Bloss, John F.E.
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1. Official Papers
(a) Equatoria Province
(b) Post Sudan Service
2. Personal Papers
3. Memoirs
4. Articles, Books (Unpublished Manuscripts)
(a) Articles by Bloss
(b) Articles by others
(c) Books (Unpublished Manuscripts)
SAD.5. Miscellanea
SAD.6. Photographic Material
(a) Lantern slides
(b) Photographs
(i) Blue Nile Province
(ii) Kassala Province
(iii) Khartoum
(iv) Kordofan and Darfur
(v) Northern Province
(vi) The three Southern Provinces
(vii) Murle and Zande
(c) Cinefilms
(d) Videos
SAD.7. Maps and Plans
(a) Maps of the Sudan
(b) Maps of Sudan provinces
(c) Plans and sketch maps
Printed material
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Bloss, John F.E.
Dates of creation: 1936-1973
Extent: 5 boxes
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English


1933-1934 Medical Inspector, Khartoum
1934-1935 Medical Inspector, Port Sudan
1935 Medical Inspector, Khartoum
1936-1937 Medical Inspector, Wad Medani, Kordofan
1938 Medical Inspector, Wau, Bahr el Ghazal
1939-1942 Senior Medical Inspector, Li Rangu, Equatoria
1943-1944 Senior Medical Inspector, Atbara, Northern Province
1945-1951 Province Medical Inspector and Medical Officer of Health, Malakal, Upper Nile Province
1948-1949 Study leave
1951-1952 Assistant Director (Hospitals), H.Q., Khartoum
1952-1953 Assistant Director, Public Health, H.Q., Khartoum
1953-1954 Deputy Director, Ministry, H.Q., Khartoum


1. Official Papers
(a) Equatoria Province
(b) Post Sudan Service
2. Personal Papers
3. Memoirs
4. Articles, Books (Unpublished Manuscripts)
(a) Articles by J.F.E.B.
(b) Articles by Others
(c) Books (Unpublished Manuscripts)
5. Miscellanea
6. Photographic Material
(a) Lantern slides
(b) Photographs
(c) Cinefilms
(d) Videos
7. Maps and Plans
8. Printed Material

1. Official Papers
(a) Equatoria Province
[c. 1940]
Notes and recommendations on the agricultural development of Equatoria Province by J.D. Tothill, Director of Agriculture and Forests
Case notes on a tumour arising from a pterygium
(b) Post Sudan Service
1961 May 4
Report by S. Khuri-Otaqui on a visit to the Sudan, 20-30 Mar 1961 with the Headquarters Diarrhoeal Diseases Advisory Team
Preliminary report on dental services in the Sudan by Professor Sir Robert Bradlaw, Dean, Institute of Dental Surgery
[c. 1967]
Notes on World Health Organisation assisted medical activities in the Sudan (See WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATIONS: Assignment report. Evaluation of health services in the Sudan II Education and training by Prof. B. Kesic in library)
Report on a visit to Sudan, 15-28 Mar, 1968 to examine provisions for health care, by Brian Maegraith of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
2. Personal Papers
1938 Sep 29-1943 Oct 5
Family circular letters, incorporating notes from Bloss's diary and covering his service as Medical Inspector, Wau, Bahr el-Ghazal and Senior Medical Inspector Li Rangu, Equatoria and Atbara, Northern Province. Includes references to the outbreak of war and its progress; the organisation of the leper colony; sleeping sickness inspections and methods of control; description of a Zande magic seance (703/9/77-79); visit to French East Africa (703/9/92-93); leave spent in Uganda, Kenya and the Congo (703/9/110-129,166-172); and various treks around the province
3. Memoirs
1972 Nov 3-1973 Apr 28
Papers re the work of the United Presbyterian Mission, U.S.A., in the Sudan, including letters to Miss Ray Huffman and Bloss from former medical missionaries re their experiences, chiefly in Southern Sudan, biographical notes on medical missionaries and an article on medical missionary work in the Southern Sudan by [Bloss] based on the above information
“The experiences of a medical inspector”, covering Bloss's career in the Sudan Medical Service from 1933-48
Typescript, bound.
"The people of the swamp. An account of the Nilotic peoples of the Upper Nile Province in the Sudan Republic" based on Bloss's diaries and experiences in the area from 1945 to 1955 while he was in charge of medical work in the province and later Deputy Director of the Sudan Ministry of Health in Khartoum
Typescript, bound.
"Khartoum diary", an account of Bloss's life in Khartoum as Deputy Director, Ministry of Health from 1953 until his retirement in Aug 1954 and including chapters on the elections, the southern mutiny and independence
Typescript, bound.
