Penesi, Erisa

1. Memoirs
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Penesi, Erisa
Dates of creation: 1975-1980
Extent: 2 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English


(1932- )

1939-1945 Attended the C.M.S. Elementary School, Maridi
1946-1950 Attended the Nugent School, C.M.S. Loka
1951-1953 Posts and Telegraphs College, Khartoum
1954- Promotion within the Posts and Telegraphs Department from wireless operator to Postmaster. Service at:
1954-1955 Juba, Equatoria
1955-1956 Abu Hamed, Northern Province
1956-1958 Singa, Blue Nile Province
1958-1964 El Fasher, Darfur Province
1964-1967 Yambio, Equatoria
1967-1969 Khartoum
1969- Geneina, Darfur


1. Memoirs

1. Memoirs
SAD.851/12/1-43; 851/13/1-103
“The Living History and the Hidden Graves”: a history written by E. Penesi of his own life and times, divided into three parts:
Part One: Penesi's childhood. Subjects covered include the recent history of the Azande and of Penesi's family (851/12/8-14), his education at the C.M.S. Schoolat Maridi (851/12/14-18) and at the Nugent School at Loka (851/12/18-20), and the 1947 Juba Conference and its consequences (851/12/20-23)
MS copy of the above
Part Two: Penesi's career and the Civil War until 1969. Subjects covered include his acceptance by his father's hunting group and decision to join the Posts and Telegraphs Department (851/13/2-8), studying in Khartoum and political affairs (851/13/12-23), posting to Juba and the Torit mutiny (851/13/24-30), posting to Abu Hamed and leave taken in Maridi (851/13/30-32), posting to Singa and the general election (851/13/33-34), posting to El Fasher and comment on General Abbud's government (851/13/34-40), posting to Yambio and the violence there (851/13/40-49), eyewitness account of an Army massacre in Yambio (851/13/49-55), the murder of an Anya Nya tax collector (851/13/55-57), description of Maridi (851/13/58-61), description of Juba (851/13/62-65), posting to Khartoum and political events (851/13/65-66)
Part Three: Penesi's career and the Civil War from 1969 to 1971. Subjects covered include Numayri's declaration of southern autonomy (851/13/69-70), Penesi's posting to Geneina and the administration and history of Dar Masalit (851/13/71-77), the Communist coup of 1971 (851/13/77-81), Christmas in Adrei, Chad (851/13/81-83), visits of leading Government figures (851/13/83-85), comment by Penesi on the Civil War and the current situation in the Sudan, concerning the leaders, the northern soldiers, the imposition of Arabic and Islam, the Anya Nya, the rule of Abbud, the Fallata, the progress towards independence, underdevelopment, world indifference, the Organisation for African Unity and the United Arab Republic (851/13/85-102)