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Reference code: GB-0036-LIB
Title: Durham Cathedral Library: Library Records
Dates of creation: 1638 - 2006, especially early 18th century & early and later 20th century
Extent: 4 metres
Held by: Durham Cathedral Library
Origination: Durham Cathedral Library, creator
Language: Predominantly English with some Latin, Greek and French


1633/4-1676Elias Smyth, minor canon
1676-1705John Milner, minor canon
1706-1711Abraham Yapp, minor canon
1712-Robert Leeke, minor canon
1716John Powell and Robert Leeke, minor canons
1717-1726Thomas Rud, vicar of Durham St Oswald, vicar of Northallerton 1725
1726-1749Robert Pigot, minor canon
1749-1772Samuel Dennis, minor canon
1773-1810James Deason, minor canon
1810-1821Dickens Haslewood, minor canon
1821-1858James Raine, rector of Durham St Mary-le-Bow
1859-1862Edward Greatorex, minor canon
1863-1909William Greenwell, minor canon
[1866-1873Edward Greatorex and William Greenwell]
1905-1909H.D. Hughes, Sub-Librarian
1909-1921H.D. Hughes, Librarian
1921-1930J. Meade Falkner, Hon. Librarian
1921-1922J.N. Needham Asst-Librarian
1922-1927H.D. Hughes, Sub-Librarian
1928-1935J. Wall, Sub-Librarian
1932-1935K.C. Bayley, Hon. Librarian
1932-1948E.H. Knight, Asst-Librarian
1936-1946C.F. Battiscombe, Hon. Librarian
1947-1955C.F. Battiscombe, Sub-Librarian and Keeper of Muniments
1947-1958Canon S.L. Greenslade, Librarian
1952-1955Miss Marjorie Graham (later Snape), Asst-Librarian
1956-1961Adm A.W. Laybourne, Sub-Librarian and Keeper of Muniments
1956-1958Miss J. Cooling, Asst-Librarian
1959-1962Ven C.J. Stranks, Librarian
1961-1963Miss Margot Johnson, Dep-Librarian
1963-1974Canon A.H. Couratin, Librarian
1966-2002Mr Roger C. Norris, Dep-Librarian
1967-2004Miss Wendy Stevenson, Asst-Librarian
1976-1995Canon R.L. Coppin, Chapter Librarian & Curator
1998-2007Canon David W. Brown, Chapter Librarian & Curator
2004-2010Miss Joan Williams, Asst-Librarian
2007-2010Dr David Hunt, lay member of Chapter, Chapter Librarian
2010-date Canon Rosalind Brown, Chapter Librarian
2010Mr Alastair Fraser, Asst-Librarian (acting)
2011-2014Mrs Gabriel Sewell, Head of Collections
2015-dateMs Lisa di Tommaso, Head of Collections


Curators' minutes, annual reports, accounts, some correspondence and librarians' files, especially Thomas Rud, Canon Hughes and K.C. Bayley and the later 20th century, accessions registers, catalogues of books and manuscripts, registers of borrowings, borrowers and readers, with also some records of the Sharp Library 1915-1969.

Accession details

Created by and always held in the Cathedral Library.

Conditions of access

Open for consultation.

Copyright and copying

Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Librarian and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


LIB Chapter library records
LIB 1 Curators' minute books
LIB 2 Librarians' annual reports
LIB 3 Financial records
LIB 4 Librarians' files and notes
LIB 5 Accessions registers
LIB 6 Catalogues
LIB 7 Suggestions books
LIB 8 Borrowing registers
LIB 9 Borrowers' registers
LIB 10 Manuscript readers' registers
LIB 11 Visitors' books
LIB 12 Artefacts
LIB 13 Printed Ephemera
LIBS Sharp Library records

Decription last revised: 1 July 2010.


From 2006, photographic orders and publication files were to be retained for 10 years and then disposed of.


Continuously added to.

Finding aids

Printed list of catalogues in E.A. Read, The Cathedral Libraries of England, (Oxford Bibliographical Society Occasional Publications, Oxford, 1970), p.13-16.

Related material - elsewhere

Subject files re the library are in the Chapter clerk's papers in Durham University Library ASC, reference DCD/M/D.


S.L. Greenslade, “The contents of the library of Durham Cathedral Priory”, (Transactions of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland 11 parts 5-6, 1965), p.347-369.
H.D. Hughes, A History of Durham Cathedral Library (Durham 1925).
A.J. Piper, “The Libraries of the monks of Durham”, in Medieval scribes, manuscripts and libraries: essays presented to N.R. Ker ed M.B. Parkes and A.G. Watson (1978), p.213-249.
T. Rud, Codicum manuscriptorum ecclesiae cathedralis Dunelmensis catalogus classicus descriptus ..., ed J. Raine (Durham 1825).


Chapter Library
Reference: LIB
Curators' Minute Books
Reference: LIB 1
Dates of creation: 1909-1937
Extent: 2 volumes
The curators first met on 16 December 1909. Their duties were initially: to direct the general management of the library, to report to chapter and make recommendations, to prepare lists of books for purchase and removal, and to visit the library in the first week of November and report to chapter. They were to meet quarterly, 3 was to be a quorum, the dean or sub-dean presided, and they had a budget of £50 for purchase and £20 for binding. They were to report to chapter on expenditure. The minutes cover the running of the library and the maintenance of the Dormitory, Loft and Refectory, with agendas including lists of books suggested for purchase. A minute of the 20 October 1945 chapter meeting noted that the curators' annual meetings had lapsed during the War.
For meetings 1938 to 1946 see LIB 2/2.

LIB 1/1   16 December 1909 - 19 November 1928
Curators' Minute Book
Agendas inserted, indexed, with a list of the meetings at the back.
Paper book, covers lost
LIB 1/2   7 November 1929 to 11 December 1937
Curators' Minute Book
Agendas inserted.
Paper book
Librarian's Annual Reports
Reference: LIB 2
Dates of creation: 1909-1981
Extent: 3 files
Annual reports for presentation to the Curators were begun in 1909, detailing books acquired, books missing, conservation work, cataloguing, staffing, usage, building works, manuscripts, pictures and other artefacts.

