Additional Manuscripts 860


Reference code: GB-0033-ADD 860
Title: Additional Manuscripts 860
Dates of creation: ca. 1900-1930s
Extent: 1 volume. ([2], 273 ff.). 380 x 300 mm.
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)
Language: English


Short stories and prose pieces by Rudyard Kipling (some including verse): autograph drafts of 31 items, bound up together with typescript contents list and title-leaf for each item. The volume contains one unpublished item, "Red Dog (political allegory)", four stories collected in Land and Sea Tales 1923, all fourteen stories collected in Debits and Credits, 1926, five stories collected in Limits and Renewals, 1932, three uncollected works ( “Railway Reform in Great Britain”, “The Benefactors” and “A Tour of Inspection” ), a series of newspaper articles ( “The War in the Mountains” ), a story outline ( “Buried Treasure” ), a speech ( “Club” ) and an article in dramatic form ( “The Voyage Home” ). A typescript half-title is supplied before each item; where the title on this differs from the caption title on the manuscript or the published title the divergence is noted in the handlist below. Several items have pencil annotations, in at least two unidentified hands.
The manuscripts appear to represent varying stages of composition. Some are fairly rough, and not always complete, drafts; others are less tentative versions and several are annotated "type". A number contain two different versions of substantial passages. Most of Kipling's work was published in periodicals, sometimes in several publications, before being collected. From 1928 onwards Kipling was working on a complete revision of his works for the Sussex Edition, published posthumously, 1937-39. There were thus a number of opportunities for extensive alteration between the early drafts and the texts as Kipling left them at his death. The British Library holds thirty volumes of proofs corrected by Kipling (BL. Add. MS 55846-75), twenty-seven of which are proofs for the Sussex edition; Land and Sea Tales is in BL. Add. MS 55866, Debits and Credits is in BL. Add. MS 55861 (except two stories transferred to Stalkey & Co., in BL. Add. MS 55867), Limits and Renewals is in BL. Add. MS 55862. Syracuse University holds corrected proofs of Limits and Renewals. Other manuscripts, corrected proofs, etc., of individual items are noted below. For fuller details of the surviving manuscripts and the publication history of Kipling's works see Index of English Literary Manuscripts, v.4 pt.2, comp. B. Rosenbaum, 1990, p.407-653. Add. MS 860 is the volume referred to by IELM as MS Debits and Credits. See also The Reader's Guide to Rudyard Kipling's Work, ed. R.E. Harbord, 1961-72.

Accession details

Presented by Kipling's widow, Mrs. Caroline Kipling, in 1937, on condition "that the manuscripts should not be used for collation". Mrs. Kipling's letter and associated correspondence are in a pocket at the back of the volume. The volume is one of sixteen similarly bound up in green morocco by Messrs Maggs for the Kiplings, and presented by them to various institutions.
Summary catalogue of Additional Manuscripts


