Additional Manuscripts 833: James Raine Correspondence
Rev. James Raine (the elder) (1791-1858)


Reference code: GB-0033-ADD 833
Title: Additional Manuscripts 833: James Raine Correspondence
Dates of creation: 1841-1854
Extent: items
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: Rev. James Raine (1791-1858)
Language: English

Rev. James Raine (the elder) (1791-1858)

James Raine was born at Ovington (Yorks., N.R.) (for further biographical information see: Dictionary of National Biography, XLVII (1896), pp.175-6), on 23 January, 1791, the son of James and Anne Raine. He was educated at Kirby Hill School and at Richmond Grammar School in Yorkshire. The first step in his long and varied career was his appointment in 1812 as Second Master of Durham School. This post he held until 1827. He was ordained Deacon in 1814 and Priest in 1818. Meanwhile, in 1816, he had been appointed Librarian to the Dean and Chapter of Durham, a post which he retained until his death. The Dean and Chapter presented him in 1822 to the Rectory of Meldon (Northumberland). In 1825, he was appointed Principal Surrogate in the Consistory Court of Durham, under the Chancellor, James Baker. In 1828, he was presented by the Dean and Chapter to the Rectory of St. Mary the Less, Durham City.
Raine achieved lasting fame as an antiquary and an historian. As a young man, he was the friend of several of the most notable local historians of North Eastern England, including Robert Surtees (d. 1834), the historian of County Durham, and John Hodgson (d. 1845), the historian of Northumberland. Raine's first historical writings appeared in the 1820's; the first to achieve fame was his account of the excavations of 1827 of St. Cuthbert's Shrine in Durham Cathedral (J. Raine, St. Cuthbert: with an account of the state in which his remains were found upon the opening of his tomb in Durham Cathedral, in the year 1827 (Durham, 1828)). In and after 1834, he was the prime mover in the foundation of the Surtees Society, intended as a memorial to the historian whose name it bore. In the ensuing years, Raine edited numerous texts for publication by the Society, as well as producing further works of his own, of which the best known was his History and Antiquities of North Durham (J. Raine, his History and Antiquities of North Durham (London, 1852)).
Raine married, 28 January 1828, Margaret Peacock. They had three daughters and one son (the Revd. James Raine, the younger, Chancellor and Canon Residentiary of York, 1830-1896). The family lived at Crook Hall, just outside Durham. James Raine the elder died on 6 December 1858, was buried in the churchyard of Durham Cathedral.


The present collection covers several aspects of Raine's life and work, at a late stage in his career when he was well known and widely respected.
The letters have been divided into six sections: five by topic and one "miscellaneous". Within each section, they are arranged in alphabetical order of correspondent, and in chronological order where more than one letter from a correspondent survives.
* An asterisk denotes a member of the Surtees Society.
A: Antiquary and Historian: nos 1-21
These letters show the wide range of Raine's activities. Nos 1-6, from the printer, Samuel Bentley, concern the production of Raine's work on Auckland Castle (Durham). Nos 7-9, from the Yorkshire antiquarian Thomas Burton, not only show Raine as friend and fellow worker with the historians of the day, but also throw light on his access to the archives of the Dean and Chapter of Durham (see section B, below). Letters 10 and 11, from John Dalton, and letter 12, from Francis Mewburn, concern Raine's dealings with the library of the late James Dalton, rector of Croft (Yorks., N.R) which was sold in 1843. It is possible that Raine may have compiled the anonymous sale catalogue. (A copy survives among the Raine MSS. in the Dean and Chapter Library (R.43), but it gives no further clue to Raine's precise interest in the matter). Francis Mewburn, senior (1785-1867), "the first Railway Solicitor in the World and the last Chief Bailiff of Darlington", (Francis Mewburn, junior, Perthshire in October 1863: the Eight Days' Tour of a Cosey Couple (printed for private circulation, ?Darlington, ?1884), frontispiece), was an enthusiastic, if somewhat allusive correspondent of Raine's. (No. 17, 30 August 1850, contains references to a forthcoming work by Raine which will throw light on medieval land cultivation and taxation. No work written or edited by Raine himself fits this description; the nearest seems to be the Surtees' Society's edition of Boldon Book, which appeared in 1852: Boldon Buke: a survey of the possessions of the See of Durham, made by order of Bishop Hugh Pudsey, in the year MCLXXXIII, ed. W. Greenwell (Surtees Society, 25, 1852)). Most of this group of his letters to Raine (nos. 12-19) deal with matters of antiquarian and local interest, but one at least asks Raine to use his familiarity with the diocesan records (the request was presumably made to Raine as Surrogate in the Consistory Court) to seek out information for Mewburn in his business capacity (no. 13). Similarly, no. 20, from a firm of Sunderland solicitors, gives a glimpse of Raine's legal researches for a case involving Trinity House, Newcastle.