LIB 2/1   1909-1932
Librarian's Annual Reports
Most are drafts. None present for 1922-1923, 1925-1928, 1929-1930. Includes Curators' meetings' minutes and agendas 1930-1932 and an inventory of the Library by E.H. Knight of September 1931 recording the contents of exhibition cases, books, manuscripts, pictures, artefacts and furniture, along with parts of the previous inventory of 1910.
Paper file
LIB 2/2   1936-1946
Librarians' Annual Reports
Reports only for [1935/36], [1937/]38 and 1945/46, with minutes of the Curators' meetings for 1938 and 1946, and Chapter meetings of October and November 1945.
Paper file
LIB 2/3   1960-1981
Librarians' Annual Reports to Chapter
Rports for: 1959/60-1960/61, (annual statistics only for 1961/62), 1966/67-1972/73, (annual statistics only for 1974/75), 1976/77-1980/81 (1976/77 includes a report on the Cathedral Museum), also comparative statistics 1970/71-1975/76.
Paper file
Formerly file Z57c amongst the papers of the keeper of rare books at Durham University Library; transferred April 2008.
Financial Records
Reference: LIB 3
Dates of creation: 1719-1832
Extent: 1 volume & 1 file
LIB 3/1   1719-1721
Library Annual Accounts
Charge and discharge, signed by the dean. The 1719/20 account includes a statement by [Thomas] Rud on books ordered and subscribed to. With accounts of books bought for the Library 30 June 1719 to 14 November 1720 and 28 November 1720 to 20 November 1721.
Paper file, 8f
LIB 3/2   1726-1832
Library Annual Accounts
Charge and discharge, signed by the dean.
Paper book
LIB 3/3   April 1968 - December 2004
Cash Book, detailing moneys received for fines, photocopies, photographs, books and slides sold, and quizzes.
The volume is titled “Suggestion Book” .
Paper book
Librarians' Files and Notes
Reference: LIB 4
Dates of creation: 1723 - 2002
LIB 4/1A   1723 - 1792
Librarians' Bills and Notes
1. William Innys's bill for books ordered by Dr Mangey in 1723.
2. Receipt for Rud's subscription to Spencer's De Legibus Hebræorum.
3. Receipt for Dr Mangey's subscription to Winwood's State-Papers.
4. List of books given by John Spence.
5. A note of payments to sacrists and librarians 1665-1717.
6. Notes on Thomas Rud's career 1709-1726.
7. List of books missing from the library of January 1792, some with shelfmarks and/or crosses, with a note that they are to be returned on 21 or 23 [January].
Paper file, 8 items
LIB 4/1B   1726 - 1731
Letters from Thomas Rud to Robert Pigot about manuscript queries for Rud's catalogue, the production of the catalogue, French books, gifts of books to the Library, missing books and borrowings not being recorded.
Paper, 8 items
LIB 4/2   1795 - 1811
Dickens Haslewood's notebook
Personal account book of Rev Dickens Haslewood (1760-1821), detailing his accounts with various tradesmen for plate, ?beer (measured in “anchors”), saddlery, food, household goods, travel, shoes, hats, wine and spirits, joinery and repairs, with a plate inventory, 1795-1799.
Reused, reversed, as a notebook by Haslewood as librarian, recording book acquisitions, books missing, and a shelf-list of the manuscripts c.1809-1811.
Paper book, in marbled soft covers   42f
Size: 100 x 165mm
Dickens Haslewood was the son of Thomas Haslewood of Birmingham, gent, and was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, graduating BA in 1781 and MA in 1784. He was a minor canon of Durham Cathedral from 1785, rector of St Mary the Less, Durham, from 1790 and vicar of Aycliffe from 1805.
LIB 4/3   1812 - 1870
Librarians' Bills, Notes and Reports
1. Account of books bought for the Library 20 February 1822 to 13 September 1823.
2. Account of books bought for the Library 9 January 1823 to 3 June 1825 (duplicates part of 1).
3. Bill to James Raine for carriage from London 1 November 1822.
4. [Raine's] note of books given to the Library tempore Haslewood (1810-1821).
5. Note of John Craufurthe's 1561 bequest of books.
6. G.T. Fox's details of 6 incunabula bought in Newcastle, most previously in the monastic library, 24 September 1836.
7. “For the College Library at Durham”, list of pamphlets and the number of copies.
8. Note on Hargraves' State Trials.
9. Letter of Thomas bishop of St Davids returning books [1812].
10. Registered letter label for Messrs Bradbury & Evans 1870, reused for an account.
11. Receipt for a copy of The 1615 Visitation of Durham 1823.
12. James Raine's librarian's report of 19 November 1822 listing books missing, with a list of duplicates sold 1822-1823.
13. James Raine's list of books missing November 1822, some cancelled, some noted as missing in 1843.
Paper file, 13 items
LIB 4/4A   1828 & 1909 - 1937
Canon Hughes' File of Notes and Correspondence
Correspondence and notes, with some newspaper cuttings and photos, re Yarm, gold objects (1828 letter of John Adamson to [Raine]), Bishop Richard of Bury, Durham Grassmen, Weardale customs, the bishops' mint, Saxon gold artefacts, Scottish bishops' seals, Roman inscriptions, arms of Durham, William Threlkeld, Durham city wills, Melsomby deed, printing, Cuthbert's cross and wrappings, Durham holiday customs, copes, bindings, organist's salary, Q.11.25 and Cosin H.II.23, Mickleton & Spearman MSS, list of pictures, Sharp pedigrees, Mary Queen of Scots' funeral procession, organ screen, columns at Dunfermline, mortars & pestles, Parliament clock, Raine manuscripts, Hunter 30, James Pilkington, Cruickshank's comments on Hughes' book, donors of books, Hunter 140, Durham mayors, transcript of 1.1.Pont.2a and Dr W. Watts' account 1723-1724, Hebrew books, rebindings, and cataloguing anonymous books.
Also a list of periodicals for disposal and their fate 1910, a list of books presented by Mrs Cruickshank, and lists of curators' duties 1909-1910.
Paper file
LIB 4/4B   1843 & 1911 - 1944
Canon Hughes' Notes & Correspondence re the Music Collections
Including an extract from Groves re Durham Cathedral Library, correspondence with W.A. Godin of the BM re the rebinding of music manuscripts 1919-1927, a report on the Music Library 1911, Library rules of 1843, notes on Dean Thomas Watson and his discourse in the Vatican Archives with a photostat of it, a BM letter re the sale of books 1918, notes on Bishop Howson's family, a general letter from J.T. Fowler 1924, a transcript of and notes on Harriet Grey's letter to Eliza Morrison 1850, a transcript of a guard-leaf in MS B.iv.19, offprint of a 1918 DUJ article by E.V. Stocks listing Durham incunabula, loans of music manuscripts to the BM for the use of Mr Ramsbotham 1921-1922 and Dr Meyer 1934, a list of missing music manuscripts, choristers' scribblings, and the F clef.
Paper file
LIB 4/4C   1911 - 1938
Canon Hughes' Cathedral Library Notes File
Notes and some correspondence on Cuthbert's cross, Durham manuscripts elsewhere, Thomas French, James Brown, J. Ogle, Durham manuscripts in Cambridge and BL, Langres Cathedral, rebindings, William of St Calais's manuscripts, Durham manuscripts in Oxford, musical notation systems, Neales Place, inscriptions on Ostraca, Marin Mersenne, Mary Tudor window, Christopher Smart, French churches' saints, Jarrow abbots/masters/rectors, cathedral building dates, Durham statutes elsewhere, possible disposal of books, and lists of books sent to the University Library 1938.
Paper file
LIB 4/4D   1909 - 1939
Canon Hughes' Correspondence and Notes File
Correspondence and some notes about Jarrow's new vestry, 1939 printed Hymn of Freedom, Galilee Chapel frescoes, E.V. Stocks re the administration of the library 1909-1910, news of Culloden, Shadforth benefice entry fees, Hylton portraits and pedigrees, the Ellison family in the Sharpe manuscripts, Peter Carmichael, and the acquisition of Peter Smart's books.
Paper file
LIB 4/5A   c.1929
K.C. Bayley's Notebook pages 369 to 473
Notes from the cathedral's archives and manuscripts and Rud's catalogue about the library and archives. With a list of contents at the front and, inserted, a copy letter from Bayley to H.H.E. Craster of the Bodleian of 24 September 1929 about the medieval library.
Paper book + 2f
LIB 4/5B   c.1929
K.C. Bayley's Notebook pages 474 to 532
Notes from the cathedral's archives and manuscripts about the library and archives. With a list of contents at the front and, inserted, a copy letter from H.H.E. Craster of the Bodleian to Bayley of 22 November 1929 about his proposed list of monks.
Paper book + 1f
LIB 4/5C   c.1929
K.C. Bayley's Notebook pages 533 [to 581]
Notes from the cathedral's archives and manuscripts about the library and archives. With a list of contents at the front and some further notes inserted.
Paper book + 4f
LIB 4/5D   c.1930
K.C. Bayley's Notebook “Canon & Civil Law Scholasticisim”
Largely blank, with further notes inserted.
Paper book + 2f
LIB 4/5E   1933
K.C. Bayley's Notebook “Library Notes”
Notes from works on various ecclesiastical, theological and philosophical topics. Largely blank.
Paper book
LIB 4/5F   c.1930
K.C. Bayley's Notebook “1160 Catalogue”
A list of medieval books numbered 1 to 543.
Reversed, a bibliography from H.O. Taylor's Medieaval Mind (1919).
Paper book + 1f
LIB 4/5G   c.1930
K.C. Bayley's Notebook “Index to 1st Words 2nd Folio Durham MSS”
As recorded in Catalogi Veteres Librorum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelm (Surtees Society 7, 1838).
Paper book
LIB 4/5H   1930s
[K.C. Bayley's] Notes for Talks and Papers on the Cathedral Library
Talks on the History of the Library, Walter Burley and Richard Bury, and a display of manuscripts, also catalogue entries for Durham manuscripts at Cambridge UL, notes from A. Tardif's Sources du droit canonique (1887), a list of Durham manuscripts elsewhere, and transcriptions of accounts of Corps Lands (published in Durham Cathedral Statutes (Surtees Society 143, 1929) p.232-259).
Paper file
LIB 4/5I   1921
J.N. Needham's “Notes on the Library and Miscellaneous Interesting Information on Cathedral” discussing the manuscripts, stones, crosses, chests, copes, frescoes, vases, pulpit remains, Cuthbert coffin, vestments, comb, tables, bindings, music, illuminations, bede roll, sealed prayer book. With a list of librarians. With occasional later additions.
Inserted at the front are various publisher's notices of forthcoming books.
Paper book
LIB 4/6A   1937 - 1938 & 1943
C.F. Battiscombe's Correspondence File re Cooperation with the University Library.
Mainly correspondence with H.W. Acomb, University Librarian, and Knight about which library would buy which books and periodicals and the disposal of duplicates, including papers for the University Library Curators' committee of 21 May 1937.
Paper file
Formerly Add Ms 101