Add. MSS. 860
Typescript half-title: “Second Jungle Book: Red Dog”.
Ms without title, but with pencil annotation "Red Dog (Political Allegory) not published" (f.2).
Text is quite distinct from the story entitled “Red Dog” in The Second Jungle Book, but relates to characters which occur there.
IELM KpR2021 (wrongly described as “Red Dog (Poetical Allegory)” ). Not in Harbord.
Typescript half-title: “Land and Sea Tales: The Way That He Took”.
Ms entitled “The Way Home” altered to “The Way That He Took”.
2 pts; pt.2 begins f.10.
First published in Daily Express 12-14 June 1900.
Watermarked 1897.
IELM KpR2222. See Harbord v.1, ptvi p.2886-8.
Verse: “Flung-forth by chance - unschooled - alone”
Annotated in RK's hand "These handy for The way that he took".
Pencil annotation "published in the Daily Express 1900 but not collected".
Watermarked 1897.
First published with opening "Put forth to watch, unschooled, alone", as chapter-heading to “The Way That He Took” in Daily Express, 1900, but omitted from Land and Sea Tales.
IELM KpR907. See Harbord v.3 pt.i p.5387.
Typescript half-title: “Land and Sea Tales: His Gift”.
Annotated "type" on f.16, 21-[22a].
First published in Land and Sea Tales, 1923.
IELM KpR1695; corrected first page proof for Humorous Tales, London, 1931, in BL Add. MS 55847. See Harbord v.1 p.2889-91.
Typescript half-title: “Land and Sea Tales: A Flight of Fact.”
Pencil annotations "Published in Windsor Magazine" and, in different hand, "Before 27601/17, f.24.
f.30 on different paper, cut from typescript.
No reference in IELM or Harbord to publication in Windsor Magazine ; IELM gives first publication in Nash's Magazine, Pall Mall and Metropolitan, 7 June 1918. ILEM KpR1617; corrected first page proof for Humorous Tales, 1931, in BL Add. MS. 55847. See Harbord v.1 p.2892-5.
Typescript half-title: “Land and Sea Tales: The Parable of Boy Jones”.
First published in The Rifleman, 15 July 1910.
A facsimile of a portion of an autograph MS of this work was used as dust wrapper of The Kipling Birthday Book, New York, 1934 (ILEM). ILEM KpR1974 (wrongly described as in MS Day's Work ). See Harbord v.1 p.2897.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The Enemies to Each Other”.
Two versions of opening only; second version starts f.39.
Pencil annotations "Once called How the Peacock Kept his Tail Good Housekeeping August 1924 Debits and Credits" f.38.
First published in MacLean's Magazine, 15th July 1924, with the title "A New Version of What Happened in the Garden of Eden"; published in Good Housekeeping, August 1924, with the title “Adam and Eve: the Enemies of Each Other” (Harbord).
ILEM KpR1584. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3112-7.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: Sea Constables”.
Title of Ms "The Neutral" altered in pencil (RK's hand) to "Sea Constables 1915".
Pencil annotation "Nash's Magazine", f.42.
First published in Metropolitan Magazine, September 1915.
IELM KpR2051. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3118-27.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: In the Interests of the Brethren”.
Pencil heading "Visiting Brethren" altered in pencil to "In the Interest [sic] of the Brethren", f.55.
f.64, which includes verses beginning “We have showed thee, O man” cut from typescript.
First published in Story-Teller Magazine and Metropolitan Magazine, December 1918.
IELM KpR1756. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii, p.3127-34.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The United Idolators”.
Ms entitled "MISTER", crossed through in pencil, with note "later the United Idolotors [sic]", f.69.
IELM gives first publication as in MacLean's Magazine 1 June 1924; Harbord gives Nash's Magazine, June 1924.
Included in The Complete Stalky & Co., 1929, and as part of Stalky & Co. in Sussex ed.
IELM KpR2178; proofs of Sussex ed. in BL Add. MS 55867. See Harbord v.1 pt.i p.448-52 and v.1 pt.vii p.3135.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The Wish House”.
Annotated "type", f.76.
Pencil annotations on f.80 and f.84.
First published in MacLean's Magazine, 15th October 1924.
IELM KpR2250. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3136-42.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The Janeites”.
Instructions to typist on f.86, 89-90.
f.90-94 and 95-99 on different papers.
First published in Story-Teller Magazine and Hearst's International Magazine, May 1924.
IELM KpR1174. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3143-51.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The Prophet and the Country”.
First published in Hearst's International Magazine, October 1924.
IELM KpR2004. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3151-3.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The Bull That Thought”
Annotated "type with wide spaces", f.108.
First published in MacLean's Magazine, 15th November 1924.
IELM KpR1475; proof for Humorous Tales in BL Add. MS 55847. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii, p.3152-7.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: A Madonna of the Trenches”.
Annotated "type at once", f.126
Incomplete. Sequence of pages erratic, and probably represents several drafts combined; f.122 appears to be a different version of material on f.124; f.126-128 are a different version of f.115-118. There is nothing corresponding to the opening of the story.
First published in MacLean's Magazine, 15th August 1924.
IELM KpR1856. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii, p.3158-62.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The Propagation of Knowledge”.
Annotation by RK on f.138 "finish to the Curiosities of Literature".
f.134-138 on different paper.
A substantially shorter version than in Debits and Credits.
First published in Strand Magazine and McCall's Magazine, Jan. 1926.
Included in The Complete Stalky & Co., 1929, and as part of Stalky & Co. in Sussex ed.
IELM KpR2006; proofs of Sussex ed. in BL Add. MS 55867. See Harbord v.1 pt.i p.466-76, v.1 pt.vii p.3162.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: A Friend of his Family”.
Ms entitled "The Australian". Pencil annotation on f.140 "A Portion of A Friend of His Family. Debits and Credits".
