Additional Manuscripts 838
William Bell Scott


Reference code: GB-0033-ADD 838
Title: Additional Manuscripts 838
Dates of creation: 1850-1890; 1949
Extent: 155 letters
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: William Bell Scott (1811-1890)
Language: English

William Bell Scott

William Bell Scott (WBS), was born in Edinburgh in 1811, the son of an engraver, and initially trained in his father's profession. From an early age he was drawn towards the writing of poetry and as a young man he became acquainted with Professor John Wilson and other members of Edinburgh University and literary society, who gave him encouragement with his writing (recalled in 842/28). In 1837 he migrated to London, where he found engraving unprofitable and turned to historical painting. At this time he also made a wide range of friendships and contacts in literary and artistic circles. His marriage in 1839 to Letitia Margery Norquoy (LMS) was followed in 1843 by his acceptance of the post of Head Master of the Newcastle School of Design, which gave him the financial security appropriate to a married man.
In 1846 WBS published a philosophical poem The Year of the World which failed to achieve public recognition (see 838/14) but which, together with two shorter poems, Rosabell and The Dream of Love aroused the enthusiasm of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (DGR). DGR wrote to WBS in 1847, and shortly afterwards sent some of his own poetry for comment, with the result that in 1847 or early 1848 WBS called at the Rossetti home in London and met DGR's brother William Michael (WMR) and other members of the family. In the summer of 1848 he was let into the secret of the letters PRB, and in September 1849 he was invited to contribute to The Germ. 1849 saw the death of WBS's brother David Scott, also an artist. In the following year WBS published a Memoir of David Scott, and a number of letters in the collection refer to his efforts, at intervals throughout his life, to obtain the recognition which he felt was due for his brother's work. A review of the Memoir by Pauline, Lady Trevelyan, led WBS to send her a copy of his Poems 1854 and eventually brought him into contact with her circle at Wallington Hall. His friendship with the Trevelyans resulted, in 1856, in the commission for the major work of his career, the decoration of the hall at Wallington, including eight large panels depicting the history of the north-east of England (announced in 838/29).
The marriage of WBS and LMS was not a satisfactory one, partly owing to the influence of LMS's mother (838/48) and in March 1859 WBS made the acquaintance of Alice Boyd (AB). Their immediate liking for one another developed into a relationship which lasted until his death, and which amounted to a second marriage, while preserving the respectable façade of his marriage to LMS.
During much of the period 1859-61 WBS was working on the preparation of his Half-Hour Lectures in the History of Art (838/42-45, /48-52), based on lectures given to his Newcastle students. His teaching work in Newcastle was, however, drawing to an end, and in the autumn 1863, following organisational changes in the School of Design, he took early retirement, moving to London in early 1864. The death of AB's brother, Spencer, at the close of the same year, left her sole owner of her ancestral home, Penkill Castle, in Ayrshire. From 1864 onward the Scotts regularly spent the summer months at Penkill, while for the rest of the year AB lived as their guest in London. Part of WBS's time at Penkill was spent in decorating the staircase with mural illustrations to The King's Quair, but these rapidly began to suffer deterioration from damp, so that it was not possible to repeat his success at Wallington. His links with Wallington ended with the death of Lady Trevelyan in 1865.
WBS's "retirement" in London was far from unproductive. In 1867 he received a commission to do part of the decoration for the South Kensington Museum, and he also continued painting and exhibiting. He was a regular contributor to periodicals such as The Academy and The Athenaeum, while more substantial productions included Albert Dürer, 1869, the catalogue of the Burlington Club exhibition of the works of William Blake, 1876, an illustrated edition of his Poems, 1875, and A Poet's Harvest Home, 1882. During this period he also wrote a number of popular works on art and contributed editorial material and illustrations to editions of the poems of Byron, Coleridge, Keats, Sir Walter Scott and Shelley.
In June 1872 DGR suffered a severe breakdown, followed by attempted suicide. WBS and Ford Madox Brown (FMB) were intimately involved in this crisis, which has been analysed in detail by W.E. Fredeman, "Prelude to the last decade" - see below. On 20th June DGR was removed to Scotland under the care of FMB, Dr. George Hake and a servant, staying first at Urrard House and then at Stobhall in Perthshire. WBS relieved FMB on 29th June and remained until 13th July, going on to Penkill for the remainder of the summer. (838/107-111 and 842/15-17).
WBS continued to work actively until well into his seventies, but in the spring of 1885 he developed severe heart trouble, and in the autumn of the same year settled at Penkill, where he was cared for by AB until his death on 22nd November 1890. His Autobiographical Notes were published posthumously in 1892, edited by W. Minto. The work aroused a storm of controversy, as it contained adverse comments on many of his circle, which were perceived by Swinburne, DGR's biographer W. Sharp, T. Watts-Dunton and others to be a malicious attack. In particular, his treatment of DGR, who had died in 1882, was regarded as ungrateful and envious. W.E. Fredeman has argued in "Prelude to the last decade" and "A Pre-Raphaelite gazette" (see below) that in fact WBS's concern was to provide an honest counterbalance to the eulogising tendency of DGR's early biographers, and that in many respects he was notably restrained; nevertheless his posthumous reputation suffered severely as a result. In this connection 838/123, 838/142 and 842/28 and his letter to Edmund Gosse of 18th April 1882 throw light on his attitude to the difficulties facing a biographer in the Victorian moral climate.


The subject-matter of the letters is almost entirely literary, artistic and domestic. The correspondence falls into two distinct sections, the first up to the end of 1863, when WBS was living in Newcastle, and the second from 1864. During the first period the letters tend to be discursive with extensive comment on his current reading and on gossip concerning friends in London, which he received from WMR and other correspondents. After WBS took up permanent residence in London he did not normally need to write in order to keep in touch, and the letters therefore tend to be concentrated in the summer and autumn months when he was at Penkill, those sent at other times largely being occasioned by specific incidents or practical transactions.
Apart from the light which it sheds on WBS himself, the most important aspect of the correspondence is the information which it contains relating to DGR. Minor references to him recur throughout the letters, and there are also comments, from an intimate standpoint, on various crises of his life: his marriage, the death of his wife, his eye-trouble, the resumption of his poetry and exhumation of his poems, his breakdown, and his death and commemoration. Also of considerable importance was WBS's role in introducing WMR to the work of Walt Whitman (838/29) and presenting him with a copy of Leaves of Grass (838/31-32). An article on Whitman by WMR in the Chronicle of 6th July 1867, followed by his edition of a selection of Whitman's poems, introduced Whitman to the English public and went far towards establishing his reputation in Europe. Throughout his life WBS maintained a wide circle of acquaintances among those connected with the arts, and the letters contain references to the work and personalities of an extensive range of figures in Victorian art and literature, many of whom were personally known to WBS. Among the most notable of those mentioned are Alma-Tadema, Ford Madox Brown, the Brownings, Carlyle, Holman-Hunt, the collector James Leathart, Millais, Patmore, Ruskin, the "spasmodic" poet Alexander Smith, Swinburne, Tennyson, Turner, Whistler, Walt Whitman and the sculptor Thomas Woolner.
The correspondence also contains material relating to the Victorian view of the Romantic poets. WBS was a lifelong, but not uncritical, admirer of Shelley. He gave WMR practical help in preparing his 1870 edition of Shelley's works (838/95-96) and continued to pass on information about the poet when it came his way. He also advised WMR as to how to handle the tricky question of Harriet Beecher Stowe's allegations regarding Byron's relations with his sister, which inconveniently became public just when WMR was in the final stages of preparing his edition of Byron's works (838/100). Add. MS 839 is largely a discussion between WBS and Colvin regarding the poems of Keats. WBS was also an enthusiast for the artistic work of Blake, and prepared the catalogue for the Burlington Club exhibition of his work (838/115-116 and /126).
In his letters to WMR, WBS has much to say about his literary interests. He comments on the work of other poets, and also advises WMR on his poetry (838/1, /4 and /127). He similarly offers advice to Gosse (x Microfilm Misc. 18). In return, WMR sent WBS detailed comments on The Year of the World (see 838/14 for WBS's replies) and proof-read Half-Hour Lectures (discussed in detail in 838/42-45, /48-53 and /92) and Albert Dürer (discussed in detail in 838/97-104). WBS refers regularly to his progress with artistic work, especially the Wallington paintings, and from time to time requests help with historical research. He has relatively little to say about his artistic intentions, but the letters do include two interesting statements of his understanding of Pre-Raphaelitism (838/65 and /81), and an account of his aims in historical painting (838/72).
WBS also sends descriptions of work seen at various exhibitions, and on his holidays in Italy and Germany. At various times WMR and WBS undertook foreign holidays together, and a number of the letters refer to arrangements for travel. There are, in addition, several references to the practicalities and "politics" of exhibiting, patronage and artistic and literary reviewing which help to build up a picture of the working life of a Victorian writer and artist. Other miscellaneous topics of interest referred to include the Newcastle fire of 1854, (838/21), Louis Napoleon (838/467), spiritualism (838/77 and /86) and the causes of cholera (830/143).
Where full dates are not given by WBS, they have been added to the letters in pencil in an unknown hand, possibly at the time of their acquisition. These dates appear to be accurate, and are shown in the list in square brackets. The address from which WBS is writing is given in the list if this is other than his usual residence. Where no address is shown, the letter is either dated from WBS's home, or can reasonably be assumed to be written from there. During the period of the correspondence, WBS's addresses were
1843 - 8th September 1856:- 3 St Thomas Street, Newcastle
8th September 1856 - March 1864:- 14 St Thomas Crescent, Newcastle
March 1864 - 25th November 1870:- 33 Elgin Road, London
25th November 1870 - August 1885:- Bellevue House, 92 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea
September 1885 - November 1890:- Penkill Castle

The following abbreviations have been used for the names of persons
AB Alice Boyd
CCA Prof. C.C. Abbott
CGR Christina Georgina Rossetti
DGR Dante Gabriel Rossetti
FMB Ford Madox Brown
HRA Helen Rossetti Angeli
LMS Letitia Margery Scott
PRB Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
WBS William Bell Scott
WMR William Michael Rossetti
Where it has seemed particularly helpful, letters from WMR to WBS have been referred to by their number in R.W. Peattie's edition, but this has not been done as a matter of routine.