LIB 4/6B   1938 - 1950, mostly 1938 - 1939 and 1947 - 1948
Audrey Baker's Correspondence File on Work for the Publication of The Relics of Saint Cuthbert (Oxford 1956)
Audrey Baker was initially the editor of the project to produce a composite volume of essays on various aspects of the relics, begun in 1938, put on hold by the war and revived in 1946. C.F. Battiscombe, Chapter Clerk and Hon/Sub Librarian, finally saw the volume through the press. The two worked very much together on the project. Much of the correspondence is between them, and also with and about other contributors, their pieces, photographs and reports on the relics.
Paper file
Sent by Audrey Baker to Col Battiscombe 15 January 1953.
LIB 4/7   1938 - 1946
Canon Greenslade's Library File
Agenda, librarian's report and minutes for the Library Curators' 1938 meeting.
Paper file
LIB 4/8   1901 - 1960
Miss Johnson's Library Correspondence File
Letters to Margot Johnson in 1959 and 1960 about Syriac and G.W.O. Addleshaw's gift of Jocist books.
Paper file
LIB 4/9   1963 - 1964
Canon Arthur Couratin's Library Correspondence file
Subjects include 24 North Bailey, contents of St Cuthbert's tomb, resting places of St Cuthbert's body, thefts from the Dormitory Library, microfilming of MS C.IV.23, Van Mildert's mourning ring and James Raine's portrait, report on the library for Chapter, siting of a communion table in the Nine Altars, removal of manuscripts from The College, access and charging, photography.
Paper file
LIB 4/10   14 June - 4 July 1990
Roger Norris's Correspondence file
Attempts to procure photocopies of Peter Smart's Canterburies crueltie co-working... from the libraries in Cambridge and at the V&A.
Paper file
LIB 4/11   1887 - 1952, most 1908 - 1950
Chapter library correspondence, in-letters only, arranged generally alphabetically by correspondent/organisation, concerning visiting the library, ordering microfilms and photographs, borrowing books and manuscripts to read or for exhibition, ordering books and historical enquiries about the cathedral, its personnel and the books and manuscripts. There are also letters and memos from the dean or chapter clerk to the librarian concerning some of this correspondence and about the administration of the library. The first box, covering 1887-1949, is roughly A-L and the second box, covering 1919-1952, is roughly M-W.
With two separate files, one labelled “... mainly of bibliographic interest” and one of Canon Hughes's correspondence with A. Ramsbotham, Sylvia Townsend Warner, J.P. Gilson and F.G. Wesley about the photography and repair of music mss and with W.A. Godin of the British Museum's bindery about the repair of other books 1913-1927.
2 boxes of c.800 paper items
The box containing M-W has a typescript list of correspondents, subject, number of letters and dates by Roger Norris which details most of its contents.
LIB 4/12   1951 - 1963
Chapter library correspondence, in-letters with copy out-letters.
A. Part of a sequence of 1951-1963 correspondence files, organised alphabetically. Files surviving for A-C, D (including a quantity of letters from J. Conway Davies), E, F, G., H, IJ, L-N, P-R, T-W, University Library, Dean Wild and Wilkinson & Simpson Ltd.
B. Correspondence files arranged alphabetically by enquirer, with a separate file for each enquirer labelled with their name/organisation and sometimes the dates of the contents, c.1959-1963. Mainly concerning manuscripts, photography, reproduction permissions and fees.
c.100 paper files
LIB 4/13   1950 - 1993
Chapter library topical files, alphabetically by subject.
46 paper files
LIB 4/13/1   1967 - 1968
Orders for a guide to the Anglo-Saxon stones.
LIB 4/13/2   1980 - 1983
BBC TV re slides for schools programmes, permissions and filming.
LIB 4/13/3   1978
Bibliographical Society (Cathedral Libraries) report.
LIB 4/13/4   1966 - 1967
Bishop Lightfoot pastoral staff repair.
LIB 4/13/5   1991
A.G. Bradbury - Christmas 1st day cover.
LIB 4/13/6   1985 - 1986
British Institute of Organ Studies Durham conference.
LIB 4/13/7   1985
British Rail Pension Fund - leaves from Historia Ecclesiastica loan.
LIB 4/13/8   1963 - 1973
R.A. Harman, Catalogue of early printed music books in Durham Cathedral Library, (OUP 1968) - correspondence with the printer Oxford University Press.
LIB 4/13/9   1967 - 1978
G.B. Crosby, Catalogue of the music manuscripts in the Chapter Library Durham, (OUP 1986) - correspondence with OUP.
LIB 4/13/10   1970
R.A.B. Mynors, Durham Cathedral Manuscripts, (OUP 1939) - correspondence with Margaret Wainwright of Media re a reprint (cancelled).
LIB 4/13/11   1968 - 1973
T. Rud, Codicum manuscriptorum ecclesiae cathedralis Dunelmensis catalogus classicus, (Durham 1825) correspondence with Micro Methods re a reprint (cancelled).
LIB 4/13/12   1963 - 1974
Correspondence with Durham University Library re all aspects of the Cathedral Library, including the removal of the manuscripts from the Spendement for its refurbishment 1971.
LIB 4/13/13   1988
Letter re an exhibition for the Cranmer Conference 1989.
LIB 4/13/14   1986 - 1992
Correspondence re donations and acquisitions of books, photographs and manuscripts.
LIB 4/13/15   1961 - 1977
Requests to use the library as readers, and library regulations.
LIB 4/13/16   1984 - 1985
Dean and Provosts conference 1985.
LIB 4/13/17   1983
Durham 900 leaflets, posters, programmes.
LIB 4/13/18   1964 - 1986
Dormitory exhibitions catalogues (including The conversion of Augustine of Hippo 386 A.D. catalogue by Gerald Bonner 1986), captions and correspondence. 2 files
LIB 4/13/19   1977 - 1978
Johnson Forster's drawings sold as cards in the SPCK bookshop.
LIB 4/13/20   15 July 1982
Dean Wild's letter about the Galilee Chapel candlesticks and tapestries.
LIB 4/13/21   1986
Harvester Microfilm agreement re microfilming the music manuscripts.
LIB 4/13/22   1990
List of schools and information sent re the Treasury exhibition and Craftsmen for Christ.
LIB 4/13/23   1976 - 1988
North of England Museums Service and the setting up of the Treasury Museum.
LIB 4/13/24   1963 - 1974
George Pace, architect, correspondence and plans re works to the Dormitory Library, Loft, Spendement and Galilee Chapel Langley altar.
LIB 4/13/25   1988 - 1989
Gloria Parkin's booklet of drawings of grotesques around the tower gallery in the cathedral.
LIB 4/13/26   26 August 1982
Photograph of Bernard Orley's Pentecost picture.
LIB 4/13/27   1986 - 1987
Pitkins Pictorials Ltd re interior photographs of the cathedral for their guide.
LIB 4/13/28   1979 - 1982
Raising grants from the British Library for cataloguing the Refectory books, with correspondence, reports and briefs.
LIB 4/13/29   1976 - 1981
Refectory books cataloguing project, recruiting staff.
LIB 4/13/30   1951 - 1962
Library and Prior's Kitchen regulations
LIB 4/13/31   1950 - 1972 & 1993
Prior's Kitchen reports, schemes and equipment inventory 1993, and stables storage plans.
LIB 4/13/32   1968
Correspondence re Revestry plans of George Pace (cancelled).
LIB 4/13/33   1976
SCONUL conference at Durham July 1976, including catalogue of an exhibition of manuscripts.
LIB 4/13/34   1979
Making replicas of seals for sale in the Cathedral Shop - Peter Shorer.
LIB 4/13/35   1963 - 1978
Binding repairs - Robert D. Steedman of Newcastle, correspondence, bills and job cards.
LIB 4/13/36   1976 - 1977
Loan of the Stonyhurst Gospel by Stonyhurst to Durham.
LIB 4/13/37   1989 - 1990
Debra Shipley, Travels to Landmarks, Durham Cathedral, with photographs by Angelo Hornak (Tauris Parke, London [1990]), correspondence and draft texts.
LIB 4/13/38   1978
Treasury exhibition notes on exhibits.
LIB 4/13/39   1975 - 1978
Treasury exhibition layout notes and plans.
LIB 4/13/40   1978 - 1983
Treasury exhibition notes on the silver, guide correspondence and receipt for a ciborium.
LIB 4/13/41   1978 - 1982
Treasury exhibition correspondence with contractors and others re air conditioning.
LIB 4/13/42   1966 - 1979
Treasury exhibition reports, plans and correspondence.
LIB 4/13/43   1977 - 1978
Treasury exhibition detailed drawings.
LIB 4/13/44   1971 - 1987
St Cuthbert 1300 celebrations, programmes, posters, invites, correspondence, booklets, educational material, leaflets, exhibition texts. 2 files.
LIB 4/14   1964 - 2002
Enquiries files of correspondence, with in and copy out letters, covering historical information, aspects of the collections, and the acquisition and occasionally disposal of items.
1. 1964-1969.
2. 1970-1979.
3. 1980-1984.
4. 1985-1989.
5. 1990-1994.
6. 1995-1999.
7. 2000.
8. 2001.
9. 2002.
9 paper files
LIB 4/15   1967 - 2000
Exhibitions files, correspondence, reports and forms re lending manuscripts, books or objects to and providing photography for external exhibitions.
33 paper files
LIB 4/15/1   1967
Church Embroidery Exhibition, Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, copes.
LIB 4/15/2   1968
Treasures of Durham cathedral, Newcastle university.
LIB 4/15/3   1968
Council of Europe Exhibition - Gothic Art, Louvre, Paris, Conyers falchion.
LIB 4/15/4   1968
Monastic Arts of Northumbria, National Museum of Wales, stones.
LIB 4/15/5   1969
Durham Cathedral Prints 16th to 20th Centuries, Sunderland Museum, prints 6, 13, 28, 33, 34, 40, 52, 55, 56, 57, 66, 73, 343.
LIB 4/15/6   1974
Wearmouth, Bede and Christian Culture, Sunderland Museum, MSS A.II.17, A.IV.16, A.IV.28, A.IV.35, B.II.35.
LIB 4/15/7   1980
Viking Artifacts and Viking England, British Museum/Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, Brompton hogback.
LIB 4/15/8   1981 - 1982
The Vikings in England, Yorkshire Museum, Gainford cross-shaft and Arncliffe hogback.
LIB 4/15/9   1982 - 1984
English Romanesque Art 1066-1200, Hayward Gallery, MS A.II.1. bookclasps, Hunter 100, rings, panels, seals.
LIB 4/15/10   1984
Rococo: Art and Design in Hogarth's England, Victoria and Albert Museum London, chalice and flagon.
LIB 4/15/11   1983 - 1985
Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art, British Museum, MS A.IV.19.
LIB 4/15/12   1986 - 1988
Age of Chivalry - Royal Academy London, MS A.III.28, Conyers falchion, seals.
LIB 4/15/13   1990 - 1992
Making of England: Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture 600-900, British Library, MS A.II.10, A.II.17, B.II.30, Cuthbert tomb fragments.
LIB 4/15/14   1993
Thomas Wright, Durham University Library, Bishop Egerton portrait, prints 51, 55.
LIB 4/15/15   1993
George William Blake, Durham University Library, books N.IA.39, Q.I.8, L.IIIA.20.
LIB 4/15/16   1993
Monks and Masons, The Archaeology of Durham Cathedral, Old Fulling Mill, grave covers, cross head, coffin model.
