DUL Add.MS. 1950/B/13Missal (fragment)
Held by: Durham University Library: Additional Manuscripts

Missal (fragment), 15th century, reused as pastedown, possibly from the same manuscript as DUL Add.MS 1950/B/14

Physical description of manuscript


Extent: 1 leaf
Size: 330 mm x 235 mm

No pricking visible. No ruling now visible. Written space 229 x 170 mm. 2 columns. 30 lines


Written in a largetextura


Text-capitals lined with red. Initials: 4-line I outside written space, plain red or blue, alternately.

Corrections and annotation

Folio-number added, “xlij”

Manuscript history

Written in Low Countries, 15th century.


Former back pastedown, with light stains of turn-ins of covering with three holes at head from fixings of chaining staple, leaving offsets on the board, of Shelfmark of source: Routh 5.C.8, now SB+ 0103 - Opera Q. Septimii Florentis Tertulliani Carthaginensis, inter latinos Ecclesiae scriptores primi, sine quorum lectione nullum diem intermittebat olim diuus Cyprianus, per Beatum Rhenanum (Paris: apud Ioannem Roigny ..., 1545), binding calf, blind panels; rolls of festoons and scrolls, brass corner edgings, clasps now missing; inscription "De usu fratris Henrici Gravij prior predicatorum Novimagen" (Henricus Grauius, prior of the Dominicans of Nijmegen, Netherlands). Former reference: Portfolio II/19a (see Catalogue of fragments, manuscript and printed, amongst Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections).

Manuscript contents
Modern title: Missal (fragment)
Language: Latin

Common of a confessor, gospels (Matthew 25:16-23; Luke 11:33-36; Matthew 24:42-47; Luke 19:12-28)

Text: lenta acceperat et operatus est ... ... Et hijs dictis precedebat ascen