Additional Manuscripts 770 and 771: Canon J.T. Fowler memoirs and diaries
Canon J. T. Fowler


Reference code: GB-0033-ADD
Title: Additional Manuscripts 770 and 771: Canon J.T. Fowler memoirs and diaries
Dates of creation: Copies of mid 19th - early 20th century material
Extent: 2 vols.
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: J.T. Fowler (1834-1924)
Language: English

Canon J. T. Fowler

Fowler qualified as a medical practitioner at St. Thomas's Hospital, London (1856), and served as house surgeon there (1856-57) and at Bradford Infirmary (1857-58). The influence of the Oxford Movement led him to leave medicine for the church. He matriculated at Durham University in 1858, and graduated B.A. in 1861 (M.A. 1864, Hon. D.C.L. 1894). He was ordained deacon 1861, priest 1863 (Durham diocese), and served as Curate of Houghton-le-Spring 1861-63; Chaplain and Precentor of St. John's College, Hurstpierpoint 1864-69; Curate of North Kelsey, Lincs. 1870; Chaplain St. Mary Magdalene, Belmont 1871-79; Vice-Principal Hatfield College, Durham 1870-1917; Lecturer in Hebrew 1871-1917; University Librarian 1873-1901; Maltby & Cosin's Librarian 1881-1911. F.S.A. 1867. Vice-President of the Surtees Society, and editor of a number of its volumes. Died at Winterton, 22 March 1924.

Accession details

Photocopies made in 1982 from the original in the possession of Fowler's great-niece, Mrs. Margaret Ellen Collingwood. The parts copied were chosen by Dr. C. D. Watkinson as those with the greatest Durham interest.
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Add. MSS. 770
Dates of creation: 1902 - ca.1917
Extent: 401 sheets.
Contents Memoirs and diaries of J. T. Fowler (1834-1924), fasc. 5, 9-11, part of 12, and 17 (1858-61, 1870-1904, 1906-08, 1916-17). Photocopy made in 1982 from the original in the possession of Fowler's great-niece, Mrs. Margaret Ellen Collingwood. The fascicules copied were chosen by Dr. C. D. Watkinson as those with the greatest Durham interest. According to the introductory sheet (by Mrs. Collingwood?) Fowler began the memoirs in 1902; part way through 1903 the account becomes more of a diary, written for the most part in the year described. Includes an introductory sheet [by Mrs. Collingwood?] describing the memoirs and diary as a whole.

Fasc. 5   1858-1861
Reminiscences of Fowler's undergraduate years in Durham, written ca 1902/03
With inserted material
Fasc. 5/101A   26 Oct. 1858
Letter from Archdeacon Charles Thorp, Warden of the University to the Bishop of Oxford, about JTF.
Fasc. 5/101B   13 Nov. 1860
Letter from Thorp to J[oseph] Fowler [JTF's father].
Fasc. 5/102A   2 Nov. 1858
Transcripts of 101A and of a letter from Thorp to Rev. H.B. Hall about JTF.
Fasc. 5/102B   23 Oct. 1858
Transcript of a letter from JTF to his father
Fasc. 5/112A-D   1861
Memorial tablet for Henry Bradley (died 1861, while an undergraduate at Durham), and sonnets in his memory transcribed from the Durham Chronicle.
Fasc. 5/113A-C   21 Feb. 1861 or 1862
Draft letter from JTF to Rev. J.W. Knott, Vicar of St. Saviour's, Leeds, where JTF was considering a curacy.
Fasc. 5/115A-K   1861
Final examination papers taken by JTF for the B.A. pass degree.
Fasc 9   1870-1880
Reminiscences, written in 1903 (a note on f.156 reads ”Begun Sept. 5 1903“. JTF appears to have written 3 opening pages of this section (f.156 a-c) and then recommenced at f.156.)
1870/71 f.156a; 1872 f.157a; 1873 f.160; 1874 f.162; 1875 f.166; 1876 f.169; 1877 f.171; 1878 f.173; 1879 f.175; 1880 f.178
With inserted material
Fasc. 9/157a verso   1872
Photograph of JTF and others outside Wath juxta Ripon church.
