Doornbos, Paul
Paul Doornbos

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Title: Doornbos, Paul
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Paul Doornbos


May-June 1975Research on socio-economic importance of animal husbandry in Tunisia
December 1975-May 1976Teacher of French and English, Merowe Higher Secondary School for Boys
1977-1979Institute of African & Asian Studies, then Lecturer at English Language Servicing Unit, University of Khartoum
1979-1981Research in Khartoum and Western Darfur on Arabisation, Islamisation and social change, as part of a two-year contract with Nederlandse Organisatie voor Zuiver-Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (ZWO) / Stichting voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek van de Tropen en Ontwikkelingslanden (WOTRO) and the African Studies Centre
1980-1982Research Officer, African Studies Centre, Leyden
1983-1989Research Officer and Project Leader, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, based at the Development Studies & Research Centre (DSRC), University of Khartoum
October-November 1983Research in Western Darfur into border trade as a possible source of revenue for the regional government and into the effects of the 1983 drought, DSRC, University of Khartoum
February-March 1984Member of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) mission of Commissioner for Refugees to Darfur re cause, nature and volume of the influx of Chadian refugees
February-March 1986Research into shelter and income-generating activities for refugees from Chad in Darfur, UNHCR
March-May 1988Member of two World Bank missions: Programme to Alleviate the Costs of Adjustment and Poverty (PASCAP) and Food Strategy in Africa
May-December 1988Research into the effects of food aid, Institute of Social Studies Advisory Services (ISSAS), The Hague
October 1988Identification mission flood emergency Sudan, Government of Sudan / Multi-Donor Mission, Emergency Flood Reconstruction Program, Khartoum
May-June 1990Training and management consultant, Central Medical Stores, Ministry of Health, Khartoum, DGIS / Nedlloyd-Logion
1991-1993Desk Officer Emergency Relief, Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC)
February-October 1993Head, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) sub-delegation, Split, Croatia
1993-1994 NLRC Projects Coordinator Emergency Relief (former Yugoslavia, francophone Africa), and missions to Brussels, Geneva, Belgrade, Budapest, Baghdad
1994-1995Deputy General Manager, International Management Group for Infrastructure in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Zagreb, Croatia
May-October 1996Consultant on emergency relief activities in former Yugoslavia, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate Crisis Management and Humanitarian Aid
1997-1998NLRC Projects Coordinator Middle East and North Africa region (Iran, West Bank/Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq), with missions to Yemen and Lebanon
2005-2006NLRC: Indonesia with special brief for Nias Island, based in Medan, Northern Sumatra Province; IFRC Sahel Food Security Operation, based in Niamey, Niger; Coordinator, The Hague


1. Academic papers
2. Research notes and papers
3. Miscellaneous other academic papers
4. Consultancy papers
5. Personal papers
6. Newspaper cuttings
7. Maps

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Presented by Anna and Daniel Doornbos, 27 March 2019.

