Dee, Brian Desmond McDonnell
Brian Desmond McDonnell DEE

1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Diaries
4. Miscellanea
5. Maps
Reference code: GB-0033-SAD
Title: Dee, Brian Desmond McDonnell
Dates of creation: 1926-1983
Extent: 3 files
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Created by: material relating to service in the Sudan
Language: English

Brian Desmond McDonnell DEE


1929-1955 Sudan Political Service
1929-1934 A.D.C. Ed Dueim/Kosti, White Nile Province
1934-1938 A.D.C. El Obeid/Nahud, Kordofan
1938-1944 A.D.C., later D.C. Yirol/Raga/Tonj, Equatoria
1944-1947 D.C. Hassaheissa, Blue Nile Province
1947-1951 D.A.C.S., Civil Secretary's Office (Personnel)
1951-1954 Deputy Governor Darfur
1954-1955 Dep. Permanent Under Secretary, Ministry of the Interior
1955 Retired


1. Official Papers
2. Personal Papers
3. Diaries
4. Miscellanea
5. Maps

1. Official Papers
1926 Apr 5
List of Arabic words of command used at the Police Training School, with covering memorandum by H.A. MacMichael, Asst. Civil Secretary
1935 Jan 21 - 1938 Mar 11
Summaries of cases heard at native courts in Equatoria Province, judgements confirmed by D.C.'s G.M. Hancock and A.E.D. Penn
1955 Dec 31
Note on financial devolution to native authorities, prepared by the Financial Secretary's office, with covering letter from D. Newbold
1940 Jan 3
Memorandum from M.W. Parr, Governor Equatoria to all D.C.'s on the appointment of educated English-speaking station officers
1941 Dec 2
Memorandum by E.H. Nightingale, D.C. Lakes District on the inoculation of cattle with rinderpest serum
1948 Oct 12
Letter from a cultivator of Gedaref area to the Governor-General complaining of illtreatment by Arab officials and lack of protection offered by the native courts
1955 Sep 24
Report by Father Fernando Maria Sembiante on events at Torit during the mutiny of southern troops in Aug 1955
Prcis of note by J.G.S. Macphail on the organisation of mudiriyyah stores
Various notes on cultivation in the Sudan, including:
Extracts from Robbie's notes on El Obeid gardens
Notes on the planting of vegetables
General note on planting
A few notes on Howards indoor compost pits as applicable in the Sudan
Plan of a model farm with notes on rotation
Extract from an address by Sir Bernard Bourdilion to the Royal Empire Society on 26 Jan 1937 on ‘production by the native on his own land of economic crops' (from East Africa and Rhodesia)
31 August 1951
List of Sudan Government holidays in 1952, with circulation list. Signed typescript. Found loose within 1951 Sudan Almanac (see Medu 17/1/GEN).
2. Personal Papers
1929 Dec
Invoice for household goods from Pothitos Bros. of Khartoum
1942 Jun 1
Letter from a fellow D.C., ‘Paul' on progress of building work in Equatoria Province
[c. 1947]
Manuscript notes on subsistence pay rates [c.1947]. Found loose at front of Dinka Dictionary (1936) (SC 12312).
[1936 x 1955]
Supplement Dinka language glossary, annotated. Typescript. Found loose at back of Dinka Dictionary (1936) (SC 12312).
[1936 x 1955]
Single page from unidentified English-Arabic dictionary. Found loose at back of Dinka Dictionary (1936) (SC 12312).
[c. 1942]
Two manuscript Dinka word lists. Found loose (p. 294) within Dinka (Bor) New Testament (1940) (SC 12316).
[1949 x 1955]
Manuscript itinerary for a May [visit] to Nyala by Miss Fretwell, present [in Sudan, perhaps as a guest of the Reynolds] from 1 May-15 July. Found loose (p.206) within Elias’ Practical Dictionary of the colloquial Arabic of the Middle East [1949].
[1949 x 1955]
Manuscript document in Arabic: perhaps an invoice. Found loose (p.206) within Elias’ Practical Dictionary of the colloquial Arabic of the Middle East [1949].
13 March 1999