Fasc. 9/158A-G   2 Nov. 1872
Copy of JTF's report to the Dean and Chapter of Ripon on his rearrangement and cataloguing of Ripon Cathedral Library, with photograph of the Library.
Fasc. 9/158H   19 June 1872
Poem by JTF on receiving his friend H.T.E.'s work on church bells.
Fasc. 9/158I-K   1872
Notes on the restoration of Winterton Church.
Fasc. 9/159A   n.d.
”Six score grandsire“ bell-ringing table.
Fasc. 9/160 verso   Oct. 1903
Photograph of Cosin's Library and Exchequer Building from Palace Green.
Fasc. 9/160A-C   13 May 1873
Letter from JTF to his cousin Thomas Fowler.
Fasc. 9/162A   17 Jan. 1874
“Old Northern English MS Psalter”, article by JTF in Notes and Queries 5th ser. on a ms belonging to St. Nicholas's Church, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Fasc. 9/162B   1874
Newspaper obituaries of William Fowler Stephenson, of Bishopton Close, Ripon.
Fasc. 9/169A-B   July-Sept. 1876
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 9/169C-F   n.d.
Printed papers, with ms note, concerning the Dykes Memorial Fund
Fasc. 9/169G-I   2 Dec. 1876
Obituary for Vice-Admiral Binstead from Wakefield and West Riding Herald
Fasc. 9/170A-D   1 July 1877
Poem by JTF entitled “Recollections of June 29 & 30, 1877. Per Lineam Valli”
Fasc. 9/171A-B   18 May 1877
Printed letter by JTF from The Church Times about Sabine Baring-Gould's Lives of the Saints
Fasc. 9/172A-C   n.d.
Newspaper clippings etc. about excavations at Newminster Abbey, Morpeth
Fasc. 9/176A-B   June-Aug 1879
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 9/178 verso   n.d.
Photograph of T. S. Evans
Fasc. 9/178A-B   circa. 1880
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF for July-Sept. 1880, with photograph of Durham University staff
Fasc. 9/178C   1879
Printed review by JTF of The fragment of Talmud Babli Pesachim ed. W. H. Lowe
Fasc. 10   1881-1900
Reminiscences, written in 1903
1881 f.179; 1882 f. 80; 1883 f.185; 1884 f.188; 1885-86 f.189; 1887 f.191; 1888 f.192; 1889 f.193; 1890 f.195; 1891 f.196; 1893 f.199; 1894 f.200; 1895 f.202; 1896 f.203; 1897 f.205; 1898 f.208; 1899 f.210; 1900 f.213
With inserted material
Fasc. 10/179A-B   July-Sept. 1881
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/179C   Mon. Apr. 11th 1881
Poem by JTF (begins “Lady! You bid me write you 'something in your book'”), with note “Copied for me from Mrs. Parker's by her daughter Agape, Oct. 24 1903“
Fasc. 10/180A-B   June-Oct 1882
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/180C-E   27 Oct. 1882
“Taking it easily to London and back on three wheels”: account by JTF, from the Lincolnshire Chronicle of a tricycle journey he made in Aug.-Sept. 1882
Fasc. 10/180F   14 April 1882
Obituary, from the Heckmondwike Herald ... for JTF's father Joseph Fowler
Fasc. 10/184A   May-Aug. 1883
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/185 verso   n.d.
