Bishop Cosin's Library, post-medieval manuscripts
Bishop Cosin's Library
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Reference code: GB-0033-COM
Title: Bishop Cosin's Library, post-medieval manuscripts
Dates of creation: 16th - 19th century
Extent: 47 volumes and 1 box
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Bishop Cosin's Library
Language: Latin, English, French. A little Greek.

Bishop Cosin's Library

This collection forms part of Bishop Cosin's Library, Durham, which was founded in 1669 by John Cosin, Bishop of Durham, as an endowed public library (and sometimes called the Episcopal Library). The library, still in its original building, now forms part of Durham University Library, and since 1937 the University of Durham has been its trustee.


This catalogue records only the post-medieval manuscript volumes in Bishop Cosin's Library; another catalogue is in preparation for the medieval manuscripts.
These manuscripts fall into 3 categories: those collected by John Cosin; catalogues of the Library or subsequent additions made to it, and miscellaneous material given to the Library later on. The manuscripts which appear to have been collected by Cosin himself or his contemporaries consist of copies of complete works, notes and summaries from books or lectures and some records from Cosin's work within the church and the University of Cambridge. The catalogues of the Library cover the period between its foundation and the computerisation of the catalogue in the 1980s. Although there is little record of borrowings, the different patterns of storage and use can be inferred from the systems of cataloguing and subsequent annotations. The book collections of subsequent bishops of Durham, Edward Chandler and Richard Trevor, as well as more minor additions to the Library, are also recorded.

Accession details

Material belonging to John Cosin, bishop of Durham and given by him to his library, or given to the library after its foundation by other donors. Information about specific volumes is given in their individual description.

Conditions of access

Open for consultation.

Copyright and copying

Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Sub-Librarian, Special Collections (e-mail and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


The class-letter B indicates the press in which the volumes were previously shelved; those with V are additions to the shelves on which the medieval manuscripts were stored.
Some material has been re-arranged in the past, and this is recorded in the description of those items. Some collections which were kept in Bishop Cosin's Library (notably the Mickleton & Spearman, and Hogg manuscripts) may be referred to in older works as being part of the Library but are now separate collections.

Finding aids

The old catalogue of the manuscripts of the Episcopal (Cosin's) Library as printed in Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ..., p.136-191, does not include all of those listed below, nor give the same details.
Among the catalogues of the collection included in this collection, Cosin MS B.I.23, f.94 is a catalogue of the manuscripts, including information on items no longer in the collection.

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Cosin Letter Books Many of the later letters from Bishop Cosin in London, to his secretary and other officials in Durham, include reference to progress with the construction, stocking and cataloguing of his Library. Many of these can be found in the Ornsby edition (not entirely accurate, but with a helpful index).

Related material - elsewhere

Peterhouse, Cambridge Records of the Library include information on Cosin's book collecting. Photostats of some of these have been acquired in the past and are kept with this collection as Cosin Facs.1-3.
British Library John Evelyn Papers.


