23 August 1967 and nd
Rough notes for speeches to various meetings re Rhodesia; independence in African countries; recent developments in Africa; politics in Kenya; eastern and central Africa.
Speeches, lectures and broadcasts given during retirement 1969-1980
99/1/1-92   [28 February 1969] - 8 July 1970
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches to various meetings, institutions, etc re freedom of Lossiemouth; eastern and central Africa; “Thoughts on the human family” ; the Commonwealth; “Britain's influence and role in Asia and Africa”.
99/2/1-110   15 September 1970 - 28 January 1971 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made to various meetings, institutions, etc re and including “The role of the Westerner abroad” ; “The Commonwealth and youth” ; “The evolving Commonwealth” ; “World housing” ; “Thoughts on the head-hunters of Borneo” ; “The Commonwealth” ; blood sports.
99/3/1-95   1 February 1971 - 25 April 1972 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made to various meetings, institutions, etc including “The human family” ; “China and the Far East” ; “East and central Africa” ; “The growing importance of the Commonwealth” ; “The emerging nations in Asia, 1940's-1960's” ; “Peoples of the world”.
99/4/1-93   2 October 1962 - 5 December 1975 and nd
Rough notes for speeches made in various meetings, institutions, etc re and including “Our multi-racial Commonwealth” ; Churchill and other leaders; “The South African problem” ; “The importance of the Commonwealth” ; Royal Commonwealth Society; the founding of Sydney, Australia; transfer of power in Commonwealth.
99/5/1-56   19 February 1976 - 22 April 1978 and nd
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made to various meetings, institutions, etc re Tom Harrisson; the Commonwealth; Kenya; India; cutting of letter to The Times 19 July 1976 re overseas aid from Britain; May Mellanby.
99/6/1-40   22 November 1978 - 2 October 1980
Rough notes and typed copies of speeches made to various meetings, institutions, etc re the Commonwealth; Malaya; retirement of Sir Derman Christopherson from Durham University; China; Sarawak and North Borneo; Burma.
99/7/1-129, 99/8/1-70   March 1972 - 1 November 1973
Rough notes for seminars at Carleton University, Ottawa re China and South Asia; Southern Africa; political problems of developing countries in Asia and Africa; photocopy of typed extract from speech by Mr Medeiros D'Espiney Patricio in UN General Assembly, 2 October 1972 and from a talk given by him on radio and television, 15 January 1973 re Portugal's African possessions.
99/9/1-32   17 June 1969
Script of “"Our man anywhere" a profile of Malcolm MacDonald” BBC TV Tuesday Documentary transmitted 17 June 1969 on BBC 1.
99/10/1-97   19 April 1971 - 10 September 1971
Correspondence, shooting script, notes, script, etc re Thames Television programme on Department of Oriental Antiquities of British Museum.

(See also Personal papers, 1963-1968 Personal and Private Correspondence while in Africa, 1963-1968 Correspondence about publications)
Down North Oxford University Press (1943), (also issued in 1945 by OUP under title Canadian North with a new preface)

100/1/1-218, 100/2/1-232   1943 and nd
Manuscript and typed drafts of Down North.
100/3/1-29, 100/4/1-120, 100/5/1-58   4 October 1943 - 10 April 1949
Press reviews and correspondence re Down North between MJM and C Camsell, T MacDonald, Admiral Sir Edward Evans, G V Ferguson, R J Needham, W Stewart Wallace, T A Crerar, L J Burpee, N Robertson, A McNab, Lady Fiset, Mrs J P Moffat, R Finnie, R F McWilliams, Lady Eaton, J Grierson, R Bell, Mrs R H Elkin, F A Milholland, N Berlis, Sir Richard Redmayne, J C Bowen.
The Birds of Brewery Creek Oxford University Press (1947)

100/6/1-176, 100/7/1-168, 100/8/1-47    nd
Manuscript and typed draft (incomplete) of The Birds of Brewery Creek.
Borneo people Jonathan Cape (1956)

101/1/1-93, 101/2/1-131, 101/3/1-150, 101/4/1-67   16 March 1953 - 14 June 1957
Rough notes , correspondence, legal agreements, manuscript and typed drafts, some galley proofs, traced map all for Borneo People.
Angkor Jonathan Cape (1958)

101/5/1-55, 101/6/1-137, 101/7/1-68, 101/8/1-128   21 March 1958 and nd
Rough notes, legal agreement, manuscript and typed drafts of Angkor.
Birds in my Indian garden ; Birds in the sun Jonathan Cape (1961); Witherby (1962)

102/1/1-187, 102/2/1-71, 102/3/1-60, 102/4/1-93, 102/5/1-92, 102/6/1-85   8 October 1959 - January 1963 and nd
Rough notes, manuscript and typed draft, correspondence concerning Birds in my Indian garden and Birds in the sun ; press review of Birds in the sun ; notes by MJM for a lecture with C Loke's slides of birds.
Treasures of Kenya Collins (1965)

102/7/1-127, 102/8/1-50   14 January 1966 and nd
Manuscript and typed drafts and press review of Treasures of Kenya.
People and places Collins (1969)

103/1/1-92, 103/2/1-140, 103/3/1-66, 103/4/1-53, 103/5/1-136, 103/6/1-64, 103/7/1-70   23 February - 7 May 1931 and nd
Correspondence from G Elton and L Namier, background notes, some by J Goodall, photograph of MJM and others in Japanese house, manuscript and typed drafts of People and places.
103/8/1-18   12 April - 23 August 1969
Press reviews of People and places.
Titans and others Collins (1972)

104/1/1-174, 104/2/1-74, 104/3/1-48, 104/4/1-83*, 104/5/1-103, 104/6/1-61, 104/7/1-153   25 April 1960 - 3 June 1971 and nd
Rough notes, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, despatches, typed and manuscript drafts for chapters on De Valera, Churchill, Soekarno, Nehru and Kenyatta of Titans and others.
Some material removed and retained by Foreign Office.
104/8/1-11   26 February - 23 March 1972
Press reviews of Titans and others.
Inside China Heineman (1980)

105/1/1-61, 105/2/1-75, 105/3/1-126, 105/4/1-167, 105/5/1-199, 106/1/1-190, 106/2/1-135, 106/3/1-171, 106/4/1-196, 106/5/1-173   24 July 1971 - 3 December 1980 and nd
Background notes, diary, newspaper cuttings, manuscript and typed draft of Inside China and dust jacket.
106/6/1-15   26 September - 27 November 1980
Press reviews of Inside China.
Unpublished books
Africa and the South African problem
107/1/1-171, 107/2/1-65, 107/3/1-135,107/4/1-90, 107/5/1-45, 107/6/1-137, 107/7/1-101, 107/8/1-89   16 January - 23 September 1974 and nd
Rough notes and newspaper cuttings, interim reports, correspondence, manuscript and typescript drafts of Africa and the South African problem.
The pleasures and pains of collecting
108/1/1-100, 108/2/1-133, 108/3/1-174, 108/4/1-174   27 September 1976 and nd
Rough notes, photographs to be used as illustrations, typed drafts of The pleasures and pains of collecting.
Articles by Malcolm MacDonald 1925-1973 (Where details of publication have been discovered, they have been added after title of article. All articles with no details attached are in manuscript or typed draft)

108/5/1-99, 108/6/1-41   16 May - 20 October 1925 and nd
“What young Oxford is thinking. University politics from inside” (extr from The Review of Reviews nd); “My father and his party” (cutting from The Herald, 16 May 1925); rough notes, correspondence, manuscript drafts of articles re Oxford Union debating tour round the world, 1925.
109/1/1-94, 109/2/1-94   [1927] - 24 April 1934 and nd
“A pan-Pacific conference” [1927]; “The Institute of Pacific Relations” [c 1927]; “Old and new Japan” (typed draft of article for Winnipeg Tribune, 18 February 1930); “The religion of loyalty” (ibid); “Present day problems of Japan” (ibid); “Difficulties in China” (ibid); “China and foreign powers” (ibid); article re Anglo-American relations; article re Marshall Chiang Hsu Liang; “What's a young man to do?” (cutting from Daily Herald, 31 March 1931); “Bird-watching at Lossiemouth” ; “The pleasures of bird-watching” ; “Bird-watching on the Moray Firth” ; “Have we forgotten how to play?” (1934).
109/3/1-123, 109/4/1-138   [1941] - 1946 and nd
Articles re blitz in London [1941]; America's non-intervention in the war [1941]; travels in north of Canada (10 August 1944); “Fun at Camp Fortune” (Ottawa Ski Club Year Book 1944-1945); “Catalogue of important works of art on exhibition at Earnscliffe December 7th 1945” ; “Canada in 1946” ; “Autumn at the Lake”.
109/5/1-131   1951-1959 and nd
“Article on Marshall of France Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, 1951” ; “My friends the Dyaks” (publ. in Straits Times Annual, 1955); “My friend Kiat, the prince of chauffeurs” (cutting from the Sunday Times, Singapore, 16 January 1955); “Indo-British friendship” (extr. from The Monthly Review, XXI, no 9, 1957); notes for articles on India and China; “Freedom in South East Asia” ; “Chinese pots” (offprint, np nd); “Malauna Azad and the sparrows” (typed draft of article in Malauna Abul Kalam Azad: a memorial volume, ed H Kabir, Bombay, Asia Publishing House, 1959).
109/6/1-64, 109/7/1-99   1964 - 11 March 1977 and nd
“The birds of Pulau Selegu” (galley proofs and drafts of article for The Straits Times Annual for 1964); “African treasure” (draft of article for Animals, 7, no 16, 1965); “In defence of my father” (extr. from a newspaper colour supplement nd); “Admiral Sir Charles Lambe” ; “John Haden Badley” (c 1965); obituary of Prince William of Gloucester, d 1972; articles re Lord Mountbatten dated 11 March 1977; notes, correspondence, typed and manuscript drafts of “King: the view from London” (publ in Mackenzie King: widening the debate, ed J English and J O Stubbs, Macmillan of Canada, 1978).
110/1/1-59, 110/2/1-151   [1970] - [c.1973] and nd
“The west and Asia” ; “India” ; “Memories of Louis B Leakey” ; “The Commonwealth” [1970]; “Commonwealth and common wisdom” (cutting from The Times, 1971); “Unity before arms” (ibid); “The Commonwealth” ; “Rhodesia” ; “Africa”.
110/3/1-77, 110/4/1-98, 110/5/1-140    nd
Rough notes, newspaper cuttings, manuscript and typed drafts of articles for a sequel to People and places re M Gandhi, S Spencer Han Suyin, O A Odinga, Lord Athlone, Somerset Maugham, T Mboya, Krishna Menon; “Arctic interlude” ; “Oh Heavens!” ; “Diana” ; “It's a small world” ; “Grand-daughter” ; “Mother India” ; “The sultan”.
Reviews 1928-1973 (Mainly typed and manuscript drafts)