Photograph of JTF in bed with sciatica, with his sister Elizabeth
Fasc. 10/188A   March-July 1884
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/188B   1884
Advertisement for, ms note about, the photographs of Hotel the Old Doelen, The Hague, where JTF first stayed
Fasc. 10/189A   Apr.- Sept. 1885
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/189B-E   ca. 1885
Newspaper clippings about the case of Alfred Ustonson jailed in 1885 for fraudulently obtaining 10/- from JTF
Fasc. 10/189F   July-Dec. 1886
Holiday itinerary notes by JTG
Fasc. 10/189G   5 July 1886
Obituary by JTF from D. U. J. for Matthew Brown, Durham Music Teacher
Fasc. 10/191A   April-Oct. 1887
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/191B-G   1887
Newspaper clippings etc. about the restoration of St. Cuthbert's window, York Minster
Fasc. 10/191H   April 1887
Clippings from the Durham Advertiser about a controversial speech to Durham undergraduates by Canon Body
Fasc. 10/192A   May-Sept. 1888
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/193A   April-Aug. 1889
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/193B   1889
Memorial tablet to Robert Fowler, JTF's brother, died 1889
Fasc. 10/194   1889
Photograph of mounds at Uppsala, visited by JTF in 1889
Fasc. 10/195A-B   Jan.-Dec. 1890
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/195 verso   1890
Postcard from JTF's friend Candidus, with picture of the Hotel den Engel, Goor, Netherlands, which JFT visited in 1890
Fasc. 10/196A-B   April-Oct. 1891
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/198A   12 March 1892
Note by JTF on the verb “to insense” from The Academy
Fasc. 10/199A-B   March-Oct. 1893
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/199C   June 1893
Review by JTF, from Durham University Journal of G. Neasham, North Country Sketches (1893)
Fasc. 10/199D-E   Nov. 1893
“The Proctorships”, article by JTF from Durham University Journal
Fasc. 10/199F-G   Nov. 1893
Obituary by JTF for Samuel Kettlewell from Durham University Journal
Fasc. 10/199H   1893
Newspaper clipping about the opening of the Temple vault in St. Giles Church, Durham in 1893
Fasc. 10/199I   Nov. 1893
“Of Kneeling at the Epistle”, note by JTF from Durham University Journal and ms notes relating to 1893/94
Fasc. 10/200A-B   Jan.-Oct. 1894
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/200C-D   1894
Article from The Critic about the award of an honorary D.C.L. to JTF, with Farrar's speech presenting JTF for the degree
Fasc. 10/200E-F   Dec. 1894
“Our fifty-three organizations”: article by JTF from Durham University Journal on Durham University societies and clubs
Fasc. 10/202A-B   Mar.-Sept. 1895
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/202C-D   1920
“Sarah Markham, the Roaby Centenarian” : photograph, and ms account by JTF
Fasc. 10/203A-B   April-Dec. 1896
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/203C   1896
Newspaper clipping about the discovery of a well on the west-side of the Galilee Chapel, Durham Cathedral
Fasc. 10/203D   1896
Clippings on a Durham University Convocation in Newcastle
Fasc. 10/203E-F   1896
“Summer School of Theology, Durham, 1896. The early and medieval history of the church in Durham”: printed outline history
Fasc. 10/203G-H   7 Dec. 1896
Letter to JTF from A[chibald] Robertson [Bishop of Exeter]
Fasc. 10/205A-B   Mar.-Aug. 1897
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/205C   n.d.
Greetings telegram to JTF from Bishop Argyll and Bishop Hornby, Iona
Fasc. 10/205D-E   n.d.
Biographical note about JTF and account of his induction as Honorary Canon of Durham
Fasc. 10/206A-B   Summer 1897
Drawing by Ursula [Sutton Nelthorpe] of JTF and others fishing during his visit to the Sutton Nelthorpes at Tours, with drawing by JTF of their house, Le Paradis de Portillon
Fasc. 10/208A-B   April-Oct. 1898
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/208C   Jan. 1898
Printed description of two cartoons presented to Pittington Church by JTF, in memory of James Barmby
Fasc. 10/208D   Nov. 1898
Review by W. C. Boulter, from Durham University Journal, of Surtees Society XCIX, ed by JTF
Fasc. 10/212A-B   Mar.-Aug. 1899
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/212C   1899
Syllabus for course of Durham University extension lectures, given by JTF on the history of Durham Cathedral Priory
Fasc. 10/213 verso   27 Oct. 1900
Photograph of flood on the Wear
Fasc. 10/214A-B   March-Oct. 1900
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 10/214C-E   9 Sept. 1900
Letter to JTF from his niece, Molly Fowler, with illustrations of some of his cycling mishaps, etc.