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Cosin MS. B.
Cosin MS. B.i.
Cosin MS. B.i.1   [mid 16th century]
Language:   Latin
Richardi Thomsonis Cantabrigiensis “Diatriba de iustificatione, siue gratia & fide iustificiante, vtrum, quomodo, aut quatenus cum peccato mortali siue regnante possint consistere. Siue de amissione & intercisione gratiae & iustificacionis”. By Richard Thomson (d. 1616).
Rud, Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ..., p.184, says this fair copy is in Cosin's hand, which is wrong. A few side-notes by another hand.
Paper, folio   1 vol. 161p. + half page inserted between p.98-99.
Binding: bound in early 17th century reversed calf with gilt centre-tool and spine ornaments. An ink numeral 1 is on the upper right-hand side of the front board. Later title-label on spine.
Printed Leiden, 1616 (a copy in Cosin N.5.17/1).
Cosin MS. B.i.2-4
B.i.2 has in pencil “Chartaceor[um]. No.2”, and 3 and 4 have these ink numerals on their soiled first rectos.
Binding: three booklets bound together in 19th century, rebound in half calf and boxed together in-house, 1998.
Cosin MS. B.i.2   [late 16th - mid 17th century]
Language:   Latin
Statuta Collegii Trinitatis Cantabr[igiensis]. Statutes of Trinity College, Cambridge, with additions and a prefixed table of contents; copy of the royal confirmation 4 Cal. Apr. 2 Eliz.I [29 March 1560], in a later 16th century hand; the Juramentum Magistri also prefixed on a larger bifolium and insertions in the text both in Cosin's hand (eg f.21v). Ends at chapter 43.
1 vol. vii+51f.
Cosin MS. B.i.3   [late 16th - mid 17th century]
Language:   Latin
The Statutes of the Collegiate Church of Southwell. Copy, as issued by E. [Sandys] Archbishop of York, with preceding royal letter, 2 April 27 Eliz.I. [1585], and a following list of chapters by another hand (possibly Cosin's). Last leaf (p.36) endorsed sideways “Mr Britan”.
1 vol. i+36p.
Cosin MS. B.i.4   [late 16th century]
Language:   Latin
Statuta Ecclesiae Cathedralis Cantuariensis. Copy of the Statutes of Canterbury Cathedral, with preceding list of 40 chapters and undated letter of Elizabeth I as Praefatio.
1 vol. 58f.
Cosin MS. B.i.5-8
Script: French current and italic hands of early 17th century.
Binding: bound together mid-late 19th century, but each rebound in quarter niger and boxed separately in-house, 1998.
Bound and catalogued in 19th century as one volume, but consisting of more separable booklets; some numbering by Rud suggests that they may previously have been in a different order.
Cosin MS. B.i.5   1580s
Language:   Latin
D. Tileni Theses Theologicae [title by Cosin].
Theses proposed at the Geneva Academy in the 1580s. The volume contains a mix of printed and manuscript items which list propositions but do not give any of the arguments supporting them. These would appear to be announcements of forthcoming events rather than reports of them. The first thesis, “De Deo”, ends “14 Julii 1581, mod. D.B[eza?]. Assert. Samuele Auieno Bernensi”; These theses are copied mainly in order of date, normally giving the defendant's name only. Printed items are catalogued more fully in the main library catalogue
All the individuals named can be found on the register of the Academy ( Le livre du recteur de l'Academie de Geneve ...: the number given in square brackets after the name in the following descriptions is that assigned in the Stelling-Michauds' edition), and most theses are cited in section II of Catalogue des thèses de théologie soutenues à l'Académie de Genève .... The printed notices of Doolegianus and Valetonus have head-piece ornaments used by E.Vignon of Geneva in volume I of Beza's Theological Treatises, 1582.
1 vol. 57f
Size: Vol. 50 x 29 cm (contents vary in size)
f.1r-1v   14 July 1581
“De Deo”, disputation of 6 propositions, moderated by D.B. and asserted by Samuele Auieno Bernensi [613].
f.1v-2r   29 July [1581]
“De S.S. et veneranda Trinitate”, disputation of 11 propositions, Joanne Charpontio [574].
f.2r-3r   12 August [1581]
“De Deo patre et filio”, disputation of 9 propositions, Joannes Henricus Schwyther [668].
f.3r-3v   1 September [1581]
“De Sp. Sancto”, disputation of 7 propositions, Joannes Jacobo Colero Tigurino [663] respondant.
f3v-5r   16 Calend Oct [16 September 1581]
“De attributis Dei in genere”, disputation of 10 propositions, Joanne Castolo Genevensi R. [659]
Followed by an additional 10 propositions on the same topic.
f.5r-5v   3 Calend Octob. [29 September 1581]
“De Dei omnipotentia”, disputation of 7 propositions, Guillelmo Mognienie Niuinensis [788.1].
f.5v   5 Calend Novemb [28 October 1581]
“De scientia siue sapientia Dei”, disputation of 2 propositions, each subdivided, Jo. Florido Andegauo [653]
f.6r   10 November [1581]
“De voluntate Dei”, disputation of 9 propositions, Francisco Buffetio Langonensis [650]
f.6r-6v   24 November [1581]
“De bonitate, gratia, amore, et misericordia Dei”, disputation of 9 propositions, Domenico Baudio Flandro [727]
f.6v-7r   8 December 1581
“De prouidentia Dei”, disputation of several subdivided propositions, Joannae Cornelina Galloprouincialie [718]
f.7r-8r   22 December 1581
“De æterna Dei prædestinatione”, disputation of 19 propositions, Raphael Egliniae Tiguriniae [623]
f.8r-9r   14 Calend Feb 1582 [19 January 1582]
“De rerum omnium creatione et earum distinctione”, disputation of 10 propositions, Jo. Henr. Schuytzerna Tigurinus [668]
f.9r-10r   4 non Feb 1582 [2 February 1582]
“De spiritibus bonis et malis”, thesis of 15 propositions, Joan. Jacob Colernie Tigurniae [663]
f.10r-11r   14 Kal. Mart. [16 February 1582]
“De homine”, thesis of 13 propositions, Johannae Castoldo Genevensis [659]
f.11r-12r   [ ] Calendar Martiarum 1582 [February 1582]
“De animæ humanæ facultatibus”, thesis of 9 propositions, Johannes Floridus Andegauensis [653]
f.12r-12v   X Calend. April [23 March 1582]
“De liberio arbitrio”, thesis of 12 propositions, Franciscus Buffetius Langonensis [650]
f.13r-13v   3 Cal. Maii 1582 [29 April 1582]
“De peccato”, thesis of 10 propositions, Stephanus Bloius Andensis [635]
f.13v-14v   8 June 1582
“De utraque peccati diuisione”, thesis of 10 propositions, Raimondo Palocano Bæarnesi [704]
f.14v-15r   9 November 1582
“De instauratione generis humani ubi primum de persona Christi agitur”, thesis of 8 propositions, Guillelmo Mognanienis Niueniensis [788.1]
f.15v-16r   23 November 1582
“De suacumque in Christo naturarumque hypostatica unione”, thesis of 12 propositions, Stephanus Bloius Andegavus [635]
f.16v-17v   1 April 1582
“De justificatione hominis peccatoris coram Deo”, thesis of 16 and 15 propositions, Bartholomaeus Rhodingus Marpurgensis [767]
f.19   8 id. Dec. 1582
“De officio Christi ...”, thesis of 9 propositions, Bernardus Casanoua Bearnensis. Printed. [709]
f.20   21 December 1582
“De fide”, thesis of 8 propositions, Beniamin Cressonus Burgundus. Printed. [724]
f.21v-22r   11 January 1583
“De causis et effectis fidei”, thesis of 13 propositions, Hilarius Fautratini Guernesiensis. [761]
f.24   15 cal. Martii 1583
“De sanctificatione”, thesis of 11 propositions, Franciscus Pefaurius Bearnensis. Printed. [722]
f.25v-26r   cal. Martii 1583
“De bonis operibus”, thesis of 12 propositions, Joannes Brunus Bernensis [708]
f.26v-27r   10 Cal. April 1583
“De lege Dei”, thesis of 14 propositions, Petrus Perronus Lausannesis [776]
f.27v-28r   pridie idiis april
“De præfatione et primo leges præcepto”, thesis of 17 propositions, Antonius Renaldua Vasco [818]
f.29   26 April 1583
“In secundum legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 24 propositions, Ioannes Valletonus Alebenatiensis Occitanus. Printed. [807]
f.30   10 May 1583
“In tertium legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 22 propositions, Ioannes Nissolius Semenensis Occitanus. Printed. [808]
f.31   4 cal. Iulii 1583
“De votis”, thesis of 12 propositions, Cornelius Martini Royenburgius Ultraiectinus Belga. Printed. [837]
f.32   4 id. Iulii 1583
“In quartum legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 18 propositions, Ioannes Wtenbogaert Ultraiectinus Belga. Printed. [806]
f.33   6 cal. Aug. 1583
“In quintum legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 22 propositions, Ioannes Gigordus Baeterrensis Occitanus. Printed. [881c]
f.34   9 August 1583
“In sextum legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 17 propositions, Josias Dortellius Castridunensis. Printed. [881b]
f.35   23 August 1583
“In septimum legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 18 propositions, Ioannes Ruaeus Cadomensis Normanus. Printed. [829]
f.36   12 cal. Oct. 1583
“In octavum legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 17 propositions, Laurentius Brunerius Aueninionensis. Printed. [881a]
f.37   kal. Nov. 1583
“In nonum legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 20 propositions, Ioannes Halsbergius Flander. Printed. [797]
f.38   17 cal. Dec. 1583
“In decimum legis Dei præceptum”, thesis of 16 propositions, Petrus Carpenterius Belga. Printed. [799]
f.39   3 cal. Dec. 1583
“De poenitentia”, thesis of 22 propositions, Daniel Doolegianus Belga. Printed. [798]
f.40   id. Dec. 1583
“De Conceptione Iesu Christi”, thesis of 17 propositions, David Piotaeus. Printed. [897]
f.41   31 January 1584
“De Christi sepultura, & descensu ad inferos”, thesis of 27 propositions, Hilarius Fautrartus Guerneziensis Anglus. Printed. [761]
f.42   21 February [1584]
“De Christi resurrectione”, thesis of 23 propositions, Beniaminus Cressonus Burgundus. Printed. [724]
f.43   6 March [1584]
“De ascensione Christi in coelos”, thesis of 18 propositions, G. Quercinus Tarbiensis. Printed. [705]
f.44   13 cal. Apr. [1584]
“De sessione Christi ad dexteram Patris omnipotentis”, thesis of 16 propositions, F. Pefaurius Bearnensis. Printed. [722]
f.45   3 April 1584
“In articulum symboli, quo dicitur Iesus Christus venturus vt iudicet viuos & mortuos”, thesis in 16 propositions, Ioannes Valetonus Albenatiensis Occitanus. Printed. [807]
f.46   24 April 1584
“De fide in Spiritum-Sanctum”, thesis of 15 propositions, Ioannes Nissolius Sumenensis Occitanus. Printed. [808]
f.47   id. Maii [1584]
“In articulum symboli credo sanctam Ecclesiam Catholicam”, thesis of 20 articles, David Piotaeus Genevensis. Printed. [897]
f.48   4 cal. Iun. 1584
“In articulum symboli apostolici, credo communionem Sanctorum”, thesis of 16 propositions, Iohannes Wtenbogaert Ultraiectinus Belga. Printed. [806]
f.49r   [1580s]
“Theses de origine et auctoritate S. Scriptura”, thesis of 12 propositions, undated and unascribed. Verso blank.
f.50   8 cal. Feb. 1583
“De iustificatione hominis coram Deo”, thesis of 13 propositions, G. Quercinus Tarbiensis. Date is not correct for Friday in either old or new calendar, 1582, 1583 or 1584. Printed. [705]
“Ratio studii theologici”
Language:   French
“La maniere de bien dresser un Presche”
Language:   French
“Exhortation formee sur la methode precedente”. Text from Psalm 117, argument broken up into sections (with some notes).
Cosin MS. B.i.6   1616
Language:   Latin
“Excepta quaedam e lectionibus D. D. T[ilenus]. in locos communes quos tractare incepit 28 Octob. 1611”. In a very current French hand, with few sub-headings or side-notes (Raine, Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ..., p.185, suggests these are notes taken at the lectures; there are many gaps but few corrections).“De Missa” (f.57-65) in the same hand is dated 30 May 1616, with subsequent marginal dates in June, and much later (“Hactenus prolegomena”, f.126v, is dated 31 October 1616). f.102-115, a section starting on transubstantiation, is on smaller paper, dated (f.109) 15 April 1616 and (f.110r) 18 April 1616.
Some pages written in two equal columns (the paper has been folded down the centre), but most are in a single text block. Sections usually start on the verso, after a blank recto. The following are entirely blank: f.9, 10, 29, 49, 66, 71-78, 100 [stub], 101 and 130.
1 vol. 162f.
Size: Vol. 31 x 21 cm, paper 29.5 x 19 cm
Cosin MS. B.i.7   1610s
Language:  Latin and French
“Dei Voluntas est rerum necessitas” [title or motto on f. 1].