B: Librarian to the Dean and Chapter of Durham
Raine held this post for over forty years (1816-1858), but there is little tangible record of his work for the Library. The “catalogue” referred to in no. 22, is not readily indentifiable: at a Chapter meeting on 23 November 1838 it had been agreed that “the Librarian be requested to prepare for publication a Classified Catalogue of the Books in the Library” for a fee of £50 and the copyright (Dean and Chapter of Durham, Act Book, 1829-1838, p.284). Of the surviving early catalogues of the Chapter Library, the only one conjecturally identifiable with this is a class index largely in the hand of an eighteenth century librarian, liberally extended in a variety of later hands, including Raine's. It is not surprising that this scrappy production was not published.
No. 25, from Richard Wellington Hodgson, refers to a collection of papers which the Dean and Chapter failed to purchase: those of Raine's old friend, the Northumberland historian, John Hodgson (1779-1845). The full story remains obscure; it appears, however, from surviving correspondence among the Raine papers, that attempts were made to purchase Hodgson's papers, between 1845 and 1848, by a group of Northumbrian gentleman headed by the solicitor William Woodman, of Morpeth, (for Woodman, see Archaeologia Aeliana, ser.2, XVIII (1896), 53-7), and subsequently by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Dean and Chapter Library, Durham, Raine MS. 35, letters from William Woodman to James Raine, 16 Oct. 1845, 29 Oct. 1845, 28 May 1847, 5 Feb. 1848 and 28 July 1848). Since their offer did not meet with Richard Hodgson's ideas of the value of the collection, nothing came of the negotiations; by 1853, he was prepared to offer the manuscripts for sale to the Dean and Chapter of Durham. His vexation at what he considered to be their derisory offer emerges not only from item 25 here, but also from other letters of early 1853, surviving among the Raine papers (ibid., letters from Richard Wellington Hodgson to James Raine, 22 Feb. 1853, 18 May 1853 and 23 May 1853). In the event, the Hodgson papers remained with the family until 1926, when the historian's grandson bequeathed them to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle (Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 4 ser., II (1926), 177, 207-14). They are now deposited in Northumberland County Record Office.
Raine's position as Chapter Librarian, combined with his interest in local history, helped him to gain relatively easy access to the muniments of the Dean and Chapter, which were at that time in some disarray, but he had no official responsibility for their care: thus Thomas Burton's request to see the records (no. 7, above) must be regarded as an informal plea. Although in March 1829 the Dean appointed Raine “Deputy Keeper of the Records durante bene placito, subject to the confirmation of the Chapter”, the Chapter quashed this move in July with the comment that it “does not consider itself empowered by the Statutes to appoint or sanction the appointment of any new officer” (Dean and Chapter of Durham, Act Book 1829-1838, pp.12, 27-8).
C: Secretary of the Surtees Society
Raine's part in the establishment of this society, which was intended to honour Robert Surtees' memory by bringing into print unpublished manuscript materials relating to Northern England, has been fully chronicled elsewhere (A. Hamilton Thompson, The Surtees Society, 1834-1934 (Surtees Society, 150, 1935), especially pp.1-49). The bulk of the surviving records of his secretaryship have passed, with other secretarial matter, to each subsequent holder of that office. The two letters here deal with matters of printing and publication. No. 26 is from Samuel Bentley, the London printer whose firm printed seven volumes for the Society between 1841 and 1851 (vols. 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22 and 23). No. 27 is from John Gough Nichols, who was one of the first Treasurers, as well as a member of the firm of publishers and printers who were associated with the publication and printing of many volumes of the Society's publications between 1835 and 1869.
D: Rector of Meldon (Northumberland)
Raine's tenure of the living was marred by long years of legal dispute over the tithes, with the principal landowner in the parish, Isaac Cookson of Meldon Hall. This appears in only one of the five letters here: no. 31. The dispute, which was decided in Raine's favour by the House of Lords in 1846, is summarised in reports of the proceedings in Chancery and the House of Lords (Raine v Cairns, Nov. 15, 16, 17 and 25 1841: The English Reports, LXVII (London, 1906), pp.673-80; Michael Cairns and other v. Raine, June 18, 25 and 26 and Aug. 28 1846: The English Reports, VIII (London, 1901), pp.1640-44). The remaining four letters show Raine's routine dealings with the living.