Incomplete. Opening only.
First published in MacLean's Magazine, March 1914.
IELM KpR1627. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3162-6.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: On the Gate”
Ms untitled; pencil annotations "this is typed" and "The Department of Death not published", f.143.
Content suggests that f.152 should precede f.151.
Lacks conclusion, draft of which is in BL Add. MS 45542, f.85-86. BL version has some overlap with last sixteen lines of f.154, implying it is part of a different draft.
First published in McCall's Magazine, June 1926, with title “The Gate”.
IELM KpR1945. See also KpR 1946-7 for references to corrected typescripts. Includes, f.151, draft of 8 lines of “Epitaphs of the War - The Rebel”, IELM KpR334, and, f.152, draft of three 3-line stanzas of “The Supports”, IELM KpR1137.5. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii, p.3167-74.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The Eye of Allah”.
Title of Ms altered from "The Eye of God" to "The Eye of Allah", f.157.
First published in Strand and McCall's Magazine, September 1926.
IELM KpR1596. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3174-82.
Typescript half-title: “Debits and Credits: The Gardener”.
Annotation "type - wide spaces", f.165.
First published in McCall's Magazine. IELM gives date as April 1925, Harbord gives April 1926.
IELM KpR1655. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3182-6.
Typescript half-title: “Limits and Renewals: The Woman in His Life”.
Ms untitled. Pencil annotation "The Woman in His Life. Limits and Renewals", f.170.
Lacks opening and conclusion.
f.173 should follow f.175?
IELM gives first publication as in London Magazine and McCall's Magazine, December 1928; Harbord gives date of publication in McCall's Magazine as September 1928.
IELM KpR2263; corrected proof for Collected Dog Stories in BL Add. MS 55848. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3193-7.
Typescript half-title: “Limits and Renewals: The Tie”.
Title of Ms altered from "The Reversion" to "The Tie".
Annotated "type at once please", f.177.
First published in Limits and Renewals, 1932.
IELM KpR2144. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3197-8.
Typescript half-title: “Limits and Renewals: Fairy Kist”.
Annotations "type with wide spaces" and, in pencil, "Limits and Renewals" f.181; in pencil, "Part of Fairy Kist. Published Limits and Renewals", f.193.
Sequence of pages erratic, and probably represents several drafts combined. A different version begins on f.188, and f.188-189 are on different paper. f.193 is headed ';add to “a skid”'.
First published in MacLean's Magazine, 15th September 1927.
IELM KpR1598; proof for publication in McCall's Magazine in Berg Collection, New York Public Library. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii p.3213-21.
Typescript half-title: “Limits and Renewals: The Debt”.
First published in Liberty 26th April 1930.
IELM KpR1535. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii, p.3238-40.
Typescript half-title: “Limits and Renewals: Uncovenanted Mercies”.
Annotated "type with wide spaces".
First published in Limits and Renewals, 1932.
IELM KpR2172. See Harbord v.1 pt.vii, p.3274-80.
Typescript half-title: “Railway Reform in Great Britain”.
MS has caption title: "Some Notes on the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway".
Pencil annotations "Railway Reform in Great Britain" and "The Fortnightly".
Watermarked 1896.
A satire in the form of an Arabian tale.
First published in the Fortnightly Review, February 1901.
IELM KpR2015; proof for Sussex in BL Add. MS 55850. See Harbord v.1 pt.v p.2564.
Typescript half-title: “The Benefactors”.
Pencil annotation "National Review March 1912 The American March 1912" f.216.
First publication given by IELM and Harbord as in the National Review and American Magazine, July 1912.
IELM KpR1437; proof for Sussex ed. in BL. Add. MS 55850. See Harbord v.1 pt.v p.2589-91.
Typescript half-title: “A Tour of Inspection”.
Title of Ms changed from "Running Trials" to "A Tour of Inspection".
Annotated "type urgent". Pencil annotations "October 1904 Metropolitan U.S.A. Windsor 1904 England", f.225.
First published in Metropolitan Magazine, October 1904.
IELM KpR2158; for proofs see KpR2159-2161. See Harbord v.1 pt.iv p.1823-35.
Typescript half-title: “War in the Mountains”.
Ms untitled.
Pencil annotations "War in the Mountains Published Pamphlet form in USA Daily Telegraph 1917", f.234.
A series of five articles. No 2 begins on f.241, no.3 on f.246, no.4 on f.250, no.5 on f.255, each with pencil heading.
Another article, intended as the first in the series was never published, probably because of its treatment of the Italians, and is not present here.
First published in Daily Telegraph and New York Tribune, 6-20 June 1917.
IELM KpR2215; for typescripts of all six articles see KpR2216-2220. See Harbord v.1 pt.v p.2315-21, which includes text of the unpublished article.
Typescript half-title: “Buried Treasure (Teem. - A Treasure Hunter)”.
Ms entitled: "Buried Treasure (The Romance of a Brave Young Dog)".
Outline of opening (different from published text) only.
Full story first published with title "Teem": a Treasure Hunter" in Strand Magazine, January 1936; (Harbord refers to U.S.A. copyright issue by Doubleday Doran 28th December 1935.
This version of opening first published in Writings on Writing by Rudyard Kipling, ed. Sandra Kemp & Lisa Lewis (Cambridge, C.U.P., 1996), pp.155-9.
IELM KpR2120. See Harbord v.1, p.2920-5.
Typescript half-title: “Club”
Pencil annotations on f.265, "Not collected in A Book of Words", "Daily Telegraph 11th October 1923", "at St Andrews".
Speech delivered at the University of St Andrews 10th October 1923; reported with quotations Daily Telegraph, 11th October 1923 and The Scotsman, 12th October 1923.
IELM KpR1513 (annotation wrongly described as having date "feb" instead of "Oct."). Not in Harbord.
Typescript half-title: “The Voyage Home: (A Pleasure Cruise)”
2 drafts; second, on f.273, headed “The Transports”.
First published in the Morning Post, 11th November 1933, with title “The Pleasure Cruise”.
IELH KpR1986. See Harbord v.1 pt.v. p.2610-1.