1 vol. 117f. (f.13-14; 22-45; 55; 74-77; 81; 84-87; 103 blank)
Size: Vol. 31 x 21 cm, paper varies 26-29 x 16-20 cm
“In Epistolam D. Pauli ad Titum ex ore D. Tileni exercepta”.
“De libero arbitrio”.
“Epistolae PP. Genevensium ad D. Tilenum & Tileni ad Genevenses, itemque Pars Epistolae D. B. Parai ad Tilenum super collacionem inter T. & M. habita”. The letter to T. is dated prid. id. sept. 1612 by Simon Goulart, Antony Fay, F. Deodatus and Petrus Preuotius; T's “Responsio” is dated Sedan, proprid. cal. Nov. 1612.
Language:   French
“Question sur la souffrance et introduction des Juifs par D. T.” (f.56-59), made up of 7 arguments and responses, followed by a Latin argument about polygamy, f.60-61.
Language:   French
“Traite des Graces par D. T.” (“Question si la loy de Dieu permet a un Prince Souverain de remettre la peine de mort que la mesme loy ordonne ...”).
“Danielis Tileni ad Pareum Epistola”.
“Johannis Piscatoris Consideratio Dictatorum D. Balthasaris Mentzeri de Justificatione nostri coram Deo”.
“Consideratio Sententiae Jacobi Arminii, de Praedestinacione, Gratia Dei, et libero arbitrio hominis apud Ordd. Hollandiae et Westfrisiae ab eodem declaratae”.
“Indice des erreurs obiectis par D. Tilenus a Mr du Moulin et verifies ici par ses escrits & propres paroles”. 22 chapters, each followed by a Verification. Written on smaller paper.
“Cippus ad Tumulum Vnionis erectus”. [A lengthy cryptic Latin inscription, concerning the “Principes superioris Germaniae” and a union which lasted 13 years, 3 months and five days, expiring in April 1621. In the form of a dialogue between Viator and Vnion starting “Quisquis en, qui transis haec”
“Epitaphium ... Antonii Mauregnaldi ... defuncti ... 4 Feb. 1613 ...” With list of family and a verse epitaph “Prosopopeia defuncti”.
Cosin MS. B.i.8   1617-1618
Language:   French
Two verse by verse commentaries on Psalms 104 and 105, many sections of which are marked with the dates that they were delivered (by Tilenus at Sedan?). “Exposition du Pseaume 104 commencee le 27 Aoust 1617”. [With dates of delivery up to 4 March 1618, f. 1-60]. “Sur le Pseaume 105 commencee le 25 Mars 1618”. [Dates of delivery up to 16 Oct. 1618, f. 61-118v].
Rud, Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ..., p.187, not noticing the exposition of Ps.105, says that Cosin had written Tilenus' name “in dorso” as author of the study on Psalm 104, but it is not visible on any leaf of either now, presumably lost on later binding.
1 vol. 118f.
Size: Vol. 30 x 21 cm, paper 29 x 19 cm
Cosin MS. B.i.9
Used for Cosin C.i.2, printed book sequence, now SR.5.F.3 ( Book of Common Prayer, 1619, with Cosin's notes).
See Cosin's Works, ed. J. Sansom, vol. 5, and The Durham Book, p. xxvii.
Cosin MS. B.i.10
Used for Cosin C.i.1, printed book sequence, now SR.5.F.9 ( Book of Common Prayer, 1636, with Cosin's notes).
See Cosin's Works, ed. J. Sansom, vol. 5, and The Durham Book, p. xxvii.
Cosin MS. B.i.11   1606
Language:   English
Church of England, Province of Canterbury: Acts and Canons with accompanying arguments, as approved 1606, with amendments by the Upper House listed at the beginning. A fair copy, with placets to the last portion signed in autograph by John Overall and finally certified by him as Prolocutor, 16 April 1606 (f.174v).
Some red crayon directions to a copyist or printer in a hand resembling Cosin's (possibly for an edition planned by him, or Sancroft's annotations). On f. 66 there is one for a printer's compartment. Contemporary pagination to f. 58, restarts f.59 with quires in separate wrappers of blank sheets, each lettered alphabetically, and most having a chapter summary on the verso.
Additions are tipped in at f.103A (on back of a letter mentioning an attorney and Mr Sollerit), f.104A, f.112A, f.121A, f.152A, and pasted over part of f.141v. f.149-150 blank. The first eight leaves (f.7-14) of the main text defective by rodent or damp damage.
1 vol. i+175f.
Size: Vol. 33 x 23 cm, paper 31 x 20 cm
Binding: half-calf binding, paper repairs and cloth box, 1998, replacing decayed 19th century binding.
Printed as Bishop Overall's convocation-book, MDCVI. Concerning the government of God's catholick church, and the kingdoms of the whole world (London, 1690), ed. Archbishop Sancroft.
Cosin MS. B.i.12   [ca. 1600?]
Language:   English
“An Answear to a Booke published by the Lord Bishop of Eureux, vpon the Conference held att Fontaine-bleau the 4 of May 1600. By Philip of Mornay, Lord of Plessis-Marly. Wherein are handled incidently and by the way, the principall matters of controversy in these times”. A fair copy with many interlinear verbal alterations by the same or a similar hand, striking through and replacing text. With a list of the principal matters handled in the book (f.216). A lengthy response by Mornay to Jacques Davy Du Perron, bishop of Evreux, on the nine points that had been made during their interrupted disputation held at Fontainebleau 4 May 1600 (the illness of Mornay brought the proceedings to a premature close and the contest was adjudged to Perron). Several books were printed, especially by Robert Parsons and Matthew Sutcliffe, attacking each other on this controversy.
At the foot of the title-page an added note “I do allowe this booke to be imprinted Janu.28 1606[/7?] Owen Gwyn”, i.e. the Bishop of London's/Archbishop of Canterbury's licenser (this instance not mentioned by Greg); but there is no evidence of it having been printed. In the Stationers' Register (ed. Arber, III, 306) there is an order from the Bishop of London, 2 Dec. 1605, that no other translation should be printed until Master Moole's is ready. J. Molle translated Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, (1549-1623), A treatise of the church. Wherein are handled the principall questions mooued in our time concerning that matter. By Philip of Mornai, Lord of Plessis-Marli, counsaylor to the King in his counsell of estate, captaine of fiftie men at armes of his ordinances, gouernour for his Maiestie in the citie and iurisdiction of Saumur, and superintendent of his house and crowne of Nauarre. Reuiewed and enlarged by the author, and the authorities of the Fathers quoted in the margent, against the common slaunders of this age. Faithfully translated according to the last French copie (London, 1606) ESTC S113012.
1 vol. ii+217f.
Size: 31 x 20.5 cm
Binding: half-calf binding of 1998 replacing 19th century one, with endleaves of two defective bifolia of a manuscript Vulgate Old Testament (Pentateuch), 13th/14th century.
At head of title-page added 17th century class-mark “Pluteo F3 L1 A(?)”, not of Cosin's Library but of Peterhouse (Perne Library), where it was left during his exile in France 1644-60.
Cosin MS. B.i.13   11 February 1659
Language:   English
Fair copy of Thomas Killigrew (courtier and playwright, 1612-83), A letter to a friend and comrade in my trauells that changd his religion & out of friendship would (as he pretended) have had me of his Church. In answer of his letter, I return'd him this paper. Dated from Maastricht; copied on recto only.
1 vol. i+19f.
Size: 29.5 x 20 cm
Binding: sewn in vellum bifolium, with gilt title and class-mark, 19th century.
Motten, J.P. Vander, “"The saucy zeal of a layman": the religious views of Thomas Killigrew (1612-1683)”, Lias 29 (2002), 81-109 (with a facsimile of the title).
This item is cited in the DNB entry for Killigrew.
Cosin MS. B.i.14   [16th/17th century]
Language:   English
Leicester's commonwealth. Fair copy in a fine italic hand of The Earle of Lesters Commonwealth [formerly attributed to Robert Parsons, sometimes attributed to Thomas Morgan or Charles Arundell]. A political tract attacking Elizabeth I's government, taking the form of a discussion between a gentleman, a lawyer and a scholar, originally published in 1584, but re-issued in 1641.
Size: 33 x 20 cm
Binding: very tightly bound in semi-stiffened vellum with 19th century gilt spine title and two replacement ties; class-mark on leather label.
Erroneously numbered 13 by Rud (who put this in B.i.13 above).
For the 1584 edition, see no. 31, A.F. Allison and D.M. Rogers, The contemporary printed literature of the English counter-reformation between 1558 and 1640 : an annotated catalogue (Aldershot, 1989-1984).
Leicester's commonwealth: the copy of a letter written by a master of art of Cambridge (1584) and related documents, ed. D. C. Peck (Athens, Ohio, 1985), was thought to have collated this manuscript, but it only seems to be aware of the printed version in Cosin's Library and does not mention this manuscript.
Versions printed as The copie of a leter, wryten by a Master of Arte of Cambrige, to his friend in London, concerning some talke past of late betwen two worshipful and graue men, about the present state, and some procedinges of the Erle of Leycester and his friendes in England. Conceyued, spoken and publyshed, wyth most earnest protestation of al duetyful good wyl and affection, towardes her most excellent Ma. and the realm, for whose good onely it is made common to many (Paris, 1584), RSTC 5742.9, and then as Leycesters common-wealth: conceived, spoken and published with most earnest protestation of all dutifull good will and affection towards this realm, for whose good onely, it is made common to many, several issues (London, 1641) [London], Wing L968-9aA. Allison & Rogers II, no.31.
Cosin MS. B.i.15-20
Numbers not used.
Cosin MS. B.i.21   18th century
[Register?] of Entry of Such Books as are taken out of the Library Anno 1720. Fra. Pewterer Library Keeper. Register of books borrowed from Bishop Cosin's Library, in various hands, dated 2 June 1721 to 21 January 1782, with cancellations and notes of return.
1 vol. 10f.
Size: ca. 31 x 19 cm
Binding: within folded vellum wrapper made from part of a 17th century roll of names and small sums (possibly for Durham City - a tax or levy - it refers to a meeting house, the Market Place, a shop, and names including Mickleton and Blakeston; most payments are ½d. or 4d.); very defective, repaired and bound in quarter morocco by S. M. Cockerell, 1956.
Cosin MS. B.i.22   1798-1934
Register of borrowings from Bishop Cosin's Library, between 8 October 1798 and 25 January 1934; from 1922 mostly records consultations of manuscripts (including Mickleton & Spearman mss.).
With a note of the “restoration of a brass plate with a memorial inscription, which has long been in Bishop Cosin's Library, to Coniscliffe church ... May 22 1899” (f.25a), and at back, a note on the previous use of the Exchequer Building.
1 vol. 31f. (remainder blank)
Size: 32 x 20.5 cm
Binding: half calf, with label on front cover and ticket on newer endpaper of T.Caldcleugh & Son, Bookbinders, &c., Durham
Cosin MS. B.i.23   ca. 1668-1670
Catalogue of Cosin's Library under Latin subject headings, written by William Flower, with additions by Thomas Rud. Books are grouped by format (shelfmarks not given).
In back pocket, a quarto bifolium list of the contents of Pistorius, Rerum Germanicarum tom. I, II, and 11 loose quarto leaves with alphabetical list of titles with class marks alpha and beta (Bishop Trevor's bequest), by Robert Harrison (d. 1806, Bishop Cosin's Library keeper), instructions in navigation by another hand on the back of four leaves.
1 vol. 96f.
Size: 39 x 25 cm
Binding: untrimmed, bound in panelled and speckled calf by William Freeman ca.1700, with gilt Cosin armorial stamp on each cover; repaired with new spine, back pocket and new endpapers by Andrews, binder, of Durham.
Cosin MS. B.i.24   ca. 1670
Author catalogue of Cosin's Library. Calligraphically written, but left incomplete by Thomas Blakiston, ca.1670 (see Correspondence, ii, p.218). f.27-49 supplied by Christopher Hunter. Some marginal notes by Bishop Edward Chandler (eg. p.57). Books are grouped by format (shelfmarks not given).
f.1-50: “Catalogus librorum sive authorum qui in hac bibliotheca episcopi Dunelm habentur classicus” [S.Biblia and Commentatores only] ... alphabetice conscripta
f.51-299: Scriptores Graeci & Latini.
f.301-93: Scriptores Anglici [A-L only]

