Durham Bishopric Halmote Court Records: Court and miscellaneous books
The Bishop of Durham's Halmote Court
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Reference code: GB-0033-DHC
Title: Durham Bishopric Halmote Court Records: Court and miscellaneous books
Dates of creation: 1519-1952
Extent: 175 metres, plus maps
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: records of the Halmote Court, which administered the copyhold land and the tenants thereof belonging to the Bishopric of Durham, located mainly in Co. Durham but also in Northumberland and Yorkshire between about 1500 and 1952 when the the Court's office was finally closed.
Language: English; Latin.

The Bishop of Durham's Halmote Court

The records of the Halmote Court, the copyhold court of the Bishops of Durham, were brought to the Prior's Kitchen at the end of 1953. Before that date they were in the Halmote Court Office, 50 North Bailey, in the care of Mr. T Downes. Mr. Downes had done the work of the office for years, but when he died in 1953 all work in drawing up compensation agreements for turning copyholds into freeholds had finished, the Durham Colleges had taken over much of the space in the building and the Halmote Court Records were used mainly by enquirers such as solicitors searching for title or local councils interested in inclosure awards.
The Halmote Court Records form only a part of the records of the Bishops of Durham, though a well defined class, apart from the Bishops' financial, chancery and other records. The Halmote Court was not wound up in 1836 with the ending of the Palatinate, and almost all the records remained at Durham, while business was carried on until the late 1940s. Some Halmote documents must have been taken from the repository on Palace Green to London with the other Bishops' records, to reappear in Durham with the deposit in the Prior's Kitchen of the Church Commission documents. This would explain why, for example, some Halmote alienation fines, or Halmote presentments, appear in the Church Commission records and lists (in such cases cross references have been given). A substantial number of Halmote Court Records bear Church Commission accession numbers, but this does not mean they were taken to London Court Office. There was a considerable traffic in documents between the Church Commission and Durham, Durham being in the nature of a sub-office of the Church Commissioners, and anything sent from Durham to the Church Commissioners received an accession number. All the Halmote Court Books, for example, bear an accession number received in this way.
The work of the Halmote Court was mainly in transferring copyhold property from tenant by means of surrender and admittance. These transactions appear in the Halmote Court Books, and the original surrenders and the enrolments in the Court Books form the bulk of the Halmote Court Records. The majority of enquiries are either about copyhold tenements, necessitating the use of the Halmote Court Books, or about inclosure awards.
All queries about copyhold tenements are best answered from the Halmote Court Books and not from the original surrenders, many of which are either lost or so badly preserved as to be impossible to consult. Up to 1720 the method of enrolling is chronological. After 1720 each division has its own series of court books going up to 1925 when copyhold tenure was abolished and the Court began to wind up its business by drawing up compensation agreements turning copyholds into freeholds. Each copyhold tenant has what is known as a "call number", usually abbreviated to, for example, "c.94" and on each transfer of property an entry was made in the appropriate Call Book. (Call Books are listed with Miscellaneous Books). Theoretically, the history of a copyhold tenement ought to be traceable back to the 17th century but this would certainly be extremely difficult and time consuming . The expansion of, for example, Sunderland and Stockton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries led to a multiplicity of calls as large tenements were split up. When being asked to trace a specific transaction in the Court Books, one of two situations will arise:-
1. when all the information (names, tenements, call number and date) is given. In this case it is relatively simple to find the entry in the Court Books, usually by the index of names of surrenderers and admittees which most have. If there is no index the court entries are chronological within the townships of each division.
2. when one or more items of information is missing. In this case the method to be adopted will depend on what information is given, but with a combination of court book, call book, patience and time, the court entry should eventually be found. The case of having only the address or description of the tenement needs special mention. In this case the 25" O.S. maps need to be used. All copyhold tenements should be marked on the 25" sheets and bear the call number. A series of marked up 6" O.S. index maps of County Durham have been digitised and are available online. Once the call number is known, reference to the call book will reveal the dates of the transactions concerning the property in question, and these can then be found in the Court Books.

Accession details

The Durham Bishopric Halmote Court records were deposited by the Church Commission in 1953.

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Mickleton and Spearman MS. 96 Item 2 is a series of alphabetical indexes to the Halmote Court books at different periods. One is temp. Bishop Skirlaw, another Wolsey, but most are Elizabeth I.
The Skirlaw part does not relate to HC Bk. Durh. 3/13 which has contemporary foliation. Most of these indices are to Durham Chancery Rolls in the PRO, where entries are often numbered. The HC indices in M&S 96/2 ff. 30-71v appear to be as PRO index 10151. Most Durham HC Bks have no contemporary pagination and are unindexed pre c.1584.

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TNA, London Halmote Court Books 1348-1522
Durham holds microfilm copies of these, reference XM/film Palatinate 3, as follows:
Film 1: 1348-1362, 4-17 Pont. Thos. Hatfield, 308ff. (TNA ref: Durh 3/12)
Film 2: 1388-1405 : 1-17 Pont. Walter Skirlawe, 494ff. (TNA ref: Durh 3/13)
Film 3: 1405-1425 : 18 Pont. Skirlawe - 18 Pont. Thos. Langley, 1346 pp. (TNA ref: Durh 3/14)
Film 4:
1438-1454 : 1-17 Pont. Robert Neville, 806pp. (TNA ref: Durh 3/15)
1493-1501 : sede vac. 9 Henry VII - 7 Pont. Richard Fox, 196ff. (TNA ref: Durh 3/19)
Film 5:
1457-1476 : sede vac. 36 Henry VI - 19 Pont. Laurence Booth, 312ff. (TNA ref: Durh 3/16)
Film 6:
1476-1483 : 1-8 Pont. William Dudley, 117ff. (TNA ref: Durh 3/17)
Film 7:
1484-1493sede vac. 1 Richard III - 10 Pont. John Sherwood, 178ff. (TNA ref: Durh 3/18)
Film 8:
1502-1507 : sede vac. 17 Henry VII - sede vac. 22 Henry VII (includes Pont. Will. Senhouse) (TNA ref: Durh 3/20)
1507-1522 : sede vac. 23 Henry VII - 14 Pont. Thos. Ruthall (includes Pont. Chris. Bainbridge) (TNA ref: Durh 3/21)
After 1522 the series at the TNA continues, while those held at Durham begin c.1517. Both series contain gaps.
TNA Index and Alphabet Books 10151 contains:
ff. 41-59: Halmote Court Alphabets 1559-76 and 1577-87 (Durh 3/24)
ff. 59-74: Halmote Court Alphabets 1530-59 (Durh 3/23)
ff. 75-77: Halmote Court Alphabets 1523-9 (Durh 3/22)
It is not clear whether these relate to the TNA or Durham series, or both.
Tyne and Wear Archives MN/GA(2091) Gateshead Manorial Court Book, jurors and presentments, 16 April 1751 - 30 September 1774.


John Gutch, Collectanea curiosa (2 vols, 1781), vol. 2, pp. 76-165 prints an introduction to the history of Durham from Bodleian Carte MS 193, which includes detailed lists of Durham Halmote Court and Chancery Records.

Durham Bishopric Estates Halmote Court: Court Books and Miscellaneous Books
Reference: GB-0033-DHC1
Dates of creation: predominantly 16th - 20th century, with copies of earlier material.
Extent: c. 660 volumes
Contents The books consist of the following groups.
I. Original Halmote Court Books, 1519-1720, covering all the divisions of the Courts.
II. Halmote Court Books, 1720-1925
In 1720 the books were organised into the following divisions: Au
III. Halmote Court Books, manors, 1579-1925.
The following areas became separated at various dates:
Bishop Wearmouth Rectory
IV. Stewards Minute Books, 1682-1819
V. Call Books A and B, c. 1660-1842
A contains Calls up to 1809, B later ones, although they do overlap
VI. Rental Registers, 1804-1857. For the four Wards (viz. Chester, Darlington, Easington and Stockton).
VII. Index and Alphabet Books, 1594-1925, for the Court Books
VIII. Registers of transactions after 1925
95 miscellaneous volumes, 1589-1939
M.1-8 Enrolments of most of the Inclosure Awards of the County made by Act of Parliament
M.9-12 Notitia books of the four Wards
M.65 Transcripts of Bishop Hatfield's Survey and of the Bolden Book
M.80 Copies of Parliamentary Surveys of the manors of County Durham.

Arrangement For organisation, see above under description of contents.
Some numbers (five or six figure, normally in brackets) were given to the documents when registered in the accession registers of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England (now the Church Commission). Where no such numbers appear the documents were never so registered.

Halmote Court books
I: Halmote Court Books to 1720 Stewards
Sir Thos. Tempest, patent 3 September 1524. (CCB 205/244306)
Robt. Meynell, patent 12 March 1546/7. (CCB 205/244310)

The books are individually indexed according to place.
An MS. index to this section was created in the 1950's by Dr Ritchie, listing location, date and steward of each court.
For names of persons see the index and alphabet books.
Nos. 26 - 31 have no contemporary or near contemporary foliation.

DHC1/I/1   6 October 1519 - 4 May 1521
Paper   45ff.
DHC1/I/1a   April 1517
DHC1/I/2   11 March 1522 - 10 July 1522
Paper   25ff.
DHC1/I/3   17 October 1524 - 29 October 1524
Paper   29ff.
DHC1/I/4   23 April 1526 - 27 October 1528
Paper   69ff.
DHC1/I/5   3 May 1530 - 12 May 1530
Paper   21ff.
DHC1/I/6   31 May 1531 - 19 October 1532
Endorsed "Curia Halmot Domini Cuthberti Episcopi Dunelmensis de Anno Primo, Secundo, Tertio etc." in a contemporary hand.
Paper   98ff.
DHC1/I/7   19 May 1533 - 9 October 1534
The front cover of the book is formed of a folio of a medieval MS., probably fourteenth century with an ecclesiastical court form included as part of the binding.
Paper   91ff.
DHC1/I/8   19 April 1535 - 27 May 1535
Paper   23ff.
DHC1/I/9   10 October 1536 - 2 May 1538
Also 5 May 1544 - 16 May 1544 (ff. 62 - 85). The last quire may have become attached to the wrong book.
Paper   85ff.
DHC1/I/10   13 March 1537 - 22 March 1537
Paper    25ff.
DHC1/I/11   26 April 1540 - 14 May 1540
Paper    45ff.
DHC1/I/12   10 June 1541 - 26 November 1541
50 ff. (contemporary foliation from 88 - 138)
DHC1/I/13   22 May 1542 - 10 June 1542
30 ff. (contemporary foliation from 139 - 169)
DHC1/I/14   12 December 1542 - 30 January 1543
Paper    22ff.
DHC1/I/15   9 April 1543 - 7 July 1543
Paper    25ff.
DHC1/I/16   16 October 1543 - 27 October 1543
Paper    26ff.
DHC1/I/17   21 April 1545 - 30 November 1545
Paper    46ff.
DHC1/I/18   12 July 1547 - 4? December 1547
Paper    22ff.
DHC1/I/19   1 May 1548 - 16 June 1553
Paper    200ff.
DHC1/I/19a   26 September 1549
Cassop and Easington.
The month of the year is the doubtful point. The letters "bris" are illegible with what could be a minim preceding them. Halmote Court Book 20 begins in May 1549 and ends in July 1549. There are entries for Cassop and Easington in the July courts, but there was only one admission, at Easington.
Halmote Court Book 19, several booklets bound together, runs from May 1548 - June 1553 and folios 52 - 75 covers 9 October 1549 - 4 February 1550. (The previous booklet deals with the previous year of Tunstall's pontificate.) This October - February booklet appears to be complete, the binding is firm, no folios appear to be missing, the probably contemporary folio numbers are a complete series and entries for Cassop and Easington are not missing. This folio must therefore belong to the month of September. The length of the word fits the space also. The line of the margin where the word must begin must be well to the left, as the word below it, before "Epi" is bound to be "Dunelm".
The places mentioned are Easington and Cassop - the heading only partly legible, but the village of Easington is mentioned in the entries. The jurors of the other places match these for Cassop in July and November 1549.
DHC1/I/20   7 May 1549 - 11 July 1549
Paper    21ff.
DHC1/I/20a   Summer 1551
This fragment was found in Halmote Court Book 18 and appears, from the discolouration, to be part of the front page of the Halmote Court book.
The first entry mentions the date, the [Inven]tion of the Holy Cross next following. The second entry mentions a tenure from the Invention of the Holy Cross --1551, (August 5th). The date of this session of the Halmote Court is therefore very probably the summer of 1551.
The place cannot be identified from the names of the jury, as only part of the name appears on this fragment "-icson". There are mentions of two legible holdings - one each in the first and last entries. The first is "-oupburn" or -hopeburn. The halmote court area richest in names with this ending is the Wolsingham-Stanhope area. The name of Emerson, mentioned in this entry, is also very common in this area.
The other identifiable tenement is "Wysell" in the last entry, mentioned as once belonging to Christopher Merley. The only similar name in this area (according to Mawer) is Wiserley near Wolsingham, mentioned as "Wyshill" in Hatfield's survey. One Christopher Merley certainly had copyhold interests in Wolsingham at this time as appears in Halmote Court Books 17 and 19, ff. 39 and 47v. Respectively. (Merley had interests also in Bishop Auckland and Evenwood.)
The second entry mentions Gabriel and Agnes Anderson as belonging to Berwick. The Bishop had no copyhold land in that area and as the Andersons had interests also in Bondgate in Auckland, (Halmote Court Book 18, f22v. 1547) the mention of Berwick is misleading.
The third entry ends with the phrase "per plegium Alexandri Dicson et Christophori Blirt[horne]." In all the cases checked the men who give pledge, in this context, as to what are the services attached to a tenure, they are members of the jury for that session of the court. These two appear in Wolsingham jury solidly in every halmote court session in the court books in this department from May 1544 to November 1551 and one or other of them in many sessions before and after. It is probably part of Dicsons name which is the first word on this fragment.
The Halmote Courts held in April and May 1551 did not visit the Weardale area (Halmote Court Book 19, f.100-121). The next court held in the Wolsingham area was in November too late for the dates mentioned in this fragment. It is virtually certain, therefore, that this entry refers to Wolsingham in summer of 1551.
DHC1/I/21   16 January 1553 - 10 October 1554
The book is bound in two folios of a medieval MS., an index or digest on ecclesiastical law and procedure. Fifteenth century.
Paper    88ff.
DHC1/I/22   15 May 1555 - 26 June 1555
Paper    28ff.
DHC1/I/23   23 September 1555 - 13 November 1555
Paper    33ff.
DHC1/I/24   15 September 1556 - 14 October 1556
The MS. is bound in two folios of a medieval MS. mainly dealing with sin. Fifteenth century.
Paper    27ff.
DHC1/I/25   5 May 1557 - 17 June 1558
Paper    120ff.
DHC1/I/26   27 September 1558 - 17 October 1558
Paper    40ff.
DHC1/I/27   17 April 1559 - 10 May 1559
Paper    50ff.
DHC1/I/28   27 September 1559 - 3 November 1559
Paper    48ff.
DHC1/I/29   30 April 1560 - 28 October 1560
Paper    93ff.
DHC1/I/30   September 1561 - 13 May 1565
Paper    318ff.
DHC1/I/31   23 October 1565 - 15 October 1568
Paper    270ff.
DHC1/I/32   22 April 1569 - 22 October 1571
Paper    185ff.
DHC1/I/33   27 April 1572 - 29 September 1574
Paper    162ff.
DHC1/I/34   7 April 1575 - 17 October 1578
Paper    279ff.
DHC1/I/34a   Summer/Autumn 1579
There are two dates mentioned in the fragment. The most obvious is that of the audit of 26 November 1579. The other appears under the presentments for Bondgate in Auckland, mentioning the illegal demise of land by Richard Archerawe from Michaelmas II Elizabeth, 1569. The book must therefore have been compiled between about Michaelmas 1569 at the earliest and November 1579 at the latest.
The auditor's date is a useful one. In Halmote Court Book 35 transactions in October and November 1580 were audited in November 1580. In Halmote Court Book 34 transactions in April, May and October 1578 were audited in November 1578. This suggests that transactions audited 1579 took place in 1579, but auditors dates of 1582 and 1583 in Book 35 show that auditing was not necessarily done promptly.
There is another piece of evidence to suggest 1579. In Book 34 f.251v., October 1578, there appears in the list of those taking the oath of loyalty, in Bondgate Darlington, to the new Bishop Barnes, the name of Laurence Lockwood. In this fragment appears the first proclamation that his heirs should claim their inheritance. In Book 35 f.12v. Isabella, his widow was admitted on 25 October 2 Elizabeth, 1580. Lockwood's will (Register V f.94v.) was made on 9 July 1579 and proved on 23 December 1579.
The sessions of the Halmote Court recorded on this sheet must therefore belong to the period between 9 Julv 1579 when Lockwood was "sicke of bodye" and 26 November 1579 when it was audited.
The places mentioned: Coatham Mundeville, Brafferton, Bondgate in Darlington, and Blackwell.
DHC1/I/35   14 October 1580 - 9 November 1580
Paper    24ff.
DHC1/I/36   26 May 1581 - 6 June 1581
Paper    29ff.
DHC1/I/37   18? April 1582 - 5 May 1582
Paper   34ff.
DHC1/I/38   8 October 1583 - 19 October 1583
Paper    30ff.
DHC1/I/39   16 September 1584 - 17 October 1587
242 ff. (contemporary foliation from 5 - 246)
DHC1/I/39a   c. 1590
2ff. (contemporary foliation 447 and 472).
DHC1/I/40   6 June 1595 - 17 October 1595
90 ff. (contemporary foliation from 793 - 883)
DHC1/I/41   12 May 1596 - 25 May 1596
57 ff. (contemporary foliation 107 - 163)
DHC1/I/42   12 October 1596 - 29 October 1596
54 ff. (contemporary foliation 164 - 215)
Proceedings at Wolsingham Halmote Court, 29 October 1596, are listed in DCD/S/LP34/20 as 29 Oct. 1196. Comparison with this volume, f.209, shows this should be 1596. The extract lists actions between tenants not enrolled here.
DHC1/I/43   1 April 1597 - 23 April 1597
69 ff. (contemporary foliation 216 - 284)
DHC1/I/44   14 November 1597 - 29 November 1597
45 ff. (contemporary foliation 285 - 330)
DHC1/I/45   24 May 1598 - 3 June 1598
69 ff. (contemporary foliation from 331 - 401)
The last folio was found among the mixed loose folia in No. 98. It is headed Bondgate in Auckland and poses the question of whether a copyholder's widow, Elizabeth W.[sic.] loses her widow right to her husband's land [Anth. W.] by failing to come into court at the third proclamation although her son Ch. [sic.] had claimed in his own right. The case is not dated or the surname given. Among the Church Commission miscellanea in Box 218 - no.220474 there is a note of this same case. The paper is endorsed "The estate of the Wrens Copihold at B.Awkland. 8 March 1600".
In the series of Halmote Court Books there are court books, nos. 50 and 51, for October 1600 and for April - May 1601. There can have been no halmote courts held in the interim as the proclamations to heirs follow consecutively, e.g. in Book 50, f.1, Newtoncap, appears the first call to the heirs of Janet Tailboies and in Book 51, f.3 the second call to the same heirs appears. The entry for Bondgate in Auckland is not missing from the April - May court book so this folio therefore cannot be a page missing off the front of book 51 and referring to any earlier days on which the session might have begun the previous month March 1600/1. Nor do the water stains on the paper match. The date is therefore perhaps that on which the case was considered, a date one would expect to be reasonably soon after the widow's failure to claim. Looking back through the court books to No. 43, for April 1597, f.30(245), the relevant entry appears. The entry states that on the this call to the heirs of Anthony Wren, Charles Wren came and claimed his inheritance, but the widow, Elizabeth, did not come to claim her right according to the custom of the court.
The folio, if it belongs to a court book at all, must belong to one of nos. 44-50 inclusive. The folio is dirty on one side, showing it as the outside of a booklet. The lack of proper headings shows it is a back page not a front one and the blankness of the clean and inner sheet shows this entry as not an integral part of the Bondgate entry but an additional memorandum later in the book. It remains therefore to find the book between 44-50 where the back page is missing and the water stains match those on this sheet. This is therefore the final folio of book 45 and from the words scored out it appears also to be the draft of the note of the case from the Church Commission Miscellanea.
DHC1/I/46   12 October 1598 - 27 October 1598
Index on f. 59.
59 ff. (contemporary foliation from 401 - 456)
DHC1/I/47   24 April 1599 - 26 June 1599
Index f. 53
53 ff. (contemporary foliation from 457 - 507)
DHC1/I/48   9 October 1599 - 25 October 1599
Index f. 57.
57 ff. (contemporary foliation from 508 - 561)
DHC1/I/49   11 April 1600 - 20 April 1600
Paper    40ff.
DHC1/I/50   13 October 1600 - 27 October 1600
Index f. 54.
Paper    54ff.
DHC1/I/51   27 April 1601 - 8 May 1601
Paper   42ff.
DHC1/I/52   13 October 1601 - 24 October 1601
Index on f. 48.
Paper    48ff.
DHC1/I/53   27 April 1602 - 11 May 1602
DHC1/I/54   11 October 1602 - 4 ( sic ) (24) October 1602
Endorsed "Secunda Curia Halmot".
Index f. 51.
Paper   53ff.
DHC1/I/55   10 May 1603 - 27 May 1603
Paper    40ff.
DHC1/I/56   23 October 1603 - 9 November 1603
Index f. 57.
Paper    57ff.
DHC1/I/57   4 April 1604 - 24 April 1604
Paper    38ff.
DHC1/I/58   9 October 1604 - 23 October 1604
Index f. 45.
Paper    45ff.
DHC1/I/59   12 April 1605 - 26 April 1605
Paper    41ff.
DHC1/I/60   11 October 1605 - 23 October 1605
Earlier transactions are also recorded in this list.
Paper    31ff.
DHC1/I/61   2 May 1606 - 16 May 1606
Paper    45ff.
DHC1/I/62   October 1606 - 25 October 1609
Indices on ff. 48, 106, 159, 214, 262, 318 and 372.
Paper    372ff.
DHC1/I/63   5 June 1610 - 11 December 1610
Index f. 59 and 361B.
Paper    59ff.
DHC1/I/64   10 April 1611 - 1 October 1611
Index f. 49.
Paper    119ff.
DHC1/I/65   11 May 1612 - 23 October 1612
Indices ff. 72, 138.
Paper    138ff.
DHC1/I/66   27 April 1613 - 5 November 1613
Indices ff. 77, 146.
Paper    146ff.
DHC1/I/67   7 May 1614 - 4 November 1614
Indices ff. 95 and 161.
Paper    161ff.
DHC1/I/68   3 May 1615 - 17 May 1615
Paper    64ff.
DHC1/I/69   18 October 1615 - 31 October 1615
Paper    61ff.
DHC1/I/70   19 April 1616 - 10 May 1616
DHC1/I/71   7 October 1616 - 30 October 1616
Index f. 70.
Paper    70ff.
DHC1/I/72  (279581)   4 May 1617 - 3 November 1619
Paper   405ff.
DHC1/I/73  (279581/1)   May 1620 - 31 October 1622
Index f. 306 and 216v.
Paper   457ff.
DHC1/I/74  (279582)   11 June 1623 - 17 May 1625
Paper   426ff.
DHC1/I/75  (279582/1)   10 October 1625 - 15 May 1628
Paper   524ff.
DHC1/I/76  (279583)   20 May 1629 - 19 April 1632
Paper   653ff.
DHC1/I/77  (279583/1)   1 October 1632 - 21 October 1635
Paper   662ff.
DHC1/I/78  (279584/1)   3 May 1636 - 16 October 1638
Paper   614ff.
DHC1/I/79  (279584)   18 October 1638 - 27 October 1642
Paper   448ff.
DHC1/I/80  (279585)   28 April 1642 - 26 October 1649
Paper   650ff.
DHC1/I/81  (279586)   15 April 1650 - 6 November 1655
Paper   588ff.
DHC1/I/82  (279587)   22 October 1655 - May 1660
Paper   514ff.
DHC1/I/83  (279588)   11 October 1660 - 27 October 1665
Paper   871ff.
DHC1/I/84  (279589)   18 April 1666 - 5 October 1669
Paper   634ff.
DHC1/I/85  (279590)   18 April 1670 - 20 May 1674
Paper   521ff.
DHC1/I/86  (279591)   21 September 1674 - 24 October 1676
Paper   284ff.
DHC1/I/87  (279592)   8 May 1677 - 27 October 1679
Paper   235ff.
A West Auckland admittance of 16 Oct. 1679 is at the back of DHC1/IV/3.
DHC1/I/88  (279593)   26 April 1680 - 12 October 1682
Paper   261ff.
DHC1/I/89  (279594)   2 April 1683 - 22 September 1687
This also includes some pre-1683 entries, eg Wearmouth 1682.
Paper   337ff.
DHC1/I/90  (279595)   9 April 1688 - 20 October 1693
Paper   352ff.
DHC1/I/91  (279596)   30 April 1694 - 3 November 1701
Paper   377ff.
DHC1/I/92  (279597)   4 May 1702 - 23 October 1705
Paper   290ff.
DHC1/I/93  (279598)   15 April 1706 - 21 May 1708
Paper   230ff.
DHC1/I/94  (279599)   13 September 1708 - 30 October 1711
Paper   250ff.
DHC1/I/95  (279600)   28 April 1712 - 10 May 1714
Paper   223ff.
DHC1/I/96  (279601)   27 September 1714 - 13 May 1717
Paper   257ff.
DHC1/I/97  (279602)   21 October 1717 - 9 May 1720
Paper   264ff.
This is a collection of 5 end papers from the Halmote Court Books which have been collected in one bundle.
II: Halmote Court Books 1720 - 1925 These do not include the proceedings of the Court for the Borough of Auckland, which are to be found in CCB B/197.
There is an MS. index to these books listing location, date and steward of each court.

