Durham University Records: Foundation and Statutes
Administrative history
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Reference code: GB-0033-UND/A
Title: Durham University Records: Foundation and Statutes
Dates of creation: 1832 - 2007
Extent: 3 linear metres
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Created as part of the administrative processes of Durham University, with some items acquired from central government and the College of Arms.
Language: English predominantly, with occasional Latin and even less German, French and Tamil

Administrative history

Durham University's foundation date of 1832 is the date of the Act of Parliament that set up the university and transferred property from Durham Dean and Chapter to the new body. This body was formally incorporated and permitted to grant degrees by the charter of 1837. Supplementary charters in 1895 and 1897 enabled it to grant degrees to women and revoke degrees respectively. Subsequent acts of 1864, 1908, 1935 and 1963 variously restructured the university, with the last creating the independent University of Newcastle. The regulation of the university concomitant on these acts was implemented by a series of statutes. Arms were granted in 1843.
Celebrating the university's anniversary has become an increasingly important opportunity for promotion and new initiatives. There was some discussion as to when the 50th anniversary should fall with 1882 eventually being settled on as the 1832 Act was decided as marking the university's foundation. Other options had included the Dean and Chapter's 1831 Act, the admission of the first students in 1833 or the 1837 charter. In fact, for the centenary it was decided to celebrate the charter in 1937 rather than the act in 1932 as it was felt it would not be right to be seen celebrating in the parlous economic conditions prevalent in 1932. Subsequent anniversaries have continued to celebrate, ever more extensively in 1982 and 2007, the act as the start point.


Documents concerning the foundation and legal status of Durham University, including charters, grants of arms, statutes and acts of parliament. Also included are documents concerning the celebrations of the university's various anniversaries or jubilees in 1937, 1982 and 2007.

Accession details

Transferred to the University Library from the university's central administration at various times since the 1950s.

Previous custodial history

Most have always been held by the university, though the 1895 and 1897 supplementary charters were away from Durham for a number of decades.

Conditions of access

There is restricted access to administrative records less than 30 years old, with some further restrictions, generally as noted, on records less than 80 years old where the Data Protection Act applies.

Copyright and copying

Permission to make any published use of material from the collection must be sought in advance from the Sub-Librarian, Special Collections (e-mail PG.Library@durham.ac.uk) and, where appropriate, from the copyright owner. The Library will assist where possible with identifying copyright owners, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user of the material


Arranged into the present classification in April 2004 after consultation between M.M.N. Stansfield, M.S. McCollum and E.R. Rainey.


Some accessions are appraised on site before transfer, others are appraised when received at Palace Green. Clean duplicates are generally removed.


Continuous further accruals are anticipated. In April 2004, a retention schedule and other records management procedures were developed for the university's records to facilitate the regular transfer of records from the university's departments and offices to the archive. This draft retention schedule was developed further on the appoitment of the first university records manager in August 2006.

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Most grants of arms to individual colleges are still held in the colleges themselves, often on prominent public display in entrances or common rooms.


A.J. Heesom, The Founding of the University of Durham (Durham Cathedral Lecture, 1982: Durham, 1982);

A.J. Heesom, “Who Thought of the Idea of the University of Durham?”, Durham County Local History Society Bulletin (December 1982), p.10-20;


Foundation and Statutes
Reference: UND/A
Charters and Grants of Arms
Reference: UND/AA
1837 University Foundation Charter
Reference: UND/AA1 Cromwell's foundation charter for Durham College of 15 May 1657 is in DCD/T/CC.