4. Articles, Books (Unpublished Manuscripts)
(a) Articles by Bloss
1936 Mar
"A journey home through Egypt, seeing the tombs, temples, etc., of Ancient Egypt" (2 copies)
(b) Articles by others
1951 Feb 13
Notes on the Sultan's Palace, Darfur, by K.D.D. Henderson
(c) Books (Unpublished Manuscripts)
SAD.704/4/1-107; 704/5/1-67; 704/6/1-97; 707/1/1-91
“The Sudan: A medical history” pts. 1, 2, 3(a), 3(b) by A. Cruickshank and J.F.E. Bloss
Typescript, bound.
SAD.5. Miscellanea
[n.d. post 1966]
Biographical note on N.L. Corkhill, formerly of the Sudan Medical Service and portions of autobiographical manuscript (xerox copies)
1955 Oct 20
Account by Fr. Gabriele Dwatuka of the Roman Catholic Mission, Meridi, of his mistreatment by soldiers at Yambio
(Found in a book donated by Bloss)
1956 Apr 7
News bulletin describing the execution of fifteen southern Sudanese catholics at Yambio for their part in the mutiny of southern troops in Aug 1955
(Found in a book donated by Bloss)
SAD.6. Photographic Material
(a) Lantern slides
SAD.644/2/1-51; 644/3/1-8
Lantern slides taken by Bloss chiefly in Wau and Juba areas:
Locusts, Wau, 1936
River Sueh, near Wau
Fish trap on the Sueh River
Wau-Juba road, 1940
Kpeile women
Jur woman and man, Wau 1936
Dinka men
Dinka man
Girl at Tonj
Mother with baby in crib, Karajok
Mother with crib, Bor
Mothers and children near Gogrial
Father and children near Beshia
Village near Rumbek
Dinka cattle, Lake Abiad
Crossing the River Lol by car
Girl with fishing basket near the River Lol
Villagers at Nyamlell on the River Lol
Thatching at Gogrial
Bor Dinka
Wau-Raga Road
Bridge over River Pongo, Wau-Raga Road
Woman at Pongo Bridge
Tonj Bridge, 1938
Dinka at Renk
Nuong Nuer
Thatching at Bor
Bari, near Juba
Mandari next hit, Tali
Moru and grain-store, Awadi
Moru, near Awadi
Moru: Mvolo fish trap
1952 Feb
Lantern slides of preparations to view the eclipse of the sun, Khartoum (see article in Discovery, May 1952)
(b) Photographs
Photographs taken by A.E. Robinson, all mounted:
Pilgrim ship from Basra, at Suakin
Kitchener's Wall, Suakin, after the Shata Dam burst
Tokar, fort and wall
Camel train at Erkowit
Jabal Kassala
Suakin-Kassala road
SAD.705/1-705/6; 706/1
c. 1934-66
Large mounted photographs used for 1982 exhibition at Durham Sudan Historical Records Conference:
Geometric pattern of irrigation canals, Gezira
The main canal bringing water from the Sennar Dam
Camel loaded with cotton
Camel loaded with dried stalks of grain
Cattle and goats being driven home in the evening
Red Sea Hills, near Sinkat, 1934
Nakasib Pass, near Dongonab, Red Sea Hills
Beja tribesman driving his cattle to water
Typical tents of the Beja people
Beja tribesman watering his camels at a well
Gordon's Gate, Suakin, 1934 and 1966
Khoshid's House, Suakin, 1934 and 1966
Fishermen, Suakin, 1934
Aerial view of Khartoum, 1966
Junction of the Blue and White Niles, 1934
Part of the Omdurman suq
Silhouette of a shaduf at Mogren, 1934 705/3/6 Boatbuilders in Omdurman sawing wood
Man on a donkey crossing the Blue Nile Bridge
The new Shambat Bridge, seen from the river
Fur tribesman and wife collecting water in the Wadi Azum
Zaghawa girls, drawing water at Wadi Hara
The fulah at El Fasher
A fulah in Kordofan
Baqqara family on tour
A member of the Rizeiqat tribe in chainmail
Child on camel near Kebkabiya
Aerial view of the second cataract, 1949
The palm trees of Sarras
A typical saqiyah within the cataract area
A saqiyah partly constructed with old railway lines
Broken railway bridge, originally constructed 1896
Typical house and farm on the river bank
Typical house in Wadi Halfa
Arab loading his donkey on to the ferry
Threshing and winnowing near Dongola
Nuer with his favourite bull, Bahr el Zeraf area
Dinka hairstyle
Dinka baby, Bahr el Ghazal
Shilluk hairstyle
Lau Nuer hairstyle
Nuer girl at Bentiu
Dinka mother and baby at Shambe
A Shilluk dressed for a dance
Shilluk fisherman with a 60 lb. Nile perch, Lake No
Shilluk fishing party near Malakal
Fish trap at Mvolo
Thaing Dinka homestead near Bor
Nuer crossing Lake Ambadi
Nuer taking their cattle across the Bahr el-Ghazal
Shilluk ambach canoes
Scene on the Nuer area of the River Sobat in the dry season
Typical house of Mabaan at Boin
Kichepo woman on Boma Plateau
Murle kidney-shaped house at Pibor
Zande man in cloak made from the bark of a tree
Zande fishing party
Zande grain store
Zande wearing hat decorated with guinea fowl feathers
Men reporting at a sleeping sickness inspection
Mabaan women
previous hitMandari man smoking pipe
Murle women and baby