Fasc. 10/214F-N   9 May and 20 July 1900
Letters to JTF from S. R. Crockett, Bank House, Penicuik, Midlothian
Fasc. 10/214O   1905
Description written by JTF of his cycling mishap at Gretna Green, June 1900, with illustration of the smithy
Fasc. 11   1901-1904
Memoirs and, from part way through 1903, diary
1901 f.215; 1902 f.218; 1903 f.222; 1904 f.228
With inserted material
Fasc. 11/217A-B   March-Nov. 1901
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 11/217C-J   n.d.
Ms account by JTF of his attendance at the celebrations for the 9th jubilee of the University of Glasgow
Fasc. 11/217K-L   n.d.
Comic verse by [Herbert] Kynaston on JTF's pronunciaton of Deborah while reading the lesson in Durham Cathedral, copied for JTF by A. S. F[arrar]
Fasc. 11/217M-N   n.d.
Petition to JTF from the ladies of Durham, with signatures, begging him to desist from endangering himself by his cycling exploits
Fasc. 11/221A-B   Jan.-Dec. 1902
Holiday itinerary notes by JTF
Fasc. 11/221C-N   Whitsuntide morning 1902
Letter from JTF to his sister Elizabeth [“Tetty”], written from Brough Hall, Catterick, where he was visiting Sir John Lawson, giving an account of his visit, his host's library, and discussions with his host's daughter about the differing beliefs of Anglicans and Roman Catholics
Fasc. 11/221O-Q   Nov. 1902
Ms. copy of the congratulatory address from Durham University, written by Herbert Kynaston, for the Bodleian's tercentenary, and account, from the Durham University Journal, of the Oxford celebrations, attended by JTF and E. V. Stocks
Fasc. 11/222A   July 1903
Telegram to the Selby police, about JTF's supposed removal of a cycling map from a Tadcaster hotel
Fasc. 11/225 verso   n.d.
Two photographs of JTF
Fasc. 11/225A-B   n.d.
Obituaries of Ellen Fowler, wife of JTF's brother William
Fasc. 11/225C   22 June 1904
Printed programme for the Northern Counties Library Association Quarterly Meeting, held in Cosin's Library, Durham
Fasc. 11/225D   5 July 1905
Additions to his diary for June/July
Fasc. 11/225E   23 July 1904
Death notice for Sir John Simon with ms note by JTF
Fasc. 11/225 verso   n.d.
Newspaper clippings of obituary for Principal Gurney, and letter from JTF to the editor of the Yorkshire Post about the dangers caused by motorists to cyclists and other road users
Fasc. 11/232 verso   n.d.
Newspaper clippings of obituary for Mrs. Mary Clarke of Winterton Hall, and further letter to the press by JTF about reckless motorists
Fasc. 12   1906-1908
1906 (March) f.242; 1907 f.244; 1908 (up to April) f.248
With inserted material
Fasc. 12/242A   n.d.
Clipping of JTF's speech presenting Arthur Evans for an honorary D.C.L., and advertisement for a Norwegian cruise
Fasc. 12/242B-D   May 1906
Extracts from The Sphinx no. 8
Fasc. 12/242E-G   22 June 1906
Poem about and photographs of a dog of doubtful pedigree, sent to JTF by Mrs. Dolphin (? its owner), The College, Durham
Fasc. 12/246A-B   Jan.-Feb. 1908
2 letters about JTF's election as a patron of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society
Fasc. 12/248D-O   n.d.
Printed notices, and ms. account by JTF, about the celebration of the 50th anniversary of his matriculation as a Durham undergraduate
Fasc. 12/248P   n.d.
Photograph of JTF
Fasc. 17   1916-1917
1916 f.320; 1917 f.330
With inserted material
Fasc. 17/326A   1916
Newspaper clippings about JTF's medical career in Bradford and his views on a 14th century medallion at Milton, Dorset
Fasc. 17/329A-F   26 Aug. 1916
“Bp. Mitchinson's Recollections. Supplementary recollections of 1858-1861, and remarks, by J.T.F. Aug. 26 1916”. (John Mitchinson, Bp of Barbados, was born in Durham and educated at Durham School)
Fasc. 17/331A-B   n.d.