Accession details

In 1948 Professor C.C. Abbott of Durham University wrote to WMR's daughter, Mrs. Helen Rossetti Angeli, enquiring whether she had any documents in her possession which might assist Vera Walker, a Ph.D. student working on the life and work of WBS. Mrs. Angeli replied (838/150) that by his will WMR had left all letters addressed to him to her sister, Mrs. Olivia Rossetti Agresti. The letters were, however, in the possession of Mrs. Angeli, and Mrs. Agresti, then living in Rome in reduced circumstances, had authorised her to sell them on her behalf. Eventually, Mrs. Angeli located 145 letters from WBS to WMR, and a further four were retrieved from Dr. R. Wahl, who was consulting them in connection with his edition of DGR's correspondence. The letters were sent to Durham University Library in installments during February-July 1949, for the use of Miss Walker, and subsequently purchased for the sum of £40 (838/155 and Curators' minutes of 4th November 1949, 133 (d)). At least three letters were retained by Mrs. Angeli because of their personal nature (838/155). The whole transaction is recorded in six letters from Mrs. Angeli to Professor Abbott (838/150-155), possibly extracted from the Abbott papers. In addition, photostats of other letters were obtained for Miss Walker's research, which now form Add. MSS. 839-842, and a microfilm, X Microfilm Misc. 18: 15 letters from WBS to Edmund Gosse 1871-82, and 2 from AB to Gosse (negative microfilm of originals in the University of Leeds, largely concerned with Gosse's poetry and career, with revealing remarks on Swinburne, DGR and other literary figures).
Summary catalogue of Additional Manuscripts


Substantial extracts from the letters, extracts from related correspondence and biographical information on WBS have appeared in the following works:
Scott, W.B., Autobiographical notes of the life of William Bell Scott ... ed. by W. Minto. 2v., (1892)
Walker, V., “The life and work of William Bell Scott, 1811-1890” (Durham University thesis, Ph.D., 1951.)
Fredeman, W.E., “A Pre-Raphaelite gazette: the Penkill letters of Arthur Hughes to William Bell Scott and Alice Boyd, 1886-97”, Bulletin of the John Rylands Library. v.50 (1968), p.34-82
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Fredeman, W.E., “The letters of pictor ignotus: William Bell Scott's correspondence with Alice Boyd, 1859-1884”, Bulletin of the John Rylands Library v.58, (1976) pp.60-111, 306-352
Peattie, R.W. ed., Selected letters of William Michael Rossetti (1990)


Add. MSS. 838/1-149: letters of WBS to WMR & AB to WMR
Add. MSS. 838/1   1850 Jan. 23
Replying to WMR's letter of 16/1/1850, in which he requested WBS's view on his poem Mrs. Holmes Grey. Includes remarks on poetry in general, and on the poetry of Crabbe.
Add. MSS. 838/2   1850 Aug. 30
Making arrangements for a forthcoming visit by WMR and listing the present whereabouts of works by David Scott. Regrets the impending departure of Thomas Woolner [for Australia?]
Add. MSS. 838/3   [1850 Sept. 12]
Expects WMR's arrival at WBS's on Sept. 14. Requests WMR to write to Woolner, then staying with Tennyson, with a pressing invitation to visit WBS.
Add. MSS. 838/4   1850 Oct. 13
Acknowledging recent issues of The Germ, with comments on Clough's poem The Bothie, and the nature of poetry. Includes remarks on LMS's suggestion that WMR should read Goethe's Correspondence with a Child. Refers to forthcoming sale of a picture by Christie and Manson.
Add. MSS. 838/5/1-2   1851 Nov. 1
Remarks on WMR's account of his visit to the Lake District, and his having seen only one lake. Describes his views on Browning's poetry, especially Sordello, and its "peculiarity". Mentions WMR's meeting with Dr. Samuel Brown. Expects a visit from Johannes Ronge. Asks for information from DGR regarding the badge of the city of Florence. Admires S. Warren's The Lily and the Bee.
Add. MSS. 838/6/1-2   1851 [Dec. 25]
Refers to recent correspondence with E.N. Dennys and suggests that Dennys would like to meet William North. Enthusiastic comment on the poetry of Alexander Smith, subject of an article in The Critic, 1/12/1851. Mentions W.H. Budden. Has read an article by Patmore in the Edinburgh Review, and complains of his "long-windedness". Also mentions an article in the North British Review, called "The fine arts in Edinburgh". Refers to his own poem Bede in the Nineteenth Century, and recent correspondence with Woolner. Has finished his picture Boccaccio's Visit to Dante's Daughter.
Add. MSS. 838/7   1852 Feb. 5
Requests the return of his poem Bede in the Nineteenth Century. Mentions a visit from the nephew of Isaac Taylor. Has had a visit from J. Ronge, and esteems him. Approves of Carlyle's Latter-day Pamphlets.
Add. MSS. 838/8   [1852 Feb. 19]
Replying to WMR's letter of 8/2/1852. Is considering writing to The Spectator on the appointment of H. Cole as head of the government schools of design, which has been badly received.
Add. MSS. 838/9   [1852] Mar. 28
Reply to WMR's letter of 25/3/1852. Further adverse comment on H. Cole's appointment, with remarks on A. Poynter, inspector of art schools, and on the prospects of W.R. Deverell. Mentions his own portrait of Ronge, DGR's "Catullus picture", the forthcoming Newcastle art exhibition and the restoration of Hexham Abbey. Comments on Woolner's poem Street Music.
Add. MSS. 838/10   1852 Apr. 21
Refers to his letter to the Spectator regarding H. Cole. Mentions a meeting with Catherine Crowe, and various pictures in the Edinburgh Exhibition. Ridicules W.B. Johnston[e]'s imitation of the PRB style. Recommends WMR to read Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. Gives an account of the controversy regarding the poetry of Alexander Smith.
Add. MSS. 838/11   1852 Aug. 6
Announcing the death of his mother and with suggestions as to the timing of WMR's proposed visit.
Add. MSS. 838/12   [1852 Aug. 9]
Further arrangements for WMR's visit. Plans for the exhibition of FMB's The Pretty Baa Lambs and other Pre-Raphaelite paintings in the Newcastle Exhibition.
Add. MSS. 838/13   1852 Sept. 28
From Tynemouth. Describing his stay in Tynemouth, undertaken for medical reasons.
Add. MSS. 838/14/1-3   1852 Nov. 9
Explains his reluctance to include his poem The Year of the World in his proposed volume [ Poems 1854 ] and replies in detail to WMR's comments on it. Mentions a visit to the Lake District, and a sketch of himself by DGR.
Add. MSS. 838/15   1853 Mar. 7
Promises to send WMR a copy of W.J. Linton's The Plaint of Liberty. Has been reading J.E. Taylor's Michael Angelo. Refers to current work on etchings for the Glasgow Art Union and other pictures. Comments on Cole's administration of the schools of design. Mentions a visit from R.N. Wornum and Isabella Dallas Glyn performing in Newcastle. Comments on J.P. Collier's Notes and Emendations to Shakespeare.
Add. MSS. 838/16   1853 Mar. 23
Comments on The Plaint of Liberty. Refers to his review of J.E. Taylor's Michael Angelo in the Gateshead Observer. Is planning a further visit to Tynemouth and mentions verses written on the previous one, suitable for Helen Orme's album (see Peattie 29). His painting Fair Rosamund sent for framing together with a drawing of "The Holy Nicholas" for DGR. Refers to controversial writing on art by E.N. Dennys.
Add. MSS. 838/17   [1853] May 6
Enquiring whether his picture [ Fair Rosamund ] has been hung in the Royal Academy, with remarks on his mixed feelings about exhibiting. Compares the poetry of Alexander Smith to Keats's, in being felicitous but immature. Also mentions publications by Patmore and Arnold, Millais's painting The Highlander's Wife. Holman Hunt's work on The Light of the World and his own plans for publishing Poems 1854.
Add. MSS. 838/18   [1853 Aug. 17] From White Horse Inn, Hexham
Lyrical description of Hexham, where he is painting the parsonage [ Vicarage Garden ]. Mentions plans for the installation of sewers in the town.
Add. MSS. 838/19   1854 May 25
Requests WMR to collect his passport and obtain French and Bavarian visas for him, with an account of his plans for visiting Europe, together with LMS and a Miss Mary Armstrong. Mentions the death of Agatha Traün, Mrs. Ronge's daughter. Has been reading The Heir of Redcliffe, by C.M. Yonge.
Add. MSS. 838/20/1-2   1854 Aug. 1
Description of his visit to Germany, mentioning work done there. Describes his meeting with K.A. von Heideloff and discusses in detail W. van Kaulbach's painting The Fall of Jerusalem.
Add. MSS. 838/21   1854 Oct. 10
Describes the aftermath of the fire and explosion in Gateshead and Newcastle on 6th Oct. 1854, mentioning the death of the son of John Dobson. Comments on WMR's visit to Europe, with further remarks on his own visit. Announces the publication of Poems 1854. Mentions with disapproval W. Allingham's book Day and Night Songs.
Add. MSS. 838/22   1854 Nov. 14
Suggests that WMR should publish a review of Poems 1854 in Mackay's Illustrated London News. Mentions reviews of it in the Spectator and Weekly News and Chronicle. Describes the various bindings in which the book is available.