Old man fishing, Malakal
Moru boy fishing with bow and arrow
Murle hair-styles (men)- Pibor and Akobo
Baby wearing rings
Tapotha mother and baby, Torit
Zande witchdoctor
Large mounted photographs - Sudan general
Thaing Dinka homestead near Bor (duplicate of 705/6/12)
Boats on the river at Wad Medani
The morning wash
Old man fishing
(c) Cinefilms
Red Sea Hills:
Port Sudan; ships in harbour; docks area; Mohamed Qol; Dongonab, once the site of a pearl fishery; Suakin; gateway and houses; boats in harbour; pilgrims embarking; cotton, loading in sacks; trek in Red Sea Hills; herd of camels; car negotiating track; gazelle; Hadendowa; camel inspection; drawing water from well; tribal meeting (Bija); racand sports meeting; camel race; high jump; Hadendowa mock battle
Bahr al-Ghazal 1:
The Bahr al-Ghazal river and the sudd; river ferry; crossing river by truck at ford; fish trap in river; fast flowing water and surrounding vegetation; village; truck negotiating rough track with local help; women carrying pots on their heads; crossing river by foot; Dinka cattle camp; leading cattle across river; song bull; Dinka woman bathing; crossing river in hollowed out canoe; tribal meeting; Dinka men smeared with ash; beating drum; young men dancing; children bathing in river; fishing from canoe; casting fishing nets; drawing in catch; setting out on trek; taking canoe through the sudd
Bahr al-Ghazal 2:
Birds in flight (pelicans); hippo in river; setting out on trek; porters in forest; camp; British man shaving; shooting party; dead buffalo; giraffe; gazelle; large nest; pelicans; bird sitting in tree-top next; ostrich; pelicans; two tame chimpanzees, one smoking cigarette; chimps playing with water
Bridge building; felling trees; hoeing ground; planting seed; harvest of peanuts; gathering maize; men beating grain with sticks; man making bark cloth; baskets full of cotton; loading cotton into sacks for transport to market; spinning cotton; women fishing with baskets, men with bows and arrows and spears; river views; fishing basket in river; view of hills
Lady Baker hospital ship on the Nile, southern Sudan:
Paddle in action; flag flying; British men on board; views of riverside; sudd; cattle; villagers; village scenes; men beating drums; crossing river by canoe; Shilluk warriors; birds in flight; 3 men in ambach canoe; cattle camp; baby in doorway of hut; dance; dispensary/operating room on ship; patients in ward; passengers embarking; casting off from riverbank; taking car on board at Kodok; steamer with barges from riverbank; felucca; woodstation; lorry; ostrich; women carrying loads on their heads; unfurling SMS flag in village; Bloss meeting villagers; medical inspection; passengers waiting on riverbank; embarking; cooking meal on board
16 mm, colour, 17 minutes
Khartoum and Blue Nile Province:
Scenes from Khartoum; suq ; street scenes; Khartoum zoo - animals and birds; casting fishing net in river; sea planes at riverbank and taking off; feluccas ; habub approaching; Blue Nile Province, police tournament at Wad Medani, 1936 ; inspecting guard of honour; military parade; display of work of the police; loading car on ferry and disembarking at the other side; herd of camels watering; floods; donkeys loaded with fodder; women pounding grain; march-past of police and notables; Sennar Dam; British men and women fishing with rods; Nile perch
16 mm, black and white and colour, 9½ minutes
Nile journey: Seaplane; train arriving at Shellal; river steamer; Philae(?); ancient fortifications; Abu Simbel; feluccas ; train at Wadi Halfa; crossing desert; river scenes at Khartoum; Blue Nile bridge; docks area; steamers with barges; wood station; loading wood on steamer; White Nile bridge; loading supplies on steamer; feluccas ; village by river bank; Shilluk warriors; man crossing river in canoe; view of town from river; sudd; Dinka girl bathing; cattle camp; views of river and bank including village; grass fires; cattle camp; ambach canoe; vultures; hippos; crocodiles; herd of elephant; sunset over river
16 mm, black and white and colour, 20½ minutes
(d) Videos
Video 4
Time-coded VHS video copy of films 749/1-749/4 and (b & w) 749/6-749/7, all in black and white, whether black and white or colour in the original
Video 4
Time-coded VHS video copy of film 749/5, plus sections (colour) of colour from the other films
SAD.7. Maps and Plans
(a) Maps of the Sudan
Large print war map of the Egyptian Sudan by G.W. Bacon, London, from maps issued by the War Office
scale:   3.5 cms to 50 miles
Size: 72 cms x 49 cm.