110/6/1-17   19 September 1928 - 1973
Review of Against the sun by G Elton, Constable, 1928; review of England arise! by G Elton, (extr. from Now and then, 1931, Spring); review of The colonial revolution by F Brockway, London, Hart-Davis, 1973.
Forewords to other people's books 1948-1976
110/7/1-186   1948 - 1976 and nd
“Foreword to an Island Club booklet, 1948” ; foreword to And the rain my drink by Han Suyin, 1956; to Sarawak by H Morrison, 1957; to the speeches of Jomo Kenyatta entitled Harambee!, 1964; to Harambee country by K Bolton, 1970; to My life - my trees by R St Barbe Baker, 1970; to I L Legeza's catalogue of MJM's Chinese ceramic collection in Gulbenkian Museum, Durham; to autobiography of Thio Chan Bee, 1974; to Wind in the tower by Han Suyin, 1976; to two books of photographs by K F Wong; to a book by R Hanbury-Tenison on primitive human societies; to a novel on Singapore by Miss [ ] Bailey; manuscript draft and proofs of foreword to edition of Tunku Abdul Rahman's articles from The Star newspaper; to a book of photographs of Kenyan tribes by M Ricciardi; to volume of a biography of Mao Tse-Tung by Han Suyin; to Company of birds by Loke Wan Tho; to a translation by I Dutt of Rabindranath Tagore's Our universe ; to The secret lover and other short stories by U John.
Interviews for Oxford University Colonial Records Project 1969-1972
111/1/1-158,111/2/1-117, 111/3/1-121, 111/4/1-92   20 August 1969 - 22 September 1975
Correspondence with J J Tawney and A H M Kirk-Greene (mostly from them) re setting up of interviews and correcting transcripts for Oxford University Colonial Records Project; list of questions on period as Secretary of State for Dominions and Colonies and on Africa; MJM's rough notes for answering these questions; transcripts of interviews with M Perham, 25 June and 28 September 1970 (2 copies); with Sir Kenneth Bradley, 17 July and 28 September 1970 (2 copies); with M Perham 22 October (2 copies), all mostly on Africa; list of questions on Malaya and South East Asia; MJM's rough notes for answering these questions; transcript of interview with I Lloyd-Phillips, 15 December 1972 on Malaya and South East Asia; list of questions from Miss E Monroe on Palestine.
Interviews by Narain Singh 1970's
112/1/1-235, 112/2/1-406, 112/3/1-272   1970's
“Uniquely and triumphantly himself” by Narain Singh, planned biography of MJM written from interviews.
Diaries and autobiography
General diaries [1925], 1929-1943
79/1/1-5   February [1925]
Notes on tour (used in chapter called “Cannibal fare” in People and Places by MJM, 1969).
79/2/1-131   14 September 1929 - 14 August 1933
Travels to Japan via Canada for third conference of Institute of Pacific Relations, descriptions of places, scenery and people, talks with David Yui on extraterritoriality in Shanghai and International Settlement; visit to China - military disbandment, talks with Sir Miles Lampson and C T Wang re the Provisional Court and Extra-territoriality, descriptions of cities and countryside, talks re China's domestic affairs, Mrs Chiang Kai Chek; return via Russia; Naval Conference of 1930 and Japanese delegation; bird-watching at Chequers and elsewhere in Britain; description of Lord Passfield and Mrs Sidney Webb; Lord Cecil and disarmament; J R MacDonald's telephone conversations on the crisis ending in the formation of the National Government in 1931; talks with Gandhi during the second India Round Table Conference; comments on Passfield's article on the 1931 crisis; bird-watching in the west country, in Canada and in Lossiemouth (diary not kept up continuously; bird-watching descriptions interspersed throughout).
79/3/1-155   26 August 1933 - 6 December 1936; 6 August - 30 December 1937
Bird-watching at Lossiemouth, Chequers and elsewhere; disarmament; O Moseley; Epstein; journey to Australia via the South of France, Southern Italy, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea, Ceylon, Cocos Islands, descriptions of Perth, south-west Australia farm settlements for migrants, scenery, south-east Australia, Sydney, Brisbane, farming, Queensland, visits to meat factories, agricultural shows, Tasmania, W Hughes; notes on J R MacDonald and political matters; bird-watching at Covesea; constitutional crisis, episode in; bird-watching in Lossiemouth (diary not kept up continuously; notes on birds passim).
79/4/1-76   3 August 1936 - 1 October 1939
Diary at Hyde Hall, furniture, bird-watching, nature, antique dealers, pictures, servants, various visitors to Hyde "personalities".
79/5/1-96   5-25 August 1942; 22-23 March 1943
Travels in the Canadian Far North with T Crerar, C Camsell and I McLennan; descriptions of people, including travelling companions, scenery, A MacNab, oil pipeline, L Brintnell, buffalo, Alaska highway; Yukon Territory, Dawson City, Old Crow, Aklavik, Fort Norman, Great Bear Lake, Yellowknife.
Photocopy of 79/5.
79/7/1-10   October 1942
Notes on meeting with W S Churchill at Chequers.
79/8/1-204   8 June 1946 - 2 June 1953
Various events in South East Asia, descriptions of Penang victory celebrations; MJM's duties; Malayan Union, the Rulers, Malayan politics; visits to Sarawak, cession, Dayaks, descriptions of people, scenery and places, Kapit and Temenggong Koh, Ibans, Lallang at Long Laput, Kayans, Land Dayaks, Kayan houses, Muruts at Sepitang, Melanaus, Tama Weng and Gan at Marudi, Kuching, Kallang, changes at Kapit, the Balleh, Jugah; visits to North Borneo, Dusuns; Brunei, the Sultan, parties and entertainment, Silver Jubilee, Coronation; the Rulers; visit to India; Phnom Penh (Many of the long descriptions of Sarawak have been used in Borneo People. The diary has not been kept up continuously.)
79/9/1-124   4 October - 3 November 1962
Diary of a journal to China describing scenery, people, way of life and places of agricultural, industrial and historical interest; notes on Suchow; notes on Hangchow; general notes on Chinese life.
79/10/1-18   12 December 1964 - 30 January 1965
Notes on journey to Ethiopia; diary of a journey up the White Nile; itinerary Juba-London; article entitled “Queen of Sheba story” ; notes on journey to Crete.
79/11/1-20   1 January - 8 May 1969 and 30 April 1972
Diary at Raspit Hill, descriptions of nature, flowers, birds; notes on correspondence with Tan Cheng Lock; Communities Liaison Committee; facts about Malaya; Joint Coordination Committee of the Federation of Malaya and Singapore; Lee Kong Chian papers.
Bird-watching diaries 1944-1964

(see also above under General diaries)
79/7/11-90   16 July 1944 - 26 March 1945
Bird-watching in Ottawa, especially water and marsh birds, e.g. Belted Kingfishers, bittern, ducks.
79/12/1-98   26 March - 10 June 1945
Bird-watching in Ottawa, as above, Phoebes.
79/13/1-94   10 June - 14 July 1945
Bird-watching in Ottawa, as above, catbirds.
79/14/1-94   14 July - 6 November 1945
Bird-watching in Ottawa, as above, sandpipers.
79/15/1-25   6 November 1945 - 24 March 1946
Bird-watching in Ottawa, as above.
80/1/1-199   27 May 1946 - 5 January 1948 and 28 March - 18 December 1949
Bird-watching at the Residency, Penang and at Bukit Serene (Malaya), e.g. sunbirds, flycatchers, sea eagles, swifts (not kept up continuously).
80/2-19; 81/1-3   29 June 1956 - 14 July 1960
Birds in the garden of 2 King George's Avenue, New Delhi, e.g. Hoopoes, eagles, coppersmiths, bulbuls, parrakeets, mynahs, koels, sunbirds, ashy wren-warblers, Vols 1-21 (not kept up continuously). (80/2/1-89, 80/3/1-90, 80/4/1-64, 80/5/1-63, 80/6/1-83, 80/7/1-65, 80/8/1-84, 80/9/1-84, 80/10/1-83, 80/11/1-72, 80/12/1-77, 80/13/1-73, 80/14/1-74, 80/15/1-62, 80/16/1-55, 80/17/1-52, 80/18/1-54, 80/19/1-71, 81/1/1-71, 81/2/1-75, 81/3/1-70)
81/4/1-77, 81/5/1-54   19 April - 7 December 1962
Birds at White House Island, e.g. Kingfishers, herons, kites, sunbirds, bulbuls, owls.
81/6/1-102, 81/7/1-38   6 January - 28 August 1963
Animals and birds in Kenya's Game Reserves, e.g. baboons, water-bucks, cranes, elephants, ostriches, lions, giraffes, flamingoes, secretary birds, hippopotami, hornbills, stone curlews, Bataleur eagles, chimpanzees.
82/1/1-95, 82/2/1-95, 82/3/1-96, 82/4/1-61   13 January 1963 - 22 November 1964
Birds in the grounds of Government (later State) House, Nairobi, e.g. swallows, doves, bronze sunbirds, weavers.
Other notebooks 1931-1968 and nd
82/6/1-105   1920's
Notes for short stories/novels and commonplace book.
Notes for documentary short stories.
82/7/1-42   April 1931 - September 1936
Notes of purchases of furniture, ceramics, pictures, miscellaneous antiques.
82/8/1-11    nd
Autograph book from Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Singapore.
82/5/1-158   nd and 23 June - 30 November 1955; 9 February 1967 - August 1968
Memorandum and Commonplace book including notes on Angkor; Phnom Penh; Vietnam; Luang Prabang; Singapore; the Sultan of Brunei; Bambi; on the Balleh; U Nu; Old Delhi; New Delhi; Seandra and Agra; the road from Delhi to Jaipur; Nehru; "East is East"; the road from Delhi to Dehra Dun; Tughlakabad; Soekarno; at Siri; in Bangkok; Temenggong Koh's death; Sani and the bull; Halebid; the Jeu de Paume, Paris.
Autobiography, Constant Surprise 1970's
120   1970's
Various drafts of MJM's autobiography.
Fiction and other people's writings
Fiction 1927-1976 (all unpublished).
(See also Personal papers 1963-1968: Correspondence about publications)