A. Auckland Division
DHC1/II/1  (279603)   29 September 1720 - 30 April 1734
Paper   237ff.
DHC1/II/2  (279604)   11 October 1734 - 14 May 1742
Paper   209ff.
DHC1/II/3  (279605)   8 October 1742 - 30 September 1748
Paper   195ff.
DHC1/II/4  (279606)   7 October 1748 - 24 October 1763
Paper   241ff.
DHC1/II/5  (279607)   26 October 1763 - 28 April 1773
Paper   213ff.
DHC1/II/6  (279608)   1 October 1773 - 16 October 1787
Paper   260ff.
DHC1/II/7  (279609)   14 April 1788 - 13 May 1800
Paper   265ff.
DHC1/II/8  (279610)   10 October 1801 - 26 October 1814
Paper   264ff.
DHC1/II/9  (279611)   24 April 1815 - 18 April 1828
Paper   348ff.
DHC1/II/10  (279612)   27 October 1828 - 21 May 1844
Paper   331ff.
DHC1/II/11  (279613)   24 May 1844 - 20 June 1856
Paper   365ff.
DHC1/II/12  (279614)   20 June 1856 - 30 May 1865
Paper   488ff.
DHC1/II/13  (279615)   28 June 1865 - 20 October 1872
Paper   457ff.
DHC1/II/14  (279616)   23 September 1873 - 3 December 1878
Paper   446ff.
DHC1/II/15  (279617)   3 December 1878 - 8 October 1889
Paper   422ff.
DHC1/II/16  (279618)   2 May 1888 - 22 October 1898
Paper   373ff.
DHC1/II/17  (279618/1)   1898 - 1904
No Court Meetings
Paper    491ff.
DHC1/II/18  (279618/2)   1905 - 1907
No Court Meetings
Paper    407ff.
DHC1/II/19  (279618/3)   1907 - 1908
No Court Meetings
Paper    270ff.
DHC1/II/20  (279618/4)   1909 - 1912
No Court Meetings
Paper    198ff.
DHC1/II/21  (279618/5)   1913 - 1916
No Court Meetings
Paper    151ff.
DHC1/II/22  (279618/6)   1917 - 1920
No Court Meetings
Paper    189ff.
DHC1/II/23  (279618/7)   1921 - 1925
No Court Meetings
Paper    242ff.
B. Chester Division
DHC1/II/24  (279623)   3 October 1720 - 24 April 1730
Paper   224ff.
DHC1/II/25  (279624)   12 October 1730 - 20 October 1737
Paper   260ff.
DHC1/II/26  (279625)   21 April 1738 - 14 October 1745
Paper   244ff.
DHC1/II/27  (279626)   14 April 1746 - 27 September 1756
Paper   244ff.
DHC1/II/28  (279627)   9 May 1757 - 2 June 1766
Paper   248ff.
DHC1/II/29  (279628)   18 November 1766 - 22 October 1776
Paper   246ff.
DHC1/II/30  (279629)   28 April 1777 - 26 April 1790
Paper   264ff.
DHC1/II/31  (279630)   8 October 1790 - 8 October 1806
Paper   344ff.
DHC1/II/32  (279631)   13 April 1807 - 13 October 1820
Paper   304ff.
DHC1/II/33  (279632)   16 May 1821 - 7 October 1836
Paper   345ff.
DHC1/II/34  (279633)   26 April 1837 - 28 April 1853
Paper   342ff.
DHC1/II/35  (279634)   3 May 1854 - 10 May 1867
Paper   448ff.
DHC1/II/36  (279635)   10 May 1867 - 20 September 1875
Paper   477ff.
DHC1/II/37  (279636)   26 October 1875 - 28 October 1879
Paper   398ff.
DHC1/II/38  (297637)   11 November 1880 - 16 September 1886
Paper   353ff.
DHC1/II/39  (279638)   16 September 1886 - 12 August 1893
Paper   388ff.
DHC1/II/40  (279638/1)   14 August 1893 - 1896
No Court Meetings
Paper   354ff.
DHC1/II/41  (279638/2)   1897 - 1900
No Court Meetings
Paper    441ff.
DHC1/II/42  (279638/3)   1901 - 1904
No Court Meetings
Paper    557ff.
DHC1/II/43  (279638/4)   1905
No Court Meetings
Paper    142ff.
DHC1/II/44  (279638/5)   1906 - 1908
No Court Meetings
Paper    297ff.
DHC1/II/45  (279638/6)   1909 - 1910
No Court Meetings
Paper    255ff.
DHC1/II/46  (279638/8)   1911 - 1912
No Court Meetings
Paper    226ff.
DHC1/II/47  (279638/9)   1913 -1914
No Court Meetings
Paper    198ff.
DHC1/II/48  (279638/10)   1915 - 1916
No Court Meetings
Paper    139ff.
DHC1/II/49  (279638/11)   1917 - 1918
No Court Meetings
Paper    155ff.
DHC1/II/50  (279638/12)   1919
No Court Meetings
Paper    178ff.
DHC1/II/51  (279638/13)   1920
No Court Meetings
Paper    252ff.
DHC1/II/52  (279638/14)   1921
No Court Meetings
Paper    215ff.
DHC1/II/53  (279638/15)   1922
No Court Meetings
Paper    201ff.
DHC1/II/54  (279638/16)   1923
No Court Meetings
Paper    203ff.
DHC1/II/55  (279638/17)   1924
No Court Meetings
Paper    203ff.
DHC1/II/56  (279638/18)   1925
No Court Meetings
Paper    184ff.
C. Darlington Division
DHC1/II/57  (279639)   28 September 1720 - 2 October 1734
Paper   217ff.
DHC1/II/58  (279640)   7 May 1735 - 23 September 1747
Paper   216ff.
DHC1/II/59  (279641)   10 May 1748 - 8 May 1767
Paper   244ff.
DHC1/II/60  (279642)   23 September 1767 - 28 October 1788
Paper   250ff.
DHC1/II/61  (279643)   15 May 1789 - 17 October 1810
Paper   247ff.
DHC1/II/62  (279644)   28 May 1811 - 20 June 1832
Paper   314ff.
DHC1/II/63  (279645)   20 June 1832 - 6 May 1851
Paper   348ff.
DHC1/II/64  (279646)   20 May 1852 - 19 June 1868
Paper   460ff.
DHC1/II/65  (279647)   4 November 1869 - 15 November 1888
Paper   478ff.
DHC1/II/66  (279648)   15 November 1888 - 1908
Paper   360ff.
DHC1/II/67  (279648/1)   1909 - 1914
No Court Meetings
Paper    160ff.
DHC1/II/68  (279648/2)   1915 - 1920
No Court Meetings
Paper    195ff.
DHC1/II/69  (279648/3)   1921 - 1925
No Court Meetings
Paper    214ff.
D. Easington Division
Including Sedgefield, Cornforth and Bishop Middleham.

