Miscellaneous Photographs


Reference code: GB-0033-MIP
Title: Miscellaneous Photographs
Dates of creation: 1857-1985
Extent: 235 items
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Given to or acquired by the library at various times
Language: English


An artificial grouping of various photographs of Durham people and places, and of some outside the city and county, many of them dating from around 1900.

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Sorted into the broad subject categories, numbered and some provided with captions by [Roger Norris in c.1980s].


Catalogued in XML by Michael Stansfield in January 2011.


Those relating to university persons, buildings or events were extracted by Michael Stansfield in 2006 and added to the appropriate sequences in UND/CK1, as some were part of series that were then split across the two collections.


The collection might be added to.

Location of originals

Originals noted where identified which has not been possible for all copies.


Photographs not fitting into any other specific category.

PH 1/1   [c.1900]
High Street church, Fenton, interior, looking east, by W.C. Potter, portrait and landscape photographer, of High St Fenton.

Size: 165 x 105mm
PH 1/2   [c.1900]
Lytham church exterior, ivy-covered, from the south-west in the churchyard.

Size: 65 x 100mm
PH 1/3   [c.1900]
Carlisle cathedral north choir screen panel painting of [St Cuthbert in his coffin].

Size: 150 x 100mm

PH 4/1   [c.1900]
Brooke Westcott bishop of Durham and Bishop Pulleine of Richmond and Stanhope, standing in a garden, in clerical dress with gaiters and frock coats, with Westcott holding a top hat.

Size: 140 x 90mm
PH 4/2   [c.1920]
William Naysmith Smith, alderman, chairman of Durham County Council, initiator of the joint committee to set up the University Science Site in Durham, half-length, in herringbone pattern suit with waistcoat and bow tie, by John Edis of Durham.

Size: 205 x 155 (print), 305 x 225 (mount)
PH 4/3   [c.1930]
[?Extra-mural summer school] group outside a large house, displaying a rubbing of Piercebridge Stone No.1 inscription.

Size: 85 x 140mm
PH 4/4   [c.1900]
Brooke Westcott bishop of Durham, head and shoulders, in cassock etc.

Size: 145 x 100mm
PH 4/5   1881
Clergy of Auckland St Andrew, 3 seated, 2 standing: Canon Long, E.G.H. Caswell, D.S. Grey, S.R. Edew, James Crabtree, by A.G. Taylor, photographers, of 95 Newgate St, Bishop Auckland.

Size: 160 x 110mm
PH 4/6   [c.1900]
Canon Tristram, half length, with beard, by J. Beagles of London EC.

Size: 135 x 85mm
PH 4/7   [c.1910]
Handley Moule bishop of Durham, half length, by the Rotary Photo Co London EC.

Size: 135 x 85mm
PH 4/8   [c.1890]
Revd Edward Greatorex, full length, seated in a heavy armchair

Size: 230 x 180 (print), 300 x 230 (mount)
PH 4/9   [late 19th century]
Unidentified formal group of men, women and children (?church) with some [?spurious] names etched on (Fatty, Grumpy etc), by M. Higgins of York St, Newcastle.

Size: 140 x 170mm
PH 4/10   [c.1980]
Photographic copy of an etching of Richard Trevor bishop of Durham (d1771), half length

Size: 155 x 105mm
PH 4/11   [c.1880]
George Bland, archdeacon of Northumberland, half length, seated, holding a document, by T. Heaviside photographer of Queen St, Durham.

Size: 105 x 65mm
PH 4/12   [c.1980]
Copy of a painting by W.B. Richmond of Joseph Lightfoot bishop of Durham, half length, in skull cap and fur coat with book.

Size: 190 x 165mm
PH 4/13   [c.1900]
[Brooke Westcott bishop of Durham], half length

Size: 170 x 120mm
PH 4/14   [c.1875]
[Charles Baring] bishop of Durham, seated, holding a pamphlet, with monocle, by Samuel A. Walker of 230 Regent St, London.

Size: 165 x 110mm
PH 4/15   1909
Group of six ladies ?in a play, ?Cranford, outside, in the tennis court on the Banks near Prebends Bridge.