113/1/1-37, 113/2/1-112, 113/3/1-224, 113/4/1-224, 113/5/1-132, 113/6/1-356   20 December 1927 - 6 January 1928 and nd
Rough notes, correspondence, manuscript and typed drafts of Elginhead. A romantic novel.
114/1/1-75, 114/2/1-76, 114/3/1-41, 114/4/1-79, 114/5/1-46, 114/6/1-33, 114/7/1-64, 114/8/1-78, 114/9/1-12, 114/10/1-7, 114/11/1-199   5 March 1943 and nd
Rough notes, correspondence, manuscript and typed drafts of various short stories, including The three Graces ; A fragment ; Jane ; Wedding Bells ; The statesman ; Adam and Evelyn ; Allan diary ; Margaret's diary ; The island.
115/1/1-158, 115/2/1-114, 115/3/1-108, 115/4/1-135, 115/5/1-145, 115/6/1-116, 115/7/1-192, 115/8/1-114   2 June 1965 - 5 March 1966 and nd
Rough notes, correspondence, manuscript and typed draft of Hengist and Horsa ; manuscript drafts of a preface to a collection of MJM's short stories giving chronology of their composition.
116/1/1-86, 116/2/1-187, 116/3/1-145, 116/4/1-80, 116/5/1-99, 116/6/1-14, 116/7/1-114, 116/8/1-52, 116/9/1-95, 116/10/1-24, 116/11/1-90   November 1976 and nd
Rough notes, manuscript and typed drafts of various short stories entitled Fantasia ; Old boy ; “As dead as the dodo” ; “Premonition” ; “Dead heat” ; Life begins at four ; Renaissance in Florence ; Ebony Venus ; Interlude at Government House.
117/1/1-124, 117/2/1-164, 117/3/1-125, 117/4/1-121   November 1976 and nd
Rough notes, manuscripts and typed drafts of A Khmer Smile.
Other people's writings 1926
119/1/1-96   November 1926
Correspondence and article, “Kelvin the Man” by Miss A Gardner King.
Printed material
Dates of creation: 1919-1979
Extent: 1 box
Journals, etc 1934-66
119/2/2-5   2 September 1934 - January 1936
“The Co-operative-Industrialist Commonwealth” by Sir Daniel Hamilton; “The Living Money and the dead” by D M Hamilton; “Rural reconstruction” by D M Hamilton; “Highland reconstruction” by Balmacara.
119/2/6   5 May 1936
Broadcast by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the eve of GeorgeV's jubilee.
119/7/1-20   17 January 1940
119/6/1-4   10 December 1941 - 14 February 1942
Mass Observation circulars.
119/4/1-31   August 1962 - 20 January 1966
“The proper way of dating Chinese rugs” by Sammy Yukuan Lee; “The preservation of rock paintings in Lesotho”, report to the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs; note on restoration of Benin brass figure; Gazette University of Singapore with MJM's speech on his honorary degree.
119/2/1   March 1966
Le Sangkum Revue Politique Illustree, ed N Sihanouk.
119/5/1-3    nd
W Golledge's possible introduction to Safari ni Safari.
119/3/1-14   1919-1924 and 1961-1965
Maps of
China 1:3,000,000;
Pacific Ocean 1:37,566,325;
Mexico 1:5,000,000;
Straits of Gibralter 1:200,000;
Occupied Territory in Germany 1:500,000;
Russia in Europe 1:6,300,000;
Russia Soviet Republic 1:16,500,000;
Country between the Balkans and Mesopotamia 1:3,220,177;
Countries between Constantinople and Calcutta 1:6,969,600;
Road map of East Africa 1:2,000,000;
Road map of Malawi;
Swaziland 1:500,000;
fragment; North-Eastern Africa 1:5,000,000

Newspaper cuttings
Articles on Malcolm MacDonald 1932-1976
118/5/1-10   4-6 November 1932
Cuttings on MJM in the Ottawa debates, the Ottawa Agreements Bill.
118/4/1-20, 118/10/1-19   20 August 1947 - 1957
Articles on MJM from The Times, The Ottawa Citizen, The Malaya Tribune, Time, Melbourne Herald, The New York Times Magazine, Daily Telegraph, Observer, Daily Mail, News Chronicle, The Singapore Free Press, The Straits Times, The Singapore Standard, The Malayan Monthly, Weekend Magazine.
118/10/20-23   October 1960
Articles about MJM as he leaves India from Shankar's Weekly, Daily Telegraph, The Times.
118/2/108-110, 118/3/1-13
Additional cuttings re MJM.
118/2/1-49, 118/10/24   13 October 1968 - 19 December 1976
Cuttings re MJM in retirement; also articles on Nyerere, D Ben Gurion, Stanley Spencer, Lord Halifax and Sir Alex Douglas-Home; article about bird-watchers, including MJM for Sunday Statesman.
118/1/3a and b   25 May 1963
The J R MacDonald memorial.
National Labour 1932-5
118/8/1-10   23 April 1932 - May 1935
Cuttings re J R MacDonald and the National Government and National Labour.
South East Asia 1947-1964
118/9/1-10   10-11 April 1947
Cuttings re Sharir's visit to Singapore; trade negotiations between the Dutch and Indonesia; triple government of Malaya; cession of Sarawak, from The Malaya Tribune, The Straits Times.
118/6/1-3   3 February 1949 - 19 January 1950
Cuttings on Sarawak crafts, pastimes and way of life from The StraitsTimes.
118/6/4-13   8 October 1949 - 15 June 1950
Articles on Brunei on 25th anniversary of Sultan Ahmed's succession and on his death from The Free Press and The Straits Times.
118/1/4   28 December 1964
Cutting on Soekarno.
Indian culture and history 1956-1960
118/7/1-45   nd and 22 May 1956 - 21 April 1960
“Khajraho” ; “Notes on the seven cities of Delhi and its architecture” ; “The marble phase of Mogul Architecture” ; series on “Delhi's little known historic places” and “Delhi's historic shrines” from The Times of India ; “The Qutb Minar” from The Illustrated Weekly of India ; series on “Delhi's little known ruins” from Hindustan Times.
India 1961-1962
118/7/46-48   13 June 1961 - 26 July 1962
“India steps up race against poverty” from The Times ; “Buffer state in Communist bloc” by Owen Lattimore from Guardian ; “Peking's real threat to India” by S Barber from Daily Telegraph.
Indo-China 1979
118/11/19-20   9-17 January 1979
Cuttings re Sihanouk on The Pol Pot regime from Daily Telegraph ; Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia.
Africa 1963-1975
118/1/1-2, 5-15   16 February 1963 - 12 December 1964
Newspaper articles re Kenya becoming a republic; MJM in Kenya.
118/11/1-18   4 March 1963 - 31 August 1975
Cuttings and articles re Kenya; Rhodesia; Portugese Africa; Tanzania; South Africa; southern Africa from Burton Daily Mail, Daily Sketch, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Observer, Financial Times.
118/2/50-66, 72, 78-107   c.1969 - 1971
Africa; the Commonwealth; arms for South Africa.
The Far East 1970-1978

(For newspaper cuttings on China in 1971, see under Retirement: China)
118/2/67-71, 73-77; 118/3/32-44   January - 2 December 1970; 21 October 1978
Articles re Vietnam; Tibet; Russia and China; China.
Bird-watching 1930-1933
118/3/4-31, 45-50   August 1930 - September 1933
Cuttings on birds and bird-watching.
Additional papers
Additional papers formerly in the possession of Malcolm MacDonald's sister, Mrs. Sheila Lochhead, presented in February 1995 by her husband Andrew Lochhead after his wife's death. When Malcolm MacDonald's papers were given to the University of Durham in 1986, a number of letters were retained by the MacDonald family and replaced in the gift by photocopies. The originals of most of these were among the additional papers, and have been inserted at the appropriate points in the main collection, the photocopies being withdrawn. The other additional papers have been arranged broadly chronologically, following the pattern established for the main collection, to reflect the different phases of Malcolm MacDonald's career. The additional section of Personal and Family Papers includes a small group of material relating to Malcolm's father Ramsay Macdonald (the main collection of Ramsay MacDonald's papers is in the Public Record Office). The content of the additional papers is largely personal, but a series of letters from Malcolm MacDonald to Dorothy Hyson, 1940-1941 provides a detailed and informative commentary on his career in the Health Ministry and as High Commissioner to Canada.

Early years and education
Bedales School
129/1-129/6   [c. 1911 - 1920]
Bedales School exercise books containing the following work by Malcolm MacDonald [MJM]:
Play entitled 'A skit on Tennyson's "Revenge"' (129/1/1-24)
Play: 'The temptation of Samuel Burge', a comedy in three scenes [129/3/23-30 is a draft or different version of part of the play] (129/2/1-24, 129/3/1-30)
Account of the life of Lord Tennyson [Prize work composition, 1914] (129/4/1- 24)
Rough copy of a play, 1916, untitled (129/5/1-15)
A few drawings and jottings for a play (129/6/1- 4)

Bedales School exercise book containing poems, songs and a sketch 'Steep boys are here', written mostly by MJM
129/8/1-16   [n.d. c. 1912]
Bedales School exercise book containing 'Home Rule Arguments', evidently written when MJM was in the first form; also later notes concerning Trade Unionists deported from South Africa - names of the deported, agenda and minutes of national conference representative of the working-class movement of Great Britain protesting against this; list of Asquith's cabinet, 1914
126/1/1-12   [c. 1922]
Typescript of talk given by MJM to Bedales School two years after he left
126/1/13   1936 Apr 28
Invitation to attend an Old Bedalian dinner in honour of J. H. Badley

Queen's College, Oxford
123/8/1   1923 Jun 22
Letter from MJM to Miss Byvoets concerning post examination celebrations at Oxford; Lloyd George's disappointing speech on the Versailles Treaty to the Oxford Union and another speech on social reform to the Oxford New Reform Club

See also under PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS - Family letters, Honours and addresses; PHOTOGRAPHS; WRITINGS - Autobiography
Parliamentary career
122/1/6   1929
Message from Ishbel MacDonald to the electors of Bassetlaw
129/10/7   1936
Ross and Cromarty bye-election: printed address by MJM to the electors, and note on his career
129/12/10-12    [n.d.]
Notes by MJM on the abdication crisis, 1936

See also under PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS - Family letters; PHOTOGRAPHS; WRITINGS - Articles
Dominions and Colonial Office
131/7/1-4   1935 Nov 23 - 25
Letter from Shán O'Cuiv to A.J. Cummings, on Anglo-Irish relations, the 'economic war' and obstacles to peace, with covering note from Cummings to Sir Walter Layton
131/6/1-20   1974-1976
Papers relating to MJM's cooperation with Curtis Nordman, a Canadian D.Phil student at Oxford researching decolonization in West Africa 1938-47, including letter from Nordman requesting an interview and enclosing some sample questions; resumé of notes that Nordman took at a preliminary discussion with MJM on 25 Sep 1974; transcripts of a recorded interview between them on 8 Nov on MJM's colonial policy 1935-39, with corrections; and letter from Nordman thanking him for his summer school speech at Oxford in which he had referred to the eventual independence of the British Colonies and a speech in the House of Commons by him on the same subject
122/3/2   1971 Apr
Reprint from The World Today of article by Peter Lyon on 'The Commonwealth in the 1970s'
122/3/1   1977 Jul
Copy of The World Today with article by Peter Lyon on 'The Commonwealth's Jubilee Summit'

See also under PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS - Family letters; WRITINGS - Autobiography
Ministry of Health
126/5/1-2   1940 May 29 and Jul 4
Directives from Winston Churchill to members of the government and senior officials to maintain a high morale

See also under PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS - Letters to “Diana”
130/2/1-17   1945 Dec 2 - 1948 Apr 24
Letters to MJM from and about W. L. Mackenzie King including Mackenzie King commenting on an enclosed press report on MJM's marriage (130/2/1-3), thanking MJM and Sheila, his sister for a pleasant dinner party and for taking him into his confidence concerning MJM's intention to marry (130/2/4), concerning Mackenzie King's health, recent functions in Canada, honours conferred on him, his intention to retire, MJM's health, Pearson's unfavourable comment on the standard of debate in the United Nations Assembly, America and Communist infiltration, MJM's book on The Birds of Brewery Creek, the beauties of Kingsmere, death of his dog, his friendship for MJM and his wife (130/2/9-13), and thanking MJM and his wife, Audrey for their gift to him from Malaya (130/2/14-16); Francis Cumming-Bruce of the Commonwealth Relations Office to MJM communicating a message of thanks from Mackenzie King (130/2/17).
130/2/5-8   1947 Jun 10
Printed account of proceedings in the Houses of Parliament, Ottawa on the unveiling of portraits of Sir Robert Borden and W.L. Mackenzie King
126/5/3-9   [1946]
Bon voyage card from the MacDermot family to MJM and Sheila on their leaving Canada, with typescript prose suggesting what their memories might be
130/2/18   [1974 Apr 13]
Draft letter from MJM to Elizabeth Campbell concerning his memories of Mackenzie King