DHC1/II/70  (279649)   26 September 1720 - 28 April 1740
Paper   206ff.
DHC1/II/71  (279650)   29 September 1740 - 29 May 1759
Paper   198ff.
DHC1/II/72  (279651)   1 October 1759 - 1 October 1780
Paper   208ff.
DHC1/II/73  (279652)   23 April 1781 - 12 May 1802
Paper   214ff.
DHC1/II/74  (279653)   5 May 1802 - 16 May 1827
Paper   264ff.
DHC1/II/75  (279654)   26 September 1827 - 26 April 1850
Paper   235ff.
DHC1/II/76  (279655)   12 April 1851 - 26 August 1880
Paper   341ff.
DHC1/II/77  (279656)   26 August 1880 - 1908
Paper   327ff.
DHC1/II/78  (279656/1)   1909 - 1925
No Court Meetings, but business transacted out of court.
Paper    81ff.
E. Houghton Division
DHC1/II/79  (279657)   4 October 1720 - 19 April 1737
Paper   197ff.
DHC1/II/80  (279658)   17 October 1737 - 13 October 1758
Paper   266ff.
DHC1/II/81  (279659)   18 May 1759 - 6 May 1772
Paper   255ff.
DHC1/II/82  (279660)   1 October 1772 - 13 October 1783
Paper   229ff.
DHC1/II/83  (279661)   27 April 1784 - 23 October 1794
Paper   261ff.
DHC1/II/84  (279662)   20 May 1795 - 26 May 1801
Paper   269ff.
DHC1/II/85  (279663)   7 October 1801 - 11 October 1808
Paper   259ff.
DHC1/II/86  (279664)   27 April 1809 - 23 May 1814
Paper   257ff.
DHC1/II/87  (279665)   24 October 1814 - 13 October 1818
Paper   261ff.
DHC1/II/88  (279666)   31 May 1819 - 31 May 1824
Paper   316ff.
DHC1/II/89  (279667)   31 May 1824 - 20 October 1828
Paper   347ff.
DHC1/II/90  (279668)   27 May 1829 - 19 May 1834
Paper   332ff.
DHC1/II/91  (279669)   22 October 1834 - 4 May 1842
Paper   304ff.
DHC1/II/92  (279670)   4 October 1842 - 10 May 1852
Paper   390ff.
DHC1/II/93  (279671)   10 May 1852 - 25 May 1859
Paper   406ff.
DHC1/II/94  (279672)   25 May 1859 - 7 June 1867
Paper   523ff.
DHC1/II/95  (279673)   5 June 1868 - 11 November 1875
Paper   446ff.
DHC1/II/96  (279674)   11 November 1875 - 6 December 1881
Paper   412ff.
DHC1/II/97  (279675)   6 December 1881 - 25 November 1890
Paper   534ff.
DHC1/II/98  (279675/1)   1891 - 1898
No Court Meetings
Paper    513ff.
DHC1/II/99  (279675/2)   1899 - 1905
No Court Meetings
Paper    466ff.
DHC1/II/100  (279675/3)   1906 - 1908
No Court Meetings
Paper    174ff.
DHC1/II/101  (279675/4)   1909 - 1911
No Court Meetings
Paper    143ff.
DHC1/II/102  (279675/5)   1912 - 1913
No Court Meetings
Paper    107ff.
DHC1/II/103  (279675/6)   1914 - 1917
No Court Meetings
Paper    147ff.
DHC1/II/104  (279675/7)   1918 - 1921
No Court Meetings
Paper    182ff.
DHC1/II/105  (279675/8)   1922 - 1925
No Court Meetings
Paper    217ff.
F. Lanchester Division
DHC1/II/106  (279676)   7 October 1720 - 6 May 1737
Paper   215ff.
DHC1/II/107  (279677)   4 October 1737 - 25 April 1755
Paper   247ff.
DHC1/II/108  (279678)   16 September 1755 - 10 September 1773
Paper   220ff.
DHC1/II/109  (279679)   20 May 1774 - 22 May 1795
Paper   265ff.
DHC1/II/110  (279680)   16 October 1795 - 15 October 1811
Paper   264ff.
DHC1/II/111  (279681)   16 April 1812 - 30 April 1835
Paper   304ff.
DHC1/II/112  (279682)   8 October 1835 - 1 May 1854
Paper   227ff.
DHC1/II/113  (279683)   7 May 1855 - 23 May 1864
Paper   456ff.
DHC1/II/114  (279684)   15 May 1865 - 17 September 1875
Paper   461ff.
DHC1/II/115  (279685)   17 September 1875 - 13 October 1882
Paper   443ff.
DHC1/II/116  (279686)   9 October 1885 - 1894
Paper   386ff.
DHC1/II/117  (279686/1)   1894 - 1901
No Court Meetings
Paper    440ff.
DHC1/II/No 118  (279686/2)   1902 - 1905
No Court Meetings
Paper   253ff.
DHC1/II/119  (279686/3)   1905 - 1908
No Court Meetings
Paper    286ff.
DHC1/II/120  (279686/4)   1909 - 1910
No Court Meetings
Paper    205ff.
DHC1/II/121  (279686/5)   1911 - 1912
No Court Meetings
Paper    167ff.
DHC1/II/122  (279686/6)No   1913 - 1916
Court Meetings
Paper    264ff.
DHC1/II/123  (279686/7)   1917 - 1919
No Court Meetings
Paper    192ff.
DHC1/II/124  (279686/8)   1920 - 1921
No Court Meetings
Paper    264ff.
DHC1/II/125  (279686/9)   1922
No Court Meetings
Paper    102ff.
DHC1/II/126  (279686/10)   1923
No Court Meetings
Paper    111ff.
DHC1/II/127  (279686/11)   1924
No Court Meetings
Paper    130ff.
DHC1/II/128  (279686/12)   1925
No Court Meetings
Paper    86ff.
G. Stockton Division
DHC1/II/129  (279687)   26 September 1720 - 2 May 1734
Paper   274ff.
DHC1/II/130  (279688)   1 October 1734 - 14 May 1745
Paper   223ff.
DHC1/II/131  (279689)   24 September 1745 - 26 April 1757
Paper   193ff.
DHC1/II/132  (279690)   1 September 1757 - 24 September 1772
Paper   254ff.
DHC1/II/133  (279691)   4 May 1773 - 17 October 1785
Paper   266ff.
DHC1/II/134  (279692)   22 May 1786 - 22 October 1801
Paper   266ff.
DHC1/II/135  (279693)   20 May 1802 - 10 October 1815
Paper   260ff.
DHC1/II/136  (279694)   28 May 1816 - 25 May 1830
Paper   314ff.
DHC1/II/137  (279695)   30 September 1830 - 17 May 1849
Paper   308ff.
DHC1/II/138  (279696)   6 May 1850 - 13 June 1867
Paper   407ff.
DHC1/II/139  (279697)   13 June 1867 - 14 November 1876
Paper   441ff.
DHC1/II/140  (279698)   14 November 1876 - 22 October 1889
Paper   429ff.
DHC1/II/141  (279698/1)   1809 - 1902
No Court Meetings
Paper    601ff.
DHC1/II/142  (279698/2)   1903 - 1908
No Court Meetings
Paper    361ff.
DHC1/II/143  (279698/3)   1909 - 1918
No Court Meetings
Paper    216ff.
DHC1/II/144  (279698/4)   1919 - 1922
No Court Meetings
Paper    175ff.
DHC1/II/145  (279698/5)   1923 - 1925
No Court Meetings
Paper    159ff.
H. Wolsingham Division
DHC1/II/146  (279699)   30 September 1720 - 7 October 1734
Paper   226ff.
DHC1/II/147  (279700)   8 May 1735 - 16 October 1745
Paper   214ff.
DHC1/II/148  (179701)   23 April 1746 - 15 September 1755
Paper   204ff.
DHC1/II/149  (279702)   17 May 1756 - 26 September 1769
Paper   256ff.
DHC1/II/150  (279703)   1 June 1770 - 16 October 1786
Paper   264ff.
DHC1/II/151  (279704)   28 May 1787 - 19 October 1801
Paper   260ff.
DHC1/II/152  (279705)   14 May 1802 - 10 April 1815
Paper   260ff.
DHC1/II/153  (279706)   18 October 1815 - 17 May 1826
Paper   254ff.
DHC1/II/154  (279707)   13 October 1826 - 27 September 1841
Paper   298ff.
DHC1/II/155  (279708)   9 May 1842 - 22 May 1857
Paper   331ff.
DHC1/II/156  (279709)   21 May 1858 - 24 August 1870
Paper   430ff.
DHC1/II/157  (279710)   12 August 1872 - 30 June 1880
Paper   453ff.
DHC1/II/158  (279711)   30 June 1880 - 4 October 1889
Paper   393ff.
DHC1/II/159  (279711/1)   1891 - 1900
No Court Meetings
Paper    514ff.
DHC1/II/160  (279711/2)   1901 - 1905
No Court Meetings
Paper    355ff.
DHC1/II/161  (279711/3)   1906 - 1908
No Court Meetings
Paper    95ff.
DHC1/II/162  (279711/4)   1909 - 1912
No Court Meetings
Paper    158ff.
DHC1/II/163  (279711/5)   1913-1920
No Court Meetings
Paper    269ff.
DHC1/II/164  (279711/6)   1921 - 1925
No Court Meetings
Paper    230ff.
III: Halmote Court Books of Manors There is an MS index to parts A, B, D and F compiled by Dr Ritchie listing location, date and steward of each court.

A. Bedlington
DHC1/III/1  (279619)   1 May 1721 - 14 May 1772
Paper   133ff.
DHC1/III/2  (279620)   29 April 1773 - 25 April 1834
Paper   154ff.
DHC1/III/3  (279621)   28 April 1835 - 31 January 1878
Paper   179ff.
DHC1/III/4  (279622)   6 September 1877 - 12 March 1907
Paper   160ff.
DHC1/III/5  (279622/1)   1 October 1907 - 21 December 1908
No Court Meetings
Paper   28ff.
DHC1/III/6  (279622/2)   18 May 1909 - 23 December 1925
No Court Meetings
Paper   83ff.
B. Bishop Wearmouth Rectory
DHC1/III/7  (302901)   30 May 1579 - 23 June 1783
The early part of this is an eighteenth century copy. The old cover of this volume is kept with the Original Surrenders for Wearmouth.
For the index see DHC1/VII/11.
596 pp.
DHC1/III/8  (302902)   16 July 1783 - 23 November 1820
For the index see DHC1/VII/12.
784 pp.
DHC1/III/9  (302903)   17 January 1821 - 8 January 1851
For the index see DHC1/VII/13.
712 pp.
DHC1/III/10  (302904)   2 April 1851 - 30 May 1890
No Court Meetings
Among the Original Surrenders for Bishop Wearmouth is a box (DHC2/K5) of 279 Surrenders all dated 28 February 1881 which seem not to have been entered in this book.
For the index see DHC1/VII/14.
743 pp.
DHC1/III/11  (302905)   30 May 1890 - 5 October 1925
No Court Meetings.
For the index see DHC1/VII/15.
Paper   575ff.
C. Evenwood Before 1720 Evenwood is included with the general Court Books. In the first Court Book for the Auckland Division (1720-34) Evenwood occurs regularly. At the very beginning of the book the court meets at Bishop Auckland and deals with the following places, recording them in the following order:
Newton Cap, Escomb, Middridge, Heighington, Byers Green, Coundon, Redworth, Bondgate in Auckland, Killerby, Evenwood, West Auckland.
By 1721 the order has changed in that Redworth has moved to a position between Middridge and Heighington in the list; this order of place-names seems to have been regarded as the standard or proper order, as it recurs again and again, though occasionally jumbled and often incomplete, since Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland very soon develop a tendency to be regarded as in some way separate: the first sign of this tendency is in October 1722, when there was a session of the court at Evenwood. The record of this session lists the places dealt with as Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland, in that order. By 1723 it seems to be becoming accepted that one has separate court sessions in the division, one session at Evenwood (dealing with Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland and recording them in that order) and one session at Bishop Auckland (dealing with the remainder of the division, and usually listing the places dealt with in the standard order). In April 1725 there is a record of a Bishop Auckland session which has the list of place-names jumbled, but Evenwood continues on its own with Killerby and West Auckland. For several years after this the Bishop Auckland sessions, while listing the court members from the various places in the proper order of their townships, show a tendency to jumble the place-names in the records of admissions. In 1729 the Evenwood sessions also begin to show this tendency, although they still have a number of meetings in the records of which the names are not jumbled (it isn't so easy to jumble a list of 3 names)
In 1735 the lists of sessions at both Bishop Auckland and Evenwood are back in the standard order.
In April 1740 there was a session at West Auckland, dealing with West Auckland only and leaving the Evenwood session with only Killerby and Evenwood to look after. In April 1741 and May 1742 West Auckland was once again dealt with at the Evenwood session, together with Killerby and Evenwood. In October 1800 there was a session at Evenwood (the record says "at Evenwood for the manor of Evenwood and by adjournment thence to West Auckland, parcel of and within the said manor"), dealing with Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland. In 1809 the Evenwood sessions are still adjourning to West Auckland and are dealing with Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland. At this period (1801-9) the Bishop Auckland sessions continue to deal with their usual places, listing them in the proper order.
In the Court Book for the Auckland Division for the years 1889-98 there are copies (folio 298 and thereabouts) of a couple of indentures that are mentioned in admissions and that the people concerned with them are said to have asked to have put on the court rolls of the Manor of Evenwood. Although no particular search has been made for other instances of this sort of thing, no other instances of this have been noticed in any other Court Books, but these entries do look at first glance very much like entries of admissions.
Court Book II.A.19, labelled "Auckland 1907-8", has a record of a session at Bishop Auckland in 1907: this session seems to have been willing to deal with business from anywhere in the division, although not all the places in the division are in fact mentioned. In 1908 business is being done not only at Bishop Auckland but also out of court at (for places in the list formerly dealt with at the Bishop Auckland sessions) Durham and Newcastle, and (for places in the list formerly dealt with at Evenwood) Durham and Sunderland. No business in this book seems to have been dealt with at Evenwood.
Court Book II.A.20 is labelled "Bondgate in Auckland 1909-12". Business concerning the places in the list formerly dealt with at Bishop Auckland sessions is recorded as being done out of court at Bishop Auckland, Darlington, Coundon and Corbridge. The places formerly dealt with at Evenwood sessions are absent. Court Books II.A.21 (1913-6) and II.A.22 are both labelled "Bondgate in Auckland", but II.A.23 (1921-5) is labelled "Auckland". The places formerly dealt with at the Evenwood sessions are absent from these volumes. In these volumes business is recorded as being transacted out of court at Durham, Bishop Auckland, Bedale (Yorkshire), Darlington, Clacton-on-Sea and Birkenhead.
After 1908 business concerning the Manor of Evenwood is recorded in the two Court Books listed below (III.C.12 and III.C.13). In these volumes is business concerning Evenwood and West Auckland (apparently no business concerning Killerby; the volume of Killerby business seems to be very small throughout the period 1720-1925) is recorded as being transacted out of court at Bishop Auckland, Toft Hill, Cockfield, North Walsham (Norfolk), Darlington and Durham.
Call Books
Nos. V.A.3-9, entered below amongst the call books, were clearly known as "Bondgate in Auckland" in the Halmote Court Office. (It appears as if to the Halmote Court officials "Auckland" meant the whole division, including Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland, and "Bondgate in Auckland" meant the whole division except Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland.) These Call Books deal with the places formerly dealt with at Bishop Auckland, listing them in the standard order (Newton Cap, Escomb, Middridge, Redworth, Heighington, Byers Green, Coundon, Bondgate in Auckland).
Nos. V.A.34-9, entered below amongst the call books under Evenwood, were known as "Evenwood and West Auckland" in the Halmote Court Office; each volume deals with Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland, in that order.
V.A.81 is a peculiar volume containing first calls from numerous places in the Stockton and Darlington divisions, and then, in this order, Killerby, Evenwood, West Auckland, Newton Cap, Escomb, Middridge, Redworth and Heighington.
V.B.1, labelled "Bondgate in Auckland", lists calls from all the places in the list normally dealt with at the Bishop Auckland sessions, getting the order "correct".
V.B.2-6 all deal with some or other of the places dealt with at the Bishop Auckland sessions.
V.B.14 (dated 1787 and calling itself "Evenwood Call-Book") deals with Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland in that order.
V.B.15 (dated 1809 and calling itself "Evenwood and West Auckland Call Book") deals with Killerby, Evenwood and West Auckland in that order.
For Evenwood during the following periods:
1519-1719 : see general Halmote Court Books.
1720-1908 : see Auckland Division
1925 onwards: see VIII: No. 14

DHC1/III/12  (279633/1)   25 January 1909 - 15 December 1920
No Court Meetings
Paper   200ff.
DHC1/III/13  (279633/2)   10 January 1921 - 25 November 1925
Paper   75ff.
D. Gateshead
There are no post 1925 transactions for Gateshead
See also:
Gateshead court books in DHC1/M.67 and 68
Church Commision deposits, Nos. 249019-21 (not found 1990 and 2009); and CCB B/161/81 (57157).
Tyne and Wear Archives:
MN/GA(2091) Gateshead Manorial Court Book, jurors and presentments, 16 April 1751 - 30 September 1774.

DHC1/III/14  (249014)
(i): Front(i): Front   14 October 1703 - 20 September 1774
69 pp.
(ii): Back(ii): Back   30 September 1703 - 8 February 1721
Paper   20ff.
DHC1/III/15  (249015)
(i): Front(i): Front   20 April 1780 - 17 December 1828
225 pp.
(ii): Back(ii): Back   20 April 1780 - 21 October 1788
Paper   8ff.
DHC1/III/16  (249016)   20 October 1829 - 7 November 1924
138 pp.
E. Middleham The Middleham, Cornforth and Sedgefield transactions 1720-1908 are in the Easington Court Books for the period.

DHC1/III/17  (27965/3)   11 March 1909 - 11 December 1925
No Court Meetings, but business transacted out of court.
Paper   174ff.
F. Whickham For abstracts from Whickham Court Books see CCB B/198 (284377a).
See also CCB Nos. 205013-205015 (not found 2009).

DHC1/III/18  (205016)   17 April 1585 - 5 June 1632
Paper   227ff.
DHC1/III/19  (205017)   14 May 1633 - 19 December 1663
At the back of this book and upside down is bound in a rental for Whickham for 1591 and Gateshead.
Paper   174ff.
DHC1/III/20  (205018)   19 April 1664 - 15 March 1681
Paper   160ff.
DHC1/III/21  (205019)   27 October 1681 - 8 July 1718
Paper   138ff.
DHC1/III/22  (205020)   22 June 1719 - 28 May 1744
Paper   205ff.
DHC1/III/23  (205021)   28 May 1744 - 21 October 1771
451 pp.
DHC1/III/24  (205022)   21 October 1771 - 19 October 1790
Paper   234ff.
DHC1/III/25  (205023)   23 October 1792 - 14 October 1812
505 pp.
DHC1/III/26  (205024)   14 October 1812 - 24 October 1828
Paper   299ff.
DHC1/III/27  (205025)   25 October 1828 - 14 October 1843
Paper   307ff.
DHC1/III/28  (205026)   28 October 1844 - 18 October 1854
Paper   286ff.
DHC1/III/29  (205027)   29 October 1857 - 13 April 1869
Paper   307ff.
DHC1/III/30  (205028)   21 May 1868 - 16 December 1878
Paper   582ff.
DHC1/III/31  (205029)   20 December 1878 - 30 September 1892
595 pp.
DHC1/III/32  (205029/3)   8 October 1892 - 24 December 1900
Paper   226ff.
DHC1/III/33  (205029/3/1)   1 February 1901 - 20 December 1908
Paper   306ff.
DHC1/III/34  (205029/1)   19 February 1909 - 16 December 1916
Paper   154ff.
DHC1/III/35  (205029/2)   24 January 1917 - 31 December 1925
Paper   251ff.
Stewards' Minute Books of Halmote Courts
DHC1/IV/1   10 April 1682 - 5 November 1695
Paper   233ff.
DHC1/IV/2   4 May 1696 - 3 June 1701
Paper   91ff.
DHC1/IV/3   25 September 1701 - 26 May 1704
Paper   45ff.
DHC1/IV/4   3 October 1704 - 17 October 1706
Paper   44ff.
DHC1/IV/5   5 May 1707 - 30 October 1710
Paper   81ff.
DHC1/IV/6   17 April 1711 - 9 November 1714
Paper   86ff.
DHC1/IV/7   25 April 1715 - 10 October 1720
Paper   100ff.
DHC1/IV/8   7 October 1720 - 15 April 1725
(Contains Wolsingham, Lanchester, Chester, Houghton and Middleham (Spring court 1721 only)
52 + 2ff.
DHC1/IV/9   26 September 1720 - 16 April 1725
(Contains Middleham, Stockton, Darlington, Auckland and Evenwood)
Paper   64ff.
DHC1/IV/10   4 October 1725 - 15 October 1729
Paper    80ff.
DHC1/IV/11   14 April 1730 - 13 May 1734
Includes Bedlington, f.71.
Paper    125ff.
DHC1/IV/12   30 September 1734 - 20 October 1738
Paper    117ff.
DHC1/IV/13   30 April 1739 - 2 October 1746
Paper    172ff.
DHC1/IV/14   23 April 1747 - 9 October 1759
Paper    217ff.
DHC1/IV/15   1 May 1760 - 1 November 1768
+ Spring court (18 April 1769) for Evenwood only.
Paper    158ff.
DHC1/IV/16   21 April 1769 - 30 May 1775
132 + 5ff.
DHC1/IV/17   22 September 1775 - 23 May 1782
130 + 5ff.
DHC1/IV/18   18 September 1782 - 25 May 1789
131 + 5ff.
DHC1/IV/19   1 May 1797 - 2 June 1803
139 + 3ff.
DHC1/IV/20   26 September 1803 - 26 October 1810
130 + 2ff.
DHC1/IV/21   18 April 1811 - 27 May 1819
Paper    129ff.
Miscellaneous books
V: Call Books
Call Books A
Dates of creation: mid 17th century - 1809
These books, especially the early ones, generally contain little more than lists of names of the Bishop's tenants. When a property changed hands the name of the former tenant is often crossed out and that of the new tenant substituted. Letters of the alphabet which often appear against a person's name in the early 18th century call books refer to the court books of the halmote court, which from 1695-1719 are marked with a letter of the alphabet at the beginning of transactions for each half-year, e.g. April 1706 is marked 'A', September 1706 'B', May 1707 'C', September 1707 'D'. At the end of the alphabet the next year begins with 'A' again.
In the 1760's the entries in the call books become more detailed and between 1766 and 1768 the system of call numbers becomes generally established, though they do not appear in the Bedlington call books until 1776. In several cases, e.g. Auckland, Wolsingham, Easington, the entries in the last call book in series A continue into the early 19th century when they are superseded by series B. The close relationship between series A and B is further shown by the fact that in several cases the last volume of series A was copied and becomes the first volume of series B - e.g. Evenwood, Houghton, Darlington.
The Bedlington call books series A contain lists of freeholders, leaseholders and copyholders, and also lists of officers of the Bedlington court. Volume no. V 10 contains a list of fees for the Bedlington court, which incidentally indicates some of the customs of the manor (fo. 10). A fee of 2d. was to be paid for entering a new tenant's name in the call book.