Size: 155 x 205mm
PH 4/16   [later 19th century]
Huntsman with hat and whip standing midst a pack of hounds, outside a barn.

Size: 65 x 105mm
PH 4/17   1915
4th Battalion [Highland Light Infantry pipe] band, in uniform, with pipes, drums and bugles, outside a grand house at Haddington, [including A.A. Macfarlane-Grieve].

Size: 250 x 300mm
Copy: MIA 2/25.
PH 4/18   1915
4th Battalion Highland Light Infantry signal section, in uniform, with flags, lamps, bicycles, cable, semaphores, at Haddington, outside the house, including A.A. Macfarlane-Grieve.

Size: 250 x 300mm
Copy: MIA 2/34.
+PH 4/1   [c.1910]
[?G.H. Kitchin, dean of Durham and warden/chancellor of the university], head and shoulders, clerical dress, by Artistic Photographic Co Ltd of 72 Oxford St, London.

Size: 295 x 240mm (print), 420 x 340mm (mount)
Durham Castle
PH 5/1   1939
View of the castle from the gatehouse to the keep (left edge only visible) from Palace Green, person in gateway.

Size: 240 x 300mm
Another copy: PH 5/33.
PH 5/2   [c.1930]
Tunstal Gallery Norman arch, flanked by tapestries and busts on pedastals, by F.W. Morgan of Durham.

Size: 145 x 105mm (print), 305 x 230mm (mount)
PH 5/3   [c.1900]
Upper part of the Great Hall entrance, showing decayed stone and a pendant lamp.

Size: 150 x 250mm
PH 5/4   [c.1930]
New stone carving of a startled angel holding an escutcheon of the arms of Bishop John Cosin.

Size: 210 x 160mm
PH 5/5   [c.1980]
View of the castle and cathedral from below Framwellgate Bridge.

Size: 120 x 160mm
PH 5/6-23,110   [c.1925]
Exterior views of walls and roofs showing decayed stonework, repairs, and scaffolding with a covering letter (in PH 5/23) from A.D. Linge clerk of works giving the photos to the master in 1935.
6&7. Junction roof.
8-13, 110. North terrace.
14-16. North-West tower.
17-19. Piece of wood supporting a capital.
20-21. Norman Gallery and Chapel roof.
22-23. Top of North-west corner tower.

Size: 165 x 215mm
PH 5/24   [c.1930]
Great Hall C.E. Kempe north window from inside.

Size: 215 x 165mm
PH 5/25   [c.1930]
Great Hall exterior, west side buttress A1.

Size: 200 x 150mm
PH 5/26   [c.1930]
Joists and pipes underneath a floor on the Black Staircase, on the SCR level landing.

Size: 160 x 210mm
PH 5/27   [c.1930]
Exterior wall with scaffolding, roofing and repairs with a boring machine in progress, ?west wall.

Size: 155 x 205mm
PH 5/28-29   [c.1925]
Closeup of the keystone over the Great Hall entrance with bracket and light (different to the one in PH 5/3).

Size: 210 x 160mm
PH 5/30   [c.1930]
Exposed ceiling of a stone passageway “behind the arras” .

Size: 210 x 160mm
PH 5/31   [c.1930]
Part of Bishop Crewe's arms on the North Terrace.

Size: 145 x 230mm
PH 5/32   [c.1970]
Interior west wall of the Great Hall, portraits to the left of the fireplace.

Size: 250 x 190mm
PH 5/33   1939
View of the castle from the gatehouse to the keep (left edge) from Palace Green.

Size: 240 x 300mm
Another copy: PH 5/1.
PH 5/34   [c.1970]
1495 bell.

Size: 130 x 105mm
PH 5/35   [c.1970]
Terracotta model of Michael Rysbrack's 1758 bust of George II.

Size: 160 x 115mm
PH 5/36   1899
Interior of Room No.6, Hall Stairs, as occupied by C.F. Turnbull.

Size: 75 x 110mm
Published: R. Brickstock, Durham Castle Fortress, Palace, College, (Durham 2007), p.76.
Further copies: Add Ms 1618/9.
PH 5/37   [c.1970]
Unknown early 18th century grisaille of the castle - hall, gateway, keep - with a coach and six in the courtyard.