LIB 4/15/17   1992 - 1993
Images of Durham Cathedral, DLI Museum, 15 books and prints.
LIB 4/15/18   1991 - 1993
Vikings and Christians, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Arncliffe hogback.
LIB 4/15/19   1992
Sovereign A Celebration of 40 Years of Service, Victoria and Albert Museum London, cope.
LIB 4/15/20   1992 - 1993
St Margaret of Scotland, Huntly House Edinburgh, Misc Ch 554.
LIB 4/15/21   1993 - 1994
Durham 1093 The Norman Revolution, Bede's World Museum, Cuthbert coffin fragments.
LIB 4/15/22   1993 - 1994
The Normans in Medieval Europe, Palazzo Venezia Rome, stone panels.
LIB 4/15/23   1994 - 1995
Byzantium, British Museum, “Earth and Ocean” silk.
LIB 4/15/24   1995 - 1996
Treasures from the Lost Kingdom of Northumbria, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, Cuthbert's cross and altar, stones IV, VI, VII, XI, XIV, XX, XXVIII, L, MSS A.II.10, A.II.17, B.II.30.
LIB 4/15/25   1996
Creating the Golden Age of Northumbria, Bede's World Museum, Jarrow shaft.
LIB 4/15/26   1996
Benjamin R. Haydon Painter and Writer Friend of Wordsworth and Keats, Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Bewick self-portrait.
LIB 4/15/27   1996 - 1997
Heirs of Rome: The Shaping of Britain AD 400-900, British Museum, MS B.II.30.
LIB 4/15/28   1997
St Cuthbert's Parish Church Celebrations, Edinburgh, coffin replica.
LIB 4/15/29   1997
Summer Exhibition, Fulling Mill Museum of Archaeology, stones.
LIB 4/15/30   1998
Tudor Times exhibition, Fulling Mill Museum of Archaeology, coin, seal matrix, Mary I portrait, ring, flagon.
LIB 4/15/31   1999
Divine Treasure Corbridge Lanx Exhibition, Corbridge, Lanchester Roman gold plate.
LIB 4/15/32   1998 - 1999
Des Jahrtausend der Mönche, Ruhrlandmuseum, Essen, MS B.II.30.
LIB 4/15/33   1999 - 2000
The Future of the Lombards, Santa Giulia Monastery, Brescia, Hexham stone IV.
LIB 4/16   1974 - 2002
Visits files, being correspondence with individuals and groups about carrying out research and/or viewing the collections, and the cathedral itself on occasion.
1. 1974-1979.
2. 1980-1989.
3. 1990-1999.
4. 2000-2002.
4 files
LIB 4/17   [c.1955]
Durham University Library cataloguing rules [as used in the Cathedral Library], with annotations and additions dated up to 1973.
Paper file, in a Lomax loose leaf binder, with laces, 105f
LIB 4/18   1986
Durham University Library cataloguing rules, Chapter Library copies, with [Chapter Library specific] annotations.
2 paper files
LIB 4/19   1926 - 2015
Chapter Library correspondence files
4 files
LIB 4/19/1   1947 - 2009
Library correspondence and notes about cathedral objects:
Stobart/Silon pectoral cross 1971.
Copes, Coronation and others, including photos, 1968-1993.
Conyers Falchion, including its presentation in 1947 and exhibition in Paris 1968, 1947-2003.
Log coffins, proposed exhibition in Fulling Mill, 1985.
Prior Castell's/Dean Hunt's Clock, the painting under it and its casing, 1968-2009.
Chorister School, c.1970.
Spendement oak chest, 2007.
Canon Greenwell, 2004-2005.
Alexander de Biddick bronze, 2005.
Alcuin, 2005.
Artist-in-residence, 1998.
High altar frontal of 1890 conservation, 1994.
Paper file
LIB 4/19/2   1926 - 2008
Library correspondence and notes about cathedral objects:
Sanctuary knocker, including casting its replica, 1978-2003.
Piddocke family bible, 2005.
Plate from other churches in the treasury, including photos of St Mary-le-Bow items, 1964-1987.
Portraits, including Canon Greenwell, Bishop Baring, Queen Mary I, 1966-2008.
The cathedral organ, c.1970.
John de Coupland and the Battle of Neville's Cross, 2008.
Bishop Tucker's chalice and other effects, 1947-1966.
Relics of Norman bishops.
Episcopal ring of Bishop Flambard.
Hamsterley paten and Flambard chalice, 1963-1965.
Bishop Carilef's sandals and Flambard's crozier, 1966-1985.
Fred Draper's model of the cathedral, 1986-2004.
Pigments identified in insular manuscripts, c.2000.
Hatchments, 1976-2007.
Stained glass fragments, 1980.
Embroidery work, 1968-2004.
Antiquarian collections.
Butte at Warlencourt memorial crosses, 1926-2008.
Paper file
LIB 4/19/3   1968 - 2008
Library correspondence and notes about cathedral objects:
MS B.IV.12
History and bibliography of the library, c.1980.
Roman and Saxon etc stones in the Dormitory, 1968-2008
K. Galbraith article on cathedral sculpture 1977.
Wall paintings photography project, 1980.
Articles on the cathedral's bells and bell-ringing, 1975.
Paper file
LIB 4/19/4   1985 - 2015
Cathedral library enquiries correspondence, including:
Placements, the Greenwich of the North, sun dials, Kirkby Ireleth St Cuthbert church, the Grisbrooke archive, library bookplates, Robert Topliff's melodies, John dyer drawings, Houghton-le-Spring street names, Robert Billings, Richard Dering, Christopher Unter, textile fragments, Hugh de Lacy abbot of Selby, Bede manuscripts, Bishop Henson, illuminations, Revd Charles Henry Newman, Aurum goblets, Thomas Bennett lay clerk, surplus bibles, Dun Cow legend, hog back grave markers, Tantobie and Bishop Walcher, choir stalls, boy bishops, Canon John H. King, Temple Chevalier, Beaurepaire/Bearpark prior's house.
Paper file
LIB 4/19/5   [1960s - 2005]
Dormitory cupboards: catalogue of the additional manuscripts ms 1-214 [c.1960]; catalogue of the additional manuscripts 1-226 and various unnumbered [c.2000]; catalogue of the library's records [c.2005]; catalogue of the books in dormitory cupboards VI and VII and books given by William Waples 1963; catalogue of documents, articles, pamphlets and offprints nos.9-200 (?the U series); list of items 1-14 in the MS Case (South) (offprints, plans, drawings) with a summary list of the contents of all the dormitory cupboards July 1964; copy of memorandum 8 from the Church of England Liturgial Commission re the baptism etc of those of riper years [c.1960s]; list of Dormitory cupboard books in the Spendement; listing of the contents of the Dorimtory cupboards [c.1960s]; list of copies and locations of cathedral statutes.
Paper file
LIB 4/19/6   [1959 - 2010]
Library acquisitions etc:
Purchase of and conservation work on embroidered prayer book 1959-1978; grants for the purchase of a fomer priory 13th century ms John Auckland bible and Bishop Tunstall's copy of St Cyprian's 1512 Opera 2005-2006; possible loan to Magdeburg 2008; Pipe Roll Society report and accounts 2004; creation and acquisition of the CD of Add Mss 82-85; research into Music MS E37; programme for the performance by Durham Johnston and St Leonard's Catholic Schools of Dido & Aeneas; Sheffield King James Bible project images 2010
Paper file
Accessions Registers
Reference: LIB 5
Dates of creation: 1638 - date
Extent: 4 volumes
LIB 5/1   3 December 1638 - 5 December 1823
Accessions Register
Books bought, recording the date of purchase, title, author, place and date of publication, size, and price. The early entries are in the hand of Thomas Rud, ie written in the early 1700s. A memorandum by J Raine states that there were no entries 1809 to 1821, which he subsequently supplied.
Reversed: notes of service books provided for clergy and choristers 1774 to 1808, including bibles and prayer books given to named choristers on their appointment.
Cathedral bookplate inside the front cover dated 1823.
Inserted a list of [choristers] “wanting prayer books” 1804.
Paper book + 1f
Binding: Rebound with a new spine by Dunn & Wilson 1975, cut marks on the front and back covers
For books given 1637-1679, see MS B.IV.47.
LIB 5/2   1797 - 1823
Accessions Register
Books brought into the Library, recording date [of arrival], title, author, edition, place and date of publication, size and occasionally price.
Largely replicates LIB 5/1.
Title stamped on the front cover: “Catalogue for the Manuscript Closet” .
Paper book
LIB 5/3   8 March 1921 - 22 September 1950
Accessions Register
Forwards: books bought, recording the date, title, from whom bought, and, if not a subscription, the price.
Reversed: books, documents and pictures presented, recording the date, title, and by whom presented (the last is 6 September 1948).
Paper book, covers loose and spine lost
LIB 5/4   2 October 1950 - date
Accessions Register
Books bought, recording the date, title, from whom bought, and, if not a subscription, the price. Starts with number 49287.
(In December 1959, accession numbers were first assigned to individual volumes. Chapter Library volumes accessioned henceforth were numbered 50001 upwards; numbers 1-50000 were assigned to volumes already in the library, so volumes already in this register were retrospectively numbered back to October 1950, so taking the sequence back to 49287. For numbers from 1 upwards, see LIB 5/6.
Paper book
Stored by the Library Assistant's desk in the Loft.
LIB 5/5   [1968]
Note of “Notable acquisitions: Manuscripts”
Detailing the Shute Barrington and Dykes family letters acquired in 1968 (now Add Ms 255 and 55 respectively).
Paper, 1f
LIB 5/6   [December 1959] - c.1970
Accessions Register ([Retrospective]), numbers 1-4804
In late 1959, it seems to have been decided to go over from shelfmark to a classmark system in the Dormitory, and at the same time to transfer much nineteenth century and earlier material from the Refectory to the Dormitory. As volumes were so classified and/or transferred, they were given accession numbers, starting with 1, and recorded in this register, detailing author, title, volume number and series (if relevant), place, publisher and date of publication, old shelfmark or location and new classmark. The volume also includes many of the earlier numbers of the Additional Manuscripts series.
A note before no 1837: “This book was returned to the Dean and Chapter library on 23rd January, 1968, after nearly 5 years' absence” .
Paper book
LIB 5/7   February 1960 - October 1961
Withdrawals Register
Detailing number, date, author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, shelfmark, and desitnation (all to the University Library). Mostly unused. With sheaf catalogue slips for the withdrawn items inserted at the front.
Paper book, + loose folios
Reference: LIB 6
Dates of creation: c.1640 - 1979
Extent: 22 items
LIB 6/1   c.1640
[Elias Smith's draft] Printed Books Catalogue
Recording title, and sometimes author, date and place of publication, in shelfmark order and also then alphabetically. With alphabetical lists of the sermons of Dr Playfere, Mr Shelford and (reversed) Bishop [Arthur] Lake.
Paper book in parchment covers, 60f
Probably a draft of the catalogue in MS B.IV.47.
LIB 6/2   August 1659
Printed and Manuscript Books Catalogue