See also under PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS - Family letters, Letters to “Diana”; WRITINGS - Autobiography
South East Asia
126/10/6-7   1963 Feb 14
Letter from A.F.R. Griffin (Resident, 3rd Division, Sibu) to MJM, concerning the distribution of MJM's donation of £100 for the education of members of the Koh and Jugah families
126/10/8-9   1963 Aug 24
Letter from T. Igal (District Office, Kapit) to MJM, thanking him for his gift of sarongs and concerning progress with his longhouse and trouble in Sarawak
129/12/9    [n.d.]
Draft letter from MJM to a Malaysian politician, congratulating him on the success of the National Front in the recent elections
130/4/1    [n.d.]
Notes by Sheila Lochhead (formerly Sheila MacDonald) from a report by Major Sochon on operations in Sarawak in 1945 (see Box 38)

See also under PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS - Honours and addresses; PHOTOGRAPHS; WRITINGS - Autobiography
126/10/11   1976 Dec 30
Letter from W. Averell Harriman to MJM, re developments in Laos
128/1-128/3   1964 - 1965
Official diaries with notes of engagements but no comments:
128/1/1-193   1964
128/2/1-197   1965
128/3/1-162   1965
Duplicate of 128/2/1-197 above
131/1/1   1965 Aug 3
Photocopy of letter from MJM to Norman F. Berlis (Ministry of External Affairs, Ottawa), regretting that Berlis has left E. Africa where he had done well for Canada and the Commonwealth

See also under PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS - Family letters; WRITINGS - Autobiography
Africa (Special Representative)
128/4-128/5   1966 - 1967
Official diaries with notes of engagements but no comments:
128/4/1-161   1966
128/5/1-163   1967

See also under WRITINGS - Autobiography
127/1-127/14   1969 - 1981
MJM's engagement diaries, with notes of appointments but no comments:
127/1/1-83   1969
127/2/1-37   1970
127/3/1-89   1971-1972
Durham Students' Union diary for the academic year
127/4/1-102   1973
Includes Dec 1972
127/5/1-91   1973-1974
127/6/1-91   1974
127/7/1-92   1974-1975
Academic year
127/8/1-98   1976-1977
127/9/1-87   1977-1978
127/10/1-87   1977-1978
127/11/1-103   1978
127/12/1-87   1979
127/13/1-87   1980
127/14/1-87   1981
A number of appointments entered for the year but MJM died on 11 Jan
126/6/1-13   [1970] - 1982
Correspondence relating to MJM's association with Cramlington High School, Northumberland, including letter from Ronald Ward to MJM thanking him for allowing them to name one of the school houses after him and letters to Sheila Lochhead from the headmaster and house masters of Malcolm MacDonald House, enclosing letters from pupils
126/7/1-10   1980 - 1981
Agenda for a meeting of Westminster Abbey Special Services Committee to discuss arrangements for the Commonwealth Day Observance service, with printed order of proceedings including text of message from the Queen, readings and prayers
130/4/10   1982 Jun 30
Order of service of thanksgiving on the 150th anniversary of the founding of the University of Durham

See also under WRITINGS - Autobiography
Personal and family papers
Miscellaneous personal papers
123/12/4-5   1901
MJM's birth certificate: original and official copy
129/12/17   1909 Jun
Certificate of the Royal Drawing Society awarding honours to MJM, aged seven, in the preparatory division of the drawing exam
126/9/1-4    [n.d.]
Nursery rhyme illustrations by [MJM ?]
Notes [by Sheila Lochhead?] concerning barmaids, and efforts at improving social and working conditions of various groups in which Mrs Margaret MacDonald and others were involved
123/12/1-3   [c. 1929]
Rough notes by MJM in appreciation of Agnes Gardner King (Aunt Agnes), partly written on the order of her funeral service (she died 6 Jan 1929); also notes concerning her seal
126/8/1-38   1936 - 1940
Pages from the Hyde Hall visitors' book with signatures of guests, 19 Dec 1936 - 11 Feb 1940 and 6-7 July [?1940]
127/15/1-53, 127/16/1-51
Address books, the second marked 'P.A. to Mr. MacDonald'
131/5/2   1937 Jun 22
Receipt for half a guinea subscription from MJM to the Old Citizens' Association
123/1/6   1941
'Directive for February 1941' - plans for each day by Sheila MacDonald, plus thoughts on the dangers of invasion, food and her attitude to religion
130/5/1-56   [c. 1950s - 1980s]
Cards sent to MJM from Heads of State and other notables:
Daw Khin Kyi, Burma (130/5/1-2)
Thakin Nu, Burma (130/5/3-4)
M. J. Dlamini, P.M., Swaziland (130/5/5-6)
Jomo Kenyatta, President of Kenya (130/5/7-8)
Prime Minister of Lesotho (130/5/9-10)
Sir Muda Omar 'Ali Saifuddien, Brunei (130/5/11-16,56)
Dr Hastings Banda, President of Malawi (130/5/17-25)
Shigeru Yoshida, former P.M. of Japan (130/5/26-27)
Ne Win, Minister of Defence, Rangoon (130/5/28-30)
Princess Monique Sihanouk, 1980 (130/5/31-33)
Police General Phao Sriyanonda, 1955 (130/5/34-37)
Indira Gandhi, India, 1956 (130/5/38-39)
Jawaharlal Nehru, India, 1951-1954 (130/5/40-47)
Han Suyin, author (130/5/48-49)
Joy Adamson (130/5/50-53)
Clement Attlee, 1950 (130/5/54)

131/1/2-3    [n.d.]
Christmas card to MJM from Stanley Spencer with reproduction of his 'Magnolia', and Christmas greetings from Florence and Max Beerbohm
127/17-127/19   1960 - 1978
1960-1964 (127/17/1-34)
1965-1968 (127/18/1-51)
1976-1978 (127/19/1-16)

121/5/10-14    [n.d.]
Draft verse by MJM on '1954' and on a beautiful girl he had seen
Comments by MJM on various pieces of music (an interest taken up in retirement)
130/3/5    [n.d.]
Lines by (or copied by) MJM on friendship and the gifts of happiness and sorrow
131/5/4   [n.d. post 1971]
Extract from John Stuart Collins' Bound upon a course (1971) concerning MJM
Bookplate of Charles James Fox
126/10/4    [n.d.]
Postcard from the Maharajah of Kapurthala, bearing a photograph of his portrait, with Christmas and New Year greetings
130/4/2-5    [n.d.]
Notes by Sheila Lochhead concerning M.J.M's character
129/10/27-29    [n.d.]
Notes [by Sheila Lochhead] on 'Malcolm on Rhodesia' and 'Notes from Malcolm's correspondence'
Ramsay Macdonald
134/1/1-71    [n.d.]
Notebook belonging to Ramsay MacDonald containing various quotations from many sources
134/2/1-102   1919
Engagement diary of Ramsay Macdonald
134/11/1-23   [1920s and 1930s]
Envelope containing inscriptions by Ramsay MacDonald on leaves of books, visiting card, examples of his signature and parts of two cheques, signed by Ramsay MacDonald but dated after his death
134/7/1   1929 Jun 4
Letter from George Bernard Shaw to Ramsay MacDonald, recommending two persons for knighthoods [both were knighted in 1930]
134/7/2   1930 Dec 22
Letter from Henry L. Stimson to Ramsay MacDonald, congratulating him on the ratification of the naval treaty by the Irish Free State; MacDonald's efforts towards world understanding and goodwill; their friendship
134/8/8-10   1930 Dec 31
Note from the Maharajah of Alwar to Ramsay MacDonald, when he attempted to 'first foot' the MacDonalds, with note by Sheila Lochhead on how they were saved from the influence of a 'most evil man'
134/7/3-4   1931 May 12 - Dec 22
Letters from Sir James Matthew Barrie to Ramsay MacDonald, thanking him for writing concerning 'the fatal day' and commenting on his own misfortunes; Christmas greetings
134/8/1-2   1931 May 25
Photocopy of a letter from Ramsay MacDonald to [George] Middleton, concerning the honour offered but declined by Middleton, MacDonald's caustic comments about those seeking honours; his desire to quit public life; his weariness of body and mind
134/8/7   1931 Sep 23
Letter from Wilfrid Barnard Faraday to Ramsay MacDonald, concerning MacDonald's address on Michael Faraday, and presenting a copy of his book
126/10/3   1931 Dec 11
Note from George Bernard Shaw, naming the only sculptor who could make a really fine statue of Ramsay MacDonald
134/10/1   1935 Jun 3
Photocopy of message of greeting from Ramsay MacDonald to the Royal Empire Society
134/14/1-6   1958 Dec 8
Letter from Maitraye Devi to MJM, concerning an article by Ramsay MacDonald which she believes assisted the educational work of the poet Rabindranath Tagore, and seeking more information from MJM about his father and the poet. Enclosures:
Copy extracts from an article by Ramsay MacDonald on the school at Santiniketan in Public Opinion, 10 Jan 1914, and Daily Chronicle, 12 Jan 1914
Copies of reviews of Maitraye Devi's book on Mungpute Rabindranath
134/15/1-7   1965 Nov 2
Letter from Ernest Stanford to MJM, enclosing cuttings from The Daily Telegraph of correspondence concerning Ramsay MacDonald and Herbert Morrison, with copy reply
134/18/1-19   1966 Oct 12
Papers relating to the Ramsay MacDonald Centenary commemorative luncheon:
Rough draft by MJM of speech for the luncheon in Westminster Hall
Typescript copy of messages and speeches delivered at the luncheon
Memories of Ramsay MacDonald by Sir Nevile Butler - duplicated typescript with manuscript additions and alterations
134/23/1-15   1968 Mar 12 - 13
Papers relating to the unveiling of a memorial to Ramsay MacDonald in Westminster Abbey, including:
Minutes of a meeting of Westminster Abbey Special Services Committee to discuss arrangements for the unveiling
Order of evensong and the ceremony of unveiling the memorial
Copy of speech by Lord Citrine at the unveiling
Arrangements for the service, seating, programme
Cuttings from The Daily Telegraph, 13 Mar 1968, on the memorial
134/24/1-12   1970 Oct 13
Letter from Sir Nevile Butler to MJM, enclosing papers that might contribute to the biography of Ramsay MacDonald and concerning Philip Noel-Baker. Enclosures:
Copy letter from the Prime Minister's Private Secretary to protesters against the White Paper on Defence, Apr 1935, with related notes by Nevile Butler
Cuttings from The Times, 19 Oct 1966 with letter from Alastair U. Mackinnon on 'Ramsay MacDonald and the German menace'
Cutting from The Times, 12 Dec 1967, with letter from Nevile Butler on 'Coalition Government'
Copy letter from Sir Richard Pilkington to [ The Times ], 10 Dec 1967 on the MacDonald/Baldwin coalition, with note from Pilkington to Butler, 14 Dec
Letter from David Marquand M.P. to Sir Nevile Butler, 24 Nov 1966, thanking him for reference to a document concerning Ramsay MacDonald's attitude to Germany; Keynes and the 1931 crisis; Butler's views on the crisis
Note that Ramsay MacDonald had obtained the release of a man arrested by the Nazis in 1933
134/8/4-6   1971 Apr 27
Letter from Ishbel Peterkin (formerly Ishbel MacDonald) to MJM, enclosing a letter from President Franklin Roosevelt to Ramsay MacDonald of 22 May 1933, concerning the forthcoming Economic Conference
134/8/3   1980 Apr
Copy extract of letter from Ramsay MacDonald to Enid Stacy of 28 Jul 1894 concerning his mother, quoted in letter from Angela Gradwell to Ishbel Peterkin
134/3/5    [n.d.]
Note by Sheila Lochhead concerning reactions of Margaret Gladstone's friends and relatives to her marriage with Ramsay MacDonald
122/1/7-8   [1983]
Photocopy of pages from King George V by Kenneth Rose concerning the resignation of Ramsay MacDonald and his refusal of honours from the King
122/1/4-5    [n.d.]
Photocopy of part of an article entitled 'Malcolm MacDonald Colonial Secretary' by Beverly Baxter