E: Principal Surrogate in the Consistory Court of Durham
The two letters here illustrate Raine's activity as the deputy of James Baker, the Spiritual Chancellor of the diocese of Durham, and rector of Nuneham Courtney (Oxon). They deal mainly with routine matters of appointments, and throw little light on Raine's duties or conduct in the office.
F: Miscellaneous
Little can be said of these letters. Nos. 35 and 36 illustrate that same negligence in routine administration which disturbed Raine's years with the Surtees Society (A. Hamilton Thompson, op. cit., pp.27-9). It is possible that no. 37 was addressed to Raine as deputy to the Chancellor, but this is not certain. No. 38 probably falls into “section A” of this list, but, again, it is not certain.

Accession details

This group of letters to James Raine was purchased by Durham University Library in March 1957, from Edward Hall, 50 Westfield Road, Surbiton, Surrey. Its earlier provenance is not recorded.
Summary catalogue of Additional Manuscripts
These letters form only a fragment of the material relating to Raine surviving in Durham. Raine's own papers, including various files of letters to him, are in the Dean and Chapter Library, Durham. Further volumes of correpondence, again mostly letters to Raine, are found amoung the early records of the Surtees Society (also deposited with Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections).


A. Antiquary and historian
Add. MSS. 833/1   9 May 1851
Letter from *S[amuel] Bentley (Samuel Bentley and Co., Printers, Bangor House, Shoe Lane, London), to James Raine concerning the printing of plates for Raine's [Auckland Castle] (J. Raine, A Brief Historical Description of the Episcopal Castle, or Palace, of Auckland (Durham, 1852)), including the seal of [Antony] Bek (Bishop of Durham, 1283-1311. Auckland Castle, facing p.22) and a large plate of Auckland Castle ( Auckland Castle, between pp.106 and 107).
Endorsed by Raine: “Auck[land] Cast[le]”.
Add. MSS. 833/2   13 May 1851
Letter from S[amuel] Bentley to James Raine proposing the use of Royal Quarto paper for printing “the History” [ie Auckland Castle ].
Add. MSS. 833/3   27 May 1851
Letter from S[amuel] Bentley to James Raine requesting Raine to send more material to be printed.
Add. MSS. 833/4   28 June 1851
Letter from S[amuel] Bentley to James Raine expressing regret at the news of Raine's recent illness and repeating the request for more material.
Endorsed by Raine: “Auck[land] Castle”.
Add. MSS. 833/5   7 August 1851
Letter from S[amuel] Bentley to James Raine informing Raine that Bentley has received from Lord Barrington four copper-plate engravings depicting [John] Cosin (Bishop of Durham, 1660-1672. Auckland Castle, facing p.82), [Joseph] Butler (Bishop of Durham, 1750-1772. Auckland Castle, facing p.134), and [Shute] Barrington (Bishop of Durham, 1791-1826. Auckland Castle, before p.135), bishops of Durham, and Auckland Castle engraved by John Pye ( Auckland Castle, frontispiece), together with a large folio portrait of [?Bishop] Barrington and a view of Auckland Castle engraved by Letitia Byrne, and requesting Raine's directions as to which to use [in Auckland Castle ].
Add. MSS. 833/6   5 August 1852
Letter from S[amuel] Bentley to James Raine concerning the number of copies of Auckland Castle to be bound, and informing Raine that the first one hundred bound copies have been sent to Mr. Andrews (George Andrews, Bookseller, Saddler Street, Durham City. See: C.J. Hunt The Book-Trade in Northumberland and Durham to 1860 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1975), p.3).
Add. MSS. 833/7   11 October 1849
Letter from *Thomas Burton (Antiquary and historian, of Twinham Hall, near Selby (Yorks., E.R.): 1801-1883) to James Raine concerning an application by Burton to inspect the archives of the Dean and Chapter of Durham for the purpose of antiquarian researches, and describing Burton's visit to the church of St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham.