DHC1/V/A/1   No date but mid to late 17th century.
An index has been inserted.
A loose cover from an Alphabet book has been put round this volume.
Paper    95ff.
DHC1/V/A/2   1682
An index has been inserted.
On f.2 is written "Hoc librum scripsit prima Curia 30 Apr. 1682 Jo: Hutchinson Major."
Paper   104ff.
DHC1/V/A/ No. 3   1722
An index has been inserted.
Paper    24ff.
DHC1/V/A/4    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    18ff.
DHC1/V/A/5   1765
An index has been inserted.
Paper   10ff.
DHC1/V/A/6   1768
An index has been inserted.
Paper   26ff.
DHC1/V/A/7   1772
An index has been inserted.
The ff. containing Newton Capp, Escomb and Middridge are missing.
Paper   20ff.
DHC1/V/A/8   1780
An index has been inserted.
Paper   24ff.
DHC1/V/A/9    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    14ff.
DHC1/V/A/10   1707-1725
An index has been inserted.
Paper    16ff.
DHC1/V/A/11   1726-1735
An index has been inserted.
Paper    18ff.
DHC1/V/A/12   1736-1765
An index has been inserted.
Paper    16ff.
DHC1/V/A/13   1766-1768
An index has been inserted.
Paper    12ff.
DHC1/V/A/14   1769-1775
An index has been inserted.
Paper    12ff.
DHC1/V/A/15   1776-1778
An index has been inserted.
Paper    7ff.
DHC1/V/A/16   1779-1787
An index has been inserted.
Paper    8ff.
DHC1/V/A/17   1788-1809
An index has been inserted.
Paper    25ff.
DHC1/V/A/18   c.1700
An index has been inserted.
Paper    16ff.
DHC1/V/A/19   1718
An index has been inserted.
Paper   39ff.
DHC1/V/A/20   c.1730
An index has been inserted.
Paper    42ff.
DHC1/V/A/21   c.1750
An index has been inserted.
Paper    29ff.
DHC1/V/A/22   1766
An index has been inserted.
Paper   30ff.
DHC1/V/A/23   1768
An index has been inserted.
Paper   38ff.
DHC1/V/A/24   1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper   31ff.
DHC1/V/A/25   1774
An index has been inserted.
On the front cover is written "Copied in July 1787", i.e. V.B.No. 8 is a copy of this volume.
Paper   38ff.
DHC1/V/A/26    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    16ff.
DHC1/V/A/27   1723
An index has been inserted.
Paper   16ff.
DHC1/V/A/28   1736
An index has been inserted.
Paper   18ff.
DHC1/V/A/29    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    15ff.
DHC1/V/A/30   1766
An index has been inserted.
Paper   15ff.
DHC1/V/A/31   1768
An index has been inserted.
Paper   17ff.
DHC1/V/A/32   1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper   38ff.
DHC1/V/A/33   1777
An index has been inserted. On the front cover is written "Copied in May 1787", i.e. V.B. No. 11 is a copy of this volume.
Paper   24ff.
DHC1/V/A/34   1711
An index has been inserted.
Paper   6ff.
DHC1/V/A/35   1723
An index has been inserted.
Paper   9ff.
DHC1/V/A/36    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    18ff.
DHC1/V/A/37   1760
An index has been inserted.
Paper   12ff.
DHC1/V/A/38   1773
An index has been inserted.
Paper   12ff.
DHC1/V/A/39   1782
An index has been inserted.
On the front cover is written "Copied and examined in the month of October 1787 by Tho: Waller", i.e. V.B. No. 14 is a copy of this.
Paper   14ff.
DHC1/V/A/40   1709
An index has been inserted.
Paper   12ff.
DHC1/V/A/41   1716
An index has been inserted.
Paper   14ff.
DHC1/V/A/42   1724
An index has been inserted.
Paper   18ff.
DHC1/V/A/43   c.1742
An index has been inserted.
Paper    14ff.
DHC1/V/A/44   1751
An index has been inserted.
Paper   14ff.
DHC1/V/A/45   1766
An index has been inserted.
Paper   22ff.
DHC1/V/A/46   1768
An index has been inserted.
Paper   32ff.
DHC1/V/A/47   1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper   26ff.
DHC1/V/A/48   1779
An index has been inserted.
Paper   36ff.
Lanchester and Wolsingham 1708-1766
DHC1/V/A/49   1708
An index has been inserted.
Paper   22ff.
DHC1/V/A/50    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    10ff.
DHC1/V/A/51   1714
An index has been inserted.
Paper   17ff.
DHC1/V/A/52    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    33ff.
DHC1/V/A/53   1734
An index has been inserted.
Paper   55ff.
DHC1/V/A/54    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    39ff.
DHC1/V/A/55   1766
An index has been inserted.
Paper   20ff.
DHC1/V/A/56   1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper   20ff.
DHC1/V/A/57   1784
An index has been inserted.
Paper   19ff.
DHC1/V/A/58   1766
An index has been inserted.
Paper   25ff.
DHC1/V/A/59   1768
An index has been inserted.
Paper   30ff.
DHC1/V/A/60   1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper   32ff.
DHC1/V/A/61   1781
An index has been inserted.
Paper   37ff.
DHC1/V/A/62    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    9ff.
DHC1/V/A/63   1724
An index has been inserted.
Paper   5ff.
DHC1/V/A/64   1766
An index has been inserted.
Paper   14ff.
DHC1/V/A/65   1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper   12ff.
DHC1/V/A/66   1784
An index has been inserted.
Paper   15ff.
Easington and Stockton
DHC1/V/A/67   1749-1763
An index has been inserted.
Paper    35ff.
Middleham and Stockton
DHC1/V/A/68   1766
An index has been inserted.
Paper   28ff.
DHC1/V/A/69   1768-1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper    36ff.
DHC1/V/A/70   1712
An index has been inserted.
Paper   8ff.
DHC1/V/A/71   1722
An index has been inserted.
Paper   14ff.
DHC1/V/A/72   1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper   14ff.
DHC1/V/A/73   1784
An index has been inserted.
Paper   19ff.
DHC1/V/A/74    N.D.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    15ff.
DHC1/V/A/75   c.1680-c.1708
An index has been inserted.
Paper    10ff.
DHC1/V/A/76   c.1709-c.1722
An index has been inserted.
Paper    18ff.
DHC1/V/A/77   c.1722-c.1732
An index has been inserted.
Paper    28ff.
DHC1/V/A/78   c.1732-c.1748
An index has been inserted.
Paper    40ff.
DHC1/V/A/79   1772
An index has been inserted.
Paper   30ff.
DHC1/V/A/80   1780
An index has been inserted.
Paper   32ff.
Stockton, Darlington, Evenwood and Auckland
DHC1/V/A/81   c.1660-1680
An index has been inserted.
Paper    31ff.
Call Books B
Dates of creation: 1703 - 1952
DHC1/V/B/1   1809
Newton Cap
Byers Green
Bondgate in Auckland
An index has been inserted.
Paper   367ff.
Bondgate in Auckland calls 1-748.
Copied from DHC1/V/B/1 above.
Paper    174ff.
Bondgate in Auckland calls 749-1487
Paper    104ff.
Escomb calls 1-572
Paper    155ff.
Byers Green calls 1-226.
Coundon calls 1-201.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    192ff.
Newton Capp calls 1-50.
Middridge calls 1-22.
Redworth calls 1-24.
Heighington calls 1-80.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    187ff.
DHC1/V/B/7   1809
Gives freeholders, leaseholders and copyholders and officers of the court 1810-1842.
An index has been inserted.
50ff. at front and 7ff. at back.
DHC1/V/B/7A   [c. 1891. Includes references to transactions covering 1801-1891]
Covers Bedlington calls 1-117.
Paper   41ff.
A note (c.1970) in the handlist states "Transferred from Durham Diocesan Records: miscellanea."
DHC1/V/B/8   1787
Ryton calls 1-179.
Whitburn and Cleadon calls 1-57.
Boldons calls 1-81.
Chester calls 1-309.
An index has been inserted.
A copy of DHC1/V/A/25.
Paper   96ff.
DHC1/V/B/9   1809
Ryton calls 1-405.
Whitburn and Cleadon calls 1-166.
Boldons calls 1-251.
Chester calls 1-833.
An index has been inserted.
Paper   357ff.
Ryton calls 406-703.
Whitburn and Cleadon calls 167-378.
Bowdons calls 252-461.
Chester calls 834-1907.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    410ff.
DHC1/V/B/ No. 11   1787
An index has been inserted.
A copy of DHC1/V/A/33.
Paper    56ff.
Haughton calls 1-71.
Beaumonthill calls 1-21.
Whessoe calls 1-12.
Sadberge calls 1 and 2.
Coatham Mundeville calls 1-12.
Blackwell calls 1-86.
Cockerton calls 1-249.
Darlington calls 1-602.
Paper    350ff.
DHC1/V/B/13   1809
An index has been inserted.
Paper   70ff.
DHC1/V/B/14   1787
An index has been inserted.
A copy of DHC1/V/A/39.
Paper   54ff.
DHC1/V/B/15   1809
West Auckland.
An index has been inserted.
Paper   220ff.
DHC1/V/B/16   1703-1718
The back folios contain Gateshead presentments 1703-1718.
91ff + 18ff at back.
DHC1/V/B/17   1719-1751
The back folios contain Gateshead presentments 1719-1751.
31ff + 15ff at back.
DHC1/V/B/18   1736-1800
Folios 31-160 are plaints from 1808-1844.
The early part of this volume is a duplicate of the later part of DHC1/V/B/17.
Paper    160ff.
DHC1/V/B/19   1793
Burdon, Tunstall, Ryehope, Herringtons, Newbottle, Wearmouth, Wearmouth tenants by surrenders from Harrison, Lambton, Nicholson, and Thatham, Houghton and Warden Law.
An index has been inserted.
A copy of DHC1/V/A/48.
Paper   134ff.
Ryhope, Burdon, Tunstall, Herrington, Newbottle, Houghton and Warden Law.
An index has been inserted
Paper    259ff.
Contains Wearmouth only.
Wearmouth tenants by surrenders from Lambton, Harrison, Nicholson, Tatham, Hopper and Robinson.
An index has been inserted.
A continuation of DHC1/V/B/20.
Paper    259ff.
Wearmouth calls 1-504.
On f.1 is a note "This book became so tattered that a substitute copy was made".
The substitute copy is DHC1/V/B/23.
Paper    117ff.
Wearmouth calls 1-499.
On f.1 is a note "This is a copy of the new Call Book that was made in 1851".
A copy of DHC1/V/B/22 above.
Paper    118ff.
Wearmouth calls 500-1898.
A continuation of DHC1/V/B/22 and 23.
Paper    180ff.
Wearmouth calls 1899-3963.
A continuation of DHC1/V/B/24.
On f.227 are the tenants under Beckwith's (late Hopper's) estate, calls 220-975, i.e. a continuation of DHC1/V/B/28.
Paper    314ff.
Wearmouth calls 3964-6740.
A continuation of DHC1/V/B/25 above.
Paper    299ff.
Wearmouth. Lambton's, Nicholson's and Robinson's estates.
Lambton's estate calls 1-1194.
Nicholson's estate calls 1-65.
Robinson's estate calls 1-26.
Paper    233ff.
Wearmouth. Harrison's, Beckwith's and Tatham's estates.
Harrison's estate calls 1-241.
Beckwith's estate calls 1-219. (Calls 220-975 are in DHC1/V/B/25 )
Tatham's estate calls 1-195.
Paper    115ff.
Wearmouth. Harrison's, Beckwith's and Tatham's estates.
Harrison's estate calls 1-264.
Beckwith's estate calls 1-219. (Calls 220-975 are in DHC1/V/B/25 )
Tatham's estate calls 1-222.
On f.1 is a note "This is a fair copy of the Call Book which was made in 1851", i.e. of DHC1/V/B/28 above.
Paper    138ff.
DHC1/V/B/30   1809
Roughside and Rowley calls 1-117.
Benfieldside calls 1-656.
Butsfield etc. calls 1-69.
Burnhope and Hamsteels calls 1-74.
Kyo Billingside and Peth calls 1-418.
Broom and Flass calls 1-319.
Lanchester calls 1-439.
An index has been inserted.
Paper   439ff.
Roughside and Rowley calls 1-133.
Butsfield etc. calls 1-73.
Burnhope and Hamsteels calls 1-79.
Paper    191ff.
Benfieldside calls 1-600, copied from DHC1/V/B/30.
Paper    192ff.
Benfieldside calls 601-700.
Paper    21ff.
Broom and Flass calls 1-332.
Paper    191ff.
Kyo Billingside and Peth calls 1-452.
Paper    192ff.
Lanchester calls 1-476.
Paper    190ff.
DHC1/V/B/37   1809
Middleham, Sedgefield, Cornforth.
An index has been inserted.
Paper   114ff.
DHC1/V/B/38   1786
Carleton, Hartburn, Norton, Stockton.
An index has been inserted.
A copy of DHC1/V/A/80.
Paper   75ff.
DHC1/V/B/39   1809
Carleton calls 1-70.
Hartburn calls 1-57.
Norton calls 1-297.
Stockton calls 1-734.
An index has been inserted.
Paper   246ff.
Carleton calls 71-80.
Hartburn calls 58-94.
Norton calls 298-898.
Stockton calls 735-1763.
An index has been inserted.
Paper    309ff.
Sunderland Ground Rent Call Book.
Paper    47ff.
DHC1/V/B/42   1703-1716
79ff. + some damaged at the back.
DHC1/V/B/43   1719-1780
The end folios contain Whickham pleas 1719-1780.
78ff.+ 62ff. at end.
DHC1/V/B/44   1782-1824
The end folios contain Whickham pleas 1782-1822.
99ff. + 179ff. at end.
DHC1/V/B/45   1824-1842
The end folios contain Whickham pleas 1824-1862.
93ff. + 130ff. at end.
DHC1/V/B/46A    19th-20th cent.
Unbound loose sheets. Calls 1-626.
Five books are described as Whickham Call Books. The first of these (DHC1/V/B/42 above, with a Halmote Court Office label calling it "Whickham Court and Call Roll from 1703 to 1716 No.1") looks at first glance like a Court Book, but instead of records of admittances it contains lists of tenants' names. The next three "Whickham Call Books" (DHC1/V/B/43-45, covering between them the period 1719 to 1842, with a gap between 1780 and 1782) are of the same nature as DHC1/V/B/42. It seems clear that what the Halmote Court staff for Whickham in the 18th and early 19th centuries meant by "Call Roll" was not a list of copyhold properties but a list of copyhold tenants.
The last of the five books called Whickham Call Books is DHC1/V/B/46. It is a perfectly normal Call Book, listing 699 calls and containing notes of surrenders and admittances from about 1820 to 1925 and later. It also notes the extinguishment of manorial incidents on many properties.
DHC1/V/B/46a is physically odd, in that its entries are written across sheets about 17" wide and 13" high; these sheets are in a pile, with the sheets bearing the lowest Call Numnbers at the bottom of the pile, and the pile is folded down the middle. This "book" has a fairly close relationship with DHC1/V/B/46. The two books deal with roughly the same properties and in something like the same order: one and the same property may have two Call Numbers of which the one given in V/B/46 may differ from that given in the other book by as little as two or three or as much as 20 or 30. V/B/46 gives for each property (except a few at the beginning of the book) not only the Call Number appropriate to its position in V/B/46 but also, in brackets (sometimes in pencil but more usually in ink and in the hand responsible for the other Call Numbers the Call Number given to the property in V/B/46a. Entries in V/B/46a are sometimes longer (listing admittances as early as 1801) than in V/B/46, but for the Call Numbers above about 460 the entries are in the hand responsible for most of V/B/46 and are of the same length as those in V/B/46, though neither book seems a verbatim copy of the other. V/B/46a stops at Call Number 626, and the highest Call Number than V/B/46 has in brackets is 629. Notes of extinguishing of manorial indicents are commoner in V/B/46, and such notes of extinguishment in V/B/46a are in MS (not rubber-stamped) and refer to deeds of enfranchisement dated before 1926.
A little information about the relationship between V/B/46 and 46a can be obtained from the Whickham Court Books. Such Call Numbers as are given (always in pencil and in the margin) in the Court Book for 1790-1811 are as V/B/46a. The same is true of the Court Books for 1811-28 and 1843-57.
In the Court Book for 1878-92, and in that for 1892-1900, the Call Numbers, though now appearing regularly, are still written in pencil in the margin. Most properties to which admittances are recorded have only one number so written, this being the number given in V/B/46a. In the margin beside some admittances two Call Numbers are written. Sometimes one of these nubmers is written smaller than the other, and this is usually the number given in V/B/46. Sometimes one number is in brackets, and this is usually the number in V/B/46a. Sometimes the two Call Numbers are written like a large vulgar fraction (e.g. 359 over 379), and in such a case the number above the line is usually the one given in V/B/46. (In general, one and the same property is very likely to have a higher Call Number given to it in V/B/46a than V/B/46.)
In the Court Book for 1901-08 the Call Numbers are written in ink as an integral part of the copy of the admittance. One Call Number is given for each property, and this number is the one given in V/B/46a. It is worth noting that on folio 188r of the 1901-08 Whickham Court Book, where a property whose Call Number was 507 is mentioned (the date is 23 November 1906), a pencil note above the Call Number reads "now 494", and V/B/46 gives this property the Call Number 494. In the Court Books for 1909-16 and 1917-25, in both of which all the matter, including the Call Numbers, is printed, the Call Numbers in use are still those given in V/B/46a.
Formerly catalogued as Halmote Court miscellanea: miscellaneous papers box 15, item 1.
Calls 1-699.
Paper    121ff.
DHC1/V/B/47   1809
Stanhope, Bishopley, Lynesack and Softley, S. Bedburn, N. Bedburn, Wolsingham.
An index has been inserted.
Paper   390ff.
Bishopwearmouth Rectory
DHC1/V/B/ No. 48
Calls 1-1007.
Paper   123ff.
VI: Rental Registers 1804-1857 For copyhold rentals before 1800 see the list of Halmote Court rentals of wards and townships (DHC4). See also Halmote list of miscellanea DHC10/B1/14 and 15, for extracts from Bedlington rentals 1742-1857.

