Elliott MS 5Fragment of book of hours
Held by: Durham University Library: Elliott Manuscripts

Single leaf from a French book of hours, written mid 15th century.

Physical description of manuscript


Extent: 1 leaf.
Size: 160 mm x 112 mm

No pricking visible. Ruled in faint pink ink. Written space 92 x 60 mm. 14 lines


Written in textura, expertly, in two sizes, the larger for the lections.


Line-fillers in blue and deep pink or gold. Initials: (i) to forms, 1-line, in gold with black infilling and flourishing, or, alternately, blue with red infilling and flourishing; (ii) to lection, 2-line, in gold with black infilling and flourishing.

Manuscript history

Written in Northern France, mid 15th century.


Inscription (late 20th century): “£75” in pencil, erased, on the mount. Possibly referred to in Maggs' invoice of October 1982 to Dr Elliott for three separate leaves of Horae BVM.

Deposited with Durham University Library in 1984 by Dr. George Ball Elliott (1918-1994).

Manuscript contents
Incipit: Tu autem Domine misere nostri
Explicit: Dum virgo deum et hominem
Language: Latin

Matins of B.V.M., end of lection viii - lection ix responsory. Lection ix is Sancta maria succurre; the responsories are (viii) Styrps yesse, and (ix) Gaude maria uirgo cunctas.