Add. MSS. 833/8   4 March 1850
Letter from Thomas Burton to James Raine notifying Raine of Burton's plan to re-visit Durham, describing the difficulties encountered in the course of Burton's antiquarian researches in London, concerning Hemingbrough (Yorks., E.R.) (Thomas Burton The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingbrough, edited and enlarged by James Raine [the younger] (York, 1888)) and referring to Raine's recent resignation of the secretaryship of the Surtees Society (14 December 1849: A. Hamilton Thompson, The Surtees Society 1834-1935 (Surtees Society, 150, 1935), p.42).
Add. MSS. 833/9   3 March 1853
Letter from Thomas Burton to James Raine explaining that the death of Burton's father has hindered progress on the history of the parish [of Hemingbrough], and enquiring about Raine's progress with the Memoir of [John] Hodgson (J. Raine, A Memoir of the Rev. John Hodgson, 2 vols. (London, 1857-1858)).
Add. MSS. 833/10   14 April 1843
Letter from John Dalton to James Raine concerning the catalogue [for the sale of the library of the writer's late father, James Dalton] ( Catalogue of the Valuable Library of the late Rev. James Dalton M.A., F.L.S., Rector of Croft, which will be sold by auction by Mr. Walker at the Public Sale and Exhibition Rooms, Durham, on Monday, the 15th May, 1843 ).
Endorsed by Raine: “Mr. Dalton's library”.
Add. MSS. 833/11   19 May 1843
Letter from John Dalton to James Raine thanking Raine for his assistance in the sale of [James Dalton's] books.
Add. MSS. 833/12   20 January 1843
Letter from *Fra[ncis] Newburn (Solicitor, a member of the firm of Mewburn, Huchinson and Mewburn, Horse Market, Darlington: W. Whellan and Co., Directory ... of Durham ... [and] Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1856), pp.378, 385), to James Raine concerning the contents of James Dalton's library.
Add. MSS. 833/13   24 January 1844
Letter from Fra[ncis] Mewburn to James Raine requesting Raine to consult the tithe cause papers in the Registers Office, [Durham], concerning the townships of Bl[ackwell], Darlington and Cockerton (Durham), and to send Mewburn “such extracts as will enable me to form some judgement of the Duke of Cleveland's right to Turnips and Potatoes and Agistment and generally to small Tithes”.
Add. MSS. 833/14   20 September 1847
Letter from Fra[ncis] Mewburn to [James Raine] enquiring about funeral customs in Durham and Northumberland, sports in churchyards, the burial of excommunicate persons in unconsecrated ground and prejudice against burial on the north side of churchyards.
Add. MSS. 833/15   5 October 1847
Letter from Fra[ncis] Mewburn to [James Raine] concerning Lord Henry Vane and the Duke [? of Cleveland] and asking when Raine will produce some new books.
Add. MSS. 833/16   17 October 1849
Letter from Fra[ncis] Mewburn to James Raine referring to an advertisement [formerly enclosed], to Dinsdale's Teesdale Glossary ([F.T. Dinsdale, A Glossary of Provinvial Words used in the County of Durham (London, 1849)), and to another glossary, entitled Salopia Antiqua, which the writer had found in a bookshop in Buxton (Derbys.).
Add. MSS. 833/17   30 August 1850
Letter from Fra[ncis] Mewburn to James Raine concerning: (i) “the solicitors for the commission against Hartley”; (ii) the imminent completion of Raine's latest work, apparently concerning medieval land cultivation and taxation (not identifiable: see above, p.3 and n.7); and (iii) a visit to Darlington “yesterday” by Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort, who were presented with a copy of “the second part of Longstaff's book” (W.H.D. Longstaff The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Darlington (Darlington and London, 1854). The addenda to the completed work give a brief account of this royal visit and presentation: p.ciii, note to p.190).
Add. MSS. 833/18   22 October 1851
Letter from Fra[ncis] Mewburn to James Raine requesting further details of a curious case of which the writer had read in a recent issue of Notes and Queries ( Notes and Queries, IV, 284-5 (11 Oct. 1851). Mewburn has several details wrong), and enquiring whether Raine has [Robert] Surtees' letters to [Sir Cuthbert] Sharp (1781-1849), for use in the forthcoming Memoir of Surtees (George Taylor A Memoir of Robert Surtees, Esq., M.A., F.S.A., new edn. J. Raine (Surtees Society, 24, 1852)).