A Chester Ward
DHC1/VI/1  (134820)   1804
Index on f.1A
Paper    111ff.
DHC1/VI/2  (134821)   1805
Index on f.1A
Paper    110ff.
DHC1/VI/3  (134822)   1806
Index on f.1B.
Leaf 85-86 is bound after f.97
Paper    107ff.
DHC1/VI/4  (134823)   1807
Index on f.1A
Paper    107ff.
DHC1/VI/5  (134824)   1808
Index on f.1A
Paper    106ff.
DHC1/VI/6  (134825)   1809
Index on f.1A
Paper    99ff.
DHC1/VI/7  (134826)   1810
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    102ff.
DHC1/VI/8  (134827)   1811
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    113ff.
DHC1/VI/9  (134828)   1812
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    111ff.
DHC1/VI/10  (134829)   1813
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    109ff.
DHC1/VI/11  (134830)   1814
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    109ff.
DHC1/VI/12  (134831)   1815
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    110ff.
DHC1/VI/13  (134832)   1816
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    108ff.
DHC1/VI/14  (134833)   1817-1819
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    108ff.
DHC1/VI/15  (134834)   1820-1822
On f.1A a cutting from a newspaper has been pasted, bearing the date 14th November 1822.
It states the times and places that Percival Foster, acting receiver of the Bishop of Durham, will attend to receive rents.
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    109ff.
DHC1/VI/16  (134835)   1823-1825
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    110ff.
DHC1/VI/17  (134836)   1826-1828
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    110ff.
DHC1/VI/18  (134837)   1829-1831
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    85ff.
DHC1/VI/19  (134838)   1832-1834
On f.1A is a letter relating to rental books.
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    85ff.
DHC1/VI/20  (134839)   1835-1837
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    83ff.
DHC1/VI/21  (134840)   1838-1840
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    80ff.
DHC1/VI/22  (134841)   1841-1843
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    70ff.
DHC1/VI/23  (134842)   1843-1844
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    110ff.
DHC1/VI/24  (134843)   1845-1847
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    112ff.
DHC1/VI/25  (134844)   1848-1850
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    112ff.
DHC1/VI/26  (134845)   1851-1853
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    110ff.
DHC1/VI/27  (134846)   1854-1855
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    110ff.
DHC1/VI/28  (134847)   1856-1857
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    112ff.
B Darlington Ward
DHC1/VI/29  (134848)   1804
Index on f.1A
Paper    177ff.
DHC1/VI/30  (134849)   1805
Index on f.1A
Paper    176ff.
DHC1/VI/31  (134850)   1806
Index on f.1A
Paper    176ff.
DHC1/VI/32  (134851)   1807
Index on f.1A
Paper    176ff.
DHC1/VI/33  (134852)   1808
Index on f.1A
Paper    176ff.
DHC1/VI/34  (134853)   1809
Index on f.1A
Paper    184ff.
DHC1/VI/35  (134854)   1810
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    205ff.
DHC1/VI/36  (134855)   1811
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    198ff.
DHC1/VI/37  (134856)   1812
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    197ff.
DHC1/VI/38  (134857)   1813
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    190ff.
DHC1/VI/39  (134858)   1814
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    190ff.
DHC1/VI/40  (134859)   1815
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    180ff.
DHC1/VI/41  (134860)   1816
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    189ff.
DHC1/VI/42  (134861)   1817-1819
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    190ff.
DHC1/VI/43  (134862)   1820-1822
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    190ff.
DHC1/VI/44  (134863)   1823-1825
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    193ff.
DHC1/VI/45  (134864)   1826-1828
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    193ff.
DHC1/VI/46  (134865)   1829-1831
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    150ff.
DHC1/VI/47  (134866)   1832-1834
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    155ff.
DHC1/VI/48  (134867)   1835-1837
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    155ff.
DHC1/VI/49  (134868)   1838-1840
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    155ff.
DHC1/VI/50  (134869)   1841-1843
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    124ff.
DHC1/VI/51  (134870)   1843-1845
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    194ff.
DHC1/VI/52  (134871)   1845-1847
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    194ff.
DHC1/VI/53  (134872)   1848-1850
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    194ff.
DHC1/VI/54  (134873)   1851-1853
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    194ff.
DHC1/VI/55  (134874)   1854-1855
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    192ff.
DHC1/VI/56  (134875)   1856-1857
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    193ff.
C Easington and Stockton Wards
DHC1/VI/57  (134876)   1804
Index on f.1A
Paper    61ff.
DHC1/VI/58  (134877)   1804-1806
Index on f.10
Paper    59ff.
DHC1/VI/59  (134878)   1806
Index on f.1B
Paper    58ff.
DHC1/VI/60  (134879)   1807
Index on f.1A
Paper    58ff.
DHC1/VI/61  (134880)   1808
Index on f.1B
Paper    54ff.
DHC1/VI/62  (134881)   1809
Index on f.1A
Paper    58ff.
DHC1/VI/63  (134882)   1810
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    62ff.
DHC1/VI/64  (134883)   1811
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    59ff.
DHC1/VI/65  (134884)   1812
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    60ff.
DHC1/VI/66  (134885)   1813
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    61ff.
DHC1/VI/67  (134886)   1814
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    61ff.
DHC1/VI/68  (134887)   1815
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    61ff.
DHC1/VI/69  (134888)   1816
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    64ff.
DHC1/VI/70  (134889)   1817-1819
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    59ff.
DHC1/VI/71  (134890)   1820-1822
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    70ff.
DHC1/VI/72  (134891)   1823-1825
A newspaper cutting, dated 11th November 1825, pasted in the front cover, announces the dates of attendance of the Bishop's Receiver.
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    64ff.
DHC1/VI/73  (134892)   1826-1828
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    64ff.
DHC1/VI/74  (134893)   1829-1831
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    58ff.
DHC1/VI/75  (134894)   1832-1834
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    56ff.
DHC1/VI/76  (134895)   1835-1837
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    53ff.
DHC1/VI/77  (134896)   1838-1840
A memorandum on the front cover records that the first 25ff. of the book are lost.
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    55ff.
DHC1/VI/78  (134897)   1841-1843
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    47ff.
DHC1/VI/79  (134898)   1843-1844
Folios 1-12 are missing.
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    66ff.
DHC1/VI/80  (134899)   1845-1847
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    70ff.
DHC1/VI/81  (134900)   1848-1850
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    70ff.
DHC1/VI/82  (134901)   1851-1853
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    70ff.
DHC1/VI/83  (134902)   1854-1855
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    70ff.
DHC1/VI/84  (134903)   1856-1857
An index has been made and inserted
Paper    70ff.
VII: Index and Alphabet Books
These books provide an alphabetical means of reference to the halmote court books of corresponding dates. The series starts in 1594 but there is a gap between 1597 and 1607. Nos. 5 and 6 both cover the period 1660-1706. No. 5 is an index of the names of persons admitted; No. 6 is an index of the names of persons making the surrender. Similarly, No. 9 (1706-1720) is an index of the persons surrendering and No. 10 (for the same period) of persons admitted. In all these cases, as throughout the series of index and alphabet books, the names of the other party to each transaction is stated. Thus, for example, No. 5 also gives the person or persons making the surrender in each case, and No. 6 gives the person or persons admitted.
Besides the index for 1660-1706, No. 5 contains a further index beginning on fo. 134. This is merely part of the index in book No. 10 (1706-1720). No. 18 (undated) relates to the 1660-1674 court books but is not complete. No. 17 (also undated) has not been identified. Indeed, occasional references in it to a person's accounts suggests that it may not be an index book to any of the halmote court books at all.
The folio references in the index and alphabet books refer to the old foliation in the halmote court books (not the numbers in pencil). Several volumes of these books were numbered continuously e.g. the three books between 1660 and 1674 are continuously numbered from 1 to 1813, and the seven books between 1674 and 1705 from 1 to 2165. Since the index and alphabet book for the period 1660-1706 covers all ten volumes the numbers 1-1813 appear twice in it for different dates. The dates are not always indicated in the index and alphabet books but, since the names are arranged chronologically, it is in practice easy enough to tell from the preceding and following numbers within each letter to which section of the court books any given folio reference relates.

DHC1/VII/1   1594-1605
Endorsed on cover "Alphabet librorum curie Halmot tempore Tobi Episcopi Dunelm..."
Paper    32ff.
DHC1/VII/2   1607-1636
A note inside the front cover reads "The Three several alphabets in this Book are from the fourth James the first to the twelfth Charles the first 1607-1636."
f.14 1607-1618
f.44 1618-1625
f.70 1625-1636

Paper    99ff.
DHC1/VII/3   1635-1660
A note inside the front cover reads "The first Alphabet from 1635-1650. And the 2nd. Do. from 1650-1660. Sedgefield Division fo. 255 to and with 267."
f.12 1635-1650
f.60 1650-1660

Paper    94ff.
DHC1/VII/4   1650-1659 or 1660
The volume if bound with a land conveyance relating to a certain George Chapman as its inner cover.
(See also DHC1/VII/18 [1660-1673] ).
Paper   43ff.
DHC1/VII/5   1660-1706-1717
Marked on the front cover "Alphabet A."
It contains 2 alphabets; the second, beginning on f.134, in part duplicates VII 10.
Indexed under names of persons admitted with name of person making the surrender.
Paper    171ff.
DHC1/VII/6   1660-1706
Indexed under names of persons making the surrender, with name of person admitted.
Paper    129ff.
DHC1/VII/7   1688-1694
Entered in VII.5
Paper    24ff.
DHC1/VII/8   1695-1704
Entered in VII.5.
Paper    28ff.
DHC1/VII/9   1706-1720
Indexed under name of person making the surrender.
Paper    92ff.
DHC1/VII/10   1706-1720
Marked on front cover "A".
Indexed under name of person admitted.
Paper    90ff.
DHC1/VII/11   1579-1783
This book is marked "33" and "Lib.I" on the front cover.
On the flyleaf is a note "Index to Lib.1st. of Bishopwearmouth Manor Court." i.e. to Vol. III.B.7.
Paper    34ff.
DHC1/VII/12   1783-1820
On the front cover is "Index to Bishopwearmouth Court Book Lib. II." i.e. to Vol. III.B.8.
Paper    93pp.
DHC1/VII/13   1821-1851
On the front cover is "Index to Bishopwearmouth Court Book Lib.III.B.9 ".
Paper    92ff.
DHC1/VII/14   1851-1890
On the front cover is "Index to Bishopwearmouth Court Book Vol. IV". i.e. to Vol.III.B.10.
Paper    26ff.
DHC1/VII/15   1890-1925
On the front cover is "Vol.V. Index to Bishopwearmouth Court Book." i.e. to Vol.III.B.11.
Paper    26ff.
14 sheets of an alphabetical index in an envelope marked "249015. Gateshead Index."
DHC1/VII/17   n.d. [Late 17th century]
Contains entries for ff.3-313. Letters A-W.
It does not appear to relate to any halmote court book deposited here (it refers to some book of accounts and payments).
Paper    10ff.
DHC1/VII/18   n.d. [1660-1673]
Contains entries for ff.1-1652. Letters B-Y.
Paper    57ff.
VIII: Transactions after 1925
(Mortgages, Conveyances, Releases etc.)

Auckland Division.
Index at front
Paper    335pp.
Chester Division.
Index at front.
Paper    468pp.
Darlington Division.
Index at front.
Paper    135pp.
Easington Division.
Index at front.
Paper    27pp.
Houghton Division.
Index at front.
Paper    177pp.
Bishopwearmouth I.
Index at front.
Paper    476pp.
Bishopwearmouth II.
Index at front
Lanchester Division.
Index at front.
Paper    293pp.
Stockton Division I.
Index at front.
Paper    402pp.
Stockton Division II.
Index at front.
Paper    45pp.
Wolsingham Division.
Index at front.
226 pp.
Bedlington Manor.
Index at front.
Paper    24pp.
Bishopwearmouth Rectory Manor.
Index at front.
Paper    97pp.
Evenwood Manor.
Index at front.
Paper    132pp.
Middleham Manor.
Index at front.
Paper    47pp.
Whickham Manor.
Index at front
Paper    81pp.
Miscellaneous Books
Register Books of Awards
DHC1/M.1  (279752)
On spine:- "Awards. Reg.I. Hamsterley. Hunwick Edge. Ushaw Moor. Evenwood". Contains:-
Paper   450pp.
Digitised material for Copy of inclosure awards for Hamsterley, Hunwick Edge, Ushaw Moor and Evenwood - DHC1/M1 Digitised from microfilm

p. A2
Rental for Hamsterley, South Bedburn, Lynesack and Softley allotments.
pp. 1-146
Award (12 April 1760 ) for Hamsterley, Lynesack and Softley and South Bedburn.
pp. 1-7.
Recitation by the Commissioners of the essential parts of the Act of Parliament under which they worked. This recital mentions:
p. 3.
the rent of 4d. per acre payable to the Bishop of Durham
p. 4.
width of public roads, access to mines and quarries, enrollment of the Award
p. 5.
peat mosses, South Bedburn Moor not cultivable
pp. 5-7.
pp. 7-13.
List of owners or proprietors of premises in respect of which rights of common were claimed, with amounts of the rents:
pp. 7-8.
pp. 9-10.
South Bedburn
pp. 10-13.
Lynesack & Softley
pp. 13-18.
Objections to these claims, mentioning the boundaries of:
pp. 13-14.
Langley Chase & Langley Forest in Raby Manor
p. 14.
Evenwood Common
pp. 14-15.
Pennington's Rake
p. 15.
Wolsingham landowners claims on Bedburn Fell
pp. 15-16.
boundary of Cloudam Rake
p. 16.
Lunton Hill, Stone Chesters and Mayland Leigh
p. 17.
Sun Close Nooke and a claim in right of Eggleston Manor
p. 18.
description of the boundary of Evenwood Common
pp. 18-23.
Arbitrators awards regarding these disputes and other disputed areas and who had rights of common there, what land is to be excluded from the division and the reason, the Edge Road.
pp. 23-31.
public roads.
p. 33.
repair of roads.
pp. 33-34.
pp. 34-35.
common watering places.
pp. 34-114.
the allotments.
pp. 114-134.
ways, 20 feet wide and less.
pp. 135-143.
foot paths.
pp. 143-146.
fencing, ditching, water courses, gates and drains.
p. 146.
names of commissioners, date, end.
p. 152-194
Award (23 April 1760 ) for Hunwick Edge.
In this award items often dealt with in separate sections are mentioned in the descriptions of the allotments.
Recital by the Commissioners of the Act of Parliament under which they worked - mention of the 6d. per acre payable to the Bishop of Durham, procedures to be followed.
pp. 157-159.
The claimants and the property in respect of which they claimed right of common.
pp. 159-162.
public highways and their repair.
pp. 163-188.
the allotments, mentioning the foot paths and carriage roads which are to cross them, with fencing provisions.
pp. 188-193.
private carriage roads, public bridle ways for "sack and seam" i.e. packhorse traffic, foot paths, stiles (pinfold), water courses, ditches.
pp. 193-194.
names of commissioners. end.
p. 195
Rental for Hunwick Edge allotments 1764.
p. 199-265
Award (3 May 1763 ) for Middlewood Moor or Ushaw Moor in Lanchester Parish.
pp. 199-206.
Recital by the commissioners of the main parts of the Act empowering them, boundaries and description of the ground concerned, 6d. per acre to be due to the Bishop of Durham, roads etc. to be laid out, deposit of award.
pp. 206-207.
claimants to a right of common to whose claims objections were made.
pp. 208-212.
names of claimants with descriptions of the properties in right of which their claims were made.
pp. 212-214.
procedures followed in general terms, meetings, decisions, boundary stones and marks, draft prepared.
pp. 214-215.
Earl of Shaftsbury's objection referred arbitrators and deemed groundless. (The arbitrators decisions on this and other objections are enrolled in this vol. ( pgs. 267-274 ).)
pp. 216-218.
highways and their repair.
pp. 218-219.
pp. 219-221.
watering places and access to them.
pp. 221-225.
carriage roads.
pp. 225-226.
details of 19 boundary stones and their upkeep.
pp. 226-259.
the allotments including the roads, fences, stiles etc. which concern each.
pp. 259-263.
ditches, watercourses.
pp. 263-265.
maintenance of public highways, the rates to be levied by the surveyors, lists of those to pay with amounts.
p. 265.
names of commissioners - end.
p. 267
Arbitrators' Awards respecting Ushaw Moor.
p. 275
Rental for Ushaw Moor allotments 1764.
p. 281
Arbitrators' Awards respecting Railey Fell in the Manor of Evenwood.
p. 305-440
Award (30 November 1765 ) for Railey Fell, Evenwood.
pp. 305-315.
Recital by the Commissioners of the essential parts of the Act of Parliament which empowered them, 4d. per acre to be payable to the Bishop of Durham, general outline of what is to be done, the Red House excluded, Nutley Well, procedures.
p. 315.
Representatives of all the West Auckland proprietors claim a certain boundary between West Auckland and Escomb and Bondgate in Auckland.
pp. 315-318.
Names, holdings and rents of the West Auckland proprietors claiming common.
p. 318.
withdrawals of claims.
pp. 318-319.
A representative of all the Evenwood owners and tenants presented an account of the barony boundary in the area intended to be inclosed.
pp. 319-322.
The Evenwood claimants, names, premises and rents.
p. 323.
Claims and withdrawals from tenants etc. of Escombe, Auckland St. Helen, Bishop Auckland and Pollards Lands etc.
pp. 323-325.
objections to submitted claims.
p. 325.
no objections to the boundaries claimed earlier.
pp. 325-327.
A new Act of Parliament was passed to give extra time for the arbitrators to consider the objections, claims and complaints and "Great Variety of Disputes & Differences".
pp. 327-328.
Summary of arbitrators awards respecting claimants of the township or barony of Evenwood (pp. 327-328), (well entitled), West Auckland (not entitled) (p. 328).
pp. 328-329.
description of the area (boundering upon Evenwood common) on which the West Auckland people and no others were entitled to common.
pp. 329-320.
Part of West Auckland Common, i.e. West Auckland South Moor had been divided by an Award of 11 February 1639 embodied on a Durham Chancery Award of 27 March 1640.
The owners and occupiers of that already divided part were not entitled to common on the area to be divided.
The rest were entitled.
Intakes carried no right of common.
pp. 330-332.
Names, premises and rents of those in West Auckland entitled to right of common.
pp. 332-335.
Those in Evenwood similarly entitled.
pp. 335-340.
Mrs. Mary Bowes of Gibside - her allotment, objections, arbitration and agreement with Geo. Bell.
pp. 340-341.
George Bell's allotment.
pp. 341-343.
West Auckland common highways and their repair.
p. 343.
West Auckland Common quarry.
pp. 343-344.
West Auckland Common watering places.
pp. 344-347.
highroads in Evenwood township and their repair.
pp. 347-349.
Evenwood common quarries.
pp. 349-351.
Evenwood common watering places.
pp. 351-354.
Evenwood common springs.
pp. 354-382.
West Auckland allotments.
p. 383.
A particular road through George Hodgson's allotment (access to Evenwood Mill).
p. 383A.
West Auckland private carriage ways.
pp. 383-6.
West Auckland public foot way and repairs.
pp. 386-429.
Evenwood allotments.
pp. 429-30.
Witton Castle private bridle way.
pp. 430-436.
Evenwood common foot paths.
p. 436.
stiles, foot path repairs.
p. 437.
Occupiers of the allotments of Mary Bowes and Eliz. Garland to have access over stiles to the Earl of Darlington's Spring.
pp. 437-8.
access to St. Swithin's well.
pp. 438-440.
path to Day Gyll quarry, path between Toft Hill Lane and Mill Lane and other roads and ways.
p. 440.
p. 440.
award and plan deposited, names of commissioners - end.
p. A7
Rental for Evenwood and West Auckland allotments.
Draft: DHC5/190347, which gives page numbers as here, and a little extra information.
p. 444
DHC1/M.2  (279753)
On spine:- "Awards. Wolsingham Common. Wolsingham East Townfields. Holling Hall Pasture. Register 2". Contains:-
Paper   478pp.
Digitised material for Register copies of inclosure awards: Awards. Wolsingham Common, Wolsingham East Townfields, Holling Hall Pasture - DHC/M2 Digitised from microfilm