UND/AA1/1   1 June 1837
Foundation charter of the university of Durham
Parchment, with an appended royal seal on silk ribbons and cords in a metal skippet, with marginal decoration   2m
Size: 725 x 610mm
Deposited by the University Registrar (accession Misc. 1994/95:15)
Formerly UND/A1/12 and before that OSH Deed Box 1/5.
Text accessible online at http://www.dur.ac.uk/about/governance/charter/
Facsimile on display in the Palatine Centre, Stockton Road, Durham.
UND/AA1/2   30 December 1936 - 1 July 1937
Congratulatory addresses from other academic bodies and societies on the centenary of Durham's charter, including the names of delegates attending the celebrations:
1. Aberdeen University, delegate Alexander Stewart Ferguson, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a blue tube, Latin, 13 June 1937.
2. Codrington College Barbados, paper 1f. ms, tied with a maroon ribbon, 16 June 1937.
3. Queen's University Belfast, parchment 1m. ms, in a tube, Latin, 1 July 1937.
4. Bristol University, delegate John Frederick Dobson, paper 1f. printed, rolled, Latin, 1 June 1937.
5. Cambridge University, paper 1f., sealed, tied in a red roll, with 3 unsealed copies, Latin, 9 June 1937.
6. Harvard College, paper 1f. printed, sealed, tied in a red roll, Latin, 1 June 1937.
7. University of Wales Cardiff, delegate James Frederick Rees, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a red tube, Latin, 31 May 1937.
8. National University of Ireland [Dublin], delegate Denis Joseph Coffey, paper 1f. ms signed by Eamon de Valera, sealed, in a green roll, Latin, 23 June 1937.
9. Trinity College Dublin, delegate John Kay Jamieson, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a blue/black roll, Latin, 1937.
10. Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh, delegate Sir Norman Purvis Walker, parchment 1m., ms, in a green/blue roll, June 1937.
11. Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, parchment 1m. ms, in a blue roll, 23 June 1937.
12. Edinburgh University, delegate Godfrey Hilton Thomson, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a blue roll, Latin, 1 June 1937.
13. Glasgow University, delegate William Barron Stevenson, paper 1f. printed, in a black roll, Latin, 1 June 1937.
14. Hull University College, delegate John Henry Nicholson, paper 1f. ms, sealed, tied by a gold ribbon on a tube, Latin, [1937].
15. Leeds University, delegate James Baillie, paper 1f. printed, in a green tube, Latin, 10 June 1937.
16. Leicester University College, delegate Frederick Attenborough, paper 1f. ms, sealed, in a red roll, [1937].
17. Liverpool University, delegate J.L. Stocks, paper 1f. printed, in a blue roll, Latin, 10 June 1937.
18. British Academy London, paper 1f. printed, rolled, [1937].
19. Chemical Society London, parchment 1m. printed, sealed, rolled, 17 June 1937.
20. Linnaean Society London. delegate Fred Stoker, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a red roll, 3 June 1937.
21. Unsigned copy of 20.
22. Physical Society London, paper 1f. ms, sealed, in a black roll, [1937].
23. Royal College of Surgeons London, delegate President [Cuthbert Wallace], parchment 1m. ms, sealed, rolled, 10 June 1937.
24. Royal Institute of British Architects London, paper 1f. typed [letter from Harold Oswald], 1 July 1937.
25. Royal Society London, delegate Sir William Bragg, paper 1f. printed, in hardback blue cover, June 1937.
26. Society of Antiquaries London, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a blue roll, 20 May 1937.
27. London University, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a purple roll, Latin, 15 March 1937.
28. Zoological Society London, parchment 1m. ms, sealed, tied with a maroon ribbon, 17 March 1937.
29. Madras University, paper 1f. printed (3 copies), in a blue roll, Tamil, 1 July 1937.
30. Madras University, delegate Harold Charles Papworth, paper 1f. printed (3 copies), in a blue roll, (English translation of 29), 1 July 1937.
31. Manchester University, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a blue roll, Latin, [1937].
32. McGill University Montreal, parchment 1m. printed, sealed, rolled, 17 June 1937.
33. Nottingham University College, paper 1f. printed, rolled, Latin, [1937].
34. Reading University, delegate William George de Burgh, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in hardback red cover, Latin, 18 June 1937.
35a. St Andrews University, letter requesting a delegate from Durham for the 400th anniversary, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a red roll tied with green ribbon, Latin, [1937].
35b. St Andrews University, delegate James Colquhoun Irvine, paper 1f. printed, sealed, in a red roll with 35a, Latin, 30 December 1936.
36. Sheffield University, paper 1f, printed, sealed, in a green roll, June 1937.
37. Hartley University College Southampton, paper 1f. typed, in an envelope, Latin, 13 June 1937.
38. Yale University, delegate Wallace Notestein, paper 1f. printed, rolled in a grey paper cover, Latin, 1 April 1937.
39 items
Formerly UND/A14/2
UND/AA1/3   1930 - 1937
Records of the celebration of the 1937 centenary of Durham University's charter.
