Durham University Records: Support Services
Administrative history
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Reference code: GB-0033-UND/E
Title: Durham University Records: Support Services
Dates of creation: 1837 - 2007
Extent: 40 linear metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Created by the support services of Durham University, especially its library
Language: English predominantly, with occasional Latin and even less German and French

Administrative history

The university had a library from almost its beginning, established in 1833 around Bishop Cosin's Library on Palace Green, though Cosin's Library itself only came into the university's trust in 1937. The library's collections supported the teaching of the university, and early significant deposits of rare books, along with links with the cathedral and diocese, encouraged future acquisitions of particularly archival collections to make it a major research resource in its own right for such as northern local and especially medieval history, as well as the twentieth century history of the Sudan.
The university similarly had a museum at its inception and, though its history is not one of quite such consistent development, it too has major research resources in its own right in local archaeology and the Orient. Only a little later, in 1839, the university established an observatory to make astronomical and then also meteorological observations. More recently a Sports Centre has been developed at Maiden Castle. The Computing Service, initiated in the 1960s, is now a vital and integral aspect of the work of all in the university.


Extensive records survive for the University Library almost from its inception in 1833 in the form of annual reports, minutes of its various committees, catalogues, and administrative files from especially after WW2. A particular subset within the library's archive is the records of the development and administration of its rare book and archival collections, especially since the addition of those of the former Palaeography and Diplomatic department in 1990. These include catalogues of the collections, almost all now replicated and augmented by online versions, and also correspondence with depositors/donors and enquirers. In addition, the library's archive has records of its separate Oriental, Science and Education operations, and the continual development of the former Science Library site as the Main Library for the university, and the various building projects that that development has entailed. A few items are also held for the university's Maiden Castle Sports Centre, the Computing Service and the Museums.

Accession details

Transferred from the various support services at various times since the 1950s, and especially since 2004.

Previous custodial history

Previously held by the various support services of the university.

Conditions of access

There is restricted access to administrative records less than 30 years old, with some further restrictions, generally as noted, on records less than 80 years old where the Data Protection Act applies.

Copyright and copying

Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Sub-Librarian, Special Collections (e-mail PG.Library@durham.ac.uk) and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material.


Organised accordingly within each support service.


Some accessions are appraised on site before transfer, others are appraised when received at Palace Green. Clean duplicates are generally removed.


Continuous further accruals are anticipated. In April 2004, a retention schedule and other records management procedures were developed for the university's records to facilitate the regular transfer of records from the university's departments and offices to the archive. This draft retention schedule was developed further on the appoitment of the first university records manager in August 2006.

Finding aids

The current catalogues of the collections of the Main Library and the Archives and Special Collections are accessible online via the university's website.

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Hard copies of the catalogues of the collections in Archives and Special Collections are available in the public searchroom at Palace Green.
The archive of the Durham University Observatory is held separately in Durham University Library ASC.


Support services
Reference: UND/E
Reference: UND/EA
Dates of creation: 1837 - 2006 Durham University Library was established in January 1833 on the Palace Green site, between the cathedral and the castle, with a foundation collection of 160 volumes donated by William van Mildert, the last prince bishop of Durham and the founder of the university itself. In order to house the original stock of the University Library, William van Mildert had a gallery constructed in 1834 within Cosin's Library, which had first been founded in 1669 as the episcopal or diocesan library by Bishop John Cosin (1595-1672) on Palace Green. The Cosin Library collection, strong in holdings of medieval manuscripts and early printed books, became part of the university's trusteeship only in 1937, although it had been used by members of the university from early in the university's history. The Cosin Library building is of international significance in the history of libraries for its structure and design, and also for the portrait panels painted above the bookcases by Jan Baptist van Eerssell in 1668-1669 on Cosin's instructions; there is also a further collection of portraits hanging in Cosin's library, including some half-length portraits of English divines and statesmen in all likelihood painted for Cosin himself.
The University Library expanded considerably during the 1850s with a series of major bequests and donations: by Dr Martin Joseph Routh (1755-1854) in 1854, by Bishop Edward Maltby (1770-1859) in 1856, and by Dr Thomas Mastermann Winterbottom (1766-1859) in 1859. The library had to extend its space to occupy also the upper two floors of the Exchequer Building, the former bishoprick law courts on Palace Green that date from 1450. An adjacent nineteenth-century lecture block was eventually given over to library use as well, and in 1966 an extension to the Palace Green Library site designed by George Pace provided a large reading room and a new stack. In 1983 the enlarged Science Library building on Stockton Road became the university's main library site with Palace Green left to house Law, Music, and Archives and Special Collections.
Recent developments in the operation of the library have included the introduction of an online circulation system in 1983. Online cataloguing commenced in 1990, with the closure of manual catalogues, and the Innopac library system was introduced in 1996, the year in which the library also joined CURL, the Consortium of University Research Libraries in the British Isles. The following year, EDI (electronic data interchange) was introduced for the transmission of the library's acquisition orders and the main library was further extended. In 1998, with the implementation of a Chinese, Japanese, and Korean module for its library management system, the library became the first UK institution to integrate in this way non-Roman script catalogue records for its East Asian language materials. A self-issue system was introduced at Queen's Campus Stockton in 2001, and the following year at the main library as well. Also in 2002, the Library adopted MARC21 for its catalogue records, and saw a card-entry access control system installed at both the main library and Queen's Campus Stockon sites. 2004 saw Durham Cathedral Library join the university library's management system for circulation and lending, the introduction of a self-return system at the main library, and the integration of the library's e-journal holdings information to the OPAC (online public access catalogue). In 2005, the Library began a major reclassification project to implement simplifications and modernisations to the existing complex classified arrangements for its collections by moving from four non-parallel classification schemes to one, the most up-to-date version of the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme. The holdings of college libraries also began to appear on the library's OPAC, renamed Catalogue in 2005.
Site Libraries
An Oriental Library was set up in 1950, based at Elvet Hill House in 1955, to house the exceptionally fine Oriental collections. On this site's closure in 1987, the holdings were transferred largely to the Main Library on the Science Site. Area Studies Collections relating to East Asia and to the Middle East and Islamic world still continue to constitute a major strength of the University Library's holdings.
The Institute of Education set up its own library in 1963 before this was incorporated within the University Library in 1979. It moved to the Main Building of the School of Education on Leazes Road in 1982.
A separate library for the new Science site had been established in 1924. After the War, this was established in the current Geography department building before gaining its own building in 1965, incorporating collections previously separated; ten years later, the university's former Zoology Departmental Library was also incorporated into that Library. The Science Library building was redesigned and extended in 1983 to become the Main Library.
In 1992 a small library was set up at Stockton to support the opening of the new campus there in that year. In January 1999 this library moved to the newly opened Information Resources Centre (IRC) on level 2 of the Ebsworth Building at Stockton. It became the Queen's Campus library in 2002 in recognition of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee and the tenth anniversary of the Stockton campus.
Recent Major Bequests, Donations, and Acquisitions
The Sudan Archive was set up in 1957 by Richard Hill, a lecturer in Near Eastern history at the University of Durham, who was previously attached to the Sudan Government Railways and to the University College of Khartoum. The archive contains principally private papers of British subjects who lived and worked in the Sudan during the period of the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium (1898-1955).
The Bamburgh Library was deposited in 1958, consisting of some 8,500 manuscript and print titles (including 16 incunabula) across a wide range of subject areas. Accumulated largely between the mid-seventeenth and mid-eighteenth centuries by the archbishop of York, John Sharp (1644-1714), his sons and grandsons, the Sharp family collection was given to Lord Crewe's Charity. It was housed at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland from the end of the eighteenth century, with additions being made to it until the mid-nineteenth century.
The University Library acquired an important collection of materials relating to Quakerism in 1972 when the bulk of the surviving collection of the Sunderland Preparative Meeting of the Society of Friends Library (c.880 printed volumes) was deposited, followed by a small number of related manuscripts in 1974.
The Basil Bunting Poetry Archive was acquired from 1987 onwards by purchase and gift from various sources, with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Purchase Grant Fund, English Estates North, and others. It constitutes the most extensive collection in the UK of the work of the north east poet, Basil Bunting (1900-1985) and of material relating to him, and it supports the work of the University's Basil Bunting Poetry Centre.
The Pratt Green Collection of hymns and hymnology was also established in 1987 with the gift, via the Pratt Green Trustees, of the collection of hymn books and related print and manuscript works formed by the distinguished hymn writer, Dr Fred Pratt Green, MBE. (1903-2000).
In 1990 a merger took place between the collections of the university of Durham's former department of Palaeography and Diplomatic (established in 1948) with those of the university library into which they were amalgamated.
Since 1991, the generous bequest of a former keeper of Oriental Collections in the Library, Ian John Charles Foster (1908-1978), has enabled the Foster Book Fund to be available for the purchase of books and periodicals relating to Christian art, architecture, archaeology, liturgy, and church organisation.
Undispersed holdings from the library of Lord William Howard (1563-1640), surviving at Naworth Castle in Cumbria, were purchased by the library in 1992, with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the V&A Purchase Grant Fund, and the Friends of the National Libraries.
Durham University Librarians
1832-1834 : Revd Patrick George
1834-1855 : Revd Charles Thomas Whitley
1856-1858 : Revd Robert Healey Blakey
1858-1864 : Revd Henry Frederick Long
1865-1868 : Revd Francis Frederick Walrond
1869-1873 : Revd Thomas Forster Dodd
1873-1901 : Revd Joseph Thomas Fowler
1901-1934 : Mr Edward Vazeille Stocks
1934-1945 : Mr Henry Waldo Acomb (Acting Librarian 1940-1943 : Miss Beatrice Mary Hamilton Thompson)
1945-1967 : Mr David Goudie Ramage
1967-1989 : Miss Agnes Maxwell McAulay
1989-2009 : Dr John Tristan Dalton Hall
2009-2017 : Mr Jon Purcell
2018-date: Ms Liz Waller
1 General
2 Archives and Special Collections
3 Oriental
4 Science
5 Education
6 Stockton
A.D. Burnett, “A Note on Early Economics Teaching at Durham University and the University Library”, (Durham University Journal, 64, 1971-1972), p.146-147.

Reference: UND/EA1
Dates of creation: 1837 - 2007
A Annual reports
B Minutes
C Accessions
D Catalogues
E Borrowings
F Accounts
G Librarian's files
H Departmental files
J Photographs
K Publications
L Plans
M Posters
N Artefacts
E3, GA6, GB18, GC2-3 transferred from Ian Doyle's office 17 July 2006, Acc No Misc.2006/2007:1.
B3/10-11, GD2-20, K6-7 transferred from David Ramage's desk in the Cosin Library Gallery 13 September 2006, Acc No Misc.2006/2007:8.

Annual reports
Reference: UND/EA1/A
Dates of creation: 1901-2002
University Library annual reports
Reference: UND/EA1/A1
Dates of creation: 1901 - 2015
UND/EA1/A1/1   1901 - 1932
Annual reports. E.V. Stocks' reports, in his own hand except for the 1931/2 report, which is in the hand of David Ramage, then sub-librarian, and is signed by them both. With, loose at the back of the volume, a strongly worded note by Stocks, 1929, about the mutilation of a volume of the library's set of university exam papers, a statistical table of purchases, presentations and issues 1901/2-1932/3, and an analysis of issues 1931/32 by subject and category of borrower (dons/undergraduates).
For further copies of reports for 1927/28-1929/30 and 1933/34, see UND/CA2/1h.
UND/EA1/A1/2   1939 - 1956
Annual reports.
UND/EA1/A1/3   1956 - 1964/65
Annual reports.
1964/65 includes a typewritten draft with a personal statement from the librarian omitted from the printed final version.
UND/EA1/A1/4   1965/66-1977/78, 1981/82-1988/89
Annual reports (no reports were produced for 1978/79-1980/81 and 1985/86-1988/89, for which latter period the librarian's progress reports to the Library Committee are included).
Paper typescript file, then printed booklets from 1966/67 to 1977/78.
UND/EA1/A1/5   1989/90 - 2008/09
Annual reports
UND/EA1/A1/6   2001/02 & 2004/05
Reports of the library committee to Senate and Council
UND/EA1/A1/7   2000 - 2003
Annual Review of Service Departments - University Library
Paper file
UND/EA1/A1/8   2014 - 2016
Annual reviews for 2013/14 (the first produced since 2008/09), 2014/15 & 2015/16.
3 printed colour illustrated paper booklets
Staff annual reports
Reference: UND/EA1/A2
Dates of creation: 1949 - 2015
to the university librarian from Rare Books/Archives and Special Collections/Heritage Services (including from the mid 2000s Museums), Oriental, Science, Education, Cataloguing, Deputy Librarian, Reader Services, Liaison, Collection Services, Systems and Finance.

UND/EA1/A2/1   1949/50-1951/52, 1955/56, 1958/59
Staff annual reports to the university librarian.
UND/EA1/A2/2   1961/62, 1964/65-1969/70
Staff annual reports to the university librarian.
UND/EA1/A2/3   1970/71 - 1974/75
Staff annual reports to the university librarian.
UND/EA1/A2/4   1975/76 - 1979/80
Staff annual reports to the university librarian.
UND/EA1/A2/5   1980/81 - 1984/85
Staff annual reports to the university librarian.
UND/EA1/A2/6   1985/86 - 1987/88
Staff annual reports to the university librarian.
UND/EA1/A2/7   1988/89
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/8   1989/90
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/9   1990/91
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/10   1991/92
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/11   1992/93
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/12   1993/94
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/13   1994/95
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/14   1995/96
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/15   1996/97
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/16   1997/98
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/17   1998/99
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/18   1999/2000
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/19   2000/01
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/20   2001/02
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/21   2002/03
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/22   2003/04
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/23   2004/05
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
UND/EA1/A2/24   2005/06
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
Paper file
UND/EA1/A2/25   2006/07
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
Paper file
UND/EA1/A2/26   2007/08
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
Paper file
UND/EA1/A2/27   2008/09
Annual reports from University Museums and Collection Services
2 spiral bound paper files
UND/EA1/A2/28   2009/10
Staff annual reports to the university librarian, from Richard Pears only
Paper file
UND/EA1/A2/29   2010/11
Staff annual reports to the university librarian
Paper file
UND/EA1/A2/30   2011/12
Staff annual reports to thte university librarian
Paper file
UND/EA1/A2/31   2012/13
Staff annual reports ot the librarian.
Paper file
UND/EA1/A2/33   2014/15
Staff annual reports to the university librarian.
Paper file
UND/EA1/A2/34   2015/16
Staff annual reports ot the librarian.
Paper file
Departmental and college libraries' reports
Reference: UND/EA1/A3
Dates of creation: 1953 - 1995
Annual reports from the various academic departments' and college libraries recording expenditure, stock and usage, with some correspondence and extracted statistics.

UND/EA1/A3/1   1952/53-1955/56, 1957/58-1961/62, 1963/64, 1966/67, 1967/68, 1969/70
College and departmental libraries' annual reports.
UND/EA1/A3/2   1977/78 - 1982/83
College and departmental libraries' annual reports.
UND/EA1/A3/3   1983/84 - 1987/88
Departmental libraries' annual reports.
UND/EA1/A3/4   1988/89 - 1993/94
Departmental library reports
UND/EA1/A3/5   2009/10 - 2010/11
College libraries' annual reports
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA1/B
Library Board of Curators'/Library Committee/Steering Group minutes
Reference: UND/EA1/B1
Dates of creation: 1837 - 2016 The Library's Board of Curators became the Library Committee in 1980 and then the Library Steering Group in 2007, with a primary purpose “to ensure alignment of Library services with University strategy and objectives” .
1-15 formerly UND/B2/1/1-15.

UND/EA1/B1/1   8 December 1837 - 19 March 1842
Board of Curators' minute book, largely unused.
A note dated June 1909 by E.V. Stocks following the last entry states that there appears to be no record of curators' meetings between 1842 and 1856.
UND/EA1/B1/2   1856 - June 1901
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/3   October 1901 - 1910
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/4   1911 - 1925
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/5   1926 - 18 January 1935
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/6   31 January 1935 - 1937
Board of Curators' minute book, with index.
UND/EA1/B1/7   1938 - 1940
Board of Curators' minute book, with index.
UND/EA1/B1/8   1941 - 1945
Board of Curators' minute book, with index.
UND/EA1/B1/9   2 November 1945 - 3 June 1955
Board of Curators' minute book, with index.
UND/EA1/B1/10   4 November 1955 - 24 November 1961
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/11   9 February 1962 - 28 May 1964
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/12   5 June 1964 - 30 April 1965
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/13   4 June 1965 - 11 February 1966
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/14   11 March - 28 October 1966
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/15   18 November 1966 - 9 June 1967
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/16   1 November 1967 - 7 February 1968
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/17   8 March - 31 May 1968
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/18   6 November 1968 - 5 February 1969
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/19   27 February - 19 November 1969
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/20   4 February 1970 - 3 June 1970
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/21   4 November 1970 - 25 February 1971
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/22   26 May 1971 - 24 February 1972
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/23   24 May 1972 - 7 February 1973
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/24   1 March - 7 November 1973
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/25   21 November 1973 - 5 June 1974
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/26   6 November 1974 - 4 June 1975
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/27   4 June 1975 - 2 June 1976
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/28   3 November 1976 - 2 February 1977
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/29   2 March - 2 November 1977
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/30   2 November 1977 - 1 March 1978
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/31   31 May - 22 November 1978
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/32   10 January - 30 May 1979
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/33   23 October 1979 - 28 May 1980
Board of Curators' minute book
UND/EA1/B1/34   20 October 1980 - 3 November 1981
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/35   15 December 1981 - 9 June 1982
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/36   25 November 1982 - 1 June 1983
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/37   25 October 1983 - 8 March 1984
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/37A   6 June 1984 - 15 January 1985
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/38   5 March - 5 September 1985
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/39   19 November 1985 - 22 June 1986
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/40   28 October 1986 - 3 June 1987
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/41   17 November 1987 - 1 June 1988
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/42   25 October 1988 - 13 July 1989
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/43   8 November 1989 - 27 June 1990
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/44   31 October 1990 - 22 May 1991
Library Committee minute book
UND/EA1/B1/45   13 November 1991 - 27 May 1992
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B1/46   11 November 1992 - 7 July 1993
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/47   10 November 1993 - 25 May 1994
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B1/48   3 November 1994 - 24 May 1995
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B1/49   1 November 1995 - 19 July 1996
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B1/50   5 November 1996 - 28 May 1997
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B1/51   6 November 1997 - 1 June 1998
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B1/52   27 October 1998 - 3 June 1999
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/53   11 November 1999 - 8 June 2000
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/54   9 November 2000 - 31 May 2001
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/55   8 November 2001 - 30 May 2002
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/56   6 November 2002 - 4 June 2003
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/57   12 November 2003 - 10 June 2004
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/58   17 November 2004 - 1 June 2005
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/59   30 November 2005 - 31 May 2006
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/60   8 November 2006 - 30 May 2007
Library Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/61   13 November 2007 - 5 June 2008
Library Steering Group minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/62   12 November 2008 - 29 May 2009
Library Steering Group minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/63   October 2009 - November 2011
Library Steering Group minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B1/64   March 2012 - June 2014
Library Steering Group minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1/65   November 2014 - June 2016
Library Steering Group minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1A/1   1935 - 1958
Board of Curators and committees attendance book, signed by those present.
- Board of Curators 17 May 1935 - 13 June 1958
- Library Standing Committee 18 February 1935 - 25 November 1937
- Library Reconstruction Committee 22 February 1935 - 23 June 1937
- Committee on the Classification of Modern Languages 1 March - 31 May 1937
- Library Staffing Committee 8 March - 19 May 1937
- Sub-committee on the French Government Grant 3 December 1937
- Committee on the Purchase of Books on Current Events 18 February 1942
- Librarian's Committee 6 November 1952 - 21 May 1958
Formerly UND/B2/2
UND/EA1/B1A/2   October 1958 - February 1970
Board of Curators and Librarian's Committee attendance book, signed by those present.
UND/EA1/B1B/1   September 1964 - July 1965
Board of Curators' agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B1C/1   1837 - 1935
Board of Curators' minute books index
Formerly UND/B2/1A/1
UND/EA1/B1C/2   1945 - 1975
Board of Curators' minutes index 1945-1972
Staff Bulletins index 1972-1975
Formerly UND/B2/1A/2
Library Users Committee
Reference: UND/EA1/B2
Dates of creation: 1965 - 2016
The records comprise minutes of the individual committees, (signed in the case of GLAC/ALAC), with agendas and papers submitted to the committees, with occasional other material such as lists of committee members and standing orders. The same papers were often submitted to both/all three committees. Much of the business concerned periodicals, recommendations for cancellation in times of financial stringency or for new titles to be acquired. Up to 1980 much of the decision making had to be referred up to the Board of Curators, but the new Library Committee was intended to allow greater freedom of action to the advisory committees.
An advisory committee for the Science Library was set up by Easter 1965. A general advisory committee for the Library was extant alongside this committee in Michaelmas 1965. This General Library Advisory Committee became the Arts Library Advisory Committee at Michaelmas 1983 when a Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee was also set up. The Library advisory committees were restructured in 1996 creating one committee from the Arts and Social Sciences Library Advisory Committees with the Science Library Advisory Committee opting for a continued separate existence to enable certain issues to be discussed more efficiently. By 2000, this structure was again under review, prompted by the developing needs of the new faculty of Health, Medicine and Environment; a single Library Users Committee with representation from Boards of Studies in all faculties was proposed. A separate Science committee survived for a brief time into 2001.
Membership comprised library staff and representatives of relevant departmental boards of studies with the chair usually coming from the latter. Meetings were held once or twice a term in Michaelmas and Epiphany and once a term in Easter. Meetings were occasionally variously held jointly and/or with the DSU library committee.
1. General Library Advisory Committee 1965-1983; Arts Library Advisory Committee 1983-1996; Arts and Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee 1996-2000.
2. Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee 1983-1996.
3. Science Library Advisory Committee 1965-2000; Library Users Committee (Science) 2001.
4. Library Users Committee 2001-date.

UND/EA1/B2/1   11 November 1965 - 24 May 1972
General Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
1 paper file
UND/EA1/B2/2   2 November 1972 - 9 November 1978
General Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
1 paper file
UND/EA1/B2/3   8 February 1979 - 18 February 1982
General Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
1 paper file
UND/EA1/B2/4   3 June 1982 - 14 November 1985
General/Arts (from Michaelmas 1983) Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
1 paper file
UND/EA1/B2/5   13 February 1986 - 19 October 1989
Arts Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
1 paper file
UND/EA1/B2/6   8 February 1990 - 9 May 1996
Arts Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
1 paper file
UND/EA1/B2/7   19 October 1996 - 18 May 2000
Arts and Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee minutes and papers
UND/EA1/B2/8   19 October 2000 - 10 May 2001
Arts and Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee/Library Users Committee minutes and papers
The October meeting was of the Arts, Health, Medicine and Environment and Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee. For the 31 January 2001 meeting it had become the Library Users Committee and then held a joint meeting with the Library Users Committee (Science).
UND/EA1/B2/9   10 October 1983 - 13 October 1986
Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/10   9 February 1987 - 16 October 1989
Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/11   5 February 1990 - 13 May 1996
Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/12   13 March 1965 - 6 November 1967
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/13   22 February 1968 - 27 May 1970
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/14   11 November 1970 - 29 May 1974
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/15   23 October 1974 - 9 November 1977
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/16   8 February 1978 - 20 May 1981
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/17   18 November 1981 - 22 May 1985
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/18   16 October 1985 - 12 October 1988
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
UND/EA1/B2/19   1 February 1989 - 10 December 1993
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes, agendas and papers
No agendas from Michaelmas 1992.
UND/EA1/B2/20   19 January 1994 - 13 May 1998
Science Library Advisory Committee minutes and papers
UND/EA1/B2/21   14 October 1998 - 9 May 2001
Science Library Advisory Committee/ Library Users Committee (Science) minutes and papers
The Library Users Committee (Science) held its first meeting in January 2001 jointly with the Library Users Committee, and then met on its own in May 2001.
UND/EA1/B2/22   17 October 2001 - 14 May 2003
Library Users Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B2/23   29 October 2003 - 1 February 2006
Library Users Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B2/24   17 May 2006 - 7 May 2008
Library Users Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B2/25   29 October 2008 - 13 May 2009
Library Users Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B2/26   October 2009 - November 2011
Library Users Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B2/27   February 2012 - May 2014
Library Users Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B2/28   November 2014 - May 2016
Library Users Committee minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B2A/1   11 November 1965 - 13 May 1996
Advisory Committees attendance register
General Library Advisory Committee 11 November 1965 - 19 May 1983
Arts Library Advisory Committee 13 October 1983 - 9 May 1996
(reversed) Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee 10 October 1983 - 13 May 1996
Paper book
UND/EA1/B2A/2   17 October 1996 - 10 May 2001
Arts and Social Sciences Library Advisory Committee attendance register
Paper book
UND/EA1/B2A/3   13 April 1965 - 9 May 2001
Science Library Advisory Committee attendance register
Paper book
UND/EA1/B2A/4   17 October 2001 - 2 November 2016
[Library Users Committee] attendance register
Paper book
Working Parties and Occasional Committees
Reference: UND/EA1/B3
Dates of creation: 1948 - 2002 5 received from the University Librarian 1 November 2005, Acc No Misc 2005/2006:29.

UND/EA1/B3/1   1948 - 1955
Buildings Committee for library extensions or relocation
Minutes, reports and correspondence.
UND/EA1/B3/2   1946 - 1958
Cosin Library restoration committee
Reports, minutes of meetings, correspondence, specifications and notes.
UND/EA1/B3/3   June - October 1969
Committee on library committees
Set up “to consider the functions and relationships of the Curators together with the general Library Advisory Committee and the Science Library Advisory Committee”, focusing on the standing orders.
UND/EA1/B3/4   December 1970 - January 1973
New Library working parties on: control desk; short loan circulation; Inter-Library Loans incoming and outgoing; reference services; arrangement of catalogues and bibliographies; technical services; periodicals and binding; documentation unit; receipt and despatch; staff facilities.
Agendas, notes, plans and reports.
UND/EA1/B3/5   March 1974 - January 1975
Working party on periodical subscriptions.
Report and correspondence.
Formerly numbered: W6(i).
UND/EA1/B3/6   June 1978 - December 1981
Working party on Education Library catalogue
Minutes, agendas, reports and correspodence.
Formerly numbered: W6(iii).
UND/EA1/B3/7   June 1978 - March 1983
Working party on the issue system
Set up with a brief: “to consider the failings of the present manual issue system, to determine requirements and to investigate the feasibility and cost of alternative systems”
Minutes, agendas, reports, notes, correspondence and survey returns.
UND/EA1/B3/8   September 1978 - June 1983
Working party on inter-library loans filing and stationery.
Report and correspondence.
Formerly numbered: W6(vi).
UND/EA1/B3/9   February 1980 - June 1984
Working party on the Science short-loan collection.
Minutes, agendas and reports.
Formerly numbered: W6(xi).
UND/EA1/B3/10   July 1981 - June 1982
Working party on creating a sheaf catalogue at Palace Green Library.
Formerly numbered: W6(viii).
UND/EA1/B3/11   October 1981 - November 1984
Working party on resource allocation
Set up by the Library Committee in October 1982 to review the allocation basis of the bookfund.
Agendas, minutes, papers, reports, notes, correspondence
UND/EA1/B3/12   October 1981 - May 1982
Working party on library signs.
Reports and correspondence.
Formerly numbered: W6(x).
UND/EA1/B3/13   March 1982 - January 1983
Working party on the future of Palace Green Library.
Minutes, agendas, plans, reports and correspondence.
Formerly numbered: W6(iv).
UND/EA1/B3/14   January - November 1983
Working party on staff facilities in the new library.
Minutes, agendas and correspondence.
Formerly numbered: W6(vii).
UND/EA1/B3/15   March - April 1984
Working party on the location of patristics.
Reports, survey and correspondence.
Formerly numbered: W6(ix).
UND/EA1/B3/16   January - February 1986
Working party on videotapes.
Agenda and report.
Formerly numbered: W3/1.
UND/EA1/B3/17   May 1986
Working party on labelling.
Formerly numbered: W6/2.
UND/EA1/B3/18   January 1986 - June 1987
Bibliographic Records/Record Sources Steering Group
Minutes, agendas and reports. The Record Sources SG was one of two SGs that grew out of the Bibliographic Records Group in September 1986 as part of the library's preparation for catalogue automation.
UND/EA1/B3/19   November 1986 - 1988
Major Allocations Sub-Committee
Chaired by Dr Brian Roberts and also known as the Roberts Committee
Agendas, minutes, papers, data and the interim report of January 1987 with responses to its circulation around the university, largely protesting at its proposed cuts, and data for the1988/89 allocations and subsequent T&R analyses. All of which led to the establishment of the Allocations Model.
UND/EA/B3/20   June 1987 - March 1988
Working Party on the Relocation of the Oriental Library, established by Policy Committee on the recommendation of the Library Committee of 3 June 1987; minutes, agendas, papers, reports and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B3/21   June 1988 - May 1989
Working Party on the Transfer of Library Materials (Oriental Studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies), established by the Library Committee on 1 June 1988 to report back on the problems involved in the transfer of library material relating to the transfer to other universities of staff from the School of Oriental Studies and the Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, possible solutions and likely financial implications.
Minutes, papers and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B3/22   November 1988 - March 1989
Working Party on Palaeography and Diplomatic
To consider the future location of the university's special collections and the operation of its searchrooms.
Minutes, agendas, and reports.
UND/EA1/B3/23   January - May 1989
Sub-Committee on Special Collections
Set up by the Library Committee on 28 February 1989 to evaluate the alternatives set out by the above working party. Chaired by Dr G.E. Rodmell.
Minutes, agendas, reports, papers and correspondence.
UND/EA1/B3/24   November 1989 - February 1998
Law Working Party minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B3/25   June 1990 - December 1991
Periodicals Rearrangement Working Group reports, papers and circulars re Blaise and OCLC Europe.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B3/26   27 June 1991 - 2 October 1997, 3 October 2008
Foster Book Fund Committee
This was set up as a consultative committee by the Library Committee in February 1991 to advise on the administration of a book fund established under the terms of a bequest from Ian John Charles Foster's Will Trust to buy books on early art, including especially early Christian art, and also early medieval art, Byzantine art and Jewish art, particularly non UK/US publications, to complement the existing Durham patristics collection. The committee first met on 27 June 1991 and was chaired by Dr A.I. Doyle.
Minutes, agendas, papers, financial reports, and reports of purchases.
UND/EA1/B3/27   December 1992 - March 1994
Stock Management Group
Agendas and minutes
UND/EA1/B3/28   March - June 1995
Elvet Riverside Library Working Group minutes and papers
Paper file
UND/EA1/B3/29   6 June 2001 - 1 May 2002
Working Group on College Libraries
Set up to consider a better system of management for college libraries.
Minutes of meetings with correspondence, reports, drafts and statistics.
UND/EA1/B3/30   11 February - 6 March 2003
Public Services Circulation Working Group minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B3/31   27 April 2009
G. Kenneth Whtiehead Trust meeting minutes
Paper file
Library Senior Management Team
Reference: UND/EA1/B4
Dates of creation: 1978 - 2006 This is a group of senior library management - the deputy librarian, sub-librarians and others invited on occasion as necessary - successively titled senior staff, team heads, the librarian's advisory group, and then senior management team (September 2009) - assisting and advising the librarian on the running of the library, meeting on a regular basis, usually around monthly, throughout the year.
1-7 were formerly L1a(i) in the library filing system.

UND/EA1/B4/1   1978 & 1981 - 1982
Senior Staff meetings minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/2   1 January - 31 May 1983
Senior Staff meetings minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/3   1 June - 31 December 1983
Senior Staff meetings minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/4   1 January - 31 December 1984
Senior Staff meetings minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/5   1 January - 31 December 1985
Team Heads' meetings minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/6   1 January 1986 - 1 September 1987
Team Heads' meetings minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/7   1 September 1987 - 23 January 1991
LAG minutes and some agendas.
UND/EA1/B4/8   6 February 1991 - 30 July 1994
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/9   31 August 1994 - 16 December 1998
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/10   13 January 1999 - 12 July 2000
LAG agendas, minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B4/11   27 September 2000 - 27 June 2001
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/12   26 September 2001 - 3 July 2002
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/13   27 September 2002 - 25 June 2003
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/14   1 October 2003 - 11 June 2004
LAG minutes, agendas and papers, including some minutes of occasional groups and working parties.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/15   22 September 2004 - 6 June 2005
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/16   4 October 2005 - 7 June 2006
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/17   27 June 2006 - 13 June 2007
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/18   15 October 2007 - 30 July 2008
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/19   3 September 2008 - 4 June 2009
LAG minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/20   September 2009 - July 2010
LSMT minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B21   September 2010 - July 2011
LSMT minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B22   August 2011 - July 2012
LSMT minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B23   September 2012 - July 2013
LSMT minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B24   September 2013 - August 2014
LSMT minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B25   October 2014 - July 2015
LSMT minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B4/26   September 2015 - July 2016
LSMT minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
Library/DSU Joint Committee
Reference: UND/EA1/B5
Dates of creation: 1967 - 2002 A joint committee of the Library's Board of Curators and representatives from the Students' Representative Council was set up in Michaelmas 1967 to give students some voice on library matters.
This was abolished in July 1972 and replaced by a meeting of library staff and representatives of the Durham Students Union to allow students more direct contact with the library. These meetings were to be termly with the Easter term meeting scheduled to be a joint meeting of this body with the Curators, GLAC and SLAC.
This committee in turn was abolished in June 2002 in an effort to streamline library committees with student representatives instead being added to the Library Users' Committee and a separate student forum being proposed.

UND/EA1/B5/1   10 November 1967 - 24 May 1972
Joint Committee of the Curators of the Library and the Students Representative Council minutes.
UND/EA1/B5/2   9 November 1972 - 12 June 1985
Joint meetings of Library staff and the Durham Students Union minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B5/3   20 November 1985 - 27 May 2002
Joint meetings of Library staff and the Durham Students Union minutes, agendas and papers.
UND/EA1/B5/4   May 1993 - May 2002
Joint meetings of Library staff and the Durham Students Union attendance lists.
College and Departmental Librarians Committee
Reference: UND/EA1/B6
Dates of creation: 1986 - 2002
The minutes inceasingly include annual statistics and reports from the college libraries.
A meeting of college librarians was inaugurated under the auspices of the university library, which provided the chair and secretary, on 11 March 1986 as a forum for the exchange of information and some good practice. Departmental librarians were invited to it from 28 January 1990.

UND/EA1/B6/1   11 March 1986 - 28 June 1999
College and Departmental Librarians' meetings minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B6/2   13 December 1999 - 24 June 2002
College and Departmental Librarians' meetings minutes and papers.
UND/EA1/B6A/1   28 November 1994 - 24 June 2002
College and Departmental Librarians' meetings attendance list.
Library IT Strategy Group
Reference: UND/EA1/B7
Dates of creation: 2002 - 2008 The group first met on 5 December 2002.

UND/EA1/B7/1   5 December 2002 - 3 June 2004
Library IT Strategy Group minutes, agendas, papers, reports, demonstrations, presentations.
UND/EA1/B7/2   23 September 2004 - 1 June 2006
Library IT Strategy Group minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B7/2   4 September 2006 - 15 September 2008
Library IT Strategy and then (from August 2007) Steering Group minutes
Paper file
Academic Support Team
Reference: UND/EA1/B8
Dates of creation: 1989 - 2009
UND/EA1/B8/1   May 1989 - March 1998
Liaison Librarians Meetings, as a group and also for each faculty, minutes and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B8/2   April - November 2002
Academic Services meetings minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B8/3   11 March 2003 - 24 April 2009
Academic Support Team Meetings minutes, including also Faculty Support Librarians' meetings minutes.
Paper file
Library House Committee
Reference: UND/EA1/B9
Dates of creation: 1985 - 2001 The House Committee dealt with staff facilities, such as the kitchen, toilets, parties, and parking.

UND/EA1/B9/1   November 1985 - June 2001
Library House Committee minutes, agendas, plans and correspondence.
Automation/Systems Management Group
Reference: UND/EA1/B10
Dates of creation: 1988 - 1999 The Automation Group became the Systems Management Group in August 1993 and the Information Services and Systems Team in January 1996.

UND/EA1/B10/1   December 1988 - October 1995
Automation/Systems Management Group minutes, agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B10/2   January 1996 - January 1999
Information Services and Systems Team meetings minutes and papers.
Paper file
IT Service Library Liaison Meetings
Reference: UND/EA1/B11
Dates of creation: 1990 - 2004
UND/EA1/B11/1   November 1990 - November 1996
Computer Centre and Library Meeting minutes and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B11/2   18 February 2004
IT Service Library Liaison Meeting minutes
Paper file
Systems Team Meetings
Reference: UND/EA1/B12
Dates of creation: 2007 - 2009
UND/EA1/B12/1   26 October 2007 - 13 March 2009
Systems Team Meetings minutes.
Paper file
Web Steering Group Meetings
Reference: UND/EA1/B13
Dates of creation: 2007 - 2009
UND/EA1/B13/1   2 November 2007 - 27 May 2009
Web Steering Group Meetings minutes.
Paper file
Collections Management
Reference: UND/EA1/B14
Dates of creation: 2003 - 2009 The Collections Service Senior Management Group became the Collections Management Steering Group on 26 February 2004 with a broader staff membership than previously.

UND/EA1/B14/1   21 March 2002 - 9 April 2009
Collection Management Team then Collections Services Senior Management Group then Collections Management Steering Group minutes.
Paper file
Reader/Public Services Meetings
Reference: UND/EA1/B15
Dates of creation: 1989 - 2009
UND/EA1/B15/1   7 May 1997 - 27 May 1998 & 1 May 2001 - 15 February 2006
Palace Green Library Desk Staff Meetings minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B15/2   17 January 1989 - 16 December 1997 & 6 March 2002 - 2 October 2003
Reader/Information/Public Services Meetings minutes, including Working Group on Non-Traditional Students 1993, and meetings of senior, academic-related, desk and all staff.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B15/3   20 September 2006 - 6 May 2009
Services Management Steering Group minutes.
Paper file
Classification Working Group
Reference: UND/EA1/B16
Dates of creation: 2004 - 2009
UND/EA1/B16/1   9 February 2004 - 26 February 2009
Classification Working Group minutes.
Paper file
Health and Safety Committee
Reference: UND/EA1/B17
Dates of creation: 2002 - 2009
UND/EA1/B17/1   25 June 2002 - 18 February 2009
Health and Safety Committee minutes.
Paper file
Staff Training/Development Group
Reference: UND/EA1/B18
Dates of creation: 1996 - 2007 This first actually met on 31 January 1997.

UND/EA1/B18/1   9 December 1996 - 9 April 1999
Staff Training Group minutes
Paper file
UND/EA1/B18/2    16 April 2002 - 29 October 2007
Staff Training/Development Group minutes
Paper file
Student Users' Forum
Reference: UND/EA1/B19
Dates of creation: 2003 - 2009
UND/EA1/B19/1   26 February 2003 - 26 February 2009
Library Student User's Forum minutes.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA1/B20
Dates of creation: 2002 - 2009
UND/EA1/B20/1   4 July 2002 - 3 March 2004
Circulation Supervisors' Meetings minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B20/2   1 February 2008 - 14 May 2009
Circulation Policy Working Group minutes.
Paper file
Office Staff Meetings
Reference: UND/EA1/B21
Dates of creation: 2004 - 2009
UND/EA1/B21/1   28 May 1998 - 11 February 1999
Library Office Staff Meeting minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B21/2   8 March 2004 - 4 August 2009
Library Office Staff Meeting minutes.
Paper file
Technical Services
Reference: UND/EA1/B22
Dates of creation: 1989 - 1999
UND/EA1/B22/1   February 1989 - December 1993
Technical Services senior, academic-related and all staff meetings minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B22/2   January 1994 - March 1999
Technical Services senior, academic-related and all staff, and stock management group meetings minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B22/3   June 1999 - June 2001
Technical Services staff meetings minutes and papers.
Paper file
Middle East Documentation Unit (MEDU) Working Group Meetings
Reference: UND/EA1/B23
Dates of creation: 1994 - 1997
UND/EA1/B23/1   November 1994 - March 1997
MEDU Working Group Meeting minutes.
Paper file
Serials and Documents Units Working Group Meetings
Reference: UND/EA1/B24
Dates of creation: 1997 - 1999
UND/EA1/B24/1   October 1997 - March 1999
Serials and Documents Units Working Group Meetings minutes
Paper file
Gifts Working Party
Reference: UND/EA1/B25
Dates of creation: 1991 - 1992
UND/EA1/B25   November 1991 - June 1992
Gifts Working Party meetings minutes, papers and correspondence.
Paper file
Finance Team
Reference: UND/EA1/B26
Dates of creation: 2010 - 2016
UND/EA1/B26/1   September 2010 - June 2011
Finance Team meeting notes and papers, including budget reports.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B26/2   September 2011 - August 2012
Finance Team meeting notes and papers, including budget reports.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B26/3   October 2012 - July 2013
Finance Team meeting notes and papers, including budget reports.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B26/4   October 2013 - July 2014
Finance Team meeting notes and papers, including budget reports.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B26/5   November 2014 - July 2015
Finance Team meeting notes and papers, including budget reports.
Paper file
UND/EA1/B26/6   November 2015 - July 2016
Finance Team meeting notes and papers, including budget reports.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA1/C
Dates of creation: 1833 - 2006 2-6 transferred from the Dungeon, Palace Green 11 July 2005, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:6.

UND/EA1/C1   1 January 1833 - 23 May 1930
Donations book
Recording author, title, date of publication (sometimes), by whom and when donated.
At the back is a list of 3 theses [donated] October 1922 - May 1925.
Paper book, rebound in dark blue buckram by G. Bailes 21 January 1927
Size: 210 x 325mm
Formerly UND/B2/3.
UND/EA1/C2   c.1954 - 1961
Lists of books in major donated collections as reported to the Board of Curators as appendices to their minutes. Filed alphabetically by donor:
Prof. C.C. Abbott, 18p.
Dr Pallister Markas, 2p.
Birmingham Public Library, 2p.
F.J. Bassett Dixon, 1961, 6p.
J.D. Duff, 4p.
Miss Alice Edleston, 1954-1955, 20p.
Miss G.A. Craig Houston, 2p.
Lieut-Col A.A. Macfarlane Grieve, 2 donations, 12p & 6p.
Rev Canon E.G. Pace, 2p.
W. Waples, 10p.
Paper file, in a “Twin Cobra” binder
UND/EA1/C3   1965 - 1972
Donations to the library; annual bundles of photocopied catalogue slips filed in alphabetical donor order.
Paper file, in a lever-arch binder
UND/EA1/C4   1972 - 1979
Donations to the library, annual bundles of photocopied catalogue slips filed in alphabetical donor order for 1972-1973 and 1974-1975 only.
Also photocopied slips for books in the Whiting bequest, given 1953, completed 1979, arranged chronologically by publication date, and the Prof. E. Allen and Prof. Chalmers's estate collections, arranged alphabetically by author.
Paper file, in a lever-arch binder
UND/EA1/C5   c.1982
Catalogue slips for gifts 1982/83 and the collections given by G.N.G. Smith, I.J.C. Fisher, Mrs Levison, Mrs M.S. Gordon and Prof. Norman.
Carbon catalogue slips in a card index drawer
UND/EA1/C6   1968 - 1974
Notes on procedures for processing donations by A.I. Doyle, and others, with some sample catalogue slips, and an index of alternative headings for the donations register 1968-1970.
Paper file
UND/EA1/C7   6 March 1944 - 18 May 1951
Suggestions Book
Recording the date of the suggestion, the author, title, publisher, date and price of the volume, the suggestor and the librarian's decision.
The book has been only part used; at the end is stated “Please do not use this book. Ask for suggestion slips at Issue Desk.”
Paper book
Formerly UND/B3 (part).
UND/EA1/C8   19 December 1928 - 1 July 1929
Lists of books removed from the Winterbottom collection
A. List by subject recording shelfmark, author, title and date of publication, each sheet dated, “cancelled”, and initialled, with totals for the numbers of books in each subject
B. List by author of duplicates, recording author, title, “A”“R” or “K”, date [of publication], shelfmark and date [?of original edition], some with further notes and/or prices.
Paper file
Formerly UND/B3 (part).
UND/EA1/C9   8 May 1928
Note by E.V. Stocks of the anonymous return of 3 Routh books in the post, with part of the wrapper.
Paper, 2f
Formerly UND/B3 (part).
UND/EA1/C10   28 February - 21 June 1921
List of Rolls Series volumes to be acquired from H.M.S.O., with correspondence about their offer and its acceptance by Council.
Paper file
Formerly UND/B3 (part).
UND/EA1/C11   5 January - 4 February 1929
Correspondence between E.V. Stocks and K.C. Bayley, chapter clerk, about removing obsolete and duplicate books from the Maltby collection, with extracts of Senate minutes about the original gift.
Paper, 4f
Formerly UND/B3 (part).
UND/EA1/C12   28 April 1930
Extract from the will of Prof. Charles Frederick Herdener bequeathing books to the university and Hatfield College libraries, with a valuation of his estate by M. Fowler.
Paper, 4f + envelope
Formerly UND/B3 (part).
UND/EA1/C13   1 - 6 March 2006
Letter from Revd Ron Lancaster of Kimbolton Fireworks to Rt Rev Prof Stephen Sykes, Principal of St John's College, Durham, enclosing a copy of his book Fireworks for the University Library, and sketching his career since being at St John's [1950-1953], 1 March 2006.
With a covering letter from Stephen Sykes forwarding this to the librarian 6 March 2006.
Acc No Misc.2005/206:75.
UND/EA1/C14   [1985]
Notice that the military history collection was largely bequeathed by Ian Ewen Graham, assistant registrar/registrar 1950-1984, who also endowed funds to purchase further books.
Size: 180 x 270mm (notice), 235 x 325mm (frame)
UND/EA1/C15   1934 - 1965
Annual lists of books given to the library, with indexes of donors, and with larger donations listed separately.
UND/EA1/C16   October 1901 - July 1933
Accessions register, recording accession number (annual and cumulative), date received, author, title, publisher and place of publication, date of publication, size, new work or continuation, book or pamphlet, number of volumes, class, library number, language, binding, donor/vendor, published price, cost price, and remarks. Labelled on the front cover “Stock Book”.
UND/EA1/C17   August 1933 - December 1945
Accessions register, recording accession number (annual and cumulative), date received, author, title, size in c.m., place of publication, date of publication, size, new work or continuation, number of volumes, class, library number, language, binding, donor/vendor, cost price, recommended by and remarks.
UND/EA1/C18   December 1945 - September 1951 with some to June 1970
Accessions register, recording accession number (cumulative), date received, author, title, place of publication, date, new work or continuation, number of volumes, subject, classification, price, donor/vendor, and remarks.
UND/EA1/C19   [1899] - 1982
Theses accession register
DD 1-8 1929-1952
PhD (non-Science) 1-325 1936-1981
MA 1-333 1943-1981
MLitt 1-108 1935-1981
MEd 1-151 1931-1981
BCL 1-14 1969-1982
BD 1-11 1944-1979
MPhil 1-22 1971-1981
DCL 1 [1899]
Misc (Non-Durham) 1-6 & D2-6 1944-1972
UND/EA1/C20   1981 - 1983
Theses accession register
Probably started in 1981 with the details of the earlier theses copied in [from C19 above]. Closed when accession slips were introduced in 1983.
DD 1-8 1929-1952
PhD 1-388 1936-1983
MEd 1-158 1931-1983
MTheol 1 1983
UND/EA1/C21   1981 - 1983
Theses accession register
Probably started in 1981 with details of the earlier theses copied in [from C19 above]. Closed when accession slips were introduced in 1983.
MA 1-368 1943-1983
MPhil 1-26 1971-1983
MLitt 1-112 1935-1983
UND/EA1/C22   [1991] - 2007
Theses accession numbers.
Closed 28 March 2007.
BCL 25
DDiv 10-12
DLitt 1-3
DMus 1-2
DSc 43-64
EdD 1-64
MA 559-999
MEd 70-73
MJur 1-41
MLitt 122-151
MMus 4-10
MPhil 36-74
MSc 434-844
MTheol 8-16
Misc 43-74
MiscD 7-30
PhD 2543-5267
UND/EA1/C23   1969 - 1971
Geography Library theses and dissertations accessions.
1. Theses 1957-1968 held in the library at December 1968 with a list of theses acquisitions January 1971.
2. Dissertations 1-87 submitted June 1970.
3. Dissertations 1-104 submitted June 1971.
UND/EA1/C24   May 1969
List of higher degree (MEd, MA, MLitt, PhD) theses in education 1930-1968 in alphabetical author order held in the University and Institute of Education libraries of Durham and Newcastle.
With a list of Durham MEd theses F1-75 1931-1960 in date order held in Newcastle University Library.
UND/EA1/C25   28 September 1934 - 27 May 1961
Lists of books added to the library, by subject. With gaps.
UND/EA1/C26   1975 - 1994
Processing and labelling procedures, examples (of inserted labels), reports, notes of meetings.
UND/EA1/C27   September 2001
List of books originally from the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) library, transferred from the Centre for Lifelong Learning to Palace Green Library, annotated [by Duncan Archibald] with indications of books perhaps selected in an earlier exercise.
UND/EA1/C28   1979
Language:  Arabic and some English
Receipts/invoices for 999 books bought in Egypt by Mrs Kathy R.G. Glavanis.
UND/EA1/C29   March 2000
Language:  Arabic and some English
List of and receipts/invoices for 101 books purchased in Sudan by Tariq Bakheit of the Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.
UND/EA1/C30   1994 - 2000
Gifts register forms, detailing date, donor's name and address, accession no, date acknowledged and details of the gift, Main Library unless otherwise indicated.
BAA017-499 February 1994 - February 1995.
BAA500-658 May 1994 - June 1998 Palace Green.
BAA700-990 February - July 1995.
BAB001-579 July 1995 - July 1996.
BAC001-543 July 1996 - June 1997.
BAE001-590 June 1997 - June 1998 & May - June 1999.
BAF001-599 June 1998 - June 1999.
BAG001-496 June 1999 - June 2000.
ERA001-016 February - October 1996 Elvet Riverside.
BAA012-BAC041 February 1994 - March 2000 frequently used numbers for gifts from the same donors, including some Sudan.
UND/EA1/C31   July 1973 - December 2001
Numbers and extent (in feet and inches) of acquisitions and transfers (printed and manuscripts) to X (1973-1993) and (reversed) the strong room (1973-1985), also numbers of new and recatalogued PG book records (by collection) validated May 1990 - December 2001.
Paper book, covers detached
Reference: UND/EA1/D
UND/EA1/D1   November 1884 - [1925]
Library author catalogue
with removals recorded
Note on the title page: “'This catalogue was copied from a previous one in 1884 by Mr. G. Parker of the Bodleian Library, Oxford. (Minute of 14 March 1885)”
Paper book, leather bound, title label on the front cover, rebound January 1917
Formerly UND/B2/12
UND/EA1/D2   c.1850 - c.1922
Library class catalogue [i.e. shelf-list]. 2 labels on the front cover read “Class catalogue A-D”, and “Class catalogue E-Z”. Records classmark, author and title, date and place of publication. Many leaves at the beginning cut out; only classes CC, E-Y, Phi and Theta remain. Includes few books post-1850 and none post-1917. Records 1922 and earlier disposals (a number to Louvain).
Paper book, half-leather binding by Andrews of Durham
Formerly UND/B2/13.
UND/EA1/D3   c.1932
Knight Collection: author catalogue, with subject guide, of the books given to the University Library from the collection of S.K. Knight, Bishop of Jarrow (d. 1932).
With newspaper obituaries and a photograph of Knight stuck on to the front flyleaves.
Paper book, half-leather binding
Formerly UND/B2/14
UND/EA1/D4   1891
Catalogue of books bequeathed to the University of Durham by Joseph Barber Lightfoot, DD ..., (Durham 1891).
Printed author catalogue, with ms annotations by J.B. Skemp (and a letter about his completion of this work in 1951) and D.G. Ramage relating to later relocations of the books before recataloguing and classification.
Paper book, paper covers
Formerly UND/B2/15
UND/EA1/D5   1934
Subject index, manuscript. A note at the start of the first binder reads “Compilation discontinued 1934”. Under each subject heading books are listed alphabetically, giving author, title and date. No location numbers.
3 sheaf slip binders, with brass rods, labelled
Formerly UND/B2/16-
UND/EA1/D6   [1855]
Routh collection inventory, partial
Recording shelfmark, brief author/title, date of publication; classmarks arranged by size. Each volume ticked [to record delivery]. “Lists by M.J. Thorpe” (on the cover of No2) [drawn up prior to despatch of the books from Oxford to Durham], with 2 bills of W.H. Walter “... Dealer in Antiquities ...” of 82 High Street, Oxford, for boxes and [packing] materials, 4 and 17 February 1855.
Only booklets Nos 2-7, 9, 12, 16-18, 20-24 present.
16 paper booklets + 2f.
Formerly UND/B3 (part).
UND/EA1/D7   1953 - 1987
Annual lists of books missing
1953, 1957-1961, 1964, 1967, 1969-1971, 1973-1979, 1984-1987.
UND/EA1/D8   1988
Law subject index, 3rd edition
Paper file, 40f
UND/EA1/D9-11   [1980s]
Sheaf catalogues for Kellett and Plomer collections [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
3 sheaf catalogues
UND/EA1/D12   [1980s]
Sheaf catalogue of M (historical science special collection) sequence [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
1 sheaf catalogue
UND/EA1/D13-17   [1980s]
Sheaf catalogues of Oriental Special sequence *PJ - *PM, *+, *++, Pam* and “deposit” [not yet obsolete - partially added to online Library catalogue]
5 sheaf catalogues
UND/EA1/D18   [1950s]
Sheaf catalogue of Maltby and Winterbottom [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
1 sheaf catalogue
UND/EA1/D19-27   [1980s]
Sheaf catalogue of OSR sequences (shelved, typographical etc.) [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
10 sheaf catalogues
UND/EA1/D28   [1950s]
Sheaf catalogue of “pre Dewey” Lightfoot and Maltby [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
1 sheaf catalogue
UND/EA1/D29   1886-1909
Catalogue of Routh Library and Winterbottom Library, compiled by G. Neasham 1886-7 [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]. Loose in front, notes made on shelving of Routh during its temporary removal for re-roofing of Exchequer Building in early 2000s.
1 v.
UND/EA1/D30-32   [19th - 20th century]
Shelf catalogue of University Library:
shelves 8-19; 23-25; 41-79
shelves 80-159
shelves 160-184; glass cases; cases E-H, K-L, Θ, Φ, M-P; Cruickshank case.
[obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
3 v
UND/EA1/D33-D44   [1970s]
Sheaf catalogue of Bishop Cosin's Library [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
12 sheaf catalogues
UND/EA1/D45   [1960s]
Photocopies of slips and other notes used in the compilation of P. Benedikz Durham topographical prints up to 1800.
1 file
UND/EA1/D46   [1980s]
Maps of Durham 1576-1872, annotated by E. M. Rainey.
1 v
UND/EA1/D47-51   [1970s]
Sheaf catalogue of XL, XLL, XLLL, PamXL, PamXLL [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
5 sheaf catalogues
UND/EA1/D52-53   [1970s]
Sheaf catalogue of Sunderland Friends sequences [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
2 sheaf catalogues
UND/EA1/D54-59   [1970s]
Sheaf catalogue of X, X+ and PamX sequences [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
6 sheaf catalogues
UND/EA1/D60   [1970s]
Sheaf catalogue of Elephant Case sequence [obsolete - replaced by online Library catalogue]
1 sheaf catalogue
UND/EA1/D61   [1970s]
Typescript catalogues of the Kellett collection.
1 file
UND/EA1/D62   [1980s]
Catalogues of the St Chad's Library deposit.
1 file
UND/EA1/D63   1986
Summary catalogue of the books and manuscripts from the library of St Chad's College Durham.
1 file
UND/EA1/D64   1987
A list of books in French published between 1601 and 1800 in Durham University Library, compiled by John Lough.
1 v
UND/EA1/D65   1987
“Periodicals published before 1800”.
1 file
UND/EA1/D66   1799
Catalogue of the library of Bishop John Cosin, detailing author, title, place and date of publication, and shelfmark
Paper book, 175f, in a modern buckram binding
Transferred from Durham Cathedral Library 1 August 2014.
UND/EA1/D67   [1960s-1980s ?]
Sheaf catalogue compiled during the paper cataloguing era, recording former owner information on printed books in various Durham University Library collections. The exact range of books covered by this is unclear, and it includes items identified by previous shelfmarks and possibly de-accessioned material. Much of the information should now be in the provenance information in the online catalogue.
2 boxes
UND/EA1/D68   [1970s ?]
“Donors 1833-1930. Index to the donors register”. Indexed by donor name, giving title but not shelfmark of work and date of donation.
6 binders
UND/EA1/D69   [1960s]
“Books and pamphlets in the French language in Bishop Cosin's Library”. Compiled by D. Ramage.
1 file
UND/EA1/D70   [1970s ?]
Sheaf catalogue of information on copies of books in Durham University Library collections of interest relating to binders and the booktrade.
1 file
UND/EA1/D71   [1970s ?]
Sheaf catalogue of information on copies of books in Durham University Library collections of interest relating to engravings or illustrations.
1 file
UND/EA1/D72   [1970s ?]
Sheaf catalogue of information on copies of books in Durham University Library collections of interest relating to engravings or illustrations, indexed by creator.
1 file
UND/EA1/D73   [1970s ?]
Sheaf catalogue of information on copies of books in Durham University Library collections of interest relating to their bindings, indexed by country and date.
1 file
UND/EA1/D74   [1970s ?]
Sheaf catalogue of information on British topographical engravings in Durham University Library collections of interest relating to engravings or illustrations, indexed by place (mainly Northumberland, Cumbria and North Yorkshire).
1 file
UND/EA1/D75   [1970s ?]
Sheaf catalogue of information on Durham elections (up to 1832) created as a supplement to Kleineberger's Durham elections: a list of material relating to parliamentary elections in Durham, 1675-1874.
1 file
UND/EA1/D76   [1970s ?]
Sheaf catalogue of information on local topographical engravings in the Longstaffe collection (Durham Cathedral Library).
1 file
UND/EA1/D77   [?1970s]
Sheaf catalogue slips for the Levison collection.
Paper file
Borrowings and Readers
Reference: UND/EA1/E
Dates of creation: 1842 - 2000
UND/EA1/E1A   24 January 1903 - 17 June 1913
Borrowing register [undergraduates]
recording title, date borrowed, press mark, collection, date returned, borrower's signature
Titled on the front cover “University Library Register”
Paper book, leather bound
Formerly UND/B2/11
UND/EA1/E1B   9 February 1916 - 23 November 1929
Borrowing register [others]
recording title, date borrowed, press mark, collection, date returned, and borrower's signature
Titled on the front cover “Library Register. Professors, Graduates, etc.”
Paper book, half-leather bound
Formerly UND/B2/11
UND/EA1/E1C   4 December 1928 - 23 November 1929
Borrowing register [undergraduates]
recording title, date borrowed, press mark, college, collection, date returned, borrower's signature. Only partly used.
Paper book, buckram bound
Formerly UND/B2/11
UND/EA1/E2   1972
Borrower's ticket A681 valid until 31 October 1972, unsigned.
From the Head of Heritage Collections' office in Palace Green Library 22 February 2006, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:54.
UND/EA1/E3   [1842]
List of books borrowed from the library 1841-1842, by classmark (A.I.7-O.V.9), with brief title/author details, name of the borrower and the date borrowed, or occasionally noted as “wanting”.
UND/EA1/E4   c.1930s - 1980s
Various forms for use by readers and staff:
Book order ticket, “Research”, 2 part, completed.
Applications for reprographic/photographic work (both DUL (2) and Kings College Library)
Application for a periodical not in DUL
Staff borrowing ticket
Binding order tickets (2 versions)
UND/EA1/E5   1969 - 1986 & 1994 - 2000
Visitors' books for the Science Section/Main Library, recording date, name and address.
1. September 1969 - February 1986.
2. February 1994 - January 1998.
3. January 1998 - December 2000.
5 formerly numbered: III/V1a/1.
Reference: UND/EA1/F
Dates of creation: 1833 - 2015
UND/EA1/F1A   1833 - 1855
Library account book
In the hand of C.J. Whitley, librarian.
Paper booklet, repaired, bound and titled by E.V. Stocks in April 1908
Formerly UND/B2/4/1 and H.iii.1.
UND/EA1/F1B   October 1855 - December 1890
Library account book
Paper book, in vellum binding
Formerly UND/B2/4/2.
UND/EA1/F1C   January 1891 - June 1901
Library account book titled “Cash Account”
At the end is a note by Stocks: “From this date the Library accounts passed into the hands of the Treasurer of the university”
Paper book, in soft black covers, pages cut out of the back
Formerly UND/B2/4/3.
UND/EA1/F2A   1891 - 1900
Library bank pass book, with J. Backhouse & Co, then from 1896 Barclays Bank.
Paper booklet
Formerly UND/B2/5.
UND/EA1/F2B   January - June 1901
Library bank pass book, with Barclays Bank.
Paper booklet
Formerly UND/B2/5
UND/EA1/F3   1925 - 1932
Account book for book purchase grants, 1925-1930, recording expenditure by subject. With a summary inside the back cover of grants and legacies 1925-30, and book issues 1931/2, all broken down by subject.
Paper booklet
Formerly UND/B2/6
UND/EA1/F4A   October 1896 - May 1903
Library petty cash book
Paper booklet
Formerly UND/B2/7
UND/EA1/F4B   1913 - 1922
Library petty cash book
with a note on the front that it has to be sent to the treasurer with receipted bills [each] 31 July.
Paper booklet
Formerly UND/B2/7
UND/EA1/F4C   1922 - 1928
Library petty cash book
with a note on the front that it has to be sent to the treasurer with receipted bills each 31 July.
Paper booklet
Formerly UND/B2/7
UND/EA1/F4D   1934 - 1937
Librarian's petty cash book
Paper booklet
Formerly UND/B2/7
UND/EA1/F4E   24 July 1937 - 5 August 1939
Library petty cash book
Paper booklet
Formerly UND/B2/7
UND/EA1/F5   1902 - 1932
Library curators' annual statements of account
With some analysis of the figures and statistics by [E.V. Stocks].
Paper file
Formerly UND/B3 (part).
UND/EA1/F6   29 June 1929 - 2 September 1937
Cosin Library Trustees bank pass book with National Provincial Bank Ltd, Durham.
Purchased at the Anderson & Garland auction in Newcastle, lot 682 part of the Colin Higgins Collection, 11 March 2009, Acc No Misc.2008/9:91.
UND/EA1/F7   1968/69 - 1998/99
Annual estimates of library expenditure, with some drafts and correspondence.
2 paper files
UND/EA1/F8   1930s
University Library Order Book, blank.
Paper book
UND/EA1/F9   1998/99 - 2013/14
Annual summaries of staff expenditure (including on-costs) by month.
Paper file
Closed under DPA until 2095.
UND/EA1/F10   1999/00 - 2014/15
Annual ledger listings, including budgets and expenditure, for the library, museums, and archives and special collections.
Paper file
UND/EA1/F11   July 2000 - July 2015
Transaction reports, (only those for July each year retained).
1. 2000-2005.
2. 2006-2011.
3. 2012-2015.
3 paper files
Head of department's files
Reference: UND/EA1/G
Dates of creation: 1798 - 2017 GF2-3 deposited by the University Librarian 19 April 2006, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:61.
GA1-4, GB4-16 and GC1 formerly UND/B3 (part)
GA pre-Stocks (1901)
GB tempore Stocks (1901-1934)
GC tempore Acomb (1934-1945)
GD tempore Ramage (1945-1967)
GE tempore McAulay (1967-1989)
GF tempore Hall (1989-2009)
GG tempore Purcell (2009-2017)