p. 1-44
Arbitrators' Awards respecting Wolsingham Common Inclosure Award 1767.
Arbitrators' awards in various differences referred to them by the Commissioners.
pp. 1-3.
Sheal named Peat or Peal Carrs, Wolsingham.
pp. 3-6.
Freehold and copyhold premises and mill in Wolsingham belonging to R.B. Bowes and Mrs. Eliz. Bowes.
pp. 7-9.
Premises and quarries in Wolsingham belonging to Tristram Collins.
pp. 9-12.
Premises at Greenwell Hill in Wolsingham belonging to Thos. Greenwell.
pp. 13-15.
Freehold and copyhold premises in Wolsingham belonging to Will. Greenwell.
pp. 15-18.
Premises in Wolsingham belonging to George Emmerson and his mother.
pp. 18-27.
Premises at Frosterley belonging various people.
pp. 28-31.
John Swinburn's claim, in right of premises at Rogerley and Frosterley, to common on Wolsingham North, South and Park Moors.
pp. 33-35.
Claim of the Earl of Darlington involving the boundary between his manor of Raby and the Bishop of Durham's manor of Wolsingham.
pp. 36-38.
Claim of Will. Hutchinson involving the boundary between the manors of Egglestone and Wolsingham.
pp. 38-41.
Claim of Farrer Wren of Binchester involving the boundary between his township of Woodland and the manor of Wolsingham.
pp. 41-44.
Claim of the Dean of Chapter of Durham involving the boundary between their manor of Muggleswick and the manor of Wolsingham.
p. 45-318
Award (21 November 1767 ) for Wolsingham North, South & Park Moors (ie the Wolsingham Common Award).
pp. 45-53.
Recital of the main parts of the Act of Parliament empowering the Commissioners' procedures.
pp. 53-56.
Claimants referred to the arbitrators whose awards are set out in full on pgs. 1-44 of this volume M.2.
pp. 56-68.
Claimants to common - names, premises, rents.
Objections were made to some of these claims.
p. 68.
Certain boundary stones claimed as belonging to Egglestone Manor.
p. 68.
Claims regarding the boundary of Frosterley Manor.
pp. 68-77.
Results of the claims ( pgs. 53-56 ) and lesser ones which went to the arbitrators, including:
p. 74.
Swinburn's claim.
pp. 74-75.
Hutchinson's Earl of Darlington's claim.
p. 77.
Dean & Chapter's claim.
p. 77.
The survey made - note of parts excluded as belonging to other manors, unimprovable etc.
p. 78.
Draft award made.
pp. 79-90.
Public highways and paths, their repair.
These are ways between, not across, allotments.
pgs. 79-85.
sixty feet wide.
pgs. 85-90.
narrower ones.
pp. 90-92.
Quarries - and who may use them.
pp. 92-193.
The more improvable allotments, beginning with the perpetual curacies of Lanchester, Ash & Satley.
Responsibility for fencing is specified in each allotment.
pp. 193-295.
The less improvable allotments and fencing provisions - still to be subject to the 4d. per acre payable per annum to the Bishop of Durham for all land inclosed.
If not inclosed these less improvable parts were to remain common.
pp. 295-316.
Ways and passages across allotments.
p. 316.
Responsibility for surface repairs, fencing and stiles for these ways rests with the holders of the allotments through which they pass.
pp. 316-318.
Access to springs and watering places.
p. 318.
Ditches and gutters.
p. 318.
Names of Commissioners etc. - end.
pp. 321-460
Award (17 May 1770 ) for Wolsingham East Townfields.
p. 321.
Recital of the enabling Act of Parliament which described the situation before inclosure, common fields in which the proprietors knew their own lands and stinting of them at certain times of the year.
Tithes held by named people.
The stinting right is to be extinguished and the land divided.
pp. 322-326.
p. 326.
the allotments to be held in severalty and free from right of stinting, common of average and all other claims whatsoever: to be held by the same sort of title (e.g. copyhold) as the other land in right of which the allotment was made.
pp. 326-393.
Lists of those claiming land in the townfields with descriptions of their separate pieces by area and by neighbouring proprietors with dates of admittances.
p. 393.
No objections made to these claims.
pp. 393-394.
The beginning of the commissioners' award.
p. 394.
Public highways.
pp. 394-416.
Private ways.
pp. 417-418.
Wells, fences; a plan.
pp. 421-456.
The allotments with their fencing provisions.
Earlier admittances, describing the plots in lieu of which these allotments were made, are quoted.
pp. 436-437.   15 March 1918
Bound in a query concerning fencing with a tracing of a plan attached.
pp. 456-459.
private ways across allotments.
p. 459.
use and maintenance of private ways.
pp. 459-460.
gutters and ditches.
p. 460.
names of the commissioners - end.
p. 463
Award (5 February 1775 ) for Holling Hall Pasture.
This award contains no reference to any consultation with the landlord, the Bishop of Durham.
p. 463.
Recital of the Commissioners or Arbitrators of the circumstances in which the division was proposed.
The land was held by lease or leases under the Bishop of Durham and the holders joined in an indenture of 18 October 1774 to divide it among themselves and fence it according to the Commissioners' Award.
pp. 463-466.
William Parker's shares in lieu of his one leasehold for 3 lives, and several for terms of years, boundaries, fencing responsibilities.
pp. 466-467.
Timothy Allinson's shares.
(At one point the copylist begins to refer to him as John Allinson or Atkinson.)
pp. 467-468.
Joseph Garthwaite's shares.
pp. 468-470.
Concerning fencing of the existing and appointed highways over the pasture.
p. 470.
Maintenance of fencing and gates.
p. 470.
Use of the water from the spring south of Hazel Bank - end.
p. 472
Index for pp. 92-192.
DHC1/M.3  (279754)
On spine:- "Awards. Hamsteels. Witton-le-Wear and North Bedburn. Urpeth. Reg.3". Contains:-
Paper   333pp.
Digitised material for Register copies of inclosure awards Hamsteels, Witton-le-Wear and North Bedburn, and Urpeth - DHC/M3 Digitised from microfilm

pp. 1-108
Hamsteels Moor Award (17 January 1774 ).
p. 1.
Commissioners' oaths.
pp. 2-24.
Awards of the Arbitrators to whom the Commissioners referred controversial claims.
pp. 25-34.
Recital by the Commissioners of the essential parts of the Act of Parliament authorising the inclosure, general intentions, procedures, 6d. per acre per annum to be paid to the Bishop for the land to be inclosed (pp. 30).
pp. 34-45.
Claimants to a right of common, names, premises and yearly value.
pp. 45-61.
Withdrawals and reductions of claims, others referred to arbitrators, their decisions - those who made unjustified claims to pay the costs of those who challenged them.
(pp. 61 Andrew Robinson Stoney [Bowes'] claim reduced by the arbitrators.)
pp. 61-62.
Claims to common which were substantiated.
p. 63.
beginning of the commissioners' award.
pp. 64-66.
public highways beginning with those sixty feet wide, uses and repairs of public roads.
pp. 66-71.
private carriage roads, uses and repairs.
pp. 71-72.
access to a spring called the Boiling Well.
pp. 73-74.
quarries and their uses.
pp. 74-75.
common watering places and their uses.
p. 75.
provision of a drain or watercourse 336 yards long to carry water from the Lough and to cross the road in a stone conduit.
pp. 76-103.
the allotments with fencing provisions.
p. 103.
a service road for the drain from the Lough.
pp. 103-106.
foot roads.
p. 106.
ditches and gutters.
p. 107.
names of commissioners, end.
p. 108.
index of names of those who received allotments.
p. 108
Rental for Hamsteels Moor allotments.
pp. 115-244
Witton-le-Wear and North Bedburn Award (1 March 1776 ).
p. 115.
commissioners' oaths.
pp. 116-150.
arbitrators' awards in cases referred to them by the commissioners.
pp. 151-165.
recitation of the general terms of the Award. - common to be divided, commissioners' appointments and oaths, encroachments, notice of meetings, claims to be made, arbitration penalties, costs, claims to be tried at law, details of commons to be divided, leasehold valuations, Bishop of Durham's acre money, tenure of new allotments, townships, surrenders, public roads, common quarries (p.162) and watering places, private ways, draft of award, ingrossment, plan, deposit, right of common to cease, acceptance of allotments, charges of act, penalties of non-payment.
pp. 165-174.
report of how the procedure was followed - meetings, lists of claims, grounds for claims and names and addresses of claimants.
pp. 174-189.
objections - names of claimants, reasons for objections and results.
pp. 189-190.
settled claims in respect of freeholds, copyholds and leaseholds.
pp. 190-191.
roads, quarries and wells generally.
pp. 192-201.
particular roads.
pp. 201-202.
pp. 202-204.
watering places.
pp. 204-205.
pp. 205-206.
water courses.
pp. 206-209.
foot roads.
pp. 209-243.
the allotments.
pp. 243-244.
entering upon the allotments, ditches, gutters, plan annexed to award, deposited, date and names of commissioners.
pp. 247-306
Lanchester Inclosure Award: related documents 1773
The Lanchester Inclosure Award itself is in volume M.4.
pp. 247-8.
Oaths of the commissioners and arbitrators.
pp. 249-304.
Arbitrators' awards in cases referred to them by the commissioners.
p. 251.
an encroachment on the common carries no right of common but if it has been enjoyed without any interruption given for more than 30 years then it cannot be treated as part of the common to be divided.
These awards rarely give the grounds on which the decisions were made, they simply state the decision and if state which, if either, side is to pay the costs of the other.
pp. 304-6.
Replacement of Arbitrators who had died by others.
p. 311
Award (1 July 1799 ) for Urpeth Common.
pp. 311-3.   12 February 1799
(1) Bishop Barrington, Lord of Manor of Chester-le-Street
(2) Sir John Eden
Calverly Bewicke
(3) John Davidson;
Will. Cornforth;
(guardians of William Lowes)
(4) Arthur Mowbray
Joseph Granger
John Taylor
Indenture between (1), (2), (3) and (4).
Eden, Bewicke and Lowes were the only persons with a right of common on Urpeth Common.
They agreed to extinguish the right of stinting and divide and inclose Urpeth Common.
p. 313.
Parties (2) and (3) appointed (4) as Commissioners.
pp. 313-4.
Bishop Barrington agreed to the division.
pp. 314-21.
procedures agreed 6d. per acre to be paid to the Bishop of Durham.
p. 321.
the Award begins.
pp. 321-3.
Public Highways.
pp. 323-4.
Public foot roads and their uses.
p. 325.
Private roads.
pp. 325-331.
Allotments with fencing conditions.
pp. 325-7.
Sir John Eden
pp. 327-331.
Calverley Bewicke
p. 331.
William Lowes
p. 332.
ditches and gutters.
names of commissioners - end.
p. 333
Rental for Urpeth Common allotments.
DHC1/M.4  (279755)
On spine:- "Register 4. Lanchester Award". Contains:-
p. 1 Award ( 13 June 1781 ) for Lanchester.
Old index at end. Modern index at beginning.
For the Commissioners' Oaths and Arbitrators' Awards respecting Lanchester, see vol. M. 3. pp. 247 and 249.
Paper   516pp.
Digitised material for Registered inclosure award Lanchester - DHC/M4 Digitised from microfilm

DHC1/M.5.   (279756)
On spine:- "Awards. Chester and Framwellgate. Register 5".
For Awards for Chester townfields and Chester demesnes, see Vol. M.17.
Paper   321ff.
Digitised material for Registered copies of inclosure awards for Chester-le-Street and Framwellgate Moor - DHC/M5 Digitised from microfilm. folios 115-25 blank and not all filmed Misfoliation adds 141a, 157a, 196a, 289 used twice, 310 jumps to 313 without anything missing Images in the earlier 200s badly cropped losing the edge of the recto page.