See also under PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS - Family letters, Letters from Royalty; PHOTOGRAPHS; WRITINGS - Broadcasts, Articles, Diaries and memoirs and Autobiography; PRINTED MATERIAL - Newspaper cuttings
Family letters
123/9/1-2   1901 Aug 21-30
Letters to MJM from Honnor Morten and Florietta on the occasion of his birth
123/8/8   1901 Oct 24
Letter from Margaret E. MacDonald (MJM's mother) to Lady Mary Murray, thanking her for her gift for MJM; family news; Ramsay MacDonald writing most of the leading articles in the Echo
123/6/1-11   1902 - 1908
Letters and postcards to MJM from his mother Mrs Margaret MacDonald, mainly from overseas trips to South Africa (1902) and Canada and Australia (1906)
134/4/1-12   1904 - 1910
Postcards and letters from Ramsay MacDonald to MJM and Ishbel as children
123/8/9-10   1904 and [1909]
Postcard and letter from Miss Ramsay (MJM's grandmother), to MJM, containing greetings and family news
123/9/3   1909 Mar 5
Letter from M. Middleton to Mrs. MacDonald with news of the children
123/7/1-9   [Pre 1910]
Childhood letters from MJM to his parents and to Joan and Alister MacDonald, 1909 and earlier. The letter of 27 Oct 1909 bears a note from Miss Ramsay to Margaret MacDonald
123/3/1-70   [c. 1919] - 1975 Oct 17
Letters and postcards from MJM to his sister Sheila MacDonald (later Mrs. Lochhead), with one letter from Sheila to MJM:
From Bedales, in particular concerning a fire in one of the dormitories
From Queen's College, Oxford
Postcards and letters from his debating tour of the U.S.A., Canada, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, 1924-25
From Scotland and London, mostly news of family and friends, 1926
From Canada, on his way to the Pacific conference, 1927
Assorted postcards from Cornwall, Oberammergau, Switzerland and New Zealand
From the Dominions Office concerning plans for the League Assembly meeting in Geneva and acquisitions for Hyde Hall, 1936
From New Delhi re plans for the months prior to his departure from India, 1960
From Nairobi concerning the Northern Frontier District Conference in Rome and his work as Governor-General, 1963-64
Sheila to MJM re the cause of Ramsay MacDonald's death, 1975
123/4/1-164   1919 Jan 26 - 1977 Dec 11
Letters and postcards from MJM to his sister Ishbel, with one letter from Ishbel to MJM and enclosures:
From Bedales re life at school, 1919-20
From Queen's College, Oxford, 1921-24 concerning undergraduate life and news of family and friends
Enclosed in letter of 9 May 1921, press cutting entitled 'At the Union', including a comment on MJM's maiden speech at the Oxford Union debate on the miners' claims in the then present industrial dispute
Re campaigning work in Bassetlaw, 1924
From the Oxford Union debating tour of the U.S.A, Canada, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, 1924-25
From Lossiemouth with news of family and friends, 1925-26
From Upper Frognal Lodge re his views on marriage, 1929
From Kyoto and Peking re the Pacific Conference in Japan in 1929 and his visit to China
From Chequers re renovation work there, 1930
123/4/95-97, 101-102
From Downing Street re constituency work, 1932
Re the Imperial Economic Conference in Canada, 1932
Enclosed with letter of 3 Aug 1934, typescript of talk by MJM to the London Natural History Society on bird watching at Lossiemouth
From trip to Australia and New Zealand to attend the Melbourne centenary celebrations in 1934
From Retford re the Bassetlaw election, 1935
Re MJM's appointment to the Dominions Office, 1935
Re the U.K. delegation to the League of Nations, Geneva, 1936
From Kenya, with views of Jomo Kenyatta, 1963
123/5/1-6   1919 May 25 - 1922 Feb 12
Letters from MJM to his sister Joan, concerning sport and entertainment at school and university
134/6/1-28   1920 Mar 15 - 1936 Oct 3
Letters and postcards from MJM to Ramsay MacDonald. Subjects include a description of Fiji (134/6/4-6), preparations for the Honolulu conference 1927 (134/6/7-9), MJM's novel 'Elginhead' (134/6/14), his operation (134/6/15-16), his effort in the LCC to help the blind (134/6/17-19), a visit to Canada in 1929 and criticism of Sir John Pratt of the Foreign Office (134/6/22), social events
134/5/1-12   1920 Apr 29 - 1935 Nov 4
Letters from Ramsay MacDonald to MJM, giving advice on various matters - the exact use of words, behaviour at school, debating, general reading, the risks of a literary career, the value of a training in law, the benefits of travel, the value of gaining the presidency of the Oxford Union, the issues in the election of 1935, the need to strengthen the government's hand at Geneva, successes achieved at home since 1931
123/2/1   1922 Feb 26
Letter from MJM to his brother Alister with news of his life at university
130/1/1-92   1925 Apr 27 - 1978 Sep 27
Letters to MJM from friends and colleagues containing personal news, invitations to meet, thanks for hospitality etc., and including Lawrence Housman concerning the difficulty in establishing the truth in cases of political controversy, 1932 (130/1/6-8); Stephen Bone expressing dismay at the proposed increase in armaments and the fading prospects for world peace, 1935 (130/1/10); King Gordon concerning a friend, Raleigh Parkin, his election campaign and family news, 1935 (130/1/14-16); Elizabeth Rothenstein concerning her husband John as a candidate for the directorship of the Tate, 1937? (130/1/17-18); Canon F. Lewis Donaldson (Archdeacon of Westminster), offering material for a life of Ramsay MacDonald, n.d. (130/1/20); John Rockefeller with note of sympathy on the death of Ramsay MacDonald, 1937 (130/1/21); Robert Cecil, 5th Marquess of Salisbury, concerning a meeting with his constituents after resigning office, 1938 (130/1/22); Lionel Curtis praising MJM's speech and expressing the hope that he might repeat the record set by William Pitt the Younger, 1938 (130/1/27); Éamon de Valera with Christmas greetings and re their shared love of birds, 1938 and 1948 (130/1/31-33,49-52); Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies concerning a successful theatrical tour of South Africa, 1940? (130/1/39-43); Ernest Bevin concerning a meeting of ministers at No. 10 Downing Street to discuss Hong Kong and S.E. Asia, 1949 (130/1/53-54); David and Leila Lean concerning their recent marriage and work on the scripts for 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'Dr. Zhivago', 1960 and 1964 (130/1/68,70); Harold Macmillan asking permission to quote a letter from MJM in his memoirs and enclosing a page of the text, 1970 (130/1/75-77); Sir Edward Heath thanking MJM for attending his birthday lunch, 1976 (130/1/84- 85); Lord Mountbatten recalling how he had, on MJM's initiative, nearly been appointed Commissioner General for Africa and requesting that MJM should write a note on this and other matters for his biographer, 1976 (130/1/88).
130/1/55-59   1954
Booklet of songs sung at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron dinner in honour of the Prime Minister R.G. Menzies
122/1/9-21   1925 Jan 7 - Apr 27
Copies of two detailed letters from MJM to King [Gordon?], describing his travels in the U.S.A., Honolulu, Fiji and New Zealand
123/8/6-7   1928 Oct 6
Letter from Sheila MacDonald to her aunt, Miss Agnes Gardner King, concerning her visit to Canada
123/8/2-3   [1929]
Postcard from MJM in China to his aunt, Miss Bella Ramsay concerning his month in Japan and visit to China
126/10/1-2   1931 May 14 - Dec 4
Personal letters to Ishbel MacDonald from Anton Lang [who played Christ at Oberammergau] thanking her for her invitation to Chequers and from Margot, Countess of Oxford and Asquith, concerning her fear that the Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald, might give way on protection
123/8/4-5   1932 Dec 25
Letter from MJM to Miss Bella Ramsay with news of all the family
123/1/1   1934 Oct 1
Postcard from Sheila to Mrs Nodin from the SS Otranto near Fremantle concerning their journey to Australia
131/3/1-12   1935 Aug 26 - 1938 Aug 19
Letters from 'Talb' [Rollo St Clare Talboys] to MJM, criticising in detail MJM's writings, and concerning a visit to Hyde Hall and Ishbel's inn, MJM's pursuit of power and 'harsh and worldly outlook', collecting, the writer's Oxford accommodation and cottage
121/5/1-5   1937 Dec 4
Letter from Sue White to MJM, re the death of Ramsay MacDonald, economic depression in the U.S.A., American views on the abdication and personal news of family and friends
121/5/8-9   [1939] Aug 27
Letter from Maggie [Gordon], MJM's former secretary in Canada with personal news
123/1/2-4   1940 Sep 16 - 1943 Dec 17
Letters from Sheila to Ishbel concerning the air-raids on London (123/1/2), holiday in Tadoussac and her work in Ottawa (123/1/3) and her tour of the U.S.A. (123/1/4)
123/1/5   1941 Feb 25
Letter from Sheila to ? , concerning the Eighteen Plus Group
130/4/8-9   1944 Nov 20
Personal letter to MJM from Margot Fonteyn, arranging a meeting
130/6/1-11   1946 - 1979
File of 'interesting letters' from the first deposit of the Malcolm MacDonald Papers, retained by the family and for which no photocopies were substituted, including Freya Stark, congratulating MJM on his appointment as Governor-General of Malaya and Singapore and re the beauties of Italy, 1946 (130/6/2-3); S. Yoshida concerning his forthcoming tour of the Kansai district, 1949 (130/6/4); President Sukarno of Indonesia with best wishes on his departure for India, 1955 (130/6/5-6); R.H. Hobden with New Year greetings, 1958 (130/6/7); M.J. Dlamini, P.M. of Swaziland, concerning the independence celebrations, 1968 (130/6/8); Joy Adamson concerning support for research into wild animals in Kenya, 1969 (130/6/9); Christmas greetings from Sir Muda Omar `Ali Saifuddien of Brunei, 1979 (130/6/10- 11)
134/3/1-4   1956 Jan 11
Copy letter from John Campbell, Keeper of Records, Church of Scotland, to Mr Corner, quoting an entry in the Kirk Session minute book of 14 Dec 1866, concerning the absolution and restoration to church privileges of John MacDonald and Ann Ramsay who had borne a male child of which MacDonald acknowledged himself to be the father, with covering letter from Ishbel MacDonald to MJM of 27 Apr 1973
134/13/1-33   1957 Apr 27 - 1959 Mar 13
Letters from Ishbel Peterkin to MJM, concerning reminiscences of Ramsay MacDonald and Lossiemouth, family history, her idea of making 'Hillocks' a holiday home for workers and opening it to the public, her book, and articles on Ramsay MacDonald that she had written for the press.
Letter from Frank Douglas Barber (of the News Chronicle) to Mrs Peterkin of 11 Nov 1958, concerning his wish to write an article about Ramsay MacDonald
121/5/6   1961 Aug 15
Letter from Dr. Elizabeth Comber to MJM - personal news
123/10/1-9   [1964?] - 1967 Aug 27
Letters from Fiona MacDonald (MJM's daughter) to her father, from school in Canada and Switzerland and on holiday in Kenya and Canada, with part letter from MJM to Fiona concerning Ramsay MacDonald
123/11/1-29   1965
Correspondence with MJM concerning the political and diplomatic difficulties that would arise for him as High Commissioner of Kenya as a result of a proposed marriage between a member of MJM's family and a divorced person.
124/9/6-7   [c. 1970s]
Extract from a letter from Daisy Segie (of Limbang Hospital, Sarawak) to MJM, seeking a place for her brother to study for A levels in England, with copy reply by Sheila Lochhead
121/4/10-11   1971 Dec 17 and n.d.
Notes from Dame Sybil Casson to MJM, concerning social engagements
126/10/10   1975 Mar 11
Letter from Kay and Louise Lieber to MJM, discussing books on Borneo
126/10/16    [n.d.]
Letter from Denis (?) to MJM re the pleasure of serving under him