Librarian's files pre-Stocks
Reference: UND/EA1/GA
UND/EA1/GA1   8 October 1798 - 7 December 1914
Bishop Cosin's Library regulations
1. Regulations of the library “repaired & furnished” by Bishop Barrington, reopened 8 October 1798, signed by Revd Samuel Viner, librarian. Paper, 1f.
2. “Regulations for the Government of Bishop Cosin's Library”, signed by Bishop van Mildert 1 January 1835. Parchment, 1m. 2 copies, 1 on display in Cosin's Library.
3. “Rules of Bishop Cosin's Library”, by Edward Greatorex, librarian. Printed, copy. Paper, 1f .
4. Rules passed by the trustees 7 December 1914. Printed. Paper, 1f, mounted on board.
UND/EA1/GA2   2 November 1872
J.T. Fowler's report on Ripon Minster Library and his work there for Ripon dean and chapter.
Paper, 4f
UND/EA1/GA3   16 April 1874
Bond of J.T. Fowler for the 6 month loan of Hebrew starrs from Durham dean and chapter.
Paper, 2f
UND/EA1/GA4   21 October 1880
Bond of Thomas Arnold for the 3 month loan of the “Historia Dunelmensis Ecclesiae” manuscript from the trustees of Bishop Cosin's library. Amended to form a specimen bond for loans of items recorded in “the librarian's book”.
Paper, 2f
UND/EA1/GA5   16 January 1855
Photocopies of the Maltby Library declaration of trust by Edward Maltby, bishop of Durham, for providing funds for a librarian for the Maltby library (from a copy in the possession of David Watkinson 2005), and of the appointment of new trustees in 1881 (from the DCD Enrolment Book 1870-1898 in 1978).
Paper file   5f + 3f
UND/EA1/GA6   1887 - 1896
Correspondence with J.T. Fowler
UND/EA1/GA6/1   10 March 1887
Letter to J.T., Fowler from J.H. LeKent for Andrews and Co of 64 Saddler St, Durham, with statements of the time and cost of cleaning the libraries in 1879 and 1885.
UND/EA1/GA6/2   22 November 1891
Copy letter from J.T. Fowler sent to libraries in Paris and Rouen about engravings of French abbeys in Rooth LVIII.A.17.
UND/EA1/GA6/3   14 October 1892
Language:  German
Note and a postcard from Dr O. Hartwig, librarian at Halle, to J.T Fowler about Prof. [Carl] Voretzsch (1867-1947).
UND/EA1/GA6/4   26 May 1896
Language:  German
Letter from Prof Carl Voretzsch at Tübingen university [to J.T. Fowler] about Cosin V.II.17.
Librarian's files tempore Stocks
Reference: UND/EA1/GB
UND/EA1/GB1   1833 - 1967
History of the Library
Compiled by E.V. Stocks in 1909 from library annual reports, curators' minutes, accounts, donations book, Senate minutes, D.U.J., and university Calendars in the form of annals recording staff, finances, committee membership and significant developments. Continued by D. Ramage, with some supplementary notes at the back by Ramage.
Paper book
Transferred by David Watkinson 24 May 2005, Acc No Misc.2004/2005:59.
UND/EA1/GB2   1912 - 1923
Librarian's carbon copy out-letter book
Paper book
Formerly UND/B2/8
UND/EA1/GB3   1901 x 1930
[Librarian's] address book
in the hand of E.V. Stocks, with at the back a list of university staff arrivals in chronological order 1882-1930.
Paper book
Formerly UND/B2/10.
UND/EA1/GB4   [29 May 1903]
Notes by E.V. Stocks for an [exhibition on the library], including captions on the 1657 Cromwell charter founding a university at Durham and the career of Thomas Winterbottom, physician, who bequeathed his books to the library in 1859, notes on the history of the library and Bishop John Cosin, and lists of printed books and manuscripts [to display].
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB5   19 November 1907 - 2 September 1908
Steel shelving supplied by W. Lucy and Co of Eagle Ironworks, Oxford, including estimate, correspondence about problems putting it up, bill, plans and instructions.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB6   23 June - 5 November 1919
Correspondence of E.V. Stocks with the treasurer of Durham Colleges about Mr Bowe's retirement and his replacement by Mr D. Steele as library [cleaner], detailing his duties and arrangements with the Union.
Paper, 3f
UND/EA1/GB7   29 November 1927
Language:   French
Copy from the Universities Bureau of the British Empire of regulations for loans abroad from French libraries.
Paper, 3f
UND/EA1/GB8   7 August 1917 - 16 December 1924
Correspondence about a proposed facsimile edition of Cosin's 1619 prayer book (D.iii.5), summarized by E.V. Stocks, with some notes on the 1662 prayer book and the substitution of “who” for “which”. Letters from:
1. R. Mercer Wilson 7 August 1917.
2. J.T. Tomlinson 17 November 1917.
5. H.A. Wilson 1 July 1918.
7. R.W. Chapman of the Clarendon Press Oxford 30 October 1919.
8. S. Gibson 24 September 1923.
9. R.W. Chapman of the Clarendon Press Oxford 24 September 1924.
10. Thomas Strong bishop of Ripon 6 October 1924.
11. Thomas Strong bishop of Ripon 13 October 1924.
12. F.E. Brightman 17 October 1924.
14. F.E. Brightman 2 November 1924.
15. R.W. Chapman of the Clarendon Press Oxford 5 November 1924.
16. R.W. Chapman of the Clarendon Press Oxford 4 December 1924.
17. R. Mercer Wilson 20 December 1924.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB9   1928
Draft letter in jest from the librarian about the “vacancy in sub-librarianship” and requirements for the post.
Paper, 1f
UND/EA1/GB10   1927 - 1933
Matriculation examination instructions, statistics and correspondence, E.V. Stocks being chairman of the matriculation examiners.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB11   4 November 1910 - 12 June 1931
Library regulations
1. University library regulations, amended, 4 November 1910. Printed, paper, 1f.
2. Instructions for university library users, amended, November 1924. Printed, paper, 1f.
3. Notice about new systems for issuing and recalling books 23 November 1929. Typescript, paper, 1f.
4. Notes for talks to [new users of the library]. Manuscript, paper, 1f.
5. Notice about missing books, 26 February 1931. Manuscript, paper, 1f.
6. The Times newspaper cutting about thefts of books in the U.S.A., 12 June 1931. Printed, paper, 1f.
Paper file, 6f + envelope
UND/EA1/GB12   8 April 1930 - 12 March 1933
Durham City Library.
1. Rules and regulations for the City of Durham library, 8 April 1930. Printed, paper, 2f.
2. Constitution of the Local Superior Library Sub-Committee of the Durham City Branch of the County Library. Printed, paper, 2f.
3. Preliminary report on library provision for the city of Durham, by John Wilfrid Green, 12 March 1933. Typescript, paper, 8f.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB13   c.1930
E.V. Stocks's notes on the library detailing:
“agenda” (things to be done), figures of books missing at stocktakings 1907-1931, notes on certain Routh books mainly on health and old-age, books to be bound by Menzies and Bramhall, library subscribers 1929-1934, periodicals and serials taken, books to be cleaned, books furbished with Adams or British Museum leather dressing.
With a booklet of memoranda for the librarian of procedures, scarcely used, and a booklet indexing foreign publishers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB14   22 February 1927
Notes for a talk and display of books on liturgies and English prayer books by E.V. Stocks in Cosin Library for the Durham Colleges Historical Society.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB15   27 January - 10 February 1928
Notes for 3 lectures on bibliography by E.V. Stocks to help library users, with specimens of different paper sizes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB16   c.1930
Book lists for different topics.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB17   2 December 1913
Photocopy of the Cosin Library charity commission scheme providing for the library and a librarian.
Paper file   4f
Photocopied from a copy in the possession of David Watkinson, 17 August 2005, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:16.
UND/EA1/GB18   1903 - 1928
Correspondence with E.V. Stocks.
UND/EA1/GB18/1-17   16 February 1903 - 29 November 1921
Letters from Reginald S. Faber (1-12) at 90 Regents Park Road, London, and then (from 10 November 1908) 23 Elsworthy Road, South Hampstead, to E.V. Stocks up to 19 November 1908 about his various donations of books to the library, discussing also cataloguing, a possible new library building, the better remuneration of the librarian, and then from his widow Elizabeth to the dean of Durham (13) and E.V. Stocks (14-16) about her husband's demise, a memorial pamphlet on him, and further gifts of books to the library, and then after her death from their daughter Constance at Ilfracombe (17) about books for Durham from her share of her father's collection and her sister taking others.
UND/EA1/GB18/18-19   6 & 8 May [1903]
2 letters from A.S. Farrar to E.V. Stocks discussing and enclosing (not now present) a pamphlet of his about Henry Jenkyns and the manuscripts of his lectures in the library (Old University MSS O.V.34-52), warning about lending them to Dr Gee, and advising that O. Pickard Cambridge should be bequeathing further Jenkyns volumes to the library.
UND/EA1/GB18/20   17 August 1903
Letter from J. King Hewison of The Manse, Rothesay, to E.V. Stocks asking about any notes in Routh XVII.B.16, possibly owned by King Charles I.
UND/EA1/GB18/21   [c.1910]
Letter from Henry Noble MacCracken to J.T. Fowler about the transcription of the Troilus poem in Cosin MS V.II.13, a possible Lydgate reference in V.II.14 and Lydgate's possible connection with V.II.15. (MacCracken published a book on Lydgate in 1911).
UND/EA1/GB18/22   17 October [c.1910]
Letter from Henry Noble MacCracken at 81 Banbury Road, Oxford, to J.T. Fowler thanking him for his transcription and discussing an attribution to Lydgate.
UND/EA1/GB18/23   8 November 1919
Letter from A.W. Pickard Cambridge at Balliol College, Oxford, about photographs destined for Durham being inadvertently packed up in crates at Bournemouth of his brother, a missionary in Japan, with a separate list of 16 photos of individuals taken in 1857 at Durham.
UND/EA1/GB18/24   11 September 1928
Letter from Frances A. Foster of Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, to E.V. Stocks about using the Fasciculus Morum manuscript.
UND/EA1/GB18/25   22 July 1929
Letter from Hope Emily Allen of 116 Cheyne Walk, London, enquiring about a reading re Richard Rolle in [Cosin MS] V.I.12.
Note of Cosin MS V.IV.2 and V.V.7 being reserved for C.R. Cheney.
UND/EA1/GB18/27   6 January 1944
Envelope originally containing GA6 and GB18, with contents listed by Ramage.
UND/EA1/GB19   January - May 1928
3 letters to Stocks from H. Guppy (2) and A.G. Little (1) about the deposit of [Cosin V.III.18] at the John Rylands library for Prof F.M. Powicke's student Miss D. Douie and about it being rotographed.
UND/EA1/GB20   11 September 1923 - 23 July 1924
Correspondence between Stocks, S[amuel K[irshbaum] Knight rector of Houghton-le-Spring, and Frederick Bradshaw librarian of Armstrong College, over Kepier School Library, Stock's report on it, and the consequent transfer of the early books to Durham and the sale of other books to Armstrong.
UND/EA1/GB21   June 1906 - January 1907
Correspondence about Bibliotheca Sarraziana (1715) (reference SB 0457), including letters from Francis Madan in Oxford, the librarian at the Hague Royal Library, G.H. Godwin in Winchester, H.E. van Felder archivist of the Hague, Ingram Bywater of Oxford, with Stocks's notes on the volume.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB22   4 November 1937 & 11 December 1939
Correspondence about the conversion of the Belgian money sale price of Routh LXXIX.D.9 with F. de Ghellinck of Louvain Bibliothèque and D.F. Allen of the British Museum.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB23   [1930s]
Notes by Stocks on various books and lists of books, reusing printed requests for returns, a Sunderland Public Libraries compliments slip, and a Friends of the National Libraries membership card 1933/34.
[Paper file]
UND/EA1/GB24   1913
“Durham University Library Printed books of the 15th century”. Exercise book containing list of incunabula in the University and Bishop Cosin's libraries, compiled by Stocks, November-December 1913.
1 vol.
UND/EA1/GB25   1913
Exercise book, compiled by Stocks, December 1913, containing lists of early printed books in the Crewe Library at Bamburgh Castle (which later became the Bamburgh Library deposited at Durham University Library); notes on the Cock Library (then at St Oswald's vicarage, Durham, but dispersed in about 1929), including a loose copy of the Library's printed bookplate, an apologetic letter from Bishop Henson to Stocks (8/7/1931) about the sale and copy of a heavily annotated letter from A I Doyle about the fate of the Library.
1 vol.
UND/EA1/GB26   [1910s-1930s]
“Library memoranda”. Exercise book containing list of those issued with library key (with signatures); survey of Bibles in the collection; list of non-graduates permitted to use Library; notes on the cubic capacity of the Library rooms (made for fuel rationing returns in 1918); Professor Pearce's donation of a revolving desk to the Library in 1895.
1 vol. (mostly blank)
“Bibliographical memoranda” Exercise book compiled by Stocks containing notes on books in the University Library on various topics, including bookworms, interesting bindings, specific printers, Routh collection books, bookplates, ownership inscriptions, Durham maps, chronology, etc. with index.
1 vol.
UND/EA1/GB28   started in 1913
“Bibliographical notes” Exercise book compiled by Stocks containing general notes and press cuttings, list of incunabula owned by H. S. Squance.
1 vol.
UND/EA1/GB29   1920-1921
“Cosin's Library” Exercise book compiled by Stocks containing lists of books including those with notes by Cosin, manuscript and binding fragments. Copies of library rules issued by Greatorex (after 1798) and in 1914. Heavily annotated throughout, in the usual manner, by A I Doyle.
1 vol.
UND/EA1/GB30   [c.1920]
Drafts of lists of university manuscripts submitted to the Bulletin for the Institute of Historical Research
Paper file
UND/EA1/GB31   9 May 1907 - 17 January 1929
Letters to E.V. Stocks with printed book enquiries from:
1. C.A. Newdigate, Harris's Brief Confutation, 30 December 1922
2. F.C. Nicholson, a Raban book, 30 October 1923
3. G.F. Barwick, Bancroft's Visitation Articles 1636, 7 March 1925
4-7. Eustace F. Bosanquet, An Homilie Agaynst Disobedience and Wylful Rebellion (1570), 4 letters, 19 May 1927 - 17 January 1929
8-10. R.B. McKerrow, printers' devices, 3 letters, 2 February - 29 March 1925
11-15. H.A. Wilson, loan to Bodley to 1548 Order of Communion, 5 letters, 9 May - 24 June 1907
Paper file
Librarian's files tempore Acomb
Reference: UND/EA1/GC
UND/EA1/GC1   1 March - 14 June 1933
Letters to H.W. Acomb about his “Manual of Cataloguing and Indexing”.
1. From E.V. Stocks with points of detail, 9 March 1933. Paper, 1f.
2. From P. Freer, librarian, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, with comments and enclosing his own syllabus of a course held at Durban in 1932, 1 March 1933. Paper, 2f + 12f.
3. From P. Freer, a copy of 2 as he had had no answer to it, 14 June 1933. Paper, 2f..
Paper file
UND/EA1/GC2   1935 - 1939
Letters to H.W. Acomb re Special Collections enquiries.
UND/EA1/GC2/1   26 May 1935
Letter from May Todd of Neville's Cross, very appreciative of the curators' resolution.
UND/EA1/GC2/2   21 May 1937
Letter from G.H. Christie of the Science Dept, proposing that the cathedral organist, C.W. Eden, be allowed borrowing rights without any fee.
UND/EA1/GC2/3   23 June 1937
Letter from C.W. Eden of The College, Durham, grateful to be allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC2/4-7   8 - 9 June 1938
Letter from A.A. Macfarlane-Grieve asking for a paragraph on the Bibles exhibition to submit to The Observer, with a typescript piece and a covering note [from Acomb].
UND/EA1/GC2/8   19 October 1938
Printed circular letter from H.W. Acomb asking non-resident borrowers to re-register.
UND/EA1/GC2/9&10   14 & 16 November 1938
2 letters from J.B. Oldham, Shrewsbury School librarian, about visiting to view blind-stamped bindings.
UND/EA1/GC2/11-15   16 - 22 November 1938
2 letters from Simon Nowell Smith about an article on the bindings exhibition for The Times and its Literary Supplement, and 2 copy replies of Acomb, with a copy of his piece for the TLS, with special mention for A. Birdsall's work preparing the bindings for exhibition.
UND/EA1/GC2/16   18 November 1938
Letter from Leo J. Sharratt of Ushaw College about bringing a party of divines to visit the Bindings Exhibition.
UND/EA1/GC2/17-18   21 & 24 November 1938
Letter from Acomb to Mr E.R. Thomas at the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle, inviting a visit to the Bindings Exhibition, declined by Thomas.
UND/EA1/GC2/19   November 1938
Printed flyer advertising the Bindings Exhibition in the Routh Library from 28 November to 2 December. 4 copies.
UND/EA1/GC2/20-22   20 - 27 January 1939
Letter from J. Cleminson, headmaster of the Durham Johnston School, about a visit to the library by the art master, Mr J. Lishman, with Acomb's reply, and Lishman's reply.
UND/EA1/GC2/23   26 January 1939
Copy letter from Acomb to S. Middlebrook of Newcastle about his party visiting the library, with cathedral manuscripts to be seen as well.
UND/EA1/GC2/24-30   16 May - 18 August 1939
6 letters from Prof Robert Bradlaw of King's College Medical School, Newcastle, about a visit by the ladies attending the British Dental Association annual meeting to the library, cathedral library, cathedral and castle in Durham, with a certificate of thanks.
UND/EA1/GC3   1936 - 1942
File of letters to H.W. Acomb and (from June 1940) the acting librarian B.M. Hamilton-Thompson, principally about using the library and borrowing books from it, and the problems of getting books back from borrowers in the armed forces.
The original file cover was labelled “Readers Enquiries” and “Weeded”.
UND/EA1/GC3/1   15 February 1936
Letter from Richard J.S. Baker of 3 Queen St, Durham, expressing gratitude for being allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/2   19 February 1936
Letter from Eric G. Mawson, warden of Durham House Settlement at 3 Queen St, Durham, expressing gratitude for being allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/3   9 June 1937
Receipt of Harry Thorpe of Accrington for a portfolio of maps accompanying his MLitt thesis.
UND/EA1/GC3/4   18 June 1937
Receipt from Robert S. Godfrey, surveyor, for ther cost of the carriage of MS 149 from Lincoln cathedral.
UND/EA1/GC3/5   24 October [1937]
Letter from Harold Knight asking to use the library as an Oxford graduate.
UND/EA1/GC3/6   20 November 1937
Circular to the senior man at each college asking for the return of library books.
UND/EA1/GC3/7&8   10 December 1937 & 26 January 1938
2 letters from J.H. Pafford of the National Central Library about Acomb's query about early Paris editions of Bede's works.
UND/EA1/GC3/9-11   8 - 27 January 1938
Letter from B. Colgrave of 56 South St, Durham, asking if Acomb would borrow for him and Prof Masson MS 392(1) from Berne Stadtbibliothek, with a response from Berne refusing, offering rotographs instead, and a letter from the National Central Library.
UND/EA1/GC3/12   11 January 1938
Letter from Irvine Masson of Quarry Heads Lane, Durham, about Acomb seeking the loan of German articles for him, and recounting a limerick.
UND/EA1/GC3/13   8 February 1938
Postcard from Bogislav von Lindheim in Thuringen about his non-return of books to the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/14   [?1938]
Letter from Marmood Leyland of the Durham House Settlement, Queen St, Durham, asking to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/15   3 July 1938
Letter from Ella W. Costello of The Peth, Durham, at Bedford College, London, about using the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/16   8 July 1938
Letter of J. Hollingsworth of Newbiggin by the Sea complaining at his son's excessive library fine and explaining his poor health.
UND/EA1/GC3/17&18   15 & 16 July 1938
Letter from John McManners of West Pelton vicarage, at St Chad's, asking to borrow books, with a copy reply of Acomb assenting to it.
UND/EA1/GC3/19-21   August 1938
3 letters between George Bradford, an Oxford undergraduate of Aden Cottage, Durham, and Acomb about using the library over the summer vacation.
UND/EA1/GC3/22   3 November 1938
Letter from Eric Birley of Hatfield College about his establishment of an Archaeological Seminar Library and asking to transfer items to it from the university library.
UND/EA1/GC3/23   2 January 1939
Letter from John F. Danby of Stourbridge paying his fine which will have to do in lieu of a donation as it is so large.
UND/EA1/GC3/24   16 March 1939
Letter from J.W. James of Dolgellau rectory about borrowing books to support his work as examining chaplain to the archbishop of Wales.
UND/EA1/GC3/25   14 April 1939
Copy letter to C.A. Lillingston querying how he borrowed books when the library was closed.
UND/EA1/GC3/26-28   19 - 21 April 1939
3 letters between Acomb and A.P. Rossiter about staff borrowing confined books and accessing the library under the new regulations, in contrast to the latitudes of Stocks's day.
UND/EA1/GC3/29   20 May 1939
Copy letter to E.B. Birley reporting from the National Central Library of the availability of Austrian archaeological texts.
UND/EA1/GC3/30   1 June 1939
Letter from B.S. Page, librarian at King's College, asking for Elizabeth J. Campbell, a student at King's 1934-1938, to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/31   17 June 1939
Letter from W.M. Dickie, sub-librarian at the Brotherton Library, Leeds, about Mr Hill being able to use Leeds library.
UND/EA1/GC3/32-34   20 June - 17 July 1939
Letter from W. Renwick of King's College enclosing a letter from Peter Alexander of Glasgow University asking for Mrs Hilda Bowe to be allowed to use the library, and a letter from Mrs Bowe of Carlton, Stockton-on-Tees, about using the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/35   23 June 1939
Letter from Dorothy Sylvester of 13 South Bailey, Durham, asking for Mr T.A. Cookson of Trinity College Oxford to be allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/36   27 June 1939
Copy letter to M.H. Callender of Hatfield College about returning books without paying fines.
UND/EA1/GC3/37&38   27 June & 11 July 1939
Letters from W.R. Cunningham, university librarian of Glasgow, to Prof W. Levsion and Acomb about the insurance for Hunterian T.4.2 being borrowed for Prof Levison.
UND/EA1/GC3/39   15 August 1939
Letter from Percy Heawood of High Close, Durham, grateful for being allowed to use the library in his retirement.
UND/EA1/GC3/40   13 September [1939]
Letter from C.E. Whiting of Hooton Pagnell about borrowing Comber's Life of Thomas Comber, and his coming to a living near Durham.
UND/EA1/GC3/41&42   1 & 3 November 1939
Letters between George Wilkinson, secretary of the Durham Colleges S.R.C., and Acomb about extending the library afternoon opening hours.
UND/EA1/GC3/43   14 November 1939
Letter from Florence Milburn, editor of the Northern Regional Library Bureau, grateful for staff being allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/44   18 November 1939
Letter from Hilda Bowe saying her husband has been posted to Glasgow so she will unfortunately not be able to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/45   10 February 1940
Copy letter to Dr A. Theissen of Ushaw College allowing him to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/46   22 February 1940
Letter from Yvonne N.M. White of St Hild's College explaining her loss of library books.
UND/EA1/GC3/47&48   24 - 26 February 1940
Letter from William McIntyre of Melkridge House, Durham, asking to use the library as a Durham graduate, with a copy reply from Acomb outlining the conditions of use.
UND/EA1/GC3/49&50   11 - 12 March 1940
Letter from the librarian of Bedford College, London, asking that Margaret Walton, a student there, be allowed to use the library, with a copy reply from Acomb to Walton giving permission.
UND/EA1/GC3/51-52   11 - 13 March 1940
Copy letter of Acomb to C.F.W.R. Gullick of the School of Geography allowing Mr W.P. Smith to use the library but recounting the bad behaviour of a previous Geography student, with Gullick's reply sympathising with the situation.
UND/EA1/GC3/53   22 June 1940
Letter to S.M. Barratt of Middlesbrough asking for the return of Smail's Quintilian on Education.
UND/EA1/GC3/54&55   9 & 11 July 1940
2 copy letters to Olive Stirling at Linton-on-Ouse about books for her thesis on the Dalton Plan, her farming work and air-raids in Durham.
UND/EA1/GC3/56   12 July 1940
Copy letter to the Director of the Community Service Council for Durham about Mr Rose and Miss Troughton using the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/57   14 October 1940
Copy letter to Alice Taylor of Bishop Auckland about using the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/58&59   28 October & 1 November 1940
Letter from Arthur L. MacArthur to Dr E.G. Pace about his proposed MLitt thesis topic of pre-135 Judaism and using the university's libraries, with a copy reply from the librarian detailing procedures for borrowing books by post.
UND/EA1/GC3/60&61   6 November 1940
Letter from Mrs E. Newton of Dinnington Colliery about her daughter not being able to return books as she is in hospital, with a copy sympathetic reply from the librarian.
UND/EA1/GC3/62   14 November 1940
Copy letter to Rev C.W. Marriott about borrowing books.
UND/EA1/GC3/63   [November 1940]
Postcard from Francis G. Hood asking permission for his PhD student Mr J.W. Moore to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/64&65   3 & 19 December 1940
Letter from A.P. Whitaker of Tonbridge School asking to borrow material on Rev James Hurdis, with a copy reply promising to look out any material after the holidays.
UND/EA1/GC3/66   7 December 1940
Copy letter to Rev T. Romans of Sherburn inviting him to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/67   24 January 1941
Letter from A.P. Whitaker of Tonbridge about borrowing the works of Henry Kett.
UND/EA1/GC3/68&69   24 & 26 January 1941
Letter from Wilfrid Bouser, librarian of Birmingham university, asking for details on the proffered Richard Cobden letters for a student, with a copy reply outlining the subjects of the 4 printed letters.
UND/EA1/GC3/70   27 January 1941
Letter from M. Shepherd, acting Middlesbrough librarian, about not finding a Yorkshire Archaeological Journal article on Thomas Comber.
UND/EA1/GC3/71   4 February 1941
Letter from University of London library refusing an inter-library loan as the work is in a collection evacuated because of the air-raids.
UND/EA1/GC3/72   7 February 1941
Copy letter to the York City librarian lending books for Sir John Marriott.
UND/EA1/GC3/73   8 February 1941
Copy letter to Dr W. Steiner of Durham School inviting him to be an honorary reader of the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/74   8 February 1941
Copy letter to the Superior of St Joseph's College, Burnhall, inviting him to be an honorary reader of the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/75   10 February 1941
Copy letter to the National Central Library about borrowing a German book.
UND/EA1/GC3/76&77   18 & 20 February 1941
Letter from Dorothy Sylvester of the Geography Dept asking for S. Fullarton, a Nottingham university geography student, to be allowed to use the library whilst serving in 511 Coast Regt RA at Hartlepool, with a copy reply granting him permission to use the library but not borrow books as the military already had a bad reputation on that.
UND/EA1/GC3/78   28 February 1941
Letter from F.A. Paneth of the Chemistry Dept asking for a book to be obtained.
UND/EA1/GC3/79   3 March 1941
Letter from W.H. Davis of the National Library of Wales asking for a loan extension as their evacuated lecturer from London has only limited time.
UND/EA1/GC3/80-82   14 & 27 March 1941
Returned letter to P.F. Thomas of 535 Battery, Chester, asking for the return of a book, with an envelope, a copy and a letter from D. Stuart Nicholson of Easington Colliery asking for the book to be obtained, with the borrowing slip of P.F. Thomas.
UND/EA1/GC3/83   21 March 1941
Letter from H.J. Fleure of Manchester University Geography Dept asking for Miss M.I. Bullock to be allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/84   24 March 1941
Letter from F. Grave Morrel of King's College, Newcastle, asking for a geography dept student, Miss Hedley, to be allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/85   29 March 1941
Copy letter to J.Y. Holland of Crossgate Moor, Durham, about books borrowed and staff leaving to join the RAF.
UND/EA1/GC3/86   4 April 1941
Copy letter to R.F. Crowther of Halifax about a friend borrowing books.
UND/EA1/GC3/87   24 April 1941
Letter from Rev A. MacLeod Murray of Warcop about being allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/88   14 May 1941
Letter from the Reading university librarian sending books, with caution.
UND/EA1/GC3/89   20 May 1941
Letter from Charles Nowell, Manchester chief librarian, lending books.
UND/EA1/GC3/90   23 May 1941
Letter from W. Bouser, Birmingham University librarian, asking to borrow a book back again.
UND/EA1/GC3/91   22 May 1941
Letter from Rev J. Lowrey of Darlington asking to renew his loan of Prophecy and Religion.
UND/EA1/GC3/92&93   27 & 29 May 1941
Letter from George K. Wilkie, Leicester librarian, with a copy letter from John Kennair Peel of Leicester about renewing a loan as he is writing a book on Romania.
UND/EA1/GC3/94&95   5 & 9 June 1941
Letter from Margaret G. Box of Newnham College to Prof Sells asking to use the library as French and German books are not being loaned as they are so hard to replace, with a copy reply giving her permission to use the library and borrow books.
UND/EA1/GC3/96   9 June 1941
Copy letter to Rev Barber of Heworth vicarage saying he has to subscribe to the library for the minimum of a year.
UND/EA1/GC3/97   10 June 1941
Letter from Raymond Doherty, York City librarian, passing on Sir John Marriott's thanks for help over borrowing books, now returned.
UND/EA1/GC3/98&99   14 June 1941
Returned letter to J.F. Danby of Stourbridge about returning books, with a copy, envelope marked “gone away”.
UND/EA1/GC3/100   14 June 1941
Copy letter to Miss M.J. Chilman of St Hild's College about non-payment of postage for books borrowed.
UND/EA1/GC3/101   7 July 1941
Letter from the Northumberland county librarian asserting that postage had been paid.
UND/EA1/GC3/102   9 July 1941
Copy letter to Lieut J.G. Knowles at Durham allowing him to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/103   10 July 1941
Letter from J. Moor of Henry Smith School, Hartlepool, asking for his son, a student of Caius College Cambridge, to be allowed to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/104   10 July 1941
Copy letter to Miss E. Sunderland of Blackhill about returning and borrowing books.
UND/EA1/GC3/105   12 July 1941
Copy letter to H.W.C. Eisel, 165 Pioneer Corps, Okehampton, about borrowing and returning books and problems with military borrowers.
UND/EA1/GC3/106   14 July 1941
Copy letter to Cedric Chivers Ltd of Bath about binding.
UND/EA1/GC3/107-109   16 - 22 July 1941
3 letters from and to P.F. Thomas of Whitchurch about the problems of returning and borrowing books when in the army.
UND/EA1/GC3/110   17 July 1941
Postcard from W.E. Davis of Sharpness about a book.
UND/EA1/GC3/111   21 July 1941
Copy letter to Miss E. Sunderland of Blackhill about opening hours.
UND/EA1/GC3/112&113   20 & 22 July 1941
Letter from Rev Kenneth Harper of Darlington St James vicarage about not returning books as he has been away convalescing, with a copy reply asking for a permanent address.
UND/EA1/GC3/114-118   2 August - 19 September 1941
5 letters to and from Rev Gordon T. Haigh of Oakridge vicarage, Stroud, about borrowing a list of books, the unavailability of some and his postage credit.
UND/EA1/GC3/119   26 August 1941
Letter from Elizabeth Sunderland of Blackhill asking for books to be sent.
UND/EA1/GC3/120&121   31 August & 2 September 1941
Letter from Rev James McIntyre of Lympstone rectory asking to borrow a sample MLitt thesis for him to model his own on, with a copy reply sending him an example.
UND/EA1/GC3/122&123   9 & 19 September 1941
Copy letter to Miss J.W. Muir of Whitelands [teacher training college for women evacuated from London to Bede College] allowing her and her staff to use the library, with a reply listing the staff wishing to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/124   30 September [1941]
Note from Jack Payne of RAOC, Rochester, Northumberland, about not needing further volumes of La Fontaine as offered on 2 July 1941.
UND/EA1/GC3/125   23 October 1941
Copy letter to Miss E. Paneth of Sheffield apologising for wrongly chasing her for a borrowed book.
UND/EA1/GC3/126   27 October 1941
Copy letter to Miss M.F. Clucas of North Shields fining her for hoarding and not signing out books and hoping she did not suffer in the air raids.
UND/EA1/GC3/127   4 November 1941
Copy letter to J.P. Moor of Caius College Cambridge refusing to lend him books.
UND/EA1/GC3/128   5 November 1941
Copy letter to Dr C.H. Phillips of King's School, Canterbury, at St Austell allowing him to borrow his DMus exercise to have it copied as his copy was lost in an air raid.
UND/EA1/GC3/129   8 November 1941
Copy letter to Miss Muir, vice-principal of Whitelands College at Bede College about access to the library and borrowing rights for Whitelands students.
UND/EA1/GC3/130   12 November 1941
Copy letter to Major Copeland, Military College of Science, Rhyl, asking him to return overdue books and banning any further borrowing by anyone on military service.
UND/EA1/GC3/131   14 November 1941
Copy letter to Miss D. Gorrey of St Hild's College asking for books lent to Miss J. Crute to be returned.
UND/EA1/GC3/132   18 November 1941
Copy letter to the bishop of Jarrow sending him a book procured from Truro and discussing his postage account.
UND/EA1/GC3/133   18 November 1941
Copy letter to Rev C.E. Whiting at Hickleton about the Tanners' manuscript and the inadvisability of sending items to binders.
UND/EA1/GC3/134-136   18 - 24 November 1941
Copy letter to Miss Elizabeth Carrick of Durham asking her to return the 8 books she has over her 3 book graduate allowance, with her reply pleading to be allowed more, and a further copy reply declining as her requirements are largely for undergraduate books and “the library is primarily for the use of undergraduates”.
UND/EA1/GC3/137&138   28 & 29 November 1941
Letter from Capt Johnston R. McKay, chaplain, 9th Bn The Cameronians, South Shields, asking for T. Allan to use the library, with a copy reply allowing him to use the library but not borrow books.
UND/EA1/GC3/139   16 December 1941
Letter from Lieut (unsigned) R.A. asking to use the library as he is studying for a King's College London PhD.
UND/EA1/GC3/140&141   10 & 13 January 1942
Letter from Reginald Haw, chaplain RNVR, 15 Royal Marines, Tenby, asking to borrow pyschology books as a St Chad's graduate, with a copy reply sending books and pointing out the dangers of lending to members of the forces.
UND/EA1/GC3/142   15 January 1942
Copy letter to Rev R. Armstrong of Chester-le-Street asking him not to return books through the letter-box as it damages them.
UND/EA1/GC3/143   7 February 1942
Copy letter to Mrs F.C. Hood of Neville's Cross permitting her to borrow books and apologising for the delay as her reqest had been forgotten about.
UND/EA1/GC3/144-146   18 & 20 February 1942
Letter from John E. Younghusband of Durham asking to use the library as he is studying for an LLB degree, with a copy reply granting him permission and a copy letter to his referee Canon A.M. Ramsey asking if he is studying at Durham
UND/EA1/GC3/147&148   24 & 25 March 1942
Letter from B.S. Page, librarian at King's College, Newcastle, asking for a book to be loaned, with a copy reply sending the book for Prof Fletcher and apologising for not being to attend the annual meeting of the Regional Bureau.
UND/EA1/GC3/149   3 April 1942
Letter from A.J. Hemmings of Netherton, Dudley, about the non-return of a book by one of his students.
UND/EA1/GC3/150-153   16 - 22 April 1942
Copy letter to Peter L. Oldfield, RAMC, of Relton Emergency Hospital, Chester-le-Street, about using the library, with 3 further letters arranging a visit.
UND/EA1/GC3/154   28 April 1942
Circular from the Northern Regional Library Bureau about lending recent publications.
UND/EA1/GC3/155   29 April 1942
Letter from A.P. Atkin of Bude Haven vicarage about returning books after his operation.
UND/EA1/GC3/156   8 May 1942
Letter from Stanley Cook of Cambridge asking to borrow a volume of the Proceedings of the University of Durham Philosophical Society.
UND/EA1/GC3/157   8 May 1942
Letter from B.D. Fraser, librarian at Natal University College, Durban, forwarding a parcel incorrectly sent from the St Marylebone Borough Librarian.
UND/EA1/GC3/158-163   27 May - 16 June 1942
Correspondence with R. Irwin, Lancashire county librarian, about a book lent through the Regional Scheme and compensation for its damage.
UND/EA1/GC3/164-166   15 - 25 June 1942
Copy letter to Miss G. Craig Houston of Westfield College at St Peter's Hall, Oxford, about Miss Duns using the library if she has the energy after cycling from South Shields, with a letter from Muriel C. Duns thanking her for the permission, and a copy reply explaining procedures.
UND/EA1/GC3/167   19 June 1942
Copy letter to B.S. Page, King's College librarian, asking if Miss Dawson of St Hild's College can use King's library.
UND/EA1/GC3/168   29 June 1942
Receipt from King's College library, Newcastle, for books lent.
UND/EA1/GC3/169-172   15 - 30 July 1942
2 letters from Rev C. Morgan of Ebchester rectory about consulting and borrowing Kenneth A. Steer's PhD thesis on Roman remains in Co Durham for information on Ebchester, with 2 copy replies.
UND/EA1/GC3/173   30 July 1942
Copy letter to R.W. Southern at Balliol College, Oxford, suggesting he might like to donate H.G. Fordham's John Cary in lieu of a fine.
UND/EA1/GC3/174   10 August 1942
Letter from J. Kathleen Walker of Consett about urgently borrowing a book for a Latin exam.
UND/EA1/GC3/175-180   11 August - 21 September 1942
Correspondence with Madeleine Hope Dodds librarian to the Society of Antiquaries in Newcastle about borrowing 12 volumes of Espérandieu.
UND/EA1/GC3/181   13 September 1941 [?recte 1942}
Letter from G. Craig Houston of Westfield College, Oxford, thanking her for the book and for allowing Miss Duns to use the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/182-184   24 - 30 September 1942
2 letters from Rev Gordon Haigh of Oakridge vicarage, Stroud, about borrowing named medieval history books, and a copy reply explaining the non-availability to borrowers of all of them.
UND/EA1/GC3/185-189   13 October 1942 - 7 January 1943
3 letters from Rev R.A. Cochrane of Winchelsea rectory about borrowing books on Bishop Van Mildert, with 2 copy replies.
UND/EA1/GC3/190&191   23 November & 5 December 1942
2 copy letters to F. Buchdahl of Bow School, Durham, about using the library.
UND/EA1/GC3/192   1 December 1942
Copy letter to Miss M.C. Duns of Westfield College about her using the library again.
UND/EA1/GC3/193&194   15 & 19 December 1942
2 letters from W. Brunskill of Ferryhill asking about borrowing books, doing an MA in history.
UND/EA1/GC4   1937
Letters to H.W. Acomb, librarian.
UND/EA1/GC4/1   5 May 1937
Letter from Charles Sturge of 31 Dartmouth Park Hill, London, asking to see Randall mss for his work on Bishop Tunstal.
UND/EA1/GC4/2   19 September 1937
Letter from R.A.B. Mynors of Balliol College, Oxford, asking to use the University Library and to transfer Patrologia Latina volumes to the Chapter Library.
UND/EA1/GC5   November 1935 - November 1942
Gifts and deposits of books and manuscripts, correspondence.
UND/EA1/GC6   October 1934 - June 1939
Library extension, memoranda and resolutions of the extension committee, correspondence with suppliers of furniture and fittings and with the clerk of works, C.R. Elgey.
UND/EA1/GC7   February 1935 - February 1938
Library extension, correspondence with the architect A.D.R. Caröe, also the contractor F.W. Goodyear.
UND/EA1/GC8   June 1937 - September 1942
Librarco library equipment correspondence especially sheaf binders.
UND/EA1/GC9   June 1934 - May 1942
Library staff appointments, correspondence with some c.v.s, testimonials and particulars of jobs, including that of librarian.
UND/EA1/GC10   April 1937 - February 1943
Librarian's correspondence of Acomb and especially Hamilton-Thompson with topics including the temporary transfer of items from Sunderland Museum and of books to the Cathedral Undercroft, the availability of German material, ordering books, and documents loaned by Durham City.
UND/EA1/GC11   July 1945
Acomb's correspondence re Major Trevor-Roper being invited to lecture, with a list of the librarian's correspondence July 1944 - July 1945, and Acomb's military address.
UND/EA1/GC12   October 1936 - June 1937 & July 1946
Classification systems, correspondence and circulars.
UND/EA1/GC13   December 1936 - March 1939
Regulations, correspondence about alterations to the library's regulations with printed examples of those in force at Armstrong College, University College London, Leeds University, and Cambridge University.
UND/EA1/GC14   April 1938 - October 1941
Exchange publications, correspondence about and lists of.
UND/EA1/GC15   January 1936 - December 1942
Board of Curators, correspondence with, about library matters.
UND/EA1/GC16   January 1936 - September 1942
Armstrong/King's College library correspondence.
UND/EA1/GC17   November 1937 - December 1942
Warden of Durham Colleges, correspondence with.
UND/EA1/GC18   November 1930 - November 1940
Secretary to the Council of Durham Colleges, correspondence with.
UND/EA1/GC19   March 1935 - November 1941
Teaching staff, correspondence with, in the Durham Colleges, the Durham teacer training colleges and Newcastle.
UND/EA1/GC20   March 1936 - April 1942
Registrar of the University, correspondence with.
UND/EA1/GC21   September 1935 - December 1940
Library Association correspondence and questionnaires.
UND/EA1/GC22   June 1935 - July 1939
Library Association correspondence re the Net Book Agreement.
UND/EA1/GC23   December 1935 - December 1942
National Central Libray correspondence.
UND/EA1/GC24   May 1935 - July 1941
Chapter library, correspondence with the Durham Cathedral chapter clerk, C.F. Battiscombe, re the running and cataloguing of the library, and including discussion of Prof Powicke's report on the library.
UND/EA1/GC25   February 1932 - August 1938
British Museum, correspondence about catalogues and coins.
UND/EA1/GC26   February 1930 - July 1942
Northern Regional Library System and Bureau, correspondence with, reports, constitutions and minutes of some minutes.
UND/EA1/GC27   August 1937 - November 1941
Binding - Birdsall
UND/EA1/GC27a   September - October 1936
Binding - correspondence with Henry T. Wood Ltd
Paper file
UND/EA1/GC27b   April 1938 - May 1941
Bindings, historical, correspondence about
Paper file
UND/EA1/GC28   October 1935 - May 1942
Stationery and coke orders.
UND/EA1/GC29   December 1933 - August 1942
Treasurer of Durham Colleges, correspondence with.
UND/EA1/GC30   October 1938 - May 1939
Correspondence of Acomb and Miss Hamilton Thompson re manuscripts - loans, photostats etc - with Trinity College Dublin, Cambridge University, Oxford University, York Minster Library, King's College Newcastle Library, with some notes on manuscripts.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GC31   December 1936 - January 1938
Routh Library, correspondence about.
Paper file
Librarian's files tempore Ramage
Reference: UND/EA1/GD David Goudie Ramage (1907-1986) took an English degree at Edinburgh University and then trained as a librarian at University College London 1929-1930. He worked as sub-librarian, or second-in-command, at Durham University Library 1930-1936 before going to a similar post at St Andrews University. He returned from there in 1945 to be university librarian at Durham until his early retirement in 1967. In Durham he lived at 35 South St, bringing his parents with him there from St Andrews, and he also had a second home in Moniave in Dumfriesshire. In addition to library work, he wrote poems n English and Scots, and painted portraits, decorating the room known as Little Cosin at Palace Green with representatives of poetry, law and science to complement the Cosin Library sequence. He initiated the rescue of Durham St Mary-le-Bow church and sustained the Bow Trust. He also supported the university's scouts and was vice-president of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland 1967-1984.
Obituary by A.I. Doyle in Durham Archaeological Journal 3, 1987, p.103.