Newspaper accounts of the wedding of Capt. W.M. Dixon and Miss Joyce Bennett, and letters to the press by JTF (“Senex”) about the use of the term “Sabbath”
Fasc. 17/331C   n.d.
Newspaper clippings about a lecture by JTF on “Life in Durham Abbey” and letter to the press from JTF about interior “restorations” in Durham Cathedral
Fasc. 17/333A-E   1917
Letters, etc. about JTF's resignation as Lecturer in Hebrew
Fasc. 17/338 verso   n.d.
Clippings about Durham soldiers
Fasc. 17/339A   n.d.
Clippings about proposals to fill the niches in Neville screen with statues, etc.
Add. MSS. 771
Extent: 148 sheets, comprising ff.i, 1-52, 54-84, 84A-B, 85-110, 110A, 111-115, 115A, 116-132, 132A, 133, 133A, 134-142.
“Men I have known, I” by J. T. Fowler (1834-1924). The accounts are largely members of Fowler's family and people he knew during his career at St. Thomas's Hospital, London and in Bradford, and during his later career at Durham University. The title is taken from the spine of the original volume.
Index to contents (dates are as given by JTF)
f. i. 1904. Introductory note by Fowler, with references to published accounts, in his own Durham University (1904) and in the Durham University Journal, of some of the people he describes. His note makes clear that “Men I have known” was in two volumes. The photocopies do not include any of v. 2.
Index of main people
Armes, Philip (ca 1823-97): 100
Baring-Gould, family tree: 110A; Sabine: 111 (partly rewritten by mistake on 129)
Barker, T.A.: 46
Barmby, James (ca 1823-97): 58
Blunt, John Henry (1823-84): 107
Boulter, Walter Consitt (1848-1912): 98
Bradford people: 50
Bristowe, J.S.: 46
Chevallier, Temple (ca 1793-1873): 76
Clark, Frederic Le Gros: 45
Edwards, John (1789-1862): 75
Evans, Thomas Saunders (1816-89): 85
Farrar, Adam Storey: 80 (with, inserted as 84A-B, “The Doctor of Divinity” reminiscences of Farrar by A. R. Dolphin, Spectator, 15 Sept. 1923)
Fowler, Elizabeth (ca 1802-74), JTF's mother: 1
Fowler, Elizabeth (“Tetty”, 1841-1910), JTF's sister: 12
Fowler, James (1839-90), JTF's brother: 11
Fowler, John (1844-67) JTF's brother: 32
Fowler, Joseph (1791-1882), JTF's father: 1, 116 with, inserted as 115A, account from Credland's Companion to the Almanac, 1906, of JF's early schooling
Fowler, Molly, JTF's niece: letter, written as a child to W.K. Hilton, inserted as 133A
Fowler, Robert (1837-89), JTF's brother: 8
Fowler, Thomas (1832-1904) President of Corpus Christ College, and JTF's cousin: 33
Fowler, William (1835-1912) JTF's brother: 3
Freeman, Edward Augustus (1823-92): 114, 136
Greenwell, William (1820-1918): 89
Hilton, Walter Kercheval (1845-1913): 131 (with inserted as 133A, letter from S. W. Plummer, 6 April 1913, giving an account of his death)
Holden, Henry (1814-1909): 109
Jenkyns, Henry (ca 1805-78): 71
Kitchin, George William: 86
Lake, William Charles: 78
Low, John Low (ca 1817-88): 96
Mackmurdo, Gilbert: 46
Ornsby, George (1809-86): 96
Raine, James (1830-96): 93
St. Thomas's Hospital, London: staff: 36-46
Smith, Sir John: 36
Solly, Samuel: 45
South, John Flint: 44
Stone, William Henry (one of JTF's fellow medical students): 47
Thorp, Charles (1783-1862): 51
Tristram, Henry Baker (1822-1906): 104
Waddington, George (1793-1869): 66
Waite, Joseph: 65
With a contents list on f. 142