DUL Add.MS. 1950/C/1Proverbs, with gloss (fragment)
Held by: Durham University Library: Additional Manuscripts

Two leaves from a 12th century glossed copy of Proverbs.

Physical description of manuscript


Extent: Two consecutive leaves
Size: 286 mm x 205 mm

Condition of manuscriptAlmost two lines of text cut away at the top of leaf

Pricking slits in the inner margin of f.1. Ruled in softish brown, for text and gloss together. Written space of gloss 208 x 120 mm. 22 lines of text; first line of gloss above top ruled line.


Written in proto-gothic textura, in two sizes, with minims of text 5 mm. high.


Initials, to sections of the text and, preceded by a flourished paraph in the opposite colour, of the marginal gloss, 1-line, in red or blue, alternately.

Corrections and annotation

Ownership inscription “Bp Trevor” added 18th century (Richard Trevor, 1707-1771, bishop of Durham, owner and donor of book.

Manuscript history

Written in Northern France or England, later 12th century.


Former endleaves, with brown stains from turn-ins of covering, of Shelfmark of source: Cosin AA.III.25, now SB+ 0092/1 - Florus, Epitome rerum romanarum, (Basle 1532), and Shelfmark of source: Cosin AA.III.25, now SB+ 0092/2 - Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Archaeologia romana, (Basle 1532), bound in Cambridge or London (Spierinck roll III, FL.a.1 and FP.g.1). Former reference: Portfolio II/1 (see Catalogue of fragments, manuscript and printed, amongst Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections).

Manuscript contents
Modern title: Proverbs, with gloss (fragment)
Date: later 12th century
Incipit: detractoribus non commiscearis
Explicit: qui misit eum
Language: Latin

Proverbs 24:21 - 25:13 with gloss (gloss on 24:23 split in two with the second half, starting “Alia translatio”, interlined).

Edited: Peter Lombard, Commentarium in Psalmos


Oldham, J.B., English blind-stamped bindings (Cambridge: CUP, 1952)