1. Academic papers
“African literature and the new paradigm in anthropology”, Paul Doornbos.
SAD.1050/1/25-64, 65-93
“Sultanates of the western frontier: Dar Masalit”; “State and society in Dar Masalit”, [Paul Doornbos].
7 December 1979
“On ethnic identity and language use in Dar Masalit”, Paul Doornbos: draft.
“On becoming Sudanese”, Paul Doornbos: drafts of introduction and chapters 1-2 and 4.
A much shorter article with the same title was presented by Doornbos at a seminar held at the School for Development Studies, University of East Anglia in July 1984, and was subsequently published in Sudan: state, capital, and transformation, eds T. Barnett and A. Abdelkarim (Croom Helm, 1988).
2. Research notes and papers
Summary of Doornbos' thesis, “Animal husbandry in Alayet” (Tunisia).
“Report on research conducted in Beida, Western Darfur” 24 April-10 June 1978, Paul Doornbos; with bibliography in Dutch (for an annotated copy of the bibliography see SAD.1050/12/33-35).
English; Dutch
Daju Mongo language: 200-word list, elicited from an informant at Foro Boranga, Sudan, but which are “more or less what is spoken in Mongo [Chad] itself”.
Daju Mongo
Informant notes on the murder of Nadj Issaka.
[August 1979]
List of Sudanese Arabic grammatical items, manuscript (but formatted in accordance with a Basic Elicitation forms G2 and H), informant[s] unidentified; with list of Beida area local governance administrators; and typescript English word lists [?for recording elicited language data].
[early 1980s]
Research notes, including: belles-lettres as ethnographic material (SAD.1050/3/81-86).
[late 1970s x early 1980s]
Research project notes: Arabisation and Ethnic Identity in Western Sudan (Dar Masalit); with preliminary list of Masalit clans and facitons (khashm buyut).
Dutch; Arabic
December 1980
Questions for a series of interviews with al-hajj Muhammad Abu Lafta, with notes.
early 1980s
Research notebooks: Darfur, Masalit.
“The Hadahīd of Chad and Sudan, an African caste?”, by [Paul Doornbos]. Draft excerpt.
1981; 2005
Kujarge language: annotated 200-word list with lists of numerals and pronouns (draft and typescript), with notes; email correspondence from Paul Whitehouse concerning the word list, 12 October 2005; see also maps SAD.1050/23/39-50.
Reading notes, chiefly concerning Sudanese agriculture and botany.
Drafts and notes on Dar Masalit economy, geology, land use, climate, agriculture, animal husbandry and food gathering, perhaps in preparation of an article entitled “Ecology, agriculture, animal husbandry and food gathering in Dar Masalit”: includes list of cereals and cereal substitutes including fruits, and bibliography (SAD.1050/10/63-75).
Annotated vocabulary list for sub-Saharan Africa (Schadeberg, modified from Swadesh): 14 [?loan] words in transliterated Arabic.
Research notes on the Senyar of Sudan and Chad, with a short article by Paul Doornbos on the same subject and a list of Senyar subsections.
Typescript quotations with [photo-]commentary by Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski on the subject of “Divine punishments”, the introduction of sharia law in Sudan in September 1983, perhaps transcribed from De Nieuwe Revu, Jan/Feb 1984.
Peer review comments: Sjaak van der Geest on [ “African literature and the new paradigm in anthropology”] (see SAD.1050/1/1-24); with notes on the same subject.
Peer review comments concerning “Trade in Two Border Towns: Beida and Foro Boranga (Darfur Province)” (1984); with map and research note.
Two annotated bibliographies, one dated 10 October 1978, the other from “Report on research conducted in Beida, Western Darfur” (see SAD.1050/3/5-13).
Annotated bibliography from Les populations de Tchad [Lebeuf, 1959]. Photocopy.
Board of Anthropology application form (blank) for Anthropological studies in the Democratic Republic of the Sudan (SAD.1050/12/40-42); with signed slip (Arabic); 1981 field work research funding application (SAD.1050/12/44-50).
English; Arabic
3. Miscellaneous other academic papers
June 1969
“Literatuur en Samenleving, een onderzoek naar de relatie tussen literatuur en samenleving, geillistreerd aan de roman “Le Regard du Roi” ” van Camara Laye [“Literature and Society, a study of the relationship between literature and society, recorded in the novel "Le Regard du Roi" ” by Camara Laye], S. Simonse, Warmond, June 1969.
“Enkele kenmerken en achtergronden van seizoensmigratie in Soedan” [“Some characteristics and backgrounds of seasonal migration in Sudan”].
February 1980
“The use of history, or, note on Masalit-Fur relations in the Wadi Azum area”, by L.E.M. Kapteijns.
“A note on Sinyar history”, with drafts, by L.E.M. Kapteijns (SAD.1050/13/27-30, 31-36); “Language and the Senyar” (SAD.1050/13/37-41).