Alphabetical by author/title, recording author/title, date and place of publication, number of volumes and size.
With lists of patristics and biblical commentaries at the back.
Titled “Catalogus Librorum in Bibliotheca”.
With parts of a draft catalogue used as covers.
Paper booklet, 24f
LIB 6/3   c.1697
[John Milner's] Printed Books Catalogue
Recording title/author, number of volumes and shelfmark, and sometimes the date and place of publication, size and number of pages, in alphabetical order of author for books published up to 1695.
With additions of books published up to 1807.
Titled “Catalogus Librorum impressorum BB Decani & Capituli Dunelmensis”.
Dating based on Dean Comber's description of helping Milner to put the books on the shelves in the new library, (C.E Whiting, Thomas Comber's Papers and Correspondence, vol. i, (Surtees Society 156, 1941), p.33).
Paper book
Perhaps a draft for the following LIB 6/4.
LIB 6/4   c.1697
John Milner's Printed Books Catalogue
Recording title/author, number of volumes and shelfmark, and sometimes the date and place of publication, size and number of pages, in alphabetical order of author for books published up to 1695.
With additions in various hands of books published up to 1807.
Titled “Catalogus Librorum Ecclesiæ Cathedralis Dunelmi …”.
2 paper books
Very similar information to LIB 6/3, both in Milner's text and the additions, though not an exact copy.
LIB 6/5   1721 - 1722
Thomas Rud's Catalogues of Books Given by Nathaniel Ellison, John Morton and John Bowes
1. Books given by Nathaniel Ellison May 1721 listed by size, recording author/title, edition, place and date of publication and shelfmark.
2. Two lists of the books given by John Morton 1722 listed one by size and the other by subject and then size with totals for the different subjects, both recording author/title, place and date of publication.
3. Books given by John Bowes, listed by subject and then size, recording author/title, place and date of publication, with totals for the different subjects.
Paper file, 8f, with a wrapper
LIB 6/6   1726 - 1768 & 1843
Visitation Lists of Missing Books
Lists of printed books and manuscripts missing in 1726, 1730, 1732, 1734, 1735, 1736, 1739, 1742, 1748, 1768, and 1843, with some notes of their return or otherwise, with a notebook of the 1843 visitation.
Paper booklet and paper file
LIB 6/7   1727
Language:  Latin
Thomas Rud's Manuscripts Catalogue
Detailed descriptions of the manuscripts in shelfmark order, with an alphabetical listing at the back giving their age or sometimes date and size.
In Rud's hand.
The introduction is dated at [North]allerton 19 November 1726 and the end of the alphabetical listing is dated at [North]allerton 10 November 1727.
Inserted at the front is a letter from George Smith of St John's College to Rud of 27 May 1721 about Clemens of Llanthony's manuscript in Pembroke [College Oxford] and William of Nottingham.
Paper book
Microfilmed as Microfilm 3
LIB 6/8   c.1727
[Thomas Rud's Draft] Printed Books Catalogue
Recording shelfmark, title/author, place and date of publication, in shelfmark order.
In the hand of Thomas Rud and others.
Inside the front cover is a list of the number of books on each shelf.
Titled “Catalogus Classicus”.
Recording books published up to 1732.
At the back is a list of “Books brought into the library” 27 November 1716. ?
Paper book in soft covers, 134p, contemporary pagination
Probably a draft for the following LIB 6/9.
LIB 6/9   c.1727
[Thomas Rud's] Printed Books Catalogue
Recording shelfmark, title/author, place and date of publication, in shelfmark order.
With deletions and additions of books published up to 1901, many on loose sheets.
Paper book + loose folios
LIB 6/10   c.1727
[Thomas Rud's Draft] Printed Tracts Catalogue
Recording title/author, with the title, volume, page number and shelfmark of the work where the tract or article is to be found, alphabetically within shelfmark order, from books published up to the early 1720s. With a note of the total numbers of entries.
Paper, 2f
LIB 6/11   c.1750
Language:  Latin
Copy of Thomas Rud's Manuscripts Catalogue
Detailed descriptions of the manuscripts in shelfmark order, with an alphabetical listing at the back giving their age or sometimes date and size. Including additional volumes dated up to 1739, all in one hand. With additions, especially statutes, dated up to 1768, in other hands.
Paper book
LIB 6/12    Later 18th century
Hunter Manuscripts Lists
2 lists, one by size and the other by size and language (Latin and English).
Paper file, 4f
Previous number Hunter 143
LIB 6/13   c.1822
Refectory Book Catalogue
Recording title/author, number of volumes and shelfmark, and sometimes the date and place of publication, size and number of pages, in alphabetical order of author for books published up to 1822.
With additions of books published up to 1907.
Labelled “Old Library”.
2 paper books
LIB 6/14   1856
Dormitory Shelf-List
Recording author/title, quantity, place and date of publication, in shelfmark order.
With additions of books published up to 1908 and renumberings and additions of bays. With a separate listing of bays XXV to XXX inserted.
Titled “Provisional Catalogue = Dean and Chapter New Library = A.D. 1856”.
Paper book + loose folios
LIB 6/15   25 July 1902
Refectory Shelf-List
Recording title/author, number of volumes, size, place and date of publication and shelfmark in shelfmark order. Noted at the back that the “catalogue was rewritten & concluded” by G.W. Anson Firth, sub-librarian, 25 July 1902. With some deletions and additions to c.1922.
Paper book
LIB 6/16    c.1920
[E.V. Stocks's] Incunabula Catalogue Slips
Recording author, title, size, type, signature, leaves, lines, place [of publication], printer, date, pressmark and copies in BM, Brunet, Copinger, Hain, Maittire, Panzer, Proctor, Renouard, and remarks on the binding.
72 paper slips
LIB 6/17    c.1920
E.V. Stocks's List of Durham Incunabula
As printed in the Durham University Journal 1918 article, with their shelfmarks added. Also indexes of printing dates, printers and place of printing.
Paper booklet
LIB 6/18    c.1940
Dormitory Sheaf Shelf-List
Recording shelfmark, author/title and sometimes date and place of publication. For bays 1 to 11, marked up with those recatalogued and those withdrawn.
Paper file
LIB 6/19   c.1950
Dormitory Sheaf Shelf-List
Recording shelfmark and author/title, marked up with classmarks.
2 paper sheaf binders
LIB 6/20   c.1960
Dormitory Shelf-List
Paper book
LIB 6/21   [1964]
Refectory Shelf-Check
A Refectory shelf-check of [1964] recording the total volumes on each shelf, those missing and incunabula. Including the Bodleian recipe for leather-dressing and volumes needing conservation/rebinding.
Inserted are a Dormitory shelf-check of October 1963, a request for information from Chapter members about missing Books of Common Prayer March 1963, a Refectory shelf-check of July 1967, another [Refectory] shelf-check, a Refectory shelf-list of post-1830 books of 1964 listing title, date and place of publication, and a note of Add MSS missing October 1963.
Paper file
LIB 6/22   [1960] - 1979
Additional Manuscripts catalogue
Recording author, title, volume no, place [of production], date, source, [format] and accession number.
Some reassigning of numbers is recorded. Accession numbers refer to either LIB 5/4 or 5/6 or none at all.
Paper book
Stored at the end of the sheaf catalogue sequence in the Loft
LIB 6/23   c.1930
Dormitory Classification Scheme
Printed, 1 copy on board, previously pinned up and displayed in the library.
Paper, 1f and Card, 1f
LIB 6/24   [c.1900]
Bamburgh music shelf list, nos.1-201, annotated with items not found 1958.
Paper file, 9f + 1f
Found in the Music Manuscripts Closet in the Refectory 29 October 2009.
Formerly numbered: Z vi.
LIB 6/25   [c.1950] - 1966
Alphabetical index to the Surtees Society volumes, giving volume number and shelfmark.
Paper booklet
LIB 6/26   [c.1900]
Catalogue of the Raine Collection, indexed, [by ?J.J. Howe].
Paper book, covers detached, foliated, i + 69
Photocopies available for consultation in the Search Rooms at the Palace Green and Cathedral libraries.
Copy in DCL Microfilm 3.
LIB 6/27   October 1913
Catalogue of Incunabula, arranged by country, town and then printer, with indexes of towns, printers, authors, and chronological lists, and lists of Hain, Copinger and Proctor numbers, by E.V. Stocks.
Paper book
LIB 6/28   July 1914
Chronological Catalogue of Printed Books 1501-1600, English Printed Books 1601-1640 and British Printers' Devices, by E.V. Stocks.
Paper book, 140p
LIB 6/29   1912
H.H.E. Craster's “Inventory of Books and Papers preserved in the Diocesan Registry, Durham, with notes of similar documents in other depositories” (Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle, Series 3, Vol.V, No.16, p.167-176), with anotations.
Inserted at the back:
List of Durham, Carlisle and Whithorn sede vacante entries in the York Diocesan Registry, by G.W. Waine, 24 July 1918.
Letter from H.H.E. Craster of 28 June 1918 about where [Durham] sede vacante business might be recorded.
Printed paper booklet, 10f
LIB 6/30   February 1891
Catalogue of the Sharp Manuscripts by J.J. Howe.
Paper book
Photocopies available in the Palace Green and Cathedral Library Search Rooms.
Copy available in DCL Microfilm 3.
LIB 6/31   [1851]
Catalogue of Sir Cuthbert Sharp's manuscripts, with occasional later additions at the back
Inserted at the front: letter from William Greenwell to Hughes, 4 October 1910, explaining that the catalogue was made when the collection was bought and that some volumes were then missing
Paper book, half-leather over marbled boards by Andrews and Co, booksellers of Durham
LIB 6/32   10 February 1924
Summary listing of Sir Cuthbert Sharp's manuscripts
Paper booklet
LIB 6/33   [c.1900]
Catalogue of the W.H.D. Longstaffe papers, the 4o and (reversed) 8o volumes, in various hands, [principally William Greenwell].
Inserted at the front: a list of the items believed to be missing; photography of a pew end showing a figure standing under an archtectural canopy; receipt from the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club for Major General Sir W. Crossman's subscription 1893.
Paper book, marbled covers
LIB 6/34   [later 19th century]
W.H.D. Longstaffe Papers Catalogue of the 4o folders (forwards) and 8o folders (reversed) [by William Greenwell], with some subsequent annotations.
Paper book, in marbled covers
Suggestions Books
Reference: LIB 7
Dates of creation: 1805 - 1837
Extent: 1 volume
Suggestions of books to be ordered for the Chapter Library.