1. Centenary Committee minute book, agendas and some correspondence inserted, 28 February 1930 to 1 May 1931 and 15 May 1936 to 6 May 1937.
2. Programmes for: the Centenary Celebrations 1 and 2 July with names of delegates from other universities (2 copies); Convocation 1 July; City of Durham luncheon in the Town Hall 1 July; University banquet in Durham Castle 1 July (2 copies).
3. Seating plan for [the banquet] 1 July (2 copies).
4. The University of Durham 1937, ed. C. Whiting (Durham 1937).
5. Durham County Advertiser 25 June 1937 with Special Centenary Supplement (3 copies).
6. Centenary Celebrations file [of the registrar] containing:
- Durham County Advertiser supplement.
- Provisional programme.
- Letters to Lord Londonderry (chancellor), Lord Chief Justice, Chief Constable, Durham Advertiser, secretary of DWSA, secretary of Union Society, treasurer of Durham Colleges, and secretary of Automobile Association re arrangements, and the bishop of Durham, Hon J.A. Hanan, Dr Bailey and G.H.A. Wilson re making toasts.
- Correspondence with Gaumont- British Picture Corporation re their not filming the celebrations.
- Rough estimate of expenditure drawn up by the proctor and registrar.
- Estimates and menus from Tilley & Co Ltd, caterers.
- Letters from Automobile Association, Northern General Transport Co, Express Omnibus Co, Wilkinson's Motor Services and Durham Dean and Chapter re arrangements.
- Copy letters of thanks to other universities sending delegates, Dr C.E. Whiting, dean of Durham, Sir Edward Bairstow, C.W. Eden, S.T.M. Newman, H.W. Acomb, secretary of Council of Durham Colleges, Automobile Association superintendant Foster, hon secretary Ladies Hospitality Committee, secretary of DWSA, secretary of Union Society, Lord Londonderry.
- Letters of appreciation from P. Ford of Southampton, W. Wright, and others.
- List of acceptances for the lunches, and other events.
- Correspondence of S.T.M. Newman engaging trumpeters for a fanfare.
- Congratulatory telegrams.
1 box
At the time of the university's centenary in 1932, the North East of England was in the grip of severe economic depression, and it was thought that celebrations would be inappropriate at that time, so they were postponed until the centenary of the charter in 1937.
Formerly UND/A14/1.
A scrapbook of photos, programmes, invites, newspaper cuttings, letters and accounts is MIA 7.
UND/AA1/4   March - July 1982
Records of the celebration of the university's 150th anniversary:
- Calendar of events March to July
- Open Days programme 26 April - 1 May
- St Oswald's solemn mass in the Sarum Use 24 June service paper
- Mary Magdalen play programme, Science Site, with a copy of the tyopescript script, 26-27 June & 3-4 July
- St Mary's College garden party 27 June ticket
- Durham University Choral Society cathedral concert programme 29 June
- Main Library commemorative stone laying 30 June ticket
- Thanksgiving service and chancellor's installation in the cathedral 30 June service papers and ticket, with the vice-chancellor's speech
- Evening party in Hild and Bede college 30 June invite
- Anniversary Ball in Durham Castle 2 July programme, invite and napkin
- Durham University Society Wesmtinster St Margart thanksgiving service paper 9 July
- Presentation of the perpetual right to process the civic sword to the university and the inaugural anniversary lecture by the vice chancellor programme and ticket 8 October
- Town Hall reception and dinner invite and menu 19 November
- Congratulatory address from the University of Sierra Leone 30 June
- Anniversary appeal brochures: general; Gulbenkian Museum of Oriental Art; Oriental Library; Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies; Theatre Developments; The Performing Arts; Palace Green Research Library; Old Fulling Mill Museum of Archaeology; Laboratory of Archaeological Sciences; Research Foundation; Centre for Materials Science and Technology; Environmental Studies and Exhibition Centre; Chair of Astronomy; Exploration Society; Maiden Castle Sports Centre Extension
- Forerunners of the University exhibition catalogue 28 April - 1 May
- Valerie Thornton's Etchings of Durham promotional leaflet
- Anniversary newsletter
- Exhibition of Scholarly Works by past and present members of the University in SPCK catalogue
- Congratulatory address (in Latin and English) from the University of Newcastle on the anniversary and the inauguration of the new chancellor June
UND/AA1/5   February - December 2007
Records of the celebration of the university's 175th anniversary.
UND/AA1/5/1   6/7 February 2007
Musicon programme of the BBC Philharmonic orchestra concert, conductor Martyn Brabbins, at 7.30pm on 6 February and choral evensong at 4pm on 7 February, with a flyer and invite inserted. The concert and evensong comprised pieces by honorary music graduates of Durham: Arnold Bax, William Walton, Edward Elgar, Hubert Parry and Charles Villiers Stanford. The occasion also celebrated honorary degrees awarded to Anthony Payne and Jane Manning. The programme also has pieces on the cathedral organist James Lancelot, the sub-organist Keith Wright, Durham Cathedral Choir, Durham Cathedral Consort of Singers and Durham University Consort of Voices.