1 vol. vi+393f. remainder blank.
Size: 36 x 25.5 cm
Binding: reversed calf with blind tooling of Waghorn bindery, Durham (ca.1720-40), from front and back covers and gilt titling preserved on rebinding by Durham County Record Office, 1978.
Removed from B.i.24 in Cosin printed books sequence.
Cosin MS. B.i.25   1735-ca.1817
“Bibliothecae Episcop. Dunelm. Catalogus”. Alphabetical catalogue, with shelfmarks, in hand of Christopher Hunter (after 1735), with additions by Robert Harrison and others up to ca.1817. The most recent book added is Sebastiani's Novum Testamentum ... (London, 1818), entered in the catalogue as published in 1817 (Cosin A.iv.32), but the catalogue does not include the books by John Sharp given by Granville Sharp in 1817.
Each open bifolium is numbered alike, the left hand one left blank for annotations and additions, the catalogue written on the right page. Two additional half folios are inserted at f.32 and f.115. Annotations in several hands, including Robert Harrison and Bishop Chandler (e.g. f.43, f.92). f.107 has a note to examine N.v.24, listed as “Puritanical pamphlets” and specify each title.
1 vol. 135f.
Size: 33 x 21 cm
Binding: bound in reversed calf with blind tooling by the Waghorn bindery; spine renewed in 1960s.
This book left the Library sometime after 1817. With inscription of Joseph Stevenson (1806-95) and bookplate of the English Province of the Society of Jesus in which he ended his life. He was a frequent borrower from Cosin's Library in the 1840s. Bought back in 1922. 6 items of correspondence relating to this transaction, between E.V. Stocks (Librarian) and J.H. Pollen S.J., are stored with this volume.
Cosin MS. B.i.26   1735
“The Alphabetical Catalogue 1735”. With class marks and titles added by more than one hand. Some shelf marks only are given, and these appear to have been added later. Each opening gives the catalogue on the right page, in three columns made by folding the paper, leaving the left page blank for subsequent additions and amendments.
Each letter appears to have been compiled separately: each is made up of a separate gathering (sometimes with its own foliation) leaving blank pages at the end and with the letter catalogued written on the outermost verso. The whole of letter C is in the hand of Bishop Edward Chandler. Letter G is on smaller paper.
Name of C.T. Whitley (Durham University Librarian 1834-55) on front flyleaf.
1 vol. 196f.
Size: 34 x 21 cm
Binding: very worn; bound in vellum over millboards.
Cosin MS. B.i.27a   [between 1771 and 1788]
“A Catalogue of Books &c left by Richard late Lord Bishop of Durham to the Bishop's Library in Durham”. A list of Bishop Trevor's donation of books (d. 1771), listed by format, with a loose leaf of books wanting, in the hand of Robert Harrison, on the back of his rough alphabetical list (as found also in MS. B.i.23). A dot in front of each item presumably indicates it to be present.
1 vol. 19p.
Size: 32.5 x 20 cm
Binding: blue paper wrapper (damaged)
Cosin MS. B.i.27b   [between 1771 and 1788]
“A Catalogue of Books &c. left by Richard late Lord Bishop of Durham to the Bishop's Library in Durham”. A list of Bishop Trevor's donation of books (died 1771), listed by format. A tick against each item indicates a shelf check at some time. Damaged, with tears repaired by transparent paper tape.
A note has been stuck on the front regarding the transfer of the books to Auckland Palace by order of Bishop Thurlow, dated 1788.
1 vol. 16p.
Size: 32 x 21 cm
Binding: blue marbled card boards
Cosin MS. B.i.27 (i)   20 March 1816
Letter from William Lubbock at Newcastle, to Revd. H. Phillpotts, referring to binding work, and hoping for patronage.
Size: 25 x 40cm (folded)
Found loose in B.i.27(a) or (b), and removed by D. Ramage ca. 1950, and treated as DUL Additional Manuscript 340, but restored here June 2006.
Lubbock worked primarily as a binder. Phillpotts, as Barrington's chaplain, may have been using the catalogue of Trevor's books with regard to the return of those books to Durham from Auckland Castle, where they had been taken for Thurlow.
Cosin MS. B.i.28   [ca. 1735]
Shelf list of Bishop Cosin's Library by Christopher Hunter, with Appendix (f.32-35) by Robert Harrison of Trevor's books in classes alpha and beta. Edges frayed. Columns on paper created by folding. Annotated to indicate missing books. Small lozenge shaped markers pasted in occasionally, e.g. at P.i.1, R.ii.11.
1 vol. 35f.
Size: 33.5 x 21 cm
Binding: bound in half vellum with red marbled paper boards.
Cosin MS. B.i.29   1798
“A Rough Draught of a Class Catalogue of the Books in the Episcopal Library at Durham. Begun Feb. 12th 1798 by Jno Lambert of Durham under the Direction of the Revd Mr Saml. Viner, of the same place, & finished in the same year”. Not including the Greek or two-letter classes for Trevor. A note on the title page states that the class catalogue at Bishop Auckland (now Cosin MS B.i.30?) is a copy of this volume.
The catalogue is entered on the recto only, with occasional notes and additions made on the other side.Each letter has been catalogued separately in a booklet formed of a gathering of paper, with the title at the end, in the following pagination (Roman numerals indicate blank folios): A, 13p.; B, 11p.; C, 7p.+iif.; D, 17p.+if.; E, 13p.+if.; F, 13p.+if.; G, if. (on which class G.i.1-15 has been added) +21p.+if.; H, 17p.+if.; I, ivf.+23p.+1p. (on which class I.vii.1-23 has been added later, in two hands) +iiif. (no entries for classes I.i or I.ii); K, 19p.; L, if.+15p.; M, ivf. (no entries); N, 15p.; O, ivf. (no entries for class O.i, three entries added later for O.ii) +13p.+if.; P, 13p.+if.; Q, 1p. (on which class Q.i.1-14 has been added later) 9p.+if.; R, 13p.+if.; S, iif.+15p.; T, 17p.+if.; V, xiif. (on the first five of which classes V.i.1-2, V.ii.1-17, V.iii.1-23, V.iv,1-21 and V.v.1-24 have been added respectively); W, 17p.+if. (bottom quarter of which has been torn off); X, vif. (on the first two of which classes X.i.1-14, and X.ii.1-18 have been added) +17p.+if.; Y, 21p.+if.; Z, iif. (on which classes Z.i.1-13, Z.ii.1-18, Z.iii.1-14 have been added later); remaining 36p. ruled but otherwise blank.
A memo from S. Viner at the end of C sets out the format for the catalogue. A list of books not found (undated) has been pasted onto the back of the second blank folio at the start of S.
1 vol. See under contents for foliation.
Size: 41 x 25 cm
Binding: bound in reversed calf, worn, with gilt label on front cover; spine renewed in 1960s.
Cosin MS. B.i.30   1799
“Catalogus Classicus Librorum in Bibliotheca Episcopali Dunelm. confectus Anno, 1799. I. Lambert del. & Scrip. 1799”. Catalogue of Bishop Cosin's Library in shelfmark order, which served as the working shelf list (with additions and alterations, including losses and removals to other locations) up to about 1990. Notes on front flyleaf by E.V. Stocks, 1920, A.I. Doyle and A.D. Burnett; typed lists by latter of transfers, missing items and unused class marks. Some notes about repairs and re-bindings. Appendix (p.487-511) lists Bishop Trevor's books in classes AA and BB.
1 vol. 511p., remainder blank
Size: 39 x 25 cm
Binding: blind tooled calf with red spine gilt title label by Andrews, binder, Durham, mid 19th century.
Cosin MS B.i.30 (i)   8 November 1916
Letter from Arthur Dolphin, chaplain to the bishop, Auckland Castle, acknowledging transfer there of two volumes, Population abstracts for 1811 and 1821, formerly Cosin shelmark L.ii.26-27.
Cosin MS. B.i.31   ca. 1834
Alphabetical catalogue of Bishop Cosin's Library, written on verso leaving recto blank for additions. Signature at end “Wm Grantham”; with many additions, chiefly by E.V.Stocks, Librarian, in 1920-21. Notes on front flyleaf of 1839 and 1841 of orders after visitations of the library by the Archdeacons of Durham and Northumberland. Newspaper cutting (1923) about anonymous return of missing 1514 Sarum Missal [D.ii.12] in 1898, inserted at f.94.
ii+158f. (remainder blank)
Size: 37 x 22 cm
Binding: blind tooled calf or sheep, with gilt red morocco label on front board, marbled endleaves, by Andrews, Durham.
Cosin MS. B.i.32   [ca. 1690?]
Subject catalogue of Bishop Cosin's Library. Sequences under Latin headings by format, with places and dates of publication, but without class marks, in the hand of Thomas Rud, possibly ca.1690. With some notes in the hand of Bishop Edward Chandler. Interlinear comments and expansions; some corrections made by over-pasting (e.g. f.65v).
1 vol. 180f.
Size: 20 x 16 cm
Binding: stiffened contemporary vellum.
Cosin MS. B.i.33   between 1778 and 1788
“Shelf List of number of books in the various shelves”. Rough diagrams of the quantities of books in the cases of Bishop Cosin's Library. Created when the medieval manuscripts were in press U [=V], and including Trevor's bequest of 1771 (of which class AA was subsequently crossed out, no doubt when those books were taken to Auckland in 1780). With some erasures and later pencil additions. An added pencil note before class F: “For the books in the Press on the left of the fire place see U”; that press must have been destroyed when the fireplace was enlarged in 1845 (Lord Harley saw the manuscripts on the north side in the 1740s). The diagrams take the form of the class letter, a brief description of content type, the shelf layout and number of books on each shelf; at the bottom, the location of the case within the room is sometimes given.
1 vol. 25f. (remainder blank)
Size: 21 x 17 cm
Binding: half leather with marbled paper boards.
Cosin MS. B.ii.
Cosin MS. B.ii.1   1663
Language:  Greek, Latin, French
Two encomia in parallel translations, praising John Cosin and Charles II, by Philippe Cattier (fl. 1650, author of Gazophylacium graecorum ...).
1 vol. 43 p.
Size: 23 x 18 cm
Binding: brown mottled calf, 17th century, gold tooled, marbled endpapers.
“ΕΓχωμιον”. Parallel Greek and Latin verse on opposite pages, the Latin headed “Laudatio Reuerendi admodum in Christo patris Domini Johannis Cosin Divina prouidentia Episcopi Dunelmensis. Anacreonto versu scripta (graece; at latine reddita verbatim.)”, first line “Me ambulante, ecce”. Signed (p.7) “Philypus Cattierus author, conscriptus propria manu”.
“Philobasileus”. Parallel Greek and Latin prose on opposite pages, the Latin headed “Augustissimo atque inuincibili omnino Monarcha Carolo secundo Regi Anglia &c”, ending with a prayer for the King. Signed (p.21) “Philippus Cattier”.
“Le philobasile”. French translation of the previous piece (p.9-21). Signed “Philippus Cattier, a Londres le premier jour de Janvier 1663, style ancien”.
Cosin MS. B.ii.2   1660
Language:   Latin
“Collectio Antiquitatum Ecclesiae Dunelmensis”. “Begun the 14th of Nouember 1660 / a transcript of a manuscript which Mr Greeke hath./ Ended the 26 of November 1660”.
With marginal instructions in Cosin's hand for selective transcription. Several men named Greek were at Cambridge at Trinity or Peterhouse around this period.
1 vol. 113p. (remainder blank)
Size: 25 x 16 cm
Binding: bound in stiffened vellum.
Title not written in Cosin's hand, but the notes in margins of p.1, 8, 25, 88, 100 are by him. Note below the title by Thomas Rud that the first three leaves are only the general Preface to Symeon's History of the Church of Durham, and that p. 25-103 are an incorrect copy of part of Prior John Wessyngton's De origine monachatus, f.5b to f.31 (from Durham Cathedral MS. B.iii.30?). Notes in another hand (Hunter?) in margins of p.34, 35, 38. Much of the later material is found in the Rites of Durham.
“Brevis narratio de ortu Episcopatus et Conventus Dunelm”.
“Quo anno Sanctus Cuthbertus ordinatus est et quantum amabatur et venerabatur ab antiquis Regibus et eorum donationibus”.
“Ecclesiae in Anglia dedicatae in honore Dei et Sti Cuthberti Lindisfarnensis Episcopi”, followed by a list of dependent cells.
“Scripturæ sub imaginibus Regum ad ostium chori Ecclesiæ Dunelmensis ex parte australi”.
“Scripturæ sub imaginibus Regnum ad ostium chori Ecclesiæ Dunelmensis ex parte boreali”.
“Scripturæ sub imaginibus Pontificium ad ostium chori Ecclesiæ Dunelmensis ex parte australi”.
“Scripturæ sub imaginibus Regum ad ostium chori Ecclesiæ Dunelmensis ex parte boreali”.
“Scripturæ sub imaginibus Monarchorum ad altare Sanctorum Hieronimi et Benedicti in Ecclesiæ Dunelmensis ...”.
“Nomina Imperatorum”.
“Nomina Patriarchorum”.
“Nomina Archiepiscoporum”.
“Nomina Episcoporum”.
“Nomina Abbatum”.
“De constructione Monasterii Wermowthensis et Giruensis et de Abbatibus eiusdem”.
“De sanctis monachis Ecclesiæ Lindisfernensis”.
“Antiquitates Ecclesiæ Dunelmensis” (a series of accounts of events under separate headings, including the visit of Henry VI).
“De adventu Regis Henri. 6 ad Ecclesiam Dunelm.”
Printed: Rites of Durham ..., p.122-123.
Language:   English
Letter from Henry VI to John Somerset, 1448.
Printed: Rites of Durham ..., p.123.
Cosin MS. B.ii.3   [1630s]
Language:  Latin and English
Small quarto volume, concerning ceremonies and procedures in the University of Cambridge, with one short item relating to the University of Oxford. Probably compiled in the 1630s, possibly for John Cosin. Written by several hands, none of them Cosin's.
17th century inscription (illegible under ultra violet) on back cover. Inscription “1.JS. & halfe” on front pastedown.
1 vol. 115 f.
Size: 18 x 13.5 cm
Binding: gilt tooled limp vellum, 1st half 17th century, with later black leather pressmark label (B.ii.3) at foot of spine, and 17th century spine title “Cambr. Orders Entertmt there”, possibly in Cosin's hand.
Paper watermarked throughout: jug with initials RO.
Language:   English
Memorandum about the dirge kept at St. Botulph's, Cambridge on St Vincent's Day, attended by the Vicechancellor and Proctors, and notes about precedence in general processions. Below, in the hand of Thomas Rud: “Liber Bibliothecae Episcopalis Dunelm B.ii.3”
Language:   English
“De sermons [sic] ad Clerum”.
Language:   English
“The Ve[s]pers in Diuinitie”.
Language:   English
“The Com[m]encem[en]t in Diuinitie”.
Language:   English
“De Disputatione in Theologia”.
Language:   English
“The Vespers in Canon & Ciuell”.
Language:   English
“The Comencem[en]t in Canon & ciuill”.
Language:   English
“The Vespers in Art”.
Language:   English
“The Com[m]encement in Arte”.
Language:   English
“The Vespers in Grammer”.
Language:   English
“The entring of a Master in Gram[m]er”.
Language:   Latin
“Commemoratio Benefactorum”.
Language:   Latin
Language:   English
“The order of the Questionists”.
Language:   English
Language:   Latin
“De Bedellis & ad eorum munera spectantibus”.
Language:   Latin
“De Bedellis visitandis”.
Language:   Latin
“Antiquu[m] Statutu[m] de Bedellis”.
Language:   English
“Queen Eliz. Com[m]ing to Camb. 1564”.
Language:   Latin
“Quaestiones disputatae 1566 coram Ill[ustrissi]ma Regina Elizabetha Oxonii”.
Language:   Latin
John Lydgate on the origins of a university at Cambridge, as cited by John Caius.
Language:   Latin
Lists (conflicting) of chancellors of Cambridge University, one for 1263-1628, the other for 1315-1400.
f.56v-57v   6 August 1574
Language:   English
“The Gifte of the Uniuersitie Street”.
Text of the indenture, 6 Aug. 16 Eliz. I [1574], between
(1) Matthew [Parker] Archbishop of Canterbury
(2) the Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of Cambridge University
(3) the Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College, commonly called Bennet College
(1) gives to (2) ground in the new University St which he bought from Kings College.
(3), in consideration of payment from (1), gives to (2) certain ground in the same street.
(3) undertakes to keep this ground and adjoining walls in repair, and also to keep in repair the books which (1) has given or shall give to the University Library (which are to be kept in “lockers” at its North End), and the chains of those of the books already chained there.
If (3) fails in these undertakings after due request from the Chancellor, (3) is to pay to (2) 3s. 4d. per week while the neglect lasts.
(1) also gives (3) the residue of the ground he bought from Kings College.
f.58r-58v   1 July 1564
Language:   English
Letter from Elizabeth I to the Mayor, bailiffs and burgesses of Cambridge, confirming the University's ancient privileges concerning licensing and correction of victuallers and tipplers.
Language:   English
Memorandum concerning the failure of Roger Goad, when elected Mayor of Cambridge in 1577, to give due notice to the Vice Chancellor of his intention to take his oath on Michaelmas Day.
Language:   Latin
“Soluc[i]o[n]es faciendae Academiae et Officiariis in admissione ad Gradus”.
“Certaine dinners for ye Bedells”.
Cosin MS. B.ii.4   1640
Language:   Latin
“Statutum Academiae Cantabrig. De Commemoratione Benefactorum, quotannis celebranda ab Anno 1640 Procurante J. C. tunc temporis Procancellario” (title in Cosin's hand). Text of the University of Cambridge Commemoration of Benefactors ceremony in November 1640, at which Cosin officiated.
1 vol. i+5+i+22+ip.
Size: 20.5 x 16 cm
Binding: 19th century stiffened vellum, gilt class mark on front board.
Cosin MS. B.ii.5   1640
“Collegii S. Petri in Acadeemia Cantabrigiensi Benefactorum Gratulatio [Commemoratio] An. 1640; Praesidente J. Cosino S. Theologiae Professore et Collegii Magistro”. Probably uniform with B.ii.4.Description from Rud, Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ..., p. 189.
Missing by July 1881.
Cosin MS. B.ii.6   1664
Language:   Latin
“Concio ad Clerum, habita in Ecclesia Beatae Mariae Cantabr: pridie Calendarum Julii, Anno Domini 1664”. Text of address to the clergy, prefaced by a dedicatory epistle to Cosin by John Standish from Peterhouse, dated 13 Id. Martii 1668 (John Standish, d. 1686; Chaplain to Charles II, 1674-86).
1 vol. iii+25p. (remainder blank)
Size: 20.5 x 16 cm
Binding: stiffened vellum (uniform with B.ii.4.)
Cosin MS. B.ii.7
“T. H[olden's] Epistle about the Subscriptions and Submission of the Papists to the Higher Powers of the New State that deposed and murdered their King in England”. Rud, Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis .... p.189; cf. W. Flower's list in Cosin MS B.ii.23: “H. Holden's Epistle to the Papists of England for their Obedience to be given to Cromwell”.
Missing from Cosin's Library by July 1881. Later given to Ushaw College Library in 1946 by J.D. Cowen as from his aunt Mrs A.H. Thompson of Whickham, having been printed by C.E. Whiting, who did not identify the author or recognise the earliest source of the copy. He said that it came from the library of Canon Whitley of Bedlington, i.e. C.T. Whitley, University and Cosin's Librarian 1835-55.
Note by AID: not found at Ushaw in 1990s; my recollection and notes are that it is inscribed by Cosin's hand: for his interest see his Correspondence II, 217 etc.
On the author see “An English Gallican: Henry Holden (1596/7-1662). Part I (to 1648)”, Recusant history 22 (1995), 323-99. Only this part was published, without knowledge of this manuscript, before the author's death.
Printed: C. E. Whiting, “Articles proposed to the catholics of England”, Proc. Soc. Ant. Newcastle, 4th ser. 10 (1946), 324-332.
Cosin MS. B.ii.8   [1640s?]
Language:   English
“Collects and Titles vpon the Psalter by the Lord Hatton. Anno Domini 1644”. Now generally attributed to Jeremy Taylor with Christopher Lord Hatton as sponsor. With a pen and ink imitation of the engraved frontispiece by Robert Vaughan in the first edition (Oxford, 1644) (Madan 1626).
1 vol. 52f.
Size: 20.5 x 16 cm
Binding: stiffened vellum (as B.ii.4)
Cosin MS. B.ii.9
“Assertio de Antiquitate Cantab. Academiae, ex diversis antiquis Scriptoribus”.
Missing by July 1881.
Cosin MS. B.ii.10   1637
Language:   Latin
Printed title page of “Historica descriptio complectens vitam ac res gestas beatissimi viri Gulielmi Wicami quondam Wintoniensis episcopi ...” (with the author added in ink “Authore Thoma Martin Cancellario Winton. sub Gardinero Episcopo”. Londini excusum Typographi P. S[hort]. An. Dom. 1597 (title leaf from STC 17516, with attribution by later 18th century hand. Copy of this biography of William Wykeham, bishop of Winchester, by Thomas Martin (including diagram of his immediate family tree). “Finis August 26 1637” written at end.