UND/EA1/GD1A&B   1952 & 1954
Engagement diaries of [Ramage], including some drafts of memos, calculations, plans and doodles.
From David Watkinson, and originally Brian Cheesman, 22 November 2005, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:36.
UND/EA1/GD2   1945 - 1951
Notebook of H.W. Acomb, continued and added to by Ramage, containing lists of desiderata literary works, building and equipment wish-lists, lists of items used in exhibitions and for talks, the portraits in Cosin's library, programmes of work, lists of staff duties, and requirements for the library curators' committee.
UND/EA1/GD3   1945 - 1954
Exhibitions in the library
Notices, flyers, press releases, catalogues, logs of visitors.
UND/EA1/GD4   1945
Cataloguing practices.
UND/EA1/GD5   [1950s]
Lists of books
The Romans collection, dictionaries and books not in the library.
UND/EA1/GD6   1947 - 1967
Talks to students and groups on the library and its collections, including some subject guides and notices of talks to freshers.
UND/EA1/GD7   [?1945] - 1967
Papers and drafts on the history of the Palace Green Library, on which Ramage published “The Library Buildings on Palace Green, Durham”Durham University Journal (XXXVIII no3, June 1946), p.94-100, and also 1967 notes on the histories of both the Science library, by Beatrice Hollingsworth and C.W. Gibby, and the Observatory library by E.F. Baxter.
UND/EA1/GD8   [c.1966]
Correspondence and system requirements.
UND/EA1/GD9   1967
Papers on “Productivity of University Libraries” by I.J.C. Foster 22 March 1967 and “Order Systems, Issue Systems and Booksellers”, considering the potential impact of computers. Also correspondence of Foster with Mr Morley re an extended memorandum on “changes in the esteem in which books are held, and the influence of location upon research potential” April 1967, forwarded to Ramage.
UND/EA1/GD10   1945 - 1949
Librarian's file of notes of meetings, draft annual reports, lists of desiderata periodicals, OUP's draft of a DUL bookplate, letting arrangements of Cosin's Library, note on booksellers' warranties, a draft appeal, notes re library supervision, sketches of a student reader, E.V. Stocks's picture of Carl Spitzweg's “Der Bücherwurm”, notes on staff salaries, memos on book grant procedures and illicit borrowings, notes for cataloguing, notes re book funds, and including also a copy of the 1917 centenary edition of The Scotsman, and David Nutt's 1911 printed catalogue of B.G. Teubner's Greek and Latin Classics.
UND/EA1/GD11   1947 - 1966
Personal correspondence
Covering domestic matters at 35 South St, publications, library business, other university business such as his involvment in the English Society, the Rover Crew, his poems, a catalogue of his paintings exhibited, his will, staff matters, a design for library oak furniture, and including a photograph of a specially bound copy of C.E. Whiting's History of the University of Durham and a letter of Ramage as sub-librarian in 1935.
UND/EA1/GD12   1958 - 1966
Personal file of correspondence and notes about library and non-official business, including a motto for Trevelyan College, bills for cupboards and a trip to Norway, library salaries, the history of the Ramage family, a quiz on the history of the library and an offprint of F.J.W. Harding's article “Botanical Interests in the Nineteenth Century: Matthew Arnold”.
UND/EA1/GD13   10 August 1965 - 10 October 1967
General correspondence file
Covering the running of the library, Philobiblon, the Rover Crew, invites, and personal matters such as the loss of a camera on a plane and a protest at the cessation of half-pint milk bottles, with some supporting papers.
UND/EA1/GD14   1966 - 1967
Library memos and papers, including annual estimates, new libraries in Sweden, proposals for an 18th century catalogue, invoice codes, particulars for the university librarian's post, report on the project for the evaluation of benefits from university libraries, the scientific manuscripts of Thomas Wright, cataloguing rates, report on Palace Green extensions, and notes on the library for the Arts Faculty handbook.
UND/EA1/GD15   1947 - 1966
Testimonials for staff applying for posts elsewhere.
Closed under the DPA until 2046.
UND/EA1/GD16   1945 - 1968
Durham Philobiblon
Ramage established and edited this free printed digest of library and bibliographical pieces which appeared in an occasional series of numbers comprising eventually 2 volumes 1949-1969.
The file comprises drafts and proofs of contributions and correspondence about them.
UND/EA1/GD17   1955 - 1964
“The library in Cartmel Priory church”, S. Taylor and D. Ramage ( C.W.A.A.S., New Series LV, 1956), with a second edition (1959)
Drafts and proofs of Ramage's catalogues and correspondence with Canon S. Taylor and others.
UND/EA1/GD18   1957 - 1959
A finding-list of English books to 1640 in libraries in the British Isles (1958)
Correspondence with the printers Lund Humphries and reviews.
UND/EA1/GD19   [c.1960]
The Librarian
Drafts of Ramage's articles.
UND/EA1/GD20   1949 - 1955
Library Association external examiner
Ramage was appointed external examiner in 1949 and the file includes correspondence about his appointment and his setting and marking of papers, with draft and final papers, and his examiner's reports.
UND/EA1/GD21   September 1956 - January 1971
Lists of additions and corrections to Ramage's Finding-list sent to him and subsequently A.I. Doyle.
UND/EA1/GD22   1955 - 1958
Finding-list drafts and proofs.
UND/EA1/GD23   May 1953 - July 1963
Finding-list correspondence re STC lists.
UND/EA1/GD24   April 1953 - October 1956
Finding-list general correspondence.
UND/EA1/GD25   November 1956 - December 1957
Finding-list general correspondence.
UND/EA1/GD26   December 1957 - September 1966
Finding-list general correspondence.
UND/EA1/GD27   1955 - 1957
Finding-list returns from individual libraries.
UND/EA1/GD28   April 1952 - February 1967
Library staff manual.
UND/EA1/GD29   1949 - 1964
Circulars and invites sent to Ramage including:
Durham English Society and Durham Music Society notices of meetings 1950-1952; Durham Cathedral farewell to Dean Alington, installation of Dean Wild, and Founders and Benefactors' services notices; university passes; Durham City Football Club ground appeal fund; Intimate Theatre Group programme; opening of Hatfield and Geography new buildings invites; opening of Prior's Kitchen arrangements with a photo featuring Sir Maurice Powicke, Lord Macmillan and Dean Alington; invites for the Riddell and Earl Grey memorial lectures, Sir James Spence lecture and inaugural lectures by K.C. Dunham and J.B. Skemp; arrangements for congregations; Fourah Bay Scholarship Fund appeals; Workers' Educational Association programmes; Bow School speech day invite; National Book League exhibition at the V&A invite; King's College University Library extension opening 28 September 1960 invite; the Warden's return from India 28 June 1949 invite; exhibition of photgraphs by Robert Chalmers and W.A. Bramwell November c.1955 invite; University Office Newcastle 28 November 1956 invite; Sir James Duff portrait unveiling 25 March 1958 invite; King's College Physics Building Inaugural Day 14 March 1962 invite; Bernard Gilpin Society Sands House foundation stone laying 16 May 1963 invite; reception in Castle for the chancellor's visit and th eopening of Chemistry/Geology/Mathematics Building 29 October 1964 invites.
UND/EA1/GD30   [c.1965]
“What is Durham University Library?”, paper by Ramage. Typescript with a ms draft.
UND/EA1/GD31   1947 - 1949
Research List. Submissions of costed suggestions from departments for Arts research publications to be added to the library for which money was raised from Council.
UND/EA1/GD32   October 1952 - November 1957
Reserve. Correspondence with departments re book grants.
UND/EA1/GD33   December 1960
Departmental Libraries. Survey results with the individual questionnaire forms.
UND/EA1/GD34   1949 - 1963
Board of Curators' draft papers and supporting documentation, including A.I. Doyle's draft report on his first 10 years 19 October 1960, library objections to the Castle barbican development, list of library curators and staff, summary description of the library, numbers of library seats in Durham, Geology and Chemistry subsections organization, analysis of Science inter-library borrowings 1959, Social Studies and A.I. Doyle's quinquennial proposals 1962, King's College library regulations, specimen Board of Curators agenda notice, report on the future organisation of Durham libraries, list of staff duties 1949, staff proposals to take over the cathedral's collections, scheme for exchanging catalogue slips between cathedral and university, note on the loan of the Gibby negatives, notes on borrowing theses, list of Observatory missing books 1953, and sub-librarian's duties 1950 and 1954.
UND/EA1/GD35   1949 - 1955
Fourah Bay Scholarship Fund circulars, noting his contributions.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GD36   12 June 1965
Language:   French
Script of BBC French Service [radio] programme about Durham being a conversation between Tamara Stokes, Georges and Roger Little.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GD37   [c.1960]
Arrangements for the move of books to Room 5, with alterations.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GDB1   July 1948 - December 1967
Booksellers - possible purchases.
UND/EA1/GDB2   May 1946 - February 1948
Booksellers - Blackwell.
UND/EA1/GDB3   February 1953 - June 1967
Booksellers - HMSO.
UND/EA1/GDB4   September 1944 - January 1945
Booksellers - Deighton Bell.
UND/EA1/GDB5a   October 1949 - October 1952
Booksellers - Steedman.
UND/EA1/GDB5b   February 1966
Booksellers - James Thin computerisation.
UND/EA1/GDB6   July 1947 - November 1956
Binding - Cockerell.
UND/EA1/GDB7   November 1948 - January 1952
Binding - Cedric Chivers.
UND/EA1/GDB8   March 1943 - November 1965
Borrowers - graduates/external.
UND/EA1/GDB9   May 1944 - February 1964
Borrowers - students.
UND/EA1/GDB10a   February 1943 - November 1949
Book enquiries, including correspondence between Ramage and Paneth.
UND/EA1/GDB10b   June 1948 - February 1954
Book enquiries.
UND/EA1/GDB10c   March 1954 - May 1956
Book enquiries.
UND/EA1/GDB10d   May 1956 - January 1958
Book enquiries.
UND/EA1/GDB10e   March 1958 - June 1961
Book enquiries.
UND/EA1/GDB10f   April 1961 - December 1965
Book enquiries.
UND/EA1/GDB10g   January 1966 - January 1967
Book enquiries.
UND/EA1/GDB11   January - November 1966
Book enquiries - local.
UND/EA1/GDC1   April 1943 - July 1966
Curators, Board of - papers for.
UND/EA1/GDC2a   March 1946 - November 1958
Cosin's Library - building, books and effects.
UND/EA1/GDC2b   November 1958 - December 1966
Cosin's Library - building, books, effects.
UND/EA1/GDC3a   January 1948 - October 1958
Cosin's Library lettings.
UND/EA1/GDC3b   July 1959 - November 1966
Cosin's Library lettings.
UND/EA1/GDC4   December 1948 - September 1966
College and Departmental Libraries.
UND/EA1/GDC5   February 1951
Joint Standing Committee on Library Co-operation.
UND/EA1/GDC6a   March 1946 - October 1952
Chapter Library.
UND/EA1/GDC6b   January 1958 - December 1966
Chapter Library, including Dr A.I. Doyle's report on the library of January 1959.
UND/EA1/GDC7   January 1960 - December 1966
Bamburgh Library - Crewe trustees.
UND/EA1/GDD1a   November 1950 - February 1964
Deposits/loans and photographs/photocopies.
UND/EA1/GDD1b   November 1964 - November 1966
Deposits/loans and photographs/photocopies.
UND/EA1/GDD2   October 1966 - March 1967
Librarian Personal - McAulay, including her appointment.
UND/EA1/GDD3   April 1965 - December 1966
Departmental Libraries
UND/EA1/GDE1   February 1953 - December 1966
Exchange Publications.
UND/EA1/GDE2a   April 1959 - December 1965
Enquiries (general).
UND/EA1/GDE2b   February - November 1966
Enquiries (general).
UND/EA1/GDF1   July 1965 - November 1966
Finance Officer.
UND/EA1/GDF2   July - August 1965
Friends of National Libraries.
UND/EA1/GDH1   October 1964 - September 1965
University College Master.
UND/EA1/GDI1   July 1944 - July 1964
Inter-library loans and Cosin Library reserved tables.
UND/EA1/GDK1   April 1943 - March 1964
King's College Library Newcastle, W.S. Mitchell, librarian.
UND/EA1/GDL1a   January 1943 - June 1949
Library staff.
UND/EA1/GDL1b   July 1949 - September 1950
Library staff.
UND/EA1/GDL1c   October 1950 - January 1952
Library staff.
UND/EA1/GDL1e   March 1954 - June 1955
Library staff.
UND/EA1/GDL1f   June 1955 - July 1958
Library staff.
UND/EA1/GDL1g   September 1958 - March 1963
Library staff.
UND/EA1/GDL1ii   1945 - 1961
Library staff job descriptions and pay scales.
UND/EA1/GDL3   January 1956 - December 1966
Library procedures, regulations, and histories.
UND/EA1/GDL3a   October 1954 - November 1955
Library procedures, forms, notices and moving duties.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GDL4a   March 1946 - May 1954
Library buildings and equipment.
UND/EA1/GDL4b   September 1954 - March 1956
Library buildings and equipment.
UND/EA1/GDL4c   May 1956 - January 1958
Library buildings and equipment
UND/EA1/GDL4d   January 1958 - February 1963
Library buildings and equipment.
UND/EA1/GDL4d(ii)   February 1961 - May 1966
New buildings and extensions
UND/EA1/GDL4e   January 1963 - September 1966
Library buildings and equipment.
UND/EA1/GDL4f   January 1966 - May 1967
Computers in libraries.
UND/EA1/GDL4g   August 1966 - July 1968
Library equipment general.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GDL4h   July 1964 - October 1966
Library equipment (furnishings officer).
UND/EA1/GDL4k   December 1961 - September 1966
Library buildings and equipment - Science Section new building, including committee minutes, plans, correspondence and fabric swatches.
UND/EA1/GDL4k(i)   1961 - 1972
Palace Green Library extension (Pace building).
UND/EA1/GDL4k(ii)   November 1962 - March 1970
Science Library new building, equipment and extension.
UND/EA1/GDL5   March 1946 - November 1965
Library Association.
UND/EA1/GDL6   February 1948 - June 1954
Library notices circulated to staff.
UND/EA1/GDL6a   February 1952 - March 1955
Loan collections for general reading.
UND/EA1/GDL7   November 1966
UND/EA1/GDL10   November 1966
UND/EA1/GDM1a   January 1943 - November 1947
UND/EA1/GDM1b   November 1947 - October 1950
UND/EA1/GDM1c   September 1950 - April 1952
UND/EA1/GDM1d   March 1952 - June 1954
UND/EA1/GDM1e   September 1954 - July 1956
UND/EA1/GDM1f   May 1956 - January 1958
UND/EA1/GDM1g   March 1958 - April 1964
UND/EA1/GDM2   March 1961 - July 1964
UND/EA1/GDM4   December 1962 - February 1968
Middle Eastern Studies.
UND/EA1/GDN1   August 1944 - December 1958
National Central Library.
UND/EA1/GDN2   January 1945 - September 1965
Northern Regional Library Bureau.
UND/EA1/GDO1a   February 1951 - July 1956
Oriental Section.
UND/EA1/GDO1b   July 1956 - Januay 1961
Oriental Section.
UND/EA1/GDO1c   February 1961 - February 1965
Oriental Section.
UND/EA1/GDO1d   March 1962 - July 1965
Oriental Section guides, lists of acquisitions and administration.
UND/EA1/GDO1e   February 1960, December 1964 - December 1966
Oriental Section, especially the extension of Elvet Hill House.
UND/EA1/GDP1   February 1943 - October 1966
Presentations/Donations of books and documents, including a printed appeal for material.
UND/EA1/GDP1(iii)   October 1947 - February 1967
Wilhelm Levison (1876-1947) collection, correspondence about it coming to Durham, with books being retained by Mrs Levison until her death in 1966, and the collection being split with the University of Bonn, and including lists of queried entries in notebooks II and II of Levison's catalogue..
Paper file
UND/EA1/GDP2   July 1945 - July 1966
UND/EA1/GDP3   October 1966 - April 1971
PEBUL - Project for Evaluating the Benefits from University Libraries.
UND/EA1/GDR1a   May 1945 - July 1965
UND/EA1/GDR1b   March 1965 - December 1966
UND/EA1/GDR2a   September 1945 - February 1954
Ramage - librarian's correspondence, much of it re Philobiblon.
UND/EA1/GDR2b   March 1954 - September 1956
Ramage - librarian's correspondence, much of it re Philobiblon, also library examiner, Rover crew and invites.
UND/EA1/GDR2c   October 1956 - November 1958
Ramage - librarian's correspondence, much of it re Philobiblon, also Rover crew and invites.
UND/EA1/GDR2d   October 1958 - August 1965
Ramage - librarian's correspondence, some of it re Philobiblon, portrait heads, Rover crew, and invites.
UND/EA1/GDS1a   November 1944 - December 1953
Secretary of Council of Durham Colleges.
UND/EA1/GDS1b   February 1954 - 1966
Secretary of Council of Durham Colleges.
UND/EA1/GDS2   May 1943 - December 1966
Science section.
UND/EA1/GDS3   October 1956 - June 1964
UND/EA1/GDS3a   May 1946 - December 1952
Shelving, including for Cosin's Library 1947/8.
UND/EA1/GDS4   May 1964 - October 1965
Students Representative Council.
UND/EA1/GDS6   June 1962 - April 1969
SCOLMA - Standing Committee on Library Material Relating to Africa.
UND/EA1/GDS7   December 1959 - October 1966
UND/EA1/GDT1   February 1946 - February 1952
Treasurer - Estimates, furniture and fittings, especially shelving with Roneo drawings.
UND/EA1/GDT1/1   March - September 1959
Treasurer - Estimates, Bamburgh bookcases with drawings.
UND/EA1/GDT1a   May 1943 - October 1949
Treasurer, re staff appointments, furniture, equipment.
UND/EA1/GDT1b   June 1949 - March 1953
Treasurer, re staff appointments, furniture, equipment.
UND/EA1/GDT1c   March 1953 - February 1955
Treasurer, re staff appointments, furniture, equipment.
UND/EA1/GDT1d   March 1955 - October 1957
Treasurer, re staff appointments, furniture, equipment.
UND/EA1/GDT1e   May 1957 - June 1960
Treasurer, re staff appointments, furniture, equipment.
UND/EA1/GDT1f   May 1960 - February 1965
Treasurer, re staff appointments, furniture, equipment.
UND/EA1/GDT1g   January - December 1966
Treasurer, re mainly staff appointments.
UND/EA1/GDT2   April 1944 - May 1963
Teaching staff.
UND/EA1/GDT2ii   April 1962 - December 1966
Teaching staff - circular letters.
UND/EA1/GDT3   Ocotber 1946 - November 1964
UND/EA1/GDU1   May - September 1964
Warden's report.
UND/EA1/GDV1a   November 1948 - February 1957
Visitors to the library and exhibitions, individuals and groups.
UND/EA1/GDV1b   April 1957 - December 1966
Visitors to the library and exhibitions, individuals and groups.
UND/EA1/GDW1   March 1943 - September 1966
Librarian's files tempore Agnes (Nance) Macaulay
Reference: UND/EA1/GE
UND/EA1/GEA1   1968 - 1982
UND/EA1/GEA2   1974 - 1983
Association of University Teachers (AUT)
UND/EA1/GEA3   1980 - 1981
150th anniversary celebrations
UND/EA1/GEA3a   1980 - 1983
Appeals Research Library
UND/EA1/GEA3b   1980 - 1983
Appeal Oriental Project
UND/EA1/GEA4a   1979 - 1981
Automation Committee
UND/EA1/GEA4c   1979 - 1983
GEAC documentation
UND/EA1/GEA4c(i)   1982 - 1983
Online Circulation System Management Group meetings
UND/EA1/GEA4c(ii)   1981 - 1984
Online Circulation System progress meetings
UND/EA1/GEA4d   1979 - 1983
GEAC correspondence with the company
UND/EA1/GEA4e   1980 - 1981
GEAC Records Group meetings
UND/EA1/GEB1   1967 - 1983
Booksellers general.
UND/EA1/GEB2   1967 - 1980
Booksellers by firm
UND/EA1/GEB3   1983 - 1992
Buildings Officer correspondence
UND/EA1/GEB5   1968 - 1971
British Standards
UND/EA1/GEB6c   June 1967 - 1983
Binding - Dunn and Wilson
Invoices with some lists of individual books rebound listing the cost.
UND/EA1/GEB7   1967 - 1982
Borrowers - research and staff, including seats for Cosin's Library and reserved carrels
UND/EA1/GEB8   1967 - 1982
Borrowers - external readers and borrowers, including enquiries about borrowing books from people not registered with the library
UND/EA1/GEB9   1967 - 1981
Borrowers - students, resident undergraduates, not research but including DipEd students.
UND/EA1/GEB10   1967 - 1982
Book enquiries (including also about seals, paintings, and requests for lists of manuscripts).
UND/EA1/GEB10a   1967 - 1981
Book enquiries re local material.
UND/EA1/GEB11   1967
National Central Library - BUCOP.
UND/EA1/GEB13   1978 - 1979
British National Bibliography services.
UND/EA1/GEB14   1978
British Library - Reference Division (British Museum).
UND/EA1/GEB15   1973 - 1981
British Library - Lending Division, Boston Spa.
UND/EA1/GEB16   1977 - 1982
British Library - BLAISE
UND/EA1/GEB17   1976 - 1980
Hild/Bede merger.
UND/EA1/GEC1   1981 - 1989
Central/Main Library new building work, including (6) foundation stone laying ceremony June 1982 and plans, and (3) opening December 1983.
UND/EA1/GEC1a   1988 - 1990
Main Library extension
UND/EA1/GEC1b   1967 - 1972
Board of Curators
UND/EA1/GEC3   1969 - 1982
College libraries
UND/EA1/GEC4   1982 - 1986
Budget cuts and their effects
UND/EA1/GEC5a   1967 - 1979
Joint Standing Committee on Library Cooperation.
UND/EA1/GEC5b   1974 - 1980
Joint Standing Conference Background Material scheme.
UND/EA1/GEC6   1958 - 1983
Chapter library, including the Sharp library.
UND/EA1/GEC7   1967 - 1977
Bamburgh Library, and the Crewe trustees.
UND/EA1/GEC9a   1970 - 1979
Committee of librarians of the Education colleges
UND/EA1/GEC9b   1985 - 1991
Research Committee
UND/EA1/GEC10/1   1971 - 1983
Collingwood Library sub-committee
UND/EA1/GEC10/2   1973, 1979, 1990
Collingwood books, sale of
UND/EA1/GEC11   1967 - 1983
UND/EA1/GEC12   1978 - 1982
Courses for library staff
UND/EA1/GEC14   1979 - 1980
Council ad hoc committee on the library
UND/EA1/GED1   1967
Deposits of rare books and manuscripts
UND/EA1/GED3   1967 - 1983
Departmental libraries
UND/EA1/GED4   1973 - 1983
DSU and Union Society
UND/EA1/GEE1   1967 - 1983
Exchange publications
UND/EA1/GEE2   1967 - 1983
Enquiries general
UND/EA1/GEE3   1977 - 1987
Education section
UND/EA1/GEE3b   1980 - 1983
Education Library new building
UND/EA1/GEE4   1972 - 1989
European Communities documentation
UND/EA1/GEE5   1984 - 1990
UND/EA1/GEE6   June - October 1971
Library Economies, papers from various senior staff in response to the librarian's request for suggestions about possible economies
Paper file
UND/EA1/GEF1   1968 - 1989
Finance Officer
UND/EA1/GEF2   1970 - 1982
Fire and security, including various plans of Palace Green Library, and discussions of fire drills.
UND/EA1/GEG1   1965 - 1983
Library guides
UND/EA1/GEI1   1967 - 1983
Inter-Library Loans, including correspondence about individual loans between libraries, except BLL and NRLS (Northern Regional Library System)
UND/EA1/GEI1c   1979 - 1980
Inter-Library Loans minimal bibliographic checking experiment
UND/EA1/GEI2   1972 - 1977
Institute of Education, correspondence re the library
UND/EA1/GEI4   1969 - 1983
Information for new library staff and readers
UND/EA1/GEJ1   1977 - 1978
Job creation, including DUJ indexing
UND/EA1/GEL1a   1966 - 1985
Library staff, instructions to library staff, including re copying with the power cuts in the 1970s, also staff meetings, shelf checking instructions, and an induction course
UND/EA1/GEL1a(i)   1983 - 1994
Arts Faculty liaison officers meetings.
UND/EA1/GEL1a(ii)   1983 - 1985
Technical Services staff meetings
UND/EA1/GEL1a(v)   1984 - 1990
Technical Services
UND/EA1/GEL1a(vi)   1983 - 1990
Reader Services
UND/EA1/GEL1a(vii)   1983 - 1988
Support Services
UND/EA1/GEL1b   1973
General correspondence (eg concerning illness)
UND/EA1/GEL1c   September 1967 - November 1996, March 2001, June 2003, June 2013
Staff lists, organisational charts and normal working hours of various staff.
UND/EA1/GEL1c(i&ii)   1967 - 1979
Staff manual and circulars
UND/EA1/GEL1c(iii)   c.1973 - c.1978
Reader registration instructions
UND/EA1/GEL1d(i)   1973
Mr Foster's retirement dinner.
UND/EA1/GEL1f   1967 - 1974
Part-time employment, including vacation, evening and weekend work
UND/EA1/GEL1g   1973 - 1983
Correspondence with personnel officers general
UND/EA1/GEL2a   1966 - 1979
UND/EA1/GEL4   December 1980 - February 1981
New Central Library, including re the Palaeography wing
Paper file
UND/EA1/GEL4b   1967 - 1983
Buildings Officer
UND/EA1/GEL4b(i)   1976 - 1978
Union Society building
UND/EA1/GEL4b(ii)   1976 - 1977
Alterations to Room 5.
UND/EA1/GEL4b(iii)   1976 - 1977
Alterations to Room 2a
UND/EA1/GEL4b(v)   1979 - 1980
Alterations to the Science Library and Palaeography.
UND/EA1/GEL4c   1963 - 1983
UND/EA1/GEL4d   1972 - 1977
Use of Palace Green Library, including the Development Progamme sub-committee minutes.
UND/EA1/GEL4e(i)   1966 - 1979
Office equipment - Multitone pager
UND/EA1/GEL4e(vii)   1970 - 1974
Library equipment - Telex
UND/EA1/GEL4E(viii)   1973 - 1975
Library equipment - Audio-visual
UND/EA1/GEL4e(ix)   1967 - 1983
Library equipment - miscellanous
UND/EA1/GEL4g   1969 - 1983
Library equipment general
UND/EA1/GEL4h   1968 - 1983
Purchasing officer
Continued as UND/EA1/GEP3 below.
UND/EA1/GEL4k   1966 - 1983
New Central/Main Library building, including:
19. Mechanical services specification, with Cairns and Byles' plans and specifications of heating and air conditioning, with circuit diagrams, 1980.
20. Kone Marryat Scott servicing manual for the passenger lift no 982088 at the Main Library, with circuit diagrams, 1982.
21. “Notes on the Future of the Library Buildings” by the librarian, 1969.
UND/EA1/GEL4m   1970 - 1981
Oriental Library building extension, including building sub-committee
UND/EA1/GEL4o   February 1988
Disaster plan
UND/EA1/GEL12   1978 - 1979
Operations and Management unit report
UND/EA1/GEL16   September 1979
Shadow Library Board agenda
UND/EA1/GEM1   1963 - 1977
Microfilm Association of Great Britain
UND/EA1/GEM2   1969 - 1982
Microforms, requests for and purchases from booksellers
UND/EA1/GEM4   1969 - 1980
Middle East Centre
UND/EA1/GEN1b   1961 - 1973
National Central Library
UND/EA1/GEO1   1967 - 1989
Oriental Section correspondence
UND/EA1/GEO1b   1987 - 1989
Oriental Section relocation working party
UND/EA1/GEO1c   1980 - 1985
Japan Library Group
UND/EA1/GEO1c(i)-(v)   1983 - 1988
Durham - Juba link
UND/EA1/GEO3   1983 - 1989
Online Circulation System general
Continues from UND/EA1/GEA4c above
UND/EA1/GEO3b   1983 - 1989
Online Circulation System management group
Continues from UND/EA1/GEA4c(i) above
UND/EA1/GEO3c   1983 - 1989
GEAC system progress meetings
Continues from UND/EA1/GEA4c(ii) above
UND/EA1/GEO3d   1983 - 1990
Correspondence with the GEAC firm
Continues from UND/EA1/GEA4d above
UND/EA1/GEO3e   1980 - 1983
GEAC circulation group meetings
UND/EA1/GEO3f   1986
GEAC record group
Continues from UND/EA1/GEA4e above
UND/EA1/GEO3j   1984 - 1989
Automation Policy group
UND/EA1/GEP1   1967 - 1990
Presentations and donations of books
UND/EA1/GEP1(iii)   1971 - 1998
Wilhelm Levison collection, some correspondence, including with Bonn University, research into its acquisition, reports on the collection and its cataloguing, and guidelines for its use.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GEP1a   1976 - 1982
Financial donations
UND/EA1/GEP1b(i)   1981 - 1989
Malcolm MacDonald papers
UND/EA1/GEP1b(ii)   1987 - 1990
Basil Bunting archive
UND/EA1/GEP1c   1973 - 1984
Donations for rare books
UND/EA1/GEP1d   1967
Purchases of manuscripts
UND/EA1/GEP3   1983 - 1989
Purchasing Officer
Continues from UND/EA1/GEL4h above.
UND/EA1/GEP5   1981 - 1990
Palace Green Library administration and building developments, including a public address system operating procedure.
UND/EA1/GEQ2   1968 - 1988
UND/EA1/GER1   1967 - 1991
Registrar, including Chief Clerk
UND/EA1/GER1a   1979 - 1991
Assistant Registrar
UND/EA1/GER1b   1980 - 1983
Registrar's office
UND/EA1/GER3   1975 - 1980
Reserve requests
UND/EA1/GER5   1975, 1983 - 1986
Rotas, listing extended hours staff
UND/EA1/GES1   1967 - 1981
Senate and Council - secretary
UND/EA1/GES2   1967 - 1983
Science Section
UND/EA1/GES2a   1978 - 1981
Science Section use of the ex-Palaeography and Diplomatic department area
UND/EA1/GES4   1968 - 1982
Freshers' conferences and introductory tours
UND/EA1/GES4a   1967 - 1978
UND/EA1/GES5   April 1984
Staffing, paper detailing current and theoretical optimum staffing levels and grades
Paper file
UND/EA1/GES6   February 1982 - December 1990
Staffing, non-academic staff salaries and annual reviews, mainly circulars
Paper file
UND/EA1/GES7   1977 - 1978
Peter Harbord's graphics project on signage at Palace Green Library
Paper file
UND/EA1/GES11   1974 - 1989
Sudan archive
UND/EA1/GES12   1979 - 1984
UND/EA1/GES12a   July - August 1971
Book theft and trial
UND/EA1/GET1   1967 - 1972, 1982 - 1983
UND/EA1/GET1a   1967 - 1972
Teesdale Natural History archive
UND/EA1/GET2/Anth   1961 - 1991
Teaching departments - Anthropology
UND/EA1/GET2/AppP   1968 - 1979
Teaching departments - Applied Physics
UND/EA1/GET2/Arch   1964 - 1987
Teaching departments - Archaeology
UND/EA1/GET2/ASW   1993 - 1995
Teaching departments - Applied Social Work, Quality Assessment HEFCE.
UND/EA1/GET2/Aus   1985 - 1988
Teaching departments - Australian Studies
UND/EA1/GET2/Bio   1962 - 1996
Teaching departments - Botany/Biological Sciences
UND/EA1/GET2/Busi   1969 - 1991
Teaching departments - Business School
UND/EA1/GET2/Chem   1959 - 1984
Teaching departments - Chemistry
UND/EA1/GET2/Clas   1961 - 1989
Teaching departments - Classics
UND/EA1/GET2/CMEIS   1963 - 1996
Teaching departments - Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
UND/EA1/GET2/Comp   1966 - 1996
Teaching departments - Computing
UND/EA1/GET2/EAS   1980 - 1996
Teaching departments - East Asian Studies
UND/EA1/GET2/Econ   1964 - 1991
Teaching departments - Economics
UND/EA1/GET2/EconHist   1967 - 1985
Teaching departments - Economic History
UND/EA1/GET2/Educ   1963 - 1992
Teaching departments - Education
UND/EA1/GET2/ELML   1963 - 1978
Teaching departments - English Language and Medieval Literature
UND/EA1/GET2/EMS   1968 - 1991
Teaching departments - Extra-Mural Studies
UND/EA1/GET2/Engi   1964 - 1996
Teaching departments - Engineering
UND/EA1/GET2/Engl   1973 - 1992
Teaching departments - English
UND/EA1/GET2/Fren   1960 - 1992
Teaching departments - French
UND/EA1/GET2/Geog   1965 - 1973
Teaching departments - Geography
UND/EA1/GET2/Geol   1965 - 1989
Teaching departments - Geology
UND/EA1/GET2/Germ   1967 - 1989
Teaching departments - German
UND/EA1/GET2/His   1963 - 1996
Teaching departments - History
UND/EA1/GET2/Ital   1966 - 1992
Teaching departments - Italian
UND/EA1/GET2/Law   1964 - 1982
Teaching departments - Law, including a memorandum of recommendations for developing the law collections 1965-1967.
UND/EA1/GET2/Math   1960 - 1996
Teaching departments - Mathematics
UND/EA1/GET2/Mus   1968 - 1981
Teaching departments - Music
UND/EA1/GET2/Pal   1963 - 1991
Teaching departments - Palaeography and Diplomatic
UND/EA1/GET2/Phi   1965 - 1993
Teaching departments - Philosophy
UND/EA1/GET2/Phy   1979 - 1993
Teaching departments - Physics
UND/EA1/GET2/Pol   1963 - 1995
Teaching departments - Politics
UND/EA1/GET2/Psyc   1963 - 1993
Teaching departments - Psychology
UND/EA1/GET2/Rus   1963 - 1991
Teaching departments - Russian
UND/EA1/GET2/Soc   1960 - 2000
Teaching departments - Social Theory and Institutions/Sociology
UND/EA1/GET2/Span   1966 - 1979
Teaching departments - Spanish
UND/EA1/GET2/Theo   1959 - 1991
Teaching departments - Theology
UND/EA1/GET2a   1972 - 1979
Departmental financial statements
UND/EA1/GET2b   1967 - 1983
Circular letters to all departments
UND/EA1/GET7   1987 - 1991
Staff training
UND/EA1/GEU3   1977 - 1988
University Grants Commission (UGC)
1. 1977-1983.
2. 1986-1988, re special factor funding and reaction to the Parker report.
3. June-October 1986 Parker report, especially re Oriental library
UND/EA1/GEV1   1967 - 1968
Visitors to the library and to exhibitions in the library
UND/EA1/GEV1a   June 1982
Visit of HRH Princess Margaret
Paper file
UND/EA1/GEW1   1967 - 1985
Warden, all correspondence excepting any regarding presentations
UND/EA1/GEX1   September & December 1984
SCONUL Critical Visit report September 1984 re a proposed central library, with plans, and the Report of ythe Central Library p[roject Sub-Committee, December 1984..
Paper file
UND/EA1/GEX2   1937 - 1993
Important Library Documents:
Authorisation from the Public Record Office for the University Library to hold manorial documents, 4 June 1937, with an acknowledgement of such documents being deposited by the Corporation of Durham, 3 November 1937.
Circular about the Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund March 1973.
Signed petition from Palace Green Library staff for separate library advisory comittees.
Statement on Assistant Librarian salaries by A.I. Doyle.
Signed petition by library staff against cuts proposed for 1965/66, with a draft.
List of the Prof C.C. Abbott collection.
Post Office licence for the use of a franking machine, 10 December 1965.
Publishers' Association licences for the net book agreement, 1965, 1968, 1993.
Standard book numbering (ISBNs), 1967-1971.
Book insurance policy, 1971.
Museum Documentation Associati0on institution code (DURUL), 1987.
GEAC system upgrade proposal and agreement, 1989
Fire certificate with plans, 1984.
Export licence system explanatory letter from D.P. Waley.
Draft proposals for more coordination of the libraries of the Durham Division, December 1951.
Note by the Treasury re Private Owners and Public Collections in Finance Acts, 1973.
Agreement for the loan by Miss Eva Paneth of an Encylopaedia by Bartholomaeus Anglicus printed in 1484, 1979.
Agreement for the donation of the Malcolm Macdonald papers, 1983.
Deed of Grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund to Durham University, 1993.
Correspondence re a valuation of a Rembrandt etching of Old Bearded Man in High Fur Cap with Closed Eyes, 1988.
Agreement for microfilming by Hill Monastic Manuscript Library of medieval manuscripts, 1985.
Paper file
Librarian's files tempore Hall
Reference: UND/EA1/GF
UND/EA1/GF1   June 2003 - August 2005
Conversion of the former Geophysics workshop to a library store with mobile shelving provided by Nord-plan Ltd of Burgess Hill, with catalogues, estimates, reports, and email correspondence.
UND/EA1/GF2   1981 - 1983
Mechanical Services Installation manual of manufacturers' technical literature, with a schedule of control settings and control panel wiring diagrams.
UND/EA1/GF3   1994 - 1998
Main Library extension, opened 30 June 1997.
1. Brief, plans, correspondence, estimates, meeting minutes, August 1994 to August 1996.
2. Plans, correspondence, estimates, and arrangements for the opening, January 1997 to January 1998.
3. Correspondence and plans re snagging and the suiting of keys, also at Palace Green and Education, October 1997 to June 1998.
4. Plans, May to July 1995.
5. Plans and estimates, 1996.
6. Correspondence and tenders re mobile shelving, July 1996.
7. Correspondence and plans re mobile shelving and furniture, October 1995 to September 1996.
8. Correspondence and plans re mobile shelving, August 1995 to January 1996.
UND/EA1/GF4   1999 - 2005
Disability Discrimination Act Access Audit Reports for Library and Museum premises, and subsequent plans and correspondence.
1. Oriental Museum Access Report by Burdus April 1999.
2. Old Fulling Mill Access Report by Burdus July 1999.
3. Main Library Access Audit Report by Nicholson Nairn July 2001.
4. Palace Green Library Access Audit Report by Nicholson Nairn August 2002.
5. 5 The College Access Audit Report by Nicholson Nairn August 2002.
6. Oriental Museum Sensory and Intellectual Access Audit Report by Vision Sense November 2003.
7. Correspondence December 2002 - January 2005 with a plan of a proposed ramp at the Oriental Museum by Nicholson Nairn December 2004.
8. Plan for Palace Green Library access improvements by Nicholson Nairn December 2004.
Transferred from the Main Library by the Librarian 1 March 2006, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:77.
UND/EA1/GF5a   January 1985 - March 1994
Palaeography and Diplomatic and Archives and Special Collections, papers on their history, collections and staffing, including by Pat Mussett on the post-dissolution Dean and Chapter archive, and a copy 1992 Sothebys sale catalogue of the Howard library at Naworth, also papers on relationships with the Cathedral Library, and the Oriental Section, and a 3 April 1991 letter from Ian Doyle.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF5b   21 July 1995 - 9 January 1998
Moving archives from 5 The College to Palace Green.
Correspondence, notes of meetings, estimates and plans.
UND/EA1/GF6   1994 - 1996
Oriental Museum accounts, budgets, registration form, correspondence, reports and business plans.
UND/EA1/GF7   1983 - 1995
Memos, reports, copy minutes and correspondence re staffing issues, including background papers by the keepers on the library staffing stucture in 1983 and the April 1991 briefing for the Warden's visit to the library with a list of all staff and CVs of the academic-related ones.
Closed to 2025 as information supplied in confidence.
UND/EA1/GF8   1995 - 1996
New library computer system.
UND/EA1/GF9   February 1991
Report on the suitability of the Dawson Building as an extension of the Main Library by FaulknerBrowns, architects, and Ove Arup, consulting engineers
UND/EA1/GF10   1973 - November 1991
Records of the Palatinate of Durham: paperwork assembled by A.J. Piper on the history of the palatinate's records from 1867 and featuring the involvement of the Surtees Society and the Durham County Local History Society in the possible return of the records from the PRO to Durham in 1973, and papers of a DCLHS committee of 1979 trying to progress the issue.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF11   November 2001 - May 2002
College libraries working group correspondence, minutes, agendas, surveys and reports, establishing new procedures for the running of college libraries covering their governance, statemtns of purpose and acquisitions policies, staff conditions of service, financing and student levies, and security.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF12   March 2004 - November 2006
College libraries automation project using INNOPAC estimates and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF13   March 2003 - July 2004
Museums and Collections Review board papers and correspondence, especially on the draft report.
Paper file
Full papers are in: UND/BC2/A1.
UND/EA1/GF14   January 1990 - June 1998
College and Departmental libraries meetings agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF15   January 1990 - January 1997
Joint DSU and Library staff meetings agendas and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF16   1976
Extract from Brian Blackwood's dissertation George Pace 1915-1975 for the diploma in Conservation Studies at the University of York, re his Durham University ibrary building, including various images.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF17   March 1993 - March 1995
Transfer of the Middle East Documentation Unit (MEDU) from the Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (CMEIS) to the Main Library, papers and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF18   November 1990 - February 2002
Christmas card sales, samples, correspondence and accounts.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF19    May 1989 - November 1995
Transfer of Oriental materials to libraries at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University College London and Manchester University in 1990 and its review after 5 years, correspondence and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF20   May 1991 - September 1998
Rehfisch Sudan Collection purchase, correspondence and lists.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF21   June 1990 - April 1991
Review of Acquisitions and Disposal Policy.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF22   April 1993
Library review: Survey of Resources & Uses, HEFCE questionnaire, covering the Main Library and other libraries within the university.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF23   March 2000 - April 2006
RSLP (Research Support Libraries Programme) funding, correspondence and spreadsheets re its acquisition and use to enhance access, including a Saztec Retrospective Conversion Proposal amd the final report of the Research Support Libraries Group (2003).
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF24   June 1995 - October 1997
Funding councils Study of the level and costs of use of higher education libraries by external researchers, report by Coopers & Lybrand 28 February 1997, with correspondence, surveys and vists beforehand, and CURL's subsequent response.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF25   July 1993 - October 1995
Library Review Group, set up to advise the vice-chancellor on the best future arrangements in Durham for the running of the library and computing services, including MIS, in the light of the Follett report, and to develop the basis of a strategic plan for the library, including meetings papers and correspondence, and: Supporting Expansion A Report on Human Resource Management in Academic Libraries (July 1993); Joint Funding Councils' Libraries Review Group: Report (December 1993); Joint Funding Councils' Libraries Review Group Report: Implementation (July 1994) (HEFCE circular 17/94).
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF26-27   May 2006 - June 2007
Wolfson and CETL - Advanced Learning in Computing - project for providing enhanced facilities for undergraduates, plans of Main Library alterations, estimates, correspondence, and submissions to the University Executive Committee.
2 paper files
UND/EA1/GF28   December 1995
INNOPAC library automation system tender by Innovative Interfaces Inc.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF29   26 June 1998
Internal Audit report
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF30   June 2005 - September 2008
Flexitime scheme, correspondence and reports re its introduction as a pilot in the library in a working party led by Jane Hogan.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF31   December 2005 - February 2007
Library Feasibility Study for the expansion of its accommodation (not proceded with), by Shepherd Epstein Hunter, including correspondence, plans and reports to workshop 2 of 31 January 2006, to workshop 3 of 20 February 2006 and the final report of February 2007.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF32   January - May 2007
Palace Green Visitors Centre project correspondence, reports and presentation (not proceeded with).
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF33   March 2002
Reading List Working Group report and recommendations.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF34   September 2005 - March 2007
Library Use by Faculties and Departments report, including statistics, and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF35   February 1999
Library Service Information Technology (IT) Strategy 1999-2004 report.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF36   December 2003 - November 2004
Oriental Museum and Elvet Hill House accommodation correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF37   August 2006 - June 2007
Library Services Process Review report, terms of reference, correspondence, submissions and minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF38   December 2003 - May 2008
Library Space Management Group minutes, correspondence and submissions.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF39   September 1996 - December 2005
Museums Committee standing orders/terms of reference correspondence, statements and copy minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF40   October 2004 - August 2005
“Durham University Cultural Strategy” report June 2005 by The Chambers, including “A Development Framework for Durham City Centre” by David Lock Associates April 2005, with the brief and the librarian's response.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF41   February 2000 - August 2002
Main Library entrance level refurbishment reports, correspondence, minutes of progress meetings, and plans, including plans for the refurbishment of other levels.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF42   February 2007
“Durham University Library Feasibility Study”, by Shepheard Epstein Hunter
Paper file, spiral bound with plastic covers
UND/EA1/GF43   December 1997 - March 2007
Staff lists
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF44   November 1998 - February 2016
Library staff personnel changes detailing changes in hours, regradings etc.
Paper file
Closed under DPA until 2096.
UND/EA1/GF45   October 1950 - March 2003
A.I. Doyle, personal correspondence with.
Paper file
Formerly numbered: A489
Closed until 2028.
UND/EA1/GF46-47   1994
Reports on the Library and Information Technology services by Commonwealth Higher Education Management Service (CHEMS):
46. “A Confidential Report on Library and Information Technology Services at University College Stockton” , by Allan Schofield, June
47. “Organisation of the Library and the Information Technology Service” , confidential draft, 14 July
2 paper files
UND/EA1/GF48   12 September 2008
“Exhibition and Library Space at the Heart of Durham's World Heritage Site” , proposal submitted to the Wolfson Foundation/RLUK programme
Paper file
UND/EA1/GF49   2003/04 - 2009/10
Library annual/3 year plans, with drafts and correspondence, and including Libraries Challenge meetings and some plans for the whole Registrar's Division.
2 paper files
UND/EA1/GF50   2005/06 - 2008/09
Library budgets plans, with correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFB3/1   February 1991
The Dawson Building Report on its Suitability as an Extension of the Main Library, by Faulker Browns and Over Arup
Paper file, sprial bound
UND/EA1/GFB3/2   1993 - 1997
Estate and Buildings
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFB3b   1984
Energy Management Committee
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFB7   1990 - 1998
Borrowers Research and Staff
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFC1   1990 - 1993
Central Library
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFC2   1983 - 1997
Correspondence with colleges
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFC6   1983 - 1984
Computer Centre and Library Staff joint meeting
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFC8   July 1994 - January 1997
Copyright correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFC9b   1995
Research Committee (grants)
UND/EA1/GFD1   May 1984 - December 1997
Dean and Chapter Library
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFD3/1   1983 - 1991
Departmental libraries, correspondence and annual reports
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFD3/2   November 1990 - February 1992
Lewis donation of books
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFD4a   October - November 1999
Postgraduate petition
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFE4   December 1989 - January 1993
European Communities documentation
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFE12   February 2000 - March 2002
Mobile shelving procurement for the Main Library and 5 The College from Nordplan, with plans
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFI1d   1989 - 1995
TINLEND - automation of Inter-Library Loans
UND/EA1/GFL1a(i)   April 1985 - December 1991
Instructions to Library staff
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFL1a(v)   1990 - 1992
Technical Services team meetings
UND/EA1/GFL1a(vi)   1995 - 1997
Reader Services
UND/EA1/GFL7   January 1994 - February 1996
Students of librarianship
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFO3   1984 - 2001
Cataloguing Policy group minutes, agendas and papers.
1. November 1984 - November 1996.
2. November 1996 - November 1998.
3. May 1999 - July 2001.
UND/EA1/GFO3a   1981 - 1994
Online searching and Bids
1. August 1981 - November 1991
2. November 1991 - August 1994
2 paper files
UND/EA1/GFO3c   July 1989 - October 1998
Online circulation system
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFO3d   March 1990 - September 2000
Correspondence with the GEAC firm
1. March 1990 - December 1991
2. December 1991 - August 1994
3. August 1994 - March 1998
4. July 1999 - September 2000
UND/EA1/GFO3j   June 1988 - December 1997
Automation Policy Group Committee, later the Systems Management Group Committee from August 1994
1. June 1988 - July 1991
2. July 1991 - December 1997
2 paper files
UND/EA1/GFO4   July 1988 - July 1990
Oriental Recataloguing Project
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFP1   January - May 1994
Presentations and donations of books (sample file retained)
UND/EA1/GFP1a   1988 - 1998
Donations, mainly of Oriental books dealt with by Lesley Forbes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFP1b   March 1990 - July 1991
General Charles Grey papers, purchase of
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFP1d   April 1985 - March 1992
Graham Memorial Fund, Graham Military History books
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFP5   March 1990 - July 1995
Palace Green Library
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFP5a   May 1984 - August 1997
Palace Green Library buildings repairs
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFP5b   December 1983 - July 1991
Palace Green Library, Cosin's Library, cataloguing project
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFP6   January - October 2000
Undergraduate matters
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFQ2   July 1989 - November 1992
Questionnaires, retained as a sample
UND/EA1/GFR1   June 1991 - December 1996
Registrar, correspondence with
UND/EA1/GFR1a   June 1994 - January 1999
Assistant/Deputy/Academic Registrar, correspondence with
1. May 1991 - June 1994
2. June 1994 - January 1999
UND/EA1/GFR1b   November 1982 - December 1996
Chief Clerk, correspondence with
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFR7a   December 1998 - March 1999
Research Support Libraries Programme (RSLP), stage I bid submissions
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFS6   January 1980 - February 1994
Standing Council on Library Materials on Africa (SCOLMA)
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFS10   February 1992 - February 1999
1. February 1992 - December 1993
2. January 1994 - February 1999
2 paper files
UND/EA1/GFT2/1-2   January 1993 - November 1998
1. Elvet Riverside Library August 1994 - December 1997
2. Education Library January 1993 - November 1998
2 paper files
UND/EA1/GFT2/3-11   May 1990 - December 2000
3. Prior's Kitchen, the move, correspondence, August 1991 - December 1992
4. Archives and Special Collections (Prior's Kitchen and 5 The College) May 1990 - January 1992
5. Archives and Special Collections (Prior's Kitchen and 5 The College) January 1992 - January 1993
6. Archives and Special Collections January - November 1993
7. Archives and Special Collections December 1993 - January 1995
8. Archives and Special Collections January 1995 - July 1996
9. Archives and Special Collections August - December 1996
10. Archives and Special Collections January 1997 - June 1999
11. Archives and Special Collections July 1999 - December 2000
9 paper files
UND/EA1/GFT2/12-18   May 1989 - August 2000
12. Oriental and Sudan collections, correspondence alphabetically with Lesley Forbes May 1989 - February 1998
13. Oriental Museum January 1997 - April 1998
14. Oriental Museum Lottery Bid etc July 1997 - April 1998
15. Oriental Museum June - November 1998
16. Oriental Museum November 1998 - April 1999
17. Oriental Museum Lottery Bid etc April 1998 - December 1999
18. Oriental Museum Lottery Bid etc January - August 2000
7 paper files
UND/EA1/GFT9   December 1994 - November 1996
Teesside development, University College Stockton
UND/EA1/GFU3   March 1989 - June 1996
UND/EA1/GFU8   December 1996 - December 2000
Teesside Development Group (UCS)
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFV1   December 1991 - November 1996
Paper file
UND/EA1/GFW1   April 1985 - December 1996
Warden and PVCs
1. April 1985 - January 1992
2. January 1992 - December 1996
Library files tempore Purcell
Reference: UND/EA1/GG
UND/EA1/GG1   July - August 2010
Library24/7 CILIP PPRG Marketing Excellence Awards 2010 report by Helen Thornber and Rachel Smith on DU's library being open 24/7, with email correspondence re it receiving the silver award.
Paper booklet, 20p, + 2f
UND/EA1/GG2   October - November 2012
Meissen Library, signed agreements for its transfer from the cathedral library to the university library 15 November, with an explanatory note on its background by Canon Rosalind Brown 30 October, and a service paper for the evensong “to mark its departure” 15 November.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG3   October 2012 - Autumn 2018
Friends of Palace Green Library, letters (including re the dinner which led to its establishment), invites, lecture posters, newsletters (titled Philobiblon from Autumn 2018), AGMs.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG4   [2013]
“book2net Spirit Case Study” , detailing the public book scanning facility installed at the Bill Bryson Library, supplied by Genus.
Printed colour illustrated card leafet, 2f
UND/EA1/GG5   May 2013
“University of Otago Review of the University Library's Support for Teaching and Learning 17-19 October 2002” report (Jon Purcell was the external panel member).
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG6   April 2012
Staff survey 2011, library and museums report, carried out by Capita
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG7   October 2014
Paintings of the Spanish Golden Age: the Collections of County Durham, conference programme and dinner invite
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG8   [December 2014]
Christmas cards sent to the librarian from other university/college libraries
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG9   September 2005
International Student Barometer presentation, with some associated UEC papers and minutes of a working group on international students October 2006.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG10   [2014] & 2016
Ushaw Development Advisory Board agenda and appendices 2014, with the business case for the Ushaw Residential Research Library April 2016.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG11   [c.March 2016]
[Draft] memorandum of understanding between Durham University and Durham City Arts re installing a bronze casting of Fenwick Lawson's wheel cross.
Paper, 1f
UND/EA1/GG12   2009 - 2013
Palace Green Library, including its restoration and refurbishment:
1. Palace Green Library Steering Group and planning application 2009; Vision by GSS Architecture 2010; Outline brief and plan with a timeline and milestones 2011
2. Palace Green Library Steering Group minutes and papers 2010-2013, also the Exhibitions sub-committee, Chancellor's Appeal PGL leaflet 2010, and inaugural PGL Development Board meeting December 2012,
3. Palace Green Library Steering Group minutes and papers February 2013 - June 2014;
4. Palace Green Library Priory Books project, Steering Group, staffing, Northern Bridge, cathedral, World Heritage Site, restructuring, August 2014 - July 2015;
5. Palace Green Library Steering Group August 2015 - May 2016
6. Palace Green Library exhibitions; general; cathedral; World Heritage Site including Palace Green Library and Durham's World Heritage Site brochure [2011] and its management plan, and Catholic National Library
6 paper files
UND/EA1/GG13   2011
Programme and correspondence for the visit of Clive Field to evaluate the relative merits of Durham and Liverpool Hope Universities re looking after Ushaw College's collections.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG14   December 2011 - April 2012
College Learning Resources task and finish group papers, correspondence, environment surveys of each college, and the final report.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG15-16   September 2010 - July 2016
Research Management Information System (RMIS) (later the Research Activity Support System (RASS), and then the Research Information System, RIS), project board minutes, reports, project plans and correspondence.
15. September 2010 - July 2012.
16. June 2014 - September 2015.
16A. October 2015 - July 2016.
3 paper files
UND/EA1/GG17   November 2010 - November 2011
Bill Bryson Library refurbishment and extension, including MEDU development project group minutes, refurbishment meeting minutes, library space management group minutes, press releases, plans, and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG18   June - July 2014
Information Security, steering group minutes and papers, and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG19   2009 - 2017
Librarian's invites:
Lumiere, 13 November 2009
SCR Guest Night (?SMC, SJC), 15 December 2009
Luce lecture, 17 June 2010
VC's Garden Party (n.d.)
Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics opening 10 March 2017.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG20   April 2017
Durham University's Sexual Violence Task Force A Higher Education Initiative to Address Sexual Violence and Misconduct on Campus, with a covering letter.
Printed paper booklet
UND/EA1/GG21   June 2016 - April 2017
Delivering Operational Excellence Strategy (Durham DOES) for Professional Support Services reports.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG22   2008 - 2011
Library strategy, management structure, report and objectives.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG23   October 2009 - October 2012
Gateway Building/Palatine Centre comprising:
Programme Board minutes with library plans October-December 2009
Programme Board minutes and papers November - December 2011
Gateway Development business case, including Library expansion, December 2011
Palatine Centre opening arrangements and guest list, October 2012
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG24   July 2011
Palace Green Library unsuccessful Heritage Lottery Fund bid for 'Conservation, Education and Appreciation'.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG25   February 2011 - July 2012
Lindisfarne Gospels Board meeting papers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG26   2014 - 2015
Library Strategy papers, including reports/strategies from University College London, St Andrews University, and University College Dublin.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG27   March 2013 - June 2014
Library Development Board papers, especially re the Priory Library Digitisation project.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG28-29   2012 - 2014
Heritage Collections/Culture:
28. 2012-2014: World Heritage Site Visitor Centre; Durham Castle; Cultural Strategy; Al-Salam Palace Kuwait project; Exhibitions; Research Collections; galleries; restructuring.
29. 2015-2016: Culture staff structure; Al Salam Palace Kuwait project; Somme exhibition; Cultural strategy; Durham Light Infantry; Art; Hazel Edwards; Oriental Museum; general strategy; marketing plan; Durham County Council; Magna Carta exhibition.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG30   2013 - 2014
Cultural Engagement including estimates for exhibitions.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG31   August 2014 - October 2016
Open Access Publishing and Research Data Management
2 paper files
UND/EA1/GG32   2011 - 2016
Ushaw College
1. 2011-2012, including a copy of Ushaw College Library 1851-2001 an Exhibition, (2001), a Memorandum of Understanding between the college and the university, Ushaw College Feasibility Study [2012] by Malcolm Reading Consultants, and Library Academic Advisory Committee papers October 2011..
2-3. 2013-July 2014: Ushaw College Library Committee; Catholic National Library; Ushaw Programme Board; Ushaw Operation Group; Treasures of Ushaw College; general; Lisbon collection; Ushaw College trustees; Ushaw College Library general; proposed development plan, steering group; cultural engagement.
4-5. August 2014 - May 2015: Ushaw Programme Board; Treasures of Ushaw College; Catholic National Library; Library and Heritage Committee; cutrual engagement; Catholic Archives Society; general; Library; Ushaw Steering Group; Ushaw Advisory Board; presentations/planning documents; Friends leaflet.
6-7. September 2015 - July 2016: Advisory Committee; Cultural Engagement Committee; Library and Heritage Committee; Treasures book; Programme Board; general; Residential Library business case; University issues with Ushaw; History (Catholic National Library).
7 paper files
UND/EA1/GG33   March 2010 - February 2018
Letters to the librarian from A.I. Doyle, former keeper of rare books, providing much information on former practices and arrangements at Palace Green Library and a commentary on developments since his retirement in 1983. With also a wide-ranging letter from Alan Piper, May 2011.
Paper file
Formerly numbered: N19
Closed until 2028
UND/EA1/GG34   April 2010 - July 2012
Correspondence with potential donors including:
Letters from Biddy Baxter to Jon Purcell and Sheila Hingley re her honorary degree, possible gifts, impressions of Palace Green Library developments etc June and July 2012.
Copy letter from Chris Higgins VC to the Barkers April 2010.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG35   June 2012
Durham University Retired Staff Association (DURSA), meeting re its establishment and a memorandum of understanding between it and the university.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG36   2010 - 2012
University strategy, plans, reports and some correspondence, including library and Registrar's Division plans, and librarian's November reviews of progress against plans for 2010 and 2012.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG37   May 2011
“Scholarly Communications: journal pricing” , paper for UEC and presentation to Senate.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG38   September 2009
Senate new member induction pack.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG39   2010
World Heritage Site:
Proposal for the the Creation of a Research Laboratory meeting papers May 2010, jointly hosted by cathedral and university, project unrealised.
Feasibility study for WHS attractions development, brief for consultants and invitation to tender
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG40   2009 - 2012
Information Technology Steering Group meeting papers and project proposals including Web Improvement Project, and a university IT strategy
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG41   April 2009
QAA Institutional Audit briefing paper.
Paper file
UND/EA1/GG42   [c.2010]
Library Staff IT Induction Handbook.
Paper file
Departmental files
Reference: UND/EA1/H
Dates of creation: 1937 - 1979 H3-30 transferred from David Watkinson's former office in Palace Green Library 1 December 2005, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:43.
H1-2 formerly UND/B3 (part)