Add. MSS. 838/23   1854 Dec. 21
Further comment on reviews of Poems 1854, and their tendency to refer to his melancholy temperament. Refers to DGR's painting Found and to Patmore's poem Angel in the House. Also acknowledges WMR's letter of 15th Nov. 1854, [Peattie 34] and the explanation in it of Carlyle's hostile reaction to Poems 1854.
Add. MSS. 838/24   1855 May 3
Describes his lack of inspiration, and facetiously discusses the possibility of suicide. Refers to a proposal for publishing his poems in America in the Crayon [Peattie 38]. Comments on E.R. Bulwer Lytton's Clytemnestra ... and other poems, publisher under the pseudonym of Owen Meredith. Intends to attend the Paris Exposition. Mentions a visit from W.H. Budden.
Add. MSS. 838/25/1-2   1855 June 21
Arrangements for his forthcoming trip to Paris and for visiting WMR en route. Mentions CGR's ill health. Adverse comment on Millais's marriage to Mrs. Ruskin. Has sold The Trial of Sir William Wallace for £30 and Fair Rosamund for £15. Comment on the reviews of Poems 1854. Brief references to Meredith and William North.
Add. MSS. 838/26   1855 July 5
From Wallington. Further arrangements to visit WMR on his way to Paris. Appreciative comments on the Trevelyans, mentioning Lady Trevelyan's views on Millais's marriage.
Add. MSS. 838/27   1855 Aug 9
Description of the Paris Exposition, mentioning its superiority to the 1851 Exhibition and with comments on the costs of the visit. Unenthusiastic remarks on Tennyson's Maud. Looks forward to a visit from Maria Rossetti.
Add. MSS. 838/28   1856 April 6
Complaining of WMR and DGR's failure to write and requesting artistic news, especially of Holman Hunt's The Scapegoat and of Millais's current work, of which he has failed to get satisfactory information from C.A. Collins. Mentions the death of his mother-in-law and the possibility of his leaving the School of Art. Enjoyed Maria Rossetti's visit. Has been asked by Mrs. M. Howitt to forward a petition from Newcastle on married women's property. Enquires whether WMR was the author of the Spectator review of the third volume of Ruskin's Modern Painters. Mentions E. Epps sending her book Practical Observations on Health and Long Life to WMR for review.
Add. MSS. 838/29   1856 May 22
Acknowledges WMR's letter of 14/4/1856 [Peattie 41]. Arrangements to meet WMR while in London. Announces his "splendid" commission to paint the hall at Wallington. Refers in favourable terms to Browning's Men and Women and describes Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Regards an unidentified pamphlet by Ruskin as "absurd".
Add. MSS. 838/30   1856 Sept. 28
Announcing his move to 14, St Thomas Crescent. Mentions Woolner's recent movements. Is half way through the first of the Wallington pictures, St. Cuthbert. Refers to FMB's design The Prisoner of Chillon. Regards the cheap publication of Durer's prints of the Passion as a very bad copy. Intends asking J. Hannay to address the Newcastle Lit. and Phil. Requests information regarding WMR's visit to Normandy.
Add. MSS. 838/31   1856 Dec. 22
Sending a copy of Leaves of Grass, as a Christmas present, with comments on the poem. Mentions Woolner's commission to do a centre sculpture for Wallington. Comments on Mrs. Browning's Aurora Leigh. Mentions FMB's commission for Work.
Add. MSS. 838/32   1857 Feb. 14
Acknowledges WMR's letter of 25/12/1856 [Peattie 45]. Remarks humourously on the birth of children to Patmore and Hannay. Further comments on Leaves of Grass and Aurora Leigh. Has had news from W.H. Budden of Woolner's progress with his bust of Tennyson. Has heard that Alexander Munro is to do a marble bust for a subscription in Oxford for Dr. Acland. Offers to subscribe to the fund for the widow of T. Seddon. Complains of isolation from other artists, and of a recent visit from Mrs. Scott's aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Barry.
Add. MSS. 838/33   1857 April 5
Acknowledges WMR's letter of 17/2/1857 [Peattie 47]. Mentions the progress of the Seddon subscription, and J. Leathart's desire to acquire a work by DGR. Criticizes the Edinburgh Weekly Review for a narrowness of outlook which he considers typically Scottish. Praises D. Masson's Essays, Biographical and Critical. Has been reading S. Laing's translation of Heimskringla in connection with his work on The Descent of the Danes and is much impressed by it. Disapproves of some of DGR's revisions to The Blessed Damozel in The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, Nov. 1856. Brief mention of Morris's tales.
Add. MSS. 838/34   1857 June 2
Comments on the proposed scheme for exhibiting British pictures in America, and says he has nothing to send himself. Asks WMR to look out for paintings by his pupils Mary Armstrong and Helen Proctor in the current London exhibition of work by lady artists and expresses disapproval of a review of it in the Spectator. Proposes that he and WMR should visit the Manchester Exhibition together.
Add. MSS. 838/35   1857 July 6
Description of his visit to the Manchester Exhibition. Suggests that his pictures The Burgher's Watch on the City Wall and The Old English Market Town, Hexham should be exhibited in America. Will advise Leathart to buy DGR's picture St. Catherine if he can afford it.
Add. MSS. 838/36   1857 Aug. 9
Arrangements for the exhibition of his pictures in America with a brief explanation of his choice of pictures. Thanks WMR and DGR for getting him on to the Committee of the Medieval Society. Currently working on The Death of Bede rather than The Descent of the Danes, as he prefers personal subjects; therefore does not need to borrow armour from DGR at present. Mentions the cancellation of the plan that FMB should travel to America with the pictures for the exhibition.
Add. MSS. 838/37   1857 Oct 31
Refers to current movements of the Trevelyans, and to Woolner's recent work. Requests WMR to find for him the text of verses inscribed at the order of Alcuin on the wall of the monastery of St. Martin of Tours, as they might be suitable for Bede's cell, also a portrait of Alcuin for the spandrils at Wallington. Mentions J. le G. Brereton's poem The Travels of Prince Legion and J.W. Ebsworth taking holy orders. Expostulates with WMR regarding his unfavourable review of the Manchester Exhibition in the Spectator.
Add. MSS. 838/38   [1858] Mar. 5
From Balcony House, Tynemouth. Is painting the sea as background to a picture. Currently reading J. Forsyth's Remarks on Antiquities ... in Italy in preparation for his visit there with WMR. Willingly agrees to join the Hogarth Club, and comments on the plans for it. Has been reading the Apocryphal Gospels, ed. by Home, and mentions a project of WMR for collating the words of Christ in the evangelists [see Peattie 56]. Describes his dissatisfaction with the hanging of The Death of Bede by the Scottish Academy. Mentions plans by G. Massey to publish an illustrated ed. of his poems, of which WBS disapproves.
Add. MSS. 838/39   1858 Apr. 11
Arrangements for his forthcoming visit to Italy with WMR. Mentions recent visitors to Wallington, including Miss Ogle, author of A Lost Love. The Bishop of Brechin [A.P. Forbes] is to have his portrait painted by A. Hughes at the suggestion of Ruskin. Various comments on Ruskin's recent activities.
Add. MSS. 838/40/1-2   1858 Sept. 5
Extended description of his visit to Italy, on which WMR did not, in the event, accompany him. Mentions meeting Dr. Fawcus, and regrets not having seen the Brownings. Offers to send some work done in Italy to the Hogarth Club. Mentions a visit from Maria Rossetti. Leathart unable to buy DGR's Christmas Carol owing to heavy recent expenditure. Has advised Lady Trevelyan to commission a picture of the Virgin in the House of St John from DGR. A friend in Newcastle would like a drawing of an Arab from Holman Hunt.
Add. MSS. 838/41   1858 Oct. 24
Mentions meeting Swinburne at Wallington. Supports the election of A. McCallum to the Hogarth Club. Complains of excessive beer-drinking and smoking by the Club's members. Is sending 9 water-colours for exhibition. Favours the election of A. Munro.
Add. MSS. 838/42   [1859 Aug. 21]
Asks WMR to buy a piece of majolica which he has seen in London for him. Hopes that WMR will visit and mentions plans to go to Longstone Lighthouse for his picture of Grace Darling. Expects a visit from A. Munro. Is starting to prepare his Half hour Lectures in the History of Art for publication. His picture of Bernard Gilpin is to be exhibited before taking it to Wallington. Recent visitors to Wallington include Lord and Lady Ashburton and Dr. Acland. Mentions Swinburne.
Add. MSS. 838/43   [1859] Nov. 3
Asking WMR to give his opinions on the MS. of Half-hour Lectures in the History of Art during a forthcoming visit, and expressing appreciation of CGR's comments on it. Leathart has acquired DGR's picture of Sir Galahad. Teases CGR about her inability to spell "sandwiches".
Add. MSS. 838/44   1859 Dec. 6
Thanking WMR for a picture, attributed to Kranach, and mentioning Soldello [sic, i.e. Sordello ] lost in the post. Lady Trevelyan approves of WBS's portraits of WMR and Sir Walter Trevelyan. Complains of T. Dixon's behaviour in asking WMR to entertain a visiting American whom WBS expects to be uncultivated. When possible, WBS will send some photographs with "the Hancock publication". Mentions Leathart's arrangements with DGR and FMB, and the possibility of his acquiring a picture from Arthur Hughes. Routledge unable to look at Half-Hour Lectures until the the new year.
Add. MSS. 838/45   1860 Jan. 11
Refers to sending WMR some ornithological photographs. Has decided against Smith Elder's terms for publishing Half-hour Lectures. Is currently working on Una and the Lion. Criticises Sordello on various grounds, including obscurity.
Add. MSS. 838/46   1860 April 14
Asks WMR to purchase two hearthrugs for him. Comments on Louis Napoleon and international affairs. Has sent Una and the Lion to the Royal Academy.
