DUL Add.MS. 1950/A/25Peter Lombard, Commentary on the Psalms (fragment)
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Peter Lombard, Commentary on the Psalms (fragment)

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Physical description of manuscript


Extent: Part of one leaf with wide margin (90 mm) and only one column of two originally, width 70 mm.
Size: 130 mm x 173 mm

Condition of manuscriptCut-out of 55 x 50 mm no doubt of major illuminated initial of psalm 102.

30+ lines of gloss in smaller script, 15+ of larger text, one line to two of gloss.


Written in gothic

Manuscript history

Written in France, 12/13th century.


Former binding of Shelfmark of source: Cosin T.V.53, Histoire generale des plantes et herbes auec leurs proprieté par M. Leonard Fuchs (Rouen: chez Nicolas Mulot, [1555]). Former reference: Portfolio I/24; also formerly DUL Add.MS.187 (see Catalogue of fragments, manuscript and printed, amongst Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections).

Manuscript contents
Original title: Commentarium in Psalmos
Author: Peter Lombard, Bishop of Paris,‏ ‎approximately 1100-1160
Date: 12/13th century
Language: Latin

Commentary on Psalm 102:1-4

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