121/5/7    [n.d.]
Part of a draft letter from MJM to [Elizabeth Comber?] concerning a novel he is planning to write about a diplomat in Delhi
131/2/1-24   1981 Jan 8 - Sep 27
Letters from Tomohiko Hayashi to MJM, and, after his death, to Sheila Lochhead, concerning a bronze statue erected in memory of MJM's friend Shigeru Yoshida, former P.M. of Japan, with copy newspaper account of the unveiling
130/3/1-4   1981 Mar 11 - Sep 10
Letters from P.A. Snow to Sheila Lochhead, mainly concerning Fiji and arranging to meet
126/10/17   1984 Apr 16
Letter from Derek Hewett to Sheila Lochhead, concerning his collection of books on Borneo and occupations in retirement
131/5/3    [n.d.]
Letter from Graham Greene to MJM, 21 Jan --, thanking him for an introduction to the British Minister in Saigon
126/10/18-20    [n.d.]
Part of a letter from Lucy Middleton to Sheila Lochhead enclosing an extract from Richard Whiteing's Ring in the New (1906), describing Keir Hardy and Ramsay MacDonald
Letters to “Diana”
132/1/1-114   1940 Apr 2 - 1941 Jul 26
MJM's letters to “Diana”, the actress Dorothy Hyson, written during the Second World War, chiefly from Canada. Although they contain much personal information, they also record in some detail the progress of the war, and MJM's work in the Ministry of Health and as High Commissioner in Canada, including his regular visits to the U.S.A.
Subjects include the British withdrawal from Norway (132/1/1-2); negotiations with moderate Jews on the White Paper on Palestine (132/1/3); steps taken to improve the Emergency Hospital Service (132/1/4-6); negotiations with De Valera, estimate of his character and views on Liverpool Cathedral (132/1/7-10); past attempts to re-establish consistency and coherence in political policy in Africa with the help of Lord Hailey (132/1/11-12); defence facilities for the U.S.A. in the British West Indies and Newfoundland, the death of Lord Strickland and comments about him (132/1/14-16); Sir Wilson Jameson and an inspection tour of the West Riding of Yorkshire (132/1/17-18); in praise of auxiliary firemen and stretcher bearers in the blitz (132/1/20- 21); ideas for a national hospital service (132/1/22-24); discussions on evacuation plans and tour of underground stations (132/1/27-28); drawings by Ardizzone and Augustus John viewed at the National Gallery (132/1/29-31); MJM's policy of clearing out the dead wood in the Ministry of Health as he did in the Colonial Office (132/1/32-33); difficulties facing him at the Ministry of Health (132/1/34-35); Fountains Abbey (132/1/36-37); discussions with the Dowager Marchioness of Reading on the provision of hostels, residential nurseries, etc. (132/1/38-39); Lord Simon and his diary, in particular his views on the abdication crisis (132/1/40-41); over- conscription of doctors into the army (132/1/42-44); dinner with Churchill - his announcement of the victory of Sidi Barrani, his views on Edward VIII and George VI and discussions on air raid shelters (132/1/47-51); views on Sir Archibald Wavell (132/1/52-53); introduction of compulsory powers of medical inspections in shelters (132/1/54-55); death of Lord Lothian - assessment of his character (132/1/56); added responsibilities for life in the shelters (132/1/57-58); inspection of arrangements for evacuees in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex (132/1/61-62); establishment of an American infectious diseases hospital and research laboratory in Salisbury (132/1/65-66); account of his voyage to Canada in the Revenge, 22-31 Mar 1941 (132/1/67-71); Mackenzie King's welcome (132/1/73-74); Lord Halifax as ambassador to the USA - his task (132/1/75); comments on foreign ministers and on his activities in Ottawa, General O'Connor's role in Palestine and his capture (132/1/76-79,83); evacuation of German and Italian refugees to Canada, including the ex-Kaiser's grandson (132/1/83-84); journey to Washington, comments on Lord Halifax, ambassador to the U.S.A. and on members of the U.S. administration, lunch with Roosevelt (132/1/86-88); tour of munitions works in the Dominions (132/1/89); air training in Canada and Major Power, the Air Minister (132/1/90-92); award of honorary doctorate from McGill University and MJM's view that if America enters the war she will try to run it from Washington and try to run the peace (132/1/93-95); tour of western Canada, inspecting air training schools and air bases (132/1/98-100); MJM's views on post war politics in Britain and his role in them, the American Governors' Conference at Harvard and Roger Merriman (132/1/101-106); Michael Hepburn, Premier of Ontario, and America and the war (132/1/107); John W. Defoe, editor of the Winnipeg Free Press, the issue of conscription in Canada (132/1/108); Mackenzie King and his proposed visit to Britain (132/1/109- 111)
132/1/115-228   1941 Aug 2 - 1942 Mar 17
Continuation of M.J.M's letters home from Canada to “Diana”, including comments on MJM's defence of Canada's contribution to the war effort to an American audience (132/1/117); views on Mackenzie King and the prospect of post war rows between Britain and the U.S.A. (132/1/118); Brooke Claxton, a Canadian M.P. as a future P.M. and Arthur Salter (132/1/119-120); discussions with Pierrepoint Moffat, American Minister in Ottawa (132/1/121-123); Beaverbrook's visit to America (132/1/124); views on Col. Ralston, Minister of Defence (132/1/125); visit to Montpelier, Vermont, for the 150th anniversary celebrations, Governor Stassen of Minnesota and Wendel Wilkie, foremost leaders of revolt in the Republican Party, and discussions on America and the war (132/1/126-130); journey by air from Scotland to Canada, views on Lord Halifax and his increasing success as ambassador (132/1/134-136,151); discussions with Mackenzie King on the progress of the war, wage and price control in Canada, viewing of German propaganda films, MJM's dissatisfaction with the work of High Commissioner and concerning Mackenzie King's home and collections (132/1/141-143); Alec Jackson the artist, Lady Eaton's house and grounds (132/1/149- 150); a visit to the Ford motor works at Windsor, MJM's opportunities for propaganda in the USA (132/1/151); meetings with the Polish Minister of Labour and the P.M. of Burma (132/1/152-153); the death of Ernest Lapointe (132/1/154); the family of the late Dr Charles Gordon and Lieutenant-Governor Archie McNab (132/1/156-157); visit to Western Canada and America entering the war (132/1/158-160); death of Admiral Tom Philips (132/1/163-164); visit to Washington and New York, his impressions of early steps taken by the administration in the prosecution of the war and his speech at the American Public Welfare Association (132/1/165- 167); Roosevelt's idea of creating an inter-allied H.Q. for direction of the war at Washington (132/1/169-170); the Free French occupation of the Islands of St Pierre and Miquelon (132/1/171-172); Churchill's visit to the U.S.A. and Canada (132/1/173-176); communications between Churchill and De Valera (132/1/177-178); MJM's discussions with prominent non-political French Canadians (132/1/181); a visit to Washington, further comments on Lord Halifax and his attendance at the American Mayors' Conference (132/1/182-184); his appearance before a committee of Congress on evacuation, civil defence, health and welfare, Field Marshal Sir John Dill, and his view of Roosevelt's grasp of military and strategic problems (132/1/185-187); discussions with John Dill, Churchill's personal liaison officer in Washington, particularly his views on Churchill, negotiations about Canada's offer of a $1 million gift to Britain (132/1/188-189); the conscription crisis in Canada and MJM's view of his own inadequacy as leader of the National Labour Party (132/1/190-191); meeting with Watson Watt, the principal inventor and developer of radio location (132/1/192-193); visit to Mount Holyoke College for Women in the USA to give a talk on the British Empire, Lady Byng's views on Lord Kitchener (132/1/198-204); criticism of Churchill, comments on General MacNaughton (Chief of the Canadian General Staff) and Churchill (132/1/207-210); comments on Sir Eugéne Fiset, Lieut-Governor of Quebec (132/1/211-213); M. Adelard Godbout, Premier of Quebec (132/1/214-217); Sir Stafford Cripps and T.V. Soong, the Chinese Foreign Minister (132/1/221-224)
132/2/1-7   [c. 1970s]
Notes by MJM on his correspondence with “Diana” (evidently written in the 1970s when he was drafting “Constant Surprise”), with extract from one of his short stories concerning the love of John and Ngam
Letters from Royalty
131/4/1-15   1930 Oct 31 - 1937 Nov 28
Letters from Princess Marthe Bibesco to Ishbel MacDonald, concerning their mutual love for a deceased man and for Ramsay MacDonald
131/10/1-2   1934 Feb 13
Letter from Albert Duke of York (later George VI) to MJM, concerning an invitation to lunch at Chequers
121/4/3-7   1935 May 9
Booklet on the ceremonial to be observed at the presentation of addresses to George V by both Houses of Parliament on the 25th Anniversary of his accession
131/10/3-4   1940 Jun 19
Letter from George VI to MJM, urging him to see Sir Morton Smart about a medical matter
131/8/1-3   1941 Mar 19
Letter from Delia Peel (Lady-in-Waiting) to MJM, enclosing a note from Princess Elizabeth wishing him 'bon voyage'
131/10/5   1946 Dec 12
Letter from Alan Lascelles to MJM, informing him that the King is grateful for his 'admirable memorandum'
131/12/1-4   1947 Jan 9 - 1973 Sep 22
Letters from Princess Alice Mary to MJM, concerning a wedding present for the MacDonalds, and an invitation to lunch at Raspit
121/4/1-2   1950 Oct 30
Note from Queen Mary [to MJM], sending him a book and her photograph
131/11/1-9   1952 Nov 13 - 1956 Dec 7
Letters and Christmas card from Princess Marina to MJM concerning his hospitality in Malaya, thanking him for his book and introducing Prince George Galitzine, with draft letter from M.J.M to the Duchess of Kent concerning her visit to S.E. Asia
131/8/4   1969 Aug 15
Letters from Martin Charteris to MJM, advising on correct dress for those receiving honours from the Queen in private audience
131/9/1-3   1969 Oct 20 - 1970 Dec 25
Letter from Alastair Aird (Assistant Private Secretary to the Queen Mother) to MJM, concerning a lunch engagement with the Queen Mother, with copy letters from MJM thanking the Queen Mother for her Christmas cards
131/8/5   1971 May 28
Letter from Martin [Charteris] to MJM, informing him of the Queen's invitation to stay at the Royal Lodge, Windsor
131/8/6-8   1973 Jan 16 - 24
Letter from Martin [Charteris] to MJM, asking for information about the L.S.B. Leakey Foundation of which Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother has been asked to become a Patron and thanking him for his reply
131/8/9-14   [c. 1976]
Draft and fair copy of letter from MJM to the Queen sending belated congratulations on her 50th birthday and concerning his earliest memories of her in the 1930s
131/9/8-10   1978 Jan 2
Letter from Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother to MJM, thanking him for his 'beautiful letter', in particular his memories of George VI on which she comments
131/9/4-7   1978 - 1979
Christmas cards from the Queen Mother
121/4/8-9    [n.d.]
Greetings card from Queen Juliana of the Netherlands
Papers concerning properties
124/7/1   1938 Jan 8
Letter from Alister MacDonald to MJM, concerning the probate valuation of Frognal
124/7/2-35   1952 Dec 4
Inventory of furniture and effects at Hyde Hall, Great Waltham, Essex, for furnished tenancy between Sheila Lochhead and Col. B. L. Morrison, U.S.A.F., by Fred Taylor & Co., Surveyors, with additional lists inserted loose