UND/EA1/H1   1937 - 1939
List of curators (most academic staff) holding library keys, with the date of their return, signed off by H.W. Acomb or E.D. Muffett.
Paper, 1f
UND/EA1/H2   1939 - 1979
Library key book
recording the various library keys, to whom issued, signatures, dates of return, key checks, and with notes by A.I. Doyle on the various systems for issuing keys, with staff having to draw keys from the Castle lodge in the 1950s to access the library on vacation afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays.
Paper booklet
Files of the former deputy-librarian, David Watkinson
UND/EA1/H3-6   1926 - 1984
Photocopies of library reports, minutes, memoranda and correspondence, with the occasional original letter included, covering:
3. 1926-1969 Building and layout changes at Palace Green Library.
4. 1965-1978 A new library building at Stockton Road.
5. 1949-1984 Library sections - Oriental.
6. 1976-1980 Library operations.
UND/EA1/H7   1920 - 1974
University Grants Committee library returns, with statistical totals [by David Watkinson] of stock, finance and capacity for each university.
UND/EA1/H8-15   c.1970 - c.1990
Durham university history: chronologically arranged photocopies of documents, with notes and transcripts by David Watkinson, taken from the Durham cathedral archive, the Thorp correspondence, the Jenkyns papers (in Balliol College Library, Oxford), occasional published histories and newspapers, Auckland Castle Durham episcopal records, and Durham university records (Senate and Convocation minutes and the deed boxes):
8. 1820-1835.
9. 1836-1837.
10. 1838-1841.
11. 1842-1861.
12. 1862.
13. 1863-1889.
14. 1890-1916.
15. 1917-1943.
UND/EA1/H16-17   c.1970 - c.1990
Durham university history: transcripts of university records by David Watkinson:
16. [University College] Council minute book 1836-1871 (UND/F1/B1/1); University Convocation minutes 1836-1898, indexed; University Senate minutes 1836-1909, indexed to 1899.
17. University Senate minutes 1910- 1924; University Council minutes 1910-1946; University Council minutes relating to staff 1921-1946.
UND/EA1/H18   c.1978 - c.1986
Information on the Palace Green Library and other buildings on Palace Green; some correspondence and minutes of DW re the Library 1978-1986; transcripts of recorded interviews with Ramage; transcript of Library Curators', Senate and Council minutes on matters relating to the Palace Green and departmental libraries 1837-1971.
UND/EA1/H19   1970
Durham university history: photocopies of printed and manuscript memories of the university in their day from: Robert Brown, Prof F.C. Hood, Prof J.L. Burchnall ( bis ), C.W. Gibby, A.P. Whitaker, E.M. Bettenson, Leonard Slater, Prof W. Roy Niblett, Joseph P. Freeman, Hensley H. Henson, Edgar Jones, C.F. Turnbull, A.G. Mathew, William Temple, Rev W. Purdon, R.P. Wright, Canon G.A. Williams, K.B. MacFarlane, John Haswell, Rev E.A. Woodruffe-Peacock, Archibald T. Bagott, Rev F. Wilcox, E.G. Pace, T.W. Robinson, J.C.E. Wren, J.R. Spaul, Ken Green.
UND/EA1/H20-22   1977 - 2003
Durham university history: enquiries re the history of the university with in-letters and copy out-letters, filed chronologically:
20. 1977-1984.
21. 1984-1993.
22. 1994-2003.
UND/EA1/H23-27   c.1970 - c.1990
Photocopies of sections of the Durham University Calendar with some notes by David Watkinson of an individual's Durham career:
23. Members of colleges 1837-1890.
24. Examination results 1837-1893.
25. Degrees granted 1837-1896.
26. Degrees granted 1897-1920.
27. Members of the university 1838-1876.
UND/EA1/H28   c.1970 - c.1990
Durham university history: notes of David Watkinson on subjects in Senate minutes, names of examiners, university accounts.
UND/EA1/H29   c.1970 - c.1990
Durham university history: archive lists. David Watkinson's lists of files in the Old Shire Hall Basement (subsequently also listed by Adrian Allen) organised by subject, with also lists of other Durham archive material pertaining to the history of the university.
UND/EA1/H30   1993 - 1996
Correspondence between W.A. Moyes and David Watkinson about the proof-reading and publication of Moyes's Hatfield 1846-1996 : a history of Hatfield College in the University of Durham (Durham 1996).
UND/EA1/H31   January - December 1974
50th anniversary of the Science Laboratories, file of W.B. Woodward, keeper of Science Books, concerning the planning of the celebrations, including minutes of the working party.
UND/EA1/H32   1967 - 1985
File of John Lumsden, an assistant librarian 1968-2005, including:
Economic History dept research profile report 1985;
2 guides to statistic resources in the library [1969] and 1978;
Report and notes on reader services 1983.
Library tasks 1983;
Library guide on British government publications 1969;
A note of gaps in collections which might be filled 1974;
Paper for a meeting of academic staff on the future development of the library 1972;
Issue system working party reports 1972-1979;
Note on new fines 1980;
Procedures for transferring psychology books to the Science Library 1969;
Notes for freshers' tours 1972;
Comments on a proposed new order and identification system 1970;
Library closing routine c.1970;
Guidelines for staff admission to the library after hours 1967;
Subject suggestions of library resources for research in response to a request from the librarian of 20 February 1970.
Transferred by John Lumsden July 2005.
UND/EA1/H33   1981 - 1994
File of John Lumsden, an assistant librarian 1968-2005, including papers on:
procedures for disposing of stock, disaster planning, automated cataloguing systems implications, library objectives and forward planning, working hours, library accounts and statistics, loan reviews, library staff and responsibilities, review of music, periodicals, the new librarian, the library establishment, a library extension, alarm and locking up procedures, out of hours access, data protection, meetings, cuts, capacity, official publications, JANET, copying catalogues, data entry, and online reference material.
Transferred by Christine Purcell from Durham University Main Library 7 August 2006, Acc No Misc.2006/2007:6
UND/EA1/H34   June 1966 - February 1998
Job particulars for assistant librarian/keeper posts.
UND/EA1/H35   1984 - 1987
File of David Sowerbutts's notes and papers leading to the major allocations sub-committee's report.
UND/EA1/H36   1983 - 1995
File of David Watkinson of memos and reports concerning changes to the university's structure and government and also including reports of the policy committee's visit to the library 16 July 1987 and the working party on the colleges [1992].
UND/EA1/H37   1968 - 1972
File of David Sowerbutts “revision of order procedure” with suggestions and comments on proposals for changing the ordering system and slips.
Files of Brian Cheesman (1931-) as deputy-librarian (1967-1990) .
UND/EA1/H38   1979 - 1982
Council ad hoc committee on the Library, Automation sub-committee papers.
UND/EA1/H39   1979 - 1981
Automation - GEAC - contracts
UND/EA1/H40   1981
Automation - GEAC - data entry manual
UND/EA1/H41   1980 - 1982
Automation - GEAC - data entry for music.
UND/EA1/H42   1980 - 1982
Automation - GEAC - data entry for periodicals.
UND/EA1/H43   1980 - 1982
Automation - GEAC - data entry proofreading.
UND/EA1/H44   1979
Automation - GEAC - system functional description.
UND/EA1/H45   1980
Automation - GEAC - system installation.
UND/EA1/H46   1979 - 1982
Automation - GEAC - correspondence.
UND/EA1/H47   April 1982 - June 1983
Automation - GEAC - correspondence.
UND/EA1/H48   1981 - 1983
Automation - GEAC - computer operators and operating instructions.
UND/EA1/H49   1980 - 1984
Automation - GEAC - payments.
UND/EA1/H50   1980 - 1981
Automation - GEAC - deputy-librarian's progress reports.
UND/EA1/H51   April 1980
Automation - GEAC - library system proposal.
UND/EA1/H52   1981 - 1983
Automation - GEAC - short loan/reserve working party and instructions.
UND/EA1/H53   1969 - 1981
Automation - short loan system.
UND/EA1/H54   1980
Automation - staffing.
UND/EA1/H55   1979
Automation - SWALCAP report on real-time library circulation systems for Durham University Library.
UND/EA1/H56   1971
Bequests - Collingwood book collection move.
UND/EA1/H57   1966 - 1986
Bequests - Wilhelm Levison books, including a will extract.
UND/EA1/H58   1982 - 1984
Bequests - Freya Stark books.
UND/EA1/H59   1987 - 1988
Book sale, including Garlick, [F.M.] Leason and Neville's Cross College books.
UND/EA1/H60   1973 - 1987
Bookplates, including designs for various donations and bequests.
UND/EA1/H61   1966 - 1976
College and departmental libraries survey of 1969, with also some college library annual reports.
UND/EA1/H62   1978 - 1989
Departmental libraries - Elvet Riverside.
UND/EA1/H63   1984 - 1985
Departmental libraries - Geography.
UND/EA1/H64   1989
Departmental libraries - Geology.
UND/EA1/H65   1975 - 1990
Departmental libraries - History.
UND/EA1/H66   1971
Economies in the library.
UND/EA1/H67   1984 & 1986
Economies and cuts in the library.
UND/EA1/H68   1983 - 1990
Education library.
UND/EA1/H69   1977 - 1980
Education library catalogue.
UND/EA1/H70   1966 - 1988
Graphs and statistics, figures for Durham and in comparison with other university libraries.
UND/EA1/H71   1983 - 1986
Liaison with the Arts faculty.
UND/EA1/H72   1978 - 1989
LINC - Library, Information and Computing Service meetings.
UND/EA1/H73   1977 - 1983
Loan periods working party.
UND/EA1/H74   1979 - 1983
Manpower Services Commission project.
UND/EA1/H75   1966 - 1971
Oriental Library - Foster memos.
UND/EA1/H76   1970 - 1976
OWL - one week loans, mainly statistics.
UND/EA1/H77   1983
Periodicals working party.
UND/EA1/H78   1967 - 1977
Quinquennial plans.
UND/EA1/H79   1969 - 1990
Staff academic-related job descriptions/details.
UND/EA1/H80   1968 - 1988
Staff non-academic-related job descriptions/details.
UND/EA1/H81   1965 - 1988
Staff manual of procedures and instructions.
UND/EA1/H82   1968 - 1986
Staff working hours.
UND/EA1/H83   1973 - 1990
Staffing proposals.
UND/EA1/H84   1986 - 1987
Stock disposal.
UND/EA1/H85   1974 - 1988
Stock relegation.
UND/EA1/H86   1965 - 1990
Stocktaking procedures.
UND/EA1/H87   1987 - 1990
Teikyo, including a brochure.
UND/EA1/H88   1988
Transfer of Russian books to Hull University Library.
UND/EA1/H89   1988 - 1990
Transfers of books out of the Oriental Library.
UND/EA1/H90   1970 & 1975
UGC visits.
UND/EA1/H91   1974 - 1976
UGC correspondence re possible library developments, including the working party [1976] report Capital Provision for University Libraries.
UND/EA1/H92   1985
UGC visit.
UND/EA1/H93   1983 - 1989
Videos, acquisitions of and use in instruction.
UND/EA1/H94   May - June 1973
New Main Library - subject arrangement.
Files from the cataloguing section
UND/EA1/H95   1986
Cataloguing rules for books, with appendices, by Sarah Milner.
UND/EA1/H96   [1990 - 1995]
Cataloguing procedures for books, mostly by Sarah Milner.
UND/EA1/H97   [1990 - 1995]
Cataloguing procedures for Palace Green and Law Library books in particular, mostly by Sarah Milner.
UND/EA1/H98   [1992 - 2001]
Cataloguing procedures for books, mostly by Sarah Milner, and mostly 1999, but it does include some earlier material.
UND/EA1/H99   1988 - 1998
Cataloguing procedures using INNOPAC, mostly by Sarah Milner and Christine Purcell, including classification guidelines, diacritics, and Russian terms.
UND/EA1/H100   1964 - 1996
Statistics of books missing 1964-1996 and acquisitions procedures 1975-1990.
UND/EA1/H101   [c.1970] - 2005
Sudanese books classification schemes, and some notes of accessions.
UND/EA1/H102   1986 - 1999
Levison collection - cataloguing procedures, slips and notes.
UND/EA1/H103   1995 - 1998
Cataloguing section file on appraisal training, authority control and a CURL database project feasibility study.
UND/EA1/H104   1999 - 2004
Cataloguing section file on authority control, GUICAT Windows cataloguing, Hebraica poject searching in RLIN and cataloguing guide, a CURL collaborative collection management project, weeding philosophy, setting up Sharp Library online circulation, serials moves, Winterbottom and Maltby retroconversion, online purchaser requests form, streamlining acquisitions, staffing reading lists, cataloguing duties and advanced keyword indexing.
UND/EA1/H105   1982 - 1990
Lists of university publications:
- Exhibition of publications by past and present members of the university in the SPCK booksop in Durham [June 1982].
- Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies publications [c.1987].
- Census Research Unit publications April 1987.
- Geography Dept publications April 1990.
- North East Local Studies Group publications 1986.
- British Coal and Opencast Mining publications March 1990.
UND/EA1/H106   29 July 1968
“Movement for a Democratic University” circular expressing the views of a staff/student ad hoc committee questioning various aspects of the running of the university, especially residence and college attendance requirements and library expenditure.
Paper, 2f
UND/EA1/H107   Sepember 1993 - September 2002
Cataloguer's file of cataloguing training sessions, Sudan book acquisitions, ASC Search Room book classification scheme, procedures for dealing with added copies, training sessions on the Internet, new areas of work for clerical staff, Main Library service point staffing proposals and rotas, enquiry training memo and a training session on major OPACs.
Paper file
UND/EA1/H108   November 1999 - November 2001
Cataloguing training presentations on introducing MARC21 and tracking an order through technical services.
Paper file
UND/EA1/H109   1967 - 1991
Oxfam pledged giving scheme for library staff, administered by John Lumsden 1969-1992, including thank you letters/receipts from Oxfam for moneys sent, some annual donor records, and some newsletter/publicity material, with some images, from Oxfam.
Paper file
Given by John Lumsden, 13 April 2012, Acc No Misc.2011/12:58.
UND/EA1/H110   [1967]
Reader Failure: A Pilot Survey, by A.D. Burnett (being p.142-158 from an unidentified journal, with the pages bound in incorrect order), being an analysis of surveys of readers failing to find what they were looking for in the library.
Paper booklet, 9f
Given by the author
Formerly: PamL020.72BUR
UND/EA1/H111   1988 - 1998
Disposals, to the book trade, pulping and skips, including correspondence with book dealers, reports from the backlog project meetings 1991-1992, lists and printed articles.
Paper file
UND/EA1/H112   1998 - 2009
Cataloguing planning, including brainstorming 2001 and Retrocon issues 2003.
Paper file
UND/EA1/H113   1970 - 1987
Cataloguing procedures and rules.
Paper file
UND/EA1/H114   1997
Notes on incorporating DACE counselling materials into the University Library.
Paper file
UND/EA1/H115   1971 - 1994
Notifications of accessions to the Northern Regional Library System (NRLS) and the British Library.
Paper file
UND/EA1/H116   1984 - 1990
Cataloguer's file of Nicky Clarke, including a specification for caputiring phase one of the sheaf catalogue, lists of MARC fields, comments on a bibliographic file and catalogue automation, and suggestions for cataloguing procedures.
Paper file
UND/EA1/H117   [c.1950 - 2009]
Library presentations book plates, mostly originals but some photocopies, recording donors or the bequest from which a purchase was funded, in a variety of designers, collected by Olive Marrington (retired 2014).
Paper file
UND/EA1/H118   [c.1950]
Cataloguing rules, based on those of Trinity College Cambridge, with subsequent annotations
Paper booklet, 74f
UND/EA1/H119-121   1976 - 1996
Files of David Watkinson concerning financial matters, including correspondence, statements, and his notes:
119. Cuts and their possible impact 1985-1987
120. Archives and Special Collections (and Palaeography and Diplomatic) and the Documentation Unit 1990-1995
121. Archives and Special Collections costs and Follett 1993-1996
122. DUSER 1976-1983.
4 paper files
UND/EA1/H123-124   [1970s - 1990s]
David Watkinson indexes:
123. Durham University students, mostly 19th century, in various groupings (engineers, clergy, non-graduates etc).
124. Librarians, detailing their university education.
A5 index cards, 4 boxes
Reference: UND/EA1/J
Dates of creation: 1936 - 2002
Photographs - Events
Reference: UND/EA1/JA
UND/EA1/JA1   1993
Saskia Rockenfeller's photo album [of her work experience] in the Main Library showing staff, interiors, Christmas party, and Cathedral Sharp Library interiors. Staff not identified.
Paper file with colour prints stuck in, spiral bound
Presented by 28 August 2003, Acc No Misc.2003/2004:1
Formerly UND/B2/18
UND/EA1/JA2   c.March 1982
Retirement party at Palace Green Library of Sid Witson, porter, held in the Garden Room, featuring Dr Ian Doyle, and also Hilda Guy, David Sowerbutts, Marc Page, Dorothea Slow and Richard Clark. Also a full-length portrait of Ian Doyle on Palace Green and a view of Room 1 at Palace Green when in use as the main issue desk for the library.
5 colour prints
Presented by the Librarian 10 September 2002, Acc No Misc.2002/2003:59.
Formerly UND/B4.
UND/EA1/JA3   8 December 1983
Ted Short Lord Glenamara opening the new Main Library, being shown the computer issuing system, with 3 newspaper cuttings showing the exterior of the library and Nance Macaulay showing Lord Glenamara the issuing system.
Size: 125 x 125mm
UND/EA1/JA4   26 August 1986
Main Library interiors showing the impact of a flood.
UND/EA1/JA5   [1987]
Presentation of the Pratt Green hymn collection, in Cursitors Room, Palace Green Library, present (L to R): Dick Watson, Fred Holliday VC, Fred Pratt Green, ?, Nance Macaulay, Beth Rainey, ?.
Size: 120 x 180mm
UND/EA1/JA6   27 April 1987
Unveiling of a plaque on the site of Thomas Wright's house at Byers Green.
1. Dr Michael Hoskins of Cambridge University unveiling the plaque.
2. Group by the unveiled plaque: (L to R) Dr Hoskins, Prof. A. Wolfendale, Mr A. Bradshaw (master of Van Mildert), Mr Colley (of Byers Green), Prof G. Rochester (resident), Beth Rainey, Dr A.I. Doyle, Mrs Colley, Mayoress of Spennymoor, Prof R. Ellis.
3. Nuthall Temple, designed by Thomas Wright, with a covering letter of 7 December 1988 from George Rochester.
Size: 95 x 125mm (colour), 145 x 225mm (BW)
UND/EA1/JA7   1989
Harriot seminar group on the steps of the Castle Great Hall.
Size: 125 x 195mm
UND/EA1/JA8   February x March 1992
Newspaper cutting from Password of Alan Howarth, Higher Education Minister, on his visit to Durham, at Palace Green Library, holding a book, with Heather Starkey, Emma Sweeney, Catherine Usher (all students) and Beth Rainey.
Size: 210 x 135mm
UND/EA1/JA9   2 July 1992
Award of an honorary DLitt to Richard Hill.
1. Richard Hill in his formal gowns seated in the castle courtyard with his grand-daughter who had also received her degree.
2-9. Party afterwards in Cosin Library, (identified L to R)
2. Heather Sharkey, Mabel Rowe (library assistant), Ralph Austin (lecturer in ME studies), Richard Hill.
3. Dai Morgan, Jo Fewster, David Watkinson.
4. Alisoun Roberts, David Sowerbutts, Sheila Doyle.
5. Richard Hill, Lesley Forbes.
6. David Watkinson, ?, ?, ?, John Hall, Prof Graham Rodmell (PVC), ?.
7. Includes Sheila Doyle.
8. Richard Hill, Don Radcliffe, Ian Doyle, Dick Watson, ?.
9. ?, ?, ?, S.V.R. Char (assistant librarian), Mabel Rowe.
10-11. Workman up a ladder repairing a collapsed ceiling in the Palace Green entrance.
Size: 100 x 150mm
Cf also graduation photos in UND/CK1/BF1992B.
UND/EA1/JA10   December 1994
Award of an honorary MA to Hilda Guy, library supervisor at Palace Green.
1. Formal portrait outside Palace Green Library door.
2. In the Castle courtyard with Beth Rainey.
3-14. Party afterwards in the Cosin Library, featuring Jo Fewster and Alan Heesom (on left of 3), Chris Brooks (on left of 4), Ann Moss, David Burnett, Jo Cheesman and Joan Mills (L to R 5), and Margaret McCollum (on right of 12).
Size: 100 x 150mm
For further graduation photos, see also UND/CK1/BF1994B.
UND/EA1/JA11   January 1986
High table of the Doyle dinner at Lumley Castle. Present (L to R): Eric Cambridge, Rev P. Hiscock, Ian Doyle (standing, speaking), L. Slater, H.S. Offler.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JA12   July 1998
Royal visit of Prince Charles to Palace Green Library for his honorary degree, showing him and the procession in the entrance and room 1, passing an exhibition.
Size: 100 x 150mm
For further graduation photos, see also UND/CK1/BF1998A.
UND/EA1/JA13   [2001]
History of Science display class with material laid out in Cosin's Library being inspected by students led by David Knight, identified, and supervised by Beth Rainey.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JA14   [July 2002]
Visit of Queen Elizabeth II, touring Palace Green in her car, taken from Palace Green Library ladies loo by Sally Hoddy, showing the crowds and Palace Green beyond.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JA15   October 1842
Examination of the Students of the University of Durham, students in gowns at desks in Bishop Cosin's Library, with an invigilator.
Original tinted engraving by G.H. Adcock and R.W. Buss.
Size: 250 x 175mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH2/A1/19,20.
UND/EA1/JA16   1981 - 1986
Building of the Science Library extension, including tree felling and moving, preparation of the present building, digging holes, cranes, diggers, drains, concrete mixer, beams, floors, staff visits, foundation stone laying, moving stock, carpeting, shelving, computers, cars, and bicycles, by Barry Woodward, mostly identified (by Barry Woodward, augmented by J.T.D. Hall), including also:
Science Library wake dinner 22 December 1981.
Summer party [1984].
DUCK week abseiling off the building November 1986.
Photo album, 230 colour prints mounted on 98f paper
UND/EA1/JA17   30 July 2009
Library staff group taken outside the Calman Learning Centre on the retirement of Dr John Hall as librarian, all identified on a separate copy: Jane Hodgson, Denise Condron, Christine Purcell, Debra Kobasa, Kathryn Elwick, John Hall, Audrey Taylor, Victoria Hedley, Jodie Fenwick, Sarah Maskill, Clare Powne, Elizabeth Taylorson, Allison Brown, Heather Ewington, Christopher Skelton-Foord, Amran Hussain, Laura Marfitt, Carol Harris, Emily Dott, Helen Armstrong, Malcolm Ferguson, Neil Davis, Margaret McCollum, Gary Cheek, Craig Barclay, Rachel Grocke, Eileen Handy, Heather Robb, Jane Hogan, Sue Fletcher, Michael Stansfield, Sebastian Palucha, Richard Higgins, Andrew Gray.
Size: 210 x 300mm
UND/EA1/JA18   15 October 2009
Library staff at the farewell meal in the Court House pub in Durham for Clare Powne as deputy-librarian, featuring: Allison Brown, Peter Chrichard, Denise Condron, Kathryn Elwick, Heather Ewington, Anne Farrow, Sue Fletcher, Eva Grigoropoulou, Sheila Hingley, Jane Hogan, Mike Johnson, Laura Marfitt, Olive Marrington, Sebastian Palucha, Andrew Praeter, Christine Purcell, Jon Purcell, Heather Robb, Simon Speight, Ben Taylorson.
UND/EA1/JA19   16 October 2009
Library staff at the farewell coffee in the Main Library for Clare Powne, deputy-librarian, featuring: Sheila Hingley, Jane Hogan, Clare Powne, John Purcell, Christopher Skelton-Foord, Simon Speight. Taken by Kathryn Elwick.
UND/EA1/JA20   14 October 1958
Reopening of Cosin's Library after restoration:
1. Reception in Cosin's Library, showing the large armorial above the porch, before the inscription had been painted, and the chandeliers by G.G. Pace of York. With a marked up photocopy identifying those present (mostly members of the Durham Colleges Academic Board) as including: Col J.C.R. Fitzgerald-Lombard (Durham Colleges Treasurer), Dr Sidney Holgate (Durham Colleges Registrar), P.V. Smith professor of Psychology, ?G.D. Rochester professor of Physics, ?Miss Whitley principal of Neville's Cross College, John Lough professor of French, ?J.C. Brooks reader in Spanish, W.B. Fisher professor of Geography, W.A. Prowse reader in Physics, G.S. Darlow deputy-librarian, Miss E.M. Scott principal of St Aidan's Society, Eric Woodcock professor of Latin.
2. The librarian, David Ramage, showing the warden, Sir James Duff, the Shakespeare first folio, title page displayed.
By The Sunderland Echo.
2 BW prints
Size: 160 x 210mm
2. printed in The Sunderland Echo on 15 October 1958 and in Durham University Journal (vol.56, Spring 1964) p.65.
UND/EA1/JA21   4 July 2009
John Hall, librarian, half-length, 34 various images, and 2 images of a library staff group outside the Calman Building.
36 digital images (17 JPGs and 19 TIFs) on a CD in a hard plastic cover
UND/EA1/JA22   2000
Visiting group of Lithuanian librarians with Clare Powne, outside the ML main entrance.
Colour print
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JA23   [?1975]
[Tom Garlick], in jersey and cords, standing outside [?in the Lakes] in front of a Mini car with stall of books for sale, holding up his [?just published] book Hardknott Castle Roman Fort.
Colour print
Size: 130 x 90mm
Given by John Lumsden 22 July 2011.
UND/EA1/JA24   [29 June 1982]
Laying of the foundation stone for the new Main Library by Dame Margot Fonteyn.
1. Dame Margot Fonteyn at the microphone, with Fred Holliday + 4 behind.
2-3. Main Library party (LtoR): ?Mrs and Barry Woodward, Mrs and Brian Cheesman, Agnes Macaulay, David Watkinson, ?Peter Harbord, Francis Pritchard.
3 colour prints
Size: 90 x 130mm
UND/EA1/JA25   [1989]
?Presentation of the new GEAC System 8000 computer, all holding glasses (LtoR): David Watkinson, Agnes Macaulay, Brian Cheesman, ?Peter Harbord, Jane Watkinson, ?GEAC representative.
BW print
Size: 215 x 165mm
Photographs - Buildings
Reference: UND/EA1/JB
UND/EA1/JB1   1938
Panoramic view of the fronts of the buildings on the W side of Palace Green, comprising the library and music department, with 3 cars parked in front, taken by W.A. Bramell.
3 BW photographs, mounted on board, + 1 further BW print
Size: 680 x 175mm (print), 810 x 300mm (mount)
Transferred from the Routh Library, Palace Green, 17 August 2005, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:17.
UND/EA1/JB2   1959 - 1960
Images of the various libraries illustrating the buildings and their procedures, [taken by David Ramage]. For use in induction talks. Some are dated.
1-3 Interiors of the Science Library, books and periodicals, in the Geography Building with chandeliers, tall windows and a gallery. Slides & prints.
4. Palace Green Library exterior frontage 1959. Slide & print.
5. Palace Green Library entrance hall issue desk and catalogues, Dr Nickel and Miss Robinson, 1959. Slide & print.
6. Palace Green Library Mr D.G. Ramage, librarian, at the catalogues in the entrance hall, 1959. Slide & print.
7. Palace Green Library room 3, stacks and desks, looking E, 1959, (room 2 in 2006). Slide & print.
8. Palace Green Library room 5, stacks and desks, looking E, 1959, (exhibition hall, room 10, in 2006). Slide & print.
9. Palace Green Library stack with Mr G.S. Darlow 1959, (searchroom, room 8, in 2006). Slide & print.
10-11. Cosin's Library interiors, tables and chairs, looking E, 1 with Dr Nickel, 1959. Slides & prints.
12. Cosin's Library interior, looking E, “complete”, 1960. Slide.
13. Routh portrait 1959. Slide & print.
14. Routh bust 1959. Slide & print.
15. Oriental Library entrance interior, with desk, member of staff and stone figure, (part of the Oriental Museum in the former East Asian Studies in 2006). Slide.
16. Oriental Library catalogue with a member of staff. Slide.
17. Oriental Library reading room with stacks and a student at a table. Slide.
18. Catalogue slip typed, “Plain Author”. Slide.
19. Catalogue slip typed, “new style entry”. Slide.
20. Catalogue slip typed, “old style ref”. Slide.
21. Catalogue slip typed, “new style a.e.” [added entry]. Slide.
22. Catalogue slip typed, “subject”. Slide.
23. Catalogue slip typed, “alternative subject”.Slide.
24. Catalogue slip typed, “Jnl of Society”. Slide.
25. Catalogue slip typed, “Journal Title”. Slide.
26. Student issue slip completed. Slide.
27. Student issue slip (Science) completed. Slide.
28. Student “Bad” issue slip completed. Slide.
29. Student “Good” issue slip completed. Slide.
30. Reserve/recall slip blank. Slide.
Size: 60 x 60mm (slide images), 80 x 80mm (mounts), 100 x 105mm (prints)
UND/EA1/JB3   March - June 1965
Science Library being built, exterior views, showing a crane.
Size: 35 x 22mm (images), 50 x 50mm (mounts)
UND/EA1/JB4   [?1965]
Science Library exterior and interiors, undated [but probably soon after it opened] and examples of library catalogue and issue slips (dated October 1964) [?for induction talks].
1. Exterior.
2. Issue desk, with staff and readers.
3. Entrance lobby and returns desk, with staff and readers.
4. Subject sheaf catalogue and seats for browsing, with readers.
5. Quick reference and author sheaf catalogues.
6. Stairway.
7. Reading room, stacks beyond, with readers.
8. A pair of study carrels, with a reader.
9. Current periodical room, with readers.
10. Catalogue slip “New Style Science”.
11. Catalogue slip “Collection analysed”.
12. Catalogue slip “Analytical Ref”.
13. Catalogue slip subject entry.
14. Catalogue slip “Ref. Author to Soc.”.
15-16. Issue slips students dated October 1964.
17. Inter library loan form blank.
Size: 60 x 60mm (images), 80 x 80mm (mounts)
UND/EA1/JB5   1965 - 1967
Palace Green Library, Pace Building, being built, and then exterior and interior views.
UND/EA1/JB5/1-2   September 1965
1. Lower levels being constructed, with a view of the back of the Music School beyond.
2. West face of the old fives court “showing edge of Broken Walls quarry”.
Size: 75 x 110mm
UND/EA1/JB5/3-4   January 1966
Photos by North of England Newspaper Co Ltd.
3. Construction site interior with 6 workmen.
4. Exterior view, sheathed with polythene.
Size: 255 x 200mm
UND/EA1/JB5/5   28 October 1966
Completed building, looking NE from South Road, on a rainy day. Photo by The Sunderland Echo.
Size: 210 x 165mm
UND/EA1/JB5/6   [?October 1966}
Completed building, looking NE from South Road.
Size: 210 x 165mm
UND/EA1/JB5/7-20   [1968]
Exterior views of the completed building by Henk Snoek of Snoek-Westwood photography, London.
7-9. View N along the Banks path. 3 copies, 2 smaller size, 1 larger size.
10-12. View S up the Broken Walls path with cathedral W towers beyond. 3 copies, 3 smaller size, 1 larger size.
13-14. View S up the Broken Walls path with cathedral W towers beyond. 2 copies, 1 of each size.
15-20. 3 different views across the river from South Road variously also showing the cathedral, music school and castle. 3 ,2 and 2 copies respectively, 3 of each size.
Size: 12 of 160 x 210mm & 6 of 202 x 257mm
UND/EA1/JB5/21-26   12 June 1967
Interiors taken by J. Teasdale of the Gulbenkian Museum.
21. Room 3, lower level, stacks, tables and chairs, students at work.
22. Room 5 stacks and carrels.
23. Room 5 stacks.
24. Room 3, gallery, stacks, tables and chairs, student.
25. 2 sheets of 10 contact prints, including the above images.
26. Covering letter from J. Teasdale of 13 June 1967 to Miss A.M. McAulay.
Size: 195 x 200mm
UND/EA1/JB5/27   [?1976]
[Exhibition] text about the completed building, taken from Building November 1968, with a list of the main parties, and 7 captions for some of the above photographs, mentioning the decapitation of the stair and services tower in 1968 (when the top 6' had to be removed), the total cost of £215,000, floor area of 19,300 sq ft, and building time of June 1964 to December 1966.
UND/EA1/JB6   1959
Library order tickets and catalogue slips, in a box labelled “1959 Induction Slides”, with negatives of these images and other catalogue slips .
1. Blank “Use in Library Only” order ticket.
2. Completed order ticket of M. Mason.
3. Completed order ticket of Stan Hughes.
4. Catalogue slip “Editor ref”.
5. Catalogue slip “G/C/R”.
6. Catalogue slip “Biographee”.
Size: 80 x 80mm (slides), 55 x 75mm (negatives)
UND/EA1/JB7   [c.1970]
Science Library interiors of the issue desk and catalogues area.
Size: 60 x 75mm
UND/EA1/JB8   [June 1973]
“The old Science Library”, external and interior views, catalogues and order tickets [for an induction talk].
1. Exterior view.
2. The entrance.
3-4. Interior signage.
5. Catalogue area.
6. Subject index cabinet, with female reader.
7. Subject catalogue cabinet, with male reader.
8. Order tickets, completed.
9. Interior signage.
10. Talk title “Science Library Services for Students”.
11. Cartoon of “Fast Reader with Good Book”.
12. Library leaflets.
13. Categories of information.
14. Subjects by floor.
15-17. Science site ground plan.
18-20. Catalogue slips.
21-22. “The End”.
Size: 35 x 22mm (images), 50 x 50mm (mounts)
With a note from W.B. Woodward, keeper of Science Books, transferring them to Dr A.I. Doyle at Palace Green Library, 5 July 1975.
UND/EA1/JB9   1992
Photographs taken [by Linda Drury] during preparations for the move of the records from the Prior's Kitchen to No 5 The College.
1. Exhibition of earlier images of the Prior's Kitchen.
2-9. The storage area and desks within the Kitchen, with packing crates, and Ann Robinson (3), Linda Drury (7 & 9).
10-12. The searchroom, with Pat Mussett (10) and Alan Piper (11).
13. The stairs to the Loft.
14-15. Views from the Kitchen roof.
16. Dept of Pal and Dip document order ticket.
17-18. Views of the Kitchen vault.
19-23. Views of and from the Kitchen roof.
Size: 150 x 100mm
UND/EA1/JB10   [c.1990]
Main and Palace Green libraries interiors and exteriors.
1-3. Interior views of the Main Library showing various stacks.
4. Palace Green Library, Pace Building [Room 3] interior, 2 students at tables.
5. Palace Green Library entrance doorway exterior.
6-7. Palace Green Library entrance front exterior.
8. Main Library reserve counter and turnstile.
9. Palace Green Library issue desk, Sue Gill.
10. Owengate, Law department exterior.
Size: 35 x 22mm (slides), 50 x 50mm (mounts)
UND/EA1/JB11   [c.1990]
Palace Green Library Old Buildings interiors, featuring the Bamburgh, Routh and Little Cosin libraries.
UND/EA1/JB12   1936
Palace Green Library, interior views of the entrance, catalogue room and room 1. Photographed by W. Richardson, photographer, of Bondgate, Darlington.
Size: 155 x 115mm (prints), 205 x 180mm (mounts)
Presented by Mr Local of Chilton in 1980.
UND/EA1/JB13   1936
Palace Green Library, interior of the newly fitted out catalogue room (in 2006 the library entrance and issue desk area).
Size: 140 x 90mm + 255 x 200mm
Print formerly PH 2/A1/71.
UND/EA1/JB14   c.1958 x 1959
Palace Green Library, Cosin's Library interior, looking SE.
Size: 150 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JB15   [c.1960]
Palace Green Library exterior from across Palace Green (foliage on the front of Cosin's Library}.
Size: 210 x 160mm
UND/EA1/JB16   1975
1. Science Library interior in the Geography building.
2. Palace Green Library, entrance exterior.
3. Palace Green Library entrance interior and issue desk.
4. Palace Green Library, room 1, books being sorted and shelved.
5. Palace Green Library, room 1.
Size: 35 x 22mm (slides), 50 x 50mm (mounts)
Presented by Wesley McCann, librarian, Stranmillis College, Belfast, [March 1994].
UND/EA1/JB17   [?c.1982]
Palace Green Library interiors and compositions of books done for promotional literature around the university's 150th anniversary.
Some images printed in the Palace Green Research Library leaflet, as in UND/EA1/K4.
Little Routh interior, showing the portrait of Routh. By Charles Bartram, photographer of Milburngate Centre, Durham.
Size: 115mm x 90mm
Bamburgh Library interior.
Size: 125 x 175mm
Books on a shelf, Dictionnaire des Sciences.
Size: 155 x 200mm
Composition of medical books and papers on a table.
Size: 145 x 200mm
Composition of books on a table.
Size: 115 x 115mm (print), 165 x 165mm (mount)
Northgate printing press in the conservation workshop, David Crane (English lecturer) demonstrating to 3 students.
Size: 115 x 115mm (print, 165 x 165mm (mount)
Also in UND/CK1/BE/FRE.
UND/EA1/JB18   [c.1990]
Palace Green Library, interior views of the Archives and Special Collections searchroom in a former location, subsequently the desk office from 1997, showing tables, chairs, catalogues, metal cupboards and the glass-fronted Zorab bookcase.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JB19   pre 20 March 1994
Palace Green Library Old Buildings interiors, taken by A.I. Doyle.
1. View into Bamburgh Library through the doorway.
2. Bamburgh Library door.
3. Bamburgh Library door jamb with mason's mark.
4. Bamburgh Library aumbry door closed.
5. Bamburgh Library aumbry door open.
6. Bamburgh Library entrance and foot of the staircase.
7. View out of Bamburgh Library through the doorway.
8. Old Exchequer Building vault (?c.1450).
Size: 75 x 110mm
Formerly: PH 2/A1/31,63-69.
UND/EA1/JB20   November 1996
No 5 The College interiors.
1. Main staircase down from the top landing.
2. Main staircase down to the front door from the middle landing.
3. Main staircase up from the entrance hall.
4. Entrance hall, reception hatch and notice board.
5. Searchroom west end.
6. Searchroom west end, back of Andrew Gray.
7. Searchroom, view from the window towards the cathedral.
8. Searchroom east end, boxes, index cabinets, plan chests.
9. Searchroom west end.
10. Searchroom looking east, Andrew Gray, rolled map.
11. Searchroom, Andrew Gray at computer.
12. Searchroom looking west.
13. Searchroom looking west.
14. Searchroom looking east.
15. Main staircase and reception area.
16. Searchroom looking west.
17. Searchroom looking west.
18. Main staircase.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JB21   1998
Palace Green Library, excavations under the pavement along the front of Cosin's library.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JB22   12 November 1999
Palace Green Library, room 7 interiors showing the tables and bookcases before the music collection was removed to room 4; one image includes a cleaner.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JB23   1999
Views of Durham taken from the roof of Palace Green Library by Colin Gorman, showing the viaduct, St Margaret's church, the music school and its roofs, the cathedral, St Godric's church, South Road, the Pace building skylights, the castle, the trees on the Banks, and the Baths bridge. Also a view of the courtyard outside the offices off room 7.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JB24   2001
Palace Green Library, Cosin's Library interiors showing the work on the sub-floor cavity with Phillips workmen and their tools.
Size: 100 x 150 (1), 175 (4), 250mm (3)
UND/EA1/JB25   May x June 2001
Palace Green Library, Cosin Library roof being replaced, view from across Palace Green.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JB26   [1969]
Exterior and interior views of the Science Library.
1-2. Exterior leading up to the entrance.
3-5. Interiors showing students working at tables, with stacks and racks beyond.
Size: 160 x 210mm (3), 90 x 130mm (2), 60 x 70mm (negatives)
UND/EA1/JB27   [1983]
Construction of Stockton Road Main Library, and the building completed, taken by W.B. Woodward.
UND/EA1/JB28   September 1983
The new Main Library, Stockton Road, by Over Arup & Partners, London.
1. Exterior entrance.
2. Exterior.
3. Interior periodical reading area.
4. Interior issue desk.
Size: 35 x 25mm (slides), 50 x 50mm (mounts)
Previously numbered [by Over Arup] 10512/1-4.
UND/EA1/JB29   [1969]
Entrance to the Old Buildings, Palace Green, from the top of the stairs (issue desk area 2006), showing an exhibition case displaying the exhibition celebrating the tercentenary of Bishop Cosin's Library 1669-1969.
Size: 118 x 79mm
UND/EA1/JB30   May 1992
Palace Green, Room 2, showing the exhibition area with the exhibition “America: Discovery, Exploration, Settlement” on display in cases.
Size: 150 x 100mm
UND/EA1/JB31   [?c.1900]
Palace Green, lecture rooms and Cosin Library frontage.
Size: 165 x 115mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH2/A1/35.
UND/EA1/JB32   11 February 1908
Palace Green, Cosin's Library doorway detail of pediment, inscription and arms. Endorsed by E.V. Stocks.
By J.R. Edis.
Size: 300 x 250mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/42.
UND/EA1/JB33   [1923]
Palace Green, lecture rooms, Cosin's Library, Routh/Bamburgh Library frontage.
Size: 305 x 235mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/6.
Another copy: UND/CK1/BB+/9.
UND/EA1/JB+1   [1938]
Palace Green, Union, lecture rooms, new library entrance, Cosin's Library, Routh/Bamburgh Library frontage, 3 cars parked.
Size: 815 x 305mm
Given by W.A. Bramwell esq in 1938.
Formerly (copy): Misc Photos PH 2/A1/33.
UND/EA1/JB34   Summer 1939
Palace Green, Cosin's Library, Routh/Bamburgh Library frontage.
Size: 255 x 155mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/3.
UND/EA1/JB35   [?c.1960]
1. Palace Green, Cosin's Library and Routh/Bamburgh Library frontage.
2. Close-up of Cosin's Library doorway, foliage on each side.
Size: 245 x 195mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/34,62.
UND/EA1/JB36   1964
Palace Green Library exteriors:
1. Old Buildings before stonework restoration from Castle fellows garden with tennis court.
2. ?Outside room 7, base of a medieval bastion removed in the building of the Pace extension.
Size: 95 x 65mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/4,22.
UND/EA1/JB37   [c.1970]
Palace Green Library, Pace Building extension, from across the Wear:
1. Looking up from the bank.
2. Looking up from the bank, castle in view.
3. [On South St], flanked by the castle and music school.
4. [By the former city library], cathedral beyond.
5. Looking up from the bank, cathedral beyond.
Size: 215 x 170mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/14-18.
UND/EA1/JB38   1936
Palace Green Library Old Buildings interiors:
1. Exchequer vaulting, staircase to Routh, metal grill above.
2. Routh Library, bust of M.J. Routh on the wall.
3. David Ramage in the part of Pistol in the Merry Wives of Windsor outside at Hatfield College.
Size: 90 x 140mm
Formerly: 2071 and Misc Photos PH 2/A1/24,25 and B/2.
UND/EA1/JB39   July - August 1936
Palace Green Library Old Buildings:
1. Exchequer vaulting, staircase to Routh, metal grill above.
2. Exchequer doorway looking out.
3. Exchequer doorway from outside.
4. Cosin's Library oval table, adapted from an 18th century sounding-board from the pulpit in Durham cathedral.
5. Archdeacon Sharp's Library interior at Bamburgh Castle, bookcases, table and chair.
Size: 60 x 90mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/10-12,21, C/1.
UND/EA1/JB40   May 1948
Palace Green Library Routh Library interiors:
1. Looking east, exhibition of the Yale gift, heating pipes in the floor.
2. Looking east, exhibition of the Yale gift, heating pipes in the floor.
3. Looking north, exhibition of the Yale gift.
By Fillinghams.
Size: 210 x 160mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/28,29,32.
UND/EA1/JB41   [1955]
Palace Green Library conversion of the former lecture room to a reading room (then room 5, by 2008 room 10), views of bookcases, tables and chairs.
By Turners (Photography) Ltd of Camera House, Pink Lane, Newcastle.
Size: 225 x 300mm
Formerly: 13525 and Misc Photos PH 2/A1/52-56.
UND/EA1/JB42   [c.1965]
Palace Green Library interiors, Routh Library:
1. Bust of M.J. Routh on the wall.
2. Looking west, book cases on the walls and down the centre.
Size: 140 x 90mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH
UND/EA1/JB43   1967
Palace Green Library interiors, Bamburgh Library, looking east, with the Italian exhibition on display.
Size: 90 x 130mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/30.
UND/EA1/JB44   June 1981
Palace Green Library, exchequer entrance, being swabbed out on graduation day after a sudden flooding, by Peter J. Harbord, senior library assistant, and Ernie John, porter.
Size: 125 x 90mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/
UND/EA1/JB45   [c.1985]
Palace Green Library Old Buildings interiors:
1. Cosin's Library interior, exhibition in cases, other tables with rows of books, A.I. Doyle admiring the exhibition, David Pearson working at a table.
2. Cosin's Library interior, rows of books on tables.
3. Cosin's Library interior, staircase to gallery and desk.
4. Cursitor's Room entrance and staircase to Routh.
5. Bamburgh Library interior, looking east.
Size: 4 x 150 x 100mm + 1 x 250 x 200mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/36-40.
UND/EA1/JB46   17 February 1990
Palace Green Library interiors, entrance and room 1:
1. Issue desk.
2. Entrance turnstile.
3. Working area behind the issue desk.
4. Exhibition area with bookshelves beyond.
5. Short loan area.
6. Catalogues with exhibition area beyond.
7. Exhibition catalogues display area with issue desk beyond.
8. Catalogue area, fiche readers and computers.
9. Behind the issue desk.
Size: 130 x 90mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/A1/43-51.
UND/EA1/JB47   [c.1930]
Palace Green Library, Cosin's Library interior, fireplace with chairs, fender (removed to the castle 1958), table from the cathedral pulpit sounding board (removed on James Duff's orders post 1936) with book and ink well on it.
Size: 500 x 400mm
Formerly: Misc Photos + PH 2/A1/1.
UND/EA1/JB48   [?1992]
Painting of Durham cathedral, with spires on the west towers, one a close-up of the porch area; in January 2010 hanging on the staircase to Rooms 9 and 10.
2 colour slides
Size: 35mm
UND/EA1/JB49   [c.1980]
Main Library:
1. Exterior from the S.
2. Interior of a reading room with students working.
2 BW prints
Size: 205 x 250mm
UND/EA1/JB50   [c.2012]
81 JPG images of the development of the Dennyson-Stoddart Gallery (former Room 1) and the shop etc by Hepinstall, and other interior and exterior images of Palace Green Library, including the Wolfson Gallery with the Treasurers exhibition installed.
1 CD in a plastic sleave
UND/EA1/JB51   [1951]
Copies of about half the portraits in Bishop Cosin's Library above the book cases painted by Jan Baptist van Erssell in 1668-9, taken by Mr G.H. Hall for Dr C.W. Gibby, with part of a covering letter from [Hall] of 2 August 1951 and a note by A.I. Doyle 2015, with a colour postcard of the portrait of John Cosin in Auckland Castle c.1635.
18 BW prints
Size: 140 x 125mm
UND/EA1/JB52-53   [2011]
Palace Green Library exterior and interior views recording most of the spaces and some staff, before the subsequent redevelopment work, with some clearing of Room 1 going on, and the subsequent Wolfson Gallery with computers and university exhibition display boards in place, and then empty.
2 paper files
UND/EA1/JB54/1-93   January 1996 - May 1997
Main Library, before and during building work, exteriors and some interiors, most by John Hall, with some by Marilyn Hird.
93 colour prints
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JB55   [c.1960]
Science Library Periodicals Room, with 2 readers
BW print
UND/EA1/JB56   [c.1990]
Main Library exterior
Colour print
Size: 195 x 245mm
Photographs - People, Individuals and Groups
Reference: UND/EA1/JC
UND/EA1/JC1   [?1982]
Palace Green Library staff, formal group, in the Fellows garden:
(Standing L to R) Roger Norris, David Pearson, Richard Ovenden;
(Sitting L to R) Sue Gill, Beth Rainey, Donna Harris, Hilda Guy.
Size: 183 x 254mm
UND/EA1/JC2   [c.1985]
Ken Harrison, university policeman, standing on the road outside Palace Green Library.
Size: 88 x 130mm
UND/EA1/JC3   [?1996]
Farewell dinner for Jane Olsen in The Stile, Willington, (L to R) Herbert Beer, David Burnett, Katherine Beer, Hilda Guy, Beth Rainey, Alisoun Roberts, Joan Olsen, Jane Hogan, Sheila Doyle, Roger Norris.
Size: 100 x 149mm
UND/EA1/JC4   March 1994
Staff around Palace Green Library.
1. Christine Paige at the office photocopier.
2. Cleaner by the front door.
3-4. Hilda Guy at the issue desk.
5. Cleaner with hoover by the passage to the Old Buildings.
6. George Peart in the conservation workshop.
7-8. Two cleaners by the doors in the searchroom (room 8).
9. Two cleaners by the lockers outside the staff room.
10. Hilda Guy beside the reserve (short loan) collection.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JC5   [c.1985]
5 The College conservation workshop with Catherine Bonnet and Tom Cotton at work on maps and binding.
Size: 125 x 175mm
UND/EA1/JC6   1999
Formal library group, in front of the Geography building, 2 versions.
(L to R) (Front row) David Sowerbutts, Maggie Lawton, Ros Pan, Eric Watchman, John Hall, Beth Rainey, Peter Harbord, Eileen Handy, Sarah Milner
(Second row) Judy McKinnell, Richard Abernethey, Olive Marrington, Mamtimyn Sunuodula, Avril Shields, Joyce Guyer, Ann Stokes, Sheila Adams, Christine Purcell, Hilde Caterer
(Third row) Joan Mills, Jane Hogan, Carol Harris, Sue Fletcher, John Lumsden, Marian Morris, Debra Kobasa, Neil Davies, Caroline Burt
(Back row) Elaine Burns, Ruth Carey, Sally Hoddy, Lorraine McGinty, Malcolm Ferguson, Marilyn Hird, Phil Brabban, Sheila Doyle, Paul Kobasa, Carol Cooper
Size: 255 x 210mm and 190 x 140mm
UND/EA1/JC7   5 October 1999
Palace Green Library staff around the issue desk, (L to R) Jan Rhodes, Roger Norris, Sally Hoddy, Alisoun Roberts.
Size: 100 x 215mm
UND/EA1/JC8   [?2002]
Palace Green Library library staff behind the issue desk, (L to R) Anne Farrow, Barbara Johnson, Roger Norris, Judy McKinnell, Sally Hoddy.
Size: 90 x 130mm
UND/EA1/JC9   [c.1860]
Rev Charles Thomas Whitley (1808-1895), reader in Natural Philosophy 1833-1855, university librarian 1834-1855, half-length, “drawn from life upon the stone” by Frederick William Wilkin of 20 Newman St, printed by C. Hullmandel, signed by Whitley.
Size: 245 x 325 (print), 390 x 500mm (frame)
UND/EA1/JC10   [c.1930]
E.V. Stocks, university librarian 1901-1934, at a desk with a book on a stand, signed by J.R. Edis of Durham.
Size: 210 x 280mm (print), 115 x 160mm (negative)
UND/EA1/JC11   [1984]
Canon J.T. Fowler, university librarian 1874-1901, Cosin and Maltby librarian 1881-1911, head and shoulders, in a clerical collar.
Size: 160 x 220mm (print), 320 x 380mm (frame), 115 x 160mm (negative)
H.W. Acomb, university librarian 1934-1945, head and shoulders
Size: 355 x 490mm (print), 110 x 160mm (negative)
Formerly: Misc Photos + PH 2/B/1.
Another print displayed in Palace Green Library in Room 2
UND/EA1/JC13   23 January 1974
David Ramage, university librarian 1945-1967, head and shoulders, standing alongside his self-portrait.
By The Sunderland Echo.
Size: 290 x 235mm + 110 x 160mm
Print formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/B/4.
David Ramage, university librarian 1945-1967, half length, holding a book on plants, with a bookcase behind.
BW print, mounted, titled, in a wooden frame
Size: 225 x 280mm (print), 345 x 410mm (frame)
UND/EA1/JC15   [c.1990]
Nance Macaulay, university librarian 1967-1989, half-length, at her desk and not, in various poses, with and without glasses and paperwork.
Size: 225 x 280mm (print), 350 x 410mm (frame)
UND/EA1/JC16   [c.1975]
Ian John Charles Foster, (1908-1978, keeper of Oriental books 1958-1973), half-length, holding an open book, standing in front of a bookcase.
Size: 230 x 180mm (print), 330 x 290mm (frame)
UND/EA1/JC17   1972
Ian John Charles Foster, half-length profile, tapestry behind, photo of a portrait by David Ramage.
Size: 165 x 225mm (print), 190 x 260mm (frame)
Original painting on display on the south wall of Room 3 in Palace Green Library.
UND/EA1/JC18   [c.1985]
Dr. George B. Elliott (1918-1994), pathologist, who formed the Elliott collection of early printed books and manuscripts deposited in Durham University Library. Half-length, in jacket and tie, by a river, seated at a [pub] table.
Size: 140 x 125mm
UND/EA1/JC19   [c.1945]
E. Wise, library staff 1939-1941 and 1946, later of Durham County Library and Newcastle School of Librarianship, half-length, in RAF uniform.
Size: 85 x 135mm
Formerly: Misc Photos PH 2/B/5.
UND/EA1/JC20-26   [c.1995]
A.I. Doyle, half-length, standing in Bamburgh Library, looking at Bamburgh Select 6, two different openings, photographed ?for his 1995 Festchrift volume but not used in it.
Size: 125 x 125mm
UND/EA1/JC27   [1997]
Former Pal and Dip staff in front of the doorway to 5 The College [at the time of their final transfer to Palace Green] (LtoR): Pat Mussett, Ann Robinson, Tricia Alderson, Jo Fewster, Linda Drury, Margaret McCollum, Alan Piper, Charles Kelham, Andrew Gray.
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JC28   [c.1962]
Tom Hall [keeper of Science Books], Ian Doyle [keeper of Rare Books] and David Ramage [librarian], in Cosin's Library, holding Cosin's prayer book. By Northern Echo.
Size: 170 x 220mm
Formerly: 12622(14).
UND/EA1/JC29   [July 2017]
Jon Purcell, university librarian, half-length, in Cosin's Library, [by Kate Weightman].
Paper printout of a digital file
Original digital file in S:\Staff\ASC\Collections\Durham_University_Records\Records\EA1
UND/EA1/JC30-37   [c.1997]
Library staff members:
30. Isabella Park and Liz Branigan, in the Conservation studio.
31. Liz Branigan and Tricia Alderson, in Room 1.
32. Ann Robinson and Richard Higgins, in the Searchroom.
33. Judy McKinnell on the Issue Desk.
34. Roger Norris, in his office off Room 2.
35. Margaret McCollum, in the Battery corridor.
36. Liz Taylorson, Cathy Bonner and Lynda Drury, in the Staff Room.
37. Cathy Bonner, Liz Branigan, Pat Mussett, and Angela Mussett, in the Staff Room.
8 colour prints
Size: 100 x 150mm
UND/EA1/JC26-27   [c.2005]
Colour printouts of digital images of a library staff group (7) inside the Main Library, including Heather Robb, Laura Pysatt, Richard Pears, Christine Purcell.
Paper, 2f
UND/EA1/JC28   19 June 1989
Library staff group, outside the Main Library, with some dates of death noted:
Back row: John Lumsden, David Sowerbutts, Raghu Char, Marc Page, Paul Starkey, David Burnett, Malcolm Ferguson, Eric Watchman, Ken Boughey, Ric Caddel, David Watkinson, Joseph West
Next to back row: Joyce Adams, Mary Herbert, Joan Barron, Joyce Greer, Olive Chedburn, Allison Brown, Pauline Durbridge, Denise Condron, Audrey Taylor, Sarah Milner, Hilda Guy, Eileen Handy, Fran Mather, Margaret Lawton
Third from back row: Roger Norris, Ann Caddel, Sheila Adamson, Heather Dobbing, Menna Yarwood, Jill Maddox, Marian Morris, Sue Fletcher, Paula Bolton, Ann Stokes, Gwynneth Thomas
Front row: Mabel Rowe, Minh Chung, Peter Harbord, Richard Abernethy, Brian Cheesman, Nance McAulay, Ian Doyle, Beth Rainey, Lesley Forbes, Sheila Doyle, Iris Armstrong, Hilary Chung, Anne Billen, Christine Purcell
Colour print
Size: 200 x 250mm
Reference: UND/EA1/K
Dates of creation: c.1950 - 2017
UND/EA1/K1   19 April 1972 - 20 December 2018
Staff Information Bulletins
A weekly digest of news for library staff, including personal news, library developments, training, availability of documents, building developments at the library and elsewhere affecting library staff, social activities, and recipes. 31 May 1972 was issue 1, with a precurser of 19 April 1972.
With indexes of subjects and staff members for the issues up to February 1975, and David Watkinson's notes on numbers missing, not used, or used more than once.
UND/EA1/K2   8 December 1983 & 30 June 1997
Leaflets for library openings:
The opening of Durham University Library by Lord Glenamara of Glenridding 8 December 1983, detailing those involved in its construction, and statistics about the new building. 2 copies.
University Library Extension, opened by the Chancellor Sir Peter Ustinov 30 June 1997, with images, fllorplans and statistics.
3 paper leaflets
UND/EA1/K3   2000 - 2002
Library Services - Introduction, providing detailed information on all aspects of the library, with sections on the basics, the library catalogue, reserve collectiona nd reading materials, printed resources, the library web pages and electronic resources, for 2000-2001 and 2001-2002, with a much reduced version leaflet for 2002-2003.
UND/EA1/K4   [1987]
150th Anniversary Appeal leaflets for the Oriental Library and Palace Green Research Library, with images of the exteriors and interiors of the buildings and some of their contents. With negatives of some the images used and not used in the Palace Green leaflet, including exteriors of the buildings, displays of books, interiors, and the Northgate printing press being used by Dr Crane's students.
UND/EA1/K5   1966 - 2015
Guides on particular aspects of the library, some produced as booklets, some as leaflets, some as single sheets:
1. Notes on the Research Use of the Library, covering just Palace Green library, including some plans, for November 1966; September 1967; September 1968; September 1970 (with A.I. Doyle corrections) (Library Guide 10); November 1971 (with A.I. Doyle corrections) (Library Guide 10); July 1979 (Library Guide 10).
2. Libraries in Durham/Libraries in and around Durham, other libraries and record offices in Durham city and county: Epiphany 1980 (Library Guide 9); [December 1983].
3. British Government Publications/British Official Publications, 1971-c.2005.
4. Catalogues/Using Catalogues: An introduction/Guidelines: Using Catalogues & Enquiry Terminals/Guide to the Catalogues/The Library catalogue/Enquiry Terminals/How Do I find books in the library?/Finding Stock on the Shelves, 1973-c.2005.
5. Palace Green Section: a general guide, 1992-c.1998.
6. Borrowing/Computerised Borrowing/Self-Issue, [1981]-c.2015.
7. INNOPAC/the New OPAC/OPAC - the essentials/Using the OPAC, 1997-2001.
8. Additional Notes for Members of the Teaching/Academic Staff, Library Guide 2 from 1969: September 1967; October 1968; September 1969; September 1970; July 1971.
9. Additional Notes for Research Students/Supporting researchers at Durham: [October 1966]; October 1967; October 1968; October 1970; July 1971 (Library Guide 3); [2015].
10. Guide to the Older Catalogues, 1998-[2001].
11. Abstracting and indexing services in the humanities and social sciences, Library Guide 18, February 1979.
12. Notes for Vacation Borrowers, Library Guide 12, November 1971.
13. The Inter-Library Loan Service, Library Guide 8, September 1970 - c.2005.
14. Statistical Information, Library Guide 5: [October 1969]; July 1971.
15. Notes for External Readers, Library Guide 4, August 1971.
16. Bibliographic References/A Guide to Citing Bibliographic References/Writing Your Bibliography and Citing References, c.1990-2005.
17. Advice on the Production of a Thesis/Writing your Thesis, 1990-2005.
18. The Reserve Collection/The Palace Green Reserve Collection.
19. The Middle East Documentation Unit.
20. Preparing a Dissertation.
21. Journals/Using Journals/Electronic Journals.
22. Short Loan.
23. My Library Account.
24. Welcome to the Library/Visiting the Library.
25. Disability Support/Services for Disabled Users.
26. Using other libraries.
27. Using Reference Materials.
28. Items from other Durham University Libraries and their stores.
29. Main Library self-guided tour.
30. The European Documentation Centre.
31. Audio-Visual Material and Study Rooms.
33. Exam Papers.
34. WebPAC essentials.
35. CD-ROMS.
36. Shelfmark Summary for Books & Journals.
37. BIDS (Bath Information and Data Services).
38. OCLC FirstSearch.
40. NISS Information Gateway.
41. BUBL.
42. CrossFire.
43. NetFirst.
44. Opening Hours 2001/2, 2003/4, 2005/6.
45. UnCover and UnCover Reveal.
46. Introducing the Library's Web pages.
47. Acquisition of Library Materials.
18 paper files
UND/EA1/K6   1938 - 1967
“Library Regulations”
Regularly updated leaflets detailing opening times, who might use the library, restrictions on use, borrowing, recalls, penalties, silence and dress:
January 1938
2 of no date but probably earlier than the next;
3 September 1953;
14 May 1955;
1 September 1958;
no date but probably c.1960;
(Science Library regulations) c.1960 (bis);
1 July 1960;
1964-1965, titled “University Library”, with a list of staff and basic details of each library.
UND/EA1/K7   [c.1945] - 2001
Library guides, regularly updated leaflets detailing access, catalogues, classification, borrowing, reservations, returns, vacation borrowing, teaching diploma students, research, inter-library loans, suggestions, and library staff, with plans from 1959, initially titled Information for Students:
no date but noted as “revised Oct 1946”;
no date but probably later than the previous;
1 January 1952;
3 September 1953;
14 May 1955;
3 October 1958;
October 1959;
October 1961;
October 1965;
October 1966 (now Notes for Students);
no date but probably later than the previous;
October 1968;
October 1969;
September 1971 (now Introductory Notes);
October 1973;
1974-75 (now Notes for Students);
1983-84 (now Basic Guide);
1984-85 (now Students' Guide);
1995-96 (now General Guide);
1998-1999 (now Main Library Floorplan & Guide);
[2014] now just Bill Bryson Library map;
UND/EA1/K8   [c.1980 - 2015]
Subject guides to sources in the library for:
Anthropology, Applied Social Sciences, Archaeology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Business, Management & Marketing, Chemistry, Classics & Ancient History, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, East Asia, Economics & Finance, Engineering & Computer Sciences, English, Geography, Government & International Affairs, History, Humanities, Law/Legal Materials, Local Studies, Mathematics, Modern European Languages & Cultures, Music, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Science general, Social Sciences, Sport, Theology & Religion.
Paper file
UND/EA1/K13   October 1977
“Current Serials A union list of periodicals and other serially published works, currently received in Durham libraries”
Preliminary edition.
Library guide 24.
UND/EA1/K14   December 1967
“Information Bulletin”
No 4, with an 18 month gap since the last issue being noted. A newsletter announcing library developments, new accessions and moves.
UND/EA1/K15/1989   1989
Main Library exhibition:
Contemporary Fine Presses, November - December, description and poster
Paper file
UND/EA1/K15/1990   1990
Main Library exhibitions:
Bede 150 years - Hild 130 years, County Record Office, January - February, catalogue and poster
Birzeit and Durham, March, description and poster
Applied Folk Art in Russia, April - May, catalogue and poster
The Pilgrim Route to Santiago an exhibition of photographs by Pablo Keller devised by Brian and Marcus Tate, 1 June - 20 July, catalogue
The Presence of Japan Lafcadio Hearn 1890-1990 Teikyo Japan, October - November, catalogue
Paper file
UND/EA1/K15/1991   1991
Main Library exhibitions:
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, January - February, description and poster
Eric Fraser travelling exhibition flyer
Tibet Exhibition, June 1991, catalogue and poster
Stanbrook Abbey Press Exhibiton of Fine Printing 1956-1989 by Hereford and Worcester County Libraries, 1 November - 6 December, catalogue and poster
Paper file
UND/EA1/K15/1992   1992
Main Library exhibitions:
Mosha: the Art of Copy by Sîan Bowen, 13 - 29 February, catalogue, poster, flyer and invite
An Exhibition of Photographs of the Architecture, Landscape, and Natural History of Durham by David Bittlestone, catalogue
Intaglio Printing, work produced by adult students in the Department of Adult Education, 5 October - 9 November, poster
Fujisan (I) An exhibition of photographs by Takayoshi Yamauchi, 10 November - 18 December, catalogue and poster
Paper file
UND/EA1/K15/1993   1993
Main Library exhibitions:
Fujisan (II) An exhibition of photographs by Takayoshi Yamauchi, 11 January - 13 February, catalogue and poster
Durham The People and the Place, from the archive of Michael Richardson, 15 February - 17 April, catalogue and poster
Royston Thomas Photographs of Durham, 1 May - 10 July, catalogue and poster
William Blake in Durham Libraries, 4 October - 6 November, description and poster
Snake River Press, 8 November - 8 December, catalogue and 2 posters
The Creative Impulse Exhbition of Art Works by members of Durham University, 15 December - 31 January, poster
Paper file
UND/EA1/K15/1994   1994
Main Library exhibitions:
Cloud, ... books, their making and their air surrounding, 7 February - 16 March, catalogue and poster
Black and White and Colour An Exhibition of Photographs by Dan Rivers, 3 - 31 May, poster
An Exhibition of Photographs by Takayoshi Yamauchi, 1 - 14 June, catalogue and poster
Mines and Marras Life of and in the Durham Coalfield, 18 July - 20 August, description and poster
Jewellery by Eve Gray, 19 September - 10 October, descripton and catalogue
A Cleveland Trilogy by Robin Dale A selection of prints from photo-slide studies of Tees-side and the Clevelands, 10 October - 11 November, catalogue and poster
Ex Libris from Slovakia, 18 November - 18 January, catalogue, poster and flyer re exhibitions in Durham and elsewhere.
Paper file
UND/EA1/K15/1995   1995
Main Library exhibitions:
An Exhibition of Ukiyoe Selected from the Collection of Prof. Hideo Sekiguchi, 23 Januarty - 18 February, catalogue and poster
Around Old Scotswood Road an exhibition of photographs from the archives of West Newcastle Local Studies and Picture History Collection and Jimmy Forsyth, 22 February - 18 March, catalogue and poster
An Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy by Professor Zhen-Tao Xu, 20 March - 29 April, catalogue
Durham At Work An exhibition from the archive of Michael Richardson, 1 May - 17 June, catalogue and poster
Palestine Remembered 1945-47 an exhibition of photographs by Roy Gazzard, 19 June - 31 July, poster
A Cry and Landscapes Photoilluminations by Leisha Séyat, 7 August - 16 September, catalogue and poster
A Question of Degree An exhibition to celebrate 100 years of degrees for women at Durham University, 3 October - 3 November, poster
Durham a Wealth of Architecture; an exploration of formal & vernacular architecture in County Durham, by Norman Emery, 13 November - 16 December, poster
Paper file
UND/EA1/K15/1996   1996
Main Library exhibitions:
Chinese Papercuts by Ling Liu, 8 January - 3 February, catalogue and poster
Views of Bangladesh An exhibition of photographs and material culture by Sharon O'Meara, 5 February - 3 March, catalogue and poster
Early Chinese and Korean Star Maps an Exhibition by Professor F.R. Stephenson, 3 April - 11 May, catalogue and poster
Morning Star & Moschatel, 13 May - 22 June, catalogue and poster
Books & Prints from Private Presses An Exhibition of prints & handprinted books illustrated by Inger Lawrence, 24 June - 27 July, catalogue and poster
Hand-Made Books by June Grace, 1-31 August, description and poster
Ian Hamilton Finlay & the Wild Hawthorn Press, 4 September - 31 October, catalogue and flyer.
State of the Art British etching in the “Boom” years c1900-c1930, organised by Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, 6 November - 20 December, catalogue and poster.
Paper file
UND/EA1/K15/2000   2010 - 2011
Main Library exhibitions:
Picasso Lithographs The French Exhibition Posters from 1944-1968, 1 March 2010 - 1 March 2011
Paper file
UND/EA1/K18   2001
University Library information pack for 2001/2 containing:
“Library Services - Introduction”
“Guide to the Older Catalogues” (with 1993 and 2000 editions)
“The Interlibrary Loan Service”
“British Official Publications”
“The European Documentation Centre”
“The Middle East Documentation Unit”
“Opening Hours 2001/2”
“General Guide to the Information Resources Centre at Stockton”
“Education and Teaching Resources Centre Floorplan and Guide 2001/2”
“OPAC - the essentials”
“Main Library Floorplan & Guide”
UND/EA1/K19   [2005]
Library information leaflets:
“Welcome to the library”
“Opening Hours 2005-2006”
“The Library Catalogue”
UND/EA1/K20   January 1977 - Summer 2012
Library newsletters:
dulnews, January 1977
Ex Libris, Vol.1 Issues 1 & 2, Vol.2 Issues 1 & 2, Vol.3 Issue 1, Michaelmas 1999 - Michaelmas 2001.
Undergrad Update and Postgrad Update: Michaelmas 2010, Epiphany 2011, Summer 2011 (one Update only), [Michaelmas (actually dated Epiphany)] 2011, Spring-Summer 2012.
Library Update Building Development Summer 2011, Spring-Summer 2012
UND/EA1/K24   29 January 1986
“The Development of the University Library and its Sections” , by [C.D. Watkinson].
UND/EA1/K26   [c.1980] - 1991
Palace Green Library Special Collections guides:
Durham University Library Palace Green The Special Collections, [c.1980]
Special Collections at Palace Green, 2 December 1986
Archives and Special Collections Introductory Guide, June 1991
Durham University Library Palace Green Pictures in Cosin's Library and in the Little Cosin Room, 2 editions, June 1982 & June 1990
The Old Buildings of the Palace Green Section of Durham University Library, 1982 & 1990
Sudanese Studies at Durham a Guide to Resources
Printed Special Collections in Durham: a Guide to Catalogues
UND/EA1/K32   1940 - [1985]
Recall of Books notices
Paper file
UND/EA1/K33   [2010] & [2013] & [2016]
Library charter
3 printed colour illustrated leaflets
UND/EA1/K34   1972 - 2001
1. Program News of Computers in Libraries (vol.6 no.3 July 1972), featuring R.N. Oddy and B. Cheesman 'Durham University Library short loan collection: computerised record handling', p.204-216.
2. Program Electronic Library and Information Systems (vol.35 no.4 October 2001), featuring R. Pan and R. Higgins, 'Digitisation Projects at Durham University - an Overview', p.355-368.
2 paper booklets
UND/EA1/K35   September 1969
DULABE Guide Durham University Library Automated Book-Handling Experiment Guide to Facilities and Operation by R.N. Oddy, Version 1, with a note inside of October 1971 that the system was now “obselete and defunct” .
Paper file, spiral-bound, 2 + iv + 141f
UND/EA1/K36   [c.1980 - 2005]
Information pack folders, including two with guides on the library's resources and procedures.
File of 5 card folders
UND/EA1/K37   [c.2000 - 2009]
Library bookmarks, promoting a new website address, safety for cyclists and warning against theft.
4 card items
UND/EA1/K38   [2010]
Library and Information Technology handy information pack, comprising:
“Getting Started”, covering library basics, contact ius, find us, maps
“Library Essential Info”, covering borrow, renew & reserve, finding resources, library services and study space
“ITS Quick Guide”
Dial for putting on a door indicating what the student is doing (working, at the library, at lectures, out with friends, sleeping, sports & spocieties
Plastic wallet, 3-fold, with 3 paper items folded up inside
Size: 100 x 205mm (fully opened)
UND/EA1/K39   [2010]
4Schools promotional material:
Learning ARC Archives Education Group booklet, 22p
Schools & Outreach Programme booklet, 12p
Schools & Outreach Programme flyer, 1f
Crime and Punishment in Durham flyer, 1f
MLA postcards - Primary Sources; Supporting teacher trainees; Archives for education; Archives and extended services; Archives and early years provision; The iniquity of slavery; What happened to William Defty?
Card file
UND/EA1/K40   1962
Manual of Desk Procedure, The University Library Newcastle upon Tyne.
Paper booklet, 6f + card covers
Formerly: Durham University Main Library Pamphlets 023.9.
UND/EA1/K41   [2012]
The Bill Bryson Library introductory booklet, (formerly the Main Library), with contents: Welcome, Bill Bryson and his Library, Notes on the Bill Bryson Library, A Short History of Durham University Library, Building the East Wing, A Green Future, Other Library Developments, Other Estates Developments.
Paper colour illustrated booklet, 16p
UND/EA1/K42   2005 - [2016]
Library Handy Guide: getting started, library services and facilities, finding resources, IT facilities, online resources, borrowing and renewing, returning items, reservations and recalls, library charges, 2005, 2011/12, [2013] and [?2016] et al; also the Little Library Guide, Survival Guide ... to the Library, Your Library, and other small 1 page guides.
Colour illustrated printed paper leaflets
UND/EA1/K43   2010 - 2019
Posters of library events, developments and lectures (by Bill Bryson September 2013), including an Information Fair, 24/7 opening, moves, the need for more books etc, advice about student welfare during revision.
Paper file
UND/EA1/K45   [1967]
Geography Library and Map Room guide, including a plan of its layout.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Formerly numbered: PamL 026.91 DUR.
UND/EA1/K46   [c.1980]
Sources of Infomation in the Social Sciences and Humanities: an Index to Serial Publications Currently Taken
Paper file
UND/EA1/K47   1956 - 1997
Offprints and copies and articles about Palace Green Library Special Collections:
F.J.W.H., “Mickleton & Spearman MSS”, (Durham Philobiblon, 1), p.40-44, photocopy
A.I. Doyle, “Martin Joseph Routh and his Books in Durham University Library”, (Durham University Journal, 1956), p.100-107, offprint
A.I. Doyle, “Unfamiliar Libraries IV The Bamburgh Library”, (The Book Collector, vol 8 no 1, Spring 1959), p.14-25, photocopy
A.I. Doyle, John Cosin as a Library-Maker, [c.1960], typescript
D. Ramage, “Portrait Heads for Cosin's Library”, (TAASDN, vol.XI, 1965), 461-464, reprint
D.J. Ratcliffe, “The British and North America: Illustrative Materials at Durham”, (Durham University Journal, 1970/71), p.19-38, photocopy
A.I. Doyle, “Hugh Hutchinson Bookbinder of Durham, c.1662 or 1665-95”, (The Book Collector, Spring 1975), p.25-32, reprint
A.D. Burnett & D.M. Knight, “History of Science in Durham Libraries”, (The British Journal for the History of Science, vol.8 no.28, 1975), p.94-99, reprint
E.M. Cooke, A. Fraser, J. McKinnell, “The Routh Collection, Durham University Library: a new on-line cataloguing project”, (Classiconorroena, 9, 1997), p.1-6, original
Paper file
UND/EA1/K48   [1950s - 1960s]
Newspaper cuttings about library developments and collections.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA1/L
Dates of creation: 1935 - 1992
Plans of buildings used by, or proposed to be used by, the university library and a number of smaller libraries within the university from 1935 onwards, but largely post-1960.
BL1 Belmont Store 2008-2012.
BS1 Business School 2009-2010.
MISC Bede College 1966.
MISC Chemistry and Geology Building Library 1964.
MISC Union Society Debating Chamber etc 1977.
MISC Education Library 1979-1980.
MISC Elvet Riverside Arts Library 1965.
MISC St Hild's College Haworth Library 1971.
MISC Oriental Library 1971 and 1975-1976.
MISC Palaeography Department (building at Stockton Road later shared with the Science Library) 1960s.
MISC Science Library alterations 1979 (for 1963-1965 plans of the building see SCI.L below).
ML1 Proposed new central library 1973.
ML2 New Main Library 1980-1981.
ML3 Main Library 1983.
ML4 Main Library extension 1995.
ML5 Main Library Remodelling [2000]-2002.
ML6 Main Library extension (Gateway Programme) 2008-2012.
PB Pace Building Palace Green Library 1963-1968.
PG 1982-83 alterations to Palace Green Library 1982-1983.
PG 1983-84 alterations to Palace Green Library 1983-1984.
PG Misc Miscellaneous plans of the Palace Green Library buildings from 1935.
QC Queen's Campus Library
SCI.L Science Library 1963-1965.

Belmont Store
Reference: UND/EA1/L/BL1
Dates of creation: 2008 - 2012Paper file

Belmont Store plans and reports.

Business School
Reference: UND/EA1/L/BS1
Dates of creation: 2009 - 2010Paper file

Business School redevelopment, including a library, plans and reports.