Add. MSS. 833/19   23 September 1853
Letter from Fra[ncis] Mewburn to James Raine enquiring whether the Charge to the Grand Jury of Durham “concerning the Ingrossing of Coin, etc., 1740”, by [Edward] Chandler, bishop of Durham (1730-1750), survives in the library of the Dean and Chapter [of Durham]. (No such work is recorded in the Dean and Chapter Library. The British Museum Catalogue (1955) lists: Chandler, Edward, A Charge delivered to the Grand Jury at the Quarter-Sessions held at Durham, on Wednesday the 16th of July, concerning engrossing of coin and grain, and the riots that have been occasioned thereby (Durham, 1740)).
Add. MSS. 833/20   1 July 1852
Letter from J.J. and G.W. Wright (Solicitors, 19 High Street, Sunderland: W. Whellan and Co, Directory ... of Durham ... [and] Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1856), p.766) to James Raine [formerly] enclosing a cheque for fifteen guineas as remuneration for Raine's researches in the case of Trinity House, Newcastle, versus Bradley and Potts, at the last Carlisle Assizes.
Add. MSS. 833/21   28 February [18..]
Letter from *[Sir] C[harles] G[eorge] Young (1795-1869. Garter Principal King of Arms, 1842) to James Raine concerning the pedigree of the Shuttleworth family.
B. Librarian to the Dean and Chapter of Durham
Add. MSS. 833/22   15 January [18]42
Letter from William Charles Chaytor (Registrar to the Dean and Chapter of Durham, 1829-1858), on behalf of the Dean and Chapter [of Durham], to James Raine, informing Raine that the Chapter has voted him £25, “in compensation for the labour of completing the catalogue of the Library” (see above, p.3).
Add. MSS. 833/23   [after 26] June 1852
Letter from William Charles Chaytor, on behalf of the Dean and Chapter [of Durham], to James Raine, requesting Raine to communicate to the Revd. W[illiam] Selwyn, canon of Ely, the thanks of the Dean and Chapter for Selwyn's gift of a copy of his Horae Hebraicae (W. Selwyn, Horae Hebraicae: critical observations on the prophecy of Messiah in Isiah, chapter IX, and on other passages of the Holy Scriptures (Cambridge, 1848). Dean and Chapter Library: C.III.B.30.). (Dated from Dean and Chapter of Durham, Act Book, 1829-1838, pp.12, 27-8)
Add. MSS. 833/24   19 July 1852
Letter from William Charles Chaytor, on behalf of the Dean and Chapter [of Durham], to James Raine, requesting Raine to communicate to “Mr. Bonomi” the thanks of the Dean and Chapter for the gift of “Sharpe's Chronology and Geography of Ancient Egypt, published by J[oseph] Bonomi” (Samuel Sharpe The Chronology and Geography of Ancient Egypt, published by Joseph Bonomi (London, 1849)).
Add. MSS. 833/25   28 February 1853
Letter from *R[ichard] W[ellington] Hodgson (1812-1884) to James Raine, concerning the possible purchase of the manuscripts of the writer's late father [John Hodgson] (Antiquary and historian of Northumberland, 1779-1845), by the Dean and Chapter of Durham, and scorning their offer of £150, “which as you know is less than I have refused from the Northumberland Squires”. (The papers went to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who deposited them in the Northumberland County Record Office. See above, p.3).
Paper, 2ff.
C. Secretary of the Surtees Society
Add. MSS. 833/26   11 February 1850
Letter form S[amuel] Bentley to James Raine thanking Raine for the “portion of the MS. of Barne's Visitations”, and expressing a hope that the work may be completed in due time. The Injunctions and other Ecclesiastical Proceedings of Richard Barnes, Bishop of Durham, from 1575 to 1587, ed. J. Raine (Surtees Society, 22, 1850)).
Paper, 2ff.
Add. MSS. 833/27   4 October 1845
Letter from *John Gough Nichols (of the firm of J.B. Nichols and Son, Publishers, 25 Parliament Street, London) to James Raine concerning printing for the Surtees Society, including the Depositions. ( Depositions and other Ecclesiastical Proceedings from the Courts of Durham, extending from 1311 to the Reign of Elizabeth, ed. J. Raine (Surtees Society, 21, 1845)).
Paper, 1f.
D. Rector of Meldon
Add. MSS. 833/28   29 March 1850
Letter from Thomas Anderson (Little Harle Tower, Kirkharle, Northumberland: W. Whellan and Co., Directory of Northumberland (1855), p.802) to [James Raine] offering to take Raine and Mr. Turner to Meldon in the writer's carriage on Monday [1 April 1850] and to Morpeth (Northumberland) on the following day.