f. 1ff
Award (22 September 1800 ) for Chester-le-Street Common or Moor lying in the manors of Chester-le-Street and Chester Deanery.
Arbitrators' Awards regarding the differences referred to them by Commissioners.
They do not give the gounds for the decisions.
Beginning of the extracts of the Award.
Summary of the enabling Act of Parliament, procedures to be followed.
Claims regarding the perambulated boundaries of the area with which the Commissioners were concerned.
Procedures followed.
Beginning of the award.
uses and repair of highways.
private carriage roads.
public bridle roads.
breadths and uses of public bridle roads.
public foot roads.
breadths and uses of public foot roads.
wells and watering places, public and private.
quarries and gravel pits.
directions for working quarries.
the allotments, each with fencing provisions and rent.
allotment of the Grieve and Jury of the Copyhold Court of Chester-le-Street.
The Grieve and Jury exchanged piece of land they already held at Bull bog for a piece adjoining their new plot on Chester West moor which had been allotted to Mrs. Lambton who owned other land at Bull bog.
fences, when and how to be made.
no cattle to graze in the public and private roads for ten years to allow hedges to become established.
standing waters to be discharged.
abatement to the tenant of Twizell Farm.
a similar abatement to farm at Pelton.
names of commissioners - end.
f. 126
Laws and regulations for the conduct and management of the schools for the education of poor children in the County of Durham".
ff. 131-209
Arbitrators' awards respecting Framwellgate and Witton Gilbert award.
The Intack or Cow Pasture and Shawwood in the townships of Framwellgate and Witton Gilbert (in the manors of Chester-le-Street and Lanchester) and for extinguishing all rights of common on certain inclosed intercommon lands (intercommon between certain dates only each year), Inclosure Award 12 May 1809.
Oaths of the Arbitrators.
Arbitrators' awards in cases referred to them by the Commissioners.
Firstly claims in respect of property in the city, Arbitrator Robert Hopper Williamson.
John Burlison's claim for 3 burgages in Silver Street, Durham City one long used as an unnamed public house.
Peter Bowlby's claim for five burgages in the South Bailey.
William Cummins, for 3 burgages in Claypath.
John Crow, for 2 burgages in Claypath.
Thos. Chipchase for 3 burgages then used as one dwelling house in Sadler Street.
Anthony Curry and John Wardell for 3 burgages in Framwellgate.
The Clerk of the Mayor and Aldermen being the governors of Durham City's Charitable Stock - claim in respect of 5 ancient burgages in the Market Place on the sites of which had been built the Newplace or palace alias the Bull, one other ancient burgage being the City Tavern in the Market Place and three others in Back Lane or Walker Lane and one other ancient burgage, location unspecified.
[The New Place stretched down to the river behind the Town Hall, see O.S. 25" 27/1, 1919.]
William Darnell, for one ancient burgage in the Market Place and a shop under another ancient burgage in the Market Place.
Edward Davison, for two ancient burgages in Claypath and two in Framwellgate.
James Davison, auctioneer, for two ancient burgages in Claypath.
Robert Davison, jnr., for one burgage in Claypath.
Robert Davison, carrier, for sites of burgages in Claypath, then with stables built on them.
Will. Darling, for 2 burgages in Silver Street.
Benjamin Dunn, for a burgage in Fleshergate formerly an inn "Sign of the Black Horse" and afterwards the "Sign of the Fountain" and two adjoining burgages in Fleshergate also for two more burgages, one in Sadlergate and another in Fleshergate.
John Grey, for 3 burgages in Silver St. between Framwellgate Bridge and the way leading to Broken Walls and also for the site of one burgage which used to stand in "Silver Street otherwise Smithgate or Slipin", and "adjoining upon the River Wear" which had been swept away in a flood many years before [? November 1771 ] and had been leased to a shoemaker, John Fletcher. [see also ff.186-8.].
Edward Hodgson for 2 burgages in Back Lane alias Walkergate.
Hendry Hopper for 2 burgages in Framwellgate.
John Jaques of Gilesgate for 2 burgages in Framwellgate.
Margaret Ingram for three burgages in Fleshergate, then in use as one dwelling house, shop and yard.
William Ironside for 6 burgages in the North Bailey, five of which were then one dwelling house.
William Kirton for 2 burgages in the Market Place and two, occupied then as three houses, in Sidegate, Framwellgate.
John Pattison for a burgage on the east side of the Market Street (otherwise known as the Market Place) known as the Angel Inn.
William Reed for 3 burgages in the South Bailey, then occupied as one dwelling house.
John Robson for 3 burgages in the North Bailey.
William Sharp for 2 burgages in Framwellgate.
Michael Stott for one burgage in Fleshergate alias Sadler Street.
John Graham (for Ann Jemima), 2 burgages in the South Bailey, then one dwelling house.
Robert Stoker, gardener, for the sites of 2 burgages in Sydgate, Framwellgate then used as a garden or orchard.
John Starforth for one burgage in the back Lane or Walker Chare.
Gilbert and John Starforth for two adjoining burgages in Claypath, another in Walkergate alias the Backlane, another in Walkergate commonly called the Brass Castle, and the moiety of yet another in Walkergate now the dwelling houses of a great many people.
William Shotton for one burgage in Framwellgate.
Thos. Calvert (for Sir Henry Vane Tempest) for one burgage in the Market Place, another between that one and a yard on the west, another in the Market Place being the Rose and Crown Inn, another two adjoining each other, in Silver Street and two in Back Lane.
(The three in the Market Place had been one which was Dame Ann Duck's burgage.)
John Ward for 2 burgages in Sadler St. alias Fleshergate.
William Ward (for Thos Ward) for two burgages in the North Bailey then used as one dwelling house.
Charles Wade for one burgage at or near the place where Claypath Gates lately stood [demolished 1791 ] and on the east side of the street.
William Handcock (agent) for one burgage in Silver Street [see also ff.154-6.].
There end the arbitrations by Robt. Hopper Williamson; the rest are by William Hoar and do not concern claims in respect of burgages.
Thos. Maynard (for Robt. Wharton) for certain copyhold premises (values given) in the townships of Witton Gilbert and Framwellgate.
(It transpired the Framwellgate premises carried no rights of common as they themselves were subject to right of intercommon and that the premises in the township of Witton Gilbert carried no right of common on the land specified in the Act.)
John Taylor (for John Richardson) for premises in the townships of Framwellgate and Witton Gilbert - part subject to intercommon.
Thos. Maynard (for Robt. Wharton) for premises in the townships of Framwellgate & Witton Gilbert.
John Taylor (for John Richardson) for premises in Framwellgate and Witton Gilbert.
David Stephenson for holdings in Waldridge township in the Manor of Chester-le-Street.
Will. Kirton for premises in Framwellgate.
Mary Lynn etc. for premises in Framwellgate.
Matthew Greenwell for premises in Plawsworth, manor of Chester-le-Street.
John Taylor - 3 burgages at Wheatley Green, parish Lanchester.
Robert Darling for premises at Plawsworth (Chester Manor).
George Adam Askew claimed rights on Charlaw Moor [Lanchester manor] in respect of premises at Plawsworth, i.e. Nettlesworth Hall Farm, Nettlesworth North Farm, Howlmires and West House Farm.
The same man, in respect of the same premises, claimed rights on Findon Hill and Potter Moor [Witton Gilbert township, Chester Manor].
f. 210-321
Award (12 May 1809 ) for Framwellgate and Witton Gilbert.
These claims put to the arbitration of Hoar show that people living anywhere in Chester Manor thought they might have a valid claim to common (or in this case the intercommon shared with Framwellgate) in a different township in the same manor from the one in which they lived - G. Askew did in fact. His allotment on Findon Hill (Witton Gilbert) was in respect of Houlmires at Plawsworth. Again, as the Act dealt with land in more than one township, people who knew they had premises with rights in one township, thought these rights might apply to the other land with which the Act was dealing. Hoar had to spell out clearly that premises in Witton Gilbert did not confer any rights on common in Framwellgate.
f. 210
Commissioners' oaths for Framwellgate and Witton Gilbert award.
beginning of these extracts from the Commissioners' Award.
recital of a summary of the empowering act.
recital of procedure followed.
highways, carriage roads and other ways, beginning with public highways.
breadth of roads.
uses of roads.
road repairs.
private carriage roads and quarry roads
public foot roads, breadth, uses, stiles.
common quarries.
directions concerning common quarries.
public wells and watering places.
The allotments beginning with those of the Bishop and the Freemen and proceeding alphabetically.
Where plots have been sold or exchanged this is mentioned. The type of tenure is given. (There were new enfranchisements under a recent Act for sale and redemption of the land tax.) It is curious to note that the tenants of houses belonging to St. Margarets and St. Nicholas Churches sold the plots allotted in respect of the houses. The consent of the appropriate wardens is not mentioned.
plan deposited.
making of fences.
standing waters to be discharged.
names of commissioners etc. - end.
The rest of the volume is blank.
DHC1/M.6  (259901)
Indices at front and on f. 40. Contains:-
Paper   160ff.
Copy of the Chancery Decree Award of 3 July 1677 for the division of Whickham Townfields.
No plan accompanied this award, but a suggested reconstruction of it appears on annotated HC 25" OS plans, 1st ed.
f. 46
Copy of the Award ( 18 December 1821 ) on the division of Whickham Fell.
DHC1/M.7   29 September 1815
Book containing the allotments made on the division of commons in the Park and Forest of Weardale.
Index f. 27.
Paper    27ff.
DHC1/M.8   1900
Copy of the award for St. Andrew Auckland (Etherley and Escomb).
This award is in 10 sections.
Paper    446pp.
DHC1/M.8a   7 May 1636
Incomplete copy of Award upon the division of the Copyhold Townfields in Chester-le-Street.
Paper    54ff.
Notitia Books and Books of Plans
Dates of creation: early - mid 19th century
Rre Bishop's leaseholds.
See also the series of notitia books in the Church Commission deposit (CCB V).
A corresponding volume for the Yorkshire estates is CCB 1981 deposit, CCB V/3/6/3 (321795) “Howdenshire, Allertonshire, Craik etc.”.

DHC1/VIII/ M. 9  (321775)
Notitia Book of Chester Ward.
Index at front, including Bedlington.
Paper   228ff.
DHC1/M.10  (321764)
Notitia Book of Darlington Ward.
Index at front.
Paper   212ff.
DHC1/M.11  (321781)
Notitia Book of Easington Ward.
Index at front.
Paper   223ff.
DHC1/M.12  (321799)
Notitia Book of Stockton Ward.
Index at front.
Paper   228ff.
DHC1/M.13   February and March 1799
Notitia Book of leasehold houses etc. in the city of Durham.
Comprises parts of both volumes of Mathew Woodifield's Survey of Durham Dean and Chapter Estates, 1799, with later annotations.
Index at front.
Paper   12ff.
DHC1/M.14   made c.1812
Plans of farms, mainly in the Sedgefield district.
Paper    26ff.
a). Plans etc of ten farms in County Durham, formerly belonging to the Deanery of Durham and on f.24 a series of observations on these 10 farms [ c. 1840 ].
Index f.3.
b). Plans etc. of Houghall Farm, County Durham, formerly assigned to the 11th stall of Durham Cathedral, 3 March 1841.
c). Plan etc of property in the Mountjoy area of Durham City, formerly assigned to the 1st stall of Durham Cathedral [ c. 1846 ].
These properties were all transferred to Durham University by orders in council of 1841 and 1846.
After f.40 is inserted a folder, also of plans of farms belonging to the Deanery of Durham. These are of the same farms with the addition of one other.
Index f.2.
40ff. and (plans) 25ff.
For other copies, see Mawson's deposit (MAW 7/3), and Church Commission Chapter estates deposit (CCD).
DHC1/M.16   1830
Small paper-bound volume entitled “Terrier of Easington and Little Thorpe. 1830” .
Paper    38ff.
Volume containing:-
Paper   81ff.
ff. 5-54
A terrier of Chester.
ff. 56-63
A copy of the Award ( 7 May 1636 ) on the division of Chester townfields.
ff. 64-81
A copy of the Award ( 10 February 1729 ) on the division of Chester demesnes.
Tithe Apportionments and Agreements
Paperbound volume entitled “Extract from Bishopwearmouth Tithe Apportionments” .
The owner, tenant, quantity and rent-charge of the apportionments are set out.
Paper   44ff.
f. 1
f. 14
f. 19
High and Low Barnes.
f. 22
f. 23
f. 32
f. 40
DHC1/M.19   19th June 1840
Paper-bound volume of an agreement for commutation of tithes and apportionment of rent charges in Great and Little Lumley in Chester-le-Street.
Paper    13ff.
DHC1/M.20   5 March 1840
An agreement for commutation of tithes and apportionment of rent charges in the parish of Ryton.
Paper    14ff.
DHC1/M.21   5 March 1840
An agreement for commutation of tithes and apportionment of rent charges in Ryton Woodside in the parish of Ryton.
Paper    9ff.
DHC1/M.22   1856-1860
Tithe Rent Charges for Darlington.
The townships included are:
Haughton, Barmpton, Burdon, Coatham Mundeville, Cockerton, Darlington, Morton Palmes, Sadberge, Whessoe.
f. 1 1856.
f. 8 1857.
f. 15 1858.
f. 22 1859.
f. 29 1860.