Size: 190 x 225mm
PH 5/38   [c.1970]
Norman chapel capital showing a five-leaved plant.

Size: 255 x 200mm
PH 5/39
Not found 14 January 2011.

PH 5/40   [c.1930]
Exterior stone wall panel of the arms of Bishops Cosin and Hatfield, (upper line) and their temporal chancellors/constables Robert Grey and William Westley above the Great Hall entrance.

Size: 155 x110mm
PH 5/41   [c.1970]
Norman chapel capital of a lion's head.

Size: 115 x 160mm
PH 5/42   [c.1930]
Great Hall interior looking to the minstrels gallery, with original-width tables, showing banners and portraits (in Cosin's Library in 2011).

Size: 205 x 150mm
PH 5/43   [c.1900]
Norman chapel interior, showing an opening blocked in 1952.
“Auty Series G.H. N/C The Crypt Durham Cathedral 177.”

Size: 140 x 90mm
Given by Mrs J. Crosby.
PH 5/44-47   [c.1930]
Great Hall interior, with scaffolding, walls sheeted up, by John R. Edis of Durham.

Size: 205 x 150mm
PH 5/48   [c.1970]
Tunstal chapel misericord, the griffin.

Size: 90 x 135mm
PH 5/49   September 1935
Bishop Crewe's arms, in wood from the cathedral organ case in the Great Hall.

Size: 160 x 210mm
PH 5/50   [c.1970]
VCH plan of the castle displayed in the Lower Tunstal Gallery.

Size: 160 x 190mm
PH 5/51   [c.1960]
Roof view showing the lantern above the black staircase with the Great Hall beyond, with a metal stanchion and stone column on top of the Hall roof.

Size: 155 x 205mm
PH 5/52   [c.1960]
Garden Stairs building exterior from the courtyard, with ladder and scaffolding adjacent.

Size: 210 x 160mm
PH 5/53-54   [c.1930]
Buttress below the Great Hall west front showing buckled stones, wooden props and scaffolding. 2 copies.

Size: 195 x 145mm
PH 5/55   [c.1970]
Great Hall interior, west side, windows towards the high table end, by A.I. Doyle.

Size: 165 x 200mm
PH 5/56   [c.1970]
Model of the western side of the castle (Great Hall etc) by C.A. Linge to show preservation work, with pieces removed.

Size: 160 x 210mm
PH 5/57   [c.1930]
Restoration work on the North Terrace, with tracks laid for trolleying materials, and roofing of sheeting over scaffolding.

Size: 155 x 205mm
PH 5/58-59   [c.1950]
Steel girders replacing decayed wooden beams, underpinning and 11th century stone arch beneath the Great Hall floor.

Size: 160 x 210mm
PH 5/60,61,63,71,72   [c.1930]
Restoration work on the eroded stone walling up the Keep Mound, with workmen, hoist, stones, barrels.

Size: 160 x 210mm (60, 61, 63), 240 x 295mm (71, 72)
PH 5/62   [c.1930]
Top of Cosin's Porch on the Great Hall, shrouded in scaffolding.

Size: 160 x 210mm
PH 5/64   [c.1930]
Work on the roof above the Senate Room, repairing parapets, with scaffolding and hoist.

Size: 150 x 200mm
PH 5/65-68
Not found 15 January 2011.

PH 5/69   [c.1900]
Misty view of the Barbican from the Palace Green end, with metal gates, and metal posts and rails along the roadway.

Size: 305 x 235mm
PH 5/70   [c.1920]
View from the Fellows' Garden of the Gatehouse and Keep, with garden walling and stone shed.

Size: 235 x 305mm
PH 5/73-75   [c.1900]
Interior views of the Norman Archway (flanked by tapestries, with paintings beyond) and Norman Gallery (carpetless) looking west.
Postcard numbers 172, 55 and 66.

Size: 295 x 225mm
PH 5/76   [c.1920]
Above Cosin's Porch to the Great Hall, showing decayed escutcheons and panel of arms, and part of suspended lamp.