UND/AA1/5/2   2/3 March 2007
Reform! Reform! Reform! An Exhibition, catalogue for an exhibition of material from The Reform Club at Grey College, (previously at The Reform Club), organised by Henry Dyson, curated by Peter Urbach, and designed by Marion Davies, celebrating Charles 2nd Earl Grey, the Great Reform Act of 1832 and subsequent reform.
With an exhibition poster, and a flyer and invite for a seminar at Grey College on the impact of the 1832 reforms on present day society entitled “Earl Grey and the Limits of Reform”.
Paper booklet, printed, 40p, with card covers, + 3f
UND/AA1/5/3   12-17 March 2007
Stockton as a University Town celebration ephemera:
- Commemorative programme, describing Stockton's contribution to the university and outlining the programme of events during with week, with an inserted programme and plan of events for the “Family Fun Day” on 17 March.
- University Challenge poster and participation certificate.
- Celebration dinner invite, programme and place setting for Sir Kenneth Calman.
7 card items, printed and coloured
UND/AA1/5/4   26 March 2007
Poster for a public lecture by Sir Kenneth Calman at the Gala Theatre, Durham, entitled “Humour and Medicine”, [the vice-chancellor similarly having given a public lecture in 1982].
UND/AA1/5/5   [2007]
Chancellor Dinner's menu.
UND/AA1/5/6   2 May 2007
Invite and poster for Dame Gillian Weir's organ recital in Durham Cathedral.
UND/AA1/5/7   9 May 2007
Poster and programme for a concert by the Durham University Consort of Voices and Orchestra, playing music by Howells, Dyson, Elgar, Harris, Stainer, Parry, Mendelssohn and Brahms.
UND/AA1/5/8   8 -10 June 2007
Palatinate Sporting Weekend programme, flyer for the Twenty20 charity cricket match, Durham University v Northumbria University, ticket and menu for the Palatinate Ball.
UND/AA1/5/9   9 June 2007
Flyer for Illuminate Festival 2007, a water and light street festival in Durham Market Place and on the Racecourse.
UND/AA1/5/10   11 June 2007
Email promoting the Durham City Maths Trail.
UND/AA1/5/11   20 - 22 June 2007
Email promoting 3 lectures by Tom Wright, bishop of Durham, Sir Mike Tomlinson and George Alagiah.
UND/AA1/5/11   23 June 2007
Cathedral anniversary service, honorary degree congregation, reception and dinner programmes, menus and tickets, with a place card, all in a folder.
UND/AA1/5/12   7 - 9 September 2007
Grand Reunion Weekend publicity, programme and information leaflets.
UND/AA1/5/13   17 September 2007
BBC Radio 4 Gardeners' Question Time at Trevelyan College, ticket and letter.
Paper, 2f
UND/AA1/5/14   20 October 2007
Programme for the World Premiere of the Durham Concerto, composed by Jon Lord, in Durham Cathedral, performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mischa Damev, with soloists Jon Lord, Matthew Barley, Ruth Palmer and Kathryn Tickell, including biographies of the principal participants and signed by them.
Coloured printed booklet, 8p
UND/AA1/5/15   10 December 2007
Service paper for a service of thanksgiving for the 175th anniversary of the founding of the university of Durham, held for the Durham University Society in St Martin in the Fields, featuring the world premiere of a music anthem by Arvo Pärt, with the service paper signed by him.
Printed paper and card booklet, 4p
UND/AA1/5/16   2007
Durham University Music: a Celebration.
CD 1: Igor Stravinsky, Firebird Suite, played by the Reg Vardy brass band conducted by Ray Farr; Charles V. Stanford, The Blue Bird, sung by the Durham University Consort conducted by Jeremy Dibble; John Stainer, The Frozen Heart, sung by the Durham University Consort of Singers conducted by Jeremy Dibble; Serge Rachmaninov, Ave Maria, sung by the Durham University Consort of Singers conducted by Jeremy Dibble; Arvo Pärt, Fratres, played by Mieko Kanno and Richard Casey; Martyn Harry, Restraint for handcuffed piano and tape, played by Richard Casey.
CD 2: Serge Prokofiev, Piano Concerto No.3, 1st movement, played by the Reg Vardy Brass Band; Ladrang Wilujeng, Durham University Gamelan, directed by John Hails; Gustav Mahler, Symphony No.1, 2nd movement, played by the Durham University Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marcus Twitchin; Jacob Obrechtr, Gloria from Missa Maria zart, sung by Durham Polyphony directed by Fabrice Fitch.
With an explanatory booklet.
UND/AA1/5/17   [December 2007]
Christmas card with a BW view of Durham Cathedral from Prebends' Bridge in the snow, signed by [Development Office] staff, with a DVD “Durham University 175”.
Card, 2f, + DVD
UND/AA1/5/18   [2007]
Durham 175 (FN7/1786 SOUNDMIX) and Durham University 175 (FN7/1786) by filmNova Production
2 DVDs in plastic cases
UND/AA1/5/19   [2007]
Durham University 175 Campaign, by Durham Associates of Castle Eden
VHS video in a plastic case
UND/AA1/5/20   [2007]
Powerpoint presentation for the Alumni on the current state of the university, 52 slides.