Paper, 2ff.
Add. MSS. 833/29   1 March 1853
Letter from William Charles Chaytor, on behalf of the Dean and Chapter [of Durham], to James Raine enquiring the number of souls in Raine's parochial charge as [rector] of Meldon, as this information is needed for a report to the Capitular Commission. (See First Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners, appointed November 10, A.D. 1852, to inquire into the state and condition of the Cathedral and Collegiate Churches in England and Wales (H.M.S.O., London, 1854)).
Paper, 2ff.
Add. MSS. 833/30   13 September 1844
Letter from *Robert Green (Perpetual Curate of Newcastle, All Saints,and chaplain to Viscount Arbuthot: The Clergy List for 1845 (London, 1845), p.93) to James Raine agreeing to meet Raine on Tuesday [17 September 1844] at Matfen (Northumberland) to attend the consecration of the church there. (Matfen Church was built in 1842, at the expense of Sir Edward Blackett, Bart., of Matfen Hall. Matfen was then part of Stamfordham parish: W. Whellan and Co., Directory of Northumberland (1855), p.813).
Paper, 2ff.
Add. MSS. 833/31   22 September 1843
Letter from M.T. Johnston ([?solicitor] 56 Westgate Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Not traceable in contemporary directories) to James Raine concerning Raine's claim against Isaac Cookson over [the tithes of] Meldon (see above, p.6).
Paper, 2ff.
Add. MSS. 833/32   14 July 1854
Letter from Robert Lawson and Son (Painters, Northumberland Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: W. Whellan and Co., Directory of Northumberland (1855), p.355) to James Raine promising to commence work on [Meldon] church on Monday [? 7 August 1854].
Paper, 2ff.
E. Principal Surrogate of the Consistory Court of Durham
Add. MSS. 833/33   17 March 1845
Letter from *James Baker, [rector of] Nuneham Courtney (Oxon) (Spiritual chancellor of the diocese of Durham, 1818-1854), to James Raine, concerning: (i) the appointment of [Joseph] Jaques, curate or incumbent (vicar) of Bywell St. Andrew (Northumberland) to an unspecified post; (ii) the rebuilding and possible reconsecration of an unnamed church in Yorkshire [? Cowesby, N.R.] (Cowesby (Yorks., N.R.) was part of the Bishop of Durham's jurisdictional peculiar of Allertonshire. For the rebuilding, see Bulmer and Co., Directory of North Yorkshire (1890), p.668); and (iii) a request from John Bigge, [Perpetual Curate] of Ovingham (Northumberland), to be appointed surrogate in place of [Edward] Cooke, [vicar] of Bywell [St. Peter] (Northumberland).
Paper, 2ff.
Add. MSS. 833/34   29 October 1841
Letter from Henry B. Carr, Curate of Alnwick (Northumberland) to [James Raine] accepting an appointment as surrogate on the terms proposed by the chancellor [ie James Baker].
Paper, 1f.
F. Miscellaneous
Add. MSS. 833/35   9 August 1851
Letter from Charles Armstrong (Land agent of Joseph Lamb of Axwell Park, Winlaton (Durham): W. Whellan and Co, Directory ... of Durham ... [and] Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1856), pp.927, 928) to James Raine requesting the remittance of Raine's rent and arrears.
Paper, 2ff.
Add. MSS. 833/36   6 August 1852
Letter from Charles Armstrong to James Raine acknowledging the receipt of a cheque for £18.7s.7½d, making up Raine's rent for the past half year.
Paper, 2ff.
Add. MSS. 833/37   4 December 1841
Letter from Richard Bell, schoolmaster at Miss Tomlinson's School, High Harrogate, Yorkshire (W.R.), to [James Raine], explaining that Miss Tomlinson intends to close down her school at Christmas, and requesting a post as a parochial schoolmaster (see above, p.4).
Paper, 1f.
Add. MSS. 833/38   8 December 1841
Letter from William Shield (William Shield, Printer, Publisher, Bookseller, etc., 12 Howard Street, North Shields, f. 1841-44. See: C.J. Hunt, The Book-Trade in Northumberland and Durham to 1860 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1975), p.83) to [James Raine] returning an unspecified paper [formerly enclosed], and declaring the intention of [Shield's firm] to bring out a Hand Book to Tynemouth (Northumberland) in the spring [of 1842].
Paper, 1f.