Add. MSS. 838/47/1-2   1860 May 5
Further adverse remarks on Sordello, and on the poetry of Mrs. Browning. Comments on the proposal that the Hogarth Club should hold a dinner and raise a subscription in honour of Holman Hunt, and on the treatment of Hunt's work in the press. Asks whether Una and the Lion has been hung at the Royal Academy. Has been painting the sea at Tynemouth for Grace Darling.
Add. MSS. 838/48/1-2   [1860] May 24
Acknowledges WMR's letter of 14th May 1860 [Peattie 71]. Comments on DGR's marriage. Announces the acceptance of Half-hour Lectures by Longmans and asks WMR's help in correcting the proofs. Describes the adverse influence of his mother-in-law in his own married life. Mentions a visit to London by Leathart.
Add. MSS. 838/49   1860 Dec. 26
Regarding proof corrections to Half-Hour Lectures. Will pass on a message to AB.
Add. MSS. 838/50/1-3   [1861 Feb. 5]
Detailed comments on proposed amendments to Half-Hour Lectures. Will not object if WMR's work on Half-Hour Lectures influences his forthcoming article in Fraser's Magazine (v.63, p.493). Refers to WMR's plans to visit Normandy. Mentions his religious beliefs.
Add. MSS. 838/51   [1861 Feb. 12]
Further comments on proposed amendments to Half-Hour Lectures, including remarks on the picturesque, and on Turner.
Add. MSS. 838/52/1-2   1861 Mar. 2
Sending a copy of Half-Hour Lectures, with thanks and comments. Asks for information about deterioration in his portrait of WMR reported by F.G. Stephens. Puts forward the suggestion that the Hogarth Club should take over the management of the British Institution.
Add. MSS. 838/53   [1861] April 21
Approves of WMR's article in Fraser's Magazine, but considers the emphasis on Woolner excessive. Remarks on current notions of biblical costume. Enquires as to the Hogarth Club's reception of his proposal regarding the British Institution. Refers to W. Cave Thomas's Pre-Raphaelitism tested by the Principles of Christianity, and to Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co's recent circular.
Add. MSS. 838/54   [1861] May 17
Enclosing a subscription to the fund for J. Cross. Opposes WMR's views on Islam, expressed in his letter of 8th May 1861 [Peattie 74]. Praises Shelley's Prometheus. Asks for particulars of the authors of two publications received: Notes on Art, Sculptors, Sculpture, etc. and A House for the Country, by Morris, an architect. Coal and Iron nearly completed. T.E. Plint has given £1,250 for five sketches by Holman Hunt.
Add. MSS. 838/55/1-2   1861 Aug. 11
Describes his financial agreement with Gambart regarding his exhibition of the Wallington pictures in June-July, and asking WMR to put pressure on Gambart to send him a report of it. Recalls a visit to Paris made at the age of twenty-five and comments on subsequent changes in artistic taste. Has spent three weeks with AB at Penkill Castle. Looks forward to a visit from WMR.
Add. MSS. 838/56   [1861 Oct. 1]
Arrangements for WMR's forthcoming visit. Account of Mrs. Scott's aunt and uncle.
Add. MSS. 838/57/1-2   [1861] Nov. 17
Thanks WMR for sending some of his etchings, of which he will select one or two. Discusses negotiations with G. Scharf, apparently regarding the presentation of a portrait of David Scott to the National Portrait Gallery, and refers to the intention that some of David Scott's pictures should be shown at the Great Exhibition. Remarks briefly on DGR's financial position. Expresses his pleasure on the forthcoming publication of CGR's book [ Goblin Market, and other poems ].
Add. MSS. 838/58   1862 Jan. 12
Description of a visit to his friend J.C. Fairbairn in Berwickshire. Arrangements for WMR to return the portrait of David Scott. Making satisfactory progress with his picture The Lavarium, for the Royal Academy. Praises WMR's article on Turner, but continues to have reservations about him.
Add. MSS. 838/59   1862 Feb. 19
Expressing sympathy at the death of DGR's wife, and discussing whether DGR would benefit from accompanying WBS and WMR on a proposed visit to Italy. Brief mention of G.W. Thornbury's Life of Turner.
Add. MSS. 838/60/1-2   [1862] Mar. 8
Wishes he could have WMR and DGR's comments on his current work [ A Messenger of the New Faith ]. Remarks on the new domestic arrangements of the Rossetti family, the expense of furnishing Tudor House and the possibility that this may interfere with his plans to visit Italy with WMR. Extended adverse criticism of G.W. Thornbury's Life of Turner. Recalls his own first meeting with Turner, and personal repugnance towards him.
Add. MSS. 838/61   [1862] April 6
Further discussion of the timing and financial arrangements for the proposed visit to Italy. Refers to DGR's commission to do two lunettes for the Great Exhibition. Comments on the work of Fuseli.
Add. MSS. 838/62   1862 May 4
Requesting information on the fate of his Academy picture; [ The Lavarium ?]; and expressing disappointment at WMR's and DGR's comments on it. Has heard much praise of CGR's Goblin Market and other poems, and mentions Miss Ogle as an appreciative reader. Has written to R. Redgrave regarding David Scott. General comments on David Scott's work, and the reasons for its lack of appreciation.
Add. MSS. 838/63   1862 June 13
Announcing his impending arrival in London, and possibility of introducing DGR and Woolner to A.B. Favourable comment on F.T. Palgrave's Handbook of the fine art collection in the International Exhibition. Brief mention of N. Hawthorne's Transformation. Lady Trevelyan attempting to obtain a copy of The Scotsman's review of CGR's poems.
Add. MSS. 838/64   1862 Nov. 23
Has purchased a picture, the Priestess of Vesta at a recent exhibition. Has been repainting his own picture A Messenger of the New Faith and is considering exhibiting it at the British Institution. Comments adversely on W. Sandby's History of the Royal Academy of Arts and complains of nepotism among the academicians. Has received a letter from J.W. Inchbold, and is vexed that he has painted St Mark's from the same viewpoint as himself.
Add. MSS. 838/65   1862 Nov. 30
Blames C.L. Eastlake for the refusal of David Scott's portrait, and suggests that WMR keep the picture until David Scott is better appreciated. Expects that some of David Scott's work will be exhibited in London next year. Comments on WMR's remarks on style and manner in Fraser's Magazine and describes the PRB as “an attempt perhaps not understood by the movers themselves to counteract this importance of "style"”. Returns all but two of the etchings and Scharf's letter.
Add. MSS. 838/66   1863 Feb. 22
Refers to DGR's visit to Newcastle and his portrait of Mrs. Leathart. Praises The Reader and compares it with various other journals. Passes on news of J.W. Inchbold received in a recent letter from him. Raises the question of a holiday in Europe, and expects that LMS will want to visit her cousin in Bruges. Mentions the forthcoming Newcastle meeting of the British Association and asks whether WMR would be interested in attending.
Add. MSS. 838/67   1863 Mar. 8
Will review A. Gilchrist's Life of Blake for Weldon's Register. Asks WMR to retrieve a drawing of the sea of his from W.J. Linton. Looks forward to WMR's visit for the British Association meeting. Remarks on the benefits of foreign travel, but will probably stay at home, at the wish of LMS. Is thinking of painting an easel picture based on Iron and Coal. Offers WMR one of the sketches of the Coliseum and Lake Neni which he did in their joint holiday.
Add. MSS. 838/68   [1863] April 7
Has been asked to write on the Arundel Society for Weldon's Register, but does not understand why F.G. Stephens has not been asked to do it. Urges WMR to continue to press Linton to return the sketch. Discusses the timing of WMR's visit for the British Association meeting. Refers to a financial transaction with DGR. Expects his appointment at the School of Art to terminate on 30th Sept. Welcomes the publication of the Fine Arts Quarterly Review. Mentions Swinburne's intrusion on a visit to Tynemouth.
Add. MSS. 838/69   1863 May 26
Comments on the rejection of his picture of St Mark's and another work by the Royal Academy, and refers to Holman Hunt's views on the pictures. Remarks on his own article on the Arundel Society and on recent articles in the Reader, including one on A. Egg. Discusses his plans for retirement.
Add. MSS. 838/70   1863 Nov. 24
From Tynemouth. Comments on his review of Woolner's My Beautiful Lady, for Weldon's Register, expressing anxiety about Weldon's standards of proof-correction, and voicing reservations about the poem not fully stated in the review. Describes the plan to give him a commission rather than a presentation on his departure from Newcastle. Mentions a visit from H.T. Wells.
Add. MSS. 838/71   [1864] Jan. 13
From Tynemouth. On possible subjects for his testimonial commission. Was disappointed by Legros's Hamlet, bought by Leathart on WMR's recommendation. Lists Blake drawings owned by Leathart and himself.
Add. MSS. 838/72   [1865 Feb. 18]
Account of the reactions of LMS and AB to the death of AB's brother, Spencer, and the journey to Penkill for the funeral. Explains his reasons for exhibiting at the Water-Colour Exhibition and the British Institution. Rejects a suggestion made by WMR regarding his picture The Eve of the Deluge.
Add. MSS. 838/73   [1865 Mar.] 8
Congratulates WMR on his translation of Dante's Inferno. Complains that O. Shipley has returned an article of his on grounds of criticism of the Roman Catholic Church. Praises W.J. Linton's Claribel, and offers to send a copy to WMR.
Add. MSS. 838/74   1865 July 8
From Penkill Castle. Asking for an account of WMR's holiday in Italy with CGR, reporting progress with his work on the staircase at Penkill and giving an account of his approach to historical painting.
Add. MSS. 838/75   [1865] July [15]
From Penkill Castle. Acknowledges a letter from WMR, describing his holiday. Detailed description of WBS's pictures at Penkill. Thanks WMR for obtaining a wood carving for him.