Bede College
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/BED
UND/EA1/L/MISC/BED/1   November 1966
Bede College site layout.
scale: 1 : 500
BCS 9/66/1
UND/EA1/L/MISC/BED/2   September 1966
Ground floor plan as existing.
scale: 1 : 96
BCS 9/66/2a
UND/EA1/L/MISC/BED/3   August 1966
Bede College, survey as existing.
scale: 1 : 96
BCS 9/66/3a
UND/EA1/L/MISC/BED/4   October 1966
Library and ground floor of the music wing plan.
scale: 1 : 96
BCS 9/66/6b
UND/EA1/L/MISC/BED/5   [?1966]
Gym plan
scale: 1 : 96
BCS 9/66/9
UND/EA1/L/MISC/BED/6   July 1979
Bede main building library area proposed, by Bernard Taylor & Partners Architects
Paper, 1f
Chemistry and Geology Building
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/CHE
UND/EA1/L/MISC/CHE/1   November 1964
Alterations to the Library - Chemistry and Geology building - Stage 1 plan.
scale: 1 : 48
Union Society - Debating Chamber
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/DEB
UND/EA1/L/MISC/DEB/1   March 1977
Union Society proposed coffee rooms - sketch plan and sections.
scale: 1 : 50
UND/EA1/L/MISC/DEB/2   March 1977
Union Society proposed debating chamber - sketch plan 2.
scale: 1 : 50
UND/EA1/L/MISC/DEB/3   March 1977
Union Society proposed debating chamber - sketch sections 2.
scale: 1 : 50
New Education Library - Bede Main Building
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU
UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU/1-1a   July 1979
Library - all rooms. Furniture layout. 2 copies.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU/2   July 1979
Library - all rooms. Furniture layout.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU/3   July 1979
Library - all rooms. Window and door reference, with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU/4   May 1980
Library entrance screen/bag and coat rack - sections.
scale: 1 : 5 / 1 : 20
UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU/5   May 1980
Main entrance and mezzanine, library screens - patterns and details.
scale: 1 : 5 / 1 : 20
UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU/6   December 1980
Library, lecture theatre. Letter from the architects and a copy of an ironmongery schedule.
UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU/7   [?1980]
Library [electrical services reference schedule].
UND/EA1/L/MISC/EDU/8   October 1980
Library electrical services - ground floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
Arts Library - Elvet Riverside
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/ELV
UND/EA1/L/MISC/ELV/1   May 1965
Library layout ground floor and balcony.
scale: 1 : 48
St Hild's College - Haworth Library
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/HIL
UND/EA1/L/MISC/HIL/1   August 1971
Haworth Library plan as existing 1971.
scale: 1 : 96
Oriental Library
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/ORI
UND/EA1/L/MISC/ORI/1   February 1971
Elevation to Mill Lane.
scale: 1 : 500
UND/EA1/L/MISC/ORI/2   February 1971
Ground, 1st and 2nd floors. Stage 2 - structure and layout.
scale: 1 : 192
UND/EA1/L/MISC/ORI/3   March 1971
Oriental library. Stage 1 - floor and roof plans and sections.
scale: 1/8"
UND/EA1/L/MISC/ORI/4   December 1975
Oriental Library and Middle East Centre extension. Floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/ORI/5   February 1976
Bruynzeel plan of mobile shelving.
scale: ¼" to 1'
UND/EA1/L/MISC/ORI/6   March 1976
Oriental Library and Middle East Centre extension. Electrical services plan.
scale: 1 : 50
UND/EA1/L/MISC/ORI/7   February 1976
Oriental Library and Middle East Centre extension. Mechanical services plan.
scale: 1 : 50
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/PAL
Ground floor plan.
First floor plan.
Second floor plan.
Third floor plan.
Science Library Alterations 1979
Reference: UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/1   June 1979
Ground floor plan as existing, from W. Whitfield's drawing.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/2-2a   July 1979
Ground floor plan - photocopies with extensive ms annotations. 2 copies.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/3   June 1979
First and second floor plans as existing, from W. Whitfield's drawing.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/4   June 1979
First and second floor plans as existing, from W. Whitfield's drawing. Photocopy, with furniture layout added.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/5   June 1979
Third floor plan as existing, from W. Whitfield's drawing.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/6   June 1979
Third floor plan as exisiting, from W. Whitfield's drawing. Photocopy with furniture layout added.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/7   July 1979
Ground floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/8   November 1979
Ground floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/9   November 1979
Ground floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/10   November 1979
Ground floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/11   November 1979
Ground floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/12   July 1979
First, second and third floor plans.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/MISC/SCI/13   November 1979
Ground floor. Electrical services plan.
scale: 1 : 100
Proposed New Central Library c.1973 - Site Plans
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML1/1-3
UND/EA1/L/ML1/1   March 1973
Science site plan. Proposal 10[A].
scale: 1 : 500
UND/EA1/L/ML1/2-2a   July 1973
Science site plan. 2 copies.
scale: 1 : 500
UND/EA1/L/ML1/3-3a   August 1973
Science site plan. 2 copies.
scale: 1 : 500
Proposed New Central Library c.1973 - Elevations
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML1/4-6
UND/EA1/L/ML1/4   March 1973
Central Library proposal 10[A], south and west elevations.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/5-5c   June 1973
Central Library elevations west and south. 4 copies.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/6   August 1973
Central Library elevations east and north.
scale: 1 : 200
Proposed New Central Library c.1973 - plans of levels 1-4
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML1/7-29
UND/EA1/L/ML1/7   March 1973
Level 1 plan. Proposal 10[A].
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/8   May 1973
Level 1 plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/9-9c   June 1973
Level 1 plan. 4 copies.
scale: 1 : 200

UND/EA1/L/ML1/10-10a   August 1973
Level 1 plan. With a modified copy.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/11   March 1973
Level 2 plan. Proposal 10[A].
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/12   May 1973
Level 2 plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/13-13b   June 1973
Level 2 plan. 3 copies.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/14-14a   August 1973
Level 2 plan. With a modified copy.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/15   August 1973
Level plan 2 photocopy.
UND/EA1/L/ML1/16   August 1973
Level 2 plan revised photocopy.
Level 2 plan photocopy. 2 copies.
UND/EA1/L/ML1/18   February 1974
Level 2, alternative layouts of the librarian's suite.
scale: 1 : 50
UND/EA1/L/ML1/19   March 1973
Level 3 plan. Proposal 10[A].
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/20   May 1973
Level 3 plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/21-21b   June 1973
Level 3 plan. 3 copies.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/22-22a   August 1973
Level 3 plan, with a modified copy.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/23   August 1973
Level 3 plan photocopy.
Level 3 plan photocopy.
UND/EA1/L/ML1/25   March 1973
Level 4 plan. Proposal 10[A].
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/26   May 1973
Level 4 plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/27-27b   June 1973
Level 4 plan. 3 copies.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML1/28   August 1973
Level 4 plan, with a modified copy.
scale: 1 : 200
Level 4 plan photocopy.
Proposed New Central Library c.1973 - electrical services
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML1/30-37
UND/EA1/L/ML1/30   November 1973
Level 1 draft layout - lighting, fire detection and clock systems.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML1/31   November 1973
Level 2 draft layout - lighting, fire detection and clock systems.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML1/32   November 1973
Level 3 draft layout - lighting, fire detection and clock systems.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML1/33   November 1973
Level 4 draft layout - lighting, fire detection and clock systems.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML1/34   November 1973
Level 1 draft layout - power and communication systems.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML1/35   November 1973
Level 2 draft layout - power and communication systems.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML1/36   November 1973
Level 3 draft layout - power and communication systems.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML1/37   November 1973
Level 4 draft layout - power and communication systems.
scale: 1 : 100
Main Library 1980-1981 - Site plans
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/1
UND/EA1/L/ML2/1/1   October 1980
Science site plan.
scale: 1 : 500
UND/EA1/L/ML2/1/2   October 1980
Science site plan.
scale: 1 : 500
UND/EA1/L/ML2/1/3   October 1980
Science site plan.
scale: 1 : 500
Main Library 1980-1981 - elevations
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/2
UND/EA1/L/ML2/2/1   December 1980
Central library elevations.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/2/2   December 1980
Central library elevations.
scale: 1 : 200
Main Library 1980-1981 - landscape and external works
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/3
UND/EA1/L/ML2/3/1   February 1981
Central library landscape plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/3/2   January 1983
Central library external works. Phase III.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/3/3   January 1983
Central library external works. Phase III.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/3/4   September 1981
Central library planting scheme
scale: 1 : 200
Main Library 1980-1981 - floor plans general
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/4
UND/EA1/L//ML2/4/1   October 1980
Levels 2, 3 and 4 floor plans.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/4/2   October 1980
Levels 2, 3 and 4 floor plans.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/4/3   October 1980
Levels 2, 3 and 4 floor plans.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/4/4-4a   [June 1981]
Levels 2 and 3 floor and seating plan, with a copy with extra seating plans.
scale: 1 : 100
Main Library 1980-1981 - floor plans individual - floor 1
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/5
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/1   October 1980
Level 1 sketch design ground floor plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/2   October 1980
Level 1 ground floor plan (levels 3 and 4 new area only)
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/3   October 1980
Level 1 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/4   October 1980
Level 1 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/5   October 1980
Level 1 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/6   October 1980
Level 1 ceiling plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/7   April 1981
Level 1 general arrangement.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/8   November 1982
Level 1 floor plan - existing building.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/9   February 1981
Level 1 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/10   February 1981
Level 1 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/11-11a   February 1981
Level 1 floor plan, with a copy with annotations.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/12   April 1981
Level 1 reflected ceiling plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/13-13a   November 1982
Level 1 floor plan exisiting building. 2 copies, 1 with ms annotations “locking proposals”.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5/14   November 1982, revised March 1983
Level 1 floor plan existing building.
scale: 1 : 100
Main Library 1980-1981 - floor plans individual - floor 2
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/1   October 1980
Level 2 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/2   October 1980
Level 2 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/3   April 1981
Level 2 general arrangement plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/4   April 1981
Level 2 general arrangement plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/5   January 1981
Level 2 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/6-6a   February 1981
Level 2 floor plan with ms annotations, with a copy.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/7   February 1981
Level 2 floor plan. 2 copies.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/8   March 1981
Level 2 plan.
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/9   April 1981
Level 2 general arrangement plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/10   April 1981
Level 2 reflected ceiling plan.
EL(35)2 provisional
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5a/11-11g   October 1981
Level 2 setting out of cellular offices, with 7 photocopies with different desk configurations.
scale: 1 : 50
Main Library 1980-1981 - floor plans individual - floor 3
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/5b
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5b/1   March 1981
Level 3 floor plan, with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5b/2   March 1981
Level 3 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5b/3   March 1981
Level 3 floor plan. 2 copies.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5b/4   April 1981
Level 3 general arrangement.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5b/5   April 1981
Level 3 reflected ceiling plan.
scale: 1 : 100
Main Library 1980-1981 - floor plans individual - floor 4
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/5c
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5c/1   March 1981
Level 4 floor plan, with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5c/2   March 1981
Level 4 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5c/3   March 1981
Level 4 floor plan. 2 copies.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5c/4   April 1981
Level 4 general arrangement plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5c/5   April 1981
Level 4 reflected ceiling plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5c/6   June [1981]
Level 4 [seating and table arrangements].
scale: 1 : 100
Main Library 1980-1981 - floor plans individual - floor 5
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/5d
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5d/1   December 1980
Level 5 plan section.
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5d/2   June 1981
Level 5 general arrangement plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/5d/3   October 1981
Level 5 plant rooms - general arrangement plan.
scale: 1 : 50
Main Library 1980-1981 - electrical plans
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/6
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/1   June 1981
Central library electrical services reference schedule.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/2   April 1981
Main Library 1980-1981 - floor plans individual - floor
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/3   April 1981
Main Library 1980-1981 - floor plans individual - floor
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/4   August 1981
Level 2 electrical services - power.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/5   April 1981
Level 3 electrical services - power preliminary.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/6   April 1981
Level 3 electrical services - power preliminary.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/7   August 1981
Level 4 electrical services - power.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/8   June 1981
Level 1 power and communications plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/9   June 1981
Level 2 power and communications plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/10   June 1981
Level 3 power and communications plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/10a   June 1981
Level 3 power and communications plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/11   June 1981
Level 4 power and communications plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/12-12a   March 1981
Level 1 lighting (switching) plan. With a copy.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/13-13a   March 1981
Level 2 lighting (switching) plan. With a copy.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/14-14a   March 1981
Level 3 lighting (switching) plan. With a copy.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/15-15a   March 1981
Level 4 lighting (switching) plan. With a copy.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/16   April 1981
Level 1 electrical services - lighting - preliminary plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/17   April 1981
Level 2 electrical services - lighting - preliminary plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/18   April 1981
Level 3 electrical services - lighting - preliminary plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/19   April 1981
Level 4 electrical services - lighting - preliminary plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/20-20a   June 1981
Level 1 lighting plan. With a copy with coloured annotations.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/21   June 1981
Level 2 lighting plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/22   June 1981
Level 3 lighting plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/23   June 1981
Level 4 lighting plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/24   April 1981
Level 1 fire alarms and emergency lighting preliminary plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/25   April 1981
Level 2 fire alarms and emergency lighting preliminary plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/26   April 1981
Level 3 fire alarms and emergency lighting preliminary plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/27   April 1981
Level 4 fire alarms and emergency lighting preliminary plan.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/28   August 1981
Central library fire alarm system works within the existing building.
scale: 1 : 192
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/29   June 1982
Level 2 trunking layout.
scale: 1 : 100
UND/EA1/L/ML2/6/30   June 1981
Level 1 plan phase 3 mechanical services.
scale: 1 : 100
Main Library 1980-1981 - internal decoration - samples
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/7
Central library samples - glazing, walls, ceilings, carpets, upholstery.
Central library W.C. cubicles samples - floor tiles, duct panels.
Central library samples - hessian for staff room walls.
Main Library 1980-1981 - coloured plans for display purposes
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/8
UND/EA1/L/ML2/8/1   October 1980
Central library ceiling plan, level 1.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/8/2   April 1981
Science site plan.
scale: 1 : 500
UND/EA1/L/ML2/8/3   April 1981
Central library east-west and north-south section.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/8/4   [?April 1981]
Central library, north, south, east and west elevations.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/8/5   April 1981
Level 1 floor plan.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/8/6   April 1981
Levels 2 and 3 floor plans.
scale: 1 : 200
UND/EA1/L/ML2/8/7   April 1981
Levels 4 and 5 floor plans.
scale: 1 : 200
Main Library 1980-1983 - microfilms
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML2/9
UND/EA1/L/ML2/9   1981 - 1983
Plans for phase I (job no.70112), phase II (job no.170) and phase III (job no.209), with a conspectus of the drawings for jobs 70112 and 209.
3 bundles of microfilm images in card frames, with a paper file
Main Library 1983
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML3
UND/EA1/L/ML3/1   5 April 1983
Level 2 Issue Counter Services electrical services, by Cairns and Byles.
scale: 1:50 & 1:5
UND/EA1/L/ML3/2   5 April 1983
Level 2 Issue Counter Services electrical services, by Cairns and Byles.
scale: 1:50 & 1:5
UND/EA1/L/ML3/3   March 1983
Level 2 layout of issue counter, by Faulkner-Brown, Hendy, Watkinson, Stonor, with 3 separate details.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/ML3/4   March 1983
Level 2 layout of issue counter, by Faulkner-Brown, Hendy, Watkinson, Stonor.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/ML3/5   April 1983
Counter details, by Faulkner-Brown, Hendy, Watkinson, Stonor.
scale: 1:5, 1:10
UND/EA1/L/ML3/6   April 1983
Short loan screen, by Faulkner-Brown, Hendy, Watkinson, Stonor.
scale: 1:50, 1:10, 1:5
UND/EA1/L/ML3/7   [?1983]
Carrel plan and section
UND/EA1/L/ML3/8   18 April 1983
Committee/Staff room, radiator setting out, north wall, by Cairns and Byles.
scale: 1:100/1:20
UND/EA1/L/ML3/9   [?1983]
Floor plans for levels 1-4, photocopies.
UND/EA1/L/ML3/10   [?1983]
Floor plan for level 2, different to 9 above, marked with “telecom D/P ZA1 location”.
UND/EA1/L/ML3/11   June 1983
Plan at level 1, mechanical services, Cairns & Byles
L(57)130 and 600/82/2
Main Library extension 1995
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML4
UND/EA1/L/ML4/1   12 May 1995
Levels 1 & 2 floor plans, Faulkner Browns. Copy
UND/EA1/L/ML4/2   12 May 1995
Levels 3 & 4 floor plans, Faulkner Browns. Copy
UND/EA1/L/ML4/3   18 September 1995
Stage D report by Faulkner Browns, including plans.
Paper file, spiral bound
UND/EA1/L/ML4/4   30 June 1997
University Library Extension opened by Sir Peter Ustinov booklet.
Printed colour illustrated paper leaflet
UND/EA1/L/ML4/5   1996/97
Plan of the site, with some additions to that in 3 above, and some colouration.
Paper, 1f, mounted on board
Main Library Remodelling [2000] - 2002
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML5
UND/EA1/L/ML5/1-3   [January 2000]
Floor plans of entrance floor existing layout and two proposed remodellings, by Waring and Netts Partnership, project 3691.
Paper, 3f
SK (0) 01-03
UND/EA1/L/ML5/4-5   14 February 2002
Plans of reception desk and main desk by Waring and Netts Partnership, project 3691.
1:20, 1:10
Paper, 2f
AA (7) 01-02
UND/EA1/L/ML5/6-8   August 2002
Plans of electrical services, ground and first floors, and of CCTV system, by Kennedy Services Ltd of Washington.
scale: Not to scale
Paper, 3f
Main Library 2005
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML5a
UND/EA1/L/ML5a/1-4   August 2005
Main Library floor plans, levels 1-4, detailing the area and height of each room, drawn by P. Curry of DU Estates and Buildings.
Paper, 4f
Main Library extension (Gateway Programme) 2008-2012
Reference: UND/EA1/L/ML6
UND/EA1/L/ML6/1   [17 April] - 6 June 2008
Floor plans by PH Partnership, project 05645, various revisions:
01 (work in progress), [17 April] (7)
04, 28 April (4)
05, 1 May (4)
06, 9 May (4)
08 (work in progress), 6 June (4)
09, 6 June (4)
1:100, 1:200, 1:500
Paper file
AA(00)GAP0, AX(00)GAP0, A(00)CDP0
UND/EA1/L/ML6/2   [17 April 2008]

Paper file
UND/EA1/L/ML6/3   [2009]
Colour angled views of the proposed four levels.
UND/EA1/L/ML6/4   April 2010
Gateway business case library section
Paper file
UND/EA1/L/ML6/5   December 2005 - March 2009
Feasibility workshop reports and studies by Shepheard Epstein Hunter, with some correspondence, plans and meeting minutes.
Paper file
UND/EA1/L/ML6/6   August 2009
“Design Report: Stage D” , volumes 1-IV, by _space.
4 spiral bound A3/A4 files
UND/EA1/L/ML6/7   April - August 2011
“Library Signage Proposal” , revisions 1, 2, 4, 6, by _space.
4 spiral bound A3 files
UND/EA1/L/ML6/8   June 2013 - November 2014
Plans by Cundall Consulting Engineers.
Paper file
UND/EA1/L/ML6/9   April 2013 - July 2014
Floor plans of layouts for the various levels, various revisions, by PH Partnership architects.
Paper file
UND/EA1/L/ML6/10   June 2009
Room data sheets by _space, PH Partnership and Cundall.
Paper file
UND/EA1/L/ML6/11   [June 2014]
Furniture and shelving plans [by PH Partnership], with some reports and correspodnence.
Paper file
UND/EA1/L/ML6/12-14   2006 - 2010
Plans with some minutes and correspondence, for Broadstock, Demco and _space, with also a 2CQR brochure.
UND/EA1/L/ML6/15   10 September 2009
The Gateway Programme, Zon Z Master Landscape Porposal, colour, by _space, drawing number LZ(00)GAP004 Rev. 05.
Paper, 1f
Pace Building 1963-1967 - sections and elevations
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PB/1-8
UND/EA1/L/PB/1   June 1964
Sections 8 and 9.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/2   June 1964
Sections 2 and 3, elevations 12 and 10.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/3   June 1964
Sections 1, 4 and 5.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/4   June 1964
Elevations 11 and 13.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/5   September 1964
Proposed access to Fives Court Bookstacks: section A-A and elevation B-B.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/6   September 1964
Proposed access to Fives Court Bookstacks: section A-A and elevation B-B.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/7-7b   November 1967
Entrance and control desk sections, sections, 3 copies, 1 with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 24
UND/EA1/L/PB/8-8c   November 1967
Entrance and control desk, sections, 4 copies, 1 with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 24
Pace Building 1963-1967 - general plans of rooms
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PB/9-26
UND/EA1/L/PB/9   January 1966
Issue desk area survey plans.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/9a   January 1966
Issue desk area survey sections.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/10-10a   January 1966
Scheme for reorganisation of the issue desk area. 2 copies.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/11   January 1966
Scheme for the reorganisation of the issue desk area.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/12   February 1966
Working drawings for the reorganisation of the issue desk area.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/13   Febraury 1966
Working drawings for the reorganisation of the issue desk area.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/14-14a   November 1967
Details of the entrance and control desk area, with a copy with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 24
UND/EA1/L/PB/15-15a   February 1964
Plan of the entrance, room 3 and the catalogue room. 2 copies each with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 48
UND/EA1/L/PB/16   March 1965
Entrance ground floor plan, a mezzanine floor and alternate cloakroom arrangements.
UND/EA1/L/PB/16a-16b   March 1965
Entrance and room 3 (later 1) ground floor plan. 2 copies, 1 with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/17-17b   March 1965
Entrance and room 3 (later 1) ground floor plan. 3 copies, 1 with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/18   June 1964
Gallery plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/19   June 1964
Reading room (later room 3) plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/20   June 1964
Reading room (later room 3) ceiling plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/21   June 1964
Bookstacks plan, 1st level (later room 4).
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/22   June 1964
Bookstacks plan, 2nd level (later room 4).
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/23   June 1964
Basement stacks plan (later room 6).
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/24   June 1964
Main roof and upper plant room plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/25   June 1964
Roof tank room and lift over-run plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/26   June 1964
Roof tank room and vent-shafts plan.
scale: 1 : 96
Pace Building 1963-1967 - windows and doors
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PB/27-28
UND/EA1/L/PB/27   November 1965
Issue desk proposed door from room 3 (later room 1) to the coffee room.
scale: 1 : 24
UND/EA1/L/PB/28   January 1964
Reading room (later room 3) details of dormers.
scale: 1 : 24
Pace Building 1963-1967 - furnishings
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PB/29-38
UND/EA1/L/PB/29   December 1967
Issue desk counter elevation, with ms annotations.
UND/EA1/L/PB/30   December 1967
Issue desk, with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 24
UND/EA1/L/PB/31-31d   May 1964
Reading room (later room 3) amended layout of seating and bookcases, also in the gallery. 5 copies, 2 with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/32   July 1964
Reading room (later room 3) sketch detail of revised furnishings on the main floor level.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/33   May 1962
Gallery sketch plan of a revised layout of tables and galleries at the gallery level.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/34-34b   May 1964
Amended layout of seating and bookcases in the reading room and gallery at the gallery level. 3 copies, all with ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/35   July 1964
Sketch detail of revised furnishings at the gallery level.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/36   October 1966
F S detail of writing desk.
UND/EA1/L/PB/37   October 1966
F S detail of writing desk.
UND/EA1/L/PB/38   November 1966
F S detail of notice boards.
Pace Building 1963-1967 - shelving
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PB/39-73
UND/EA1/L/PB/39   January 1965
Typescript estimate for the conversion of the Upper Fives Court to a Reading Room.
UND/EA1/L/PB/40   November 1965
Plan for the conversion of the Upper Fives Court to a reading room.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/41   June 1962, notes added February 1964
scale: 1 : 96
Revised plan of the reading room (later room 3).
UND/EA1/L/PB/42   January 1967
Reading room (later room 3) proposed additional book shelving. With ms annotations.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/43   June 1962, notes added February 1964
Gallery revised plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/44   January 1964
Reading room and gallery preliminary details of special bookcases.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/45   January 1966
Reading room and gallery revision of the layout of the specular louvres and the Reska bookcases.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/46   December 1961
Plan of bookstacks 1st level (room 4).
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/47   [?1963]
Layout of stacks 1st level.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/48   January 1964, revised May 1966
Plan at 1st book stack level.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/49   January 1964
Room 4 1st floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/50   January 1964
Room 4 1st floor level bookstacks plan, with ms annotations
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/51   January, revised June 1964
Room 4 1st floor level bookstacks plan, with ms annotations
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/52   January, revised June 1964
Room 4 1st floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/53   January, revised July 1964
Room 4 1st floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/54   February 1965
Room 4 1st floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/55   February 1965
Room 4 1st floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/56   May 1965
Room 4 1st floor level bookstacks, general revisions (Luxfer).
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/57   [?1963]
Room 5 2nd floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/58   January 1964
Room 5 2nd floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/59   June 1964
Room 5 2nd floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/60   June, revised July 1964
Room 5 2nd floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/61   June 1964, revised February 1965
Room 5 2nd floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/62-62a   June 1964, revised May 1966
Room 5 2nd floor level bookstacks plan, with a copy with ms annotations by A.M.M..
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/63   February 1965
Room 5 2nd floor level bookstacks plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/64   May 1965
Room 5 2nd floor level bookstacks, general revisions.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/65   December 1961
Basement (room 6) stacks plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/66   [?1963]
Basement (room 6) stacks plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/67   June 1964
Basement (room 6) stacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/68   June 1964
Basement (room 6) stacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/69   June 1964, revised February 1965
Basement (room 6) stacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/70   June 1964, revised February 1965
Basement (room 6) stacks plan.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/71   May 1965
Basement (room 6) stacks, general revisions.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/72   February 1965
Basement (room 6) stacks plan.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/73   February 1965
Basement (room 6) stacks plan.
scale: 1 : 96
Pace Building 1963-1967 - electrics
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PB/74-80
UND/EA1/L/PB/74   April 1965
Key of symbols.
UND/EA1/L/PB/75   December 1963
Gallery and plant room electrical installation - layout of lighting services.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/76   November 1964
Gallery and plant room electrical installation of power and miscellaneous services.
scale: 1 : 96
UND/EA1/L/PB/77   January, revised July 1964
1st level stacks (room 4) electrical layout of lighting, power and miscellaneous services.
scale: 1 : 32

UND/EA1/L/PB/78   June, revised July 1964
2nd level stacks (room 5) electrical layout of lighting, power and miscellaneous services.
scale: 1 : 32
UND/EA1/L/PB/79   June, revised July 1964
Basement stacks (room 6) electrical layout of lighting, power and miscellaneous services.
scale: 1 : 32

UND/EA1/L/PB/80   March 1965
Toilet block layout of electrical installation.
scale: 1 : 24
Pace Building 1963-1967 - heating
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PB/81
UND/EA1/L/PB/81   October 1965
Reading room (room 3) [heating] plan.
scale: 1 : 24
Pace Building 1963-1967 - additional plans 1968
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PB/82-83
UND/EA1/L/PB/82-82d   1968
Entrance and control desk details amended and revised. 5 copies.
scale: 1 : 24
UND/EA1/L/PB/83-83c   1968
Issue desk details. 3 copies.
scale: 1 : 24
Palace Green Library 1975
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1975
UND/EA1/L/PG1975/1-2   January 1975
Palace Green Library floor plans of the ground floor and first/second floors, drawn by B.H. of DY Surveyor's Daprtment
scale: 1/8" to 1'
Paper, 2f
Palace Green 1982/83 alterations (phase 1) - general plans
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/1-5
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/1   August 1982
General (plan of all rooms)
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/1a-b   August 1982
General plan as proposed, with ms additions, showing suggested routes of traffic. 2 copies.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/2   August 1982
General. Photocopy.
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/3   September 1982
General, option 1. Photocopy.
General, option 2. Photocopy.
General, option 3. Photocopy.
scale: 1:200
Palace Green 1982/83 alterations (phase 1) -entrance hall
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/6-16
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/6   January 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, plan as proposed. Work option 1. With ms additions.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/7   January 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, plan as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/8   March 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, plan as proposed, phase 1.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/9   January 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, proposed sections, phase 1.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/10   January 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, proposed sections, phase 1, alternative fixtures.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/11   March 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, proposed sections, phase 1.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/12   March 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, proposed sections, phase 1.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/13   January 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, proposed sections, phase 1.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/14   March 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, proposed sections, phase 1, with additions.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/15   March 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, proposed sections, phase 1.
scale: 1:50
Entrance Hall, room 15, photocopy.
Palace Green 1982/83 alterations (phase 1) -entrance hall and room 1
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/17
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/17-17b   March 1983
Entrance Hall and room 1, plans as proposed. 3 copies, 17b with ms annotations.
scale: 1:50
Palace Green 1982/83 alterations (phase 1) - fixtures and fittings
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/18-29
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/18   March 1983
Entrance Hall, screen patterns.
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/19   March 1983
Entrance Hall, screen and counter details.
scale: 1:5
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/20   March 1983
Entrance Hall, screen and counter details.
scale: 1:5
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/21   March 1983
Entrance Hall, screen and counter front paterns, counter plan.
scale: 1:20
Entrance Hall, screen patterns.
Entrance Hall, counter pattern.
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/24   March 1983
Entrance Hall, details: pinboard, pelmet, shelf.
scale: 1:5 & 1:10
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/25   April 1983
Entrance Hall, display cabinet details.
scale: 1:5 & 1:10
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/26   April 1983
Entrance Hall, display cabinet details.
scale: 1:5 & 1:10
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/27   March 1983
Entrance Hall, exit/entrance control barrier; plan and elevations.
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/28   April 1983
Entrance Hall, exit/entrance control barrier and balustrade; plan and elevations.
scale: 1:20
Entrance Hall, exit/entrance control barrier and balustrade details.
Palace Green 1982/83 alterations (phase 1) - windows
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/30-31
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/30   April 1983
Entrance Hall, roof light details, secondary glazing. 2 copies, with ms additions.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/31   April 1983
Special Reading Room, security bars to windows.
scale: 1:20
Palace Green 1982/83 alterations (phase 1) - mechanical services
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/32-34
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/32   March 1983
Entrance Hall, room 15, mechanical services; (ms note: “1st plan with our corrections” ).
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/33   March 1983
Catalogues - room 1, mechanical services.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/34   March 1983
Catalogues - room 1, mechanical services.
scale: 1:50
Palace Green 1982/83 alterations (phase 1) - electrical services
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/35-39
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/35   December 1982
All rooms, electrical services as existing.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/36   December 1982
All rooms, electrical services as proposed (with ms notes).
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/37   March 1983
Entrance area, electrical services (with ms corrections).
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/38   May 1983
Wiring diagrams.
UND/EA1/L/PG1982-83/39   May 1983
Electrical services specification.
Palace Green 1983/84 alterations (phase 2) - general plans
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/1-3
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/1-1a   November 1983
All rooms, plans as proposed. Scheme 2. 2 copies.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/2   November 1983
All rooms, plans as proposed. Phase 2. Access and temporary works.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/3   November 1983
All rooms, plans as proposed. Phase 3. Access and temporary works.
scale: 1:200
Palace Green 1983/84 alterations (phase 2) - individual rooms
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/3a-57
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/3a   May 1984
Room 1, as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/4   September 1983
Rooms 2A, 2B, 7A, 7B (now strongroom and room 8), as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/5   September 1983
Rooms 2A, 2B, 7A, 7B (now strongroom and room 8), as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/6   September 1983
Strongroom sketch proposals.
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/7   September 1983
Room 7, section through as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/8   October 1983
Rooms 2A, 2B, 7A, 7B, sketch proposals, section X, scheme 2.
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/9   October 1983
Rooms 2A, 2B, 7A, 7B, sketch proposals, section X, scheme 2.
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/10   October 1983
Rooms 2A, 2B, 7A, 7B, as proposed, scheme 2.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/11   October 1983
Rooms 2A, 2B, 7A, 7B, as proposed, scheme 2.
scale: 1:50
Strongroom, section X.
scale: 1:20
Strongroom plans, key drawing.
scale: 1:50
Strongroom blockwork, vertical setting out.
scale: 1:10
Strongroom, details of entrance.
scale: 1:10
Strongroom, detail of blockwork wall floor junction.
scale: 1:5
Strongroom beam seating detail.
scale: 1:5
Strongroom detail of blockwork wall beam junction.
scale: 1:2
Strongroom secondary glazing to the roof light.
scale: 1:20, 1:5, and full size
Strongroom detail of movement joint.
scale: 1:10 and full size.
Strongroom elevation and details of porch.
scale: 1:2 and 1:20
Strongroom roof specification.
scale: 1:10
Strongroom roof specification.
scale: 1:10
Room 2 (strongroom) enclosure of stairs in room 2 and the new store.
scale: 1:20
Room 2 (strongroom) enclosure of stairs in room 2 and the new store.
scale: 1:20
Pace Library lobby, new services cupboard, changes to opening.
scale: 1:20
Rooms 2 and 7 (strongroom and room 8) roof as existing.
scale: 1:50
Rooms 2 and 7 (strongroom and room 8) proposed new roof.
scale: 1:50
Rooms 2 and 7, sections through roof, as existing.
scale: 1:20
Rooms 2 and 7, sections through roof as proposed.
scale: 1:20
Details of kerb.
scale: 1:2
Strongroom, detail of roof and flat roof junction.
scale: 1:5
Strongroom detail of hip flat roof junction.
scale: 1:5
Gutter details.
scale: 1:2 and 1:5
Spandrel panel details.
scale: 1:20 and 1:5
Strongroom porch shelf.
scale: 1:20 and 1:5
Strongroom porch shelf.
scale: 1:20 and 1:5
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/38   April 1984
Room 8 (exhibition hall) part section and plan as exisiting.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/39   April 1984
Room 8 (exhibition hall) part section and plan as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/40   April 1984
Room 8 (exhibition hall) part section and plan as proposed.
scale: 1:50
New store outside room 8.
scale: 1:20
New store outside room 8 details.
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/43   September 1983
Rooms 10, 11, 12, 13 (now: 10 - room 7; 11 and 12 - music school; 13 - kitchen and offices), as exisiting.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/44   September 1983
Rooms 10-13 as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/45   September 1983
Rooms 10-13, sketch proposals.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/46   February 1984
Rooms 10-13, as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/47   February 1984
Rooms 10-13, as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/48   February 1984
Rooms 10-13, as proposed.
scale: 1:50
Room 12 entrance, lobby as proposed.
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/50   November 1984
Room 13 (kitchen).
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/51   September 1983
Rooms 16, 17, 18 (now: 16 - Northgate press; 17 - room 2; 18 - office and music room entrance), as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/52   October 1983
Rooms 16-18, as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/53   November 1983
Room 18, as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/54   February 1984
Rooms 16-18, as proposed.
scale: 1:50
Room 17 handrails to ramps.
scale: 1:20
Room 17 roof and flat roof junction detail.
scale: 1:5
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/57   September [?1983]
Music school, plans and sections as existing plans as proposed.
scale: 1:50
Palace Green 1983/84 alterations (phase 2) - fixtures and fittings
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/58-70
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/58   November 1984
Room 17 (room 2), new notice board.
scale: 1:20
Room 1 signboard.
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/60   November 1983
All rooms, fire sign layout.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/61   November 1983
All rooms, door references.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/62   November 1983
All rooms, doors references.
scale: 1:200
Door patterns.
scale: 1:20
Door details.
scale: 1:2
Frame details.
scale: 1:2
Details and paterns of screens to doors D17 and D18.
scale: 1:20, 1:2
Doors D22, pattern and details.
scale: 1:5, 1:20
Door surround for D34.
New screen between rooms 16 and 17.
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/69a   [May 1984]
Palace Green library as existing general plan, marked up with fire door upgrades and fire sign locations.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/70   April 1985
Details of new screen between rooms 16 and 17.
Palace Green 1983/84 alterations (phase 2) -fire escapes
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/71-75
Room 11, external fire escape.
scale: 1:20
Room 11, external fire escape.
scale: 1:20
Room 11, detail of fire escape.
scale: 1:5
Room 11, detail of fire escape.
scale: 1:5
Room 2, new fire escape.
scale: 1:20
Palace Green 1983/84 alterations (phase 2) -electrical services
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/77-92
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/77   May 1984
Specification for electrical services
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/77a   April 1984
Electrical services site plan.
scale: 1:500
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/78   May 1984
All rooms, electrical services as existing.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/79    May 1984
All rooms, fire alarms and emergency lighting as proposed, with ms additions.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/80   May 1984
All rooms, electrical services, miscellaneous works as proposed.
scale: 1:200
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/81   May 1984
Rooms 2A, 2B, 7A, 7B, electrical services as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/82   May 1984
Rooms 16-18, electrical services as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/83   May 1984
Rooms 10-13, electrical services as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/84   May 1984
Room 8 (exhibition hall), electrical services, plan as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/85   May 1984
Electrical wiring diagram.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/86   May 1984
Electrical wiring diagram.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/87   May 1984
Fire alarm wiring diagram.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/88   May 1984
Fire alarm wiring diagram.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/89   May 1984
DB/L1, L2, L3 wiring diagram.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/90   May 1984
DB/X & Y wiring diagram.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/91   May 1984
DB/M1 wiring diagram.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/92   May 1984
Strongroom wiring, control panel.
scale: NTS
Palace Green 1983/84 alterations (phase 2) -mechanical services
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/93-110
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/93   May 1984
Specification for mechanical services.
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/94   April 1984
Mechnical services site plan.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/95   April 1984
Ground floor mechanical services as existing.
scale: 1:100
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/96   April 1984
Rooms 2A, 2B, 7A, 7B mechanical services as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/97   April 1984
Rooms 10-13 mechanical services as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/98   April 1984
Rooms 16-18 mechanical services as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/99   April 1984
Ground floor mechanical services as proposed.
scale: 1:100
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/100   April 1984
First floor mechnical servics as proposed.
scale: 1:100
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/101   April 1984
Strongroom and room 2 mechancial services as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/102   April 1984
Rooms 10-13 mechanical services as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/103   April 1984
Rooms 16-18 mechanical services as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/104   April 1984
Heating system diagram.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/105   April 1984
Calorifier plant room as existing and proposed.
scale: 1:25
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/106   April 1984
Special reading room as existing and proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/107   April 1984
Ventilation plant room existing and as proposed.
scale: 1:25
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/108   April 1984
Strongroom section.
scale: 1:20
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/109   April 1984
Strongroom builders work.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1983-84/110   April 1984
Strongroom humidifier detail.
scale: 1:20
Palace Green 1991/92 alterations
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PG1991-92/1-6
Plans by the Bernard Taylor Partnership Architects of Stockport for converting rooms 5 and 6 of the Pace Building at Palace Green to archival storage.

UND/EA1/L/PG1991-92/1   August 1991
Pace building room 6, floor plan, layout as proposed.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PG1991-92/2   29 March 1992
Pace building levels 5 and 6 as existing gound floor plans/reduced levels/sections.
scale: 1:100
UND/EA1/L/PG1991-92/3   29 March 1992
Pace building levels 5 and 6 as existing gound floor plans/reduced levels/sections, proposed anti-flood drainage works.
scale: 1:100
UND/EA1/L/PG1991-92/4   12 May 1992
Pace building level 6 details/sections of door openings.
scale: 1:20/1:15
UND/EA1/L/PG1991-92/5   15 May 1992
Pace building level 6, repairs to flat roof over level 6 fire exit lobby.
scale: NTS
UND/EA1/L/PG1991-92/6   26 May 1992
Pace building level 6, removal of carrels and security caging.
scale: NTS
Palace Green Miscellaneous
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PGMisc/1935-1980
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1935/1   April 1935
Old Buildings and room 1: proposed extension to the library, ground floor plan.
scale: 1:96
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1935/2   October 1935
Electric table standard.
scale: 1:48
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1935/3   December 1935
Issue area, issue clerk's counter.
scale: 1:16
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1944   [?1944]
Elevation of Palace Green west side showing Divinity House, Union Building (E. Vincent Harris design, not built), 'Library'.
Paper, colour wash, mounted on board
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1948/1   July 1948
Library buildings, ground floor.
scale: 1:192
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1949/1   August 1949
New stock room suggested wall shelving.
scale: 1:24
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1950/1   August 1950
Fives Court yard, proposed library development, general arrangement, plans, sections and elevations.
scale: 1:96
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1955/1   [1955/1956]
Library modern buildings, layout of stacks.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1955/2   [c.1955]
Library Old Buildings (“Bishoprick Court Building”) 1st floor: Chancery Room, [Cursitors] and Stocks; on the reverse is a sign directing readers to the various Old Building Rooms.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1956/1   [?1956]
University Library Durham Proposed New Issue Desk As Executed & Existing 1956-66, by Robson & Sons Ltd., Newcastle upon Tyne, Drawing No. 1325/2, in Palace Green Library entrance hall.
Paper, colour wash, mounted on board
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1956/2   [?1956]
Wolfson Gallery (in 2019) fitted out with bookcases, card catalogue drawers and reading desks with chairs and desk lamps, by Robson & Sons Ltd.
Board, colour wash
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1957/1-1b   February 1957
Layout of stacks, ground and mezzanine floor plans (1b with ms annotations). 3 copies.
scale: 1:48
Luxfer SE2552
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1964/1   November 1964
[Over room 8] plan over mezzanine floor.
scale: 1:48
UND/EA1/L/PG/Misc1964/2   4 February 1964
Plan over room 3 and catalogue room. By P.A. Boobyer.
¼" to 1'
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1965/1   April 1965
Old Buildings west elevation - repairs to masonry.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1965/2   April 1965
Old Buildings north elevation - repairs to masonry.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1967/1   April 1967
Library and Union buildings ground floor plan.
scale: 1:96
67/UL/1 preliminary
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1967/1a   April 1967
Library and Union buildings ground floor plan, with ms annotations.
scale: 1:96
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1967/2   December 1967
Upper Fives Court, fitted carpet layout, further extensions proposed.
scale: 1:48
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1967/3-3b   [1967]
Library and Union buildings, ground floor plan. 3 copies.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1967/4   [1967]
Library first floor, layout of stacks.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1967/5   [1967]
Ground floor plan showing Old Buildings and Rooms 1-3.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1968/1   [c.1968]
Service desk, [sketched by D. Ramage].
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1968/2   March 1968
Catalogue room, new porch.
scale: 1:24
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1968/3   [?October 1968]
Plan of Rooms 2, 3 and the entrance.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1968/4   September 1968
Palace Green Library direction board.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1972/1-1a   April 1972
Palace Green ground and first floor general arrangements. 2 copies.
scale: 1:96
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1972/2   December 1972
Stacks and room 4 carrel spaces.
scale: 1:96
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1972/3   [?1972]
Room 4 (Deane Room in 2012) and gallery at the top of the stairs layout.
scale: not to scale
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1973/1   November 1973
Control and circulation desk illumination levels.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1976/1   11 November 1976
Room 5 section and etails of flooring, fire resistance and floor loading, by H. Bret Askew.
scale: 1:50 and 1:100
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1977/1   January 1977
Room 2A, demountable partition.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1977/2   May 1977
Room 2A office, [plan of room and doors].
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1977/3   March 1977
Union Society buildings, plan as existing.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1977/3a   March 1977
Union Society buildings, [plan of rooms].
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1977/4-4b   March 1977
Union Society buildings. library extension, suggested layout. 3 copies.
scale: 1:50
Union Society buildings, library extension alterations.
scale: 1:50
Union Society buildings, library extension, suggested layout.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1977/7   April 1977
Proposed library extension elevations.
scale: 1:50
Union Society buildings, shelving and seating layout.
scale: 1:50
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1978/1   November 1978
Acquisitions ventilation.
scale: 1:24
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1980/1-4   [1980]
Plans used for rewiring the Exchequer Building.
Island bookcase.
scale: 1:12
(Libraco Ltd)
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/1   [?1992]
Palace Green library ground floor plan, mounted for display.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/2   [?1992]
Palace Green location guide by dewey class nos.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/3   [?1992]
Palace Green location guide by subject/collection.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/4   [?1992]
Room 1 plan showing locations of collections.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/5   [?1992]
Room 2 plan, showing the location of collections.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/6   [?1992]
Room 4 plan, showing the locations of collections.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/7   [?1992]
Room 4 plan, showing the locations of collections, draft, coloured.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/8   [?1992]
Room 5 plan, showing the locations of collections.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/9   [?1992]
Room 5 plan, showing the locations of collections, draft, coloured.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/10   [?1992]
Room 7 (Music) plan, showing the locations of collections.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/11   [?1992]
Room 7 (Music) plan, showing the locations of collections.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/12   [?1992]
Room 7 (Music) plan, showing the locations of collections, draft, coloured.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/13   [?1992]
Room 8 (local collection) plan, showing the locations of collections.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc1992/14    [?1992]
Room 8 (local collection) plan, showing the locations of collections.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc2007/1-2   March/September 2007
Coloured plans of Palace Green Library ground and first floors, by Estates and Buildings.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc2008/1-10   28 August 2008
Plans of Palace Green Library ground and first floors, as existing, and then phases 1-4 and final scheme, by Harrogate Design Group Ltd
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc2010/1   [2010]
PG plan showing contents of main level rooms (1,2,3,7,8,Cosin) to Summer 2010.
UND/EA1/L/PGMisc2010/2   [2010]
PG colour plan showing contents and usage of public areas (1-4,7-10) Summer 2010 to Summer 2011.
UND/EA1/L/PGMiscUndated1   [later 20th century]
Elevations and sections of an island bookcase, by Libraco of 62 Cannon St, London.
scale: 1" to 1'
UND/EA1/L/PGMiscUndated2   [later 20th century]
Revised plan of [Room 5 (later Room 10 and (in 2012) Wolfson Gallery)] by Robson & Sons Ltd of 42 Northumberland St, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
scale: ¼" to 1'
UND/EA1/LPGMiscUndated3   [mid 20th century]
Layout of the library perhaps after the 1936 alterations, showing the catalogue/refrence and staff areas, and rooms 3 (ground floor), 4 and 5 (1st floor) book stacks.
Palace Green Miscellaneous Files
Reference: UND/EA1/L/PGMisc.File/1-10
Miscellaneous files of diagrams, sketches, notes etc about the library's use of space at Palace Green, projected and actual arrangements etc.

Palace Green Library - general.
Deputy Librarian's room, acquisitions.
Entrance and room 1.
Room 2 (now room 8).
Room 4.
Room 5.
Room 6.
Rooms 8 and 9 (now Exhibition Hall and room for 17th century studies).
Union Building - rooms 10 and 12.
Pemberton and almshouses.
Queen's Campus Library
Reference: UND/EA1/L/QC
UND/EA1/L/QC1   [c.2000]
Queen's Campus Library (IRC) plan
Paper, 1f
Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - site plans
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/1-2
Site plan - provisional.
[Landscaping of site}. Photocopy.

Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - elevations
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/3-6
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/3   June 1962
South elevation.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/4   September 1962
South elevation.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/4a   September 1962
North elevation.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/5   September 1962
West elevation.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/6   September 1962
East elevation
UND/EA1/SCI.L/6a   27 March 1964 - 19 March 1965
UND/EA1/SCI.L/6b   7 October 1963 - 25 April 1965
North and South elevations. Copy
UND/EA1/SCI.L/6c   7 October 1963 - 25 February 1965
East and West elevations. Copy
Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - floor plans - general - exploratory schemes
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/7-10
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/7   June 1962
Ground floor exploratory scheme.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/8   June 1962
Floors 1, 2 3 exploratory scheme.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/9   September 1962
[?Ground floor] exploratory scheme.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/10   September 1962
Floors 1, 2, 3 exploratory scheme.
Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - floor plans
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/11-16a
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/11   June 1963
Ground floor part plan.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/12   October 1963, rev to May 1964
Ground floor plan.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/13   October 1963, rev to January 1964
First floor plan.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/14-14a   October 1963
Second floor plan,. 14a rev to January 1965. 2 copies.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/15-15a   October 1963
Third floor plan, rev to January 1964. 2 copies.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/16-16a   October 1963
Main roof level plan, rev to May 1964.
Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - issue desk
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/17-21a
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/17b   24 November 1964, rev 31 December 1964
Issue desk.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/17-17a   March 1965, rev to July 1965
Issue desk. 2 copies.
See also 18-19a.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/18-18a   April 1965, rev to June 1965
Issue desk. 2 copies.
See also 17-17a and 19-19a.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/19-19a   March 1965, rev to July 1965
Issue desk. 2 copies.
See also 17-18a.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/20-20a   June 1965
Plan above desk top to show PVC. 2 copies.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/21-21a   June 1965
Issue desk. 2 copies.
Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - lavatories
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/22-24
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/22   January 1964, rev to June 1965
Ladies and gents lavatories off stair 3.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/23   April 1965
Gound floor lavatories, ladies and gents.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/24   January 1965, rev to June 1965
Ground floor staff lavatory.
Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - furniture
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/25-36a
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/25   June 1965
Periodicals room, seating and table arrangement
Catalogue area and issue desk.
Offices and staff room, photocopy with ms notes.
Microfilm rooms, seating and table arrangements.
Ground floor, seating and table arrangements, photocopy with ms notes.
Floors 1, 2, 3, seating and table arrangements, photocopy with ms notes.
Stacks, ground, 1, 2, 3, seating and table arrangements, photocopy with ms notes.
Floors, 1, 2, 3, seating and table arrangements, photocopy with ms notes.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/33-33c   October 1963, rev to January 1965
Ground floor furniture. 4 copies.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/34   October 1963, rev to May 1964
2nd floor furniture.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/35   October 1963, rev to May 1964
3rd floor furniture.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/36   October 1963, rev to May 1964
Main roof level plan, furniture.
Library trolley.
Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - shelving and display cases
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/37-42
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/37   April 1965, rev to June 1965
Grid 6 shelves all in Afromosia.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/37a-b   April 1965, rev to May 1966
Grid 6 shelves all in Afromosia.
Display cases.
Display cases.
Display cases.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/41   July 1965
Proposed writ mild steel and glass bookcases.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/42   July 1965
Proposed details of writ mild steel notice display frame.
Proposed Science Library 1963-65 - electrical and mechanical
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/43-46
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/43   January 1964
Fire alarm system and clock system.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/44   12 January 1964
Electrics - main line diagram.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/45   15 November 1963
Electrics - line diagram distribution board B.
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/46   19 July 1965
C43 gear [?lift].
WH 2045/1
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/46A   25 November 1964
Diagrammatic Arrangement of L.P.H.W. and H/CW Piping by Carrier Engineering Co Ltd of Warwick Row, London
Proposed Science Library 1963-1965 - Palaeography and Diplomatic facilities
Reference: UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/47-53
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/47   [10 June 1965]
Repair room and dark room furinture
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/48   10 June 1965
Repair room and dark room furniture
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/49   [June 1965]
Repair room work top
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/50   14 June 1965
Dark room furniture
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/51   14 June 1965
Repair room furniture
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/52   14 June 1965
Repair room drying rack
UND/EA1/L/SCI.L/53   17 January 1966
Repair room glass working top
Reference: UND/EA1/M
UND/EA1/M1   [October 1981]
Poster advertising the introduction of computerised borrowing in October 1981 with the GEAC system with 3 images of the terminal, scanner and work station.
Size: 400 x 415mm
UND/EA1/M2   Summer 1983
Opening of the new Main Library, with details of the opening, stock moves, stock accessibility and apologies for the incovenience.
Size: 295 x 420mm
Reference: UND/EA1/N
UND/EA1/N1   [c.1950]
University library seal, legend: BIBL.UNIV.DUNELM.
Size: 22mm diameter x 85mm long
UND/EA1/N2   [c.1960]
“Durham University Library” stamp for the “W[alter] Perceval Yetts Collection” of Chinese books, depicting a strutting [?pheasant/phoenix] with wings spread.
Size: 75 x 70 x 20mm
UND/EA1/N3   [c.1990]
“J. Hall” stamp, signature of the university librarian.
Size: 55 x 45 x 15mm
UND/EA1/N4   [2011]
Freshers Fair “Durham University LIBRARY heretohelp” teeshirt, with the various means of accessing help and the website address displayed on the reverse.
Cotton teeshirt, black with grey printed on lettering
Size: 670 x 770mm
UND/EA1/N5   29 June 1982
Trowel inscribed “To Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias from Faulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stonor Architects Durham 29th June 1982” [used for laying the foundation stone of the Main Library].
silver-plated trowel with a bone handle, in a blue gold-edged velour-lined reactangular presentation box with two metal catches
Size: 315 x 100 x 30mm (trowel, 340 x 140 x 65mm (box)
Found in the Stocks Room of Palace Green Library 26 April 2012.
UND/EA1/N6   [c.1900]
Rectangular marker for books, with several layers of notes of changes of locations stuck on, with the uppermost visible one detailing the move of Henry VIII's primer (XVII.E.30) to the closet in the Winterbottom Room February 1907 by E.V. Stocks and then to the strong room in March 1937 [H.W. Acomb].
Wooden book tally
Size: 175 x 85 x 8mm
UND/EA1/N7   [c.1980]
“University Library Durham 13” key-fob, with an attached label reminder to turn off the lights.
Plastic keyhole shape black keyfob, with a card circle attached by thread
Size: 125 x 60mm
UND/EA1/N8   [2018]
Library bag with the university badge, library website address, an image of a manuscript and a Bill Bryson quotation: “It's my library, so no scribbling in the margins of books!”
Linen bag, 2 handled, cream with a purple panel on one side with text and images
Archives and Special Collections
Reference: UND/EA2
Dates of creation: 1924 - 2013 Special Collections was set up with a keeper in 1955. On the physical transfer of the bulk of the Palaeography and Diplomatic collections and staff in 1996, it became Archives and Special Collections, but reverted to just Special Collections in 2009.
Heads of department
1959-1982 Dr A. Ian Doyle, Keeper of Rare Books
1983-2001 Miss Elizabeth M. Rainey, Keeper later Sub-Librarian (Special Collections, later Archives and Special Collections)
2002-2014 Dr Sheila M. Hingley, Head of Heritage Collections
2015-date Mrs Judy Burg, Head of Special Collections

Annual reports
Reference: UND/EA2/1
UND/EA2/1/1   1954 - 1982
Annual reports of A.I. Doyle as assistant librarian (Special Collections) for 1954/55 and 1956/57 and then as keeper of rare books for 1960/61-1981/82.
UND/EA2/1/2   1972 - 1981
Annual reports of E.M. Rainey as assistant librarian (Special Collections) (also in the last year partly acting keeper).
UND/EA2/1/3-16   1982 - 1996
Annual reports of E.M. Rainey as keeper (not 1983/4-1988/9), including reports to her from staff, and objectives.
UND/EA2/1/17-21   1996 - 2001
Annual reports of E.M. Rainey as sub-librarian, including reports to her from staff which now included staff transferred from the old Palaeography and Diplomatic department at 5 The College, and objectives.
UND/EA2/1/22-26   2001 - 2010
Annual reports of S.M. Hingley as head of Heritage Collections, including reports to her from staff, and objectives.
Reference: UND/EA2/2
UND/EA2/2/1   March 1992 - May 1997
ASC harmonisation meetings to March 1995 and then steering group meetings to February 1997, re the moves of material from 5 The College to Palace Green), minutes and papers.
Paper file
UND/EA2/2/2   January 1990 - November 2012
ASC Palace Green Staff Meetings minutes.
1. January 1990 - May 1998.
2. 8 March 2000 - 14 May 2009.
3. 11 June 2009 - 23 Novermber 2012.
3 paper files
UND/EA2/2/3   March 1993 - March 1994
5 The College Academic-Related Staff meetings minutes
Paper file
UND/EA2/2/4    October 1992 - February 1999 & October 2001 - April 2009
Conservation meetings minutes and papers
1. October 1992 - February 1999.
2. October 2001 - April 2009.
UND/EA2/2/5   February - June 1994
Disaster Planning meeting minutes
Paper file
UND/EA2/2/6   April 2003 - November 2006
Freedom of Information and Records Management Group minutes, papers and correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA2/2/7    November 2002 - October 2006
Searchroom Committee minutes, agendas and papers
Paper file
UND/EA2/2/8   October 1998, October 2002 - January 2004
Cataloguing Working Group minutes, agendas and papers
Paper file
Accessions registers
Reference: UND/EA2/3
UND/EA2/3/1   1945 - 2002
Accessions cards/slips for:
- Additional Manuscripts, in chronological date of acquisition/numerical order 1945-1996, with those with no date of accession recorded added to the list en bloc in 2001/2. With some notes of reports to the National Register of Archives.
- Microfilms of Durham manuscripts elsewhere, along with Cosin books and manuscripts.
- Basil Bunting Poetry Archives items 1987-2001.
Reference: UND/EA2/4
Nearly all of these are also catalogued as printed items and can be found listed at http://library.dur.ac.uk/search/c?SEARCH=UND%2FEA2%2F4%2F&SUBMIT=Search.