1843 Grant of University Arms
Reference: UND/AA2
UND/AA2/1   18 May 1843
Grant of arms to the University of Durham by the College of Heralds
Parchment scroll, with 3 appended seals of Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy kings at arms in brass skippets, decorated with the arms of the University and the kings at arms, in its original box with the royal cipher   1m
Size: 650 x 500mm
Deposited by the University Registrar (accession Misc. 1994/95:15)
Formeryl UND/A1/11
1895 Supplementary charter
Reference: UND/AA3
UND/AA3/1   28 May 1895
Supplementary charter of Queen Victoria allowing:
- the university to grant degrees, except in theology, to women (“all powers of granting degrees, degrees in divinity only excepted, shall henceforward be read ... as applying to women as well as to men”)
- but barring women from a vote in Convocation until Convocation should pass a resolution in favour of admitting them [which occurred in 1914]
- and allowing Convocation to be held in Newcastle “or any other fit and proper place”.
Parchment, 2m, with an applied paper royal seal
Returned by former vice-chancellor Sir Fred Holliday 23 June 2007, having been passed to him by the then chancellor Dame Margot Fonteyn, who acquired it from an Oxford bookseller.
Copy in the Convocation minute book in UND/BA2/4.
“A Question of Degree: [Catalogue of] an Exhibition to Celebrate 100 Years of Degrees for Women at Durham University”, (1995), reproduces the charter and an extract from one of the petitions below.
UND/AA3/2A&B   [1881]
Two petitions to the university to admit women as students in arts on the same terms as men in relation to scholarships and degrees, containing the text of the petition at the top (slightly differently worded in each roll), with signatures collected in various parts of the country appended. These appear to be the only survivals from a large petitioning campaign led by W.S. Aldis, professor of mathematics and principal of the College of Science in Newcastle, and his wife Mary. A supplementary charter to admit women to the degrees of the university was eventually obtained in 1895.
A. Signed by people from London, Brighton, Bristol, Sheffield and Staffordshire, including many from Walsall, presumably thanks to energetic promotion of the petition there by Professor Aldis's brother James, whose signature appears first.
B. Signatories entirely from Cheltenham, headed by Charles D. Bell DD, rector.
2 rolls, each comprised of paper sheets pasted together head to foot
Deposited by the University registrar (accession Misc.1994/95: 16)
Formerly UND/A1/13.
Further papers about the charter are in UND/CH1/B217.
UND/AA3/3   11 December 1894
Petition for a supplementary charter permitting the university to grant degrees to women, one signed by the warden and registrar and sealed in paper and wax, with a covering letter from James Joblin of Hargreaves and Joblin solicitors to Dr Robertson sending the two copies of the petition for sealing, and suggesting both are sealed in case of loss.
UND/AA3/4   28 May 1895
Copy supplementary charter for women, 4 copies, 3 with ms amendments.
1897 Supplementary Charter
Reference: UND/AA4
UND/AA4/1   25 August 1897
Supplementary charter of Queen Victoria by letters patent allowing “any degree or title of the university to be cancelled, revoked, annulled or taken away from any person thought to be unworthy to be a member or graduate, and in particular any person convicted for a crime for which he had been sentenced to penal servitude or imprisonment”, (particularly requested by the College of Medicine on the recommendation of the General Medical Council).
Parchment, 1m, with an applied paper royal seal
Returned by former vice-chancellor Sir Fred Holliday 23 June 2007, having been passed to him by the then chancellor Dame Margot Fonteyn, who bought it from an Oxford bookseller (with UND/AA3/1) for £30.
Copy (with the associated petition) in UND/CH1/B216.
UND/AA4/2   [1897]
Petition for a supplementary charter allowing the university to revoke degrees, one prepared for sealing.
UND/AA4/3   [1897]
Copy supplementary charter allowing the university to revoke degrees.
1957 Grant of Colleges' Arms
Reference: UND/AA5
UND/AA5/1   31 May 1957
Grant of separate arms to the colleges of St Mary's, Hatfield, St John's and Bede and the societies of St Cuthbert's and St Aidan's by the College of Heralds.
Parchment, with 2 seals of the Garter and Clarenceux kings at arms in brass skippets appended on silk ribbons, decorated with the arms of the colleges/societies, crown and Earl Marshal, in a wooden wall-mounted display frame, with its original box with the royal cipher   1m
Size: 685 x 490mm
Discussed, with photographs, in C.H. Hunter Blair, “A Grant of Armorials to Six of the Colleges and Societies of the University of Durham”, Durham University Journal 50 (1957-1958), p.2-4.
For the printer's plates for the photographs, see UND/CA1/36.
Reference: UND/AB
Original Statutes from OSH Deed Box 1
Reference: UND/AB1
Dates of creation: 1832 - 1903 An unnumbered bundle extracted from OSH deed box 1 on 19 October 2004.