Add. MSS. 838/76   [1865 Aug. 6]
From Penkill Castle. Thanks WMR for sending an article by WBS in the Atheneum and one from the Art Journal referring to a vote of thanks to him by the Newcastle Lit. and Phil. Has invited DGR to Penkill, but does not expect him to come. Comments on R.H. Horne's Prometheus, of which W.J. Linton is sending copies to Swinburne and DGR. Remarks on an article by G.H. Lewes in the Fortnightly Review. Agrees with Swinburne against Browning as to when beech-nuts are visible.
Add. MSS. 838/77   [1865 Nov. 27]
Commenting on a s蠮ce, and asking WMR not to mention it to AB. Wishes DGR to know of his success in mending a china parrot.
Add. MSS. 838/78   [1866] April 24
Declining to accompany WMR on a journey to Naples, as it would disrupt his work at Penkill and on the spandrils at Wallington.
Add. MSS. 838/79   [1866] April 26
Regarding a proposal by Mrs. Mark Pattison that WBS, WMR and others should contribute to a volume of essays on art.
Add. MSS. 838/80   [1866] April 29
Praises WMR's article "English opinion on the American War" in the Atlantic Monthly, Feb. 1866. Further discussion as to the advisability of contributing to Mrs. Pattison's proposed collection of essays.
Add. MSS. 838/81   [1866] July [12]
From Penkill Castle. Returning WMR's diary of his visit to Naples, with comments on it. Is considering making a collection of water-vessels. Enquires whether Swinburne's book Poems and Ballads has been published. Discusses the charge of triviality brought against the PBR. Has heard nothing more from Mrs. Pattison. Is progressing with the staircase at Penkill, but some of his earlier work is being damaged by damp. CGR and Mrs. Scott are also at Penkill, causing WBS to complain of excessive female company and friction with CGR.
Add. MSS. 838/82   [1866] July 29
From Penkill Castle. Comments appreciatively on WMR's contribution to the Early English Text Society's publication of Political, Religious and Love poems in Lambeth MS, and has decided to join the Society. Has consulted various sources for information on heraldry for his current work. Is encountering further problems of deterioration in the Penkill pictures due to damp. Is troubled by the unwholesome material in Swinburne's Poems and Ballads.
Add. MSS. 838/83   [1866] Aug. 2
From Penkill. Discusses whether WMR should apply for the keepership of the British Museum Print Room, with his reasons for not wishing to do so himself. Includes comments on his financial position and general career prospects, including progress with the Wallington pictures.
Add. MSS. 838/84   [1866] Sept. 2
From Penkill. Deplores the choice of J.C. Hotten as the re-publisher Swinburne's Poems and Ballads, on the grounds of his questionable reputation. Has visited [Charles?] Jenner, and persuaded him to join the EETS. Acknowledges two mottoes, from WMR and CGR, to be incorporated into the ceiling at Penkill.
Add. MSS. 838/85   1866 Sept. [10?]
From Penkill. Thanks WMR for obtaining some majolica for him. Is having the wall at Penkill lined with zinc to prevent further deterioration of his paintings. Has heard from Woolner, denying the allegation that he was instrumental in the withdrawal of Swinburne's book. He himself attempted, too late, to dissuade Swinburne from re-issuing it. Further comments on the Swinburne scandal.
Add. MSS. 838/86   [1866 Oct. 23]
Comments on a s蠮ce.
Add. MSS. 838/87   1867 June 10
From Penkill Castle. Severe frost has caused further deterioration of the wall-paintings. Has visited Charles Jenner. The health of his fingers has improved. Asks WMR to forward an enquiry to Notes and Queries regarding prints of Jason and Medea. Morris has sent him a book [ The Life and Death of Jason ?] which he admires in spite of defective versification.
Add. MSS. 838/88   [1867] June 17
From Penkill. Replying to WMR's account of Whistler's assault on S. Haden, disagreeing with WMR and expressing his strong dislike of Whistler. Mentions DGR and Swinburne's friendship with Whistler.
Add. MSS. 838/89   1867 June 25
From Penkill. Replying to WMR's letter in defence of Whistler [Peattie 125]. Asks WMR to send him information about a book on watermarks which he has seen, as he is currently making a collection of watermarks on the prints of early German engravers.
Add. MSS. 838/90   1867 July 6
From Penkill. Is looking forward to WMR's visit. Acknowledges WMR's book [ Fine Art, chiefly Contemporary ?]. Describes his commission to do part of the decoration of the South Kensington Museum. Suggests visiting Paris with WMR.
4p. (incomplete)
Add. MSS. 838/91   [1867] Nov. 28
Does not intend to buy any further works of art at present, owing to the depreciation of his railway shares.
Add. MSS. 838/92./1-2   1868 April 14
Expresses concern at the illness of WMR's mother. Is being visited by a family named Courtney [AB's step-father or half-brother and his duaghters?] Replies to detailed comments made by WMR on Half-Hour Lectures in Art, in connection with the second edition.
Add. MSS. 838/93   1868 Aug. 10
From Penkill. Apologia for Karl's Legacy by J.W. Ebsworth, mentioning Ebsworth's interest in the work of David Scott. Complains of the Royal Academy, and a book or article by H. O'Neil hostile in the PRB. Is continuing with drawings for the windows at the South Kensington Museum. Passing mention of DGR, Swinburne and FMB.
Add. MSS. 838/94   1868 Nov. 17
Requests information on the Rape of Lucretia for a proposed painting. Comments adversely on the new edition of Walt Whitman. [With pencil annotation, by WMR?]
Add. MSS. 838/95   1868 Nov. 30
Enclosing his leaf of the ms. of Shelley's Revolt of Islam, with comments on the poet. Mentions J. Miller, P. Marshall and D. Currie as fellow dinner guests at Alfred Hunt's. While at Penkill tried to encourage DGR to resume his poetry and is encouraged by his response.
Add. MSS. 838/96/1-2   [1868] Dec. 2
Makes a gift of the Shelley ms. Has questioned G.H. Lewes, whose intention of writing on Shelley was vetoed by the Shelley family, about the degradation, in later life, of Harriet Shelley. Comments on Shelley's attitude towards her. Suggests that WMR contact Jane Hogg, formerly Williams, in connection with his research on Shelley. Comments on DGR's state of mind regarding his eyesight problems, and again expresses the hope that he will resume his poetry. Replies to WMR's query regarding a stanza of The Revolt of Islam [Peattie 147].
Add. MSS. 838/97/1-2   [1869] June 16
From Penkill. Replying to WMR's comments on the proofs of WBS's Albert Dürer: his Life and Works. Refers also to assistance from CGR.
Add. MSS. 838/98   [1869] July 3
From Penkill. Further detailed comments on the text of Albert Dürer. Enquires as to the truth of a rumour, reported by Sir Frederic Burton, that Swinburne has been threatened with ejection from the [Burlington?] Club.
Add. MSS. 838/99   [1869] Aug. 8
From Penkill. Further remarks on Dürer. His windows at the South Kensington Museum are now in position. Congratulates WMR on his promotion to Assistant Secretary and bitterly compares WMR's lot with his own and that of David Scott.
Add. MSS. 838/100   [1869] Sept. 6
From Penkill. Instructions regarding the proofs of his catalogue of Dürer's works. FMB has informed him of an additional item. Comments on DGR's health and poetical activities. Mentions FMB's reaction to H. Beecher Stowe's article "The true story of Lady Byron's married life" in Macmillan's Magazine. Sept. 1869.
Add. MSS. 838/101   [1869 Sept. 15]
From Penkill. Advises WMR as to how to handle H. Beecher Stowe's accusation of incest between Byron and his sister in his introduction to a forthcoming edition of Byron's poetry. Has received FMB's comments on Albert Dürer, and has written to Lord Lothian, owner of the additional picture.
Add. MSS. 838/102   [1869 Sept.] 27
From Penkill. Further comments on the proofs of Albert Dürer. Refers to H.B. Forman's article in Tinsley's Magazine, Oct. 1869, and to DGR's current writing. M.M. Heaton's History of the Life of Albert Dürer is to be published shortly.
Add. MSS. 838/103   [1869] Oct. 1
From Penkill. Further comments on the proofs of Albert Dürer. Suggests amendments to DGR's poems Eden Bower, The Sea-Limits and The Blessed Damozel.
Add. MSS. 838/104   [1869] Oct. 11
From Penkill. Further comments on the proofs of Albert Dürer. Mentions DGR's recovery of his MS. poems. Refers to DGR's meeting with T.G. Hake, and hopes to be introduced to him.
Add. MSS. 838/105   [1869 Nov. 26]
Is considering whether to offer to do the etchings for a work by J.B. Payne, from illustrations by FMB, as he finds this kind of work congenial. Mentions FMB's difficulties in getting the work done and the unsatisfactory work of E. Edwards. Brief reference to two sonnets by DGR, entitled The Church Porches.
Add. MSS. 838/106   1869 Dec. 1
Has received no reply from Payne regarding his offer to do the etchings and asks WMR to take the matter up with him. Would have been willing to sign a general letter in support of G. Ricciardi, but considers it inappropriate to write on his own account.
Add. MSS. 838/107   1872 June 11
Expressing sympathy regarding DGR's breakdown on 2nd June and offering support.
Add. MSS. 838/108   [1872 July 1]
From Stobhall. Regarding arrangements for the sale of DGR's china collection, and reporting on DGR's state of health.
Add. MSS. 838/109   1872 July 9
From Stobhall. Extensive report on DGR's health, including remarks on the problem of his wine bill and the characters of his servants Allan and Emma.
Add. MSS. 838/110   [1872] Sept. 13
From Penkill. Has heard from DGR that he has been painting, and is pleased with the results. Invites WMR and DGR to visit Penkill. Enquires whether WMR would be willing to accompany him on a visit to Venice. Mentions recent artistic work and gives a detailed account of his plans for an edition of Burns.
