DUL Add.MS. 1950/B/15Missal (half page fragment)
Held by: Durham University Library: Additional Manuscripts

The lower part of one leaf, containing 15 lines of text and music, from an Italian Missal of the first half of the 12th century.

Physical description of manuscript


Extent: 1 piece
Size: 206 mm x 256 mm

Pricking in outer margin. Ruled in drypoint. Written space 176 mm wide. 2 columns. 10 lines occupy 90 mm.


Written in proto-rotunda in a smaller size for the one form with music, the communio, proficiently or, the communio, somewhat unevenly. The notation in paler ink.

Neumes added in a paler brown ink; red stave lines.

Initials, to each form, 2-line, largely outside written space, plain red.

Corrections and annotation

Mounted on card, to which is taped a cutting from a bookseller's catalogue describing the fragment (item 733 with price £150). Written caption “Breviary. Mid 12th Cent. Italy. With numes. See Edward Johnston. Plate X.”

Manuscript history

Written in Italy, earlier 12th century.

Manuscript contents
Original title: Missal (fragment)
Language: Latin

[recto]|sic exaltatae sunt ... ... osanna filio dauid. indignati|
[verso]|Cum inuocarem te ... ... referetis ad eos. Cumque|
Tuesday after 1st Sunday of Lent, epistle (Isaiah 55:9-11), gospel (Matt. 21:12-15), (verso col. a) [communio], “ad communionem Quesumus omnipotens deus ut illius salutaris capiamus ...”, and “super populum Ascendant ad te ...”; (verso col. b) Lent Ember Wednesday epistle (Exodus 24:12-15).