UND/AB1/1   4 July 1832
“An Act to enable the Dean and Chapter of Durham to appropriate part of the property of their Church to the Establishment of a University in connexion therewith, for the Advancement of Learning”, printed.
Paper   19f
UND/AB1/2   [1832]
MS. Draft Statutes of the University of Durham (with a few MS. additions and deletions), prepared for Durham Dean and Chapter, 183 – (sic); the paper bears the watermark “1832” and reference is made to the Act establishing the University, 1832.
Paper   24f
UND/AB1/3   [1832]
“Observations on the proposed statutes for the University of Durham”; MS, the paper bears the watermark “1832” and the hand is the same as in AB1/2 above.
Paper   7f
UND/AB1/4   [June 1832]
“Address of clergy of the Diocese of Durham to the Dean and Chapter”, [contemporary copy],
in which they state that if the whole expenses of the foundation of the university rests with the dean and chapter of Durham assisted by the concurring personal munificence of the bishop then they do not see upon what imaginable plea of equity or justice the government can refuse a charter of incorporation unless it be allowed to dictate and prescribe the character of the individuals who shall be admitted as members of the projected university; whatever concessions in favour of other denominations of Christians that are made by the founders, they think that the power of making such concessions ought, in all justice, to be left to their own perfectly free and unfettered determination; the dean and chapter in conjunction with the bishop ought to be the free and unfettered authors of the statutes and regulations of “your own Academical Foundation”; and they suggest that, although “you laudably wish to extend the means of promoting the best interests of piety and religion, still, nevertheless, those funds, which stand specially appropriated to the established Church of this Kingdom, ought not to be alienated save in favour of an institution directly connected with and decidedly friendly to that Church”, n.d.
In the introductory paragraphs of this address, mention is made of the college at Maynooth, funds for which were supplied by the British government which therefore had the right to request that religionists of all persuasions be freely admitted. This [contemporary copy] of the address, which is written on paper bearing the watermark “J. Whatman Turkey Mill 1830”, does not include the signatures of the clergy who signed it; it is wrapped within a sheet of paper addressed to 'The Reverend The Archdeacon of Durham' and annotated on this sheet as “Address to the Dean and Chapter of Durham from the Clergy of the Diocese. June 1832”.
Paper   2f with a wrapper
UND/AB1/5   c.1830
Rules for the government of the University and College drawn up by the Dean and Chapter, n.d., MS ?draft.
Written on paper bearing a watermark “1825”, some passages have been deleted, suggesting that the rules are a draft.
Paper   8f
UND/AB1/6   c.1835
Regulations of Durham College, with corrections and deletions, n.d. [post 15 March 1834], together with one page of “Additions to the University Statutes”, n.d., MS draft.
The [draft] bears the [?signature of] “Cha. Thorp” and both the draft and the “Additions…” are written on paper which includes a watermark of “1831”.
Paper   6f
UND/AB1/7   10 March 1834
“Regulations of the College in Durham University”, MS [draft], signed “C.T.” [Charles Thorp], with MS. amendments and deletions [probably in Charles Thorp's handwriting].
Paper   3f
UND/AB1/8   10 March 1834
Statutes of Durham University, MS, signed “C.T.” [Charles Thorp], with MS. amendments and deletions [in Charles Thorp's handwriting].
Paper   11f
UND/AB1/9   14 March 1834
“Additional Clauses” (regarding the warden and professors), MS. copy of the regulations of Durham College submitted by the Warden (Charles Thorp) to the dean and chapter. [These regulations appear to predate the [draft] regulations listed above].
Paper   2f
UND/AB1/10   15 March 1834
Statutes submitted by the warden to the dean and chapter, MS copy draft.
Paper   6f
UND/AB1/11   15 March 1834
Statutes submitted by the warden to the dean and chapter, MS copy draft, with MS amendments and additions.
Paper   11f
UND/AB1/12   20 July 1835
Statute for the Government of the University of Durham (under the Act of 2 and 3 [William IV] to enable the Dean and Chapter to establish a University, and to confirm the Act of Chapter of 4 April 1834) to establish The University of Durham, which is to consist of a Warden or Principal, a Professor of Divinity and Ecclesiastical History, a Professor of Greek and Classical Literature, a Professor of Mathematics, two Proctors, and of such Readers and Teachers as shall be appointed by the Bishop and Dean and Chapter, and of such graduates and such scholars and others as shall form members of the University, and ordaining Regulations for the University (eleven regulations are listed, the first of which provides that, under the bishop as visitor and the dean and chapter as governors, the affairs of the university are to be managed by the warden and a Senate and Convocation).
The statute bears the wafer seals of the bishop and the dean and chapter and the signatures of the bishop and the dean.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/13   [1836]
Statute for the government of the University, (20 July 1835), MS copy, (written on paper which bears a watermark of “1836”).
Paper   1f
UND/AB1/14   20 November 1835