124/7/36-92   1954 May 17
Inventory and valuation of the contents of the residence No. 103 Frognal, Hampstead, made for the purpose of insurance, by John Day & Co.
124/7/93-109   1954 - 1955
Papers relating to the theft of items from 103 Frognal, including two lists of items missing; press cuttings concerning the theft and trial of the thief and correspondence between Sheila Lochhead, Clifton Hilbery (solicitor) and MJM
124/7/110-111   1955 Mar 15 - May 10
Letters from Sheila Lochhead to Mr Scrivener (copy) and to Alister MacDonald concerning the tenancy and later sale of [103 Frognal]
129/12/8   [n.d. post 1966]
Draft letter from MJM to the editor of the Sevenoaks Chronicle, protesting at an article on a recent robbery at Raspit Hill
129/12/6-7    [n.d.]
List by MJM of the houses in which he had lived
129/12/16   1981 Apr 27
Note by Ishbel Peterkin concerning the MacDonald residence in Lincoln's Inn Fields
130/4/7    [n.d.]
Rough list by Sheila Lochhead of the values of MJM's pictures and some furniture
Honours and addresses
133/1/1-2   1936 May 18
Address by the Borough of Richmond, Surrey, to MJM on the occasion of Vancouver Jubilee celebrations (2 copies)
129/12/14-15   1938 Nov 4
Announcement of a meeting of the Privy Council with memorandum of procedure at a Privy Council at which the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs is to take the Oath of Office
129/12/13   1939 Nov 9
Copy order of the Governing Body of Queen's College, Oxford on the election of MJM to Honorary Fellowship
133/2-133/4   1944 - 1970
Honorary Degree scrolls:
University of Malaya; Doctor of Letters, 14 Jul 1951
University of Durham; Doctor of Civil Law, 2 Jul 1970
University of British Columbia; Doctor of Laws, 25 Oct 1944
Doctor of University of Indo-China, 20 Dec 1949
1 other scroll in oriental script
133/5/1   1955 Aug 5
Address from the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore and Johore Bahru to MJM on the eve of his departure from Malaya. Printed but signed by members and guests
126/5/10-17   1977 Dec
Account of the history of the Order of Merit and list of recipients, 1902- 1977
M.J.M's death and service of thanksgiving
125/2/1-79   1981
Letters of condolence on the death of MJM, chiefly to Sheila Lochhead, and including George [Ignatieff], Chancellor of the University of Toronto (125/2/11); Michael Foot (125/2/66); Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra (125/2/70); Harold Macmillan (125/2/77); Dame Margot Fonteyn, enclosing a programme for her installation as Chancellor of Durham University (125/2/78-79); and numerous other friends and former colleagues
125/3/1-11   1981
Obituaries of MJM including The Times, 12 Jan 1981 (125/3/1); The Citizen (Ottawa), 24 Jan 1981, by J. King Gordon (125/3/2); tribute by Lord Gore-Booth in The Times, 15 Jan 1981 (125/3/3); tribute by Stephen Kemp in The Times, n.d. (125/3/4); Daily Telegraph (photocopy), 12 Jan 1981 (125/3/5); Royal Commonwealth Society Library Notes, New Series no. 241, Feb 1981 (125/3/6-7); and the Royal Commonwealth Society: Programme of Annual Conference, 22 Jun 1982, 'MacDonald's Commonwealth' (125/3/8- 11)
125/1/1-62   1981
Papers relating to the Memorial Service for MJM in Westminster Abbey, including agenda and minutes for a meeting of the Special Services Committee to discuss arrangements for the service, 27 Jan 1981 (125/1/1-8); draft and fair copy of proposed introductory address by the Dean (125/1/9-10); photocopy of pages from Durham University Gazette, 31 Dec 1970, with text of address by MJM on his installation as Chancellor, 12 Dec 1970 (125/1/11-12); list of applicants for tickets to the Service, in alphabetical order (125/1/13-49); list of persons who merited letters of thanks (125/1/50-51); order of service, 3 Mar 1981 (125/1/52-57); address given by His Excellency Shridath Ramphal, Commonwealth Secretary-General (125/1/58-61); press cutting with account of memorial service and list of those present (125/1/62)
Appeal leaflet for the Malcolm MacDonald Memorial Fund
124/3/1-28   [c. 1904 - 1981]
Family photographs:
M.J.M and Ishbel as children
Ishbel, 1945-81
Sheila, May 1921
Sheila and MJM playing golf
Sheila with Ramsay MacDonald and Mr. and Mrs. Stinson at Brora
Sheila on a visit to Southmead, Bristol in 1938, from the Evening Post and Evening World
Sheila with MJM at Upper Frognal Lodge
Sheila with MJM at Earnscliffe, Canada
Portrait of Ishbel and Sheila, c. 1934-35
MJM's wedding to Audrey Rowley (including from The Standard), 1946
Portrait of Mrs. Audrey MacDonald, from Leader Magazine, 1947
Fiona MacDonald, 1949
After Sheila's wedding
Family group at Susan MacDonald's wedding, 1961
Family group looking at David Marquand's biography of Ramsay MacDonald, 1977
Ishbel, Joan and Sheila at MJM's interment in Spyrie graveyard, 1981
124/1/1-82   [c. 1916 - 1923]
Photographs of Bedales School, mainly showing pupils at sport and leisure activities, and including:
Views of the school and gardens including construction of the new library, 1920 and interior of chapel
Steephurst, summer 1920 and Steepcote
The shooting range
Boys' football teams, with master, 1916-17, 1919-20 and 1922- 23
Girls' lacrosse teams, n.d. and 1920
Playing tennis, including Grace Wilmot and E.H. Sanderson, winners of the mixed doubles and E.H. Sanderson, O. Powell, L. Baker, D. Dalrymple and C.S. Nash in 1915
Swimming competitions, 1915-16 including G.A. Turner, S.I. Salmon, Vera Hickson, O. Powell, I.C. Sanderson and Madeleine McIlwraith
Gymnastics, including H.M. Wilson, E.H. Sanderson, R.E. Roper, K.D. Scott, C.M. Fordham, G. Rathbone, Rothenstein, Gardiner and Boardman
Joan Theobald at Bedales riding school, 1920
Ice skating, 1917
Cricket match
Groups of pupils and staff including MJM, M.M. Archdale, H.S. Pugh, L.G. Dobbs, S.G. Naish, C.M. Fordham, Mr. Zilliacus, Miss Brooks, Miss Goldsmith, L. Kinloch, D.R. Smith, C.M. Hirst, P. Whitehead, T.G. Garston, Judith Hapier, Rita Trubs, Barbara Greg and Dora Jewison
Individual pupils and staff including H. Turner, P. Mrosovsky, I.C. Sanderson, Nancy Goldie, J. Chaning-Pearce, Mr. Neath, Maj. A.E. Scothern (back from the Dardanelles and Egypt on leave), Lieuts. V. Trubshawe (King's Own Liverpool Regiment) and O. Horseley (Gordon Highlanders), on leave from France, wounded
124/2/1-5   [1920 - 1924]
Photographs of MJM at Oxford:
Playing football
Students carrying letters for the words DEAR BRUTUS as Ramsay MacDonald exits from building
MJM as member of the Oxford Union debating team
124/3/29-42   [1920s - c. 1980]
Photographs of MJM including:
Wearing kilt
In Honolulu, 1927
Examining porcelain figures
Paddling canoe
With Paramount Chief Temenggong Koh at Sarawak
In old age
124/6/1-22    [n.d.]
Photographs of MJM with the family of Charles Gordon, Lake of the Woods, Canada
124/4/1-14   1934 - 1935
Photographs showing MJM and Sheila on the way to Australia and during their stay there and in New Zealand
124/5/1-5   1936
Photographs taken at the Ross and Cromarty bye-election, including:
Sheila MacDonald and Godfrey Nicholson
Dr. Charlie Ferguson, MJM and Mr. Rankin, sailing to Ullapool
MJM electioneering
Sheila MacDonald electioneering at dawn
Mr. Rankin, ? , Godfrey Nicholson and Sheila MacDonald
135/5/1-71   [c. 1938 - 1980]
Photographs of MJM, all but one duplicates from the main series deposited in Cambridge University Library.
For descriptions, see D. Simpson's catalogue (Cambridge University Library references on back of photographs):
MJM with De Valera, 1938
Official occasions in the Far East and India
Portrait of MJM in university robes
124/6/23-26    [n.d.]
Photographs of friends:
Mr. and Mrs. Ridgeley drinking beer
Sybil Thorndike and Lewis Casson
Anthony Buckley
Stanley Spencer
124/5/6-9    [n.d.]
Interior views of Upper Frognal Lodge
124/4/15   1964 Feb 13
Cutting from The Times with photographs of the interior of Downing Street - cabinet room and small drawing room
Postcard with picture of Chequers
Rough notes by MJM for a talk on the BBC entitled 'My Three Heroes' (Rembrandt, Natasha, from Tolstoy's War and Peace, and Chou-En-Lai)
134/22/1-8   1967 Nov 13
Typescript of a talk [for a radio broadcast?] on Ramsay MacDonald entitled 'The living past: Ramsay MacDonald', not by MJM but some passages evidently marked by him
135/1/1-35   1969
Script of BBC1 programme 'Our Man Anywhere: a profile of Malcolm MacDonald', transmitted on 17 Jun 1969
135/2/1   1978
Video of Thames TV programme 'Palestine' - 3 films on the 'tragic decades that gave birth to Israel', transmitted on ITV on 27 Jun, 4 and 11 Jul 1978. Includes short appearances by MJM
Copyright Thames TV
135/3/1-74   1978
Annotated transcript of the above
Copyright Thames TV
135/4/1-26   1978
Transcript of interview with MJM on Palestine
Copyright Thames TV
129/11/1-21   1926 Aug
Account by MJM of the 'History of the Antilopes Club'
126/3/1-9   1934
Rough draft of article by MJM on Newfoundland for Round Table - the suspension of its constitution on account of its government's inability to meet interest payments on its debt
129/10/1-6   [n.d. pre 1937]
Typescript paper by MJM entitled 'National Labour and National Government', with annotations by Ramsay MacDonald
134/12/1-52    [n.d.]
Rough notes and manuscript draft of article on Ramsay MacDonald by MJM entitled 'Home from the Sea'
134/16/1-76    [n.d.]
Rough manuscript draft by MJM of article on Ramsay MacDonald with notes and some statistics of votes cast in the elections and seats won by the parties in the elections of 1923, 1924 and 1929; typescript copy of the same article with many alterations by MJM
134/17/1-128   [n.d.] and 1966
Typescript of article by MJM on Ramsay MacDonald with many manuscript alterations and additions; another typescript of the article and list of persons who might give information; manuscript draft, evidently of part of an earlier version of the above; copies of The Observer Weekend Review, 2 Oct and 9 Oct 1966 including MJM's article
134/25/1-7   1970 Nov 23
'James Ramsay MacDonald - from "But and Ben to Downing Street"' - paper by Kenneth McFarlane Harley read to the Radlett Literary Society
129/10/8-26   1974 Apr
Draft foreword by MJM to Africa and the Southern African Problem by MJM and Denis Grennan (April 1974), with typescript of the first chapter of the book
126/4/11-12   [c. 1980]
Foreword by MJM for his book Inside China, 1901- 1981
Diaries and memoirs
126/2/1-7   1925
Account by MJM of a visit to Fiji
134/9/1-22   1932 Apr - Jul
Reminiscences by Nevile Butler of life with the Prime Minister (Ramsay MacDonald), entitled 'Lossiemouth, Geneva and Lausanne' (Disarmament Conference)
126/2/8-35   1953
Notes by MJM on a visit to the island of Bali, 23 Aug - 7 Sep 1953 with further notes, 23 Nov 1953
123/14/3   1971 Dec 15
Page of a diary of Sheila Lochhead recording stories about the Queen and Princess Anne's success at a European horse riding event; Lord Garner's speech on Rhodesia in the House of Lords; Lord Goodman and Rhodesia; biography of MJM; Sheila's hip [operation?]; stories told by Princess Alice; Guyana; a valuable Chinese rug; an illegitimate son of George III
126/9/13    [n.d.]
Miscellaneous reminiscences of Sheila Lochhead - mainly amusing anecdotes
Autobiography: 'Constant Surprise'
MJM's autobiography was drafted several times by himself and the final version was edited by his sister, Sheila Lochhead and to some extent by Donald Simpson at the Royal Commonwealth Society. The earlier drafts include material omitted from the final version and the numerous alterations made by MJM himself are of interest and perhaps in some cases of significance in estimating the value of that version.