UND/EA2/4/1-2   1972-73
Catalogue of the Shipperdson papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/3   1973
Catalogue of the Backhouse papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/4   1991
Catalogue of records of Durham University Observatory.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/5   1986
Catalogue of music exercises, original compositions submitted for Durham music degrees, 1891-1980.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/6   1967
The Weardale Chest: Catalogue of documents relating to the Forest of Weardale and Stanhope Park.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/7   1976
Catalogue of the Shafto (Beamish) papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/8   1967
Catalogue of the Howard family documents relating to Northumberland: formerly at Naworth Castle.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/9   1968
Howard family documents: Catalogue of miscellaneous papers relating to Cumberland.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/10-11   1970
Howard family documents: Catalogue of deeds and manorial documents relating to Cumberland.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/12   1972
Catalogue of the Dixon-Johnson papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/13   1972
Land tax records : summary Catalogue of land tax assessments.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/14-21   1972
Catalogue of the Land tax records.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/22-27   1964-2000
Catalogue of the Baker Baker papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/28   1967
Catalogue of documents relating to the Manor of Chester Deanery.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/29   1956
Catalogue of Halmote Court books, Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates (Halmote Court lists 1).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/30   1957
Catalogue of miscellaneous books among the Halmote Court records, Palatinate of Durham and bishopric estates (Halmote Court lists 3).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/31   1984
Catalogue of miscellaneous books among the Halmote Court records of the Palatinate of Durham and Durham Bishopric Estates (Halmote Court lists 3, rev. ed.).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/32   1959
Catalogue of attested copies of mortgages, conveyances, etc. among the Halmote Court records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates (Halmote Court lists 6).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/33   1957
Catalogue of documents relating to inclosure awards among the Halmote Court records of the Palatinate of Durham and Episcopal estates in the Prior's Kitchen, the College, Durham : deposited by the Church Commission / [compiled by N. M. Million] (Halmote Court lists 4).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/34   1959
Catalogue of miscellanea among the Halmote Court records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates (Halmote Court lists 7).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/35   1956
Catalogue of rentals of wards and townships among the Halmote Court records of the Palatinate of Durham, and Bishopric estates (Halmote Court lists 2).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/36   1959
Catalogue of subsidiary manorial documents among the Halmote Court records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates (Halmote Court lists 5).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/37-40   1961-62
Catalogue of original surrenders among the Halmote Court records of the Palatinate of Durham and bishopric estates (Halmote Court lists 8-11).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/41   1957
Catalogue of financial and audit records of the Palatinate of Durham to 1649: deposited by the Church Commission in the Prior's Kitchen, the College, Durham.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/42   1959
Catalogue of financial and audit records of the Palatinate of Durham and bishopric estates from 1659 to 1856.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/43   1961
Catalogue of miscellanea among the records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/44   1960
Catalogue of acts of Parliament and documents relating to inclosure awards among the records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/45   1960
Catalogue of documents relating to legal proceedings among the records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/46   1959
Catalogue of enrolment books, patents of appointment, and volumes of transcripts among the records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/47   1959
Catalogue of rentals and surveys among the records of the Palatinate of Durham and Bishopric estates ...
1 file
UND/EA2/4/48-49   1974
Catalogue of the papers of 1st Earl Grey.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/50   1979
Catalogue of the papers of General Charles Grey and of his wife, Caroline Grey.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/51   1981
Catalogue of the papers of Maria, 3rd Countess Grey.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/52   1960
Catalogue of correspondence of the 3rd Earl Grey 1818-1894.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/53   1962
Catalogue of enclosures in the correspondence of the 3rd Earl Grey.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/54   1957
Catalogue of personal and family correspondence of the 2nd Earl Grey etc. 1762-1875.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/55   1956
Catalogue of political and public correspondence of the 2nd Earl Grey 1787-1843.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/56   2007
Else Headlam-Morley collection : catalogue of the music manuscripts, papers and correspondence of a woman composer, Else Headlam-Morley (Else Sonntag, 1866-1950).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/57   2007
The music of Else Headlam-Morley : a summary guide to her compositions.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/58   2006
Catalogue of the Abbott literary manuscripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/59   1980
Papers of Abbas Hilmi II (1874-1944) on deposit with the University of Durham.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/60   1975
The Abbott collection of literary manuscripts : an introduction with the catalogue of an exhibition.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/61   1988
Catalogue of the papers of Malcolm MacDonald.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/62   1998
Calendar of the correspondence and papers of Charles Thorp (1783-1862), Archdeacon of Durham and first Vice-chancellor of the University of Durham.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/63   1989
The Edis negatives collection in Durham University Library : a Catalogue and index.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/64   1995
Wharton papers in Durham University Library A catalogue of papers (diaries, correspondence etc.) of the Rev. Robert Wharton 1751-1808, his children and other relatives.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/65   2003
The Richmond Papers : the papers of Ernest Tatham Richmond FRIBA.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/66   1997
“Staff manual”. Print outs of all the DULASC collection level descriptions (archives, printed, maps, photographs etc.) taken from the website ca. April 1997.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/67   1991
Durham Diocesan records : bishops' transcripts of parish registers : summary Catalogue of outside dates of transcripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/68   [ca. 1990s ?]
“Interim finding list of the Howard Library”. Typescript schedule of the library of Lord William Howard, with annotations, (used until it was catalogued on the DUL printed catalogue).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/69   1991
Durham Diocesan records : bishops' transcripts of parish registers : summary Catalogue of outside dates of transcripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/70   1990
Catalogue of the Abbott papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/71   2000
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 770-771 (memoirs of Canon J. T. Fowler).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/72   2000
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 780 (correspondence of Prof. F. A. Paneth).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/73   1990
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscripts 805-812 (miscellaneous Co. Durham deeds).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/74   2000
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 815 (musical manuscripts collected by Gordon Bottomley).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/75   1990
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 816 (Nicholas Kilburn correspondence).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/76   1990
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 817 (Derrick Leon on Ruskin).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/77   2000
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 832 (Henry Irving letters).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/78   2000
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 833 (James Raine correspondence).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/79   2000
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 834 (C. Whitley correspondence).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/80   1982
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 835 (Blackett letters).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/81   1982
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 836 (Rev. Samuel Smith correspondence).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/82   1980
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 837 (T. Chevallier and G. Corrie correspondence).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/83   1992
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscripts 838-842 (William Bell Scott letters).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/84   1990
Catalogue of DUL Additional Manuscript 860: Rudyard Kipling manuscript.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/85   2008
Catalogue of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland records.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/86   2006
Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Basil Bunting Poetry Archive.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/87   1990
Catalogue of manuscripts, drawings and watercolours by Edward Bradley (Cuthbert Bede, the Victorian comic novelist) in Durham University Library and other Durham collections.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/88   1989
Clavering of Greencroft mss : a Catalogue.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/89   1989
Darlington turnpike deeds: Catalogue.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/90   1990
Catalogue of the Cosin letter books.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/91   1996
Catalogue of the Elliott manuscripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/92   1987
Catalogue of Hogg manuscripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/93   1999
Catalogue of the Howard Library manuscripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/94   1988
Janson deeds in Durham University Library : a Catalogue.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/95   1995
[Catalogue of the T. M. Johnstone papers at Durham University Library].
1 file
UND/EA2/4/96   1988
Ord of Sands Hall, Sedgefield Deeds and papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/97   1990
Catalogue of the oriental manuscripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/98   1995
Catalogue of Porter family correspondence.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/99   1987
South Durham Deeds: a Catalogue.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/100   1998
Catalogue of Pratt Green manuscripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/101   1996
Surtees Raine manuscripts in Durham University Library: a catalogue.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/102   1995
Thomas Wright mss: an outline list.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/103   1995
Thomas Wrightiana: an outline list.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/104   1975
Catalogue of the Blair papers.
UND/EA2/4/105   1970-1980
Catalogue of Turton papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/106   1990
Crayke deeds: Catalogue of documents relating to the manor of Crayke.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/107   1997
Political and public papers of Charles, 2nd Earl Grey (1764-1845).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/108   [c.1990]
Index to the Bouet drawings in Add Mss 1300-1305, by R.C.Norris.
UND/EA2/4/109   [c.1980 - 1990]
List of Add Mss 732-1131.
UND/EA2/4/110   [c.1950s ?]
Sheaf list of Add Mss and other ms collections then in the Library's care.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/111   [c.1950s ?]
Alphabetical sheaf list of Add Mss and other ms collections then in the Library's care, recording attempt to classify and shelve them in Dewey order.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/112   1997
Papers of John, Viscount Ponsonby (1770-1855).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/113   1998
Papers of Henry George, 3rd Earl Grey (1802-1894).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/114   2000
Earl Grey of Howick estate papers : box list.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/115   2007
Catalogue of the Mickleton and Spearman manuscripts.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/116   1990
Durham Cathedral Archives: Catalogue of Regalia.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/117   1990
Durham Cathedral Archives: calendar of Haswell deeds.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/118   1990
Durham Cathedral Archives: Catalogue of the records of Sherburn Hospital.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/119   1990
Durham Cathedral Archives: calendar of Archiepiscopalia.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/120   1990
Durham Cathedral Archives: Catalogue of Papalia.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/121   1995
Durham Cathedral Archives: Catalogue of medieval accounting material.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/122   1990
Durham Cathedral Archives: Catalogue of Pontificalia.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/123   1957
Catalogue of Salvin papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/124   1968
Schedules of the Eden papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/125   1960
Catalogue of Fenwick Collection (Hylton Estates).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/126   1997
Catalogue of the Dowthwaite, Bunny and Bacon Deeds (BRA 1260).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/127   2004
Catalogue of the Mawson Papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/128   2009
Durham Cathedral Archives: catalogue of post-dissolution registers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/129   1997
Catalogue of British Record Association deposits of deeds.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/130   1997
Catalogue of deeds relating to Stanhope Lead Mines (BRA 1118).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/131   1997
Catalogue of the Kennett family papers (BRA 1297).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/132   2006
Catalogue of the post-medieval manuscripts in Bishop Cosin's Library, Durham.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/133   [c.1970s ?]
Miscellaneous typescript expansions of Church Commission Bishopric lists, now incorporated into current catalogue.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/134   [c.1970s ?]
Miscellaneous typescript expansions of Durham Bishopric Halmote Court lists, now incorporated into current catalogue.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/135   [c.1970s ?]
Miscellaneous typescript memoranda on Church Commission Bishopric and Halmote Court collections, now mostly incorporated into current catalogue.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/136   [c.1970s ?]
Transcripts of Durham Bishopric Clerk of Works account rolls, 1422-1550 (CCB 190043-190074).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/137   [c.1970s ?]
Memoranda on post-dissolution Durham Cathedral archives (mostly superceded by more recent catalogues).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/138   2000
Papers of Albert Henry George, 4th Earl Grey (1851-1917): box list.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/139   1992
Computer printout of catalogue of printed books in Bishop Cosin's Library, in record number order.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/140   1992
Camera ready printout of catalogue of printed books in Bishop Cosin's Library, in alphabetical order, with indexes.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/141   1998
Durham Castle buildings archive : plans, drawings, photographs and papers concerning repairs and alterations to Durham Castle c.1885-1957 / compiled by Joan R. Olson and Elizabeth Rainey.
UND/EA2/4/142   2006
A catalogue of the Willis papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/143   [c.1980s ?]
Sheaf shelf list of “rough sequence mss”. These mostly became Add. Mss. 1133 et seq., but this list preserves the temporary references “SR Cab”, “SR 18” etc. by which they may have been cited.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/144   [c.1980s ?]
Sheaf shelf list of “manuscripts summary catalogue”. List of catalogued manuscript collections held at Palace Green Library prior to the merger with Palaeography and Diplomatic.
2 files
UND/EA2/4/145/1   1996
Catalogue of Hedley deeds.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/145/2   1996
Catalogue of Trimdon deeds.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/145/3   1996
Catalogue of Rivington School Papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/146   1996
Catalogue of the Greenslade deeds.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/147   2005
Catalogue of the Cremation Society archive.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/148   1960
Provisional hand-list of Arabic manuscripts and lithographs. Africa, Arabia, 1876-1918. (covers material in Sudan Archive).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/149   1961
Provisional hand-list of Arabic manuscripts and lithographs. Africa, Arabia. 2nd draft (covers material in Sudan Archive).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/150   [1980s ?]
Photocopy of manuscript descriptions of Surtees Raine Manuscripts (superceded by catalogue UND/EA2/4/101)
1 file
UND/EA2/4/151   2012
Catalogue of the Jack Lawson Papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/152   1963
Summary list of the additional manuscripts accessioned and listed between September 1945 and September 1961.
UND/EA2/4/153   1963
Durham Diocesan Records. List of tithe apportionments and plans for County Durham.
UND/EA2/4/154   1966
Provisional hand-list of Arabic manuscripts and lithographs. Africa, Arabia. 3rd draft (covers material in Sudan Archive).
1 file
UND/EA2/4/155   1960s
Accessions lists for Earl Grey Papers, 1962, 1962, 1963 and 1967.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/156   1979
The Leybourne deeds SGD 54.
UND/EA2/4/157   1979
Durham Probate Records. Index to Act Book 2 1577-1582.
UND/EA2/4/158   1970s
Lists of surveyors deposit and other deeds within the University Records.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/159   1998
Thorp correspondence (1831-1862) in Durham University Library.
UND/EA2/4/160   1975
List of research material on George Darley collected by Keith Wright
1 file
UND/EA2/4/161   1992
List of Gibby negatives.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/162   1994
List of Gibby photographs.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/163   1987
List of Gibby slides.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/164   1966
List of inclosure awards.
UND/EA2/4/165   1994
List of Greatorex photographs.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/166   2002
List of miscellaneous photograph albums.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/167   1987
List of Wiper photographs.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/168   1971
List of Durham mint coins.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/169   [ca. 1990]
List of British Council poetry tapes.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/170   1996
Summary list of Archaeology Department photographic deposit.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/171   [1970s]
Books and pamphlets in the Earl Grey papers.
1 v
UND/EA2/4/172   [1980s]
International Typographical card index: items held in Durham University and Durham Cathedral libraries, 17th-19th centuries.
240 cm
UND/EA2/4/173   [1990s]
Durham Halmote Court card index (DHC 1-9): places.
15 cm
UND/EA2/4/174   [1990s]
Durham Halmote Court Miscellanea card index (DHC 10): names, places, subjects.
30 cm
UND/EA2/4/175   [1990s]
Maps card index (including DHC 11): places.
60 cm
UND/EA2/4/176   [1980s]
MCMS [music library] card index.
50 cm
UND/EA2/4/177   [1990s]
Hudleston card indexes: Cumbrian lawyers, 18th-20th centuries; Cumbrian booksellers, printers, publishers, editors, papermakers etc.; Kendal mayors, aldermen, town clerks etc., 17th-19th centuries; Armorial bookplates; Malta memorial inscriptions.
20 cm
See also: HUD 9.
UND/EA2/4/178   [1990s]
Small Gifts and Deposits card index: names, places, subjects (incomplete).
37 cm
UND/EA2/4/179   [1990s]
Probate records (excluding those in Durham Diocesan Probate Records series DPR, and including Durham Cathedral Muniments) card index: names.
32 cm
UND/EA2/4/180   [1990s]
Probate Act Book 8 (DPRI/4/8) card index: names.
38 cm
UND/EA2/4/181   [1990s]
Subject card index, covering all DULSC collections, compiled by archivist Linda Drury; with 2 drawers of companion files of notes.
120 cm; 2 drawers
UND/EA2/4/182   [1980s]
Durham Bishopric Estate Records, Church Commission deposits 1956 and 1981 card indexes: places, subjects.
120 cm
UND/EA2/4/183   [1980s]
Card index of microfilms, negatives, and slides, formerly held on open shelf in the Search Room at 5 The College.
4 cm
UND/EA2/4/184   [1980s]
Printed portraits card index: names.
26 cm
UND/EA2/4/185   [1980s]
Illustrations and illustrators card index.
24 cm
UND/EA2/4/186   [1980s]
Card index of additional illustrations and inserts found in different editions and individual copies of editions of Fordyce's The history and antiquities of the county palatine of Durham (editions from 1857), and Mackenzie's The history and antiquities of the county palatine of Durham (editions from 1834).
24 cm
UND/EA2/4/187   [1980s]
Classified card index of books formerly on open shelf in the Search Room at Palace Green Library, prior to the opening of the Barker Research Library in 2013.
38 cm
UND/EA2/4/188   [1990s]
Marriage Licence bonds and allegations card index (DDR/EJ/MLA/1), 1816-1820: names.
188 cm
UND/EA2/4/189   [1990s]
Hudleston general biographies card index, c. 1650-1990: names. Compiled by Roy Hudleston (1905-1992).
720 cm
See also: UND/EA2/4/190; and Hudleston Papers.
UND/EA2/4/190   [1990s]
Hudleston clergy card index, 1500-1990: names. Compiled by Roy Hudleston (1905-1992).
855 cm
See also: UND/EA2/4/189; and Hudleston Papers.
UND/EA2/4/191   [1990s]
Papers of the 4th Earl Grey card index (GRE-K): names of correspondents.
228 cm
UND/EA2/4/192   [1970s]
Durham graduates card index (UND), c. 1832-1920: names.
80 cm
UND/EA2/4/193   [1980s]
O.S. plans sheet number card index, principally covering County Durham, Northumberland and Cumbria.
40 cm
UND/EA2/4/194   1954
Turner, Ruth, Maps of Durham, 1576-1872 in the University Library, Durham, including some other maps of local interest. A catalogue (Durham: DUL, 1954). Interleaved and extensively annotated.
UND/EA2/4/195   1967
Catalogue of the Howard family documents relating to Northumberland: formerly at Naworth Castle. Former search room copy.
UND/EA2/4/196-197   1970
Howard family documents: Catalogue of deeds and manorial documents relating to Cumberland. Former search room copy.
UND/EA2/4/198   1968
Howard family documents: Catalogue of miscellaneous papers relating to Cumberland.
UND/EA2/4/199   1971
Lists and notes about maps and plans in the Howard of Naworth Papers.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/200   [ca. 1980s]
Notes and lists of maps at 5 The College.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/201   1983
Catalogue of the Redheugh Estate, Co. Durham deeds (BRA 715).
UND/EA2/4/202   1956
Schedule of documents relating to Durham Bishopric estates deposited in 1956 by the Church Commissioners.
UND/EA2/4/203   1981
Photcopy of schedule of documents relating to Durham Bishopric and Chapter estates deposited in 1981 by the Church Commissioners.
UND/EA2/4/204   2002
The Hawley papers. The papers of Sir Donald Hawley KCMG, MBE.
UND/EA2/4/205   2009
Catalogue of the Wylde family papers.
UND/EA2/4/206   [ca. 1976]
Halmote Court: list of additional maps and plans (Halmote Court lists 12).
UND/EA2/4/207   1998
Additional Malcolm MacDonald papers.
UND/EA2/4/208   1979
Catalogue of the Durham City Deeds.
UND/EA2/4/209   1980
Papers relating to Frosterley Manor, County Durham.
UND/EA2/4/210   1997
Copley papers : correspondence and papers of Elizabeth Mary Copley (c.1801-1887), sister of Maria, Countess Grey.
UND/EA2/4/211   1976
Durham bishopric estates maps & plans. [Deposited by the Church Commission, 1975].
UND/EA2/4/212   1977
Towers papers.
UND/EA2/4/213   2001
Baring (Howick of Glendale) papers: the papers of Evelyn Baring, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale KG, GCMG, KVCO, DL (1903-1973).
UND/EA2/4/214   1983
List of pamphlets and other printed matter relating to the north east of England preserved in the Department of Palaeography and Diplomatic in the University of Durham.
UND/EA2/4/215   1957
Catalogue of financial and audit records of the Palatinate of Durham to 1649: deposited by the Church Commission in the Prior's Kitchen, the College, Durham. Former search room copy, extensively annotated.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/216   1968 and 1989
Catalogue of the Gibson maps, plans and volumes.
1 file
UND/EA2/4/217   [ca. 1970]
Slips completed for History of the book trade in the north (to 1865) project, covering locally printed books in Durham University and Durham Cathedral Library holdings.
1 box
UND/EA2/4/218   1977
Auckland Manuscripts - Bedlington Vouchers, by Linda Drury
UND/EA2/4/219   [c.2010]
Catalogue of the Poor Clares Darlington manuscripts, [by Jan Rhodes]
Paper file
UND/EA2/4/220   [c.2010]
Catalogue of the Poor Clares Darlington printed books, [by Jan Rhodes]
Paper file
UND/EA2/4/221   1992
A Finding-List of Incunabula in Durham Libraries, produced by printing out from the files of the Incunabula Short-Title Catalogue (ISTC) based at the Biritish Library, and comprising some 423 incunable editions in 448 copies in the University Library and the Cathedral Library, and the libraries of St Chad's College and Ushaw College
1v, 100f
Files to 1982
Reference: UND/EA2/5
UND/EA2/5/Z1   1970
Old Buildings general including a report on the present anf future use detailing floor space and shelving.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z2   1971 - 1978
Old Building repairs and improvements:
1. Surveyor's Dept, clerks of works and electrical heating 1971-1978
2. Repairs and equipment 1970s
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z3   1969 - 1985
Old Buildings security:
1. Alarms, correspondence, installation, specifications 1969-1985
2. Security other than alarms, including procedures 1969-1981
3. Lists of items lost, stolen or strayed from Durham
4. 1978 burglary, correspondence and catalogue notes 1978-1979
5. Stern and Lindsay thefts correspondence and catalogue notes 1977-1981
6. Book thefts in general, conference and working party, and thefts from elsewhere, correspondence 1975-1981
6 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z4   1970 - 1971
Old Buildings fire precautions
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z5   1950s - 1980s
Library History, including a description of classmarks in 1952, Davaid Ramage memorandum on the co-ordination of Library provision in Durham c.1959, reports and notes
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z6   1964 - 1979
Special Collections general:
1. Use surveys, including by David Burnett 1969, 1964-1970
2. General statements on activities and cataloguing 1970s
3. Calculations of space for Special Collections, including a survey of the Old Buildings area and shelving totals and amount of shelving filled with numbers of staff and reader spaces [c.1970], also a detailed survey of Bamburgh Library shelving, and a location guide of collections [1979].
4. Historic plans and images of the Old Buildings, with newspaper cuttings about figures and visits.
4 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z7   1938 - 1979
1. Building and the library as a whole 1938-1979
2. Insurance and Security Committee, including the Gulbenkian Museum 1978-1979
3. Insurance outside the library, and the transport of books on loan in or out 1971-1978
3 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z8   1959 - 1980
Maintenance and conservation of the collections:
1. Cleaning and furbishing, including leather dressing 1971-1972
2. Conservation in general, including flyers and brochures 1959-1977
3. Folders and packaging, including polythene, for maps, engravings, manuscripts etc 1976-1980
3 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z9   1964 - 1981
Binding repairs:
1. Binding specifications, including for work on Cosin
2. Repairs to manuscripts at the County Record Office, mainly Mickleton and Spearman
3. Rebinding of old books done by Cockerell, Chivers and Dunn and Wilson 1964-1981
3 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z10   1948 - 2006
Statistics, with various notes and surveys and numbers of books in the library, also staff and salaries etc.
UND/EA2/5/Z11   1956 - 1983
Purchases of manuscripts and books and other resources:
1. Possible sources of grant funding to support acquisitions, flyers and correspondence
2. Victoria and Albert Museum grants correspondence 1971-1983
3. Purchases of manuscripts and books especially from Edward Hall 1959-1977
4. Purchases of manuscripts and books from auction houses 1965-1983
5. Purchases of manuscripts and books from Winifred Myers 1964-1981
6. Purchases of microfilms etc 1969-1982
7. Purchases of bibliographical and reference works 1956-1980
7 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z12   1950 - 1982
Gifts and bequests of manuscripts and books:
1. Lists of collections from Abbott, Bassett Dixon, Grdon, Macfarlane-Grieve, Barkas, Houston, Birmingham Library, Pace, Duff, Waples 1950s
2. Lists of gifts with valuations from Whiting, Edleston, with some correspondence, also about Surtees Raine 1954-1956
3. Kellett collection, correspondence and lists 1978-1982
4. George Smith collection correspondence 1981
5. Gifts and bequests general, correspondence 1962-1982
5 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z13   1971 - 1981
Long term deposits:
1. General, especially University College JCR and Union Society, correspondence 1971-1981
2. Sunderland Quakers Library, correspondence and list 1973
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z14   1966 - 1980
Short term loans, mainly for research use, correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z15   1964 - 1983
Inter Library Loans, correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z16   1967 - 1980
Disposals of duplicates by sale or exchange, lists and correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z17   1969 - 1982
Consutlations on the value of items not acquired by Durham
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z18   1972 - 1978
Research students, correspondence with and about
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z19   1965 - 1982
Exhibitions general and specific:
1. Exhibitions at Durham Palace Green Library, in colleges and elsewhere, correspondence, lists of items, publicity, invites, requests for loans 1965-1982
2. Old Law Books, FitzHerbert, Human Rights exhibition at Palace Green Library 1978
3. Wordsworth exhibition at Newcastle University Library 1970
4. The Artist and the Book in France Painters Sculptors Engravers 1943-1968 An Anthology from the Collection of Walter J. Strachan at Palace Green Library 1969
5. Caxton Quincentenary exhibitions 1976
5 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z20   1967 - 1980
Bibliographical methods, classes in, and students for
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z21   1963 - 1983
Visits, groups and dignitaries, correspondence about and arrangements for tour and displays
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z22   1971 - 1983
Lectures away from Palace Green Library, correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z23   1970 - 1981
Science Library, correspondence with and papers about, including 'History of Science in Durham Libraries' article and a list of 'Early Medical and Some Other Books of Related Interest up to 1850 in Durham University Library'
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z24   1969 - 1974
Oriental Library, correspondence with and papers bout, including histories of the Oriental Library and of the Sudan Archive
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z25   1960 - 1979
Salaries and job descriptions 1960s
Annual reports, calendars and timetables 1973-1979
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z26   1971 & 1982
Cataloguing and classification, correspondence about
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z27   1962 - 1982
1. Photograph orders 1969-1981
2. Photocopying/xeroxing procedures and copyright law 1978-1980
3. Photocopying orders 1981-1982
4. Microflilming, carried out at the Dept of Palaeography and Diplomatic other than for University Microfilms Ltd 1962-1981
5. Microfilming for University Microfilms Ltd 1968-1982
6. Alan Wiper photographs of Hadrian's Wall etc, correspondence over their sale by his widow and their ownership by AASDN and transferring them to DUL on indefinite loan 1973-1974
7. Photograph collections Edis and Gibby, correspondence 1980-1982
7 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z28   1965 - 1982
Facsimile reprinting of volumes in the collections:
1. General correspondence 1969-1982
2. Gregg International Publishing 1965-1982
3. Micro-Methods and SR Ltd 1967-1972
4. Scolar Press 1969-1972
5. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum 1969-1971
5 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z29   1967 - 1981
Publications, correspondence about producing them:
1. General, including Durham Topographical Prints up to 1800 and Cartmel 1969-1980
2. Postcards, especially with Woodmansterne 1967-1981
3. Ramage's Finding List of English Books to 1640 orders and correspondence 1967-1978
3 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z30   1961 - 1983
Bamburgh Library and Lord Crewe's trustees:
1. Reports 1965-1971
2. Correspondence, opening arrangements and shelf checks 1959-1978
3. Insurance policies, valuations nad correspondence 1961-1983
4. Enquiries about the collection 1965-1981
5. Furnishings and decorations 1968-1975
6. ?Missing Bamburgh books
6 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z31   1954 - 1985
Cosin's Library, Bishop John Cosin, his books and manuscripts, and the building:
1. Enquiries about the man, his collection and the building 1965-1982
2. Meetings (mainly diocesan) in the library, correspondence about arranging 1969-1973
3. Computerised cataloguing of the printed books, correspondence and papers about 1982-1985
4. Enquiries about the man, his collection and the building 1954-1964
4 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z32   1973
Routh collection cataloguing procedures and notes
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z33   1955 - 1982
Maltby and Winterbottom collections, enquiries
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z34   October 1967 - August 1982
Observatory library, instruments, and manuscripts, correspondence and enquiries.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z35   June 1966 - 1998
Thomas Wright Manuscripts
1. Correspondence re their purchase, June - December 1966.
2. Funds for their puchase and enquiries, January 1967 - February 1981.
3. Caption cards for a Thomas Wright exhibition c.1970, catalgues cards for his works, 7 colour 35 slides of Westerton Tower and Wright's gravestone, sale particulars (x2) for The Menagerie at Horton [1998], brochure for the Thomas Wright of Durham Exhibition Centre and Garden Appeal. [1993]
3 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z37   1965 - 1982
University History, enquiries
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z38   1954 - 1985
Local History enquiries
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z39   1923 - 1981
Local History acquisitions:
1. Correspondence with local libraries and record offices about possible acquisitions 1967-1981
2. Local Acts and Bills, correspondence about 1967-1968
3. Local maps, correspondence about 1923-1979
3 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z40   1968 - 1980
Local archives:
1. Bowes manuscripts 1968-1980
2. Diocesan archives at Durham and Auckland c.1970
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z41   1967 - 1981
Local Record Offices:
1. Durham County Record Office, being a catalogue of “Records deposited on long-term loan by Durham University Library, Palace Green, Durham per Dr A.I. Doyle, 5 May 1981”, comprising Darlington apprenticeship indentures, settlement certificates, removal orders and correspondence, formerly L+016.94281DUR
2. Durham County Record Office correspondence with 1967-1981
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z42   1924 - 1983
Manuscripts and archives in Palace Green Library:
1. Abbott collection, including handlist and draft 1924-1977
2. Paneth (1878-1958) exhibition of his papers 1983 and their transfer to Berlin 1975-1983
3. Loans to the Palaeograhy and Diplomatic Dept 1975-1981
4. Various local documents originally stored 'in strong room filing cabinets' (later largely added to BRA or passed on to other record offices) 1970
5. Surtees Raine manuscripts 1956-1980
6. Plomer manuscripts, enquiries, alphabetically 1972-1981
7. Plomer manuscripts, additions 1977-1980
8. Mickleton and Spearman manuscripts 1957-1982
9. BRA deposits transferred to Palaeography and Diplomatic 1950-1968
10. Correspondence about acquisitions with eg WInifred Myers 1970-1974
11. Historic Manuscripts Commission accessions reports and surveys of Historical, Literary and Scientific manuscripts 1970-1983
12. Correspondence on medieval manuscripts, filed chronologically, with a separate section on Bamburgh manuscripts 1959-1980
13. Correspondence on Cosin manuscripts, filed chronologically for each section of manuscripts 1963-1980
14. Correspondence about post-medieval manuscripts 1951-1973
15. Correspondence about post-medieval manuscripts 1974-1980
16. Correspondence about manuscripts, some of it dealt with by David Burnett 1955-1982
16 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z43   1952 - 1982
1. General correspondence 1952-1981
2. Gesamtkatalog (incunabula catalogue at Berlin Staatsbibliothek) 1964-1982
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z44   1962 - 1982
Foreign Books after 1500:
1. Correspondence and enquiries 1962-1977
2. Correspondence and enquiries 1977-1982
2 paper files
English Books 1475-1640:
1. Revision of Short Title Catalogue (STC) correspondence 1953-1982
2. Correspondence and enquiries 1954-1966
3. Correspondence and enquiries 1966-1971
4. Correspondence and enquiries 1979-1982
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z46   1962 - 1982
English Books 1641-1700 Wing
1. General correspondence 1962-1982
2. Cathedral Library STC and WIng lists c.1970
3. Ushaw Wing lists c.1970
4. Wing inventory and general imprint inventories and papers c.1970
5. Wing vols.2 and 3 lists c.1970
6. Revision correspondence 1974-1982
6 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z47   1968 - 1973
English Poetry 1701-1750 (D. Foxon's bibliography) correspondence and lists
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z48   1962 - 1967
English linguistics to 1800 (R.C. Alston's bibliography) correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z49   1963 - 1982
Other English Books 1701-1800:
1. Correspondence and enquiries 1963-1982
2. Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue lsts and correspondence 1971-1981
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z50   1955 - 1982
English Books after 1800 correspondence and enquiries
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z51   1958 - 1982
Binding, historical,
1. Correspondence and enquiries about bindings 1958-1982
2. Notes on and lists of bindings
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z52   1957 - 1982
Non-local enquiries
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z53   1983
Lists of correspondence files in Miss McAulay's time (A.1 to X.1) (1983) and of A.I. Doyle's Z files (Z0-Z87).
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z54   1955 - 1982
Maps, including enquiries re maps, cataloguing and processing of maps, maps not local and flyers for published atlases and sales of maps.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z56   1954 - 1982
Palaeography and Diplomatic department, correspondence re archives, and especially the Dixon-Johnson material at DCRO.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z57   1935 - 1979
Cathedral Library:
1. Papers for curators meetings c.1935 and reports, including: Honorary Librarian's reports of [1936] and 1938; F.M. Powicke report on Durham as a centre of historical and palaeographical study 1938 with galley proofs; A.I. Doyle report on the Chapter Library 1958; A.D. Burnett report on the Refectory catalogue 1969.
2. Cathedral Library - correspondence 1957-1974
3. Cathedral Library - book cataloguing project, including correspondence with British Library 1966-1979
4. Cathedral Library - procedures in cataloguing and cooperative working with the University Library 1958-1974
5. Cathedral Library - printed books enquiries and readers 1969-1977
5 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z58   1958 - 1982
Ushaw College Library:
1. General correspondence 1958-1972
2. General correspondence 1972-1982
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z59   1970 - 1982
Bowes Museum books and manuscripts.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z60   1940 - 1981
St Chad's College, including a list of the manuscripts and rare books.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z61   1965 - 1982
Newcastle libraries:
1. University Library general correspondence 1965-1982
2. Cathedral Library, principally a survey of the library 1973/74
2 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z62   1967 - 1970
University College library and archives - includes lists of “the older books” 1967, and of archives of the university, and University and Hatfield colleges.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z63   1970 - 1981
Senate and university commttees
1. Arts Faculty Planning Committee - papers for 1970-1979
2. Quinquennial planning 1972-1977
3. Research Review Committee - papers for 1981
3 paper files
UND/EA2/5/Z64   1981 - 1982
Library Board of Curators
Visitation of Special Collections 1981-1982
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z69   1974 - 1978
Library Operations and Management (O&M) survey - Rare Books contributions.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z70   1966 - 1971
Library finance - papers re.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z71   1980
Joint Standing Conference on Library Co-operation - list of accessions of books published 1670-1689.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z72   1976
SCONUL seminar on medieval manuscripts at Durham, including catalogues of exhibitions of the Dean and Chapter Muniments in the Prior's Kitchen, the cathedral's manuscripts in the Refectory, and the university's manuscripts at Palace Green Library.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z73   1966 - 1981
R.J. Roberts, British Museum Printed Books - Cathedral Libraries Catalogue and Bibliographical Society.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z76   1978
Imprint Club.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z77   1965 - 1981
History of the Book Trade in the North-East - minutes, reports and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z79   1967 - 1972
C.R. Hudleston correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z80   1970 - 1974
Durham County Local History Society (jt secretaries W.A.L. Seaman and H.J. Smith) and Surtees Society (secretary W.A.L. Seaman) correspondence re the possible return of Durham Palatinate records from the PRO, with A.D.M. Oulton's reply of 17 October 1974 refusing to return them, also some agendas and minutes of meetings of both societies, and also correspondence with H.J. SMith of DCLHS re Thomas Kentish
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z81   1966 - 1971
Computers and Special Collections - reports.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z82   1966 - 1967
Library extension (Pace Building) tower overreach, newspaper cuttings and drawing about the tower being built too high and so part of it having to be demolished.
Paper file
UND/EA2/5/Z100   June 1967 - April 1972
Job book, requests for repairs mainly to the Old Buildings, submitted by A.I. Doyle.
Paper book
Files 1982-1997
Reference: UND/EA2/6
Dates of creation: 1958 - 1997
UND/EA2/6/AAA   1997
Filing system for 1983-1997 detailed for the general and sub-librarian's sequences, with instructions for rationalising the files c.2005.
UND/EA2/6/ACQ1b/1   August 1973 - June 1987
Purchases local material
UND/EA2/6/ACQ1b/2   July 1987 - October 1994
Purchases local material
UND/EA2/6/ACQ1b/3   November 1994 - June 1997
Purchases local material
UND/EA2/6/ACQ1c/1   January 1983 - June 1992
Purchases other Special Collections material
UND/EA2/6/ACQ1c/2   December 1992 - March 1997
Purchases other Special Collections material
UND/EA2/6/ACQ1e   February 1990 - March 1997
Purchases miscellaneous
UND/EA2/6/ACQ2a/1   September 1979 - November 1987
Donations correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ACQ2a/2   February 1988 - June 1993
Donations correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ACQ2a/3   June 1993 - August 1994
Donations correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ACQ2a/4   August 1994 - June 1997
Donations correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ACQ2b   1986 - 1991
Donations lists
UND/EA2/6/ACQ2c   1991 - June 1997
Donations receipt forms
UND/EA2/6/ACQ3   December 1985 - May 1997
Deposits, including re university charters
UND/EA2/6/ACQ4   November 1991 - February 1993
Reports to the Library Committee of notable accessions
UND/EA2/6/APP   November 1985 - March 1986
UND/EA2/6/ARC   4 April 1985
Durham and Northumberland Architectural and Archaeological Society
UND/EA2/6/BIN1   November 1980 - January 1997
Binding correspondence
UND/EA2/6/BIN4/1   October 1979 - October 1990
Binding orders
UND/EA2/6/BIN4/2   May 1990- January 1996
Binding orders
UND/EA2/6/BUI2/1   May 1983 - October 1990
Building repairs and maintenance
UND/EA2/6/BUI2/2   October 1990 - April 1995
Building repairs and maintenance
UND/EA2/6/BUI2/3   July 1994 - January 1997
Building repairs and maintenance
UND/EA2/6/CEN   February 1986 - July 1997
Centre for Seventeenth Century Studies
UND/EA2/6/CHR   October 1989 - January 1990
University Christmas card
UND/EA2/6/CONF   July 1989 - April 1996
Conferences: programmes & reports on those attended
UND/EA2/6/CONS1   December 1992 - March 1996
Conservation: surveys
UND/EA2/6/CONS2   October 1982 - November 1995
Conservation: correspondence
UND/EA2/6/COUNT/1   1983 - 1986
Record book of head counts, turnstile and temperature readings
UND/EA2/6/COUNT/2   1986 - 1989
Record book of head counts, turnstile and temperature readings
UND/EA2/6/COUNT/3   1993 - 1994
Record book of head counts, turnstile and temperature readings
UND/EA2/6/COUNT/4   1994 - 1995
Record book of head counts, turnstile and temperature readings
UND/EA2/6/COUNT/5   1995 - 1996
Record book of head counts, turnstile and temperature readings
UND/EA2/6/COUNT/6   1996 - 1997
Record book of head counts, turnstile and temperature readings
UND/EA2/6/DEPENG   December 1984 - May 1994
Departments - English
UND/EA2/6/DEPHIS/1   December 1983 - June 1988
Departments - History
UND/EA2/6/DEPHIS/2   September 1988 - July 1993
Departments - History
UND/EA2/6/DEPHIS/3   August 1993 - February 1995
Departments - History
UND/EA2/6/DEPLAW   September 1987 - June 1996
Departments - Law
UND/EA2/6/DEPMUS   September 1985 - April 1993
Departments - Music
UND/EA2/6/DEPTHE   October 1984 - February 1988
Departments - Theology
UND/EA2/6/DIS2   February 1988 - March 1995
Disposals correspondence
UND/EA2/6/EQU2   April 1983 - November 1994
Equipment and furniture orders, including instructions for using the photostat camera
UND/EA2/6/EXH/1   February 1983 - July 1993
UND/EA2/6/EXH/2   October 1993 - June 1997
UND/EA2/6/EXH/3   1983 - 1995
Register of exhibitions at Palace Green detailing what, when and by whom.
UND/EA2/6/FIR1   November 1984 - August 1993
Fire correspondence
UND/EA2/6/FOLL   March 1993
Follett return
UND/EA2/6/HAR   December 1983 - January 1997
Harriott seminar
UND/EA2/6/INS1   April 1996
Insurance correspondence
UND/EA2/6/INT1   January 1984 - July 1992
Inter-Library loans - OILL
UND/EA2/6/INT2   March 1983 - February 1997
Inter-library loans - PILL correspondence
UND/EA2/6/INV   January 1990 - June 1997
UND/EA2/6/KEY   April 1984
Keys, correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA2/6/NAFTA   November 1994 - September 1996
Northern Association of Film and TV Archives
UND/EA2/6/ORD   September 1995 - June 1997
Orders other than binding
UND/EA2/6/PERM/1   April 1988 - October 1994
Permissions to reproduce DUL material
UND/EA2/6/PERM/2   March 1995 - June 1997
Permissions to reproduce DUL material
UND/EA2/6/PHO/3   June 1985 - July 1990
Photography - Hill Monastic MSS Library agreement and correspondence
UND/EA2/6/PHO/4   August 1996 - June 1997
Photography correspondence
UND/EA2/6/PHO/5   August 1996 - April 1997
Microfilm order forms
UND/EA2/6/REA3   February 1987 - January 1997
Readers classes on other subjects
UND/EA2/6/SEC   May 1992 - March 2001
Security (alarms) correspondence and procedures
UND/EA2/6/STAF/E   February 1990 - May 1997
Staff employment job enquiries, volunteers and temporary staff
UND/EA2/6/SUD   November 1987 - February 1997
Sudan Archive copy correspondence
UND/EA2/6/SURV   August 1986 - April 1997
Surveys non-specific, including survey of finding aids to manuscripts and archives at PG detailing present provision and future needs.
UND/EA2/6/THEF   August 1971 - 1979
Thefts of books and possible purchases of replacement
UND/EA2/6/UNI/H   October 1982 - June 1997
University History and its members enquiries, also accessions
1. October 1982 - July 1991.
2. March 1992 - June 1997.
UND/EA2/6/UNI/L   January 1988 - December 1994
University Library History enquiries
UND/EA2/6/VIS/1   March 1983 - May 1997
Visits - parties, including some lists of items displayed
UND/EA2/6/VIS/2   May 1986 - June 1997
Visits - individual
UND/EA2/6/ZA   December 1986 - June 1997
General surveys of holdings
UND/EA2/6/ZB1   February 1991 - November 1996
Abbott collection enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZB2b   February 1983 - December 1996
Bamburgh library correspondence with the clerk & other admininstrative matters
UND/EA2/6/ZB2c   May 1985 - May 1994
Bamburgh library enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZB2e   March 1991
Other material on the Sharp library
UND/EA2/6/ZB3a   July 1984 - March 1997
Cosin library enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZB5c   January 1984 - March 1997
G.B. Elliott collection correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB5d   [1990s]
G.B. Elliott collection photocopies of title pages and offprints
UND/EA2/6/ZB5e   September 1970 - June 1986
G.B. Elliott collection notes, bills for acquisitions, photocopies, catalogue entries
UND/EA2/6/ZB6b   May 1977 - May 1989
Kellett collection correspondence
1. May 1977 - June 1980
2. June 1986 - May 1989
UND/EA2/6/ZB7a   1982, August 1986 - May 1997
Malcolm MacDonald collection correspondence, incorporating correspondence re the collection from the Palaeography and Diplomatic department and the Howes bookshop catalogue of his books 1982
UND/EA2/6/ZB9a   May 1982 - March 1997
Mickleton & Spearman mss enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZB10a   May 1982 - February 1995
Observatory collection correspondence including a D.W. Dewhirst 1982 offprint on the correspondence of Rev B.W.S. Ballack
UND/EA2/6/ZB11b   October 1982 - May 1997
Plomer collection correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB12a   March 1983 - February 1997
Routh library enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZB13a   July 1991 - January 1994
Winterbottom collection enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZB14   September 1986 - July 1995
Sunderland Society of Friends collection correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB15   March 1987 - June 1997
Pratt-Green collection correspondence
1. March 1987 - April 1991
2. September 1991 - June 1997
UND/EA2/6/ZB16   October 1986 - June 1997
Bunting Poetry archive correspondence
1. October 1986 - July 1990
2. August 1990 - June 1997
UND/EA2/6/ZB17   May 1990 - May 1997
British Council Poetry Reading Tapes correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB18   Setpember 1988 - May 1997
Earl Grey papers correspondence
1. September 1988 - March 1994
2. June 1994 - May 1997
UND/EA2/6/ZB19   January 1993 - July 1995
University archive correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB23   May 1958 - July 1996
Howard Library correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB24   October 1987 - May 1996
Thomas Johnstone papers correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB25   March 1990 - May 1996
Oriental Mss correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB27   1985 - June 1993
Abbas Hilmi papers reports on research use
UND/EA2/6/ZB28   April 1994 - April 1997
Watkins papers correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB30   February 1995 - September 1996
Hawley papers re their acquisition
UND/EA2/6/ZB31   March 1996 - January 1997
Willis papers correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB32b/1   November 1972 - October 1996
Additional Mss 838-842 W.B. Scott letters correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB32b/2   March 1981 - May 1993
Additional Mss 860 Rudyard Kipling Mss correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZB36(ii)   1975 - 1999
Cosin manuscripts, enquiries about individual mss
Paper file
UND/EA2/6/ZC1a   February 1986 - September 1994
Manuscripts General correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZC1b   July 1983 - May 1997
Manuscripts Medieval correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZC1c   January 1982 - March 1997
Manuscripts Post-Medieval
1. January 1982 - July 1990
2. July 1990 - March 1997
UND/EA2/6/ZC1d   December 1983 - January 1997
Reports to the Historical Manuscripts Commission of accessions
UND/EA2/6/ZC2a   January 1987 - June 1997
Incunabula correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZC2b   November 1982 - December 1996
Printed Books Foreign post-1500 correspondence
1. November 1982 - February 1993
2. January 1993 - December 1996
UND/EA2/6/ZC2c   December 1982 - December 1996
Printed Books English 1475-1640 enquiries and correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZC2d   June 1983 - November 1996
Printed Books English 1641-1700 enquiries and correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZC2e   April 1983 - April 1997
Printed Books English 1701-1800 enquiries and correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZC2f   August 1980 - February 1997
Printed Books English 1801-date
UND/EA2/6/ZC2h   1971 - 1986
Special period (1670-1689) acquisitions reports
UND/EA2/6/ZC3   January 1983 - May 1997
Music enquiries
1. January 1983 - May 1993
2. July 1993 - May 1997
UND/EA2/6/ZC4   May 1985 - October 1996
Historical Bindings
UND/EA2/6/ZC5a   March 1981 - September 1996
Local miscellaneous enquiries
1. March 1981 - May 1986
2. May 1986 - April 1988
3. May 1988 - April 1992
4. May 1992 - September 1996
UND/EA2/6/ZC6a   September 1985 - March 1995
Maps & Atlases: general and non-local enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZC6b   December 1989 - April 1994
Maps & Atlases: local enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZC7a   October 1988 - March 1996
Prints (topographical portraits etc) enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZC8a   February 1983 - August 1995
Photographic collections: enquiries & other correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZC8b   November 1983 - February 1987
Photographic collections: surveys
UND/EA2/6/ZC9a   April 1984 - December 1995
Pictures in the University Library: enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZD1   December 1984 - October 1996
Miscellaneous Special Collections enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZD3   October 1983 - November 1996
Thomas Wright and his mss enquiries
UND/EA2/6/ZD5   October 1985
J. Bouet album letter
UND/EA2/6/ZE1a   December 1983 - August 1996
Cathedral Library administration correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZE1b   July 1983
Cathedral Library history letter
UND/EA2/6/ZE1d   July 1983 - February 1985
Cathedral Library printed books correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZE1e   July 1983 - November 1988
Cathedral Library cataloguing project correspondence and cataloguing slips
UND/EA2/6/ZE2   January 1983 - January 1997
Ushaw College library collections correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZE3   August 1983 - October 1995
St Chad's College library correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZE4   March 1989 - January 1992
University College relations and collections correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZE5   June 1983 - March 1985
Palaeography Department correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZE6   February 1984 - July 1992
Durham County Record Office correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZE7   February 1987 - August 1994
Bowes Museum correspondence
UND/EA2/6/ZE10   March - October 1986
Carlisle Cathedral Library correspondence, including G.E. Marrison's survey of the library
UND/EA2/6/ZZ1   August 1983 - December 1993
Post out book, detailing date, name and address and postage for:
Letters UK 1st class
Letters UK 2nd class
Overseas letters
Paper book
UND/EA2/6/ZZ2   [c.1982 - 1985]
Cards detailing documents used [for displays for visits by] genealogists, West Rainton, education, Durham St Oswald, general, open days, History Association, Society of Archivists, ASLIB UK Serials group, compiled by Margaret McCollum.
Index cards, 5" x 3"
Files from 1998
Reference: UND/EA2/7
Dates of creation: 1949 - 2009, mostly 1997 - 2005
In 1998 the filing system was modified with 3-letter alphabetical codes being assigned to the collections, and thereby to the collection files about them. Some files from previous systems were carried over and incorporated into the new filing system.
The files were weeded by various Palace Green Library staff in 2008.

UND/EA2/7/PG/AAM   September - October 2003
Archives Awareness Month, correspondence, catalogues and posters.
UND/EA2/7/PG/ACQ/1   November 1997 - May 2009
Acquisitions, purchases, not otherwise recorded in the collections files, including accession details.
UND/EA2/7/PG/ACQ/2   February 2002 - November 2009
Acquisitions, donations and deposits, not otherwise detailed in the collections files.
i. February 2002 - April 2004.
ii. February 2004 - August 2007.
iii. August 2007 - November 2009.
3 paper files
UND/EA2/7/PG/COL   February 2001 - August 2003
Colleges - St John's, correspondence re the college's management of its archive.
UND/EA2/7/PG/DEP   September 1997 - July 2002
Departments, correspondence re relations with departments, their books at PG library and their use of the ASC collections
- History, including the dept's “Guidance for History Dissertations 2002-2003” handbook, February 2001 - July 2002.
- Music, September 1997 - July 2001.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/7/PG/EQU/1   December 1992 - August 1999
Equipment, correspondence including inventory of furniture left at Prior's Kitchen 1992.
UND/EA2/7/PG/EXHIB/1   December 1997 - July 2006
Exhibitions at Palace Green Library, occasional lists of items and promotional material.
UND/EA2/7/PG/INS/1   December 1998 - September 2000
Insurance of the buildings and collections overall.
UND/EA2/7/PG/OUT/1   November 2001 - May 2005
Outreach Work general, including conferences, leaflets, workshops and family history shows.
UND/EA2/7/PG/PAL   March 1999 - August 2004
Palaeography teaching.
UND/EA2/7/PG/PERM   October 1997 - June 2003
Permissions to use images and to film, correspondence and forms.
UND/EA2/7/PG/PHO/4   February 1998 - March 2007
Photography, correspondence re orders and permissions.
UND/EA2/7/PG/REP/1   August 1999 - May 2000
Public Record Office, correspondence re the Places of Deposit Instrument.
UND/EA2/7/PG/SAF   October 1997 - January 2008
Health and Safety Inspections, forms, reports and correspondence.
i. October 1997 - February 2005.
ii. December 2005 - January 2008.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/7/PG/X/LOC   2002 - 2003
Local collection re-cataloguing project description and reports.
Paper file
UND/EA2/7/PG/X/PRB(b)   July 1997 - October 2003
Printed Books Foreign post-1500, enquiries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/ADD/1-2   1949 - March 2010
Additional Manuscripts, correspondence re acquisitions, in Add Ms number order.
1. 1949-2005.
2. 2002-2010.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/ALL   1992 - 1999
Louis Allen collection, books and papers, correspondence etc re acquisition, cataloguing, and grants, with some lists.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/AUC/1   August 1997 - August 2002
Auckland Castle records, accessions by Durham University Library, correspondence.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/AUC/3   August 1997 - December 2004
Auckland Castle records, enquiries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/BAK   August 1947 & November 1993 - February 2005
Baker Baker papers, correspondence, including a copy of the 1947 report on the papers by the Historical Manuscripts Commission.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/BAM/2   November 1998 - July 2004
Bamburgh Library, correspondence.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/BAM/3   January - February 1999
Bamburgh Library, enquiries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/BRA   April 1954 - January 1978
British Records Association, correspondence and lists re accessions, mainly of deeds.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/BRI   April - August 1993
Karl Britton papers, correspondence re their accession, with a boxlist and a biography.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/BUN/1   May 2000 - November 2006
Basil Bunting archive, enquiries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/BUN/3   August 1991 - July 1999
Basil Bunting archive, correspondence with Colin Simms re Bunting material.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/CCB   August 1997 - March 2006
Church Commissioners Bishopric Records
1. Crrespondence re accessions, loans and withdrawals 1997-2001.
2. Books of Great receipt repair project funded by the NMCT 2000-2006.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/CCD   September 1998 - August 2004
Church Commissioners Cathedral Records, correspondence, especially re loans of deeds.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/CGB   [c.1983]
Clayton and Gibson, lists and notes.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/CKS   1980 - 1996
Cookson papers, lists and notes.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/CLX   [c.1980s]
Claxton deeds, notes of pedigrees.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/COS   May 1998 - June 2007
Cosin's Library
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/CRE/1   1974, May 1997 - March 2004
Cremation Society archive, enquiries 2004, list of publications, lists of records, 1974 and 2001 conference programmes, and correspondence re the archive's deposit.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/DCD   March 2003 - June 2006
Durham Cathedral archive, enquiries and some publication permissions, including also discussion about a possible medieval seals online project, March 2003.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/DDR/1   August 1997 - February 2004
Durham Diocesan Registry correspondence re enquiries, deposits, copies and loans.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/DDR/2   September 1997 - November 2005
Durham Diocesan Office correspondence re deposits of records.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/DTP   1983 - 1989
Darlington Turnpike deeds, notes on deposits and agreements about them with the COunty record Office.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/EHM   April 1998 - May 2007
Else Headlam-Morley papers, correspondence re the collection and cataloguing notes.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/ELL/4   November 1997 - January 2002
Elliott papers, correspondence with especially Christine Elliott re the collection and additions to it.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/GRE/1   June 1997 - September 2010
Earl Grey papers (including Baring), enquiries, with a partial list.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/GRE/2   January 1998 - April 2004
Earl Grey papers, correspondence with Lord Howick concerning the collection.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/HAW   October 1986 - October 2005
Hawley papers, correspondence with Sir Donald Hawley re his collection, and lists of it.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/HNP   September 1986 - August 2011
Howard of Naworth archive, (transferred to Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle, 2012)
1. Enquiries and occasional accessions, including Roger Hawkins' 1999 list of the Lambert plans November 1997 - November 2006.
2. Correspondence and lists, September 1986 - August 2011.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/HUD   January 1997 - November 2006
Hudleston papers, enquiries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/JOH   August 1989 - July 2006
Johnstone papers, acquisition and access to.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/MAC/1   August 1997 - November 2008
Malcolm Macdonald papers, enquiries.
i. August 1987 - January 2002.
ii. December 2004 - November 2008.
2 files
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/OBS   June 1989 - October 2007
Observatory records, enquiries and lists and correspondence re accessions.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/ORI   November 1997 - March 2005
Oriental manuscripts, enquiries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/PAL   May 1973 - March 2006
Palatinate records,
1. Correspondence re accessions, possible TNA transfers, and enquiries including a Durham Chancery sede vacante seal of 1617.
2. Lists of records in PRO, Gateshead and DUL, and their transfer, with correspondence including re possible 1973 return and some notes 1973-2006.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/PLO   September 1997 - May 2003
Plomer collection, enquiries and correspondence re additions to the collection and copyright, with a file of related obituaries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/PRA   January 1994 - April 2006
Pratt Green collection, enquiries and correspondence with lists re additions to the collection, with a partial list.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/RIC   December 1998 - December 2003
E.T. Richmond papers, correspondence re acquisition and cataloguing, with lists.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/ROU   June 1998 - March 2006
Routh Library, correspondence re Cotton books and (?Martin Routh/Matthew Raine) M.R. inscription.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/SHA   August 1999 - February 2003
Shafto papers, correspondence re accessions, including Brian Gargate's 1999 list.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/SYS   May 1999 - October 2003
Systematics Association records, list and notes of their arrangement, and correspondence.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/UND/1   December 1955 & September 1997 - December 2016
Durham University records, correspondence re accessions, with lists, including C.R. Hudleston's 1955 list of deeds in Barclays Bank.
i. December 1955 & September 1997 - August 2004.
ii. February 2005 - November 2006.
iii. January 2007 - December 2016.
3 files
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/UND/2   November 2002 - December 2017
Durham University records, enquiries, mainly re former members of the university.
i. November 2002 - December 2004.
ii. January 2005 - December 2007.
iii. January 2008 - December 2017.
3 files
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/WAT   June 1998 - November 2004
Eric Watkins papers, correspondence with Eric Watkins re the aquisition and cataloguing of his papers, with lists.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/WIL   April 1994 - September 2005
Willis papers, correspondence with Peter Willis re the acquisition and cataloguing of his papers, with lists, and enquiries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/WLS   April 1994 - September 1996
D.B. Wilson collection, correspondence re the acquisition of his books, drafts of the catalogue, and obituaries of him.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/WRI   July 1998 - December 2001
Thomas Wright manuscripts, enquiries.
UND/EA2/7/PG/Z/WYL   March 2005 - September 2006
Wylde Family papers, acquisition and valuation of.
Head of department's files
Reference: UND/EA2/8
Dates of creation: 1977 - 2016
UND/EA2/8/B1   December 1998 - June 1999, July 2008 - March 2012
Theft of 2 manuscripts and 5 books from display in Cosin's Library in 1998, with details of the items (catalogue descriptions, inventories, copies of distinguishing marks, photographs), including the Shakespeare first folio;
also the discovery and consequences of the theft and efforts to recover them, including a page from the March 1999 edition and a complete copy of the November 2002 Trace featuring the items;
and then correspondence and newspaper cuttings re the recovery of the first folio, handed in to the Folger Library, and the arrest, investigation into, trial and conviction of Raymond Scott for handling the stolen Shakespeare first folio and exporting it from the UK to fund his flamboyant lifestyle and his Cuban girlfriend 2008-2010;
and an invite to a Folger exhibition on the First Folio 2011, and an obituary of Raymond Scott (March 2012).
UND/EA2/8/B2   January - December 2000
Proposed university history by David Watkinson, correspondence and notes of meetings.
UND/EA2/8/B3   12 January - 16 March 2011
Invites, programmes and guest lists for receptions:
for the opening of “The Treasures of Durham University” exhibition, with the chancellor's letter appealing on behalf of the library, 12&13 January 2011, also a CD of 150 JPeg images by Paul Sidney of the 12 January Wolfson Gallery reception, identified:
1 3 witches
2 Gallery general
3-6 Egyptian objects
7-15 Chinese objects
16 Bible
17 Scull cup
18 Head
19 Bible, scull cup and head
20 Cosin
21 Book of Common Prayer
22 Manuscript
23 Manuscripts general
24-26 Gallery general
27-28 Imperial water bowl
29-30 Objects general
31 Shakespeare first folio
32-33 Gallery general
34-36 Bhudda head
37-38 Chinese horse
39 Chinese crawling baby
40 Shakespeare first folio
41Jon Purcell librarian speaking
42 Gallery general
43 Imperial water bowl
44-45 Gallery general
46 Chris Higgins VC speaking
47-48 Bali screen closeup
49 Craig Barclay museums curator, Colin Williams of Inscape
50-51 Julie Biddlecombe-Brown PG Library, Craig Barclay, Colin Williams
52 Ian Doyle former rare books librarian
53-54 Jon Purcell, Nance Macaulay former librarian
55 Liz Branigan conservator, DI Mick Callan, Mrs Angela Callan
56 Jon Purcell, Ian Doyle, Nance Macaulay
57-58 Ian Doyle, Nance Macaulay
59 Ian Doyle
60-61 Mick Callan, DC Tim Lerner, Mrs Polly Lerner
62 Chris Higgins, Mick Callan
63 Chris Higgins, Mick Callan, Tim Lerner
64Julie Biddlecombe-Brown, Chancellor Bill Bryson, Sheila Hingley head of Heritage Collections
65-66 Jon Purcell, Mrs Shelagh Martell, Andrew Martell
67 Bill Bryson, Sheila Hingley, Prof Richard Gameson
68 Simon Fourmy of Wolfson Foundation, Peter Birmingham Development
69 Tim Lerner, Polly Lerner
70 ?Terence Blackhall artist, friend
71-72 Tim Lerner, Mick Callan
73-74 Chris Higgins, Christopher de Hamel of Corpus Christi College Cambridge, Sheila Hingley
75 ?, Andrew Martell of Fenwick Group, Christopher Lendrum
76 Peter Birmingham, Simon Fourmy, Anna Campbell
77-78 Grenville Holland, Mrs Olive Holland, Mrs Millie Waites, Charles Waites
79 Chief Constable Jon Stoddart, Joseph Stoddart
80 Christopher Lendrum, Shelagh Martell, Mrs Margaret Lendrum, Andrew Martell, Henry Dyson
81-83 Speeches audience
84-87 Simon Fourmy speaking
88 Richard Gameson, Henry Dyson
89 ?Terence Blackhall, friend
90-91 Tim Lerner, Polly Lerner, Richard Gameson, ?, ?
92 Claire Molloy Development
93 Margaret Lendrum, Bryan Fleming Development, Christopher Lendrum
94 Christopher Lendrum, Margaret Lendrum, Bryan Fleming
95 Charles Waites, Millie Waites, Olive Holland, Craig Barclay
96 Carolyn Burrows, Mrs Margaret Howell, Roger Howell of Fenwick Group, Chris Higgins
97 Peter Birmingham, Claire Molloy
98 Mrs Mary Anne Sinclair, Shelagh Martell
99 Angela Callan, Mrs Lisa Hall
100 Charles Waites, Millie Waites, Olive Holland
101 Millie Waites, Olive Holland, Bill Bryson
102 Charles Waites, Millie Waites, Olive Holland
103 Charles Waites, Millie Waites
104 Charles Waites, Millie Waites, John Marshall, Olive Holland
105 Lisa Hall, Angela Callan
106 Canon Rosalind Brown, Roger Howell
107 Henry Dyson, Mrs Carolyn Ramsbotham, Margaret Howell
108-109 Olive Holland, Charles Waites, Millie Waites, John Marshall
110 Bill Bryson, John Galbraith
111-112 Richard Gameson, ?, ?
113-114 Carolyn Ramsbotham, Margaret Howell, Henry Dyson
115 ?, Hon James Ramsbotham, Craig Fleming
116 Rosalind Brown, Roger Howell
117 Party general
118-120 Bill Bryson speaking
121-123 Richard Gameson speaking
124 Jon Purcell speaking
125-131 Bill Bryson
132 ?, Roger Howell
133-150 Castle Senate Room dinner tables, flower arrangements, place settings, menus
John Stainer exhibition and celebratory concert 11&16 March 2011.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/B4   December 2002 - May 2013
Disaster plan, callout lists and procedures
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/B5   July 2004 - April 2013
Correspondence of principally A.I. Doyle (also Sheridan Gilley, Dick Watson, and E.J. Morrall) with principally the Librarian and the Head of Heritage Collections, also the Warden of the University, Debra Kobasa and Durham County Council, generally commenting on various aspects of the collections, spaces, administration of and proposed changes to Palace Green Library.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/B6   1982 - 1988
Reports and papers on Special Collections, with some drafts, prepared for university committees and UGC visits etc.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/B7   2010 - 2014
Reports, budgets, bid applications, email correspondence, Historic Buildings and Contents committee agendas and minutes re Durham Castle Museum, its objects and curator, and also for the administration of tours of the castle.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/B8   2009 - 2016
World Heritage Site papers, including papers for a World Heritage Site Proposed Research Laboratory meeting 30 April 2010, the “ Feasibility Study for Development of Durham Cathedral and Durham University Unesco World Heritage Site Assets and Facilities” by Bowles Green Ltd of September 2010, Purcell's “Palace Green Framework Conservation Management Plan” tabled at a workshop day on 21 March 2013, the “Durham World Heritage Site Research Framework” by David Petts, September 2014, and a programme (with postcards of the site) for “Intangible Heritage ... 30th Anniversary Conference” 4-5 November 2016..
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/B9   1989-2009
Lists of printed items and manuscripts from the Archives and Special Collections, and occasionally Durham Chapter Library and Ushaw Library, produced for displays to students and visiting groups on various topics, as follows (subject; group/leader, date).
Tanfield; Tanfield group, 11/05/2004
Bamburgh Library, Cosin’s Library and MSS, Kellett, Thomas Wright, recent accessions, Routh Library, Literary collections, Sudan Archive; Bibliographical Society, 1990
List of books in French published 1601-1800 in Durham University Library, annotated with items selected for display, with list of selections
Religious controversy in early sixteenth century France: French bibles; Dr Jenny Britnell, 1990-2002
Early French printed items; French distinguished visitor
Ushaw Manuscripts 16th-19th centuries
American ambassador’s visit, 1992
Bindings; bibliography of bookbinding
York Bibliographical Society, 1992
Cartography, exploration, geometry 16th-17th centuries; Harriot Seminar, 2006
Bindings; North-East Society of Bookbinders, 09/2006
Sources for the Archaeology of Standing buildings; Prof. Matthew Johnson, Dept of Archaeology, 02/2000
‘To se, and eek for to be seye’: MSS and early prints books; Early Book Society, 11/07/2003
Heraldry, courts and pageantry, English 15th-century literary manuscripts; seals; White Lion Society, 2006
History of Science; Prof. D. M. Knight, Dr M. D. Eddy, 2005
Research use of Durham collections; Prof. Brian Fender, HEFCE chief executive, 1995 x 2001
Durham University Library Treasures; 2007
Middle English literature, Breviaries, Devotional reading and Books of Hours, Caxton and de Worde, Rastell and Legal publications, Reformation texts, French connections, Histories and Chronicles, Medicine and Magic, Wilson collection; Early Book Society
Religion and literature; Duke University
Books and manuscripts; British Museum Society
Culture and Belief in Europe, 1450-1600: early printed books from famous presses, Illustration in manuscripts, Printed illustration, Scientific and technical illustration (astronomy, mathematics, geography, natural history, architecture), Medicine, Religious works, Literary and historical works, Music; Open University module
Cremation; Cremation Society, 2001
Dictionaries; Imprint Club
Darlington; Darlington Council Development & Environmental Dept, Countryside Section, 06/2001
County Durham: small display
The English Reformation: triumph or disaster?: texts and pictorial illustrations, Controversial writing, Documentary evidence; Durham University Theology Department
English postgraduates induction class handouts and displays (medievalists, early Renaissance, and post-medievalists); Guide to finding printed books; Pitfalls for the unwary – search strategies; Guide to finding post-medieval literary manuscripts in public collections; Guide to modern literary manuscripts in Durham University Library and their finding aids
Commonplace Books; Wesleyan Conference Ann Moss, 03/09/2009
German history and early printed items; German distinguished visitor
Scandinavian literature, history and print culture, including issue of Classiconorroena, no. 9, Jan-June 1997, with article on Routh Collection cataloguing project, annotated; Saga conference, 07/2006
Indexing: with note on medieval indexing; Indexers conference, 08/07/2006
Early Floras; Barry Woodward, 10/1989
Literature: treasures in Durham University Library
General; Historical Association Conference, 04/1993
Howard Library: MSS commonplace books of Howard and printed items
Italian Renaissance; Hugh Shankland
Lithuania; 10/2000
Liturgical sources: medieval books, Roman Catholic service books at the time of the Reformation, the Book of Common Prayer, Destruction of medieval service books, Mass, Daily offices, Occasional offices, Miscellanea, with laminated captions; Dr Jerome Roche
Local history: how to study and research you locality, with bibliography; CLL, 22/03/2000
Oxford Movement; Sheridan Gilley
British Association of Paper Historians, 01/09/2000
Renaissance Tragedy; Alison Shell, 01/02/2000
Reformation; 07/03/2006
Shakespeare; Prof. R. Watson
Books, manuscripts, maps, photographs; St Mary’s College S.C.R., 1989
Books, manuscripts, maps: lists for two different displays; University of the Third Age (York & [?Durham]) and Wessex Fine Art Tours, 05/1999 and 10/1999
Zoology; 06/1992

Paper   1 box
UND/EA2/8/B10   1970-2009
Lists of printed items and manuscripts from the Archives and Special Collections, and occasionally Durham Chapter Library and Ushaw Library, produced for displays to students and visiting groups, with research notes. Also contains files on exhibitions (produced and proposed), and outreach events hosted at Durham University and elsewhere. Files created by archivist Margaret McCollum. A complete file list is filed within each box (subject; group/leader, date). Display topics (with dates of display) include:
Bishop Auckland, 2002
Bowburn and Cassop, 2007
Cleveland and Teesside, 2002
Cumbria, 1993
Ferryhill, 2005
Gosforth, 2005, 2009
Hebburn, South Shields, Hartlepool, Felling, Heworth, Bishopwearmouth, Benwell, Jarrow, 2007-2008
Lynesack, 1998
Middleton in Teesdale1989
Sedgefield, 1988-2004
Waldridge Fell, environment and the National Curriculum: the dynamic landscape, map work and evidence, 1990
Weardale, and Weardale Chest, 2006
West Rainton, 1983
Whitworth, Tudhoe, Old Park, Spennymoor, 2006
Conservation (needing repair / repaired), 1977 and 1987
Specimen types of documents (suitable for archaeologists), 1976
The creation of Newcastle diocese, 1982
The church in Northumberland from the beginning (including Roman Catholics and non-conformists), 1983
Bishops' Transcripts, 1976
Durham City Freemen and Guilds, 1988
Nineteenth century changes on Wearside and Sunderland, especially under Bishop Baring, 1973
Ecclesiastical history c. 1500-1660, 1983, 2009
The Reformation, 2001, 2006
Sir Peter Ustinov, 2004
Bread through the ages, 2005
Durham University Chancellors, and Academic dress, 2005
History of Science, 2006
Medieval Middle English documents: Hoccleve, 2007
Living in a Material World - Sudan Archive objects, 2007
The Reformation and its aftermath, 2007
What is historical truth? The early settlement of America, 2007
Learned and Popular Medicine, 2007-2008
Consumer Behaviour 1660-1760, 2007-2008
Medieval, early modern and modern records selections, and guides, produced for History undergraduate dissertation training sessions, 2002-2008

Paper   3 boxes
UND/EA2/8/B11   August 2010 - 2013
Palace Green Library Project, proposals for the reuse of rooms in phase 2, the redevelopment of the Exchequer Building, and a report into Lennox unit failures.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/P1   1977
Projects - Durham University Journal index
UND/EA2/8/P2   1969 & 1978 - 1983
Projects - Cathedral Chapter Library catalogue, including the 1969 report on the Refectory Library catalogue, progress reports.
UND/EA2/8/P3   1984 - 1985 & 1992
Projects - Cosin's Library computerised catalogue (BL grant)
UND/EA2/8/P4   1995 - [1999]
Projects - Non-Formula Funding (NFF - Follett) - Archives Information System
UND/EA2/8/P5   1994 - 1997
Projects - Follett - Central Asian books online catalogue
UND/EA2/8/P6   1994 - 1996
Projects - Follett - Central Asian newspapers microfilms
UND/EA2/8/P7   1995 - 2000
Projects - Follett - Durham Diocesan records online catalogue and conservation, including the Tavistock Institute evaluation 2000.
UND/EA2/8/P8   1995 - 1997
Projects - Follett - Durham Dean and Chapter medieval registers online calendar
UND/EA2/8/P9   1994 - 1995
Projects - Follett - T.M. Johnstone tapes remastering
UND/EA2/8/P10   1994 - 1999
Projects - Follett - Routh and Bamburgh libraries online catalogue, including some instructions re the [earlier] revision of Routh entries in the main catalogue
UND/EA2/8/P11   1994 - 1996
Projects - Follett - Sudan cinefilms remastering
UND/EA2/8/P12   1994 - 1997
Projects - Follett - Sudan manuscripts catalogue
UND/EA2/8/P13   1994 - 1998
Projects - Follett - Sudan photographs digitisation
UND/EA2/8/P14   1994 - 1996
Projects - Follett - Sudan printed material online catalogue
UND/EA2/8/P15   1996 - 1998
Projects - Follett - JISC NFF reports
UND/EA2/8/P16   1997
Projects - Follett - JISC questionnaires
UND/EA2/8/P17   1996 - 1998
Projects - National Manuscripts Conservation Trust - Cosin manuscripts conservation, including reports of conservation work on individual mss
UND/EA2/8/P18-19   1998 - 2000
Projects - Archives hub
18. Correspondence, reports and working group meetings minutes
19. Cataloguing rules
UND/EA2/8/P20   1998 - 1999
Projects - RSLP (Research Support Libraries Programme) - early preparations for bidding
UND/EA2/8/P21-22   1998 - 1999
Projects - RSLP - project drafts
21. Guidelines; archive collection level records; Cosin manuscripts catalogue; Durham dean and chapter medieval deeds calendar; printed specal collections early and rare books catalogue; Sudan films and photographs digitisation and mastering
22. Archive indexing; enhancing the research capacity of the OPAC; Durham maps
UND/EA2/8/P23-24   1999 - 2001
Projects - RSLP - 19th century pamphlets (Grey) catalogue
UND/EA2/8/P25   2001 - 2002
Projects - RSLP - Revelation (M.S. McCollum file).
UND/EA2/8/P26   2002
Projects - National Manuscripts Conservation Trust grant application re Church Commission Durham Bishopric estates receiver general's accounts.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/P27   2014 - 2015
Kuwait museum project, including on Aldiwan Alamiri, Mubarkiya School, Kuwait National Museum 2003, Mubarak Kiosk, Dickson House Cultural Centre, Kuwait Archaeology and the Maritiem Museum, and a file of descriptions of BBC images.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/P28   2014 - 2018
First World War projects, comprising the Roll of Honour project to compile biographies by volunteers of all the university's WW1 dead and those who survived 2014-2018, and ASC's involvement in the Universities at War project funded by the HLF 2015-2017.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/P29   2018
Exchequer Building tours and interpretation project.
1. Exhibition team file including: Education Resource Pack (incomplete), articles and papers about the background history of the building includuing copy correspondence from A.I. Doyle 2016, report of Archaeological Services Durham University on Land at Palace Green ... geophysical surveys July 2009, copy images and plans, Bishops, Books and Buildings Research on the History of the Exchequer building report [by Richard Annis], The Library World article [c.1936], designs for possible tours and interpretation, and some budget estimates.
2. 24 interpretation plan, design and timelines etc.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/8/P30   2002 - 2008
Collections Care scheme, papers, reports, meeting minutes, conservator job descriptions and adverts, correspondence.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/8/P31   1999 - 2004
Mormon microfilming of university, cathedral and bishopric material, correspondence and agreements.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/P32   August 2010 - July 2011
Appointments diary of [the Head of Heritage Collections] detailing meetings, staff absences etc.
Paper book
UND/EA2/8/P33   2004 - 2009
Sudan Archive Digitisation, reports, correspondence, camera specifications, job description for a digitser and their recruitment.
Paper file
UND/EA2/8/P34   2004
Our Friends in the North HLF joint bid of Tyne and Wear Archives, Durham County Record Office, Newcastle University Library and DUL, to provide a cataloguing resource involving especially the Backhouse papers, rejected by HLF.
Paper file
Other records
Reference: UND/EA2/9
UND/EA2/9/1   May 1914 - June 2011
Palace Green Visitors' Books
Recording members of other universities, other visitors, some members of the university, and some spurious figures, detailing date, name, address/institution, and purpose of visit. The first volume was little used after 1959, with only one entry in 1967, and then Princess Margaret and four others in 1982. The last volume was closed in June 2011 on the departure of the Music and Law collections to the Main Library.
1. May 1914 - October 1982.
2. September 1981 - July 1986.
3. July 1986 - December 1991.
4. January 1992 - June 1998.
5. July 1998 - February 2005.
6. February 2005 - June 2011.
UND/EA2/9/2   1992 - 2008, 2012 - 2013
Readers' day books
Annual diaries signed by readers of ASC, including one for the temporary searchroom operated in Cursitor's 2012-2013.
UND/EA2/9/3   May 2004 - February 2010
Extended hours staff message book, with both duties for staff to carry out and reports by them for the regular staff.
UND/EA2/9/4   January 2010 - December 2011
Issue desk appointments diaries recording upcoming daily events in Palace Green Library and staff absences from the building.
2 paper books
UND/EA2/9/5   October 1958 - April 2011
Bishop Cosin's Library visitors' book, recording name, date and institution, and usually the occasion of the visit (conference, meeting etc). A note in the front states that the volume was intended but never used for a new catalogue of Cosin's Library (the paper is watermarked 1833) and it was made the visitors' book after the renovation completed in October 1958, with the first signatory being the Earl of Scarbrough on his installation as chancellor on 16 October 1958. The volume was closed in July 2011 prior to the further renovation of Cosin's Library.
Paper book, edged with gold scrollwork on the inside and gold lines on the outside, bound by Andrew bookseller and binder of Durham, title stamped on the front cover “Catalogue of Bishop Cosin's Library”
UND/EA2/9/6   [c.1960]
Notice asking for the Bishop Cosin's Library visitors' book to be signed and for “Quiet, please” .
Card, 1f
UND/EA2/9/7   [c.1960]
Plan of the Bamburgh Library shelving.
Paper mounted on cardboard, 1f
UND/EA2/9/8   June 2001 - May 2013
Palace Green Lbrary lost property register recording date, item, where found and by whom, logged by, collected by and sent to E&B as appropriate.
Paper book
UND/EA2/9/9   April 2006 - April 2011
Contractors Log Book, recording who attended, where, why, when and with what effect, to carry out repairs and maintenance to Palace Green Library.
Paper file
Sudan files
Reference: UND/EA2/10
Dates of creation: 1978 - 2003 Deposited by Jane Hogan of Durham University Library ASC, 5 January 2005, Acc No Misc.2004/2005:49.