Paper    42ff.
Agreement for commutation of tithes and apportionment of rent charges in:-
Paper   50ff.
1 f.1:   31 January 1838
Bradbury in the parish of Sedgefield.
2 f.10   2 February 1838
Morden in the parish of Sedgefield.
3 f.20:   31 January 1838
Foxton cum Shotton in the parish of Sedgefield.
4 f.28   7 February 1838
Fishburn in the parish of Sedgefield.
5 f.42   7 July 1838
Embleton in the parish of Sedgefield.
Two loose leaves probably from M. 23.
Unbound volume relating to the apportionment of rent charges in Sedgefield parish.
DHC1/M.26   31 January 1838
Agreement for commutation of the tithes and apportionment of rent charges in the township of Sedgefield.
Paper    33ff.
Agreement for commutation of tithes and apportionment of rent charges in:-
1 ff.1-32   26 December 1843
The township of Stockton.
2 ff.34-40   19 April 1839
The township of East Hartburn.
3 ff.42-48   11 October 1838
The township of Preston.
DHC1/M.28   13 February 1838
Agreement for commutation of tithes and apportionment of rent charges in the parish of Wolsingham.
Paper    67ff.
DHC1/M.29   October 1927-July 1929
Paper   95ff.
DHC1/M.30   July 1929-October 1929
95ff. ff.17-95 blank
DHC1/M.31   November 1929-October 1930
143ff. ff.104-143 blank
DHC1/M.32   November 1930-October 1931
Paper   249ff.
DHC1/M.33   November 1930-December 1931
Paper   353ff.
DHC1/M.34   November 1931-August 1933
Paper   251ff.
DHC1/M.35   August 1933-October 1935
Paper   251ff.
DHC1/M.36   November 1935-October 1936
Paper   95ff.
DHC1/M.37   November 1936-October 1939
Paper   95ff.
Reporting Books (of Compensation Agreements reported for sealing)
DHC1/M.38   1 May 1929-15 November 1930.
Paper   88ff.
DHC1/M.39   21 November 1930-18 February 1932
Paper   141ff.
DHC1/M.40   25 February 1932-26 October 1933.
Paper   137ff.
DHC1/M.41   3 November 1933-11 February 1937.
Paper   139ff.
Compensation Money Balance Books
DHC1/M.42   November 1930-July 1932
Paper   42ff.
DHC1/M.43   August 1932-June 1933
Paper   42ff.
DHC1/M.44   July 1933-March 1935
Paper    42ff.
Rentals for Bishopric Estates for Martinmas 1882
Easington and Stockton Wards.
Paper   77ff.
Darlington Ward (Weardale District).
Paper   76ff.
Darlington Ward (except Weardale District).
Paper   135ff.
Chester Ward.
Paper   115ff.
Rentals, Various
DHC1//M.49  (214616)   1856-1857
Darlington, Chester, Easington and Stockton Wards.
Copyhold Outrents Durham.
Paper    410pp.
On front:- "Durham Bishoprick Manors. Chester Ward. Darlington Ward. Darlington Weardale District. Easington and Stockton Wards".
No date, but at the top of f.1 is written in pencil "Presumably to Martinmas 1927 ".
This volume gives the dates of the compensation agreements and redemption receipts by which were redeemed and extinguished the old reserved rents and dues still saved in the 1922 Act which provided for the enfranchisement of copyhold land etc. References are given to file numbers (there is a separate list of the few surviving files from the Halmote Office in ASC). These items for redemption are listed by Halmote division (or manor) and township. If the land were once copyhold the call number is given, if freehold then “F” is in the margin. There is some reference to earlier transactions. Entries were struck through when redemption was completed (the latest redemption date noticed is April 1950).
Paper   367ff.
Cash Books
DHC1/M.51   3 August 1928-30 April 1931
A note at the front indicates that "Amounts are entered in this book as received, and are transferred from here to the Ledger".
Paper   136ff.
DHC1/M.52   1 May 1931-31 July 1933
Paper   189ff.
DHC1/M.53   1 August 1933-30 May 1936
Paper   192ff.
Account Books, Various
DHC1/M.54   1929-1934
Office expenses of the Halmote Court Office at Durham from 1 November 1929-18 May 1934.
Paper    90ff.
DHC1/M.55   1933-1934
Ledger of Reported Instalments of Compensation Money from January 1933-October 1934.
Paper    126ff.
DHC1/M.56   1785-1789
Account Book of receipts and disbursements in the Halmote Court Office from 1 October 1785-30 April 1789.
72ff. at front containing receipts.
12ff. at back containing disbursements.
DHC1/M.57   1789-1797
Account Book of receipts and disbursements in the Halmote Court Office from 2 May 1789-28 June 1797.
125ff. at front containing receipts.
9ff. at back containing disbursements.
DHC1/M.58   1862
On front cover:- "1862. An Account Book respecting the Admittances to the Earl of Durham's Ground Rents in Bishopwearmouth, Manor of Houghton."
Records when admittance fees were paid and admittances despatched.
Paper    83ff.
DHC1/M.59   1851-1890
Book recording dates of proclamations and of admittances for Bishopwearmouth 1851-1890.
Paper    66ff.
DHC1/M.60   1931-1935
On front cover:- "Sunderland Book of Interviews".
This volume records interviews relating to Compensation Money payments from 4 March 1931-3 April 1935.
Paper    94ff.
Large ledger relating to Sunderland.
Large ledger relating to Sunderland.
Continuation of M. 61.
DHC1/M.63  (195543)
Account of fines and amercements at Assizes and Sheriff's Tourns, 1595.
Paper, unbound.   24ff.
DHC1/M.64  (105566a)
Parchment bound paper volume having on the front cover "An old Rentall and Patent".
The volume contains entries at both front and back.
At the front are items 1. - 6., at the back items 7. - 12:-
At the front, this volume is paginated from 1-138 and foliated thereafter to f.241 where the front section ends. In this section were missing pp. 26-73, but see below. At the back there are 167ff.
An alphabetical index.
2 p.1   1589-1628
Demises temp. Matthew Hutton, Tobias Matthew, Richard Neil.
These demises, missing, were found in Church Commission box 143, no. 221700 and replaced here.
3 f.143
A rental of the Bishopric of Durham for 1640.
4 f.158   1589-1595
Demises temp. Toby Matthew.
5 f.164   1606
Coroners' Rentals for all wards.
6 f.187   c. 1640
Lists and rents of freeholders, copy-holders and leaseholders in all the wards.
7 f.1   Taken April 1588
Articles of instructions for, and a survey of, the Bishopric of Durham, in the Queen's hands, sede vacante .
A bound copy of this survey with detailed list of contents is also available.
8 f.72   1555-1613
Transcripts of grants by letters patent, mainly Dean and Chapter.
This series stretches from 1555 to 1613.
Index f.70v.
9 f.135   26 August 1612
An inventory of prisoners and implements in Durham Gaol on 26 August 1612, including 9 recusants.
10 f.137   1607-1622
Transcripts of grants by letters patent, mainly Bishopric.
This series stretches from 1607 to 1622.
For other patents see Church Commission list IV: Enrolment books
11 f.153
An act giving authority to the Queen's Majesty, upon the avoidance of any Archbishopric or Bishopric, to take into her hands certain of the temporal possessions thereof recompensing the same with personages impropriate and tithes.
12 f.156   1570-1629
Transcripts of grants by letter patent, mainly Bishopric.
This series stretches from 1570-1629.
DHC1/M.65  (185000c)
A parchment-bound paper volume containing various items.
Binding: parchment deed of 1629.
1 f.1
Survey of Bishop Hatfield.
In two parts, free and unfree tenants.
2 f.73
A copy of the Boldon Book, 1183.
3 f.84
Transcripts of various deeds:-
a)    n.d.
re Merrington.
b)   23 March 1304
re Merrington.
c)   11 November 1292
re Merrington.
d)    n.d.
re Merrington.
e)    n.d.
re Merrington.
f)   January 1308
re Merrington.
g)   27 July 1320
re Spennymoor.
h)   10 February 1447
re Twillesden.
i)    n.d.
Confirmation of a grant to the borough of Gateshead.
j)    n.d.
Grant by Richard, Bishop of Durham, to the burgesses of Hartlepool.
Confirmation of j). by the Dean and Chapter.
Charter of Anthony Bek confirming a grant of land in Bearpark.
4 f.89
Rental and Survey of all wards. June and July 1466.
5 f.127
Rental compiled 8 Thomas Langley, 1413-1414.
6 f.147
Survey and Rental tempore Thomas Langley. 1418.
Original: TNA SC12/21/29.
6a f.164r-vf.164r-v
Copy of an agreement between R[ichard Poore] bishop of Durham and John de Balliol concerning the vill of Longnewton and 5¼ knights' fees of the barony of Gainford in the wapentake of Sadberge.
Witnesses: Masters W. archdeacon of Durham and Robert de Ambianis, [and] Jordan Heyrun, Hugh of the chapel, Jordan de Alden knights.
At [Bishop] Auckland, 1231 5 Id. December [9 December] 1231.
Other copies: TNA C146/9507 (early 14th century); DCL Hunter 4 p.289a (18th century).
Printed: English Episcopal Acta 25: Durham 1196-1237, ed M.G. Snape (Oxford 2002), p.269-270.
7 f.193
Account of William Eure, knight, Escheator in the Bishopric of Durham. 1524-1525.
For original of this, see Church Commission Bishopric deposit, CC no. 189615 (Escheator's Accounts)
8 f.195
Account of John Parkinson, Escheator in the Bishopric of Durham. 1516-1517.
For original of this, see Church Commission Bishopric deposit, CC no. 189608 (Escheator's Accounts)
DHC1/M.66  (195566b)
A volume of inquisitions Post Mortem.
The originals of many of these are in TNA Durham 3/164-193 (1438-163?), calendared Deputy Keeper's Report XLIV, appendix pp. 310-542, with some indices in List and Indexes vols. XXXIII and XL.
Abstracts and registers are in TNA Durham 3/2-6 (1318-1567), calendared ibid. and idem. XLV, pp.153-282.
For 1509 onwards, see List and Indexes XXXIII.
1 f.1
Inquisitions tempore Lewis Beaumont. 1313-1333.
See also list of Church Commission Miscellanea p.42, item 221677.
2 ff.1-6
Inquisitions tempore Richard Bury. 1333-1345.
3 ff.6-28
Inquisitions tempore Thomas Hatfield. 1345-1381.
4 ff.29-42
Inquisitions tempore Walter Skirlaw. 1388-1406.
5 ff.43-45
Inquisitions tempore John Fordham. 1381-1388.
6 ff.46-72
Inquisitions tempore Thomas Langley. 1406-1437.
Index locorum.
Index nominum.
DHC1/M.67  (249018)
There is an MS index to this volumes [by Dr Ritchie?] listing location, date and stewards of each court, part of an incomplete index to the Halmote Court books.
At front:-   from 16 September 1703-13 January 1708
Book of Precepts for Gateshead court.
Paper   43ff.
At back:-   from 14 October 1703-22 January 1708
Cases in Gateshead courts.
Paper   93ff.
DHC1/M.68  (249017)
There is an MS index to this volumes [by Dr Ritchie?] listing location, date and stewards of each court, part of an incomplete index to the Halmote Court books.
At front:-   from 22 January 1708-25 October 1726
Book of Precepts for Gateshead court.
Paper   27ff.
At back:-   from 1 April 1708-18 April 1727
Cases in Gateshead courts
DHC1/M.69   23 October 1810-16 November 1887
Minute Book of Presentments at Whickham courts.
Paper   27ff.
Copy of an act ( 1585 ) for the incorporation of the hospital of Christ in the town of Sherburn.
Paper   17pp.
Volume containing:-
1 f.3
Copy of King James' confirmation of the charter of Bishop Toby Matthew to the city of Durham. 15 February 1606.
2 f.11
Copy of the charter of Nathaniel, Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham. 1684.
3 f.20
Copy of the charter of John Egerton, Bishop of Durham. 2 October 1780.
4 f.31
Record of decisions at a meeting of the Mayor, Aldermen and Council of Durham and Framwellgate. 11 November 1780.
Incomplete copy of the award on the division of Norton Townfields.
Paper   39ff.
Incomplete copy of the award on the division of Norton Townfields.
A note on f.9v says "N.B. The wording of this copy does not everywhere agree with the Chancery enrolment."
Paper   56ff.
DHC1/M.74   12 October 1840-18 September 1845
Letter book containing office copies of letters despatched.
Letters from Thomas Davison, apparently land agent to Bishop of Durham and prebendary of 11th Durham stall.
Paper   9ff.
DHC1/M.75   13 February 1912-23 November 1927
Letter book containing office copies of letters despatched from the Halmote Court Office, Durham, to the Secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commission.
Index at front.
Paper   315ff.
Volume containing 753pp. of miscellaneous extracts.
N.B. The pagination moves from 409 to 500. This is merely a mistake in the numbering and does not indicate an omission.
Copy of a Decree for the Division of the Township of Sedgefield, 23 July 1636.
Valuation of Etty Hill in the Township of Barmpton, 10 May 1814.
Case in Durham Chancery, 8 September 1626, John Woodhouse et al. v. Wm. Leeburne.
Form for claim of allowances for the duty assessed on Colleges, Halls, Schools, Almshouses, or Hospitals.
Copies of advertisements re. farms to be leased, 1815.
Copies of 3 documents relating to a query on Billing Stinted pasture, 1814.
Copies of letters relative to the enfranchisement of Leasehold estates belonging to the See of Durham.
Valuation of an estate at Midridge Grange, October 1809.
Instructions for planting trees.
Particulars of Road leading from Park Head Estate to Wolsingham, October 1814.
Account of Commons divided and inclosed in the County of Durham.
Copies of 2 letters re sale of tithes at Bishop Auckland, 1815.
Copies of 3 bills remitted to the Bishop of Durham, 17 February 1815.
Letters and notes re enfranchisement of a leasehold held by the Earl of Strathmore, January and February 1815.
Details of an enfranchisement settlement (n.d.).
Queries as to coal mines in East Sleekburn.
Plan and valuation of an estate at Bitchburn in the township of Hunwick in the parish of St. Andrew Auckland, 18 May 1815.
Particulars of ways to avoid mildew in wheat and plea for experiments to be made, 1815.
Extract from the will of Thomas Forster (n.d.).
Receipts for making ink.
Plan and valuation of North Hall Farm, High Barnes, Bishop Wearmouth, May 1817.
Plan and valuation of Moor House Farm, Eaglescliffe, October 1819.
Plan and valuation of an estate in Newham, in the parish of Marton, North Riding, January 1819.
Plan and valuation of Stripe Farm, and part of Colly Farm, in the township of Huntington, Stainton, Cleveland, Yorkshire, January 1820.
Valuation of land and houses at Cornforth, April 1847.
Valuation of lands at Brinkburn, Northumberland, July 1823.
Deposition of Thomas Davison in chancery re the value of lands at Brinkburn, 1823.
Parish poor rates for Sedgefield, December 1823-July 1826.
Plan and valuation of lands at Sadberge, March 1833.
Rents at Wolsingham Park Estate.
Valuation of a house in Queen Street, Durham, September 1835.
Valuation of Glebe land and vicarage house at Whitworth, July 1835.
Payments of rent by the Stockton and Darlington Railway Coy.
Boring for coal at Thickley. Details of bore, November 1834.
Plan and valuation of Newfield estate.
Plan and valuation of part of Newfield estate, St. Andrew Auckland, November 1841.
Observations on the fine for adding 4 years to the unexpired term of Rainton colliery lease which are (sic) 17 years.
Report on limestone quarries in Midridge, June 1824.
Report on the coalmines in Bishop Middleham; Sedgefield, Easington etc, September 1825.
A report on the tumbling limestones between high and low water mark in the township of Whitburn, August 1825.
Valuation of 9 years interest in the mines and quarries of Midridge Grange in lease to Messrs. Dixon, March 1826.
Case for the opinion of Dr. Swaby. Re curacy of Bramley, Leeds, April 1822.
Letter relating to the practicability of making a railroad to the north of Sedgefield up the Skerne valley, July 1824.
Case for the opinion of Mr. Martin, August 1822. Relates to Catterick, Yorkshire.
Case for the opinion of R.H. Williamson relating to the Agistment, November 1820.
Case for the opinion of Mr. Tindale, November 1825.
Valuation of Little Swinburn in the parish of Chollerton, Northumberland, November 1824.
Valuation of Chipchase Castle and Estate in the parish of Chollerton.
Correspondence of T. Davison re valuation of Chipchase Estate.
Answers to queries re property in St. Andrew Auckland (n.d.).
Value of Lord Barrington's lease of the Coalmines in Ricknal, Middridge, Redworth, Heightington and Woodhouse Close, October 1826.
Bill for survey of Gateshead Park Estate, 1826.
Dr. J. Leybourne in account to Viscount Barrington, 1826.
Particulars of estate at Aislaby, October 1819.
Valuation of land at Bishop Middleham belonging to Thos. Smith, November 1826
Valuation of an estate at Aislaby in the parish of Egglescliffe, October 1827.
Valuation of an estate at Barmpton in Haughton-le-Skerne, November 1827.
Thos. Davison in account with Mark Ruddock, January 1831.
Table of ready-made calculations.
Statement of a case, n.d., re Hartlepool Railway Co.
Notes on renewal of lease of Pittington Colliery, June 1833.
Letter re renewal of leases of Weardale Mines, June 1833.
Affidavit of Thos. Davison re children of Viscount Barrington, July 1844.
Deposition of Thos. Davison in a Chancery Case re Breckenhill, in Sedgefield, July 1844.
Letters and orders re inspection by Thos. Davison of Prior's Close, 1828.
Deposition of Thos. Davison in a Chancery Case re land in Byers Green, 1841.
Deposition of Thos. Davison in a Chancery Case re land at Cockton Hill, 1847.
Case for the opinion of Sir N.C. Tindale re dispute between the vicar of Norton and the executors of his predecessor, 1828.
More queries for counsel's opinion in the same case, 1828.
2 Bills due to Thos. Davison, 1828 and 1835.
2 Bills due to Thos. Davison, 1827 and 1831.
1 Bill due to Thos. Davison, 1831.
Case for opinion of counsel re leasing of glebe-lands in an unspecified place to a colliery owner.
Case for opinion of counsel re rights of wayleave., 1836.
Account for the tithes in the parish of Longnewton for 1813 and 1830. Account of the tithes in the parish of Sedgefield for 1813, 1829 and 1830.
Continuation of opinions from p.321.
Continuation of opinions from p.321.
1 Bill due to Thos. Davison, 1833.
An award made by Thos. Davison et al., January 1834.
Valuation of the Rectory of Sutton upon Derwent, Yorkshire, July 1835.
Valuation of free-, copy-, and leasehold estates at Shotton, Easington, November 1834.
Account of fees owed to Andrew Stoddart by Durham University, 1832.
Account of fees owed to Thomas Davison by Durham University, 1832.
Deposition of Thos. Davison in a Chancery Case re remuneration for a survey done for the Dean and Chapter, 1837.
Bills due to Thos. Davison, 1829-1831.
Account of Thos. Davison with Messrs. Drummond, 1836.
Report on borings and results of these borings at Byers Green Colliery, 1830-1831.
Letter re borings at Byers Green, 1832.
Bills owing to Thos. Davison by the Opponents to the South Durham Railway Company, 1836.
Deposition of Thos. Davison in an Exchequer Case re compensation by the Great North of England Railway Company, January 1839.
An account of the boring at Coxhoe colliery, June 1827.
Letter re regarding excellence of Quarrington Main Coals, November 1831.
Correspondence re opening a new colliery at Coxhoe, 1832.
2 Bills due to Thos. Davison, 1839 and 1840.
3 (4?) Bills due to Thos. Davison, 1828, 1829, 1830, 1832.
Deposition of Thomas Davison in a Chancery Case re Binchester estate, February 1833.
Deposition of Andrew Stoddart in a Chancery Case re fairness of Thos. Davison's charges on p.540, March 1833.
Valuation of houses in South Street, Durham, December 1842.
Plan and valuation of "The Grove" land and cottages, Crossgate, Durham, February 1841.
Valuation of freehold estates in Northumberland belonging to the Revd. Henry and Charles William Brandling.
Deposition of Thomas Davison in the matter of the petition of the Bishop of Durham, July 1834.
Case for counsel's opinion re dispute at Stamford Dam, Consett, May 1834.
Valuation of land in the township of Shincliffe, February 1843.
Valuation and report of an estate in Marton, Cleveland, North Riding, March 1835.
Indenture of award upon the division of Osmotherley Common, Yorkshire, September 1755.
Case for opinion re division of money received from land purchase, January 1834 ; re Hartlepool Railway Co.
Case for opinion re division of money received from land purchase, November 1833 ; re Stockton.
Case for opinion re division of compensation money, August 1838 ; re Newcastle and Carlisle Railway Co.
An account of the boring at Thornley.
Plan and valuation of an estate in Norham, Shellacres, Tiptoe and Tindall House Farms, September 1836.
Valuation of the reversion in fee of houses etc. in Crossgate.
Plan and valuation of a freehold estate in Chilton in the parish of Merrington, October 1836.
Plan and valuation of an estate in Greatham parish, October 1836.
Report on, and valuation of, the Bitchfield estate, Lincolnshire, May 1836.
Particulars of rents and negotiations re the Clarence Railway Company.
Valuation of lands, corn tithes, coalmines and quarries belonging to Viscountess Barrington, November 1836.
Valuation of land and injury by severance re land in the North Riding required by the Great North of England Railway.
Report on, and valuation of, the Bitchfield estate, Lincolnshire, May 1836. A revised copy of p.658.
Case for opinion of counsel re dispute on tithes in the parish of Eglingham, 1837.
Letter from Thos. Davison to the Dean and Chapter, March 1842.
Division of purchase money for tithes of Plawsworth, March 1839.
Particulars and valuation of property near Sunderland, June 1841.
Plan and valuation of the Grammar School, Palace Green, May 1843.
2 Questions and answers re Tithe Commutation and subsequent hardship to clergymen, February 1844.
2 Bills of the Bp. Auckland and Weardale Railway Company to the Bishop of Durham.
Rental of lands etc. belonging to Viscountess Barrington.
Account of working out of Pelton Colliery, May 1837-May 1838.
Thos. Davison's affidavit in a case in Chancery setting out valuation of Bitchfield estate, Lincolnshire.
Thos. Davison's affidavit in a chase in Chancery setting out valuation of Bitchfield estate, Lincolnshire.
Affidavit of Thos Davison in a case in Chancery re valuation of Byers Green.
Affidavit of Thos. Davison in a case in Chancery re valuation of property in South Street, Durham, August 1846.
Affidavit of Thos. Davison in a case in Chancery re valuation of land in North Bailey, Durham, April 1847.
Affidavit of Thos. Davison in a case in Chancery re valuation of Lane House, Bedlington, February 1848.
Affidavit of Thos. Davison in a case in Chancery re valuation of Orchard Cottage, near Prebends' Bridge, March 1848.
Valuation of lands at Monkwearmouth, September 1847.
Valuation of the reversion in fee of a house and garden in Crossgate, Durham, July 1843.
DHC1/M.77   1879-1914
Copyhold enfranchisement court roll of the Manor of Houghton (and other Manors for 1857).
Paper    498ff.
DHC1/M.78   1914-1925
Copyhold enfranchisement court roll.
With MS. index by Sladden loose inside (after 1925).
Paper    93ff.
DHC1/M.79   All dated 28 February 1881
Admittances in Wearmouth (Lambton).
Paper    281ff.
Volume containing parliamentary surveys of the manors of the County of Durham.
Paper   990pp.
There are other copies of this material, including Church Commission Durham bishopric estates deposit, box 164 (includes Stockton omitted here) and, for Crayke survey see also Church Commission item no. 23377.
Auckland survey. March-April 1647.
Darlington survey.
Evenwood survey. April 1647.
Wolsingham. March 1647.
Chester survey. April 1647.
Gateshead Survey. October 1647.
Whickham survey. August 1647.
A re-survey of the collieries and coal seams in Gateshead and Whickham manors. 1652.
Bedlington survey. November 1648.
Easington survey. 1649.
Houghton survey. July-August 1647.
Middleham survey. July 1647.
Crayke survey. December 1647. [Incomplete].
See also CCB B/162/5 (23377).
Northallerton survey. October-November 1647. [also covers Northallertonshire]
Covers: Brompton (p.893), Deighton, Romanby (p.915), Kirkeby, Hutton Bonville, Girsby, Overingdale, Worsell, Horneby, Harlesy, West Ellerbeck, Osmotherley (p.905), Thimbleby, Winton, Stank, Hallekeld, Sigiston, Sowerby under Cottcliffe (p.917), Lamnoth, Cottoe, Leake, Kepwicke, Barrowby (p.924), Knotton (p.927), Thornton in the Beanes (p.926), Northcottrington, Thornton in the Street, North Kilvington, Seasey cum Hutton, Hutton Conyers, Holme & Holgrave, West Kenton, Foxton
Howden survey. April-June 1648.
Covers: Howden, Kilpin, Skelton, Saltmarsh, Knedlington, Asselby, Barnby, Wheelhall, Rickall, Cliffe, Easington, Ellerker, Brantingham, Welton, Melton, Walkington, Belby
Volume containing a key to the Halmote Court Office files.
They are listed in serial order with the subject specified. The serial numbers run from 5426 to 10223.
Key to Halmote Court Office files Nos. 15628 to 16244.
Key to Halmote Court Office files Nos. 16245 to 20631.
Volume of "Conspectus of Tenures in the Palatinate of Durham".
Paper   22pp.
Volume of "General View of the Tenures in the Palatinate of Durham".
Paper   47pp.
DHC1/M.86  (284317)
Volume of "Durham Records. Vol. I".
Contains copy extracts from various Durham records both in the P.R.O. and at Durham.
Paper   485ff.
DHC1/M.87  (284318)
Volume of "Durham Records. Vol. II".
Contains copy extracts from Halmote Court Records in the P.R.O.
Paper   363ff.
DHC1/M.88  (284319)
Volume of "Durham Records. Vol. III".
Contains copy extracts from Halmote Court Records in the P.R.O.
Paper   118ff.
DHC1/M.89  (284320)
Volume of "Durham Records. Vol. IV".
Contains copies of records in the P.R.O. illustrative of the ancient method of working coal.
Paper   27ff.
Appendix to the 16th Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records .
Durham Chapter Estates.
Schedule of old counterpart leases ( 1722-1799 ), Nos. 260000 to 260354.
Durham Chapter Estates.
Schedule of old counterpart leases (1722-1799 ). Nos. 260355-266839.
Schedules various of enclosure awards.
Schedules and lists, various dates, of documents in the Halmote Court Office.
DHC1/M.95  (190617a)   [mid-end 17th century]
Note and jotting book of John Kay, including also:
A1. Transcription by J.K. Forster 1987-8.
A2. Notes [by Linda Drury] c.1990 including a list and an index of John Kay's transcripts from [Auckland St Helen's] parish registers (mostly baptisms) 1593-1679.
Volume concerning ground-rents on copyholds in Sunderland in the manor of Houghton.
Large paper volume   115ff.