Draft 'A' marked 'not the final one but close to it'. Includes some editorial instructions by Sheila Lochhead to refer at certain points to draft 'B' (now box 120)
Manuscript draft of 'Constant Surprise', evidently an early (probably the first) draft. Some additional pages have been inserted at various points, presumably intended to be incorporated in a revision
Various drafts of 'Constant Surprise' with many alterations, repetitions and gaps. Includes material omitted from final version and a letter from Philip Ziegler, 6 Jan 1981 concerning his plans to read the draft (121/20/3). The material has now been arranged in the following sections but these are neither complete nor coherent:
Foreword and childhood (121/20/1-95)
Travels with the Oxford debating team (121/20/96-104)
Bereavement (121/20/105-135)
Paris; recreations (121/20/136-158)
Colonial Office (121/20/159-190)
Canada (121/20/191-193)
S. E. Asia (121/20/194-281)
India (121/20/282-290)
Africa (121/20/291-456)
China (121/20/457-533)
Retirement (121/20/534-597)

Very rough notes for 'Constant Surprise', not in any order and with many alterations. Includes a draft chapter on MJM's parents and various disconnected fragments and jottings. In some instances similar to 121/22 below. May contain information not included in the final version.
Cutting from an unnamed paper 'From Ramsay MacDonald to Mr Heath, the battle for a new leader' by Dingle Foot
Pages from The Star, 17 May 1976, with article by Tunku Abdul Rahman entitled 'UMNO 30 Years After'
'Suggestions for each Chapter'. Very rough notes on what might be included. The following letters are enclosed:
Rainer Tamchina to MJM, 28 Feb 1972, enclosing a paper on the Imperial Conference 1937 which was discussed at a postgraduate seminar at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London University
Leslie Mawson (?) (desk officer for Malaya under Edward Gent) to MJM, 22 Nov 1977, on the genesis of the idea of the Malayan Union
Sir Alec Douglas Home to MJM, 1 Dec 1960, concerning MJM's proposed visit to China and warning him not to mention the now unlikely possibility that he would be appointed as British Ambassador to China
Table of contents for 23 chapters and some disjointed scraps. Includes photocopy of article from an unnamed newspaper 'Princess seeks a throne', concerning the succession question in the Sultanate of Brunei; with photocopy of further article about Gerard MacBryan who supported the claim of the daughter of the late Sultan (121/23/26)
Drafts of some pages for the chapter on his childhood and fair copy typed from them; also some rough manuscript notes
Rough manuscript draft by MJM of his memories of his parents, in particular their work for socialism
Parts of an early typed draft (later altered): Foreword, 'Childhood', 'Bereavement', 'School' and part of 'Gay Paris'
Draft of chapter 7, 'Gay Paris', later incorporated elsewhere in the manuscript
Personal pages partly omitted from the final version, mainly concerning M.J.M's love affair with “Diana” [Dorothy Hyson] and previous attachments
Manuscript draft of a chapter on the Colonial Office and some of the problems with which MJM had to deal while there
Mainly manuscript draft of chapter on his time as under-secretary in the Dominions Office and as Colonial Secretary; also on his leisure activities and attachments
Manuscript draft of the chapter 'Armageddon'
Manuscript and typescript draft on his time in Canada; disjointed and incomplete
Rough manuscript draft of parts of a chapter on S. E. Asia.
Part of a draft chapter on India
Part of a draft chapter on Africa, especially the Rhodesian question and UDI
Typescript chapter on Rhodesia and the Commonwealth; some ms alterations by MJM
Typescript of parts of an early version; very disjointed; much on Africa
Rough draft of chapter on China
Brief sketch by MJM of his career - beginning missing, evidently given to Clyde Sanger in 1985; also some pages of notes
Very rough draft about the theft of his books and pictures by a tenant of his house
'MS of various supplementary pages to be sorted out and put in their right places'
131/5/5   1981 Jan 7
Letter from Mary [Turnbull] to MJM, thanking him for allowing her to read his manuscript [of 'Constant Surprise']
122/1/1-2    [n.d.]
Notes on autobiographical writings of MJM by Donald Simpson, Royal Commonwealth Society
Notebook entitled 'Malcolm' containing notes by Sheila Lochhead on MJM's papers and possessions, notes of conversations, the question of a biography, notes from some of the S. E. Asia papers
130/4/6    [n.d.]
Note by Sheila Lochhead of the names of possible biographers
Printed Material
129/9/1-8   1934 Feb 3
The News-Letter - the National Labour Fortnightly v.4 no.10, containing article by MJM entitled 'Is youth going Fascist?'
134/13/29-33   1956 Sep 21
Seventy-fifth Anniversary St James' Church, Lossiemouth
134/21/1   1973
Bulletin of the Society for the Study of Labour History, no. 27 (1973) containing copy letter from Ramsay MacDonald to John S. Clarke, MP, during the 1931 crisis, with Clarke's reply (pp 34-35)
Newspaper cuttings
129/12/1   [c. 1960]
'"Lossie Loon" brought colour to diplomacy', article on MJM from a Scottish newspaper
134/19/1-24   1961 - 1976
Photocopies and cuttings of newspaper articles on Ramsay MacDonald:
'Neither a villain nor a hero' - David Marquand in The Guardian, 12 Oct 1966
'Towards coalition? The spectre of MacDonald' - Robert Rhodes James in The Spectator, 14 Oct 1966
'MacDonald the man' - Alistair U. Mackinnon in The Yorkshire Post, 5 Nov 1966
'MacDonald's break with the Labour Party' - Matthew J. Moulton in The Scotsman, 13 Oct 1966
'Labour's first P.M.' - The Daily Telegraph, 12 Oct 1966
'Ramsay MacDonald and the German menace' - letter from Dr Alistair MacKinnon to The Times ?
'Ramsay MacDonald, the man behind the myths' - Robert Skidelsky in The Sunday Telegraph, 9 Oct 1966
'Ramsay MacDonald, first Labour Premier, time for revaluation and amends' - The Scotsman, 12 Oct 1966
'Ramsay MacDonald, Britain's first Labour Prime Minister' - Sir Linton Andrews in The Yorkshire Post, 8 Oct 1966
'The day of the National Government' - Humphrey Berkeley in The Times, 14 Aug 1976
'The kind heart of a Prime Minister's wife' - A. W. Mitchell in The Aberdeen Press and Journal, 12 Sep 1966
'Man of destiny who loved his native heath' - page from an unnamed magazine
'Ramsay MacDonald's daughter looks back in pride' - Lew Gardner in The Sunday Express, 12 Nov 1961
(Stuck to same sheet as previous item)
'Hostess with the Firstests' - Sunday Times, 12 Sep 1965
'Ramsay MacDonald, saint, sinner?' - Jack Scott in The Toronto Daily Star, 24 Nov 1966
'A product of fierce Scots pride' - Jack Scott in The Toronto Daily Star, 25 Nov 1966
'Forgotten anniversary' - Daily Telegraph, 26 Aug 1966
'A centenary tribute to Ramsay MacDonald' by Humayun Kabir in Sunday Magazine (New Delhi), 16 Oct 1966
'Ramsay MacDonald a friend in India' - B. Shiva Rao in The Statesman, 27 Nov 1966
'Cabinet loyalties; Morrison's verdict on MacDonald' - letter from Ishbel Peterkin to an unnamed newspaper, n.d.
126/9/5   1963 Dec 23
Cutting from Der Stern, with picture of MJM and two Iban girls
122/1/3   1964 Dec 12
'Malcolm MacDonald, creator of precedents' - press article by Clyde Sanger
134/20/1-6   1966 Oct 3-12
Articles on Ramsay MacDonald by Ishbel Peterkin in the Evening Express, with account of her tribute, also from the Evening Express
129/12/2   1969 Mar 22
Article by MJM from The Scotsman on his return to Lossiemouth to receive the freedom of the burgh
134/26/1   [n.d. post 1970]
Article on Ramsay MacDonald by MJM in The New British
129/12/4   [1972] Jan 6
Obituary for Marshal Chen Yi
129/12/5   1972 Mar 30
Article from The Listener concerning MJM's career as described in the BBC2 programme 'Late Night Line-up'
131/5/1   1976 Jun 21
Cutting from The Star, with picture of Tunku 'Abd al- Rahman Putra appointed head of UMNO [United Malays National Organisation] at the 26-27 August 1951 assembly
126/10/12-15   [1976]
Note from Wayne Fredericks to Malcolm, 8 Feb --, enclosing photocopy of press article on W. Averell Harriman at 85
126/9/6   1980 Apr 18
Cutting from The Times, with letter from MJM on the birth of Zimbabwe
129/12/3   1981 Jan 17
Article from The Guardian by Martin Gilbert entitled 'The turning of Malcolm MacDonald', on his handling of the Palestine Question in 1939
122/1/22-24    [n.d.]
Photocopy of an article on Suzi Quatro and her residence, Hyde Hall
126/9/7-11   1895 - 1897
'Philosophical Portraits' series - prints of Kant (no. 6), Spinoza (no. 10), Schopenhauer (no. 11), Flichte (no. 12) and Hegel (no. 11)
126/10/5   1957
Page from Now and Then, with review by MJM of Graham McInnes' Sushila