Newspaper cutting, The Tablet: Letter to the Editor from Mona Macmillan, responding to an article (16 January) by Richard Dowden, ‘What's wrong with Africa?’. Found within Champion of Africa. W. M. Macmillan. The second phase (1985).
14 September 1988
Newspaper cutting, The Times: ‘Letter from Khartoum. Fond memories of spiders on the ceiling and scorpions in the bath’, by Andrew McEwen, written following a visit to Sudan by Sir Geoffrey Howe, Foreign Secretary. Found within Champion of Africa. W. M. Macmillan. The second phase (1985).
[1950 x 1955]
Manuscript arithmetic calculations, on dorse of blank Booking advice slip, Sudan Airways, El Fasher. Found at the back of A vocabulary of modern government for the Sudan (1950).
3. Diaries
1930 Jan 15 - May 5
Personal diary covering a short period of Dee's service in White Nile Province describing in some detail the daily routine of his working life and his sporting and social activities, with specific references to King's Day celebrations (890/3/3); trial in a minor court (890/3/8-11); murder trial (890/3/11-12); attack by white ants (890/3/15); visit from Huddleston, the Governor-General (890/3/18); account of the repercussions in Darfur of the 1924 mutiny (890/3/24); description of Ibrahim Hassan who had been present at the Battle of Omdurman, later defecting to join Wingate (890/3/30); on trek - settlement of a dispute over cattle tracks used by the Hassaniyah and first experience of riding a camel (890/3/32-35); decision to collect cultivation tax instead of ushr (890/3/36); trip by lorry to Helba to inspect work on a new dam at Shegeig (890/3/44-50); inspection of boys' school at Dueim and the site for a new girls' school (890/3/54); Id celebrations (890/3/57-58); crocodile hunting (890/3/60); on trek for a herd check at Shat, Salogi and Umm Buweira (890/3/61-64); camel trek to Kawa and Esh Sheheita for herd check, land dispute and well inspection (890/3/65-78); visit to school at Kawa (890/3/67-68); case of attempted murder of a policeman (890/3/78-79); move to Kosti (890/3/81); review of slavery and arms cases (890/3/82); major court for murder trial (890/3/85); visit from Sayyid `Abd al-Rahman al-Mahdi (890/3/86); arrival of an RAF flight en route to Malakal to pick up the Prince of Wales, with brief visit by the Prince (890/3/87-90); arrival of Miss De Groot driving from Cairo to South Africa (890/3/92-93); discussions with Parker of the Irrigation Department on future irrigation works (890/3/95-96); visit to Keri-Kera for inspection (890/3/99-101); inspection of hafirs at Gharaniq and Er Rudda (890/3/101-103); visit to Suda, an ex-slave colony (890/3/105); Brocklehurst's views on the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and Percy Loraine (890/3/109); description of a native game called Mongalla (890/3/112-113); treatment of local men for syphilis (890/3/115); laying poisoned bait for hyenas (890/3/116-117); list of household items (890/3/118)
4. Miscellanea
1983 Nov 12
Order of service for a memorial service for G.R.F. Bredin (1899-1983)
Copy of a saying of Lao-Tse (604 BC) on retirement, addressed to ‘officials in Scale A'
Satirical verses: “Adeste fidelis (written on the eve of the Bahr al-Ghazal province council meeting to elect members for the Legislative Assembly), 1948” and “Short form of service for government offices” by Sir Gwilym Gibbon, former Director of Local Government Division, Ministry of Health
Publisher's note to readers explaining italicisation system adopted by translator: found loose (p. 294) within Dinka (Bor) New Testament (1940) (SC 12316)
5. Maps
Africa series 1:250,000, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (printed on linen)
Sheet 54-E, 1952 edition
Sheet 54-J, 1940 edition
Sheet 54-O, 1931 edition
Sheet 66-H, 1940 edition