Statute providing that the sub-warden in the absence of the warden should take his place in Senate and Convocation; providing for proctors to be named annually, their declarations, and their powers to name two pro-proctors; providing for a register to be kept of proceedings of Convocation and Senate, of university appointments, admissions, degrees and distinctions and other matters relating to the same; and appointing the Revd Temple Chevallier to the office of registrar.
Bears the wafer seals of the bishop and the Dean and Chapter and the signatures of the bishop and the dean.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/15   8 August 1837
The London Gazette, No. 19530 2065; includes provisions relating to the Castle of Durham : the bishop and his successors are to hold the castle of Durham in trust for the university of Durham subject to the right of access as the clergy of the diocese of Durham now have to the library founded by Bishop John Cosin and subject to the enjoyment by the officers of the diocese and palatinate of Durham as have performed for thirty years now last past and now do perform the duties of their offices in any building within the precincts of the castle, etc.
Paper   16f
UND/AB1/16   8 June 1841
The London Gazette, No. 19986 1463; includes details of the office of warden, and the endowment of the professorship of Divinity and Ecclesiastical History, etc.
Paper   16f
UND/AB1/17   15 March 1842
The London Gazette, No. 20081 721; includes details relating to the endowment of the university of Durham.
Paper   16f
UND/AB1/18   20 August 1845
Supplement to The London Gazette (of 19 August 1845) , No. 20499 2531; includes details of the provision for the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to pay annual sums to the university. Has a MS note “…University Fellowships…”.
Paper   16f
UND/AB1/19   18 March 1871
Statute for increasing the Senate by the annual addition of a member on the nomination of the president and council of the College of Medicine of Newcastle on Tyne and shall be approved by the Convocation of the University and shall be capable of re-election, and no one to be so nominated and approved except a member of the said College of Medicine.
Parchment, with a paper wrapper   1m & wrapper
UND/AB1/20   18 March 1871
Statute determining and fixing the order and occasion of the abolition of certain fellowships in the university of Durham and the appropriation of the proceeds thereof.
This statute, which refers to the Durham University Act, 1864, etc., provides that out of the income of four (unnamed) fellowships £500 shall be annually applied to the establishment of such scholarships and exhibitions in the School of Theology as to the Senate shall seem proper to be established, and the remainder of the income of the said fellowships hereby abolished is to be applied by the dean and chapter in accordance with the provisions of an order in council of 7 January 1865.
Parchment, with a paper   1m & wrapper
UND/AB1/21   26 June 1871
Statute (made by the dean and chapter only) to appropriate lands at South Shields to the university free from certain interests and claims of the dean and chapter.
The statute refers to the Act of 2 and 3 William IV to enable the dean and chapter to appropriate part of their property to the establishment of a university and to the lands etc. in the townships of South Shields and Wistoe otherwise Wivestoe in the parish of Jarrow and in the town and parish of Sunderland near the Sea. (As usual, the enrolment in the dean and chapter register of this statute is noted. Also noted in the case of this particular statute is its enrolment in HM High Court of Chancery, 15 July 1871.)
Parchment   1m
Copy at UND/CH1/B149.
UND/AB1/22   28 September 1874
Statute for increasing the Senate by electing triennially one additional member who shall be elected by the members of the Council of the University of Durham College of Physical Science at Newcastle upon Tyne and approved by Convocation and shall hold his (sic) seat in the Senate for three years and shall be capable of re-election, and no person but a member of Convocation shall be eligible to be so elected and the time and mode of election shall be settled by the warden and the College of Physical Science.
As is usual in the case of the other statutes, it is recorded as having been made by the dean and chapter with the consent of the bishop of Durham and bears the seals of the dean and chapter and the bishop and the signatures of the dean and the bishop.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/23   1 March 1879
Statute made by the dean and chapter and as guardians of the spiritualities of the see of Durham sede vacante constituting Masters of Science and Masters of Surgery as members of Convocation, the membership of Convocation of Masters of Science to commence one year from the date of taking the degree and the membership of Convocation of Masters of Surgery to commence at the expiry of two years from the date of taking the degree.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/24   29 May 1880
Statute for increasing the Senate by electing annually one additional member.
Parchment   1m
MS copy is UND/CA4/19.
UND/AB1/25   4 March 1882
Statute for increasing Senate by electing the professor of Hebrew ex officio.
Parchment   1m
Formerly UND/A1/14, probably removed at some stage pre-1995 from this bundle of statutes in Deed Box 1; then deposited on its own as Misc.1994/95:19.
