DUL Add.MS. 1950/A/14 DUL Add.MS. 1950/A/14/i-iiiBreviary (fragment)
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Temporal fragment from breviary. Probably written in Germany, early 12th century, with each nocturn comprising four lections and so for monastic use.

Digitised: https://n2t.durham.ac.uk/ark:/32150/t1mtx31qh80s.html

Physical description of manuscript


Extent: 1 bifolium
Size: 200 mm x 145 mm

Pricking in outer margins, but apparently no ruling. Written space 162-165 x 115-125 mm., 28 well-spaced long lines. 10 lines occupy 60 mm.


Written in Caroline minuscule, in two slightly different sizes, somewhat unevenly.

Manuscript contents

With three pages of notes on the text by J.T. Fowler.

Manuscript history

Written in Germany?, start of 12th century.


Former single flyleaf stained on f.1 and 2v by turn-ins from brown covering, last lines of each leaf obscured by crease of former gutter, from an unknown book. Presented by Dr. J. T. Fowler, 15 March 1913, according to a note by Stocks, so presumably not from a Durham University Library book. Former reference: Portfolio I/13 (see Catalogue of fragments, manuscript and printed, amongst Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections).

Manuscript contents
Original title: Temporal (fragment)
Incipit: restituit. atque
Explicit: Lazarum uiderunt. Quem susc'
Language: Latin

Palm Sunday lection iv - versus ix. The antiphons and responsories are CAO 7566, 7219, 6521 with vers. B (as only F) but ending at “corda”, 6425 with vers. B (as GDF), 6973, 4415 and “Dominus Ihesus Christus ante sex dies ... Conuenerunt ...”.

Original title: Temporal (fragment)
Incipit: discipulis suis. Coll. Respice
Explicit: nos dimersi eramus
Language: Latin

Temporal, Maundy Thursday vespers antiphon “Cenantibus” - Good Friday lection vi. The antiphons and responsories are CAO 1506, 2260, 3358, 7313, 7821 with vers. A, 7887 with vers. A, 5423, 1883, 1321, 7748 with vers. A, and 6159 with vers. A.

Digitised material for Durham University Library Additional MS 1950/A/14 - Breviary fragment
Digitised March 2018


Hesbert, R.J., Corpus antiphonalium officii   OCLC citation, (Rome: Herder, 1963-79)