1 vol. 56f.
Size: 20.5 x 16 cm
Binding: stiffened old vellum with modern gilt black leather spine class mark label.
Former Peterhouse class mark, 17th century, at head of printed titlepage: Pluteo F3 L4 Austr. (Cosin's books were stored at Peterhouse 1644-60)
Cosin MS. B.ii.11   mid 17th century
Written in one early 17th century hand. Cosin himself made another copy of Hegge's work (in Durham Cathedral Library) without attribution, but the name of Robert is added in (his?) crayon to entry of Cosin MS. B.ii.11 in the catalogue of his manuscripts ca.1668-70 in Cosin MS. B.i.23.
1 vol. 172 f. (of which many blanks)
Size: 18.5 x 15 cm
Binding: old vellum with modern gilt black leather class mark spine label.
“An exposition of the Catechisme”, text of catechism in question and answer form.
“The grounds of Christian religion by way of Catechisme and drawne into questions and answers”, in question and answer form.
“The History of the Church of Durham written by Stephen Hegg” (title in Cosin's hand). Stephen Hegge senior was Robert's father (d.1627); M. H. Dodds attributed the copying of the son's work and the following copy of the Rites of Durham ... to him, but as the last bishop of Durham listed by it is Morton (1632-59) it might rather be that of Stephen Hegge junior, Robert's brother.
Lists of bishops of Hexham, Witherne (Candida Casa), Lindisfarne, Chester, Durham (to Morton 1632, with John Cosin 1660 added).
Language:   English
Robert Hegge's “History of St Cuthbert”.
For Hegge's account of St Cuthbert (usually ascribed to him and dated 1625 in other copies) see P. Pattenden, “Robert Hegge of Durham and his St Cuthbert”, Trans. Archit. & Archaeol. Soc. of Durham & Northumberland, new series 5 (1980), 107-23.
Language:   English
“Rites of Durham”, starting “This booke doth conteine a discription or briefe declaration of all the ancient monuments Rites and customes, belonginge or beinge within the Monasticall Church of Durham before the suppression written 1593”, ends “and beholders thereof” (p.107 of Surtees Society ed.). With marginal collations of another copy of the Rites of Durham in the hand of Christopher Hunter (17th century). This copy of the Rites of Durham is described by J. T. Fowler, Surtees Society ed. p. ix, and used for the text (Ms. I) up to p. 23 where the Hogg Roll (now Durham Cathedral Library MS. C.iii.23) starts. A note by Fowler is tipped in at f.80r.
Printed: Fowler, J.T. (ed.), Rites of Durham Surtees Society, 107 (Durham, 1903).
Notes of psalms and lessons for reading in a church service.
Language:   English
“Anno Jacobi Regis tertio: An act for a publike thansgiuinge to allmightie god, euerye yeare on the fift of nouember”.
Cosin MS. B.ii.12-14   17th century
Language:   English
B.ii.12/1 is very defective at the head and outer edges. B.ii.12/2 and B.ii.14/1 retain their deckle edges. Most items have separate contemporary pagination.
1 vol. 52 f.
Binding: full brown morocco, by Bramhall & Menzies, Manchester, 11 August 1928, with list of contents on front pastedown by E.V.Stocks, and loose note to binders (includes the insertion of the pairs of blank leaves which now separate items).
Cosin MS. B.ii.12-14 is now bound as a single volume as follows. Cosin MS. B.ii.12/1 is f.4-11; Cosin MS. B.ii.12/2 is f.15-23; Cosin MS. B.ii.13 is f.26-32 and the misbound f.12; Cosin MS. B.ii.14/1 is f.35-45; Cosin MS. B.ii.14/2 is f.48.
List in the hand of William Flower (Cosin's chaplain and amanuensis in his later years) of the contents of a volume which included printed Articles of Religion 1642, Articles of the Assembly 1647, Constitutions and Canons 1633 and 1640, and Cosin's Durham Visitation Articles 1662, now in Cosin L.iv.33 (1,2,3,4,6), bound by the Waghorns c.1720-40, as well as Cosin MS B.ii.12/1, B.ii.12/2 and B.ii.14/1. Rud, Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ..., pp.190-1, has only Cosin MS B.ii.12/2, B.ii.13 and B.ii.14/1.
f.4-11f.4-11   1648
“The Humble Advice of the Assembly of Divines, now by Authority of Parliament sitting at Westminster ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament after some Alterations sent from the Lords to be printed & publishd. 20 Junii 1648” (defective beginning of title taken from the printed edition of the version submitted to the Commons, 1647, (copy at Cosin L.iv.33/4). Manuscript digest in Cosin's hand of the text as amended.
Size: 23 x 17 cm
Misbound last leaf of Cosin MS B.ii.13, belonging after f.32.
f.15-23   1619

