Additional Manuscript 540


Reference code: GB-0033-ADD
Title: Additional Manuscript 540
Dates of creation: 17th century - 19th century.
Extent: 1 volume
Origination: Not certain.
Language: English


A list of the knights and burgesses who have represented the county and city of Durham in Parliament [compiled by Sir Cuthbert Sharp], 2nd ed. Sunderland, 1831, heavily extra-illustrated with manuscript and printed items relating to County Durham, 17th - 19th century, including numerous pedigrees and election broadsides.
Many of the manuscript items appear to have come from the Clavering of Greencroft family papers. The inserted items are numbered 540/1-101. There is a manuscript contents list at the front of the volume.

Accession details

Bought from Elly, 18 May 1934, Elly having obtained it from the Colepike Hall sale.
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Reference: Add. MSS. 540
Dates of creation: 17th - 19th century
Manuscript contents:

Add. MSS. 540/1   9 March 1786
Printed receipt form for subscription to vol. 1 of the History of the county of Durham from William Hutchinson at Barnard Castle made out to Sir Thomas Clavering.
Size: 11x16cm.
Add. MSS. 540/2-3   c.1680
Two parchment leaves said to be the original recusant roll for the county of Durham, signed by W. Blakiston, R. Davidson, and J. Morland.
Size: 42x14cm. and 47x16cm.
Add. MSS. 540/4-5   c. 1700
Copy of an account of the work done in building and repairing and setting up charities by Bishop Cosin, 1660-1680, in a late 17th century hand.
At end “transcribed from Mr Baker's MSS vol. 39. 377”and “taken from a copy under Dr [Richard] Brady's own hand at Caius Coll.”
Size: 24x19cm.
Add. MSS. 540/13   8 February 1680
Warrant for proclamation of the King's writ for holding the election of knights of the county [Durham] to serve in Parliament, signed by N. Conyers and attested as having been duly proclaimed by W. Brockett.
Size: 29x19cm.
Add. MSS. 540/14   c. 1679
Signature and seal of Tho. ffetherstonhalgh [Stanhope ?].
Size: 5x11cm.
Add. MSS. 540/15   14 April 1737
A.l.s. from John Hedworth at London, referring to the River Bill.
Size: 30x18cm.
Add. MSS. 540/17-18   28 February 1718/19
A.l.s. from Sir John Eden at London, referring to the Pretender and Parliamentary business.
Size: 23x17cm.
Add. MSS. 540/19-20   4 January 1719/20
A.l.s. from Sir John Eden at Stow House, co. Durham to James Clavering referring to the Pretender and Parliamentary business.
Size: 23x17cm.
Add. MSS. 540/21
Signature of William Ettrick.
Size: 3x7cm.
Add. MSS. 540/22
Signature and seal of George Bowes of Streatlam [d. 1760].
Size: 3x12cm.
Add. MSS. 540/23   28 April 1753
A.l.s. from Henry Vane [2nd Earl of Darlington] at Cleveland House, London, announcing his intention of standing for Durham on his father's succession to the Barnard barony.
Size: 20x16cm.
Add. MSS. 540/24   [1745]
A.l.s. from Sir Thomas Clavering, Bart., dated Thursday morning, to his brother George mentioning tendering the oath to Papists and raising a regiment against the rebels.
Size: 19x16cm.
Add. MSS. 540/25
Pedigree of the Shafto family from c. 1281, in a 17th century hand.
Size: 24x17cm.
Add. MSS. 540/26-28   c. 1721 ?
Bill on removing Mr [John] Shaftoe from Sheriff (the text refers to the office of undersheriff, an office which Shafto held ca.1714).
Size: 24x18cm.
Add. MSS. 540/30-31   c. 1813
The last dying words, speech and confession of an Irish countess ....
A political skit against Anne Katherine Tempest, Lady Antrim, the widow of Sir Henry Vane Tempest, M.P, [written in Durham].
Addressed on wrapper to Mr James Robson, North Bailey, and said to be in the hand of Veterinary Doctor Marshall.
Size: 22x19cm.
Add. MSS. 540/39   30 March 1744
A.l.s. from Sir William Williamson at Durham Castle, probably to the Bishop of Durham, about forfeited bonds and the difficulty in dealing with large quantities of Exchequer processes.
Size: 19x17cm.
Add. MSS. 540/41   9 June 1709
A.l.s. from Lady Ann (attributed by a former owner to Mrs Henry Clavering (n裠Anne Clavering) at London to Sir James Clavering at Lamesley on patronage, franked by Sir Henry Liddell.
With remains of a seal.
Size: 20x16cm.
Add. MSS. 540/44   4 September 1657
Warrant of Thomas Conyers, addressed to George Barkas requiring him to acknowledge satisfaction in a judgment for £60 7s. 2d. damages against William Hall.
Witnessed by John Plumpton and Ralph Hall.
Signed and sealed.
Size: 23x18cm.
Add. MSS. 540/46   1724
Signature and seal of William Belasyse, lord of the manor of Brancepeth Castle, cut from a document,
Size: 4x13cm.
Add. MSS. 540/47   11 May 1739
A.l.s. from Sir Thomas Clavering, Bart. at Greencroft, to his brother George at Oxford about trouble over removal of coals, franked by J. Shafto.
Remains of a seal.
Size: 18x15cm.
Add. MSS. 540/49   14 July 1741
A.l.s. from Sir James Clavering, Bart. at Durham, to his son George "att Mr Catterick an apothecary, Scarbrough" about taking the waters and bathing, franked by Henry Lambton.
Size: 13x21cm.
Add. MSS. 540/50   30 June 1749
A.l.s. from John Tempest at Wynyard, Co. Durham, to one of the Claverings.
Size: 22x18cm.
Add. MSS. 540/51   4 February 1740
A.l.s. from Robert Wharton at Durham, about the cancellation of a visit to the Claverings at Greencroft owing to the state of the roads.
Size: 30x18cm.
Add. MSS. 540/52   5 May 1721
A.l.s. from Ralph Gowland at Durham, to Sir James Clavering on boundary disputes.
Size: 19x15cm.
Add. MSS. 540/56   5 May 1721
A.l.s. from Robert Spearman at Durham, to Sir James Clavering, apparently on a boundary dispute.
Size: 19x15cm.
Add. MSS. 540/58
Copy, wrongly said to be in the handwriting of George Allan the antiquary, of a patent from Edward [Chandler], bishop of Durham to Charles Moore for the Bailiffship of Darlington, with the original name struck out and that of James Allan inserted by the bishop's hand, April 1736.
Size: 20x16cm.
Add. MSS. 540/60   15 February 1788
A.l.s. from Henry Hardinge, Rector of Stanhope, at Stanhope, asking the bishop's secretary to put before him the name of Mr Clarke for the curacy of St John's Chapel, Weardale.
Size: 23x19cm.