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 4th edition from original map of 1914 by the War Office.
scale:   1 to 3,000,000
Size: 67 cms x 89 cm.
Map of the Sudan showing areas of movement and main tribal groups of the nomadic tribes
Size: 18 cms x 21 cms
Map of the Southern Sudan
scale:   2 cms to 100 miles
Size: 21 cms x 12.5 cm.
1951 Nov
Map of the Southern Sudan, revised from original map of Dec 1946
Sudan Survey Dept
scale:   1 to 2,000,000
Size: 69 cms x 46 cm.
1950 Jan
Map of north-eastern Sudan
Sudan Survey Dept., Khartoum
scale:   1 to 2,000,000
Size: 52 cms x 63 cm.
(b) Maps of Sudan provinces
Map of the Nile Valley and the Red Sea Littoral including a sketch map of routes north and west of Suakin, from '83 to '87 in the Soudan by A.B. Wylde
scale:   1 in to 100 miles
Size: 39 cms x 54.5 cms, cut into 6 sections
Map of the border area between Bahr el Ghazal, Equatoria and the Congo Free State, including the Lado Enclave, for Sudan Intelligence Report no. 183.
Ordnance Survey, Southampton
scale:   1 to 4,000,000
Size: 23.5 cms x 23.5 cm
1930 Apr
Map of the Beja District of Kassala Province
Sudan Survey Department
scale:   1 to 3,000,000
Size: 20.5 cms x 34 cm
1944 Dec
Handkerchief map of the area around Maridi, in Equatoria, including part of the Belgian Congo
Africa series, sheet 77-p
scale:   1 to 250,000
Size: 68 cms x 46 cm
1952 Nov
Street map of Khartoum
Sudan Survey Department
scale:   1 to 7,500
Size: 88 cms x 46 cm
(c) Plans and sketch maps
Plan and section of ancient washing table for catching gold
Maps and plans of battles, etc., during the Sudan campaigns of 1880-1885 :
Plan of Berber fortifications erected by Farahat Bey, 1880
scale:   None
Size: 25 cms x 18 cm
Sketch map illustrating places of importance in the campaign in Eastern Sudan, 1883-85.
scale:   3 cms to 20 miles
Size: 21.5 cms x 21.5 cm
Diagrammatic sketch of Fort Tokar
scale:   None
Size: 20.5 cms x 12.5 cm
Diagrammatic sketch of Fort Ansari
scale:   None
Size: 20.5 cms x 13 cm
Plan of the Battle of Tofrek, 22 Mar 1885, showing McNeill's zariba. Copied from Life, letters and diaries of Sir Gerald Graham, by Vetch
scale:   None
Size: 10 cms x 15 cm
1934 Apr 15
Plan of McNeill's zariba, Battle of Tofrek, 1885
scale:   3 ins to 100 yds
Size: 20.5 cms x 25.5 cm
Sketch map of Suakin and district
scale:   1½ ins. to 5 miles
Size: 20 cms x 21 cm
Sketch plan of Suakin (draft)
Sketch map of Condenser or Quarantine Island as it was in 1885
scale:   8 cms to 440 yds.
Size: 26 cms x 20 cm
1934 May 11
Sketch map of Suakin and surroundings showing fortifications
scale:   2¼ ins. to 1 mile.
Size: 33 cms x 20.5 cm
Map of the Nile between Wadi Halfa and Sabaloka, showing position of dispensaries and dressing stations
Size: 43 cms x 53.5 cm
Printed material
Durham University Library Printed material deposited with collection; now integrated into library and catalogued on OPAC. African World Supplement, “Royal Sudan Number” Dec 1912 dupl.
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Bloss, J.F.E., “Notes on a Dinka game trap” (Repr. from Sudan notes and records v.22 pt.1, 1939) (Khartoum dupl.)
Bloss, J.F.E., “Notes on the health of the Sudan prior to the present Government” (Repr. from Sudan notes and records v.24, 1941) [Khartoum, 1941 dupl.]
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