“Articles to be enquired of in the Diocesse of Norwich; Anno Domini 1619”. Fair copy in Cosin's small early hand, with alterations by another hand at end, and signed Jo [Overall] Noruicensis (marked with the leaf signatures etc. for the printed edition, STC 10292). Rud has written “Bishop Overall” under the title.
Size: 21 x 16 cm
f.26-32   [1620s ?]
“Articles to be inquired of &c”. Articles for the visitation of parish churches: a fair corrected copy in Cosin's early hand, with no indication of the locality, and differing from the accompanying Norwich and East Riding articles, although presumably those with similar title (subsequently lost?) catalogued as the latter, 1626, by Rud, Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ..., p.191. See f.12 for last leaf of this item.
Size: 22.5 x 17 cm
f.35-45v   1627
“Articles to be diligently inquired of, & seuerally answered vnto, vpon Oath, by the Church wardens & Sworne men of euery Parish within the Jurisdiction of the Archdeacon of the East-riding in York. At the Archdeacon's ordinary Visitation there in the yeere of our Lord 1627”. Draft in Cosin's early hand heavily corrected and annotated by him.
Size: 20.5 x 14.5 (f.35-41); 22 x 15 (f.42-45) cm
According to Ornsby, this was in his possession when he edited it, having been handed to him by Joseph Stevenson who said he had bought it and other Cosin manuscripts from the bookseller Thomas Rodd ( Correspondence, I, v-vi); but it is in Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ...
Printed: G. Ornsby, Correspondence, I (Durham, 1869), 106-23
f.48   [c.1650s]
“The Summe of Blondels Apologie for S. Hierom's opinion concerning Bishops & Presbyters”. Written by Cosin in two columns, with a note in the last column by another 17th/18th century hand, in English. This refers to the Apologia pro sententia Hieronymi de Episcopis et Presbyteris (Amsterdam 1646), dedicated to the rulers of the churches, especially in Britain, by David Blondel, (copy at Cosin K.iv.36, in which this sheet could possibly have been found loose). In the register of borrowings from Cosin's Library, 15 September 1843, Joseph Stevenson is recorded for “Cosin MS. on English Orders”, which, unlike many other items against his name, was never cancelled, and is not obviously identifiable with any other known manuscript, if only indirectly on that topic.
Size: 33 x 22 cm
Cosin MS. B.ii.15   [1760s - 1770s ?]- ca. 1800
“Catalogus Episcoporum, Priorum, Decanorum, Canonicorum, Ecclesiae Dunelmensis. Cui praemittitur series Episcoporum Lindisfarnensium. Subjiciuntur Catalogi Archidiaconorum Dunelmensium et Northumbriae & Cancellariorum Temporalium & Spiritualium Dunelmensium”. A series of lists of office-holders, compiled up to 1759. A fair copy of a compilation by Dr Thomas Sharp [d.1758], with notes in red ink by his son Granville (written ca. 1798, see p.213) on the authorship and correctness of the copy to the autograph and its supplement by Dr John Sharp [d.1792], such as on p.35, p.105. Blank pages left at end of each section, although Granville Sharp suggests (p.281) that a new volume be started to bring the record up to date and continue it.
1 vol. 309 p. (many blank for additions)
Size: 25 x 20 cm
Binding: half green sheep, gold tooled.
Presentation inscription “To be deposited in the Library, founded by Bishop Cosin at the Castle of Durham, and to be there perpetually preserved. May 1817”. The biographical account on p.210 mentions this manuscript being deposited with a copy of “The grand period of 2000 years from the 1st call of Abraham to the year of Christ 73” made by Thomas Sharp in a copy of Tabulae chronologicae continentes tum sacra, tum profana notatu digna ... Hasce tabulas in ordinem redegit, & hic una exhibuit Ben. Marshall ... (Cosin CC.i.15) and a six volume set of Thomas Sharp's Works (Cosin I.vii.1-6). The remainder of Cosin I.vii consists of works by Granville Sharp, some in his characteristic personal binding, which were presumably donated at the same time.
A slip of paper inserted has a note by W. Levison referring to another copy (or perhaps the original) at Durham County Library (Old Elvet 24) 283/L [untraced].
List of sources
Bishops of Lindisfarne, Chester and Durham up to Trevor (a note by G. Sharp that this part is from the addenda to the original manuscript).
Priors of Durham.
Deans of Durham (up to Cowper).
Table of the lands assigned to the Dean and their revenues.
Note on Durham prebends.
First prebend.
Revenues of first prebend.
Second prebend.
Revenues of second prebend.
Third prebend.
Revenues of third prebend.
Fourth prebend.
Revenues of fourth prebend.
Fifth prebend.
Revenues of fifth prebend.
Sixth prebend.
Revenues of sixth prebend.
Seventh prebend.
Revenues of seventh prebend.
Eighth prebend.
Revenues of eighth prebend.
Ninth prebend.
Revenues of ninth prebend.
Tenth prebend. p.209-213 is a biography of Thomas Sharp by Granville Sharp, ending with some mention of his son John Sharp (d.1792), dated “Temple, 20 September 1798”.
Revenues of tenth prebend.
Eleventh prebend.
Revenues of eleventh prebend.
Twelfth prebend.
Revenues of twelfth prebend.
Archdeacons of Durham.
Archdeacons of Northumberland.
Chancellors (temporal) of Durham.
Chancellors (spiritual) of Durham.
Prebendaries, by year of admission (giving seniority and by whom admitted).
p.283-305; 308-309
Index. Personal names; Granville Sharp has added an index of building works p.286, continued p.308-309.
Notes on longest surviving office holders.
Cosin MS. B.ii.16   [1750s?]
“Ecclesia Dunelm Curious Collections & Remarks on the Rights of the Church of Durham by Dr Thomas Sharp” (title written on front cover). Written in Thomas Sharp's hand, in various inks. Copy made ca. 1750; dates given below are of the originals copied.
1 vol. 91f.
Size: 33 x 20.5 cm
Binding: stiffened vellum.
With front flyleaf note: “To be placed in Bishop Cosins' Library. 1817” (given at the same time as Cosin MS. B.ii.15).
f.1r-5r   1662
Language:   Latin
“Monita et Injunctiones ...” Bishop Cosin's visitation of Durham Cathedral, 1662.
f.5v-6v   1633
Language:   English
Extracts from Dean Hunt's register about Charles I's visit to Durham Cathedral in 1633. Cosin, then a prebendary, sent a letter to the Dean and Chapter about several improvements required by the King (removal of tenement buildings from churchyard, relocation of seats for local dignitaries from the choir, terms of leases of lives, against felling trees at Bearpark other than for repair of the Cathedral or College).
f.7r   1686
Language:   Latin
Mandate by Bishop Crewe relating to precedence among prebendaries.
f.10v-12r   1725
Language:   English
“Injunctions given by the Right Reverend father in God William, Lord Bishop of Durham in his primary visitation of the cathedral church of Durham begun on the 13 day of Sept. 1725” (visitation of Bishop Talbot).
f.15r-91v   1743
Language:   English
“The Question between the Dean and his Chapter concerning Mr Leslies Dividend at the audit, 1743, considered”, a lengthy narrative with arguments in the first person, including a copy of correspondence with the bishop, an opinion of counsel, an extract from a paper of Isaac Basire's, and accounts of Chapter leases, precedents etc. Thomas Sharp was sub-Dean at this time, and refers to a document as “my letter” (f.83v); it is unclear if all these documents relate to one case or a simply a collection of precedents and useful documents.
Cosin MS. B.ii.17   1831
Language:   English
“Practice of the civil courts in the county palatine of Durham”. Morpeth, William Woodman, scripsit 1831. With table of contents; written on recto only (with some additions on the verso). An account of the various procedures of the courts, fees chargeable, the various writs and actions, and a formulary as an appendix.
With an appended copy of a letter from William Marshall, Durham 31 March 1875, addressed to William Woodman, Stobhill, Morpeth, about the effect of Acts of 1836 and 1852 and a judgment in chambers invalidating a writ of Pone (f.84v-85r).
1 vol. 85f. (remainder blank)
Size: 25.5 x 17 cm
Binding: quarter vellum, marbled endpapers.
Given by W. Woodman to J.T.Fowler and by him to Cosin's Library, July 1881.
Cosin MS. B.ii.18   1655
Language:   Latin
“Historia Transsubstantiationis Papalis ...” Scripta Anno Domini MDCLV. Title, preliminary matter and the end of the text in Cosin's hand, and most of the text in other hands, but with many autograph notes and alterations. With index of texts cited.
Tipped in (f.3) a letter from Gilbert Talbot, Cologne 8 June 1655, to Cosin at the Palais Royal, with his reply written on the back, Paris, 27 September 1655, sending “this originall”, and implying that it had been composed to meet Talbot's request for such a treatise in Latin.
1 vol. ii+72+iif.
Size: 24 x 18 cm
Binding: full hard grained morocco, gilt edged, early 19th century.
This was no.80 in J. Cochran's Catalogue of Manuscripts, 1829, when it was apparently bought by Bishop Van Mildert, whose bookplate it contains. A flyleaf note by Bishop Maltby says that it was given to him by Van Mildert's executors and that he is depositing it in Cosin's Library, 28 October 1843.
First printed (probably not from this copy): Historia transubstantiationis papalis. Cui praemittitur, atque opponitur, tum S. Scripturae, tum veterum Patrum, & reformatarum ecclesiarum doctrina Catholica, de sacris symbolis, & praesentia Christi in sacramento Eucharistiae. Hanc autem disquisitionem historicam ante annos XIX scribebat, & demum instanti multorum rogatu excudi permisit paulo ante obitum Joh. Episcopus Dunelmensis (London, 1675).
Cosin MS. B.ii.19   [1796]
“Remarks on Mr Bicheno's Signs of the Times (2nd ed. printed 1794) part the 1st, wrote in the Margin of that Edition, in the same year, by G. S”. A commentary on James Bicheno's The signs of the times: or the overthrow of the papal tyranny in France, the prelude of destruction to popery and despotism; but of peace to mankind, mainly a series of refutations of this originally made in his copy of the book, December 1796, (parts 1 and 2) and copied out here by Granville Sharp. Also the same, regarding the two parts of Joseph Towers' Illustrations of prophecy: in the course of which are elucidated many predictions, which occur in Isaiah, or Daniel, in the writings of the evangelists, or the book of Revelation; and which are thought to foretell, among other great events, a revolution in France, favourable to the interests of mankind, the overthrow of the Papal power, and of ecclesiastical tyranny, the downfal of civil despotism, and the subsequent melioration of the state of the world: together with a large collection of extracts, interspersed through the work, and taken from numerous commentators (London, 1796).
1 vol. 13+5+29+28 p.
Size: 19.5 x 12.5 cm
Binding: red morocco, gold tooled.
Cosin MS. B.ii.20   [18th century]
“Catalogus Manuscriptorum Codicum in Bibliotheca Episcopali Dunelm”. 18th century transcript of the catalogue of the manuscripts in Bishop Cosin's Library (sequences V.i, V.ii, V.iii, V.iv, V.v, “Libri chartacei” [B.i] and B.ii) by Thomas Rud, edited by James Raine the elder for printing, and with additions by J. T. Fowler.
1 vol. 88 p.
Size: 20 x 16 cm
Binding: quarter calf, marbled endpapers.
Cosin MS. V.
Post-medieval manuscripts added to the Cosin V. sequence.

