DUL Add.MS. 1950/A/19Antiphonale, Sarum (fragment)
Held by: Durham University Library: Additional Manuscripts

Two vertical strips, from a single leaf of a Sarum use antiphonale, written in England, 15th century ; very little text lost between the two strips, none at the foot and a few notes at the top.

Digitised: https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t1m5x21tf47f.html

Physical description of manuscript


Extent: 2 pieces
Size: 315 mm x 178 mm

Condition of manuscriptPieces of spine-liner stuck to both versos; pieces from a printed book stuck to verso, also offsets.

No pricking or ruling visible. Written space 265 x approximately 140 mm. 10 lines + 4-line staves for each.


Written in textura, minims 5 mm high.

Square notation; staves 4-line, in red.

Ink cadel to each antiphon.

Manuscript history

Written in England, 15th century.

Manuscript contents
Incipit: sicut pluuia
Explicit: templum dei fac
Language: Latin

Temporal, Circumcision lauds antiphon ii - vespers antiphon ii (Breviarium Sarum 1, ccxcii-iv).

Edited: Peter Lombard, Commentarium in Psalmos

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Digitised March 2018