LIB 7/1   1805 - 1837
Suggestions Book
Recording suggestions of books, “libri desiderati”, by members of chapter, noted as ordered or not.
Reversed is a partial shelf-list of books, some with names against them of ?borrowers, one noted as sold as duplicate, 1811 to 1820.
With various drawings on the inside back cover of clergymen and a rural scene.
Inserted is a note from the dean about manuscripts not being borrowed.
Paper book, + 1f
Borrowing Registers
Reference: LIB 8
Dates of creation: 1677 - 1992
Extent: 9 volumes
Recording in chronological order borrowings of books from the Chapter Library including the date and the borrower, and when returned, with a separate volume of borrowings by members of chapter. By the 1960s, few books were being borrowed from the Refectory Library.

LIB 8/1    21 April 1677 - 10 December 1787
Borrowing Register
Recording the date, title/author, borrower and usually when returned. Individual entries and some pages cancelled.
With part of an incomplete catalogue and accessions 10 January 1717 to 28 February 1717, some given by the dean and Dr Bowes, in Rud's hand at the back.
With various names written inside the front cover.
Paper book, reverse calf covered boards, stamped leather spine and edges, with a chain attached to the bottom of the front and back boards. Rebound and repaired with paper mid 20th century
LIB 8/2   8 August 1787 - 16 April 1810
Borrowing Register
Shelfmarks are now sometimes cited instead of or in addition to the author/title. The entries are tabulated from 12 April 1793 recording the date and book borrowed, and when returned.
On the front flyleaf is stated (in Latin) the purpose of the book as being for borrowers to record the date and details of books borrowed, with a list of the dean, prebendaries, minor canons and school masters in August 1787.
Paper book, in reverse calf covered boards
LIB 8/3   1 January 1810 - 16 February 1833
Borrowing Register
Shelfmarks are now usually cited with only occasionally the author/title instead or in addition. Entries tabulated, individually cancelled and whole pages cancelled.
On the front flyleaves are some notes of books received, returned or missing 2 April 1811 to 18 September 1821.
At the back is inserted a statement in Latin about the purpose of the book with a note of permission to borrow books.
Paper book, in reverse calf covered boards, + 1f
LIB 8/4    31 January 1857 - 30 May 1880
Borrowing Register
Recording the date borrowed, borrower, shelfmark and date returned. Entries tabulated, most individual entries cancelled and most pages cancelled.
On the front flyleaf is a note that the new library [Dormitory] was opened July 1856.
Reversed: Borrowers' Register 3 March 1910 to 14 October 1980. Chronological register of borrowers, recording date, name and address, with each assigned a consecutive number up to 21 October 1976 (450).
Including Cathedral Library rules for borrowers of 2 February 1910 stuck in.
Paper book
See LIB 9 for earlier borrowers' registers.
LIB 8/5   29 May 1880 - 23 January 1961
Borrowing Register
Recording the date borrowed, book title, shelfmark, borrower and date returned. Entries tabulated, individual entries and whole pages cancelled up to November 1909, with just whole pages cancelled thereafter with a new title dated 20 November 1909.
At the front is part of a page with entries from July [1879] to May [1880].
The volume is titled “Dean & Chapter Old Library 1880” on the front cover.
Paper book, quarter leather buckram covered boards
LIB 8/6    1910 - 1980
Members of Chapter Borrowing Register
Recording for each member of Chapter the date, author/title and shelfmark of each book borrowed and when it was returned.
Paper book
LIB 8/7   19 November 1930 - 26 April 1936
Books Sent for Repair Register
Recording the shelfmarks and some titles of books sent mostly to G. Bailes, with the cost of the repairs and the date of return. Mostly blank.
Paper booklet
LIB 8/8   25 January 1961 - 19 May 1971
Borrowing Register
Recording date, author, title, shelf/classmark, borrower and date returned. With Library statistics at the back detailing issues of printed books, manuscripts consulted and acquisitions for both the Chapter Library and the Sharp Library.
Paper book
LIB 8/9   7 May 1971 - 28 May 1992
Borrowing Register
Recording date, author, title, shelf/classmark, borrower and date returned. With Library statistics at the back detailing issues of printed books, manuscripts consulted and acquisitions for both the Chapter Library and the Sharp Library.
Paper book
Borrowers' Registers
Reference: LIB 9
Dates of creation: 1832 - 1925
Extent: 2 volumes
Registers of those allowed to borrow books.