Cosin MS. V.ii.10   [early 17th century]
“Geruasii Tilberiensis de Scaccarii necessariis obseruantiis Diologus”. Manuscript copy of Dialogus de scaccario, by Richard Fitzneale.
Written in one secretary hand (excepting f.1v on the Court of Exchequer, and f.108-9, for an additional memorandum, 12 Edw.II), with title in text hand and headings in roman. Ink corrections near the beginning by another hand, probably also that of marginal notes in pencil throughout, often in law French, many cropped at edges.
1 vol. 109 f.
Size: 29 x 18.5 cm
Binding: russia, two clasps, mid 19th century
Rud, Catalogi Veteres Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis ..., p.152, says “Donum Johannis Tempest Armigeri 1665, manu [G.] Davenport” (John Tempest, of Old Durham, d.1697), an inscription that must have been lost in the 19th century rebinding.
Printed (from other sources): Dialogus de Scaccario ..., ed and trans. Charles Johnson, corr. F.E.L. Carter & D.E. Greenway (Oxford, 1983).
Cosin MS. V.ii.18   Between 1708-1718
Alphabetical catalogue of the library of Edward Chandler (1668?-1750, bishop of Durham 1730-50) in his own hand, compiled progressively up to ca.1718, with shelf marks. With a list of the contents of D'Achery's Spicilegium, f.161v-167, and various notes (written from the back) on f.167-169.
“No. 16.” inside first leaf; “E C Catalogus” on back . Found with Cosin MS. V.ii.19 amongst Cosin manuscripts but without bookplate or shelf mark, perhaps lost with front cover.
1 vol. 169 f.
Size: 24 x 18 cm
Binding: stab bound, boards not present, blue paper cover (?) at end.
Removed after 1952 by D. Ramage and treated as DUL Additional Manuscript 517, but restored here June 2006. Cosin MS V.ii.18-19 where not recognised as relating to Chandler until the acquisition of Add.MS. 519 in 1952, a third copy of Chandler's catalogue that identified the owner.
Additional Manuscripts
Add.MS. 519 is a third copy of Chandler's catalogue (with some accompanying items, Add.MSS. 526-533)
Cosin MS. V.ii.19   [early 18th century]
Alphabetical catalogue of the private library of Bishop Edward Chandler, transcribed from his first catalogue by another hand, with many interlined additions in Chandler's hand, the latest date noticed being 1729. Includes Hebrew pressmarks.
Bookplate of Cosin's Library, 19th century. Bound (by Tucketts of London) with the catalogue in the 19th century (now p.373 onwards) were 6 folded sheets and 17 smaller leaves.
1 vol. ii+372 p.
Size: 20 x 15.5 cm
Binding: russia, one clasp, mid 19th century
Removed after 1952 by D. Ramage and treated as DUL Additional Manuscript 518, but restored here June 2006. Cosin MS V.ii.18-19 where not recognised as relating to Chandler until the acquisition of Add.MS. 519 in 1952, a third copy of Chandler's catalogue that identified the owner.
Additional Manuscripts
Add.MS. 519 is a third copy of Chandler's catalogue (with some accompanying items, Add.MSS. 526-533)
See also: bill for 16 books to Chandler as Bishop of Lichfield, now misbound in Cosin MS. V.i.10, f.4, perhaps accidentally left there by Chandler as a bookmark, after his arrival in Durham in 1730.
Notes on books.
Alphabetical catalogue of books.
Alphabetical analysis in Chandler's hand of Thesaurus Theologico-philologicus.
“Books in Lond”, an alphabetical list (A -T) in Chandler's hand of his library in London, with Hebrew pressmarks.
A list of cross references to geographical subjects, some under heading “European history”.
Notes of Talmud translations.
p.373   [ca.1730]
List of records, including some relating to Durham, with their keeping places, compiled by Edward Chandler. Includes references to Byshbury (manor in Staffordshire owned by Chandler) and “Durham papers in pastboard box”.
Size: 20 x 33 cm. (folded)
p.375-380   [ca. 1730]
Shelf list of his books, with Hebrew shelf marks, compiled by Edward Chandler.
Size: 31 x 38 cm; 31 x 18 cm. (folded)
p.381-382   [ca. 1730]
List of books to buy, compiled by Edward Chandler.
Size: 30 x 19 cm. (folded)
p.383-384   [ca. 1730]
Shelf list of his books, with Hebrew shelf marks, compiled by Edward Chandler.
Size: 32 x 21 cm
p.385   [ca. 1730]
Another list of records with locations of their storage; a shorter version of p.373.
Size: 17 x 12 cm
Two small pieces of paper, listing books, one headed “Bought already”.
Another short list of records with locations of their storage
Size: 17 x 12 cm
List of tracts in John Pearson's Critici sacri, compiled by Edward Chandler.
Size: 18 x 13 cm
[after p.396]    [ca. 1730]
Small booklet, separately paginated, listing contents of Joannes Georgius Graevius' Thesaurus antiquitatum, compiled by Edward Chandler.
Size: 16 x 9 cm
Cosin MS. V.iii.25   [1903]
“The Early History of Durham Castle”, by William Greenwell (1820-1918). Autograph corrected draft.
With two letters from Harold Hill, bookseller, Newcastle, inserted.
1 vol. 64 f.
Size: 23 x 18 cm
Binding: black buckram by Fazakerley, Manchester, 1921.
Bought for £5.10s. in 1920 from H. Hill for Cosin's Library.
Printed, Transactions of the Architectural & Archaeological Society of Durham & Northumberland, 7 (1934-6), 56-91 (which gives the date as 1903).
Cosin MS. V.iii.26   1735 & 1796
“Historical Notes relating the Dates of the Building of the Different parts of Durham Castle and by whom built, with Remarks”. Collected by J. Lambert Durham 1796 by Order of Shute Lord Bishop of Durham. Corrected draft, with a note by Lambert that it was approved by the Bishop and an “Elegant fair Copy into a Book” was made for him “with several Additional Views of the Castle”.
This does not contain views but only a folding diagrammatic plan at the end, and before it, five original affidavits, 25 February 1735/6, by residents of the city (including Christopher Hunter), about a door at the top of Broken Walls which used to be locked every night by someone from the Castle.
1 vol. 16 p.+4f. (remainder blank)
Size: 25 x 22 cm
Binding: black buckram, 20th century.
Given by M. Hutchinson Esq., South Street, Durham, 1921.
Photocopy of another copy of this work, Durham Cathedral Add.MS. 216
There is a fair copy in the Cathedral Library, [Add. MSS], by Lambert of his text and plan, with drawings of armorials and a view of the north front of the castle from Gilesgate Head, 1796, possibly that made for the Bishop. He made another copy, with additional illustrations (of the Cathedral etc.), for Canon Charles Weston in 1801.
Cosin MS. V.iii.27   [early 18th century]
“Law Proceedings” (spine title). Notes in Latin, with occasional English, in a number of hands, of cases and precedents in the Durham courts, mainly from the first quarter of the 18th century. Inserted note, between f.86-87, dated 21 April 1725.
1 vol. 158 f.
Size: 19 x 14.5 cm
Binding: russia, one clasp, mid 19th century.
Cosin MS. V.iii.28   [early 17th & 18th century]
Language:  Latin and English
“Fundatio Eccl. Cath. Dunelm. etc.” Documents relating to Durham Cathedral. Written in more than one secretary hand.
1 vol. x+207f.
Size: 19.5 x 14.5 cm
Binding: russia with clasp, mid 19th century.
Bookplate of Bishop Barrington. On front flyleaf: “To be placed in Bishop Cosins' Library 1817”.
Additional leaves, with a listing of the Dean's and Prebends' rents and stipends, a table of contents and the outline of an index to the statutes, both contributed to by the hands of Isaac Basire and John Smith (occupants of the 7th stall, 1643-76 and 1695-1715), a copy of a Chapter Act of 20 July 1567, and notes on the statutes by Smith. Basire and Smith's hands occur in other notes.
The Henrician and Marian statutes of the Chapter of Durham Cathedral, with copies of subsequent Tudor documents. Date written in margin, f.18v., “16 May 1741”. Other marginal annotations. Table of contents f.57r-58r.
Printed: Statutes, p.1-231 (with English translation)
“A Booke of the Valuacions and Patronages of all & singuler spirituall or Ecclesiasticall Livings within the province of Yorke”. Listed by deanery, with values and patrons. Cover dioceses of York, Durham, Carlisle and Chester. Includes valuations of monastic property - royal patronage is given as the Queen.
“Temporaltyes of the ArchBishoprick of Canterbury appointed to the Queenes Majesty” [copy], signed Richard Sackville and Walter Mildmay (hence compiled between 1559 and 1566).
“A briefe of the revenues & state of the ArchBishoprick of Canterbury”, description and accounts of receipts and payments per annum.
“Compositio inter Priorem & Conventum & Episcopum Dunelmensem”. Text of the agreement known as the Convenit, dated 1229.
Original: DCD 1.4.Pont.1
Printed: HDST, p. lxx.
“Advocaciones sive promociones nuper Monasterio Dunelm' assignate”, list of churches, with values, whose livings were presented by Durham Priory.
“Nominaciones curatorum cantarist & capellanorum”, list, with values, of minor clerical posts in the gift of Durham Priory.
“Assignments of lands & possessions for the Corps of the Deanery & Prebends within the cathedral church of Durham”
“Actes in domo Capitulari Dunelm' xxo die Julii 1567”, and copies of other financial documents up to 1618.
Rites of Durham ..., as far as p. 94 of printed text.
Printed (from other sources): Rites of Durham ....
Cross reference to f.25.
Note by Isaac Basire “The height of ye Cathedr. Church of Durham, from the floour to ye leads 127 steps Febru: 8 1668/9”.
Cosin MS. V.v.10   1620s
Two works, separately paginated, separated by 7 blank folios.
1 vol. 201+xiv+65 p. (remainder blank)
Size: 15 x 10 cm
Binding: brown russia, one clasp, mid 19th century.
p.1-201   1625
Language:   Latin
“Catholico Romanus Pacificus. Authore Johanne Barnesio Benedictino Anglo. Augustae MDCXXV”. Written in Cosin's hand. Work by John Barnes (d. 1661), first published Oxford, 1680.
Another copy: Queen's College, Oxford MS. 32. The work is quoted by Isaac Basire in his De antiqua ecclesiae Britannicae libertate ... (Bruges, 1656).
p.1-65   1622
“De Pace Religionis M. Ant. de Dominis Archiepiscopi Spalatensis Epistola Ad venerabilem virum Josephum Hallum Archipresbyterum Wigorniensum ...”. Written in Cosin's hand to the end of p.27, completed by another contemporary hand; concluded by the author at the Savoy, 1 March 1622. Work by Marco Antonio de Dominis (1560-1624), first published in a French translation, De pace religionis Marci Antonii de Dominis Spalatensis archiepiscopi epistola ... (Besançon, 1666), with a note by the printer that he had it from a learned Englishman passing through Geneva.
Cosin MS. V.v.11   1640
“Forbesii Episcopi Edinburgensis Quaedam Scripta Theologica” 1640. Added below this “Parisiis 1646 Johannis postea Dunelm: Episcopi propria manu script.”. Theological works by William Forbes (1585-1634), separated by some blank pages included in the foliation.
1 vol. 208p. (remainder blank)
Size: 15.5 x 10 cm
Binding: French red morocco gilt, marbled pastedowns, mid 17th century, probably originally a blank book
The edition of William Forbes's Considerationes Theologicae (London 1658), has no lib. III cap.3 of the first work (p.370-466); the second work is on p.209-67; the third work on p.268-341.
“Consideratio æqua & pacifica controversiæ de Sacramento Eucharistiæ” Ends with book III incomplete, at the heading of chapter 3.
“Consideratio æqua & placida controversiæ de Purgatorio”
“Consideratio controversiæ hodiernæ de Angelorum & Sanctorum Intercessione & Invocatione”.
Cosin Facs. 1-3: Photostats or photocopies of material in the Library of Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, relating to John Cosin's books, obtained by DUL. Previously kept in DUL at shelfmark x++ 018.2 CAM in the printed sequence.
4-5: photostats from York Diocesan Registry, held by the Borthwick Institute, York, which were obtained by Dr A. I. Doyle in 1962.