Size: 300 x 240mm
PH 5/77   [c.1920]
1672 gutter hopper head above the Black Stairs, south wall.

Size: 245 x 215mm
PH 5/78   [c.1920
Bishop Trevor's arms on the south face of the Norman Gallery.

Size: 300 x 240mm
PH 5/79,80   [c.1900]
Helm surmounted by eagle above Cosin's Porch, removed and being restored.

Size: 295/290 x 195/215mm
PH 5/81-105,116   [c.1930]
Norman Chapel capitals, also Norman Chapel interior pre-1950 restoration (81), Tunstal Chapel pew ends showing bishop Ruthall's backtofront arms (94,95,98) and a carpetless Norman Gallery view (97).

Size: 115 x 165mm
PH 5/106   [c.1930]
View of restoration work on the castle west side showing scaffolding, shoring and a shute and hopper, and the Castle Hotel.

Size: 145 x 195mm
PH 5/107   [c.1920]
View from the courtyard of Cosin's Porch, the Great Hall and Black Staircase.

Size: 195 x 245mm
PH 5/108   [c.1930]
“North side of the Kitchen Tower south window” , prior to the replacement of the columns, with part of a workman's head.

Size: 150 x 220mm
PH 5/109   [c.1930]
Part of a drift showing shattered strata and a coal seam?, with lintel over.

Size: 155 x 205mm
PH 5/111   [c.1930]
Wall of a room in the Norman Gallery (?NW end) stripped of wainscotting showing lath and plaster on a solid wall with two small windows.

Size: 160 x 210mm
PH 5/112   [c.1950]
Copy of a lithograph of Durham Castle from Millburngate Waterside by W.R. Robinson and G. Hawkins, used for George Ornsby's Sketches of Durham c.1840, showing buildings at the end of Framwellgate Bridge.

Size: 190 x 300mm
Presented by Dr Bertram Colgrave.
PH 5/113   [c.1970]
Copy of a 1913 photo of the Castle Courtyard showing the judges' coach with outriders (clock tower with ivy).

Size: 240 x 305mm
PH 5/114   [c.1970]
Copy of S. and N. Buck's [1728] engraving of the south view of the castle for Bishop Trevor.

Size: 170 x 300mm
PH 5/115   [c.1960]
West side of the Servery south door, with metal stanchions.

Size: 165 x 220mm
Given by M. Leyland.
+PH 5/1   4 April 1952
Great Hall exterior with a fire exercise going on, two turntables and another ladder exended, hoses and floodlights in operation. By Durham Advertiser.

Size: 300 x 385mm
Presented by Mr Wood, porter, St Chad's College in 1965.
Durham Cathedral

PH 6/1   [c.1900]
Dormitory undercroft, empty, with railings across the far end with stones beyond.

Size: 165 x 215mm
Presented by C.R. Hudleston 1963.
Another copy: EDI Ch 116.
Printed: M. Richardson, Durham Cathedral City From Old Photographs, (Stroud 2010), p.15.
PH 6/2   [c.1900]
Nave, part, triforium, clerestory and vault.

Size: 240 x 200mm
Negative: EDI Ch 21.
PH 6/3   [c.1900]
Conyers falchion hilt.

Size: 205 x 155mm
PH 6/4   [c.1960]
Nave looking east, showing screen, pews and speaker system.

Size: 200 x 165mm
Presented by C.R. Hudleston 1963.
PH 6/5   [late 19th century]
Galilee chapel, looking south-east, hatchments in the spandrels, an ?organ the only furniture, by Heaviside.

Size: 215 x 165mm
Presented by C.R. Hudleston 1963.
PH 6/6   [c.1900]
Consistory Court throne, at the cathedral crossing.

Size: 195 x 150mm
Presented by C.R. Hudleston 1963.
PH 6/7   [later 19th century]
Choir east end, high altar and Neville Screen, communion rails, candle holders.

Size: 215 x 165mm
Presented by C.R. Hudleston 1963.
PH 6/8   [c.1960]
Bishop Hatfield's tomb.

Size: 210 x 150mm
Presented by C.R. Hudleston 1963.
PH 6/9   [c.1930]
Statue of St Cuthbert in the Chapel of the Nine Altars, by Robert Chalmers.