Add. MSS. 838/111   [1872 Sept.] 23
From Penkill. Has heard from DGR, who appears much improved. Discusses the question of who was responsible for forging a cheque during DGR's illness, and suggests that DGR's servants may be the culprits. Comments on F. Hueffer's marriage and confusion surrounding arrangements for Hueffer to lecture at Newcastle Literary Institute, repeating a remark by FMB on Hueffer's inepitude not being a barrier to success.
Add. MSS. 838/112   [1874] July 24
From Penkill. Has been revising his poems for an illustrated edition. Has written to DGR for his opinion of the work, but has received no reply. Has given instruction in etching to Tadema, who has offered to contribute some etchings to the work. Is expecting a visit from F.W. Burton. Has had a visit from Mrs. Rossetti and CGR.
Add. MSS. 838/113   [1875] Sept. 4
From Penkill. Requesting news from London, especially regarding WMR's forthcoming article "William Bell Scott and modern British poetry" [ Macmillan's Magazine, March 1876]. Objects to J. Knight bracketing his poetry with that of B. Dobell in an article in Concordia, and to an article in the Spectator which makes the same juxtaposition.
Add. MSS. 838/114   [1875] Sept. 21
From Penkill. Urges WMR to give due weight to the work of Ebenezer Elliott in a forthcoming article, and suggests that the article should be included in his Lives of the Poets. Mentions DGR's commission for Venus Astarte, and his disinclination to visit Penkill. Claims priority over Herr Richter in the discovery of the figure of Eve in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam (see The Academy, 1875, 18th Sept. and 2nd Oct.)
Add. MSS. 838/115   [1876] Apr. 18
Invites WMR and Mrs. WMR to view a picture of his [ The Norns Watering Iggdrasil ?]. Mentions the recent marriage of G.P. Boyce. Enquires whether there is to be a subscription for Walt Whitman. Acknowledges WMR's criticisms of his catalogue of the Blake exhibition at the Burlington Club, and disagrees with WMR as to the effect on Blake's work of the death of his brother.
Add. MSS. 838/116   [1876 Apr. 20]
Attacks an article, attributed to Mrs. Loftie, on Blake and mentions a biting review by Loftie of his poems. Has replied to WMR's criticism of his Blake catalogue in The Academy, [22nd April, 1876, p.385].
Add. MSS. 838/117   [1876] May 27
Asking WMR to correct the name of J. Leicester Warren, wrongly given in a circular, and remarks on his liking for him. Mentions the account of Lucy Rossetti in E.C. Clayton's English Female Artists. Queries whether FMB is fully informed regarding the character of his grandfather, Dr. John Brown.
Add. MSS. 838/118   [1876] June 2
Further remarks on J. Leicester Warren and on FMB's grandfather. Has received a presentation copy of Walt Whitman's Two Rivulets, and considers it inferior to Leaves of Grass.
Add. MSS. 838/119   [18]76 June 25
From Penkill. Enclosing a press cutting announcing the death of Mrs. Esdaile, n裠Ianthe Shelley. Refers to E. Trelwany's reception of his etching of M. Hunt's bust of Shelley, and to the Byron circle's dislike of Hunt. Also refers to the unprepossessing appearance of Trelawney's photograph and to his daughter Laetitia, having spread the report that Shelley's boat was run down by another vessel. Enquiries why James Anderson Rose is selling his prints. Is astonished that FMB has not applied for the London Slade professorship. Has been informed that he would have obtained it himself, but feels it is too late in life.
3p. (cutting tipped in)
Add. MSS. 838/120/1-2   1876 July 2
From Penkill. Discusses how to avoid DGR having to appear as a witness in R. Buchanan's libel action against The Examiner. Encloses a further press cutting relating to Mrs. Esdaile. Comments on the question of what became of Shelley's heart after his death. Apologises for his previous remarks on Trelawny, but considers WMR's regard for him excessive. Urges WMR and DGR to make another inspection of The Norns Watering Iggdrasil, on which he has done further work, and has also sent a poem on the subject to The Athaeneum. Mentions a musical evening to be given by Mrs. Scott.
4p. and press cutting
Add. MSS. 838/121   [1876] Nov. 20
Recommends WMR to read T. Dixon's Indian Thoughts, mentioning his own interest in Indian philosophy. Enquires after the health of various members of the Rossetti family.
Add. MSS. 838/122   [1878] April 4
Refers to a jacket [apparently a Shelley relic] which he will have copied or photographed and return to WMR. Gives his reasons for being irritated by Edmund Gosse. Asks WMR to send a letter against raising income tax to support military activity.
Add. MSS. 838/123   1880 April 8
Regarding a possible error in his article on the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili in the Athenaeum of 27th Mar. 1880, p.415-6. Comments on the inadequate treatment of married relationships in biographical writings, and on the difficulty of poets forming happy marriages. Has had a burglary. Enquires as to the genuineness of a circular from J.Hatton, alias Guy Rosalyn, requesting subscriptions for a book of poems purporting to be supported by WMR and others. Complains of Hatton's previous behaviour in connection with a biographical work.
Add. MSS. 838/124/1-2   1880 April 17
Acknowledging a copy of a review of his The Little Masters, which corrects an error regarding the Bath of Youth. Encloses an errata slip for his 1875 Poems, and regrets that one of the mistakes has been reproduced in Latter Day Poems, edited by D. Adams.
2p. and 1 printed slip
Add. MSS. 838/1/125   [1880 April] 20
Replying to WMR's having pointed out an error in his previous letter and one in the errata slip.
Add. MSS. 838/126   [1880] May 3
Refers to a sketch-book, formerly in the possession of Blake's friend J. Varley. Varley's son has offered him some inferior pencil sketches of heads, but has no further Blake items.
Add. MSS. 838/127   [18]81 May 22
Commenting on WMR's sonnets [ Democratic Sonnets ] with an extended account of his views on the sonnet form, and remarks on political subjects in poetry. Praises Carlyle's Reminiscences, and compares him favourably with H. Beecher Stowe. Suggests that Swinburne's drinking improves his poetry.
Add. MSS. 838/128   [1882] April 25
Regrets having missed a visit from WMR on account of business at the South Kensington Museum. Has lost his "one business friend in the world", Sir Henry Cole, as well as DGR. Comments on the Scottish Academy's vote of regret at the death of DGR, which he attributes the influence of to Sir Noel Paton. The health of his leg has improved, but he is suffering from fatigue.
Add. MSS. 838/129   [1882] May 23
Is expecting to receive casts of DGR's face and hand shortly. Wishes to make an appointment to select a memento of DGR, and suggests that AB should have one too, on an account of a kind action of hers to DGR.
Add. MSS. 838/130   [1882] May 26
Replying to WMR's letter [Peattie 341] as to whether AB should receive a memento of DGR. Explains that her kind action was to cause the cancellation of debts from DGR to her cousin Miss Losh, the money having been borrowed for various purposes, possibly including a gift to C.A. Howell's mistress, Rosa Corder.
Add. MSS. 838/131   [18]82 June 30
Would like WMR to keep one of his drawings for the Penkill staircase, formerly in the possession of DGR, as AB has sufficient examples of his work. Comments on the lack of demand for his work, compared with Holman Hunt or Millais.
Add. MSS. 838/132   [1883] Feb. 5
Expresses condolences at the death of WMR's infant son Michael. Enquires as to the existance of DGR's original drawing for "the Maryanne subject". Believes that an article of his in The Athenaeum, referring in guarded terms to the genesis of DGR's Found is the origin of a misstatement in W. Sharp's D.G. Rossetti, reproduced in a Royal Academy catalogue.
Add. MSS. 838/133   [18]83 June 22
Has given E. Stock permission to reproduce his poems in a proposed reprint of The Germ, and suggests that the publication should also include DGR's story "The Intercession of St Agnes" with the accompanying etching by Millais. Is fatigued by his work at the South Kensington Museum.
Add. MSS. 838/134   1884 Sept. 23
From Penkill. Asks WMR for another copy of pt. 1 of his Chaucer's Troilus and Cryseyde compared with Boccaccio's Filostrato, as he has lost the one WMR gave him. Mentions the extent to which he regards Penkill as a home from home. Refers to the market for photographs of DGR's works. Describes the new Hall at Penkill, designed by himself, and J. Fergusson's approval of it. Refers to monuments to DGR, including a window at Birchington and a runic monument designed by FMB. Comments on DGR's dislike of the runic style, and a runic cross on David Scott's grave.
Add. MSS. 838/135   1884 Sept. 29
From Penkill. Acknowledges WMR's reply to his previous letter. Makes light of the cholera scare, and puts forward his views as to the causes of the disease, which he considers has no connection with defective sanitation. Recalls cholera outbreaks in Edinburgh and Newcastle. Praises J.M. Gray's work as Keeper of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, but is disappointed in his book on David Scott.
Add. MSS. 838/136   [1885?]
Asks WMR to forward a communication to FMB, currently in Liverpool. Expresses his appreciation of WMR's review of J.C. Jeaffreson's The Real Shelley in the Athenaeum and remarks on Shelley's lack of judgement.
Add. MSS. 838/137   [18]85 Jan. 25
Discusses the proposal to erect a drinking fountain in memory of DGR. Ellis is selling his pictures, including a collection of prints bought from WBS, and wishes WBS to be named as proprietor of the collection.
Add. MSS. 838/138   1885 Jan. 28
Expresses surprise at Sone's [sic, i.e. Seddon's?] involvement in the plan to erect a monument to DGR, as Seddon has complained that WMR has accused him of defaming DGR. Enquires whether WMR opposed the idea of [H. or T.] Thornycroft being employed on the work. Praises the insight of a novel of artistic life [ Miss Brown ?] by V. Paget.
Add. MSS. 838/139   [1885] Feb. 25
Announcing the death of Hedderley, the photographer of DGR's works.