“Project Management. Lecture notes” (with case studies), by Vasant Maharir, Ted Yap, Hassabu El Rasoub, Defeea Awad Gabir. University of Khartoum, Development Studies and Research Centre.
“Rural development planning. Lecture notes”, Paul Doornbos and Hassan Abdel Ali. University of Khartoum, Development Studies and Research Centre.
4. Consultancy papers
15 March 1986
“A note on the settlement of refugees in the Habila area”, Paul Doornbos: written while Doornbos was a member of both the Institute of Social Sciences, The Hague, and the Development Studies & Research Centre, University of Khartoum; with 1986 UNHCR field research budget (SAD.1052/3/5).
[January] 1988
“Sources of conflict between Non-Governmental Organisations and the Government of Sudan”, Paul Doornbos. Institute of Social Studies, The Hague / Development Studies & Research Centre, University of Khartoum. Paper prepared for Sudan Studies Association Conference, IAAS, Sharjah Hall, 5-9 January 1988.
2 March 1988
“Basic Document, Sudan”, Richard Brown, Paul Doornbos, and Paul van der Wel: political and socio-economic survey of indicators, policies, results, donor interventions, 1985-1992. Institute of Social Studies, Advisory Service, The Hague.
31 October 2006
Report by Paul Doornbos concerning a Nuba man's asylum application refused on linguistic grounds, specifically on the Arabization of Nuba in Kadugli and supporting the phenomenon of intergenerational language loss in a Sudanisation process.
Access to this report will be restricted under UK Data Protection legislation.
May 1989
“Food security with an urban bias. A study on food aid and food markets in Sudan”, by Paul van der Wel, Paul Doornbos, Frits Raijmakers: (1) main report; (2) working papers. Institute of Social Studies Advisory Service, The Hague.
October 1990
“Perceptions of NGOs and the state in Sudan”, Paul Doornbos: second draft.
20 November 1990
“Hongersnood en hulpverlening in Soedan”, [“Famine and assistance in Sudan”], Paul Doornbos.
8 February 1991
“Hongersnood en hulpverlening: patstelling in Soedan” [“Famine and assistance: stalemate in Sudan”], Paul Doornbos.
17 March 1991
“Nationwide famine in Sudan. An urgent appeal by Medecins sans Frontieres (Holland) to the Sudan Government and political leaders outside Sudan”, Paul Doornbos.
“More state regulation of trade or less?”, review by Paul Doornbos of a paper on trade in the Horn of Africa by Ayalew.
5. Personal papers
Professional references for Doornbos.
6. Newspaper cuttings
Agence France Press Bulletin D'Afrique concerning Cleophas Kamitatu's Le grande mystifiaction du Congo-Kinshasa (1971); formerly enclosed within a copy of this work.
8 July 1985
“Meet the Pagoulatoses and their hotel, the place to stay in Khartoum”, Edward Girardet, Christian Science Monitor.
2 January 1986
“De diarreedrank. Het grootste medische success sinds de uitvinding van de antibiotic” [“The diarrhea drink. The greatest medical success since the invention of the antibiotic”], Wetenschap & Onderwijs.
7. Maps
Maps of Darfur and Chad, many in different stages of preparation for publication and some further annotated, including: Language areas of Western Darfur and Eastern Chad (SAD.1052/9/1); Dar Masalit (photocopies from the Etat-major de l'armée de Terre (EMAT) Ministère des Armées Archives Historiques) (SAD.1052/9/5-6); Trade routes and markets (SAD.1052/9/7-8); Ethnic map of Dar Fur & Wadai (SAD.1052/9/13-18); Language map of Wadai and Darfur (SAD.1052/9/19-21); Darfur's western region, annotated with trade and spheres of influence (SAD.1052/9/22-24); Chad before the Libyan raid (SAD.1052/9/25-28); The spread of ironworking according to archaeological evidence and oral traditions (SAD.1052/9/30-32); Ethnic groups of Chad and Western Darfur (SAD.1052/9/33-35); Administrative region of Ouaddaï (SAD.1052/9/36); Tribal map of Darfur Province (SAD.1052/9/37); Central Bilād al-Sūdān according to Herskovits, Trimingham and al-Hājj (SAD.1052/9/38-43); Central and eastern Sudanic belt in 1870 (SAD.1052/9/44-46).
SAD.1052/9/47-48[MP] (outsize)
2 maps of south-western Darfur. Tracing paper.
[1980s], 2005
Sketch map (manuscript) of Dar Sila and Salamat regions of Chad (scale 1:200,000), showing watering holes (SAD.1052/9/49); Sketch maps (typescript) of Cantons of Tama North and South, Kobé, Kapka, [?Dourène] (various scales of 1:250,000 to 1:1,000,000) (SAD.1052/9/50-54); Sketch map (manuscript) of Bahr Azoum, 1916 (SAD.1052/9/55). Photocopies from the Etat-major de l'armée de Terre (EMAT) Ministère des Armées Archives Historiques.
“West Darfur Planning Map” (draft), Humanitarian Information Centre for Darfur, 1 November 2005 (SAD.1052/9/56); Language groups map of Western Darfur and Eastern Chad (SAD.1052/9/57-58); Main caravan routes of central Bilād al-Sūdān (SAD.1052/9/59).
SAD.1052/9/60[MP] (outsize)
Guéréda (Chad), sheet ND-34-XVII
Printed material
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