UND/EA2/10/CH//S/2-3D   1977 - 1980
Abbas Hilmi II papers - correspondence with depositor
UND/EA2/10/DC.1c   1987 - 1996
Abbas Hilmi II papers - general correspondence
UND/EA2/10/PG/Z/HIL/1   1997 - 2006
Abbas Hilmi II papers - general correspondence
UND/EA2/10/DC.1e   1981 - 1992
Abbas Hilmi II papers - applications to reproduce
Paper file
UND/EA2/10/DC.5a   1981 - 1988
Sudan archive - general file
Paper file
UND/EA2/10/DC.5c   January - June 1997
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries
Paper file
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/1   July - December 1997
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries
Paper file
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/2   January - June 1998
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries
Paper file
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/3   July - December 1998
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/4   January - June 1999
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/5   July - December 1999
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/6   January - June 2000
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/7   July - December 2000
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/8   January - June 2001
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/9   July - December 2001
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/10   January - June 2002
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/11   July - December 2002
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/12   January - June 2003
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/13   July - December 2003
Sudan archive - general correspondence/enquiries.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/14   January - June 2004
Sudan archive - general correspondence/ enquiries, with an index.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/15   July - December 2004
Sudan archive - general correspondence/ enquiries, with an index.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/16   January - June 2005
Sudan archive - general correspondence/ enquiries, with an index.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/17   July - December 2005
Sudan archive - general correspondence/ enquiries, with an index.
UND/EA2/10/SAD/1/18   January - June 2006
Sudan archive - general correspondence/ enquiries, with an index.
UND/EA2/10/DC.5r   1978 - 1993
Sudan archive - repair work
5 The College files
Reference: UND/EA2/11
Dates of creation: 1959 - 1999, mostly 1990 - 1997
Correspondence files of the former Palaeography and Diplomatic Department staff based at 5 The College after their merger with the Special Collections department of the University Library to become Archives and Special Collections in 1990. The material covers enquiries about records held and information in them, requests to visit, individually or in groups, requests for reprographics and accessions of records, with copy responses from staff. The material is organised alphabetically by correspondent/organisation, and then chronologically. It generally covers the period from 1990 to 1997. Some long-running correspondence was brought over and continued from the previous filing sequences of Pal and Dip at Prior's Kitchen and 5 The College/South Road (the major sequences of these are noted in the list below). In 1997 most of the staff were transferred, with most of the records, to Palace Green.
The files were weeded by Genevieve Budd in November 2003 to April 2004.
For earlier material, see the records of the Palaeography and Diplomatic Department at UND/DB4.

UND/EA2/11/A1   November 1990 - March 1998
Abbott to Anstruther (including intruder alarm log 1993-1997 and Altec Engineering re shelving 1997-1998)
UND/EA2/11/A2   January 1961 - May 1997
Appleby to Atkinson (including Archaeology Dept, and A.W. Armstrong January 1961 to January 1997)
UND/EA2/11/B1   August 1978 - July 1997
Backhouse to Bayles (including B.M. Bacon August 1978 to May 1997)
UND/EA2/11/B2   May 1981 - February 1997
Beale to Blackwell
UND/EA2/11/B3   October 1988 - May 1999
Binder, requests and payments for binding work
UND/EA2/11/B4   October 1971 - February 1997
Boehm to Boyle (including Borthwick Institute York from October 1971 and K. Bourne March 1972 to March 1992)
UND/EA2/11/B5   December 1988 - March 1997
Brabner to Bruynzeel Storage Systems
UND/EA2/11/B6   March 1961 - June 1997
Buckerfield to Burrows (including P. Burroughs March 1961 to October 1992)
UND/EA2/11/C1   January 1967 - October 1995
Cable to Catholic Family History Society (including the earl of Carlisle January 1967 to June 1994)
UND/EA2/11/C2   February 1959 - July 1998
Centre for Environmental Interpretation at Manchester Metropolitan University to Cleveland County Council (including Church Commissioners February 1975 to July 1998 with lists of various records transferred and the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) February 1959 to July 1997)
UND/EA2/11/C3   January 1967 - June 1997
Cockerill to Cox (including J.F.A. Colebrook-Robjent January 1967 to September 1994)
UND/EA2/11/C4   June 1966 to July 1996
Cranstone to Cusack (including Cumberland/Cumbria Record Office June 1966 to December 1995)
UND/EA2/11/D1   July 1978 - November 1996
Dagger to Durham University St Mary's College (including J.K. Dawson July 1978 to October 1991)
UND/EA2/11/D2   January 1995 - May 1997
Bishop of Durham, mainly concerning the transfer of records from Auckland Castle
UND/EA2/11/D3   February 1991 - February 1997
Durham University Library Palace Green Section
UND/EA2/11/D4   November 1990 - April 1997
Durham University Library Main Library
UND/EA2/11/D5   May 1992 - April 1994
Durham County Record Office, mainly concerning the transfer of records
UND/EA2/11/D6   August 1995 - June 1996
Durham Dean and Chapter, chapter clerk, Paul Whittaker
UND/EA2/11/D7   November 1995 - June 1996
Durham Dean and Chapter, Chapter Office
UND/EA2/11/D8   January 1990 - July 1997
Durham Diocesan Registry, mainly concerning the transfer of records
UND/EA2/11/E1   December 1966 - March 1997
Edwards to Exeter Cathedral Archives
UND/EA2/11/E2   June 1988 - August 1996
Durham University Estates and Buildings dept
UND/EA2/11/F1   July 1986 - April 1997
Fawcett to Freeman
UND/EA2/11/G1   July 1981 - January 1997
Galloway to Guy
UND/EA2/11/H1   May 1962 - November 1996
Hall to Hayward (including J. Hamburger May 1962 to March 1991 and A.L. Harington August 1970 to January 1990)
UND/EA2/11/H2   December 1963 - July 1995
Hedges to Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (the latter mainly re notifications of accessions, April 1971 to November 1993)
UND/EA2/11/H3   March 1987 - April 1997
Hodges to Howson
UND/EA2/11/H4   December 1984 - March 1997
Hudleston to Hyslop
UND/EA2/11/IJ   May 1974 - July 1997
Inch to Jorna (including the transfer of Auckland Castle records filed under Bishop David Jenkins, and M. Johnson May 1974 to July 1997)
UND/EA2/11/K1   February 1990 - November 1996
Katzemellenbogen to Kurucz
UND/EA2/11/L1   December 1973 - February 1997
Laing to Lists of publications (including J. Laing December 1973 to October 1994)
UND/EA2/11/M1   July 1981 - June 1996
Meadows to Mills
UND/EA2/11/M2   October 1980 - November 1997
Monkman to Museum Documentation Association (MDA)
UND/EA2/11/N1   December 1975 to February 1997
Nathanson to Northumberland County Record Office (including National Maritime Museum December 1975 to March 1994)
UND/EA2/11/O1   August 1987 - July 1996
O'Brian to Oughton
UND/EA2/11/P1   November 1983 - June 1996
Paszkowski to Pyle
UND/EA2/11/R1   January 1972 - May 1997
Raggett to Ryder
UND/EA2/11/S1   August 1974 - July 1997
Sadler to Shrimpton
UND/EA2/11/S2   March 1972 - November 1996
Sinclair to Squires (including E.A. Smith March 1972 to October 1990, H.J. Smith April 1977 to October 1994 and Smith Gore solicitors October 1977 to September 1992)
UND/EA2/11/S3   February 1989 - June 1997
Stainthorpe to Swinburne Jackson and Moreland solicitors
UND/EA2/11/S4   November 1988 to June 1997
Tacon to Tyson
UND/EA2/11/UV   March 1982 - March 1995
Udy to Voices from the Past exhibition
UND/EA2/11/W1   June 1959 to May 1997
Waddams to Wyly (including P.J. Wallis June 1959 to April 1983 and A.J.L. Winchester May 1977 to August 1995)
UND/EA2/11/Z1   1978 - 1997
Leaflets and notices, including subject guides, lists of Co Durham places in the archives, searchroom rotas and rules, record agents, reprographics charges, opening hours, computer procedures, the historical development of the department.
UND/EA2/11/Z2   1993
Classification scheme for the departmental library and a list of books missing.
UND/EA2/11/Z3   1982 - 1999
Disaster planning, including a training exercise at the Borthwick Institute in York in April 1999.
UND/EA2/11/Z4   1993 - 1994
Procedures for drawing-up search-room annual reports.
UND/EA2/11/Z5   1986 - 1997
Collecting/Acquisitions policy.
UND/EA2/11/Z6   1980 - 1996
Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue.
UND/EA2/11/Z7   2002 - 2005
Medieval documents website (www.durham.ac.uk/medieval.documents/) masters, comprising bibliography, chronological document list, alphabetical list of document types, texts about documents with some images of documents, put together by A.J. Piper.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA2/12
Dates of creation: 1938 - 2013
Catalogues, captions, posters and images of exhibitions and other events at Palace Green and occasionally elsewhere, generally organised by Palace Green staff but on occasion by others.

UND/EA2/12/1   1938-1984
Library binder containing a record of exhibitions mounted by the Library. Some indicate books exhibited, although most shelfmarks are no longer current. Loose items have been stored in a separate file and are marked (loose).
Exhibition of Bindings, 28 November - 2 December 1938 (H. W. Acomb) (loose)
The Beardsley period (DGR)
Conference of School and University Teachers, 15 March 1952 (DGR)
Catalogue for visit by Conference of School and University Teachers (loose)
Some notable science books (DGR)
Local history, 20 March 1953 (DGR)
Coronation exhibition 27 April - 2 May 1953 (royal bindings) (DGR)
Poster for coronation exhibition (loose)
Illustration: manuscripts and printed books (DGR)
Background to Shakespeare for English classes (annual till 1958, & later)
First and early editions of Greek and Latin Authors, for Classical Association Conference April 1957
Calligraphy and autographs
Monthly displays in Entrance Hall 1958 [new accessions; centenary first editions; teaching of Latin in 16th - 17th century England]
Bishop Cosin's Library re-opening after renovation October 1958
Monthly displays in Entrance Hall 1959 [Chaucer; literary centenaries; Handel; Swift & Voltaire; Lake poets; correspondence of 2nd Earl Grey and Archdeacon Thorp; editions of classical texts; Schiller bicentenary]
Centenary of the death of Bishop Maltby July - October 1959
Monthly exhibitions in catalogue room 1960-1961 [recent accessions; Albert Camus; Diderot; English Bible; Restoration of Charles II; recent accessions; Daniel Defoe; Francis Bacon]
Bamburgh Library opening exhibition May - October 1960
Books from the collection of T. M. Winterbottom November 1960 - March 1961
Poster, guide and flyer for Winterbottom exhibition (loose)
Monthly exhibitions in entrance hall 1961 [Hobbes & Clarendon; Sierra Leone; recent accessions; Samuel Richardson, printer; Burke, Paine & Bentham; oriental books]
English Poetry from Beowulf to Auden: for the Annual Conference of Professors of English 8 April 1961 and all summer
Poster, press review and conference dinner for English poetry exhibition (loose)
Our ancient County Palatine: for the Centenary of the Architectural & Archaeological Society of Durham & Northumberland, October 1961 - January 1962
Poster and flyer for County Palatine exhibition (loose)
Tercentenary exhibition John Cosin and the Book of Common Prayer, 1662, March-May 1962
Flyer and chronology for BCP exhibition (loose)
Quarterly exhibitions in entrance hall 1962-1963 [Proclamations; Pascal & Rousseau; recent Oriental accessions; C. M. Wieland]
Le livre Français, June - October 1962
Poster for Le livre
Quarterly exhibitions in the entrance hall 1963-1964 [Disraeli & Gladstone; philosophy; William Cobbett]
Children and Books, January - July 1963 (DGR)
Works for children, June - November 1966
Quarterly exhibitions in the entrance hall 1964 [Galileo; Alaskan earthquake; John Calvin; Durham elections]
Flyer, recordings at Durham University Observatory of Alaskan earthquake 28 March 1964 (loose)
Shakespeare (born 1564) and contemporaries, March - October 1964
Poster for Shakespeare (loose)
Quarterly exhibitions in entrance hall 1965-1966 [recent Oriental accessions [IJCF]; W. B. Yeats [ADB]; Dante [ADB]; Scandinavia [BSB]; Rudyard Kipling [MGF]]
The history of Natural Science 1460-1860, September 1965-March 1966; Science Section March-October 1966.
Poster and guide to Natural Science exhibition (loose)
Bicentenary of Dalton's birth, Science Section November 1966 [DMK]
Flyer for Dalton (loose)
Michael Faraday 1791-1867, Science Section [DMK]
Flyer for Faraday (loose)
Small Exhibitions in Entrance Hall & Cosin 1966-67 [recent acquisitions for Palace Green; for Oriental Section; (iii) H G. Wells (ADB); Lionel Johnson & Ernest Dowson (ADB); David Garrick (Helen Smith); recent acquisitions of rare books (AID)
H. G. Wells list (loose)
English writers and Italy (ADB & H. Shankland)
Poster for English writers and attendance statistics (loose)
Smaller exhibitions 1967-69 [Jonathan Swift (ADB); recent acquisitions for Special Collections (AID); De la Mare and Kipling (ADB & MGF); Durham University Library Publications (AID)
The British and North America (ADB & D. Ratcliffe)
Poster for British and North America and attendance statistics (loose)
Smaller exhibitions 1969: [local ports and harbours (ADB); mines and mining (ADB & AID); 21 years of University Publications, at Science Library and Palace Green]
Lists for ports, rivers and mining (loose)
The artist and the book in France: Palace Green & Science Section 24 January - 8 February1969 (loose)
Specimens from Cosin's Library, for its tercentenary, June - October 1969 & January - February 1970 (AID).
Poster for Cosin exhibition (loose)
Attendances for Cosin and French exhibitions (loose)
History of Law, for two conferences September and November 1970
Smaller exhibitions 1970: [bicentenary of birth of Wordsworth (ADB); Charles Dickens (ADB); early scientific education & practice in Co. Durham, (C. Preece)
List of Dickens books (loose)
History of science, for British Association, September 1970 (DMK)
Pascal, Jansenism and Port Royal, May - October 1971 (AID and M. Sharratt)
Flyer for Pascal (loose)
Negro slavery in the American South, February 1971 (ADB & D. Ratcliffe - loan from John Judkyn Memorial)
Poster and correspondence for slavery exhibition (loose)
Walter Scott bicentenary, October - November 1971 (ADB)
The Paris Commune 1871, November 1971 (ADB & RCN)
Attendances for History of science and Paris Commune exhibitions, list of books and guide for Commune 1871 (loose)
Association copies, March - April 1972 (RCN)
Bede: for meeting of university teachers of English, 20 May 1972, 10 April - 27 June 1972
Ben Jonson quatercentenary, Cosin's Library, 10 April - 27 June 1972 (RCN)
Recent acquisitions for Oriental Section, 27 June - 10 October 1972 (IJCF)
Local manuscripts acquired since 1945: for a visit of Durham County Local History Society and for one from the Newcastle Library School, October 1972 - April 1973.
Oriental scholarship, religion & travel, in honour of I.J.C. Foster, by E.T.W. McCann, 7 May - 15 October 1973
Poster for Oriental scholarship (loose)
Photographs: DUL extension by G.G. Pace (Civic Trust Award), June - 19 October 1973
Memorial exhibition of 33 photographs by Alan Wiper, Palace Green, September - 19 October 1973, then at Science Site
Book jackets of recent modern accessions, 22-29 October 1973
Walter de la Mare, 29 October - 24 November 1973 (ADB)
W. H. Auden, 26 November - 31 December 1973, then January 1974 Science site (ADB)
The paintings of David Ramage, Librarian 1945-67, January 1974
Poster and list for Paintings of David Ramage (loose)
The English detective story, 4 March - June 1974 (Eamon Duffy)
Durham Episcopal Mint, by M. Guilding, for British Association of Numismatic Societies, April - May 1974
David Jones, 15 April - 10 May 1974 (RIC)
Edwardian books about Spain, 13 May - 6 June 1974 (AJP)
St Mary's College 75th anniversary, June 1974 (MH)
Wildlife illustration, August 1974
Items of architectural interest for AGM of Architectural & Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland, April - September 1974
Really rare books, visit of Library Association, September - November 1974
Morden Tower Poetry Forum: posters, photos, publications, October - November1974 (RIC)
Thomas Bewick: books and engravings, 25 November - 11 December 1974 (R.S.O.Tomlin)
Catalogue for Bewick (loose)
Old Science Books, for visit of Science Masters Association, January 1975
The Italian Campaign 1943-45, by I. Graham from his own collection; also at Science site; 20 March - 8 May 1975
Guide to Italian campaign (loose)
The War in South-East Asia: by Louis Allen, from his collection, with series of General university Lectures, May 1975
Guide to War in South-East Asia (loose)
Poster for The Abbott Collection of literary manuscripts, May 1975 (loose)
Local private presses, 10th anniversary of North Gate Press, June 1975 at Palace Green, July at Science site (ADB)
Guide to Local private presses (loose)
Radix doctrinae amara - fructus dulcis: Latin and Greek in the English Grammar School, by Edna Jenkinson, for Northumberland and Durham Branch of the Classical Association, September - November 1975
Guide to Radix doctrinae amara (loose)
British Association of Japanese Studies, 9 April - 19 May 1976 (L. Allen & ADB)
Guide for Fulcrum Press, June 1976 (RIC) (loose)
England's earliest printers in facsimile, in parallel with an exhibition (for Caxton) in the Monks' Dormitory, Cathedral Library, August- December 1976 (Jan Rhodes)
Poster for England's earliest printers (loose)
Books and pamphlets illustrated by Richard Shirley Smith, 1 - 29 November 1976 (ADB)
Guide and flyer for Richard Shirley Smith (loose)
Tony Harrison, Northern Arts Literary Fellow, December 1978 -January 1977 (TWH & ADB)
Poster for Tony Harrison (loose)
Local engraved glass 1-19 March 1977(ADB)
Guide and flyer for Local engraved glass (loose)
Kirill Sokolov, in association with exhibition at Collingwood College 16 May - 11 June 1977
List, catalogue and large poster for Kirill Sokolov (loose)
Colpitts Poetry photographs 13 - 25 June 1977 (RIC)
Legal history or Annual Conference of Law Librarians, 5-10 September 1977 (SMD)
French books of the 13th-20th centuries, 21 April - 21 May 1977 (AID & EMR)
Poster for French books (loose)
Homage to Luigi Dallapiccola, Hon.D.Mus., by Jerome & Mrs Roche, 6-13 March 1978
Poster for Luigi Dallapiccola (loose)
Really rare books, visit of the Pittsburgh Bibliophiles, 1978 (AID)
Five hundred years of science, July - December 1978 (ADB & DMK)
List for The Door is Open & the Way soe Plain: Quakers, by RIC, February - April 1980 (loose)
Annual Conference of Chemistry Society, April 1980 (ADB & DMK)
Homage to Sir Rupert Hart-Davis Hon. D.Litt., July - August 1981 (ADB)
Guide for Sir Rupert Hart-Davis (loose)
Poster and guide for William Plomer, July - August 1981 (loose)
Golden jubilee of Friends of the National Libraries June - September 1981
List of science books, displayed in Cosin's Library 17 December 1981 (loose)
Meeting of the Anglo-Australian Telescope Board 27 September 1983 (loose)
Recent accessions, 1983-84: three small displays (B. Cheesman) (loose)
Poster for Food & drink in Durham, August - September 1985 (loose)

UND/EA2/12/1965A   1965
“Natural science in Europe before & after 1665”, catalogue to exhibition at University Library.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1967A   1967
“English writers and Italy”, captions and guide to exhibition at University Library.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1968A   June - October 1968
“The British and North America”, poster captions and guide to exhibition at University Library.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1969A   24 January -8 February 1969
“The artist and the book in France. Painters sculptors and engravers 1943-1968”, catalogue to exhibition at University Library from the collection of Walter J. Strachan.
1 v
UND/EA2/12/1973A   1973
Catalogue slips and notes used in preparation for “Foster exhibition”.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1978A   July 1978
“500 years of scientific books”. Poster and catalogue for exhibition at Palace Green, July-October 1978.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1980A   1980
“Milton in the eighteenth century” Catalogue and notes for exhibition at Palace Green, 1980.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1981A   July 1981
“William Plomer” Catalogue for exhibition at Palace Green, July-August 1981.
UND/EA2/12/1981B   July 1981
“From the Church Fathers to the Oxford Movement” Catalogue for exhibition at Palace Green, 1981.
UND/EA2/12/1982A   June 1982
“University of Durham 1832-1982” Catalogue and poster for exhibition at Palace Green, 28 June - 9 July 1982.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1983A   November 1983
The Oxford movement Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green, November - December 1983.
UND/EA2/12/1983B   8 December 1983
“An exhibition held in Bishop Cosin's Library ... for the Durham Harriot seminar. Giordano Bruno and the Northumberland circle”. Catalogue.
UND/EA2/12/1983C   27 September 1983
Captions for a music exhibition, Easter 1983.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1984A   January 1984
The history of law reporting in England Captions and catalogue of exhibition Palace Green January - March 1984.
UND/EA2/12/1984B   1984
No Jesuits in hell, The scarlet beast strip't naked: fear of Rome in Restoration England Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green, 1985.
UND/EA2/12/1984C   12 May 1984
“Franco-British Council visit to Bishop Cosin's Library” Catalogue.
UND/EA2/12/1984D   August 1984
Richard de Bury the book-loving bishop Catalogue and poster of exhibition at Palace Green August - September 1984. File of photographs and captions.
[15]p; 1 file
UND/EA2/12/1984E   14 September 1984
“ Durham astronomy, an exhibition ... for the Durham meeting of the British Astronomical Association”, catalogue, notes and captions.
UND/EA2/12/1984F   October 1984
Fox to Fry the changing face of Quakerism in the Durham Palatinate Poster and catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green October - December 1984.
1v & 1p
UND/EA2/12/1984G   14 July 1984
Captions for display in Cosin's Library for international conference on baroque music.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1985A   February 1985
“19th century decorated bindings” Poster and captions to exhibition at Palace Green, February - March 1985.
UND/EA2/12/1985B   January 1985
Bookbinding in Durham 1650-1750 Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green, Epiphany Term, 1985, with poster and captions.
12p + 1f
UND/EA2/12/1985C   May 1985
Priest and printer: the radicalism of continuity Catalogue of exhibition of books from St Chad's College library staged at Palace Green May - June 1985.
UND/EA2/12/1985D   July 1985
“The seventeenth century in the Special Collections of Durham University Library”. Captions and catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green for 1st conference of Centre for 17th Century Studies.
26p; 1 file
UND/EA2/12/1985E   June 1985
“Bygone Durham in photographs”. Catalogue of exhibition at University Library, June - August 1985, captions and press release obituary of C. W. Gibby, 3 photographs of the exhibition in large upright cases.
7p, 1 file
UND/EA2/12/1985F   August 1985
“Latin learning”. Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green August - September 1985 (conference of Academia Latina).
UND/EA2/12/1985G   August 1985
Food & drink in Durham Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green August - September 1985.
UND/EA2/12/1985H   November 1985
Refugees for religion: the Huguenots and their influence in England Captions and catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green November - December 1985.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1985I   16 December 1985
“An exhibition held in Bishop Cosin's Library ... for the Durham Harriot seminar. Hobbes's debt to Walter Warner”. Catalogue.
UND/EA2/12/1985J   1973 - 1985
History of the University exhibition, materials collected for it, including plans of the boards and layout, draft text, a leaflet, and photographs of contemporary views of university buildings and aspects of university life (rowing, cricket), also of the judges procession and a display by the DLI band on Palace Green, with some copy prints and photocopies of earlier images. The exhibition was set up in 1985 in what in 2011 became the Wolfson Gallery when it was finally demounted after serving for its last years as the backdrop to a student computer room.
Photographs (in J3):
1-14. General views of Durham, from Observatory Hill (1-5), railway stattion (6), over Elvet Bridge and Leazes Road (7), of the Castle (8), up Elvet Bridge (9), down Silver St (10), of Framwellgate Bridge and the castle etc (11), of the Observatory obelisk (12-13), and a “Barclays Bank and Robots” sign (14).
15-21. Cathedral, views King's mill (15-16), the door knocker (17-18), the Cloisters with the Lawson Pieta sculpture upstanding in the centre (19), views down the nave at ?congregation (20-21).
22-38. Palace Green general, Abbey House and the old fire station (22), crocquet (23), Cosin's Hall (24-26), judges' procession out of the castle (27-31), floddlighting on the cathedral (32-33), DLI band parading (34-37), people entering the cathedral (38).
39-59. Palace Green Library, students being examined in Cosin's Library (39), Ian Doyle in Cosin's Library (40), Garden Room window (41), shelving and tables being installed/removed from the Wolfson Gallery space (42-45), Salvin's plan for the new university c1835 (46), Frank Jevons lecturing in the Wolfson Gallery (47-48), exterior views from Palace Green and Fellows Garden (49-51), exteriors of the Pace Building (52-59).
60-84. Castle, exterior views (including (65) of the entrance to the cathedral cloisters) (60-66), drawing of “Knocking In” at the Norman gateway (67), scaffolding and proprs with workmen round the exterior c1930s (68-72), scaffolding inside the Great Hall c1930s (73), interiors of student rooms in [Norman Gallery] and Bailey Court (74-78), graduation parties in the master's and fellows' gardens (79-83), play in the fellows' garden (84).
85-98, 100-103 North and South Bailey and Saddler St, views of Saddler St from above (85-88) and along it (89), North Bailey History Dept (90-92), Hatfield College Jevons Court (93), Dun Cow Lane (94), St Chad's College frontage (95-97), outside cathedral east end (98), St John's College frontage (100-102), college crocquet lawn (103).
99, 104-130. Old Elvet street views including Marriott's Hotel (106) and Old Shire Hall (108-110).
131-137. Elvet Riverside, views of its possible redevlopment (Not realised) (131-132), old carpet factory (133-134), university administration offices (135-137).
138-140. Prebends' Bridge (138) and cottage (140-141).
141-144. Old Racecourse ground and pavilion with cricket being played.
145-146. Kingsgate Bridge with the DSU Building beyond.
147-159. Hild Bede College buildings and grounds exteriors, also a St Hild's College group c1900 (147).
160-164. St Mary's College buildings exteriors.
165-167. Grey College building exteriors, including Fountains Hall (167).
168-170. Van Mildert College buildings exteriors and lake.
171-173. St Aidan's College buildings exteriors.
174-176. Trevelyan College building exteriors.
177-181. Bill Bryson Library, Dame Margot Fonteyn with trowel and foundation stone (177), exterior (178), issue desk (179-180), shelves and reading space (181).
182-183. Science Site, exterior (182), students with appartus (183).
184-192. Business School buildings construction and complete.
193-197. Botanic Gardens plants, grounds and greenhouses.
198-205. Student activites, Freshers Fair especially canoe and fencing clubs (200-202), four rowing (203), University College VIII rowing (204) and IV outside the boathouse (205).
206. Nevilles Cross College exterior.
207. Drawing of the remains of Neville's Cross.
208-209. Ushaw College, chapel exterior (208) and game of ?cat being played by men in whites (209).
3 boxes
UND/EA2/12/1986A   February 1986
“Verdant Green by Cuthbert Bede The making of a Victorian comic novel”. Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green.
Images of the material displayed in the exhibition.
30 colour slides & 1v
Size: 35mm
UND/EA2/12/1986B   [1986]
“Recording watermarks in paper using beta-radiography” explanatory sheet (to accompany a display?).
UND/EA2/12/1986C   May 1986
“Halley's Comet in history”. Introduction to exhibition at Palace Green May-June 1986.
UND/EA2/12/1986D   17 June 1986
“Visit of Friends of the Beinicke Library to Bishop Cosin's Library”. Catalogue of a display at Palace Green.
UND/EA2/12/1986E   August 1986
“Illustrated billheads, 1720-1920” Poster for an exhibition, staged by Durham CRO, August -Spetember 1986.
UND/EA2/12/1986F   October 1986
The Durham Colleges Introduction to exhibition at Palace Green, October - December 1986. With envelope of short captions (which do not identify material used).
UND/EA2/12/1987A   [1987]
The Pratt Green collection. Captions and catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green to mark the start of the Pratt Green collection on hymnody.
UND/EA2/12/1987B   25 June 1987
Four centuries of the Bowes family's service to the crown in the north-east
Captions and catalogue of a display at St John's College
UND/EA2/12/1987C   June 1987
“Books relating to Iceland” Catalogue of an exhibition June-December 1987.
UND/EA2/12/1987D   July 1987
Lord Derwentwater and the Jacobite failure in 1715: history and legend
Captions and catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green July-September 1987.
UND/EA2/12/1987E   November 1987
Poster for “Culture in expansionist Germany”, an exhibition at Palace Green November 1987 - January 1988.
UND/EA2/12/1987F   14 December 1987
“An exhibition in Bishop Cosin's Library ... for the fifth Durham Thomas Harriot seminar. The borders in Harriot's time”. Catalogue.
UND/EA2/12/1987G   1973 & 1987
“The photography of Alan Wiper” Poster for an exhibition at Palace Green, October 1987. Captions, photograph of Wiper and press cutting with photograph about the exhibition. This exhibition was originally staged in 1973.

UND/EA2/12/1987H   January 1987
“Basil Bunting 1900-1985 a life in images”. Catalogue of exhibition January - February 1987.
UND/EA2/12/1987I   January 1987
“Basil Bunting 1900-1985 a life in images”. Catalogue of exhibition January - February 1987 (2nd ed.).
UND/EA2/12/1988A   January 1988
Kangaroos and Colonists: the discovery and settlement of Australia. Poster, captions, catalogue and facsimiles of an exhibition at Palace Green January - March 1988.
“Aboriginal artifacts from the Captain Cook Museum, Middlesbrough” (accompanying loan exhibits). Background research materials.
UND/EA2/12/1988B   September 1988
Japan and Durham
Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 10 September - 7 December 1988.
UND/EA2/12/1988C   March 1988
St. Cuthbert's Society: the first hundred years
Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 23 March - 31 May 1988.
UND/EA2/12/1988D   April 1988
Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) His writings and their early reception.
Captions, poster, facsimiles and catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green April 1988.
UND/EA2/12/1988E   May 1988
Books of the Sarum rite
Captions and catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green May-June 1988.
UND/EA2/12/1988F   July 1988
The Glorious Revolution, 1688 in contemporaries' experience
Captions, facsimiles and catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green 25 July - 14 September 1988, and programme of 38th conference of International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions “The Glorious Revolution 1688-1988”.
UND/EA2/12/1988G   July 1988
Captions for exhibition on Basil Bunting at Palace Green 30 June - 15 July 1988.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1988H   February 1988
Captions and catalogue for exhibition on printing to mark presentation of printing press.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1988I   December 1988
Images of Stalin, exhibition December 1988 - January 1989 at University Library.
7 p
UND/EA2/12/1989A   January 1989
Durham City in 18th-19th century engravings Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green January - March 1989. 2 copies, 1 including photocopies of engravings.
8 & 26p
UND/EA2/12/1989B   February 1989
Archaeology in the Sudan. Poster, layouts, captions, maps, for exhibition at Palace Green, 17 February - 15 March 1989.
1 piece
UND/EA2/12/1989C   April 1989
The practical art of medicine
Captions, facsimiles and catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green 29 April - 16 June 1989.
50p; 1 file
UND/EA2/12/1989D   June 1989
Landmarks in learning about the Anglo-Saxons Captions, poster and catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green 23 June - 29 September 1989. With articles and photocopies about authors.
20p; 1 file
UND/EA2/12/1989E   November 1989
“Historic Durham in photographs from the Gibby collection” Poster for exhibition at Palace Green 6 November - 15 December 1989 (probably a re-run of UND/EA2/12/1985E)
UND/EA2/12/1989F   March 1989
Fleece and Rocket Presses. Exhibition of fine printing and engraving. Catalogue of exhibition staged at Palace Green March - April 1989.
UND/EA2/12/1990A   July 1990
Two centuries of the Durham book trade c.1650-1850
Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green July-September 1990, and captions.
UND/EA2/12/1990B   April 1990
John Locke (1632-1704) Political theorist, philosopher, physician, polymath
Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green 9 April - 1 June 1990, captions and facsimiles.
UND/EA2/12/1990C   March 1990
Poster and brochures for exhibition at Palace Green, 13-30 March 1990 to mark publication of George Clayton Atkinson Journal of an expedition to the Feroe and Westman Islands and Iceland 1833.
5 pieces
UND/EA2/12/1990D   January 1990
Pleasure in books Eight centuries of books from the library of St.Chad's College Captions and catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green 18 January 2 March 1990.
UND/EA2/12/1990E   October 1990
The presence of Japan Lafcadio Hearn 1890-1990. Catalogue of exhibition at University Library October - November 1990.
UND/EA2/12/1990F   July 1990
Notes and captions for an exhibition on bindings of books in Bishop Cosin's Library, primarily covering French, Cambridge and Durham bindings.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1990G   November 1990
“Printed maps of Co. Durham 1576-1850”. Poster and captions for an exhibition 12 November - 14 December 1990.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1990H   November 1990
“Modern literary manuscripts from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Basil Bunting”. Poster for an exhibition at Palace Green 1 November - 14 December 1990.
UND/EA2/12/1990I   [1990s]
Sudan Archive objects displays, at ?Main Library: 2 photographs of mounted objects.
UND/EA2/12/1991A   February 1991
“Little magazines and how they got that way” Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green, February - March 1991, based on an exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall September-October 1990 from the collections of UCL. Lists of material loaned from original exhibition, material from DUL, and poster.
4 items
UND/EA2/12/1991B   April 1991
Sudan. People, history environment. Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green 8 April - 21 June 1991, with poster, captions and photocopies of exhibits.
UND/EA2/12/1991C   July 1991
Helpmeets and harridans: women in 17th century England Catalogue of exhibition at Palace Green 8 July - 13 September 1991, poster, captions and master copies for catalogue and poster.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1991D   [1991]
“Harriot seminar 1991: exhibition in Cosin's Library”. Catalogue.
UND/EA2/12/1991E   September 1991
“Yesterday's weather”. Catalogue and captions of a display at Palace Green for a conference of the Association of British Climatologists.
UND/EA2/12/1991F   November 1991
“Wood engravings by Sister Mary Tournour” Catalogue and poster of an exhibition at Palace Green 25 November - 13 December 1991.
UND/EA2/12/1991G   September 1991
“Musical medley” Captions, poster and facsimiles for an exhibition at Palace Green 26 September - 5 November 1991.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1991H   October 1991
Captions for a display of books from Cosin's Library for a Civc Trust open day.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1992A   January 1992
Soldiering in the Sudan 1882-1945 Captions, poster and catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 20 January - 18 March 1992.
UND/EA2/12/1992B   May 1992
America: discovery, exploration, settlement. Catalogue and poster of an exhibition at Palace Green May-July 1992.
31p + 1p
UND/EA2/12/1992C   October 1992
Early drama in Durham. Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 26 October - 5 December 1992.
UND/EA2/12/1993A   April 1993
Antiquity preserved & portrayed. Captions, catalogue and poster of an exhibition at Palace Green 1-24 April 1993.
14p + 1p
UND/EA2/12/1993B   May 1993
Thomas Wright of Durham 1711-1786. Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 1-29 May & 12 July - 30 September 1993, with posters and colour photos of the displays.
UND/EA2/12/1993C   October 1993
William Blake in Durham libraries. Catalogue of an exhibition at Stockton Rd and Palace Green 4 October - 6 November 1993, with poster and captions.
25,[x]p + 1f
UND/EA2/12/1993D   1993
“John Cosin from priest to prince bishop”. Captions of a display at Palace Green.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1993E   1993
“Manuscripts and printed books from the library at Naworth”. Captions of a display at Palace Green for the Harriot seminar.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1993F   September 1993
“Manuscripts and printed books in 15th century England”. Captions of a display at Palace Green for the Richard III Society.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1993G   June 1993
“Interiors, courtyards and doorways”. Poster for exhibition of watercolours by Chris Mouncey at Palace Green 5 June - 3 July 1993.
UND/EA2/12/1994A   August 1994
William Andrews Nesfield. Bicentenary exhibition. Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 6 August - 23 September 1994.
William Andrews Nesfield 1789-1881. Essays to mark the bicentenary of his birth, ed. M.J. Tooley (Witton le Wear, 1994).
Notes, fliers and images relating to exhibition.
2v. 25 & 32p; 1 file
UND/EA2/12/1994B   January 1994
Douai Ushaw a Tradition of Godly Learning, 10 January - 19 February 1994, poster, guide and lecture series poster.
Paper, 1+3+1p
UND/EA2/12/1994C   November 1994
Wood Engravings by Sister Margaret Tournour, 21 November - 6 December, catalogue, introduction and poster. Record of sales.
Paper, 3p + 1p; 1 file
UND/EA2/12/1994D   20 May 1994
List of books from Bamburgh Library displayed for visit of Crewe Trustees.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1994E   March 1994
“Saint Chad's College 1904-1994”, poster, captions and introduction to exhibition at Palace Green from 2 March 1994.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1994F   October 1994
“Caught in time. Photographs from the Sudan Archive, Durham”, poster and captions to exhibition at Palace Green 3 October - 11 November 1994.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1995A   January 1995
An exhibition of Ukiyoe selected from the collection of Prof. Hideo Sekiguchi. Catalogue of an exhibition at Stockton Rd 23 January - 18 February 1995.
UND/EA2/12/1995D   Feburary 1995
Historians of County Durham, 6 February - 26 April, poster, catalogue, captions and facsimiles.
Paper, 1p
UND/EA2/12/1995B   1995
A question of degree. An exhibition to celebrate 100 years of degrees for women at Durham University. Catalogue, captions and facsimiles of an exhibition at Palace Green 1995.
UND/EA2/12/1995C   July 1995
Communities and courts in and around Durham. Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 19 July - 15 September 1995.
UND/EA2/12/1995E   [c.1995]
Maps of Durham before the Ordnance Survey catalogue.
UND/EA2/12/1996A   May 1996
Moschatel and Morning Star. The private press enlarged. Catalogue of an exhibition at Stockton Rd 13 May - 22 June 1996.
UND/EA2/12/1996B   September 1996
Fine bindings from Durham libraries. Captions and catalogues of an exhibition at Palace Green 11-27 September 1996.
UND/EA2/12/1996C   November 1996
Captions, introduction and portrait photograph for display about J. F. W. Johnston at Palace Green November December 1996.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1996D   October 1996
Poster, flyer and summary for exhibitions by Ian Hamilton Finlay at Durham University.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1996E   September 1996
Poster for an exhibition of books from the Wilson Collection, 28 September - 18 December 1996.
UND/EA2/12/1997A   January 1997
Palestine Undivided! The Holy Land in 1901 An Exhibition of the Illustrations of John Fulleylove, 17 January - 21 March 1997, catalogue, poster, captions, flyer and other notices.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/1997B   July 1997
Fine Book-Bindings of the Seventeenth Century, 14 July - 29 August 1997, poster and captions.
Paper, 1p; 1 file
UND/EA2/12/1997C   November 1997
Starry heavens, lowly worms and the relief of man's estate: science from Ptolemy to Darwin. Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 1 November - 12 December 1997, captions and poster.
UND/EA2/12/1997D   May 1997
“Sudanese life and art: artefacts from the Sudan Archive”. Poster for an exhibition at Palace Green 5 May - 4 July 1997.
UND/EA2/12/1998A   May 1998
Craft and Culture of the Sudan, poster and 9 photographs of Sudan Archive objects mounted on display.
Paper, 1p, 9 prints
UND/EA2/12/1998B   August 1998
Shakespeare and Company from Beowulf to Auden, 10 August - 30 October 1998, poster and captions.
Paper, 1p, 1 file
UND/EA2/12/2000A   May 2000
Design in Fear; Weapons, ritual and practical: displays of objects from the Sudan Archive [?and Anthropology Department teaching collection, exhibited by students. Photographs of displayed mounted objects.
UND/EA2/12/2001A   October 2001
Ushaw College Library 1851-2001. Catalogue of an exhibition, organised by Ushaw and displayed at Palace Green 15 October - 21 December 2001.
UND/EA2/12/2001B    2001
Captions for an exhibition of County Durham maps and prints to mark launch of Pictures in Print website.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/2001C   April - July 2001
Protective adornments; Bare necessities - objects and material artefacts of personal importance and fundamental to the everyday lives of the Sudanese; 'Ali Dinar, last Sultan of Darfur - symbols of power and status; Up in smoke - the story of the discovery and spread of tobacco; Basket cases - a selection of containers, pots and baskets from colonial Africa; The art of hair - a celebration of the cultural meaning of hair and its accessories in colonial Sudan: displays of objects from the Sudan Archive, organised by students of the Sudan Archive Material Culture Group. Posters, photographs of displayed mounted objects.
8f, 11 prints
UND/EA2/12/2002A   September 2002
Into the lens: pages from the personal photograph albums of Basil Bunting. Captions and poster for an exhibition at Palace Green 17 September - 15 November 2001.
1 file
UND/EA2/12/2003A   7 July 2003
“Whose was this, and why is it here?” Catalogue of a display for an AMARC seminar on provenance at Palace Green.
UND/EA2/12/2003B   September 2003
Pride, prejudice and passion. Love and hate in the archives at Durham University Library. Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green September-October 2003.
UND/EA2/12/2003C   May 2003 - April 2004
Accessorize - the use of adornment in Sudan; Sexual division of labour; The rite beat - the role of musical instruments in rites of passage; The objects of power; More than the eye can see - hidden messages encoded in style; From Africa to the new world: displays of objects from the Sudan Archive [?and Anthropology Department teaching collection], exhibited by students at Palace Green Library. Posters, photographs of mounted displayed objects.
6f, 11 prints
UND/EA2/12/2004A   6 December 2004
“Ashington to Zanzibar An exhibition of church architecture drawings from the collections of Tyne and Wear Archives Service and Durham University Archives and Special Collections”
UND/EA2/12/2004B   July 2004
"Hardy and nosy, flannelled and rosy" The British traveller abroad in books and letters. A4 poster and catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 19 July - 29 October 2004.
31p & 1p
UND/EA2/12/2004C   November 2004
“"Mr Chancellor ..." A display of material celebrating Sir Peter Ustinov as Chancellor of the University 1992-2004”. Catalogue of an exhibition at Palace Green 8-21 November 2004.
UND/EA2/12/2004D   November 2004
Non vestra sed vos. St Chad's College 1904-2004. Catalogue of an exhibition organised by the College held at Palace Green 4-29 November 2004.
UND/EA2/12/2004E   December 2004
“Ashington to Zanzibar An exhibition of church architecture drawings from the collections of Tyne and Wear Archives Service and Durham University Archives and Special Collections”, 6 December 2004 to 28 February 2005.
Formerly numbered: DUL PamL+ 726.5 ASH
UND/EA2/12/2006B   March 2006
“Northern Views Exhibition of Watercolours, Drypoints and Monoprints”, by Chris Mouncey, 6 March - 12 April 2006, poster
Paper, 1f
UND/EA2/12/2006A   July 2006
“The Kanun: Death, Blood and Honour in Albanian Communities”
18 July - 18 August 2006
Organised by Alex Standish, Director of Development and Research Fellow, St Chad's College, using his own and some library material, with some displays arranged by his Material Culture students.
2 posters with differing images of Albanians.
Paper, 2f
UND/EA2/12/2008A   November 2008
“Watercolours of Durham” by Nigel Noble-Nesbitt 11 November - 22 December [2008].
Paper, 1f
UND/EA2/12/2009A   September 2009
“North East Inheritance” 21 September - 16 October 2009, poster and catalogue.
Paper, 1f & 1v
UND/EA2/12/2009B   October 2009
Durham Book Festival events held at PG Library
Paper, 3f
UND/EA2/12/2009C   November 2009
“The Orchid & the Insect 150 years of the Origin of Species” , 23 November - 15 January, poster
Paper, 1f
UND/EA2/12/2011A   2010 - 2011
Treasures Exhibition in the refurbished Wolfson Gallery, opened January 2011, object selection, design proposals, objects, images, case layouts, final text, display furniture, graphics, marketing and general guidance, large print exhibition text, with plans, flyers, a bookmark, and a commemorative scroll.
3 paper files
UND/EA2/12/2011B   [January 2011]
Shakespeare: The Return of the First Folio, poster, captions, layouts, correspondence and a record of Regina v Raymond Rickett Scott in Newcastle Crown Court.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2011C   12 March 2011
Sir John Stainer A Life in Music, poster, captions, images, layouts, correspondence and printed brochure of events.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2011D   14 May - 3 July 2011
Thomas Wright of Durham 1711-1786, Astronomer, Architect & Garden Designer, poster, captions, images, layouts and correspondence.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2011E   [September 2011]
King James Bible, captions and outline.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2012A   21 January - May 2012
Outrageously Modern! Avant-Garde Magazines that Shocked Britain 1884-1922 invite, interpretative plan, research notes, text, meetings, associated seminar programme, publicity, layout, object, conservation lists, guest list and notes for the opening.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2012B   30 June - 4 November 2012
Restoration Bishop Cosin, His Library & The Changing Face of Durham, poster, design, images, interpretation, research and loans details.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2012C   January - March 2012
The Practical Art of Medicine, accompanying talks flyer
Paper, 1f
UND/EA2/12/2013A   10 January - 14 April 2013
The Birth of Buddhism invite and poster.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2013B   January 2011 - [2016], most March - September 2013
Lindisfarne Gospels
1. Invites and programmes for launches, previews, dinners and special events, including England v. Australia cricket test at Riverside programme and House of Commons dinner.
2. Promotional literature, brochures and leaflets
3. Press articles and reports: including The Journal, Northern Echo and The Yarn Spinner of Crompton & Royton Rotary Club
4. Associated events: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Durham; DST's As You Like It; Jewels of Brass by Prince Bishops Brass; The Pilgrim Coast Paintings by Ramsay Gibb catalogue; Durham St Cuthbert's church flower festival; Vivien Wood's Exile dance programme; Lindisfarne Gospels Choir concert; Saint Cuthbert: an oratorio in two parts; The Lindisfarne Cabbages film.
5. Operating documentation, including a volunteer manual.
6. Congratulations, reviews and awards.
7. Artwork: A cartoon montage of the LG story on a c1500mmx5000mm paper roll in coloured marker pen.
8. Loans paperwork.
9. Duty managers' file, including rotas, IT support, closing up routines, procedures, security, information and cleaning procedures. Closed until 2044.
10. Visitors' comments book.
11. Educational material, teachers' resource pack, trails.
12. Tender for the exhibition fit-out, with scores and Beck's return.
13. Minutes of meetings and associated correspondence, papers, March 2012 - October 2013, also accounts March 2014, an interpretation breakdown for the galleries and plans of exhibition design work in progress, a draft major incident response plan, and a plan for The Lindisfarne Gospels and Durham Illuminations 2020. CLOSED until 2043.
14. Interpretation and Steering Group meetings minutes and correspondence, 2011.
15. “tolukecherchersearcher” , fantastical compendium of images and words by Michael Wells, taking the Gospels ?as their inspiration, [2016].
16. Librarian's correspondence about loans etc, business case, minutes, design brief 2011-2013.
1500 paper files & 1 paper roll
UND/EA2/12/2013C   23 November 2013 - 27 April 2014
Robot The Exciting Exhibition of Robots Cyborgs and Androids, invite and posters, loan agreements, interpretation and gallery plans, correspondence, meetings minutes, information on possible exhibits, Robots Live paperwork, and family activities.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2014A   17 May - 31 August 2014
The Seven Treasures Japanese enamels from the V&A and Off The Wall: The Art of the Japanese Movie Poster, preview invite
Card, 1f
UND/EA2/12/2014B   5 June - 7 September 2014
Diving into Durham Hidden History under Elvet Bridge, preview invite
Card, 1f
UND/EA2/12/2014C   27 September 2014 - 11 January 2015
Books for Boys: Heroism, Empire and Adventure at the Dawn of the First Wrorld War, briefing notes, case layout, captions, scouting challenge, morse code and guide to simple knots with a further file covering meetings, interpretation, objects, design and graphics, loans, publicitiy, text, budget, seedcorn and AHRC.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/12/2014D   4 October 2014 - 4 January 2015
Bound to Last: book binding from the Middle Ages to the Modern Day, briefing notes and case plan, bookmarks, with a preview invite
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2015A   30 January - 26 April 2015
On Seeing the Author Portraits in Libraries from Antiquity to the Present preview invite (also to Vietnam: a Nation, not a War featuring works by artist Anthony Key (31 January - 26 April 2015), layout and design.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2015C   1 June - 31 August 2015
Magna Carta and the Changing Face of Revolt, flyer, feedback form, leaflets, coaster, preview invite, The Great Charter opera programme, badges, bag and a file of newspaper and magazine reports, notices and advertisements.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/12/2015D   17 October 2015 - 7 February 2016
Antarctica Explorers Heroes Scientists,
1. Preview invite, flyer and operational file with exhibition guide, film transcript, case layout and badges.
2. Exhibition curator's file covering: acknowledgements, Royal Geographical Society general and contract, correspondence, design and layout, events and talks, case layouts, GIS submission, icebergs, knitting project, loans, meetings, learning programme, objects general and research, communications plan, research, installation and de-installation, text and captions, evaluation, budget.
2 paper files
UND/EA2/12/2016A   25 March - 2 October 2016
Somme 1916 From Durham to the Western Front (working title of The Wear on The Somme), press pack and invite, loans, plan, business plan and budget, objects, images, design, art commission, placements and volunteers, audio-visual work, text., badges, bag and a file of press cuttings
3 paper files
UND/EA2/12/2016B   5 November 2016 - 26 February 2017
Hearing Voices: Suffering, Inspiration and the Everyday, FAQs, flyer, card and “Literary Minds” supporting event 21 January 2017 programme, layout, and briefings and information for front of house staff.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2016C   19 November 2016 - 26 February 2017
The Best Words in the Best Order: Northern Poets, layout, design, text and briefing notes for front of house staff.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2017A   March 2017
DLI Collection Gallery: Courage, Comrades, Community, opened 11 March 2017, Durham Times newspaper cuttings.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2017B   27 May - 3 September 2017
Time Machines The Past, The Future and How Stories Take Us There, opened 26 May 2017, invite, flyer and events programme
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2017C   14 October 2017 - 25 February 2018
Between Worlds: Folklore and Fairy Tales from Northern Britain, Fairy investigator guide, flyers, folk music evening with the Brothers Gillespie flyer 24 November
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2017D   2 December 2017 - 18 March 2018
Hell, Heaven and Hope: A journey through life and the afterlife with Dante, invite, plan and briefing notes, with an exhibition design file including interpretation plan, finance and budget, programme, object lists, loans, images, research, design, text, captions, layout, cases, engagement, grants, planning documents, GIS.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2018A   9 June - 7 October 2018
Bodies of Evidence How science unearthed Durham's dark secret, including service paper and newspaper cutting for the re-interment of the Scottish Soldiers remains in Elvet Hill Road Cemetery 18 May 2018, exhibition invite, flyer, bookmark, newspaper cutting about a descendant Jean Paradis, an exhibition information folder, including A Long Way From Home, briefing notes, programmes of talks, gallery plans, AV instructions and issues logs, press releases and exhibition texts large print versions, also BBC news footage trancripts.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2018B   10 September 2018
International Association of Bibliophiles Durham & York Colloquium 2018 with the programme and captions for displays of books, manuscripts and documents at the Cathedral Library and Palace Green Library
Printed paper booklet
UND/EA2/12/2018C   24 November 2018 - 17 March 2019
Catch Your Breath, events programme, posters and exhibition information file including a gallery plan, operational instructions, leaflets, bookmark and a balloon.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2019A   18 May - 6 October 2019
Wild, posters, briefing notes, gallery plan, daily set up for the ohmerometer, risk assessment, tours programme, comment sheet, animal games, explorer trail, bookmark, badge, text large print version.
Paper file
UND/EA2/12/2019B   16 November 2019 - 23 February 2020
Norman Cornish: The Sketchbooks, posters and booklets
Paper file
Guides and other library publications
Reference: UND/EA2/13
UND/EA2/13/1   1974
“Special Collections in Durham University Library”
With sections detailing: description of the collections, catalogues and indexes, buildings and furnishings, bibliography of related publications, and historical and statistical summary.
UND/EA2/13/2   [c.1980]
“The Special Collections”
With summary descriptions of the major and minor printed collections, 3 editions.
UND/EA2/13/3   1954
Maps of Durham 1576-1872 in the University Library Durham, Ruth M. Turner (Durham University Library publications 1).
UND/EA2/13/4   1960
Maps of Durham, 1607-1872 in the University Library, Durham, supplement A. I. Doyle (Durham University Library publications 1a).
UND/EA2/13/5   1956
Durham elections. A list of material relating to parliamentary elections in Durham, 1675-1874, H. R. Kleineberger (Durham University Library publications 2).
UND/EA2/13/6   1968
Durham topographical prints up to 1800, Phyllis M. Benedikz (Durham University Library publications 6).
UND/EA2/13/7   1971
Computer processing of library files at Durham University, R. N. Oddy (Durham University Library publications 7).
UND/EA2/13/8   22 May 1968 - 1990
“The Old Buildings of Durham University Library” 22 May 1968, revised 1982 (titled “The Older Buidlings”), February 1985 and 1990.
3 paper leaflets
UND/EA2/13/9   November 1990
“University of Durham Resources for Historical Research”, detailing collections at the university, cathedral, Ushaw, County Record Office, County Library and also in Newcastle and Gateshead, revised November 1992.
Paper leaflet, 8p
UND/EA2/13/10   [2007]
Treasures of Durham University Library, ed R. Gameson, flyer
Colour illustrated 4-fold leaflet
UND/EA2/13/11   2008
Chancellor's Appeal for Palace Green Library flyer, card and gift envelope.
3 printed items
UND/EA2/13/12   2004 - 2012
Posters for library events, hours etc, including Open Day 2004, Museums at Night, Conservation in Action, Launch of the Friends 2012,
Paper file
Oriental Library
Reference: UND/EA3 A separate Oriental Collection was established with a keeper in 1950. It was based at Elvet Hill from 1957. The section closed in December 1987 when most of the staff and collections were absorbed into the Main Library, except for the manuscripts, early printed books, Sudan archive, Abbas Hilmi II papers and other special collections which transferred to Palace Green Library in November 1987.