Add. MSS. 838/140/1-2   [1885] Sept. 1
Enquires how he can obtain J. Thomson's Shelley: a poem, reviewed by WMR in The Athenaeum, as he is interested in the comments on Prometheus Unbound. Wishes to know whether F.G. Stephens's book on Rossetti is going ahead, as he has lent him some letters for it. Comments on H.T. Dunn's recent illness, on the further subscription for Walt Whitman and on DGR's belief that Anne Gilchrist wished to marry Whitman. Describes the effect of the journey to Penkill on his heart condition. Refers to his copy of the works of J. Brown, author of Elements of Medicine. Also, a cutting from The Camden Post, relating to Whitman. [5 lines cut out, possibly relating to FMB]
3p. & cutting
Add. MSS. 838/141   1885 Sept. 25
Further brief remarks about Thomson's Shelley and F.G. Stephens's book on Rossetti. The sale of his engravings has realised £1,266.
Add. MSS. 838/142   1885 Nov. 20
Refers to a letter from WMR [not in Peattie], which apparently replied to advice from WBS regarding DGR's biography. Again comments on the difficulty for a biographer of being accurately informed about his subject's married life (see also 956/123). Refers briefly to the Whitman subscription. Praises T. Watts-Dunton's The Truth about Rossetti, but considers excessive praise can be counter-productive. Considers R. Buchanan's attack on the "fleshly school" the result of DGR "planting" favourable notices of himself.
2p. [Half of one page cut away.]
Add. MSS. 838/143   1887 July 10
Enclosing his etchings of his Penkill paintings, including The Garden of the Court of Love, for which WMR and CGR modelled. In view of recent editions of The King's Quair, has decided against any more ambitious publication of his Penkill work. Mentions his recent illness and complains of not having been given WMR's edition [of the works of DGR or his Life of Keats ?] or J. Knight's Life of D.G. Rossetti. Mentions visits from F.S. Ellis and V. Lushington and his receipt of vol.1 of Morris's Odyssey.
Add. MSS. 838/144   1887 Oct. 3
Thanking WMR for his Life of John Keats.
Add. MSS. 838/145   1889 Nov. 3
Enclosing an essay on Sordello, possibly that written by WMR and sent with his letter to WBS of 5th February 1860 (see Peattie 71, note 1). Gives a detailed account of his health. Disapproves of WMR addressing the Browning Society, which he considers "an unnecessary body".
Add. MSS. 838/146   1890 Mar. 30
Asking assistance in obtaining a grant from the Literary Fund for W. Brockie, whose health is now much impaired. Comments on his own health. Has realised £810.7.0 through a sale of books at Sotheby's.
Add. MSS. 838/147   1890 April 14
AB to WMR on behalf of WBS. Thanks WMR for offering to assist with the appeal for Brockie, mentioning A. Dobson, J. Cowen, Mr. Welford and Lord Hirchell as also giving support. Mentions the health of various members of WMR's family and enquires as to Lucy Rossetti's progress with Mrs. Shelley.
Add. MSS. 838/148   1890 June 3
AB to WMR. Enquires as to the health of WMR's daughter Mary, and of FMB and Emma Brown. Brockie has received £60 from the Literary Fund. Comments on WBS's health.
Add. MSS. 838/149   1890 Dec. 3
AB to WMR. Thanking WMR for his sympathy on WBS's death. Considers the Athenaeum 's obituary [29th Nov. 1890, p.745] "wretched".

Add. MSS. 838/150-155: Letters of Helen Rossetti Angeli to Prof. C.C. Abbott
Add. MSS. 838/150   1949 [sic, i.e. 1948?] Nov. 19
Replying to a letter of Abbott's dated 3rd Feb., enquiring on behalf of V. Walker, whether she has any letters relating to WBS. All letters addressed to WMR are the property of her sister Olivia Rossetti Agresti. HRA has used some of WBS's letters in her life of DGR. No letters [from WBS] to DGR appear to survive; if there are any they are in the hands of R. Wahl, who is editing DGR's correspondence. She will look shortly to see whether any other letters of WBS can be found.
Add. MSS. 838/151   1949 Feb. 6
Has traced a considerable number of letters from WBS to WMR. Has written to O.R. Agresti, requesting permission to entrust them to V. Walker for study. Wishes to sell the letters on her sister's behalf and thinks that an American purchaser might be found. Cannot authorize V. Walker to make any extensive quotation, in case the sale value is prejudiced. Will forward the letters when permission is received from Signora Agresti.
Add. MSS. 838/152   1949 Feb. 14
Encloses 84 letters found so far, but those of 1865-66 and most after 1870 not yet discovered. Expects the final total to be 110-120 letters. Amplifies her reasons for wishing to sell to America, and mentions a possible price of $1 per letter. Also wishes to sell 18 or 20 letters from Ruskin, a very few from Browning and other writers and a large Shellyan correspondence with E. Dowden, R. Garnett, etc. Signora Agresti may have letters from E. Trelawny and any correspondence with W. Whitman. T.J. Wise bought the letters from Swinburne. The letters, not numerous, from DGR are mostly published. Expresses sympathy with Abbott's problems regarding the Fettercairn papers.
Add. MSS. 838/153   1949 Mar. 29
Encloses a further 25 letters, bringing the total to 109. Does not know of any letters from WBS to DGR; if any exist they would be in the hands of R.Wahl. There may be a few letters from WBS to FMB belonging to a great-grand-daughter living in Ireland [Mrs. C. Lamb]. She will try to find out. She considers Abbott's offer of £25 for the letters to WMR "fair and generous", but might wish to raise the price if the total number is larger than expected. Cannot explain WMR's excisions from 838/141. and 838/142., but thinks the passages probably contained references to a scandal, rather than malicious remarks.
Add. MSS. 838/154   1949 May 10
Encloses 36 further letters bringing the total to 145. WBS's letters relating to DGR's illness are in the possession of R. Wahl, who will return them shortly. Will suggest to Mrs. Lamb, that she should let CCA see, and possibly purchase, the letters of WBS to FMB.
Add. MSS. 838/155   1949 July 12
Encloses four letters relating to DGR's illness. Is retaining three very personal letters of little general interest. Has not approached any other buyers, as she feels that the letters will be most suitably preserved in Durham University Library, but in view of her sister's circumstances would be grateful if the offer could be increased to £40.
Additional Manuscripts 839-842: photostats of William Bell Scott correspondence
Reference: GB-0033-ADD 839, 840, 841, 842
Dates of creation: [1855-1887]
Extent: 35 items
Add. MSS. 839: 1 letter of WBS to Swinburne and 3 to S. Colvin Negative photostats of originals in Harvard University Library

Add. MSS. 839/1/1-2   1883 July 5
WBS to A.C. Swinburne. Thanking Swinburne for his Century of Roundels. He had in fact already purchased a copy, which he will present to AB. Improvements to Penkill Castle will include a library. His work at the South Kensington Museum is nearly finished.
Add. MSS. 839/2/1-2   1885 Sept. 16
WBS to S. Colvin. Mentions his own poor health. Suggests that Keats's The Vision [ The Fall of Hyperion ] is a revised version of Hyperion, and not a first version, as believed by Lord Houghton and H.B. Forman. Also suggests that The Eve of St. Mark is supposed to have a modern setting and that the girl represents Fanny Brawne, although DGR regarded the setting as medieval. Comments in particular on Keats's lack of knowledge of medieval books. Has mentioned this problem to Forman without result.
Add. MSS. 838/3/1-2   [1885 Sept.?]
WBS to S. Colvin. Is gratified that Colvin agrees with his views on The Vision, and still maintains that The Eve of St. Mark has modern setting. His health is still poor.
Add. MSS. 839/4/1-3   1887 June 24
WBS to S. Colvin. Comments on Colvin's treatment in his Keats of the points raised in his previous letters. Claims that Colvin is inconsistent as to whether the attack on Keats by "Z" should be attributed to J.G. Lockhart or John Wilson. Does not believe Wilson was responsible, on the grounds of his kindness to him and interest in his own early writing. Recalls his life in Edinburgh and his contributions to the Edinburgh University Souvenir. Praises Colvin's approach to criticism and complains that the only recent critical writing that has interested him was two articles in the Fortnightly Review - the “Science in the last 50 years” by Grail Allen and the “The Progress of Thought” by J.A. Seymour. Comments on the influence of evolutionary theory on historical studies.
Add. MSS. 840: 2 letters of WBS, one to WMR and one to Mrs. A. Gilchrist Negative photostats of originals in the Library of Congress

Add. MSS. 840/1/1-3   [1862 or 1863]
WBS to WMR. Suggests that WMR might wish to insert a note by David Scott on Blake's The Grave in his contribution to A. Gilchrist's Life of Blake. Discusses, in jocular tone, whether CGR's Goblin Market has any meaning, and whether meaning is essential to poetry. Enquires whether " The Nonsense Book " is by E. Lear.
Add. MSS. 840/2/1-2   1879 Nov. 14
WBS to Mrs. A. Gilchrist. Inviting Mrs. Gilchrist to lunch and offering to give her a copy of the proofs of his catalogue of the Blake Exhibition.
Add. MSS. 841: 5 letters to W.J.Linton, from or relating to WBS and David Scott. Negative photostats of originals in Yale University Library

Add. MSS. 841/1/1-2   1855 Feb. 19
WBS to W.J. Linton. Congratulating Linton on the first two issues of The English Republic, with comments and advice. Deplores the enthusiasm of Tennyson and other poets for the Crimean War.
Add. MSS. 841/2/1-2   1869 Sept. 21
R.W. Emerson to W.J. Linton. From: Concord. Does not consider he is able to give a sound opinion on David Scott's portrait of himself, but will ask his family to give their views on it. Cannot afford to buy the portrait himself. Mentions his esteem for David Scott, and also for WBS, based largely on his reading of The Year of the World.
