Additional Manuscripts 1227: Stockton & Darlington Railway Company correspondence


Reference code: GB-0033-ADD
Title: Additional Manuscripts 1227: Stockton & Darlington Railway Company correspondence
Dates of creation: 1850-1857
Extent: 47 items
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Stockton & Darlington Railway
Language: English


Minor business correspondence of officials of the railway company.

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Purchased from S.P.C.K. Bookshop, 1978 (accession Misc. 1978:12)
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Add.MS. 1227
Add.MS. 1227/1   16 Apr 1850
J. L. A. Simmons (1821-1903) Capt. Royal Engineers to Secretary Stockton and Darlington Railway regarding fatal accident to William Longstaff at level crossing. [J. L. A. Simmons, later British Commissioner with Turkish army in Crimean War; Colonel Commandant Royal Engineers; Governor, Malta; Field Marshall; see DNB]
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/2   26 May 1850
A. Walton of Allergill to Mr. Friar apologising for his labourer, Isabella Macintosh, walking on the Wear Valley Railway. "She would not walk on your line with intent to do any harm, but as the road is much better and shorter than by the common footpath she took the liberty of travelling upon it"
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/3   1 Jan 1851
Wm. S. Cooke of 97 Bondgate, Darlington to Joseph Pease, hoping to obtain order for cloths. Mr. Cooke obviously in low water. Lost £200 on venture in Sheffield. "When the Y. N. & B. company took the traffic in their own hands, they took my bread a second time". "The Bastile [i.e. workhouse] which every Englishman disdains"
3 pp
Add.MS. 1227/4   1 Feb 1851
Robt. Fryer, Railway Overseer at Witton-le-Wear, to Mr. MacNay. Various matters regarding railway property. "Sir we have had some damage done by the floods at Wolsingham Timber Topt Bridge one of the Pier Ends washed down owning to the water changing its caws so sudently".
3 pp
Add.MS. 1227/5   4 Feb 1851
Henry Hutchinson to Thos. MacNay. Matters relating to Wear Valley meeting in London
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/6   7 Feb 1851
N. Fallows, Middlesborough, to Jos. Pease, regarding General Meeting of the Tees N. Co. objecting, apparently, to hevy-handed tactics. "Does not all this smell something like a lawyers job - a withholding of proper injunction....". Endorsed by Jos. Pease. "Begged he would be getting up case for Conservancy Bill. Told him about Stevenson and of Tees N. Co. going to London"
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/7   12 Mar 1851
W. & R. Coates, Yarm, to Mr. McNay, proposition regarding buying lime from the Company
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/8   12 Mar 1851
George Coates of Smelt House. Sends a few lines for insertion in memorials as to use of Weardale lime. Explains misunderstanding over township veto in North Bedburn for railway
3 pp
Add.MS. 1227/9   15 Mar 1851
John Cartwright of Bath, requesting repayment of bond for £5,000
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/10   6 May 1851
Joseph Cuxon of Mount Coley to T. MacNay, enquiring if he was considered for the building of the Bitch Burn Cutting and Embankment
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/11   15 May 1851
Robt. Fryer to Mr. MacNay. Three old women at Frosterley are expecting their annuity
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/12   25 June 1851
Robt. Fryer to Mr. MacNay. "The man [G. Gibson] witch has the Frosterley School Land in Posession will not liver it up....". Fryer had it fenced off and the fence was taken down
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/13   27 June 1851
N. Fallows, Middlesbrough, to Mr. MacNay, regarding various payments
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/14   26 June 1851
L. P. Booth, Norwood Colliery, near Bishop Auckland to Thos. MacNay. Wants to sell coal at various depots on railway, points out various empty "holes". Complains about the very high carriage charge on coal sent to Spring Gardens
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/15-16   27 June & 8 Jul 1851
Two reports to MacNay, in reply to the previous letter, from Thos. B. Gumersell, Inspector at Middlesbrough, on the uses of "holes" at the depot
1p each
Add.MS. 1227/17   13 Aug 1851
George Graham of Shildon (railway engineer) asks for a pass to go to London
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/18   16 Aug 1851
Henry Dundas of Falkirk pays for six new £25 shares in Wear Valley Railway Co
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/19   24 Oct 1851
Robt. Garbutt from the Jane Pit, Adelaide Colliery to Thos. MacNay. Gives reference for Robert Barron, working at the screens, who wants job "in a Storehouse or as a gatekeeper". Colliery is apparently on short time
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/20   24 Oct 1851
Robt. Garbutt from the Jane Pit, Adelaide Colliery to Thos. MacNay on behalf of Robert Coates, a respectable farmer in Yorkshire now residing in S. Stockton where his wife keeps a small grocer's shop, who wants the job of gatekeeper for the three Stockton gates
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/21   12 Nov 1851
John Graham of New Shildon to Thos. Meynell [one of the founding Directors] asking for a recommendation for his son George Graham, who has applied for the post of Locomotive Manager on the North British Railway
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/22   21 Nov 1851
Robt. Garbutt from the Jane Pit, Adelaide Colliery to Thos. MacNay on behalf of George Trowsdale ("under 30 years of age, a tolerable scholar") who is seeking employment with the railway
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/23   23 Mar 1852
Mrs. Rooke of Skiddaw Lodge, Keswick, wishing to lend £1,000 to Wear Valley Railway Co., if interest rates are right