Cosin Facs. 1   [1644 ?]
“The Catalogue of Docter Cosen's Books”. Negative photostat of a 10f. list of books, in order of format and then alphabetical, made at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge. This list of John Cosin's books may have been compiled in 1644, in connection with the College's successful bid to retrieve the books from sequestration. The value of each book is given, in total £247.10s. On the last page is a further list “Desiderata in catalogo”. Original size of pages ca. 39 x 16 cm.
No visible Peterhouse archives reference number.
Cosin Facs. 2   [1650s ?]
Negative photostat copies of part of a volume recording borrowers from Peterhouse Library. Pages cover period 1645-1651; books belonging to Cosin are marked “Cos”, “Coz”, etc.
Part of Peterhouse MS 403
Cosin Facs. 3   [1686 ?]
Photocopy of the catalogue of the books in the Peterhouse college library in 1686. Includes note of provenance, which identifies those books given by John Cosin.
Peterhouse MS 408.
Cosin Facs. 4   [1676]
Photostat of the inventory of the debts and credits of John Cosin, bishop of Durham, deceased, 1676 (mainly a list of amounts rather than goods, but with some explanatory narrative), signed by Miles Stapleton. With copy of document endorsement, that it was to be exhibited in a case between Cosin's daughters and Stapleton.
Copy of R. VII.P.H.114.
Cosin Facs. 5   1672 & 1676
Photostat of the inventory of household furniture belonging to the late John Cosin, bishop of Durham, in the two castles at Durham and Bishop Auckland, taken by Henry Brabant and Owen Arthur, 26 October 1672, with an additional sheet, June 1676.
Copy of R. VII.P.I.1.