LIB 9/1   1832 - 1859 & 1910 - 1925
Borrowers' Register
Alphabetical register of borrowers. Initially they have the name of the member of chapter sponsoring them alongside, in 1838 they just have the date alongside. The book seems to have been discontinued in 1859 when LIB 9/2 was started, and then reused in 1910 when that was full and the old list of borrowers was approved in this volume with new members here recording their name and address.
Paper book
See LIB 8/4 for the following volume.
LIB 9/2   1859 - 1910
Borrowers' Register
Chronological register of borrowers, recording name and address. At the back is a list of the borrowers as of 1893 in chronological order.
Paper book
Manuscript Readers' Registers
Reference: LIB 10
Dates of creation: 1951 - 2005
Extent: 3 volumes
Recording details of manuscripts produced, readers of them, and other purposes for which they might have been produced.

LIB 10/1   17 July 1951 - 21 March 1963
Manuscript Readers' Register
Recording the date, manuscripts produced and reader's name; also, from 26 November 1959, why the manuscript was produced, ie postal enquiry, microfilming, photography or searchroom use.
Inserted are some manuscript order tickets, a note of Henson journals borrowed and a bookseller's letter of 1961 offering to dispose of duplicates.
Paper book, + loose folios
LIB 10/2   20 March 1963 - 15 September 1987
Manuscript Readers' Register
Recording the date, manuscript produced and reader's name; also, up to 20 July 1966, why it was produced, and up to 24 September 1969, where it was produced, and from 4 May 1970, the reader's address.
Inserted are annual statistics of readers and numbers of manuscripts produced.
Paper book, + loose folios
LIB 10/3   16 September 1987 - 20 December 2005
Manuscript Readers' Register
Recording the date, manuscript produced, and reader's name and address (including for exhibition).
Inserted are annual statistics of readers and numbers of manuscripts produced to December 1992.
Paper book, + loose folios
LIB 10/4   23 December 2004 - 8 January 2013
Manuscript Readers' Register
Recording the date, name, address/institution, material consulted and purpose of research.
With a fire alarm notice stuck to the front cover.
Paper book
Visitors' Books
Reference: LIB 11
Dates of creation: 1922-1985
Extent: 2 volumes
LIB 11/1    13 August 1922 - 23 March 1985
Distinguished Visitors' Book
Chronological register recording the names and addresses of academics and visiting dignitaries from the UK and abroad, including royalty. No entries for 1933-1942 inclusive, then mainly royal signatures 1943-1982, with Benedictines and Friends on 28 May 1983.
Paper book, half leather binding with the cathedral arms and title on the front cover
LIB 11/2   7 July 1928 to 8 April 1950
Visitors' Book
Chronological register recording the visitor's name, and address, and also the amount they paid up to 28 September 1936.
Paper book
Reference: LIB 12
LIB 12/1   [c.1800]
brass stamp with a wooden handle
Size: 120 x 60 x 25mm
LIB 12/2   [c.1900]
round brass stamp with a wooden handle
Size: 95 x 35 x 35mm
LIB 12/3   [c.1950]
Library stamp: “DURHAM CATHEDRAL LIBRARY”, by G. Bailes & Sons of 24 Silver St, Durham
round rubber stamp on a plastic mount with a wooden handle
Size: 60 x 25 x 25mm
LIB 12/4   [c.1900]
Library press: “DURHAM CATHEDRAL LIBRARY”. An upstanding curved arm supporting a lever operated press, depressing a plain plate on to a stamp screw-fixed to the base plate below, with a plaque affixed: The Times Book Club, Oxford Street, London.
metal press, with gold line and flowers decoration, and a wooden handle
Size: 150 x 70 x 160mm
on the librarian's desk in the loft
LIB 12/5   [c.1900]
Printing block of Cuthbert's cross.
engraved metal plate affixed by pins to a wooden block mounted on board
Size: 105 x 90 x 20mm
LIB 12/6   [c.1900]
Printing block of the library bookplate showing the cathedral arms within a florid cartouche, with “BibliothecaEccles.Cathedralis Dunelm.” on a banner below, designed/engraved by C.W. Sherborn 1894.
engraved metal affixed by pins to a 3-part wooden block
Size: 100 x 83 x 22mm
LIB 12/7   [c.1950]
Printing block of the library bookplate, design as in 6 next above, but without the designer's name.
imaged metal plate
Size: 140 x 110 x 1mm
LIB 12/8   [c.1900]
Library bookplate showing the cathedral arms within a florid cartouche (different design to 6 above), with “Eccles. Dunelm.” below.
Paper, 1f
Size: 92 x 78mm
LIB 12/9   [c.1900]
Printing plate for Lord Crewe's Trustees bookplate showing a lion guardant with “LORD CREWE'S TRUSTEES” round the upper three sides and the motto “VIS UNITA FORTIOR” on a band below. 2 copies, with many printed bookplates.
2 engraved metal plates, + paper file
Size: 35 x 26 x 2mm
Printed Ephemera
Reference: LIB 13
LIB 13/1   [c.1980]
Poster advertising the contact details, hours and staff of the libraries.
Sharp Library records
Reference: LIBS
Sharp Library - Librarians' Files and Notes
Reference: LIBS 4
Dates of creation: 1915 - 19623 files