Size: 250 x 170mm
Presented by W.A. Bramwell, 20 December 1939..
PH 6/10   [c.1900]
St Cuthbert's tomb, with large candlesticks at each corner.

Size: 145 x 145mm
PH 6/11   [c.1900]
Nave looking east, with pews and screen, by F.W. Morgan of Durham.

Size: 155 x110mm (print), 305 x 230mm (mount)
PH 6/12   [c.1900]
Nave arcade, no furniture.

Size: 210 x 160mm (print), 300 x 240mm (mount)
PH 6/13   [c.1900]
16th/17th century cathedral marble font, while at Pittington church.

Size: 205 x 145mm (print), 295 x 230 (mount)
PH 6/14   [c.1900]
Norman blind wall arcading.

Size: 150 x 120mm (print), 295 x 240mm (mount)
PH 6/15   [c.1900]
Bishop Hatfield's tomb.

Size: 225 x 165mm (print), 290 x 235mm (mount)
PH 6/16   [c.1900]
Chapel of the Nine Altars, south end, viewed from an open Feretory, with the statue of St Cuthbert in place.

Size: 205 x 155mm (print), 285 x 235 (mount)
PH 6/17   [c.1900]
Tomb of John and Matilda Neville, with Nave arcading beyond, no nave furniture, by F.W. Morgan.

Size: 160 x 110mm (print), 305 x 225 (mount)
PH 6/18   [c.1900]
Door knocker, by F.W. Morgan.

Size: 150 x 100mm (print), 305 x 225mm (mount)
PH 6/19   [c.1900]
Cathedral exterior, from the south-east across the river.

Size: 155 x 205mm (print), 230 x 295mm (mount)
PH 6/20   [c.1900]
Nave looking east to the choir, benches, lectern in the centre of the screen, anthem number displayed on a board on a column.

Size: 290 x 240mm
PH 6/21   [c.1900]
Cathedral exterior from the south-west across the river, showing the Fulling Mill, Banks and boathouse, with the river very low.

Size: 235 x 300mm
PH 6/22   [c.1930]
Cathedral exterior from the north-west, St Margaret's churchyard in the foreground with gravestones (removed in the 1930s), South Street houses beyond.

Size: 200 x 155mm (print), 295 x 240mm (mount)
PH 6/23   [c.1900]
Galilee Chapel looking north-east, tomb of Bede, no furnishings, by F.W. Morgan.

Size: 210 x 155mm (print), 295 x 235mm (mount)
PH 6/24   [c.1900]
Cathedral interior, showing part of the Willement Cuthbert window.

Size: 300 x 225mm
PH 6/25   [c.1960]
Bishop Lightfoot's effigy by Sir Edward Boehm on his tomb.

Size: 160 x 210mm
Presented by C.R. Hudleston in 1963.
PH 6/26   [c.1980]
Painting, repaired, of the cathedral with spires from Palace Green, formerly on the main stairs in Palace Green Library.

Size: 195 x 215mm
PH 6/27-28   [c.1980]
Embossed impression on paper of the 1856 seal of Bishop Maurice Harland.

Size: 107 x 70mm
PH 6/31   [c.1980]
Cathedral north door, churchyard and Assize Courts loggia, Forster and Mynde 1754 engraving detail.

Size: 220 x 160mm
Also: GIB P35.
+PH 6/1   [c.1890]
View of The College Nos.7 to 12, Andrew Rutherford, policeman, and Mark Robinson in top hats conferring in the middle of the lawn, by Heaviside.

Size: 235 x 290mm (print), 330 x 380mm (mount)
Durham City

PH 7/1   [c.1980]
Moatside Lane buildings from the Castle Terrace, witht he back of the Marks and Spencer building beyond.

Size: 90 x 125mm
PH 7/2   [c.1900]
Durham St Oswald's church exterior, from the south, showing churchyard and CHurch Road.

Size: 140 x 200mm
PH 7/3   [c.1950]
Durham St Oswald's processional cross head.

Size: 165 x 120mm
PH 7/4   [c.1900]
Durham Market Place looking north shoiwng St Nicholas' church, the Marquess of Londonderry, the drinking fountain surmounted by Neptune, handcarts and people.