Add. MSS. 841/3/1-2   1870 Jan. 15
WBS to W.J. Linton. Enquires as to Linton's progress with negotiations regarding David Scott's portrait of Emerson. At DGR's suggestion, has written in Notes and Queries on Ebenezer Jones, and suggests that Linton should write a note on him also. Complains of Morley's lack of progress with publishing his sonnets. Compares his Albert Dürer with M.M. Heaton's Life of Albert Dürer, and comments on the effect of the simultaneous publication of the two works on each other's sales. DGR has been revising his poems for publication. Describes DGR as "a born poet" whose "painting is only poetry transformed". Gives current news of W. Morris and WMR's work on Shelley. Mentions the launching of The Graphic and The Portfolio.
Add. MSS. 841/4/1-2   [1875] Sept. 14
Walt Whitman to W.J. Linton. From 431 Stevens St., [corner] West, Camden, N.J. Enclosing a letter from WBS to M. Conway with remarks on his own health. WBS's letter asks Conway to convey good wishes to Whitman, who is reported to be in bad health, and to Linton.
1p. & 2p. enclosure
Add. MSS. 841/5/1-2   1875 May 25
Ednah Dow Cheney to W.J. Linton. From Jamaica Plain Reporting on the display of David Scott's portrait of Emerson in the rooms of a club in Boston, [the Saturday Club?] repeating favourable comments by Miss Lucy Goddard, M.B. Emerson, Elizabeth Hoar, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Spring, Mrs. Goddard and A.B. Allcott and an adverse judgment by James F. Clarke. Discusses the possibility of raising a subscription to retain the painting in Boston and where it should eventually be hung. [Incorrect note at end, in another hand, states that the portrait was painted by WBS.]
Add. MSS. 842: 24 letters of WBS to FMB, one to Mrs. FMB, 2 from LMS, 2 from AB, and one from P.P. Marshall Positive photostats form originals in the possession of Mrs C. Lamb, a great-grand-daughter of FMB, made ca. 1950 (present whereabouts not recorded)

Add. MSS. 842/1/1-2   1856 Sept. 14
Thanking FMB for a photograph of one of his pictures and expressing the intention of sending FMB a photograph of one of his own works. Has received a visit from Woolner, who arrived while he was moving house. Is arranging for Woolner to show the photograph of FMB's picture to Lady Trevelyan. Describes his Wallington picture of St. Cuthbert, on which he is working currently. Hopes for a visit from DGR.
Add. MSS. 842/2/1-2   1860 Sept. 23
Discussing the possibility of exhibiting his picture Grace Darling at the Hogarth Club. Enquires after DGR, mentioning his recent marriage.
Add. MSS. 842/3/1-2   [1861] July 23 From Penkill Castle
Thanking FMB for his interest in the exhibition of the Wallington pictures. Considers the note on it in The Athenaeum, 13th July 1861, satisfactory, but is annoyed that The Times has not had space to include an account of it by T. Taylor. Comments on the sudden death of T.E. Plint. Painted a picture of a glen near Penkill which was exhibited at the Hogarth Club and is now working on a picture depicting the shooting of a young deer.
Add. MSS. 842/4   [Between 1864 and 1870] From 33, Elgin Rd.
Agreeing that F.J. Shields should be invited to an informal dinner to meet Mr. and Mrs. Leathart.
Add. MSS. 842/5/1-2   [Between 1864 and 1870] July 25 From 33, Elgin Rd.
Reminding FMB to provide AB with a design of Christ and John the Baptist for a mullion in a church.
Add. MSS. 842/6/1-2   [18]64 July 13
A brief note, possibly referring to an intended practical joke on an unnamed person.
Add. MSS. 842/7/1-2   [1868 or 69] Aug. 30 From Penkill WBS and AB jointly to FMB.
Urging FMB to visit Penkill, and to use the barn there as background for a painting of the Nativity. Mentions DGR's visit to Penkill.
Add. MSS. 842/8/1-2   1869 July 8
From Penkill Castle. Enquires about the progress of negotiations regarding a commission by Leathart for a picture by FMB. Describes his stay at Penkill with LMS and CGR. Has been doing some etching for his edition of Burns and for his Albert Dürer, and has attempted some poetry. Would be interested to see anything FMB has written.
Add. MSS. 842/9/1-2   [1869] Sept. 17
From Penkill. Refers to the recent illness of Leathart and his son. Intends to go to Newcastle to see Leathart, and suggests meeting FMB there. DGR is expected to leave Penkill shortly. WBS is making good progress with the illustrations to his Burns edition and intends to see his Edinburgh publisher about it. Also has a business appointment in Glasgow. Mentions an article by "Count Johannes" [G. Jones] on Byron's relations with his sister, and says he agrees with it.
Add. MSS. 842/10/1-2   [1869] Oct 1
From Penkill. Asks whether FMB objects to his opinion of one of Dürer's works being quoted in WBS's forthcoming Albert Dürer. Has learned from DGR that FMB is to visit Leathart, and hopes he may meet him at Newcastle, which he will be passing through on his return to London. Has been invited to Wallington, but will not accept.
Add. MSS. 842/11/1-2   1870 Dec. 6
Undertaking to write a letter to J. Morley, editor of the Fortnightly Review in which he will make various unspecified points suggested by FMB and will mention "Wagner and the Music of the Day" and the Provençal poets.
Add. MSS. 842/12   1870 Dec. 23
WBS to Mrs. FMB. An invitation to lunch.
Add. MSS. 842/13   [1871?]
Complaining of the re-arrangement of a dinner engagement and confirming the new plans.
Add. MSS. 842/14/1-2   [1871?] May 8
LMS to FMB. Inviting FMB and his family to meet some young ladies named Courtney [probably relatives of AB].
Add. MSS. 842/15/1-2   [1872] June 24
Travel arrangements for his visit to Stobhall to care for DGR. Complains of overwork.
Add. MSS. 842/16/1-2   [1872 June 26]
From Penkill. Travel arrangements for reaching Stobhall. Hughes is unable to come to Scotland, and his wife will not allow it.
Add. MSS. 842/17/1-2   [1872] July 6
From Stobhall. Acknowledges a letter from FMB, which DGR refused to discuss on learning it concerned a shower-bath. Warns against the character of C.A. Howell, who has offered to sell DGR's painting Smeralda Bundinelli, attributed to Botticelli. Queries FMB's account of the arrangement with M. Monks for the sale of DGR's china, as it differs from WMR's version. Cannot understand a proposal regarding the purchase of Fanny [Cornforth?]'s house. AB would like DGR to stay at Penkill, but WBS does not consider it feasible, in view of DGR's condition.
Add. MSS. 842/18/1-2   [1872] Aug. 23
LMS to Mrs. FMB. Refusing an invitation to a wedding breakfast, probably that of Catherine Brown and F. Hueffer, on the grounds of WBS's absence in Scotland and the illness of her aunt.
Add. MSS. 842/19/1-2   1874 March 10
Acknowledges a note in which FMB described his lecture to the Birmingham and Midland Institute. Hears that the lecture was well received but that FMB's policy of not inviting his friends has caused offence in some quarters.
Add. MSS. 842/20   1874 May 20
Accepts a dinner invitation, and will go with Hüffer.
Add. MSS. 842/21/1-2   1876 July 12
From Penkill. Answering an enquiry about the history of the side-saddle. Refers with pleasure to possible assistance which might be given by a Miss Guy to an unnamed ambitious man.
Add. MSS. 842/22   1879 Jan. 14
Apologises for not having been to see FMB's cartoons. Invites him to lunch to meet Mr. Rowley, F.J. Shields, and C. Monkhouse, author of a book on Turner.
Add. MSS. 842/23   1879 June 7
An extended account of his own state of health. Also expresses concern for the health of FMB and Soloman Hart. Work at South Kensington progressing. DGR well.
Add. MSS. 842/24/1-2   1881 May 19
Encloses a subscription for an unspecified purpose on behalf of himself and AB. Refers to FMB's gout and his own depression.
Add. MSS. 842/25/1-2   1882 Aug. 30
From Penkill. Replying, apparently to enquiry as to whether he has any letters from Oliver Brown which would be suitable for a proposed publication, that he does not remember having received any. Describes life at Penkill, where recent visitors have included W. Sharp, who came as part of his research for his D.G. Rossetti. Has also had a visit from J.W. Mackail.
Add. MSS. 842/26/1-2   1884 Dec. 1
Reflects on his long friendship with FMB. Welcomes the formation of the Bewick Club, of which he has been made an honorary member.
Add. MSS. 842/27/1-2   1888 Oct. 26
AB to FMB. Acknowledging a letter from FMB, on behalf of WBS, who is too ill to write.
Add. MSS. 842/28/1-2   1888 Nov. 12
Is unable to make progress with his memoirs on account of ill health and the difficulty of writing honestly about himself and his friends. Has had a visit, and gift of illustrations to Cupid and Psyche from [F.S.?] Ellis, and a print of The Triumph of the Innocents from Holman Hunt. Is puzzled by FMB's choice of subjects for his panels in Manchester Town Hall. Questions whether WMR is right in being "his brother's expositor". Has had a visit from W. Morris.
Add. MSS. 842/29/1-2   1889 Oct. 5
AB to FMB. Replying on behalf of WBS to a letter dated 22nd Sept. Attributes WBS's recent poor health to the stress of selling his house in Chelsea, the purchaser of which is Dr. J. Marshall. He will sell most of his books, and his pictures are to be brought to Penkill. Thanks FMB for promising to send his paper on the National Gallery, to appear in the Magazine of Art.
Add. MSS. 842/30/1-2   1867 Dec. 3
[P.P. Marshall] to FMB. Describes his ill health, a depressing visit to Mr. and Mrs. [Donald] Currie and a problem with the sewers at Tottenham. Has had a letter from Rossitti [sic.]. [Marshall was a sanitary engineer in Tottenham.]