LIBS 4/1   1915 - 1950, mostly 1935 - 1938
Sharp Library Correspondence and Book Lists
Blank overdue and renewal cards, annual lists of books suggested, acquired or missing, bills and correspondence about borrowing and acquiring books, especially with the Lord Crewe Charity trustees, and Ramage's report of 1936 on the libraries in Newcastle and Bamburgh.
Paper file
LIBS 4/2    6 September 1950 - 18 November 1957
Lord Crewe's Charity - Sharp Library Correspondence File
In and copy out letters filed and numbered chronologically, with an index of correspondents at the back. Much of the correspondence is with Miss J. Hall of the Church of England Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Paper file
LIBS 4/3   1960 - 1962
Miss Johnson's Sharp Library File
Lists of books suggested, correspondence about books to be bought, students' subscriptions, Miss Johnson's report on the library 1960 with drafts, and proposals to close the Newcastle branch, lists of uncatalogued and new books at Newcastle.
Paper file
Sharp Library - Catalogues
Reference: LIBS 6
Dates of creation: c.1925 - 19385 items

The historic library of the Sharp Family at Bamburgh Castle was supplemented in 1909 by the establishment of a modern theological library in Newcastle. Catalogues of this were published in 1915, 1923 and 1935.

LIBS 6/1   c.1925
Sharp Library Sheaf Catalogue
Alphabetically by author, recording author, title, date and place of publication, and shelfmark, and sometimes size, with additions to c.1960.
3 paper sheaf binders
LIBS 6/2   1935
Printed Catalogue of Archdeacon Sharp's Library in The Church Institute, Newcastle
Alphabetically by author, recording author, title, date and place of publication, and shelfmark. With a preface by David Ramage, Librarian, indicating Edinburgh University Library catalogue as its model, and the library rules. Printed in Durham for Lord Crewe's trustees by G. Bailes & Sons.
2 copies.
2 paper booklets, each of 102p
LIBS 6/3    1935 - 1938
Sharp Library Lists of Books
Lists of books missing at Durham and Newcastle 1937 & 1938;
an annotated Sharp Library Committee agenda 1937;
Ramage's 1925 catalogue memorandum;
Knight's 1937 report;
list of books added 1938;
list of loan periods.
Paper file
LIBS 6/4   December 1938
Printed Additions to Archdeacon Sharp's Libraries Newcastle and Durham 1936-1938
Alphabetically by author, recording author, title, date and place of publication, and shelfmark, by E.H. K[night]. Including the rules and opening hours of the libraries in The Church Institute, Newcastle and The Cathedral Library, Durham.
2 copies and a proof version.
2 paper booklets, 22p each, & a paper file
LIBS 6/5   May 1937
The Library Association's Readers' Guide to Books on Religion
By subject, then alphabetically by author, recording author, title, date of publication, some marked up with [Sharp Library] shelfmarks, labelled “Sharp Library, Durham”.
Printed by Thomasons Ltd of Hounslow.
Paper booklet, 48p
Sharp Library - Borrowing Registers
Reference: LIBS 8
LIBS 8/1   16 December 1937 - 5 December 2008
Sharp Library, Durham Branch, borrowing register, detailing date taken out, author and title, shelf number, borrowed by and date returned. From 23 October 1961, only [staff] issues are recorded individually, with a daily total of student issues being entered. From 1 November 1969, only a daily total of all issues is recorded. This becomes a generally weekly total from March 1980, and includes also totals of those checked in and renewed from October 2004.
Paper book
LIBS 8/2   12 January 1961 - 24 July 1969
Sharp Library [Newcastle Branch], borrowing register, detailing date taken out, author and title, shelf number, borrowed by and return date, with occasional items noted as returned to Durham.
Paper book