Size: 150 x 205mm
PH 7/5   [c.1900]
Durham St Giles church exterior, from thenorth, showing the entrance way from Gilesgate with metal gates, railings and plants.

Size: 100 x 155mm
PH 7/6   [c.1900]
Hallgarth Street tithe barn exterior, with the cathedral beyond.

Size: 205 x 255mm
Presented by W.A. Bramwell 1928.
PH 7/7   [1857]
Railway line under construction near Redhills.

Size: 205 x 255mm
Presented by W.A. Bramwell 1928.
PH 7/8   [c.1900]
Durham North Road Jubilee Chapel interior preaching platform with preacher, decorated with foliage.

Size: 160 x 120mm
PH 7/9   [1968]
Former Elvet Station buffers at Parsons Field House, with NER warning plaque.

Size: 120 x 170mm
[Taken and] given by A.I. Doyle 5 March 1968.
PH 7/10 & 28   1936
Low Butterby gatehouse exterior (destroyed 1967).

Size: 140 x 90mm
PH 7/11-26   [c.1980]
Room interior with plasterwork and wood carving on walls and ceiling.

Size: 110 x 75mm
PH 7/27   [c.1980]
Isolated building above a demolished site.

Size: 75 x 110mm
PH 7/29   [c.1930]
Elvet Riverside from Feanon's Walk before demolition showing the toffee factory, foundry, and Hatfield View.

Size: 100 x 205mm
From the Buildings Office.
PH 7/30   8 June 1973
Sutton site before development, showing boarded up warehouses, with the Castle keep above. By Fillinghams.

Size: 205 x 155mm
From the Buildings Office.
PH 7/31   1963
An Owengate first floor front room ceiling tudor painted beams, before reconstruction. By ?A.I. Doyle.

Size: 85 x 110mm
PH 7/32   c.1900
View down Framwellgate toward Milburngate from near the railway viaduct, row of five metal bollards, also a ?water cart with people around.

Size: 255 x 305mm
PH 7/33   c.1920
The curtain or curtilage (sheep enclosure) at the foot of South Street below St Margaret's church, with a boy seated, and a for sale notice, “apply to H.E. Ferens solicitors Market Place” , displayed.

Size: 255 x 305mm
PH 7/34   c.1900
Kepier Hospital Gatehouse from the west with the River Wear in front, showing also the mill (burt 24 September 1870) on the riverbank, the 17/18th century house of the Heath, Cole and Musgrave families and parts of the loggiaed walled garden.

Size: 160 x 310mm
PH 7/35   c.1900
View over Durham from ?top of Framwellgate “before smokeless central heating” showing the castle and cathedral on the skyline.

Size: 155 x 205mm (print), 240 x 295mm (mount)
PH 7/36-41 & 53-56   [c.1960]
Finchale priory exterior and interior views of church and cloisters.

Size: 165 x 115mm
PH 7/42   [c.1980]
Copy of George Allan's print of the remains of Neville's Cross, beside the road, being viewed by two gentlemen.

Size: 90 x 130mm
Original: on display on the west wall of Palace Green Library Stocks Room (2011).
PH 7/43-45   2 October 1985
St Godric's church, after the fire, with much of the roof gone but still smouldering, with firemen, appliances and a ladder around, snow elsewhere.

Size: 90 x 130mm
Given by Richard Ovenden.
PH 7/46   [c.1900]
View from [St Oswald's] of Wiliam Henderson's House (?now the back of St John's College).

Size: 100 x 160mm (print), 295 x 235mm (mount)
PH 7/47A   [c.1900]
William Henderson, full length, seated, in tweed suit and waders, with knapsack and hat, holding a fishing rod, with notes on his writing and wife.

Size: 150 x 110mm (print), 285 x 205 (mount)
PH 7/47B   [c.1900]
William Henderson's house (detail of PH 7/46), with notes on his family.

Size: 150 x 180mm
PH 7/48   1922
No.3 Market Place, the Hat and Feater, wall exposed during repairs, showing timber framing with brick and plaster infill, photopgraphed from Barclay's Bank.