Annual reports
Reference: UND/EA3/A
UND/EA3/A1   1950/51 - 1961/62
Annual reports for the year August to July.
Paper file
UND/EA3/A2   1962/63 - 1965/66
Annual reports for the year August to July.
Paper file
UND/EA3/A3   1966/67 - 1971/72
Annual reports for the year August to July.
Paper file
UND/EA3/A4   1979/80 & 1983/84
Annual reports for the year 1 August to 31 July.
UND/EA3/A5   1951/2 - 1972/3
Annual reports for the department of Oriental Studies, Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, the Gulbenkian Museum and the Library, photocopied from the Warden's/Vice-Chancellor's annual reports.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA3/B
UND/EA3/B1   November 1983 - May 1987
Oriental section staff meeting minutes
UND/EA3/B2   September 1988 - July 1990
Oriental Recataloguing Project, minutes and notes from meetings, with the 16 July 1990 meeting noted as being the 23rd and last.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA3/C
UND/EA3/C1   January 1983
List of books received from Prof Barbour.
UND/EA3/C2   [1972]
List of series and continuations purchased by standing order, detailing the title, order no, date of order and bookseller.
UND/EA3/C3   October 1967 - May 1989
Periodicals gift register, numbers G209/P-G485/P.
Paper file
UND/EA3/C4   [March 1955 - ?1963]
Gift lists file 3, folios 179-505.
Paper file
UND/EA3/C5   January 1958 - October 1960
Correspondence about gifts, CH701-1055.
Paper file
UND/EA3/C6   January 1985 - March 1992
Gift register (6) (of books), detailing gift number (G5245-5934), donor and author/title etc.
Paper file
UND/EA3/C7   [1974 - 1976]
Lists of books on deposit, references D1-D10.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA3/D
UND/EA3/D1   May - July 1960
Language:  English, with some Arabic, Persian and Turkish
Catalogue of manuscripts in the Oriental Section in Arabic, Persian and Turkish, by Eleazar Birnbaum.
An open access copy is available in Durham University Main Library at Ref 016.091 DUR.
UND/EA3/D2   3 October 1983
Language:  English and Korean
List of Korean Periodicals, by S.V.R. Char.
Paper booklet, 14f + card covers
Transferred from Main Library July 2011.
Former classmark: REF PLK 871 DURHAM.
Borrowings and readers
Reference: UND/EA3/E
UND/EA3/E1   [c.1965 - 1966]
External borrowers, indexed.
Paper book
UND/EA3/E2   January 1967 - October 1974
Loan records: staff, research students, external borrowers.
Paper book
UND/EA3/E3   [July 1974 - May 1976]
Books on deposit, by deposit number D1-D10.
Paper file
Head of department's files
Reference: UND/EA3/G
UND/EA3/GA1   [c.1952] - January 1973
Oriental Library file of Prof T.W. Thacker of the School of Oriental Studies including correspondence, including re donations for buying books, papers on the development of the department and library, and reports on conferences.
UND/EA3/GA2   [1961 - 1974]
Reports, memoranda and correspondence re the section's direction and funding, including papers on the Conference of Middle East Libraries 1968 and a chart of June 1961 showing the relative collecting policies of the Main Library and the Oriental Section.
UND/EA3/GA3   September 1973 - May 1974
Handover notes of I.J.C. Foster on his retirement as keeper, in 5 parts, with copies of earlier significant documents re the Oriental library.
UND/EA3/GA4   [1974] - 1991
Reports, memoranda and correspondence re the section's direction and funding, including relations with CMEIS, a job advert for the post of assistant librarian [1978] and papers of the 1980 working party on the section.
UND/EA3/GA5   November 1958 - October 1997
Sudan Archive, including an October 1997 version of the summary guide, with copy significant correspondence re the archive and a request slip.
UND/EA3/GA6   April 1976 - June 1978
Missing books and Sudan archive material, correspondence re Christopher Terrill.
UND/EA3/GA7   1981 - [1987]
Administrative procedures, including: notes for the secretary, on the use of stack C and on fetching archive material and Abbas Hilmi II microfilms.
UND/EA3/GA8   [?1977] - October 1990
Area Studies and the Library, being papers on Oriental and related Studies.
UND/EA3/GA9   September 1954 - June 1980
India Office microfilm collection.
UND/EA3/GA10   April 1981 - May 1982
Oriental Library Special Interest Group for the 150th Anniversary Appeal, file of its chair Prof K. Heinz Kuhn, including minutes, agenda papers, correspondence, lists of patrons and brochures.
UND/EA3/GA11   [c.1974 - 1982]
Middle East Centre Documentation Centre and Oriental Library reports on requirements, with plans.
UND/EA3/GA12   July 1974 - June 1976
Oriental Music Festival, 1st and 2nd annual reports of 1974 and 1975, with correspondence and lists of books for an exhibition in 1976.
UND/EA3/GA13   1970 - 1975
Oriental Cataloguing, procedures, discussions with the Main Library and classification schemes.
UND/EA3/GA14   October 1975 - July 1988
Cataloguing statistics.
UND/EA3/GA15   [c.1980s]
Oriental Library sample spine labels.
UND/EA3/GA16   [1951] - 1983
Cataloguing and classification.
UND/EA3/GA17   1966 - 1985
SCOLMA (Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa), reports, memoranda and 1975 AGM agenda.
UND/EA3/GA18   1971 - 1975
Japan Library Group.
UND/EA3/GA19   September 1974
Filing system.
UND/EA3/GA20   May 1986 - June 1987
Closure of the School of Oriental Studies, correspondence, reports and papers of the Board of Studies, also re the Parker Report.
UND/EA3/GA21   June - September 1987
Closure of the Oriental Section, reports, lists of stock, relocation working party minutes and a little correspondence.
UND/EA3/GA22   June - December 1987
Move from Elvet Hill.
UND/EA3/GA23   October 1987 - [January 1988]
Staff Duties, papers and correspondence on the possible duties of Oriental Library staff being transferred to the Main Library.
UND/EA3/GA24   1988
Oriental Library store move to Blemont, reports and correspondence with lists of books.
UND/EA3/GA25   [c.1980]
Information pamphlets on the library, guides to the Sudan archive, also notes for freshers' tours.
Paper file
UND/EA3/GAC1   January 1980 - June 1987
Newspapers: Purchased
UND/EA3/GAC2   September 1980 - December 1985
Newspapers: Gifts
UND/EA3/GAE   June 1981 - January 1989
Exchange (General)
UND/EA3/GC   August 1976 - June 1988
UND/EA3/GDA   April 1961 - December 1980
British Council (1)
Another reference is 196.
UND/EA3/GDA1   August 1981 - April 1992
African Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA2   April 1984 - February 1987
Ancient Near East: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA4   May 1983 - February 1989
Far East General: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA4a   September 1981 - June 1997
Chinese Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA4b   June 1981 - July 1995
Japanese Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA4c   March 1983 - August 1996
Korean Collection: enquiries about collection, including the donation of Bishop Richard Rutt, and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA5   February 1983 - August 1983
Hebrew: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA6   March 1981 - April 1988
Indian Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA7   December 1982 - April 1988
Middle East: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA7a   April 1981 - October 1987
Arab World: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA7aa   February 1981 - June 1985
Libyan Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA7ab   June 1983 - November 1996
Sudan Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA7b   January 1978 - September 1993
Persian/Iranian Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA7c   December 1980 - May 1987
Turkish Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA8   July 1983 - April 1987
Central Asia: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA9   April 1980 - February 1990
Art Collection: development and policy
UND/EA3/GDA11   March 1981 - November 1990
Manuscript Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA12   June 1980 - March 1993
Newspaper Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA14   August 1986 - September 1989
Theses: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA17   March - April 1984
South East Asian Collection: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDA19   December 1986
Early Printed Books: enquiries about collection and general correspondence.
UND/EA3/GDB   1956 - 1980
India Office Library Correspondence
UND/EA3/GDB1   February 1981 - October 1986
African Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB4   December 1986 - July 1996
Far East (General): Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB4a   December 1980 - March 1993
Far East Collection: Chinese Policy of Development and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB4b/1   November 1979 - December 1982
Japanese Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB4b/2   November 1982 - December 1984
Japanese Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB4b/3   February 1985 - February 1996
Japanese Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB4c/1   October 1980 - April 1987
Korean Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB4c/2   June 1987 - October 1990
Korean Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB6   August 1981 - March 1985
Indian Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB7   February 1981 - May 1989
Middle East Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB7a   February 1982 - September 1993
Middle East Collection: Arab
UND/EA3/GDB7ab   June 1981 - March 1996
Sudan Collection: acquisition of material
UND/EA3/GDB7b   February 1982 - September 1992
Iran Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB8   August 1981 - October 1985
Central Asia Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB9   November 1980 - November 1981
Art Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB11   November 1982 - October 1986
Manuscript Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information
UND/EA3/GDB12   January 1980 - December 1998
Newspaper Collection Development Policy and Miscellaneous Information including lists of holdings in September 1982 and December 1998.
UND/EA3/GDB12a   January - April 1986
Sudanese Newspapers Project
UND/EA3/GDB15   November 1986 - August 1989
Microfilms: General
UND/EA3/GDC1b   January 1980 - May 1986
Abbas Hilmi II Papers: Internal Correspondence and Admin.
UND/EA3/GDC1b   January 1984 - April 1992
Abbas Hilmi II Papers: Internal Correspondence and Admin.
UND/EA3/GDC1g   August 1980 - July 1984
Abbas Hilmi II Papers: Annual Report
UND/EA3/GDC1h   December 1984 - January 1989
Abbas Hilmi II Papers: Ibrahim Paha Letters
UND/EA3/GDC5b/1   January 1981 - December 1983
Sudan Archive: Internal Correspondence and Admin.
UND/EA3/GDC5b/2   January 1984 - May 1986
Sudan Archive: Internal Correspondence and Admin.
UND/EA3/GDC5b/3   July 1986 - November 1992
Sudan Archive: Internal Correspondence and Admin.
UND/EA3/GDC5b(i)   February 1965 - July 1985
Administration of sales of Sudan political service book.
UND/EA3/GDC5b(ii)   March 1985 - March 1989
“Sudan Political Service” Sales
UND/EA3/GDC5g   October 1992 - April 1997
Sudan Archive: Wheels and Paddles Book
UND/EA3/GDC5k   August 1982 - October 1987
Sudan Archives: Publication
UND/EA3/GDC5l   October 1988 - March 1989
Sudan Archive: Exhibitions
UND/EA3/GDC5la   November 1984 - February 1989
Sudan Archives Exhibitions - Items loaned/copied
UND/EA3/GDC5lb   September 1984 - January 1989
Sudan Archive Exhibitions:
Egypt and the Sudan in the 20th Century, Sept-Oct 1984 (to coincide with conference organised by the International and Comparative Librarianship Group of the Library Association on “The Arab Middle East: British Librarianship, information services and resources”, St Aidan's College: poster, information leaflet, captions, translations, maps. Themes: Botany of the Sudan; Darfur campaign, 1916; Development of the Sudan Medical Service; Denshawai Incident, 1906 (Abbas Hilmi II Papers)
Display for history teachers, 7 July 1987: Gordon; 1898 campaign; Fashoda incident; Darfur campaign, 1916
Display for the University Grants Committee, 31 January 1989: Sudan Archive as a source for The British in the Sudan, 1898-1956 (Collins, 1984); Education in the Sudan

UND/EA3/GDC5n   January 1981 - March 1986
Sudan Archive: Correspondence with Juba University
UND/EA3/GDC5p   January 1982 - May 1990
Sudan Archive: Computerisation of Collection
UND/EA3/GDC5s(i)-(ix)   March 1981 - December 1987
Durham Sudan Historical Records Conference 1982: correspondence, enquiries administration, attendance lists, curricula vitae, programming, funding and accounts, proceedings, legacy donations to the Sudan Archive. Files (iii)-(ix) from the office Deborah Lavin, Principal of Trevelyan College and conference co-organizer and editor. Published conference proceedings: SudARef PK1543.5 DUR.
UND/EA3/GDC5t   September 1981 - May 1982
Sudan Archive: Gezira University
UND/EA3/GDC5u   April 1982 - October 1992
Sudan Archive Fund
UND/EA3/GDC5v   July 1983 - June 1991
St. Aidan's Fellowship, Sudan
UND/EA3/GDC5w   September 1985 - October 1989
Sudan Archive: Photographs
UND/EA3/GDC8   July 1981 - June 1984
Malcolm MacDonald Papers
UND/EA3/GDC8a   January - June 1986
Working Party on Malcolm MacDonald Papers.
UND/EA3/GDC9   January 1983 - February 1997
Professor T.M. Johnstone's Collection, including the sale of duplicate books and recording the use of theses in Johnstone's collection for copyright purposes.
UND/EA3/GDH/D   March - November 1970
M.E.C. Documentation Officer
UND/EA3/GDW/F   January 1970 - February 1971
Future of Oriental Section, correspondence and reports re the proposed removal of the Oriental Library from Elvet Hill House to the Science site.
Paper file
UND/EA3/GDW/Z   1966 - 1967
Durham University Library Cost-Benefit Project 1966-67 and other projects, numbered.
Another reference for this file was 326.
UND/EA3/GEB and GEC   February 1954 - October 1968
Armenian Book Fund: Accounts, Reports etc. and Correspondence
Another reference for these files were, respectively, 396 and 398.
UND/EA3/GFO   May 1952 - January 1979
Chinese and Japanese Collections in DUL Oriental Section.
UND/EA3/GGC2b   May 1981 - April 1991
Middle East Centre Correspondence
UND/EA3/GGNC   October 1966 - February 1968
Elvet Hill Plans for Extension, October 1966.
Another reference for this file was 480.
UND/EA3/GGNC/2   [c.1970]
New Oriental Library Building Documents Committee etc. including plan for new building and proposals.
UND/EA3/GJB1   August 1986 - July 1988
University Grants Committee - Parker Report on Asian and African Studies.
UND/EA3/GJC   March 1981 - December 1989
SCONUL/ACOOM correspondence re meetings and a conservation survey (Lesley Forbes secretary 1988/89) and also re UCAP (Union Catalogue of Asian Publications).
Paper file
UND/EA3/GJD1   November 1982 - August 1986
Union Catalogues and UCAP - correspondence with the British Library.
UND/EA3/GJD2   December 1980 - November 1989
China Library Group
UND/EA3/GJD3   December 1980 - July 1988
Hebraica Library Group
UND/EA3/GJD4   March 1981 - March 1993
Japan Library Group
UND/EA3/GJD5   June 1981 - November 1989
MELCOM (Middle East Libraries Committee)
UND/EA3/GJD5/1   June 1981 - July 1985
UND/EA3/GJD5/2   August 1985 - March 1987
UND/EA3/GJD5/3   April 1987 - November 1988
UND/EA3/GJD5/4   December 1988 - November 1989
UND/EA3/GJD6   April 1981 - June 1990
South Asian Library Group
UND/EA3/GJD8   January 1981 - May 1990
SCOLMA (Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa).
UND/EA3/GJE4   November 1985 - November 1986
Correspondence with the Sudan Studies Association.
UND/EA3/GJE6b   October 1987 - September 1991
Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund: Correspondence
UND/EA3/GJF7a   March 1985 - February 1988
Library Provision for Ethnic Minorities, including minutes from Northern Metropolitan and County Chief Librarians: Multicultural Services Group and a Parliamentary paper Financing our Public Library Service: Four Subjects for Debate dated Februrary 1988.
UND/EA3/GJF7b   July 1986 - February 1992
North Metropolitan and County Chief Librarians MCSG (Multicultural Services Group), including minutes from the group and correspondence with other librarians in the group.
UND/EA3/GJG1   May 1985 - October 1987
International Association of Orientalist Libraries, including circulars from INCANAS and the minutes and agenda for a Japan Library meeting.
UND/EA3/GJG2   December 1987 - September 1989
European Association of Sinilogical Librarians, including documents and correspondence for and leading up to the ninth annual conference.
UND/EA3/GJJ   April 1985 - April 1993
British Academy Committee on Oriental Documents
UND/EA3/GKF   [c.1950]
Gift: H.M. the King of Egypt
UND/EA3/GLA1   June 1954 - July 1985
Missing Books
UND/EA3/GLB1   1967 - 1981
Previous Filing System
UND/EA3/GLB2   1981
New Filing System
Elvet Hill History [sent by JR Harris 1989], gifts to the Oriental Library.
Letters concering the gift of books for the Oriental Library from King Farouk, inlcuding copies of press releases and newspaper cuttings.
Letters concerning the gift to the Oriental Library from Aga Khan.
UND/EA3/GLIB/OR/MISC   March 1950 - December 1964
Elvet Hill Library History [sent by JR Harris 1989] 1950-1964, regarding books purchased.
UND/EA3/GLld(i)/1   February 1957 - May 1966
Oriental Staff References.
Another reference for this file was 304.
UND/EA3/GLld(i)2   August 1960 - April 1973
Library Staff References for the Oriental Section.
Other references for this file were GDW/ST and 304a.
UND/EA3/GLle/1   June 1973
Keeper of Oriental Books applications.
Another reference for this file was 324.
UND/EA3/GLle/2   1977
Archivist (Sudan Archive)
Another reference for this file was 353.
UND/EA3/GMG   [1960s]
Memoranda (on library and school policy etc)
Another reference for this file was 538.
UND/EA3/GMJ (1)   September 1960 - April 1978
Museum, items loaned to the Gulbenkian Museum of Oriental Art
Another reference for this file was 542.
UND/EA3/GML   18 October 1950
Oriental Department - Plans of Building.
Another reference for this file was 546
UND/EA3/GNB   1962 - 1989
History of Section, including possible book purchasing committee and procedures for Assistant Librarians.
UND/EA3/GND2   1987 - 1988
Assimilation of the Oriental Section with Main Library and Palace Green.
UND/EA3/GND2a   1987 - 1988
Relocation of Oriental Library (Salthouse)
UND/EA3/GND3/1   1988
Working Party on Ex-Oriental Transfers, including correspondence with institutions that collections were transferred to.
UND/EA3/GND3/2   January - May 1989
Working Party on Ex-Oriental Transfers, including correspondence with institutions that collections were transferred to.
UND/EA3/GND3/3   June 1989 - December 1989
Working Party on Ex-Oriental Transfers, including correspondence with institutions that collections were transferred to.
UND/EA3/GND3/4   April 1989 - January 1991
Working Party on Ex-Oriental Transfers, including correspondence with institutions that collections were transferred to.
UND/EA3/GNE   May 1981 - December 1983
Buildings, Oriental Library Capacity, including Accomodation Review Committee papers.
UND/EA3/GNH2/1   September 1980 - January 1987
Appeal Correspondence
UND/EA3/GNH2/2   January 1982 - February 1984
Appeal Correspondence (internal and admin only).
UND/EA3/GNH3   February 1981 - November 1983
Appeal - OLSIG Meetings, including papers passed on my Prof. Kuhn (Chairman of OLSIG) on his retirement in 1984, library papers, Oriental Library publicity material, brief for patrons, and annotated minutes from 'Oriental Library Special Interest Group' meetings.
UND/EA3/GNH5   March 1982 - July 1983
Appeal correspondence letters from potential donors.
UND/EA3/GNH6a   1982 - 1984
Appeal Donations Statement
UND/EA3/GOG/B1   December 1969 - April 1970
“Mr H.”, correspondence regarding a student who wishes to use the Sudan Archive.
UND/EA3/GOG/B2   1969 - 1973
Librarian's Visits Business to be Transacted.
UND/EA3/GONU   September1969 - October 1978
University Grants Committee (U.G.C.) Hayter Visitation
UND/EA3/GOR   December 1965 - February 1972
DUL Oriental Section History, list of memoranda by I.J. C. Foster and other papers relating to Durham University Library Oriental Section.
UND/EA3/GOX   December 1976 - May 1980
Correspondence for Oriental Studies Board of Studies Meetings, including annotated minutes and agendas.
UND/EA3/GOY   January 1956 - October 1971, predominantly 1956
School of Oriental Studies, various, including a list of courses for 1956, radio reports, and a memorandum on the general background and development of the Durham School of Oriental Studies.
UND/EA3/GRA   October 1950 - August 1978
General, statistics, etc., includes procedures, lists of oriental periodicals, the old filing system (replaced 20/6/1959),
Another reference for this file was 640
UND/EA3/GRNA   1970 - 1973
Quinquennial Planning for 1972/1977
Another reference for this file was 678.
UND/EA3/GRZ   April 1953 - February 1972
Foster Research Project. Correspondence concerning Foster's trip to Portugal to buy books to enhance the Oriental Section's library and other projects.
Another reference for this file was 686.
UND/EA3/GSCH/SUD   November 1958 - July 1968
Elvet Hill Library History [sent by JR Harris 1989] 1967 - 1970, including correspondence from Ronald Wingate concerning his papers, access and contents of Wingate papers and an inventory of the Sudan archive (1966).
UND/EA3/GTA   January 1981 - January 1993
Correspondence with British Council Visitors
UND/EA3/GTRC   July 1988 - July 1993
Teaching Resource Centre (EDUC)
UND/EA3/GTX   September 1975 - June 1983
Miss Forbes - miscellaneous documents including requests for Miss Forbes to be a referee.
UND/EA3/GTX5   December 1985 - May 1986
Conference on the Nationalist Movement - Khartoum 1986, including a report to the British Council on Miss Forbes' visit to Sundan.
UND/EA3/GU1   [c.1950-1960]
Notes on library business including names and addresses of booksellers, various translations of basic information (numbers and calendars)
UND/EA3/GU2   December 1954 - November 1988
Record Book for Contributions to Presents [for staff] at EH.
UND/EA3/GU3   June 1955 - February 1974
Elvet Hill Record of Visitors
UND/EA3/GU4   August 1956 - July 1957
Diary, notes re: students
UND/EA3/GU5   May 1964 - February 1977
Duplicate Book of Sent Telegrams
UND/EA3/GU6   1964 - 1972
DUL Oriental Section History, including a report of a journey to the East on behalf of the University Library and applications for a post of Assistant Librarian
UND/EA3/GU9   1968
Occasional and Casual Readers and Enquirers
UND/EA3/GU10   November 1969
Complaints [letters] To be examined by the Librarian
UND/EA3/GU11   January 1970 - September 1983
Accomodation Background for the Oriental Section of the University Library.
UND/EA3/GU12   July - August 1971
'Our copies'. Correspondence regarding missing/stolen books
UND/EA3/GU13   March 1971 - April 1979
Elvet Hill Library History [sent by JR Harris 1989] Sudan Archives 1970 - 1979.
UND/EA3/GZ1   [c.1990]
Old and new filing systems.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA3/J
UND/EA3/J1   [January 1982]
Images taken for the 150th anniversary appeal Oriental Library brochure, only some of which were used.
1-16. 16 BW negatives of text and pictures from Oriental library items.
17-22. 6 BW prints of images from Oriental Library material.
23. Colour print of an image from an Oriental manuscript.
24-25. 2 BW prints of book covers from recent additions pinned to a display board.
26-28. 3 BW prints of the same group of 5 students studying in the library.
29. BW print of 4 students at the issue desk, staffed by ?June Nelson.
30. BW print of 4 students sitting at a table piled with books and browsing shelves.
31. BW print of a student browsing shelves.
32. BW print of Oriental Library exterior, Elvet Hill.
33. BW print of a perspective drawing of a proposed new Oriental Library.
UND/EA3/J2   December 1987
Oriental Section Library staff at Elvet Hill, assembled behind the issue desk (LtoR): Carol Simmons, Paula Bolton, Ann ?, Margaret MacKie, Jane Hogan, Paul Starkey, Lesley Forbes, Susan McBreen, Malcolm Ferguson, Raghu Char.
Reference: UND/EA3/K
UND/EA3/K1   1983/84 - 1986/87
Introduction to the Oriental Section annual library guides
UND/EA3/K2   [c.1980]
Language:  English and Chinese
Chinese Studies at Durham
Reference: UND/EA3/L
UND/EA3/L1   8 December 1970
Site plan Oriental Library stage 1, by Spence and Price, architects of Newcastle
Formerly numbered: 317/8
UND/EA3/L2   18 December 1975
Site Plan Oriental Library extension, by Bernard Taylor & Partners architects of Manchester, with pencil amendments
UND/EA3/L3   1970 - 1971
General maps and plans of the Oriental Library developments.
Paper file
UND/EA3/L4   1960 - 1961
Plans for shelving layouts at Elvet Hill House.
Paper file
Science Library
Reference: UND/EA4
Annual Reports
Reference: UND/EA4/A
UND/EA4/A1   1929 - 1963
Correspondence about annual figures, with gaps, and becoming annual reports by the later 1940s.
Reference: UND/EA4/C
UND/EA4/C1   27 February 1951 - 11 August 1952
Accessions register. Largely unused.
UND/EA4/C2   5 June 1957 - 14 November 1961
Lists of books purchased for the Science Section.
Head of department's files
Reference: UND/EA4/G
UND/EA4/GBIN/2/1   July 1928 - October 1933
Correspondence with Birdsall & Son Ltd, Bookbinders and Stationers, concerning binding books from the Science Library.
UND/EA4/GBIN/2/2   May 1928 - July 1952
Binding bills and correspondence with various binders.
UND/EA4/GEXC/PER   February 1940 - February 1952
Exchange periodicals, the library's exchange of publications with various institutions.
UND/EA4/GGEN/CLA/19   December 1949 - March 1964
UND/EA4/GLEN/KC   July 1925 - December 1951
Correspondence with University of Durham King's College Library concerning allowing students to study there and the exchange of publications between the two libraries.
UND/EA4/GLIB/SAL   February 1950 - May 1951
Disposals of books, lists of disposed publications.
UND/EA4/GLIB/2/1   December 1927 - October 1951
Science Library correspondence of Beatrice Hollingsworth.
UND/EA4/GLIB2/3   June 1964 - September 1970
General correspondence
UND/EA4/GOBS   [1945] - 1967
Observatory library - classification schedule and subject index, lists of periodicals missing 1939-1945 and correspondence of Barry Woodward re the library in 1967.
UND/EA4/GPER/2   November 1924 - November 1951
Gifts to the Science Library.
UND/EA4/GPRE   February 1954 - October 1960
Presentations, especially the meteorological records in 1960.
UND/EA4/GREA/2/3   January 1932 - March 1965
Readers not studying at Durham.
UND/EA4/GU1   March 1980 - February 1983
150th Anniversary Celebrations Committee.
UND/EA4/GU2   April 1937 - April 1942
Applicants for the post of senior assistant, 1937, 1939, 1942.
UND/EA4/GU3   [1952?] - May 1966
Keeper of Science Books 1966, applicants for post of graduate assistant at the Science Section [1955].
UND/EA4/GU4   July 1947 - August 1953
Science Library orders register.
UND/EA4/GU5   June 1978 - January 1983
Forms for external borrowers.
UND/EA4/GU7   October 1924 - July 1951
Deighton Bell, publishers, correspondence regarding Deighton Bell finding books on behalf of the Science Library.
UND/EA4/GU8   January 1974 - November 1975
Saleh al Aamer, a visitor who studied librarianship, worked in the Science Library and also visited other libraries.
UND/EA4/GU10   March 1938 - May 1952
Miscellaneous correspondence.
UND/EA4/G5   April 1967 - October 1973
Memorandum on “The Future of the Oriental Section” by I.J.C. Foster.
UND/EA4/G9a    October 1973 - October 1982
Anthropology Department.
UND/EA4/G9b   March 1973 - October 1982
Applied Physics and Electronics Department.
UND/EA4/G9c   June 1973 - June 1983
Botany Department.
UND/EA4/G9d   January 1973 - May 1983
Chemistry Department.
UND/EA4/G9e   October 1973 - November1982
Computing Department, known as Computing Unit from September 1982.
UND/EA4/G9f   March 1973 - May 1982
Engineering Science Department, includes a survey on temperatures in the Science Library.
UND/EA4/G9g   December 1972 - May 1982
Geography Department.
UND/EA4/G9h   March 1973 - June 1982
Geological Sciences Department.
UND/EA4/G9i    November 1972 - October 1982
Mathematical Sciences Department.
UND/EA4/G9j   May 1965 - January 1980
Philosophy Department.
UND/EA4/G9k/1   June 1964- December 1972
Physics Department.
UND/EA4/G9k/2   January 1973 - June 1982
Physics Department.
UND/EA4/G9k/3   October 1971 - July 1980
Physics Department - Sir James Knott Library, agenda, minutes and related correspondence regarding the Sir James Knott Library Sub-Committee.
UND/EA4/G9l   February 1973 - January 1982
Psychology Department.
UND/EA4/G9m   June 1973 - August 1982
Zoology Department.
UND/EA4/G12(36)   January - March 1972
Emergency measures (coal miners' strike) fuel cuts, lighting cuts, etc.
UND/EA4/G14    January 1969 - June 1971
Dainton Report.
UND/EA4/G15/1   November 1966 - April 1972
Exhibitions correspondence.
UND/EA4/G15/2   February 1973 - December 1985
UND/EA4/G16   May 1973 - April 1983
External borrowers/readers wishing to use the library facilities.
UND/EA4/G19/1   September 1969 - September 1972
Freshers tours.
UND/EA4/G19/2   June 1973 - October 1974
Freshers conference.
UND/EA4/G19/3   May 1975 - June 1983
Freshers library tours.
UND/EA4/G20   September 1967 - October 1973
Reader services.
UND/EA4/G22/1   December 1966 - November 1967
Science Library opening hours, includes a petition for longer opening hours.
UND/EA4/G22/2   October 1970 - February 1974
General correspondence, particularly with Palace Green Library.
UND/EA4/G22/3   November 1969 - January 1975
Readers (general correspondence).
UND/EA4/G22/4-9   February 1972- August 1983
General correspondence.
4. February 1972 - October 1974.
5. November 1974 - December 1975.
6. January 1976 - September 1977.
7. September 1977 - March 1979.
8. May 1979 - December 1980. (2 files)
9. January 1981 - August 1983. (2 files)
UND/EA4/G24/1-2   December 1972 - December 1981
Maintenance / Surveyor's Department.
1. December 1972 - December 1981.
2. January 1982 - March 1983.
UND/EA4/G24a   October 1979 - November 1981
Correspondence - Science Library alterations, includes plans
UND/EA4/G25   February 1974 - February 1980
Missing books lists.
UND/EA4/G28/1   May 1930 - November 1950
Estimates for the new Central Library.
UND/EA4/G28/2   November 1935 - September 1951
New Central Library - staff.
UND/EA4/G28/3   June 1971 - February 1974
Correspondence on the new Central Library.
UND/EA4/G29a   November 1981 - May 1982
Open Days Committee.
UND/EA4/G33   March 1972 - January 1980
Presentations, gifts and purchases of books.
UND/EA4/G41   March 1973 - June 1982
Short loan collection.
UND/EA4/G43/1   August 1967 - October 1974
Staff manual circulars.
UND/EA4/G43/2   November 1974 - June 1983
Staff circulars.
UND/EA4/G43a   October 1976 - March 1983
Manpower Services Commission Job Creation Programme, correspondence regarding hiring replacement staff, work experience placements and creating new positions.
UND/EA4/G46   January 1973 - February 1982
Student work placements in the library.
UND/EA4/G47   February 1972 - November 1982
Technical staff text books - all correspondence.
UND/EA4/G48b   January 1972 - February 1983
Theses, presentation.
UND/EA4/G48e   Janurary 1975 - August 1979
Theses, preparation, includes draft advice on the production of theses and guidance for their production in the library.
UND/EA4/G51/1   October 1969 - December 1973
UND/EA4/G51/2   Janurary 1974 - February 1983
Visitors to the library.
UND/EA4/G57   August 1973 - February 1983
Building File, correspondence relating to the repairs needed for the building of the library.
UND/EA4/G57b   May 1981 - September 1982
Buildings Committee, set up for review of the government and structure of the University, includes a request for nominations, no agenda or minutes included.
UND/EA4/G58   June 1979 - July 1979
Teesdale Natural History Trust.
UND/EA4/G60   26 September 1979
“Shadow” Library Board.
Reference: UND/EA4/L
UND/EA4/L1   July - August 1979
Science Library alterations plans:
1. Ground floor plan. July
2. Ground floor plan C L.(0)1. July
3. Powered mobile layout. 3 August.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA5
Reference: UND/EA5/C
UND/EA5/C1-11   January 1964 - June 2001
Accession slips detailing author, order no., title, place/publisher, date, series, price, date ordered, ISBN, suggested by, bookseller, hastened, date received, class, added entries, no of entries, accession no, date, and notes.
1. 1-1221, January - September 1964
2. 2444-3597, July 1964 - June 1965
3-4. 11486-12974, July 1970 - March 1972
5-7. 20600-22649, October 1980 - October 1981
8-10. 36100-38499, September 1990 - November 1991
11. 48000-48832, April 1999 - June 2001.
6 bundles of A5 paper slips, 4 filed at the foot on string, 9 filed in metal-pinned stiff binders
Administrative Files
Reference: UND/EA5/G
UND/EA5/G1   April 1979 - August 1980
Redevelopment of Bede Main Building for the Education Library, including the librarian's paper “Draft Notes of Guidance on the Education Section” of April 1979, plans of Bernard Taylor architects of May-June 1979 and the librarian's comments of August 1980.
Paper file
UND/EA5/G2   June 1992
Shelf layout plan for four rooms, by the Estates and Buildings Dept.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA5/J
UND/EA5/JB1   [c.1900]
Photocopy BW print of the lecture room interior at Bede College showing desks and bookcases.
Paper, 1f
Printed Ephemera
Reference: UND/EA5/K
UND/EA5/K1   1997 - 2001
The Education Section and Teaching Resources Centre, with information on the holdings, resources, opening hours and some floor plans, for 1997/8, undated and 2001/2
3 paper leaflets
UNd/EA5/K2   c.1980 - c.2015
Subject guides to the Education collection (x5).
Paper file
Stockton, Queen's Campus Library
Reference: UND/EA6
Annual reports
Reference: UND/EA6/A
UND/EA6/A1   1996 - 2016
Annual reports
Paper file
UND/EA6/A2   2009 - 2013
QCL diary of events for the annual report.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA6/B
UND/EA6/B1   November 1995 - November 1998
Agenda for a meeting re library matters at UCS, then Information Services Consultative Group agendas and minutes, including reports
Paper file
UND/EA6/B2   8 June 1999 - 17 April 2018
Staff Meeting minutes (meetings 1-56), including also the occasional Library Consultative Group and Library Student Users' Forum
Paper file
UND/EA6/B3   March 2009 - January 2017
QCL Student Users' Forum minutes
The forum was set up by the Queen's Library Consultative Group meeting of 19 November 2008 to generate ideas and suggestions on how to improve library services; it was to meet twice a year in Michaelmas and Epiphany terms.
Paper file
UND/EA6/B4   December 2011 - December [2016]
LSMT Question Time Sessions at QCS minutes
Paper file
Administrative Files
Reference: UND/EA6/G
UND/EA6/G1   1994 - 2012
Correspondence about the development of the library and Queen's Campus, with some strategic plans, occasional minutes, and a library guide
Paper file
UND/EA6/G2   1995 - 2012
Staffing, including staff lists, particulars of posts, Campus Librarian job description, lists of tasks, operational plans.
Paper file
UND/EA6/G3   [c.2000 - 2015]
Thank You cards.
Card file
UND/EA6/G4-5   2010 - 2018
24/7 opening secruity manual, including headcounts, procedures, notices and a security log
Paper file & book
UND/EA6/G6   2006 - 2017
Comments/suggestions from users/students about the library and its facilities, with some responses about any actions taken
Paper file
UND/EA6/G7   2010 - 2018
24/7 opening, including reports, procedures, headcounts
Paper file
UND/EA6/G8   1995/96
Desk diary, recording staff appointments and library activities
Paper book, spiral-bound
UND/EA6/G9   2005/06
Desk diary, recording staff appointments and library activities
Paper book, spiral-bound
UND/EA6/G10   2006 - 2014
Library action plans and strategies, with some QCL contributions
Paper file
UND/EA6/G11   2006 - 2018
Statistics, security gate readings and head counts
Paper file
UND/EA6/G12   2005 - 2015
Staff routines, timetables, rotas
Paper file
UND/EA6/G13   1998 - 2016
UCS bookshop (Waterstones then Blackwells), correspondence
Paper file
UND/EA6/G14   2011 - 2013
Environmental issues
Paper file
UND/EA6/G15   2006 - 2009
Paper file
UND/EA6/G16   2016 - 2017
Student Library Support Assistants
Paper file
UND/EA6/G17   2010 - 2013
Book fund figures
Paper file
UND/EA6/G18   1995 - 1999
Library administration, including IT services and helpdesk, people count, name of the college, degree ceremony arrangements, acquisitions
Paper file
UND/EA6/G19   2000 - 2004
Library administration, including courier service and transport, campus card, passwords
Paper file
UND/EA6/G20   2005 - 2009
Library administration, including re QCS expansion and the Information Resource Centre, cash handling, cleaning
Paper file
UND/EA6/G21   2010 - 2014
Library administration, including Education Staff Student Consultative Committee, space management, meeting with the deputy librarian, Ebsworth Building refurbishments, subject support points
Paper file
UND/EA6/G22   2015 - 2018
Library administration, including re the prospective changes to QCS
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA6/J
UND/EA6/J1   1995 - 2004
Staff photo album, showing QCL staff at work and relaxing, all captioned
Photo album of colour prints
UND/EA6/J2   [2001]
Head shots, all identified, of Library and Information Technology services staff at Stockton
Colour prints, laminated on to card, stuck on to a large paper sheet
Publications and Printed Ephemera
Reference: UND/EA6/K
UND/EA6/K1   2002 - 2014
Notices about opening hours etc.
Paper file
UND/EA6/K2   [c.February 2017]
Notices and leaflets including: Library bookmark, 5 tips about visiting Queen's Campus Library, plan of the library
Paper file
UND/EA6/K3   1996 - 1997
UCS Information Services Newsletter, numbers 3 and 4
Paper file
UND/EA6/K4   1996 - 2013
Information Guides and leaflets about Information/Library services, including General Guide to the Information Resources Centre 2000/01 and 2001/02; Users' charter and Regulations 2000; and a presentation [2002]
Paper file
UND/EA6/K5   October 1995 - November 1997
Library Weekly Info newsletter
Paper file
Reference: UND/EA6/L
UND/EA6/L1   [c.2000] - 2013
QCL floorplans
Paper file
Maiden Castle Sports Centre
Reference: UND/EB
Annual Reports
Reference: UND/EB/A
Dates of creation:

Reference: UND/EB/B
Dates of creation:

Reference: UND/EB/C
Dates of creation:

Administrative Files General
Reference: UND/EB/D
UND/EB/C1   [January] 1971
Squash Courts booking procedure notice.
Paper, 1f
UND/EB/C2   October 2005
Plans for Maiden Castle sports centre, by Estates and Buildings, ground and first floors.
Paper file
UND/EB/C3-4   February 2008 - October 2011
Sports scholarships, including general details about the scheme, correspondence about it and individual cases, reports, and files on each holder of a vice-chancellor's scholarship for 2008 and 2009.
2 paper files
Administrative Files Specific Sports
Reference: UND/EB/E
Reference: UND/EB/EA
UND/EB/EA1   2000 - 2001
Cricket coach's file including programmes, attendance records, guidelines for players and on techniques, some team lists, physical exercises, and player details.
Paper file
UND/EB/EA2   2001 - 2003
Player profiles with analysis of technique.
Paper file
UND/EB/EA3   2003
Cricket coach's file including University Centres of Cricketing Excellence (UCCE) communication strategy, some notes on players, correspondence, action plan, ECB accredited UCCE licence agreement (unsigned by DU).
Paper file
UND/EB/EA4   2004
Cricket coach's file including Calendar for all UCCEs, exam concessions and arrangements, team lists for specific matches, DU teams cricket calendar, County Captains meeting 13 April 2004 agenda and minutes, British Universities Cricket regulations, match report forms (blanks), EWCB UCCE palying conditions, hotel accommodation arrangements, lists of umpires, some player contact details.
Paper file
Reference: UND/EB/F
Photographs - General
Reference: UND/EB/FA
Dates of creation: 1964 - c.1965 Deposited from Maiden Castle Sports Centre 13 July 2005, Acc No Misc.2005/2006:3.

UND/EB/FA1   c.1965
View NE over Durham from Leazes Road, showing cathedral and castle, photo by Fillinghams.
BW print, mounted on board
Size: 365 x 240mm
UND/EB/FA2   c.1965
Hatfield College Pace Block, view from within the college, photo by T. Mason of New Elvet.
BW print, mounted on board
Size: 420 x 315mm (print), 500 x 400mm (mount)
UND/EB/FA3   c.1965
Castle Hall interior, view from the high table with students, gowned, at dinner, photo by T. Mason of New Elvet.
BW print, mounted on board
Size: 390 x 480mm (print), 400 x 500mm (mount)
UND/EB/FA4   c.1965
Durham Palace Green, looking at the almshouses, 7 students, in jackets and ties, 1 in a kilt, 1 black woman, photo by T. Mason of New Elvet.
BW print, mounted on board
Size: 480 x 370mm (print), 500 x 400mm (mount)
UND/EB/FA5   [1964]
[Opening] of Maiden Castle bridge over the Wear, with a crowd going across, also a wheelchair, snowy.
BW print, mounted on board
Size: 290 x 240mm (print), 400 x 360mm (mount)
Photographs - Groups
Reference: UND/EB/FB
UND/EB/FB1999   [June] 1999
Sport in the Community graduates 1996-99, in the Castle fellows garden, in academic dress (33), unidentified.
Colour print
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2000   [June] 2000
Sport in the Community graduates 1997-2000, in the Castle master's garden, in academic dress (35), unidentified.
Colour print
Size: 205 x 255mm
Photographs - Individuals
Reference: UND/EB/FC
UND/EB/FCW1   12 December 2008
Peter Warburton, ¾ length, in black tie, speaking at a rostrum, with another behind.
Colour print, in a card mount
Size: 230 x 150mm
Photographs - Buildings
Reference: UND/EB/FD
Photographs - Events
Reference: UND/EB/FE
UND/EB/FE1999A   [June] 1999
Palatinate Dinner.
1. Sports team with successful sports students, round a table (8 men including Peter Warburton and 4 women).
2. Sarah Garbutt receiving the Sportswoman of the Year trophy from Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
3. David Walder receiving Sportsman of the Year shield from Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
4. Jonathan Edwards receiving the first honorary palatinate glass bowl from Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
4 colour prints
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2000A   [June] 2000
Palatinate Dinner,.
1. Sports team (including Peter Warburton) with successful sports students (6 men and 5 women) round a table.
2. Presentation of the Sports Woman of the Year trophy to Nicola Speller by Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
3. Presentation of an honorary palatinate glass bowl and tie to Peter Dixon by Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
4. Presentation of an honorary palatinate glass bowl and tie to Phil de Glanville by Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
5. Peter Warburton director of Sport, with Mark Scholey president of DUAU 1999/00, Karen Appleton president 1997/98 and Jenny Hotchkiss president 1998/99.
5 colour prints, faded
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2000B   [9 June 2000]
Hatfield College grounds, Will Carling receiving an honorary palatinate glass bowl from Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
Colour print
Size: 205 x 255mm
Further photos in UND/CK1/BD/2000/49-58.
UND/EB/FE2001A   [June] 2001
[Palatinate Dinner].
1. Sports team (including Peter Warburton) with successful sports students (8 men and 2 women) round a table.
2. Presentation of the Sports Woman of the Year trophy to Caroline Atkin by Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
3. Presentation of the Director of Sport's award to Chris Brain by Peter Warburton.
3 colour prints
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2002A   [January 2002]
Launch of Durham Sporting Club and Durham University Aquatics, in the Sports Centre weights room:
1. 2 men in suits [Sports Minister Richard Caborn and Chief Executive of Sport England David Moffatt] talking to a man and a woman both in sports kit, with a microphone.
2. Richard Caborn and David Moffatt, jackets off, with fit balls.
3. Peter Warburton, unidentified woman (Regional Director of Sport), David Moffatt and Richard Caborn, in front of the DU Aquatics banner.
Colour print
Size: 200 x 280mm
UND/EB/FE2002B   [12 February 2002]
[Launch of Team Durham], Sports Centre weights room, Gabby Yorath in a white shirt, holding a weights bar above a man in an England rugby fleece.
Colour print
Size: 195 x 295mm
UND/EB/FE2002C   [June] 2002
[Palatinate Dinner], Helen Carter receiving the Director of Sport award from Pater Warburton.
Colour print
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2003A   [June] 2003
[Palatinate Dinner] awards:
1. Mark Bailey receiving an honorary palatinate tie from Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
2. Heidi Farr receiving the Sports Woman of the Year award from Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
3. Caroline Saxby receiving honorary life membership of Team Durham award from Peter Warburton.
3 colour prints
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2004A   [June] 2004
[Palatinate Dinner] awards:
1. Olivia Walwin receiving the Sports Woman of the Year trophy from ?.
2. Tom Danby receiving an honorary palatinate box from Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
2 colour prints
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2005A   [c.2000 x 2005]
[Palatinate Dinner] awards, names and/or dates unidentified:
1. Honorary palatinate tie and glass bowl to Graeme Fowler by Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
2. Honorary palatinate tie and glass bowl to ? (man) by Sir Kenneth Calman VC.
3. Box to Sam Stoker for services to university sport by Ian McCarter.
4. ?Director of Sport's award to ? (woman) by Peter Warburton.
5. ?Director of Sport's award to ? (man) by Peter Warburton.
6. Award to ? (male ?gymnast) by Peter Warburton.
7. Picture of a cricket match to ? (man) by ? (male student) and Peter Warburton.
Colour print
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2005B   September 2005
Launch of Sport Universities (North East England), 7 (6 men, 1 woman) in suits, on stairs in the Sports Centre, incvluding Peter Warburton.
Colour print
Size: 300 x 210mm
UND/EB/FE2006A   [12 January 2006]
Chancellor Bill Bryson with Will Greenwood holding a Durham University rugby ball, both in academic dress, in the cathedral cloister garth after the honorary degree ceremony, by Trinity Mirror PLC.
Colour print
Size: 205 x 255mm
Further photos in UND/CK1/BF2006A.
UND/EB/FE2006B   [June] 2006
[Palatinate Dinner] awards:
1. Adam Wallace and Gavin Koncar receiving the Director of Sport awards from Peter Warburton, all black tie.
2. William Shucksmith receiving the Sportsman of the Year trophy from ?.
3. John Stephenson receiving an honorary palatinate glass bowl and tie from Sir Kenneth Calman.
3 colour prints, in card mounts
Size: 205 x 255mm
UND/EB/FE2007A   June 2007
175th Anniversary Ball, Roger James (Tyne Tees sports presenter) addressing guests seated in a marquee.
Colour print
Size: 300 x 205mm
Reference: UND/EB/G
Dates of creation:

Publications and Printed Ephemera
Reference: UND/EB/H
UND/EB/H1   2008 - 2017
Posters advertising events and flyers for Maiden Castle and Team Durham.
UND/EB/H2   [c.1995 - 2005]
Newspaper cuttings from Palatinate, some local and national newspapers of Durham University sporting success and developments, mainly rugby, rowing, football, cricket, hockey
3 files of paper mounted on yellow card and laminated
UND/EB/H3   [2012]
A Profile of Tier 1 Sports at Durham University
Printed colour illustrated paper booklet
UND/EB/H4   [c.2015]
Recreational Sport & Activities for Staff & Families brochure.
Printed colour illustrated leaflet, 2f
UND/EB/H5   2009
Durham University Developing Sport in the Community; Team Durham Community newsletter 2009 and July 2009
2 printed colour illustrated booklets
UND/EB/H6   2016
Volunteering and Community Outreach Impact Report 2015-2106, by Emma Hall-Craggs
Printed colour illustrated paper booklet, i + 43p
Reference: UND/EB/J
Dates of creation:

Reference: UND/EB/JA
UND/EB/JA1-3   [2016]
3 ties, dark blue broad diagonal stripes with gold, silver and purple less broad stripes respectively, edged with red, ?for Palatinates.
3 silk ties by Tierack Corporate of London
Computing Service
Reference: UND/EC
Reference: UND/EC/A
UND/EC/A1   1957/58 - 1959/60
University Computing Laboratory Report of the Director, annually, from 1 Kensington Terrace, Newcastle. http://library.dur.ac.uk/record=b1451729~S1
3 paper files
UND/EC/A2   1981/82
Computer Unit Annual Report http://library.dur.ac.uk/record=b1451728~S1
Paper booklet
UND/EC/A3   1984/85 - 1989/90
Computer Centre Annual Report, 6 years only http://library.dur.ac.uk/record=b1451728~S1
6 paper booklets
Publications and printed ephemera
Reference: UND/EC/K
UND/EC/K1   1983 & 1998
Overall guides:
Guide to the Computing Service, 1983, includes a diagram of the equipment.
The ITS Handbook, 1998-99, 60p.
UND/EC/K2   October 1996
Computing at Durham an introduction to the use of computers on the Networked PC service
UND/EC/K3   November 1992 - Autumn 2004
news@durham, became its news in 2003, newsletter of the university of Durham Information Technology Service
Vol.1 No.1-3; Vol.2 No.1-3; Vol.3 No.1,2 & update; Vol.4 No.1; Vol.5 No.1; Vol.6 No.1-3; Vol.7 No.1-3; Vol.8 No.1-3; Vol.9 No.1-3; Vol.10 No.1-3; Vol.11 No.1-3; [Vol.12 No.1]. http://library.dur.ac.uk/record=b1441147~S1
UND/EC/K4   1983 - 1989
NUMAC (Northumbrian Universities Multiple Access Computer) numbered guides:
3. Transferring Formatted Text Files from Microcomputer to MTS, October 1983.
6. The NUMAC SOFT Terminal, January 1985.
8. Guide to the NUNET Network, May 1985.
17. Using the Electronic Mail Utility to Send and Receive Messages, 3rd edition, March 1989.
21. Electronic Mail Distribution Lists, October 1989.
UND/EC/K5   1977 - 1991
NUMAC unnumbered guides:
Introduction to OS, February 1977, 32p
MTS Users Guide, March 1983, 308p printed 2 pages to a sheet +2p.
An Introduction to Computing, April 1983, 26p.
Text Processing Facilities at NUMAC, March 1984, 166p.
An Introduction to MTS, June 1984, 66p printed 2 pages to a sheet + 9p.
An Introduction to Curlew, May 1987, 42p.
UNIX User's Guide, edition 2a, October 1991.
UND/EC/K6   July 1985 - January 1992
NUMAC Newsletter, produced 4 times a year in January, April, July and October.
UND/EC/K7   1988 - 2001
Computing Service numbered guides:
1. Introduction to the Computing Service 1984/85, 1988, Computing Services 1990/91 and version 1.0 August 1992.
2. Further UNIX version 4.0 October 1998.
3. The University of Durham Communications Network version 2.5.
4. Recommended Small Computer Systems, 1991.
12. A ChiWriter Tutorial, October 1989.
17. The Campus Network: Protocols, Service, Naming and Addressing version 1.0 1992.
18. Using resources to customise X applications version 2.0 May 1995.
19. Teach yourself EMU September 1991.
22. Using Rainbow version 1.1 May 1992.
64. The Durham University Network folder for Windows 95 version 1.0, July 1998.
78. Using Netscape Navigator to browse the World Wide Web version 1.1, June 1999.
129. An introduction to databases using Microsoft Access 2000 version 1.1, September 2001.
UND/EC/K8   [1993]
Management Information Services
UND/EC/K9   [1995]
ITS information sheets:
Classrooms and Open Access Areas
Documentation & Information
The Advisory Service
The ITS Helpdesk
UND/EC/K10   1995
Training opportunities provided by the Information Technology Service Courses Directory for 1995-1996.
UND/EC/K11   October 1997 & October 1998
Computing services for Staff
UND/EC/K12   1995 - 1997
Program manuals:
Durham University Colleges Central Admissions Transactions (DUCCAT) manual 1995.
A Taste of Java by Barry Cornelius, 24 February 1997.
Paper file
UND/EC/K13   October 1991
University Policy on the Use of Computing Facilities
Paper, 1f
UND/EC/K14   2003 - 2016
Student handbooks, covering registering to use computers, university IT services, where to find computers, training and support, the networked PC service, using email, and the printing service, with maps and plans.
IT Facilities for Students August 2003
IT Facilities for Students July 2007
Computing at Durham A handbook for students [October] 2009
Discovering IT at Durham University [October 2016]
4 printed paper booklets
UND/EC/K15   1992 - 1998
Course Notes:
1. An introduction to the UNIX operating system version 4.0 September 1994.
5. Writing C-shell scripts version 1.1 September 1997.
13. Using the X Window System (and Motif) version 2.0 May 1995.
13. Using the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) version 3.0 October 1997.
14. Programming in C: a tutorial introduction version 1.0 November 1992.
Left Until the New Millennium! May 1998.
IT Generic Skills programme [Michaelmas 1997]
7 paper booklets
UND/EC/K16   1993 - 1999
9. Some UNIX Commands version 1.1 October 1993.
10. ITS documents version 9.0 [1998].
29. Using the job control features of the C-shell version 1.0 March 1993.
45. About .cshrc and .login files version 1.1 September 1993.
75. ghostview - a viewer for PostScript files version 1.0 November 1995.
86. Configuring Vista eXceed on the Networked PC service to use other hosts version 1.0 February 1997.
101. Setting up a remote X Window version 1.0 January 1999.
118. Digimap - Ordnance Survey Digital Map Data version 1.0.
Paper file, 8f
UND/EC/K17   [2012 - 2017]
Introductory leaflets:
Your IT at Durham University, introductory leaflet for freshers
Get online [2015] and [2017]
Paper file
UND/EC/K18   1983
Hardware guides:
Mug's Guide to Word-Processing on the CIFER 1886 Microcomputer and Sanders 12/7 Printer, by PJR, revised edition of 30 September 1983
Paper file
Reference: UND/ED A.F. Harding, “Durham University museum 1833-1982”, (Transactions of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland, New Series VI), p.37-43.

Reference: UND/ED1
Reference: UND/ED1/B
UND/ED1/B1   10 September 2008 - 3 August 2009
Staff Meetings minutes.
Paper file
Reference: UND/ED1/D
UND/ED1/D1   1995 - 2007
Museums Committee surveys of museum collections in university departments and colleges:
1. 1995-1996.
2. 2001-2002.
3. 2004-2005.
4. 2007.
4 paper files in lever arch/ring binders
Old Fulling Mill Museum of Archaeology
Reference: UND/ED2 The exhibition facility transferred to Palace Green Library in 2014.

Reference: UND/ED2/C
UND/ED2/C1-3   1984 - 2012
Accession Registers security copies
1. 1984-1985.
2. 1986-2005.
3. 2006-2012.
2 bound paper volumes & 1 paper file
Administrative Files
Reference: UND/ED2/G
UND/ED2/G1   February 2013
Security Assessment Report by Roy Smith
Paper file, 28p
Closed until 2044 as confidential information
Publications and printed ephemera
Reference: UND/ED2/K
UND/ED2/K1/A   1992 - 2013
Posters of Fulling Mill exhibitions:
“Mines & Marras; The life of the Durham coalfield”, 16 April - 1 October 1992.
“Durham: a Wealth of Architecture; an exploration of formal and vernacular architecture in Co. Durham”, 12 November 1992 - 31 March 1993.
“Monks & Masons; Durham Cathedral, Medieval to Modern; The Archaeology of Durham Cathedral”, 8 April - 30 September 1993.
“Northumbrian Heritage; Castle and Churches from the Tweed to the Tees; a Photographic Exhibition by Tom Middlemass”, 20 October - 31 December 1993.
“Farm Animals and Archaeology”, 28 April - 23 August 1994.
“The Victorians What the Victorians Did For Us”, 18 August -12 October 2007.
“Spirit of the Dragon”, 14 June - 17 August 2008.
“Treasures from the Attic”, 3 October 2008 - 31 January 2009.
“The Age of the Dinosaurs”, 26 September - 20 December 2009.
“Pitman Painters Mining Art of the Great Northern Coalfield”, 6 February - 6 June 2010, with Dai Morgan's notes on the Spennymoor Settlement paintings, a printout of the ASC collection level description of the Spennymoor Settlement papers, a list of the works displayed, and display panels for the exhibition.
“Tethera, Methera, Tic: Counting Sheep”, 26 February - 7 May 2012
“Skeleton Science Unearthing History in the 21st Century”, 18 May - 21 October 2012
“Out of the Attic”, 15 February - 21 April [2013]
“Binchester Exposed”, 1 May - 2 June 2013
UND/ED2/K1/B   2014 - 2019
Posters etc of exhibitions at Palace Green Library
“Living on the Hills 10,000 Years of Durham”, 25 July 2014
“Munitionettes & Miners”, 26 May 2016
“Decay: Time, Objects & Destruction”, 16 June - 29 October 2017
“Shattering Perceptions The women of archaeology”, 14 June - 29 October 2018, & review
“Prehistoric Pioneers”, 12 June 2019, invite & poster
Paper file
UND/ED2/K2   [c.1993]
General poster for the museum, featuring an image of the mill and cathedral above by Yvonne Beadnell.
UND/ED2/K3   1983 - 2009
Posters for Fulling Mill events:
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, chaired by Magnus Magnusson in Caedmon Hall, 27 January 1983.
Victorian Christmas for children , 22 December [c.2000]
Half-term storytelling day, 27 May [2009].
Easter Activities, [2012].
Festival of British Archaeology, July 2012.
Perfect Pots, 8/9 September [2012].
UND/ED2/K4   [c.2005]
Promotional leaflet, including location map
Paper leaflet, with colour images
UND/ED2/K5   [1986]
What is Fulling? promotional leaflet on the Old Fulling Mill, with opening times for 1986/7.
Paper leaflet, 4f
Gulbenkian/Oriental Museum
Reference: UND/ED3
Annual reports
Reference: UND/ED3/A
UND/ED3/A1   1960/61, 1962/63 - 1963/64
Annual reports
UND/ED3/A2   July 2008
Annual report, for the year August 2007 to July 2008.
Paper, 1f
Reference: UND/ED3/B
UND/ED3/B1   November 2014
Friends of the Oriental Museum AGM minutes and papers
Paper file
Reference: UND/ED3/C
UND/ED3/C1-5   1922 - 2013
Accessions Registers security copies
1. 1922-1995.
2. 1950-2005.
3. 2006-2010.
4. 2011-2012.
5. 2011-2013.
4 bound paper books & 1 paper file
Reference: UND/ED3/D
UND/ED3/D1   1880
Catalogue of the Egyptian Antiquities at Alnwick Castle, by S. Birch (London), contents:
Pantheon, Sacred Animals, Figures of Kings and Individuals, Architectural Objects, Furniture, Objects of the Toilet, Vegetable Substances, Weapons, Writing Utensils, Boxes, Tools, Animal Mummies, Mummy Cloth, Objects from the Outer Network of Mummies, Glass Objects, Models of Rings, Sepulchral Amulets, Sepulchral Scarabei, Models of Coffins, Sepulchral Figures, Tablets in Calcaredous Stone, Wooden Sepulchral Tablets, Sepulchral Altar, Oblesik and Pyramidon, Sepulchral Vases, Sepulchral Cases and Tesserae, Lamps, Minerealogical Specimens, Later Egyptian and Miscellaneous Objects, the Obelisk at Syon House
Printed paper book, bound in grey cloth covered boards, with gold hieroglyphs on the front and a spine title, xx + 378p, some damp damage
UND/ED3/D2   [c.1950 - 2000]
2. Egypt, Bullock bequest
3. Egypt, Rawnsley collection
4. Egypt, Saqqara
5. Egypt, Buhen
6. Marshall photographs
8. North collection
10. Wellcome collection
7 paper files
UND/ED3/D3   2016
Exhibition catalogues:
On the Threshold II Formal Presence An exhibition of contemporary art by London based artists, 29 January - 19 May 2016, sponsored by Ustinov College
Paper booklet
Reference: UND/ED3/F
UND/ED3/F1   January 1975 - November 1977
Nominal ledger monthly computer statements.
Paper file
Administrative files
Reference: UND/ED3/G
UND/ED3/G1   August 1997
Oriental Museum Marketing Strategy prepared for the Friends by PLB Consulting Ltd of Malton
Paper file, 8 + 32p, spiral-bound
UND/ED3/G2   [c.1995]
New Gallery Fund prospectus for the Orinetal Museum, patron the Countess of Strathmore, appealing for funds for a gallery extension, with plans and sections by Cogswell Horne inserted.
Paper leaflet, 2f, + 5f inserted
UND/ED3/G3   April 1998
Heritage Lottery Fund application for the acquisition of artefacts from the Henry de Laszlo Collection, photocopy.
Paper file, 2 + 28f
UND/ED3/G4   May 1999
Heritage Lottery Fund application for a mezzanine gallery, activities room, lifts and enhanced visitor facilities, with supporting information and appendices, including details of the collections and some images of the building.
3 paper files
UND/ED3/G5   9 December 1999
Heritage Lottery Fund documentation for alterations to the Museum by Thornton-Firkin & Partners, including plans and specifications.
Paper file
Publications and printed ephemera
Reference: UND/ED3/K
UND/ED3/K1/1960   1962 - 2009
Posters, and some invites, for exhibitions:
Avinash Chandra paintings and drawings, August 1962.
“Art and Tao”, July 1972.
“ Chinese Taoist Calligraphy”, [November 1975].
“Nana Shiomi Mitate Contemporary Japanese Prints”, 21 May - 28 September [2005]
“Photographs from Mongolia”, by Laurence Cutting, 3 October [2005] - 6 January [2006].
“Modern Chinese Ink Painting”, 2 April - 30 June 2007.
“Direct Observation Works by Seven Contemporary Chinese Printmakers”, 7 July - 28 September 2007.
“Mongolia Contemporary Images of People and Places”, photographs by Laurence Cutting, 1 December 2007 - 20 January 2008.
“Tokyopop: the Rising Stars of Manga”, 5 September - 21 December 2008.
“Lantern Festival”, 9 February 2009.
“Bhutan - Spiritual Mountains”, 9 January - 19 April 2009.
“Egyptian Art”, 10 July 2009.
UND/ED3/K1/2010   2010 - 2019
Posters, and some invites, for exhibitions
“Seek knowledge, even as far as China” , 29 May - 26 September 2010.
“The other side of Asia/ behind the sunglasses”, October 2010
“Trans-Himalayan Highway”, October 2010
“Can we play now? Exploring the lives of children in South East Asia today”, 11 February - 5 June 2011
“Exchange contemporary art from South Korea”, 3 November 2011
“Pixel Ware” by Andrew Richardson, [December 2011]
“Beyond the Great Wave Hokusai, book illustration and the origins of Manga”, 9 December 2011 - 20 May 2012
“Manga: Made in Japan”, 2 March - 17 June 2012
“Bamboozled? Made in China: Exports and Experiences”, 16 June - 16 September 2012
“One in Five: Photographs from China” James Sebright, 22 June - 16 September 2012
“Re:collection”, Stephen Livingstone drawings, Bill Woods ceramics, 28 September - 16 December 2012
“Disappearing Heritage of Sudan 1820-1956”, 17 January - 30 April 12013, with talks programme
“Hinduism in India”, 24 May - 30 September [2013]
“The Happy Carp New Japanese Works in Durham” , 24 October 2013 - 30 March 2014
“The copper plates from Kollam”, 6 January - 28 February 2014
“Hina Matsuri”, 16 February - 3 March 204
“Hyosun Kim Reinterpreting the Korean Moon Jar”, 28 February - 13 July 2014
“No Stigma Attached”, 15 January 2015
“Vestiges of their Hearts”, 15 January 2015
“On the Theshold II Formal Presence” 28 January 2016
“Thacker Gallery of Ancient Egypt” 25 February 2016
“The Shogun's Cultured Warriors”, 8 June 2016
“Daily Life in Ancient Lebanon - an Exhibition”, 17 June 2016
“Opening the Door Discovering Durham University's Western Art Collection”, 29 September 2016
“In the Image of the Other: Visualising a British-Himalayan Town, Shimla, a Photographic Exhibition by Siddharth Pandey”, 13 October 2016
“A Forgotten Campaign: The Anglo-Egyptian Conquest of Darfur in World War I”, 10 November 2016
“A Good Reputation Endures Forever: The Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front”, 6 April 2017
“Resilience within the Rubble: Reconstructuing the Kasthamandap and its past after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake”, 28 September 2017
“The Pleasures and Pains of Collecting Malcolm J MacDonald”, 6 December 2019
“Behind the Mask”, 31 January 2019
“Homelands: Documenting Centuries of Cham Migration”, 31 January 2019
“Things from Home”, 21 March 2019
“In Pursuit of Elegance Chinese Jade from the Arnhold Collection”, 13 June 2019
Paper file
UND/ED3/K1/2020   2020
“Pushing paper”, 28 February 2020
Card file
UND/ED3/K2   1969, 1980 - 1988, 2018
Exhibition catalogues:
“Purchases under the Sir Charles Hardinge Bequest 1968-9”, opening 26 March 1969
“Oman and the Sindbad Project”, November 1980 - February 1981.
“A Century of Chinese Painting; Paintings from the collection of George Walden”, 1987.
“Collectors' Choice; Ancient Egyptian Antiquities from Private Collections in England”, 9 July - 4 September 1988.
“Arts & Crafts of Japan”, 19 - 23 September 1988.
Scaling the Heights miniature mountaineering [2018], with an invite
UND/ED3/K3   [c.1965]
Gulbenkian Museum of Oriental Art and Archaeology guide, with some ms amendments. Printed by Titus Wilson of Kendal.
Another copy is on open access in the Local Collection at Palace Green Library at PamL708.2 GUL.
UND/ED3/K4   2004
Treasures of the Oriental Museum
Cards describing highlights of the China and Egypt collections (10 cards each), with a general introduction to the series.
laminated cards in a plastic 2-ring binder
UND/ED3/K5   September 2010 - September 2019
Updating the Oriental Museum Updates 1, 2, 8, 9 (September 2010-March 2014).
Museum Update, September 2019.
5 paper leaflets, colour, with images, 4p each
UND/ED3/K6   2005 - 2019
Posters and invites for events, lectures, concerts, late night openings, including:
“Exhibitions and Events at Durham University Museums” [2005]
“Asia Festival ”29 October [2005]
“Marvels of China” development opening, 10 March 2011.
“The Malcolm MacDonald Gallery China including Pixel Ware”, 10 November 2011.
Chinese New Year, February 2013
“Samurai and Swords”, 14 April [2013]
“Celebrate Diwali”, 3 November 2013
“Little Dragons Club” [2013]
“Ancient Egypt” [2013]
“The Spalding Gallery of Japan” opening, 25 October 2013
“Lantern Festival”, 14 February 2014
“Free Entry and Talks English Tourism Week”, 29 March [2014]
“Diwali”, 26 October 2019
Paper file
UND/ED3/K7   [c.2005] - 2011
Promotional leaflets:
Gallery, including a location map [c.2005]
“Pixel Ware” by Andrew Richardson, 2011
Paper leaflets, colour, with images
UND/ED3/K8   6 April 2012, 8 February 2013, 1 March 2016
Newspaper cuttings and police poster: theft of two Chinese items, newspaper report on the thieves' loss of the items and their conviction, sentencing.
Paper file
UND/ED3/K9   1987 - 2019
The Orient Express Newsletter of the Friends of the Oriental Museum, with an annual report from the chairman and the museum curator outlining lectures, events, visits and exhibitions past and yet to come. Issues present: [No.1] September 1987, No.2 September 1988, No.4 September 1990, No.5 September 1991, No.6 September 1992, No.7 September 1993, No.10 September 1994, No.11 May 1995, , No.12 October 1995, No.13 May 1996, No.15 October 1998, , No.16 October 1999, [No.27] February 2003, No.28 August 2003, No.29 February 2004, No.30 August 2004, No.31 February 2005, No.32 August 2005, No.33 January 2006, No.34 August 2006, No.35 September 2007, No.36 September 2008, No.37 September 2009, No.38 September 2010, special 25th anniversary edition 2010, No.39 September 2011, No.40 September 2012, No.41 September 2013, No.42 September 2014, No.43 September 2015, No.45 September 2017, No.46 September 2018, No.47 September 2019.
Paper file
Formerly: Per Local ORI
UND/ED3/K10   2010
Posters and programmes/membership cards for Friends lectures.
Paper file
UND/ED3/K11   November - December 1983
Arts of Asia Volume 13 Number 6 on the Oriental Museum, its collections and collectors.
Printed colour illustrated paper magazine, 160p
Museum of Antiquities at Newcastle
Reference: UND/ED4
Reference: UND/ED4/A
UND/ED4/A1   27 April 1960
Invite to the opening to be performed by Prof I.A. Richmond.
Paper, 1f
Western Art
Reference: UND/ED5
Publications and printed ephemera
Reference: UND/ED5/K
UND/ED5/K1   2018
Art Durham festival guide/map for June 2018 and The Bailey Gallery (2018) booklet by Andrew Beresford and Alix Collingwood-Swinburn detailing the collections on display and the locations.
Paper file
UND/ED5/K2   2019
Art events promotional posters and ephemera.
Paper file
Botanic Garden
Reference: UND/EE
Dates of creation: 1982 - 2013
1964/65-1965/66 Prof D.H. Valentine
1966/67-1971/72 Prof D. Boulter
Head Gardener:
1965/66-1968/69 R.J. Rose, head gardener
1969/70-1971/72 C.D. Sayers, superintendant (1969/70), horticultural officer (1970/71-)

Publications and printed ephemera
Reference: UND/EEK
UND/EEK/1   [1997]
Around the world in 80 minutes ... Durham Botanic Garden leaflet, including location map.
Paper, 1f
UND/EEK/2   20 June [1982]
University of Durham Botanic Garden Open Day invitation.
Paper leaflet, 2f
UND/EEK/3   1964/65 - 1972
List of seeds offered for exchange; (from 1970) Index Seminum
9 paper booklets
Formerly: Per Local DUR
UND/EEK/4   2010 - 2014
Posters of events, plant sales, demonstrations, exhibitions, Easter egg hunts etc.
Paper file
Event Durham
Reference: UND/EF
Reference: UND/EFK
UND/EFK/1   2005 - 2008
College Knowledge Quarterly Commercial News Update http://library.dur.ac.uk/record=b2027851~S1
7 colour illustrated leaflets
Retail Office/Shop
Reference: UND/EG
Publications and Printed Ephemera
Reference: UND/EGK
UND/EGK/1   [?2010]
Student T-Shirt Design Competition [?2010]
Paper file