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/24   16 Apr 1852
Thomas Trusted to Thos. MacNay. Rearrangement of investment
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/25   19 Apr 1852
George Robinson to Thos. MacNay, thanking him for his efforts in respect of his investment in the Weardale Co. "I was so fond of the investment I gave £124 for 2 Weardale shares and took some money out of the Building Society to buy them - at one time I thought I had made a bad bargain but all has been right"
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/26   May 1852
Thomas Trusted to Thos. MacNay, enquiring about the new guaranteed 4% shares in the Stockton & Darlington line
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/27   13 Oct 1852
E. O. Tregelles of Derwent Hill, Gateshead, querying interest on shares but thanking the stationmaster at Darlington for collecting his sister's luggage from the other station
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/28   29 Nov 1852
Edward Thompson of Gainford, enquiring about share issue
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/29   19 Apr 1853
Henry Kilburn on behalf of Nicholas Kilburn of Bishop Auckland to John Dixon (Company Engineer) asking if Robt. Frier may oversee repairs to the Dam at West Mill, as the result of flooding. Also points out that the Railway Co. land near the Dam has been much damaged
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/30   12 Jul 1853
Old Bank, Bradford, to Thos. MacNay regarding an incorrect interest payment. "We may state that in our frequent transactions with other Railway Companies we never have to complain of omissions of this kind .... it ought not to have occurred"
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/31   1 Sep 1853
John Pease to his brother Jos. Pease, regarding a deputation of the Y & B Directors about the Darlington stations. "Their passenger station is the subject of remark by travellers from far and near as disgraceful". Refers also to the dispute about standing for Mineral Waggons and explains what was negotiated when the Croft Branch was sold
3 pp
Add.MS. 1227/32   19 Jan 1854
Edward Towns of the Weigh Office asks for an increase of salary - in particular for the £10 taken from his salary about ten years ago as there was no night work. Apparently in arrears for rent
2 pp and attached note
Add.MS. 1227/33   27 Apr 1854
N. D. Tuckett of Frenchay pays for shares, but asks for higher rate of interest. "Considering the value of money and also how readily the appeals and invitations of -this Company have been responded to around Bristol I think it would be a small return if the Directors now voluntarily acceeded".
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/34   15 May 1854
John Thompson, stationmaster (?) at Wolsingham, to Thos. MacNay, replying to accusations made against him, mostly about his hens, by his neighbour Mrs. Dunn in an enclosed letter (not present), and making counter-accusations about the behaviour of Mrs. Dunn's son and also certain company employees. "Robt. Hart, a platelayer, used some very impertinent language to one of my house". "I hardly consider it safe for such characters to be connected with a Company like the Stockton & Darlington"
Add.MS. 1227/35   2nd May 1854
J. W. Tweddel of Monkwearmouth to Thomas McNay, applying for job of clerk. He had apparently worked for Mr. Hackworth (the locomotive engineer) at Shildon. "My present views as to salary .... would not be extravagant"
2 pp
Add.MS. 1227/36-37   6 & 8 Dec 1854
S. Rimington of Stanhope or Weardale Lime to T. McNay, enclosing letter of 6th December from W. Price, regarding supply of coals. Problems apparently over supply and price. "Our order to the Colliery this week is for 40 waggons per day, but none have arrived"
1 pp and 4 pp
Add.MS. 1227/38-39   12 May & 14 May 1855
Isaac Wilson to Thos. MacNay, from Nunthorpe Mill and Middlesborough, regarding meetings with Mr. Pease and others over giving up cargo fleet, Middlesbrough
3pp & 3 pp
Add.MS. 1227/40   4 Jun 1855
W. Wooler of Whitfield House, Wolsingham, to Thos. McNay, enquiring terms for conveyance of coal from Crook to Middlesbrough for export and also to other depots. A list of votes has been noted on back
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/41   14 Sep 1855
Wm. Richardson, Surveyor of Inland Revenue at Darlington, to J. Wilson, regarding Parliamentary petition. Says he is transferring to London and asks advice on how to go ".... am too ill to travel by Government train and not rich enough for the Express"
3 pp
Add.MS. 1227/42   17 Sep 1855
A. Reid of Railway Guide and General Printing Office, Newcastle, to W. Garbutt, acknowledging order and asking for remittance or items outstanding
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/43   18 Oct 1855
John Ross to Mr. McNay regarding condition of cottages
1 p
Add.MS. 1227/44   24 Oct 1855
A. Reid of Railway Guide and General Printing Office, Newcastle, to W, Garbutt, soliciting business. "Could you not throw me a few orders between this and Christmas?"

Add.MS. 1227/45   15 Mar 1856
Wm. Johnson of 9 Pall Mall East, Secretary of "Exhibition of Foreign and French Breeding Stock in Paris, May 1857", requesting free travel for transit of exhibitors' stock. With list of committee.
3 pp
Add.MS. 1227/46   16 June 1857
Jon Thompson of Wolsingham to T. MacNay, asking if he can be recommended for employment by another railway company. He was apparently dismissed "for irregularities in cash matters". "At present I seem cast upon the World without a penny, or a friend to assist me and in such a position with six helpless children causing reason for thus addressing you"
3 pp
Add.MS. 1227/47   n.d. [1850s]
N. Fallows of Middlesbrough to Mr. Thos. MacNay, regarding an inspection of the harbour with Mr. Dixon
2 pp