Size: 255 x 305mm
Presened by W.A. Bramwell in 1928.
PH 7/49   1936
Old Durham Gardens, looking up the terraces to the pavilion.

Size: 140 x 90mm
PH 7/50   [c.1980]
Copy of a painting from the riverbank of Framwelgate Bridge with the caste and catedral beyond, shoiwng ?gaslights on te bridge and a coach an dfour crossing, from Painting in England 1830-1870, photographed by Sydney W. Newbery of Stockwell Terrace, London.

Size: 180 x 255mm
Given by G.N.G. Smith.
PH 7/51   [c.1900]
Durham St Giles church interior, looking west from the high altar, showing choir stalls, screen, organ, lectern and pews.

Size: 155 x 100mm
PH 7/52   [c.1980]
Copy drawing of ?Neville's Cross with a person and carriage in the road, and house and trees around.

Size: 190 x 265mm
+PH 7/1   1895
Frozen River Wear near Prebends Bridge, lots of people skating.

Size: 240 x 305mm (print), 510 x 395mm (mount)
Presented by Bertram Colgrave.
+PH 7/2   [c.1930]
House next to St Mary-the-Less with the church entrance beyond.

Size: 230 x 190mm (print), 380 x 305mm (mount)
Other North East
PH 8/1   [c.1900]
Lanchester church chancel exterior from the south-east, with gravestones.

Size: 145 x 205mm
PH 8/2   [c.1900]
Jarrow St Paul church tower south side, details of buttresses and windows, with ladder.

Size: 205 x 155mm
PH 8/3   [c.1900]
Nun Monkton church west front, also churchyard railings, lamp and gravestones.

Size: 205 x 155mm
PH 8/4 & 5   [c.1890]
Glenside, library interior (2 copies), home of Charles Lilburn JP of Sunderland (d1891).

Size: 240 x 295mm
PH 8/6   [c.1980]
Copy of a postcard showing 8 views of the Rosedale mineral railway 1860-1929: train at the depots, Rosedale east terminus, train at Sledshoe, Bank Top terminus, Blowath level crossing, cable incline above Ingleby, ploughing snow, Blakey Junction AD 1900.

Size: 150 x 105mm
oriignal postcard the property of Colin Gorman.
PH 8/7   [c.1930]
Norman capital from Great Smeaton church.

Size: 105 x 85mm
PH 8/8   [c.1900]
Acanthus leaf capital in situ in Sedgefield church nave.

Size: 150 x 200mm
PH 8/9 & 10   [c.1900]
Norton church exterior, tower and part of the nave, from the north-west (9) and north-east (10).

Size: 205 x 160mm
PH 8/11   [c.1930]
?Sedgefield Rectory, main front, church beyond, by John R. Edis of 52 Sadler St, Durham.

Size: 105 x 155mm (print), 195 x 255mm (mount)
PH 8/12   [c.1900]
York Minster west front, carriage outside, some people, railings along Duncombe Place.

Size: 295 x 195mm
PH 8/13   [c.1890]
Hylton Castle chapel, from the south-east.

Size: 95 x 115mm
PH 8/14   [c.1900]
Cottage door (studded, with a cross), ES 1694 on the lintel above, in Ivelet, Swaledale

Size: 240 x 175mm
PH 8/15   [c.1900]
Whitby Abbey, from the south-east.

Size: 205 x 255mm
+PH 8/1 & 2   [c.1890]
[Glenside] hall interior, with doors open into rooms and the landing visible, and library fireplace. By Bedford Lemere & Co of 147 Strand, London, “Marion Imp. Paris” .

Size: 260 x 220mm (print), 445 x 345mm (mount)
PH 9/1   [?c.1895]
Monte Carlo, from the sea “No.18”.

Size: 165 x 225mm
Found in The History of the Speculative Society (1905) in April 2007.
PH 9/2   [?c.1895]
“Menlon, Rochers rouges 95-96 No.25 Bernard ph.”, view along the beach, man sitting on a wall under an umbrella, houses on the rocky hillside beyond.

Size: 165 x 225mm
Found in The History of the Speculative Society (1905) in April 2007.