UND/AB1/26   17 October 1882
Statute for increasing Senate by electing the master of University College and the principal of Bishop Hatfield's Hall as ex officio members.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/27   16 August 1886
Statute to introduce certain additions to and modifications in a statute passed 11 February 1865.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/28   8 February 1887
Statute for increasing the Senate by adding the Professor of Medicine for the time being of the University of Durham College of Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne, ex officio.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/29   28 September 1892
Statute providing that Senate be increased by one additional member, the principal of the Durham College of Physical Science, Newcastle upon Tyne, ex officio.
Paper   1f
UND/AB1/30   20 July 1893
Statute for founding four professorships in Surgery, Physiology, Anatomy, and Comparative Pathology and confirming the establishment of the said professorships in Surgery and Physiology as from the date of their establishment by the Senate in 1888.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/31   28 September 1893
Statute for altering the 5th general regulation of the statute of 11 February 1865 with regard to the appointment of professors in the faculties of Medicine and Science. Provides for the councils of the colleges of Medicine and Science respectively on the occurrence of any vacancy to select three names to be submitted to the warden who shall appoint one of them to the vacant professorship.
Parchment   1m
UND/AB1/32   17 April 1903
Statute substituting the president of the College of Medicine for the professor of Medicine as a member (ex officio) of Senate.
Parchment   2f with an envelope
Printed copies: UND/CA5/2.
UND/AB2   1908 - 1961
Other Statutes
UND/AB2/1   [1908]
Draft Proposed Statutes for the University of Durham, printed for HMSO, 2 copies
Printed paper leaflet, 20p
UND/AB2/2   19 July 1909
Statutes made by the Commissioners under the University of Durham Act, 1908 (HMSO).
Paper booklet   20p
Another copy: UND/CA5/7b.
UND/AB2/3   23 January & 5 October 1936
Draft statutes drawn up by the University of Durham Commissioners:
A. 1st draft, with an index, and a circular letter from A.C. Dawes 23 January, to be responded to by 1 April.
B. 2nd draft, with a circular letter from A.C. Dawes, to be responded to by 25 October. 2 copies.
3 paper files, printed
Formerly UND/B3 (copies of H.W. Acomb, university librarian).
UND/AB2/4   12 January 1937
Statutes for the University of Durham, and for the Durham and Newcastle Divisions thereof, made by the University of Durham Commissioners appointed by the University of Durham Act, 1935
3 copies.
Paper booklet   34p
Another copy: UND/CA5/27.
UND/AB2/5   1937
Sealed copy of Statutes for the University of Durham, and for the Durham and Newcastle Divisions thereof, made by the University of Durham Commissioners appointed by the University of Durham Act, 1935 as approved by the Privy Council, 29 July 1937, signed; together with a covering letter from the Privy Council Office to the registrar, 11 August 1937.
Paper booklet, tied with green silk ribbon with a paper seal applied   34p & 1f
UND/AB2/6   9 May 1961
Durham Colleges draft statutes on the reconstitution of the University of Durham.
UND/AB2/7   May 2010
“Amendments to University Statutes”
Paper file, spiral-bound
Acts of Parliament
Reference: UND/AC
UND/AC1   4 July 1832
“An Act to enable the Dean and Chapter of Durham to appropriate part of the property of their church to the establishment of a university in connexion therewith, for the advancement of learning”, with a schedule detailing the tenants in South Shields, Westoe and Sunderland, printed, with MS annotations to the schedule adding ?plot numbers, and “G.C. Carr” on a flyleaf.
Paper booklet, 10p + 38p, in a reverse calf binding, front board missing
For other copies, see UND/CA4/2, (open access) L+ 378.4281 GRE and (Durham Cathedral Library) Add Ms 349.
UND/AC2   1864
Durham University Act 1864 - to provide for the discharge by deputy, in certain cases, of the functions of warden, in the university of Durham; and to authorise the abolition of certain fellowships in the said university; and to provide a further endowment for the school of Theology, and a proposed school of Physical Science, in the said university; and for other purposes.
For other copies, see: UND/CH1/B181 and B185
UND/AC3   9 July 1907
A Bill To make further provision with respect to the University of Durham
Printed paper booklet, ii + 16p
UND/AC4   11 May 1908
A Bill To make further provision with respect to the University of Durham
Printed paper booklet, ii + 18p + ii
UND/AC5   1908
“University of Durham Act, 1908 [8 Edw.7 Ch.20.]”.
Paper booklet, 18p
For other copies, see: UND/CA1/30a, CA5/7a and CH1/B186.
UND/AC6   5 June 1935
A Bill intituled An Act to make further provision with respect to the University of Durham and its constituent divisions and colleges (HMSO, June 1935), being the University of Durham Bill as ordered to be printed by the House of Lords. It provides, inter alia, for named commissioners to be appointed.
Paper booklet, 10p
Another copy: UND/CA5/29.
UND/AC7   1963
“Universities of Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne Act 1963” (Elizabeth II 1963 chapter X1).
With a proof of 4 October 1962.
Paper booklet, ii + 64p
Previous number: OSH Deed box 5 No 38.